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Kyle, Nicole and the Kirksicle
PJ Franklin <>


Content Warning  -  This story is novella length and is heavily bisexual in nature. In all of its current and future parts the story contains the following sexually charged situations:  corporal punishment (CP) between an adult male and a fifteen year-old boy as well as CP between an adult male and an adult female, the boy’s aunt. There will be direct and indirect explicit incestuous sex between all parties, man, woman and boy in several combinations

* * * * * * * * * *

My thanks to co-author and friend-for-life, John Smith, who provided not only the character of Kyle Walker for this story, but also the inspiration to combine our experiences and talents into story content as well as his considerable editorial assistance. Thank you John!

* * * * * * * * * *


The post seminar meet and greet was like all such droll events, the room divided roughly up into the same small clusters of men and women who had suffered together through the three day “team building” ordeal required by the home office. Kyle Walker originally had not really intended to stay for it as his seminar group was devoid of any social interest to him and the entire event had been deadly boring as it was.

The last minute decision to attend the, same as always, boringly catered open bar hotel buffet driven event on a private notion at first seemed a tragic if not a terrible mistake. It was an open bar, yes, but the drinks were at best splashes of cut-rate alcohol over excessive ice or with off putting juice or mixers of poor quality. It would be beer for Kyle, something reliable unlike the eye candy in the room.

That was before he saw “her,” the five foot eight or nine inch about 130 lb. woman. Her auburn colored shoulder length hair stood out for Kyle from over on the other side of the room. Even from that distance, her breast size was or at least close to Kyle’s favorite, 36C,

“Come on baby, turn a little, I want to see that sweet ass of yours,” he said to himself and sure enough she did and Kyle felt a small chubby coming on in his slacks, “Oh what I could do with you,” he mused and that was when he saw that she saw him and he could feel her give him the once over, “Hmm, I like that, a bit aggressive,” he said to himself and let her have all the look she wanted.

After all what did he have to hide? Nothing, that’s what. At 26 years old, the five foot eleven blonde business hair cut 150 lb. man had nothing but good assets to share with some lucky gal. She wouldn’t be lacking, not with seven inches of potential hard experience buried in his boxers,

“Hmm, I wonder if she has a brother just like her?” the bisexually oriented middle manager mused in an impromptu three-way fantasy. After all, variety is the spice of life and Kyle had checked it all out at one time or another since age 13.

“Miriam, who’s that over there, the blonde guy?” Nicole Phillips asked her best friend. Miriam turned, “Kyle Walker. He’s not in our district, but I’ve met him once. He’s …” and she hesitated in a way that always made Nicole roll her brown eyes.

Nicole looked at her churchy oriented friend, “What, not good enough for taking to meet your church pastor?” Nicole teased. She could be that way with Miriam like few others could with the rather uptight systems analyst and that mostly because Miriam at least was shallow enough to enjoy that Nicole was a hard-core teetotaler, she abstained from drinking alcohol.

Miriam quite mistakenly assumed that Nicole did not drink because of her awesome witness to Nicole for her Lord and Savior, the big JC. Nicole just let her. It was none of Miriam’s business that she had stopped drinking alcohol entirely in order to show her live-in nephew, fifteen-year-old Kirk, that not all adults in their family were jerks, assholes and abusive alcoholics.

Miriam smirked back, “Something like that,” and then did her own eye rolling as Nicole gave her a quick, “See you later girl,” look and strode towards Kyle.

Kyle confidently stood his ground and then some as she approached; but Nicole grew uncharacteristically sheepish, a very annoying feeling to the usually confident self-possessed female,

“I …” and he quickly cut her off, “don’t worry, I won’t bite you, not too bad anyway, I’m Kyle Walker and you are?” and that should have sent her in a red-faced fury to the door, but it didn’t. Instead they cut to the chase, introduced each to the other for a few minutes in the midst of the boring milling about in the capacious room and then ended up in her hotel room barely ten minutes later. The two then started getting to know each other even more, a record for Kyle but not for Nicole.

Kyle was nearly taken aback, however, as Nicole took her clothes off behind the closed hotel door so fast that he thought he had ended up with some seminar cruising high speed hooker,

“What are you waiting for baby? Shy much?” she said with a voice and slutty posture that both drove him nuts with lust as well as made him want to slap her around a bit with some aggressive foreplay.

Kyle stood there with a ragingly hard cock in his pants, but he did not flinch and instead tilted his head, “Careful Nicole, you’ll hurt something,” he smirked and she looked at him with narrowed eyes, “How about I hurt you a little instead, huh big guy?” giving his big bulge a theoretical scrape of her nails from across the room sort of like an awkward large cat complete with a throaty not so coy growl.

Kyle winced at her weak attempt to impress him, “I don’t think so,” and then took a chance, “How about I put you over my knee, put some color on those hot cheeks of yours and then see where we go from there?” and advanced on her fully clothed.

Nicole managed a weak, “But!” and then for the next twenty minutes writhed in ecstatic as well as teary eyed pain tinged pleasure as Kyle’s spanking palm laid on carefully calculated sets of hard palm spanks to her buttocks, thighs widely splayed over Kyle’s still slack covered lap. Then just before she might cry out for him to stop, Kyle would tickle her wet, drippy cunt with one and then two fingers, leaning over and carefully adding little tongue licks to her swollen clit that drove the otherwise in control woman stark mad with desire,

“Fuck me! Please Kyle, fuck meee!” but he didn’t and instead teased again for the fourth time, “Not yet my slutty little bitch! You know what you have to do,” the words forcing her to obey and listen, lift up her ass again and sniffing back some snot say as ordered,

“Please Mr. Walker, teach me a lesson!” and then whimper while she waited as his spanking palm smoothed and rubbed the prior soreness, “You’re beautiful Nicole, you know that?” and she would look back up at him hoping against hope that the smooth soft words would give her purchase to extricate herself from the awful ambivalence of wanting to be in control of the situation and of him. It would be a futile effort and she knew it, futile and also undesirable.

Kyle enjoyed a few more slow passes of his slightly reddened palm over her ass, thighs and clear up to the nape of her beautiful hair and then back down again to double finger her by now drooling cunt, scoop up that delicious warm nectar and lick it from his fingers and then he said,

“Not quite there yet my hot little slut,” and Nicole could only give a soft weeping sounding reply, “Yes sir” just before the hard spanks descended once again.

Disrobing in front of the anxiously red faced needful female was as much fun for Kyle as having given her the provocative foreplay, revealing what she really wanted, his hard seven incher, “Is this what you want baby?” Kyle said but briefly glancing down at his pride,

“Please yes!” she said begging him. This was almost too easy now, “I will, I will, but first, show me that pussy again, get it up. I want to eat it out some more,” and then took his time striding forward as she kneeled head and chest down and ass up at the bedside.

The room would not be much more available, check out time having already been extended once so Kyle had to make much shorter work of eating out the writhing dripping hole than he had wanted and subsequently entered her wet box with his erection much more aggressively than he had wanted as well. By then, however, neither of them much cared. She wanted cock and wanted it now, hard and fast and that is what Kyle wanted too and gave it to her shoving his prick deep into that hot cunt aside her crimson colored spanked cheeks.

The rapture was better than usual for Kyle, Nicole’s multiples making her sound like she had not had a man in months, but that was not even close to true and that was a rub for more than just her. Nonetheless the sex had been great and can’t that be the start to at least a beginning of a more permanent relationship? As it had always been before and despite Kyle trying many times to make it otherwise, the answer would most likely be, wait and see.

* * * * * * * * * *

“Kirk David Phillips! I swear to God! Can’t you go more than a week without a trip to Mr. Foster’s office? I mean really!” Nicole stood next to her still angry and frustrated fifteen going on eleven or twelve-year-old red-headed nephew. In fact most eleven and twelve year olds handle life’s inevitable kid sized challenges better than the moody teen had even since moving in with his official legal guardian and parent, aunt Nicole, well over six months before. At five foot seven, the high school freshman did not exactly exude maturity by size alone, so it did not at all help that he was clearly also a bit behind his peers in the behavior category.

Vice Principal Galen Foster now stood in his office doorway frowning as his paddle had gone unused, but not because he wanted it unrequited of beating Kirk’s ass as he clearly had earned it. You just don’t call your social studies teacher a “dried up old cunt” out loud in class even if there is some interpersonal friction between teacher and student. In any case who could blame her then for hauling Kirk out of the classroom by his arm and walking him down to Mr. Foster’s office for disciplinary action?

It was a district rule. Parents or legal guardians had to read and sign a specific special form allowing for their high school aged children to be given corporal punishment and Nicole Phillips had not for nephew Kirk. Two days suspension from school would have to suffice and besides, Mr. Paddle would most likely be amply satisfied by getting some action with the two boys who now approached holding the dreaded green disciplinary slips.

Kirk took immediate notice as the boys approached Foster not because he gave a shit about Henry and Mike per se, just in what was likely to happen to them behind Foster’s closed office door. Thank God his aunt Nicole was jawing to Foster’s secretary at the moment. Foster would not take long to deliver the painful blows. Kirk knew that and sure enough in almost record time Kirk heard the telltale sounds of paddle meeting butt.

Kirk turned away from the women as he felt his face flush a little imagining what it might be like to have to take paddle licks bent over the side of Foster’s office desk even if he hated the ugly bald headed squat man who delivered the blows. It was the usual maximum three each this time and he even heard some yelps and groans. Fuck. He had to get home now. He hated waiting to get himself off including sometimes utilizing a small hairbrush on his own ass that he had purloined from his aunt Nicole’s bathroom one afternoon.

“Come on, let’s get you home,” Nicole said as she briskly walked down the hallway teeming with teens, not a few of the older boys turning to check out Nicole as yet another MILF. Kirk could see their looks and understood them. Hell, he had his own forbidden fantasies about his own aunt, a fact that he figured would never come to light in his lifetime and just remain as sexy grist for his self-abuse alone in his bedroom.

“Are you angry with me?” Kirk asked Nicole in the car on the way home and she quickly replied, “No baby, I’m not,” and that did not satisfy the sullen boy. Aunt Nicole always absolved him of wrongdoing and for reasons he was becoming much more aware lately it bothered him a great deal that she did.

Guys like Henry and Mike would be going home to their dads and would be getting their butts burned by dad’s hand, paddle or belt and sometimes then grounded and stuff. Kirk knew this for a fact or at least that is what the locker room bragging would claim later as it had many times before. The heartache of it all for Kirk was that he would see the punished boys or other guys like them out and about their neighborhood having the times of their lives with their dads hardly any time later.

* * * * * * * * * *


“So who’s it gonna be tonight? Frank, Kevin or that freak Milo that keeps showing up when you are never home trying to get in my pants?” Kirk rudely smirked to Nicole as she stopped the car to drop him off at friend Shayna’s house.

Nicole gave her nephew a look that was never effective, but she felt obligated to try, “No baby, you don’t know this guy and Milo is not trying to get in your pants honey, or at least that is what he tells me,” she teased and that sent Kirk into a major eye roll,

“He looks at me like I’m his next meal,” and then Nicole paused and thought to herself, “Don’t think I haven’t also thought it of you, you hot little nephew of mine,” and then aloud to Kirk, “Get out and see if you can make some time with Shayna, lady killer of mine.” Kirk sighed and did just that and then watched as the car drove away.

Let’s see, try and get his finger up Shayna’s hot little fourteen-year-old slut hole or take the bus back to his side of town and see who his aunt’s latest was? It was a close call because Shayna not only was a good make-out but also gave great head, “Sorry Shayna, but I can get you anytime,” Kirk thought to himself quite smugly, “I want to see who this loser is that aunt is gonna bang this week,” and started for the bus stop.

It had been five weeks now since the seminar hotel room scene between them, so what matter was the one hours’ worth of talk getting to know one another again. It was fun and informative and finally the action did begin. The handcuffs and black lingerie had been Nicole’s idea thank you very much and this time the role play was even more naughty and directed if a bit cheesier too.

Naughty schoolgirl Nicole listened with high anxiety as her equally as naughty Professor Kyle took great umbrage with her inability to restrain her mouth in class as ironic as that was. In any case, dirty girls must be punished for their “unwanted” advances after class as well as starting with the carefully orchestrated over-the-knee spanking with the stiff leather paddle, again Nicole’s implement.

The scene evolved into a dream-cum-true of discipline alternating with Nicole’s loud moans and wet pussy writhings, Kyle’s tongue and mouth just luxuriating in his new perfect looks partner’s eager cunt and swollen pinkened clit. Nicole’s easy submissive attitude towards the whole thing certainly contributed to the fun as well.

“You are a very naughty student Nicole, you will learn,” Kyle said softly even as he was learning that dominating the outgoing auburn haired woman was an instant hit with his mind as well as his cock. She was smart as well as sexy, not an easy combination to find and she loved to talk about life and other important things like her nephew Kirk.

Kyle had listened with more than just patience as she had described the boy’s here-to-fore exposure to an emotionally abusive and now totally absent father and criminally inclined other useless male members of his family. She also had showed him Kirk’s picture, a naked torso shot of his attractive creamy pale slender teen body perfectly framed in a skimpy red Speedo no less.

Kyle’s cock had reacted quite well to his body alone never mind to his red hair, a brighter version of his aunt’s actually. He could only imagine or hope what the kid’s ass looked like with and without clothing.

This time, however, there would be nothing fast. After getting her totally submissive with him with the red-bottomed preliminaries, Kyle started to really make love, kissing, licking and smoothly manipulating those perfect little perky breasts and orally stimulating everything south of Nicole’s luscious lips to her sexy cunt lips.

When Kirk’s hour bus ride had finally got him home and he saw the late model pretty nice looking sedan on the curb he grew a bit anxious. This guy seemed not automatically just another of his aunt’s usual loser lays if the car had anything to say about it.

Was he too late? Had they gotten down to business and finished already? Probably, but Kirk still made his way stealthy into the back kitchen door making doubly sure that he made no sound. Then the high school freshman slowly made his way down the hallway towards aunt’s bedroom like some kind of redheaded Delta force soldier.

Good, the bedroom door was ajar and Kirk slowly approached along the wall stooping low. Yes, it was stupid looking to creep around like that, but so what if it was? He stopped at the door jam and just listened. What the fuck? What was that familiar sound? Shit! Whoever he was, he was spanking his aunt and by the sounds of it, she was really enjoying it! Kirk’s cock erected in like three seconds and he carefully unbuttoned his jeans and stuck his hand down his own pants.

Pounding Nicole’s pussy was like driving his stiff rod into a wet, moist electric blanketed cuddly warm cock cozy and better, she clung to him like a life line as they kissed and fucked and when he came, he roared like the lion he often was with his raptures. It was so loud that that Kirk fell back onto his ass making a soft thudding sound just as he shot his own load, so was momentarily paralyzed.

Kyle heard the sound, Nicole had as well but was too spent to care at the moment. Always kind of on alert, Kyle blinked and out of sheer curiosity bolted for the door and when he opened the door he froze as did the red-headed boy laying on his back on the hallway floor trying with little luck to pull up his white briefs and jeans to cover up his humiliating nakedness,

“Kirk?” Kyle asked, Kirk’s wide eyes following Kyle’s as both fixated on the boy’s modest bush of red pubes and a more than adequate and by the looks of it still thrumming hard young six inch cock. The cut head was red and sloppy with expelled boy juice. They exchanged the long wordless stare that lasted a short eternity until both looked over at Nicole who had just stuck her head around the corner, “Kirk David Phillips!”

* * * * * * * * * *

“Please Nicole, let me go talk to him. It’s OK, I was not offended, just surprised, I promise!” Kyle pled for the third time. It was not that Nicole didn’t mind that Kirk had returned back to the house to spy on her and Kyle nor that he had been jerking himself off at their expense.

It really was that she was already head over heels for Kyle Walker in ways she could have never imagined and so quickly too. What would he think when he found out how fucked up her nephew was? Would he stick around for that? Or like all the others who pretended to care, would he eventually just stop returning her calls?

“I know we don’t know each other very well yet, but please trust me. I don’t want him to suffer,” he finally said with adequate sincerity and that did the trick. Nicole took the leap and the chance, “OK, but he’s really sensitive Kyle. He needs a male role model in the worst way and if you’re just going to …” but could not finish, instead covered her emotion riddled face. Kyle hugged her, “I know baby, it’s going to be OK, I promise!” and finally she replied, “OK.”

Having been caught in the compromising condition in the hallway, Kirk was beside himself with anger, fear, doubts and a just plain overwhelming feeling to just run away and never come back. When the soft knock on the door came he thought it was his aunt come to tell him that the guy, Kyle Walker, had fled the scene and that she, really they, would have to start over for the millionth time again,

“Come in,” he said sadly, but when Kyle’s face appeared at the door, sadness turned to high anxiety!

Kyle did not come far into the room easily sensing the cute boy’s anxious condition and leaving the door open just looked. The room was a mess, which caused Kyle just a bit of his own anxiety on account of his self-diagnosed case of OCD; but not nearly as much angst as the upset kid sitting at his bedside. That was for sure.

Kyle ignored the room’s annoying disorder and carefully took stock of just the room’s content. That is when he saw the cream colored baseball with the red stitched seams on which was a small silvery distinctive MLB hologram label. The ball was sitting smartly on a small dark square wooden base, the ball protectively covered by a plastic or acrylic cubic shaped cover,

“You into baseball,” Kyle smiled and then looked at Kirk who had been cautiously, but also assiduously following Kyle’s eyes with his. The boy looked down and then up, “Yea … I have a couple hundred baseball cards,” Kirk replied.

Kyle knew nothing about baseball, but did understand collectables a bit, so he casually strode into the room and looked at the ball, “What is your best card?” Kyle then asked. Kirk brightened up a bit,

“I have a … a 1965 Roger Maris card … it’s worth a little bit of money,” Kirk said and Kyle noticed that the boy’s beautiful pale skinned body relaxed some.

“Oh?” Kyle said, “I want a Willy Mays rookie card, but it’s expensive,” Kirk said with a sparkle in his beautiful green eyes, “Why him?” Kyle asked having no idea who the man was, “Just because he was so awesome,” and Kyle nodded,

“What do you like?” Kirk asked and fortunately Kyle could relate some, “Toy soldiers. My mom gave me a couple sets of collectable miniatures and I add to it now and again,” Kyle said,

“Cool,” Kirk said and seemed to loosen up even more as he sat at his bedside, the elephant in the room looming. Kyle slowly walked to the bed, “Mind if I sit?” Kyle asked respectfully, “Sure,” Kirk said if still a bit cautiously.

Kyle did and surprisingly Kirk did not move away from him. Kyle folded his hands in his lap and looked at Kirk’s beautiful shock of red hair before shifting his gaze to his eyes, “It’s OK Kirk, you did nothing wrong, OK?” and watched as worry lines formed on the boy’s forehead.

Kirk looked down and blushed, the effect making him look much younger, more vulnerable and even more, yes, sexy and he said nothing a long moment,

“So you like my aunt?” he asked more to deflect attention from the reason he knew that Kyle sat there than real interest in his own question or so he told himself, “Yes I do, she’s a beautiful lady and you are a handsome fellow yourself,” and Kirk blushed even harder.

Kyle then patted Kirk’s knee and stood up, “You don’t have to hide in your room anymore,” and flashing a small knowing smile winked at Kirk and then walked out.

Kirk sat and watched Kyle leave and suddenly the room felt empty and not only that, but Kyle had absolved him of his little incident in the hallway.

He waited for a time trying figure out angles to Kyle’s nonchalance but finding nothing he then just got up and walked out and quickly down the hall found Kyle and his aunt in the kitchen standing kind of really close together grinning at each other. When they looked at him, Kirk walked over to his aunt, but kept his gaze on Kyle,

“Sorry aunt,” casting a glance at Kyle who regarded the boy with not a little bit of affection, “It’s OK baby, you didn’t do anything wrong,” aunt reaching out her arms and Kirk quickly fell into them with a tight hug, still looking at Kyle even more intently now.

Kyle tilted his head just a little admiring the kid’s red hair color and style much more closely now as well as the boy’s beautiful skin. It suddenly struck him in a funny way. Kirk’s physical stature and colorings reminded him of all things like a damned Creamsicle frozen pop treat. Kyle reached out and ruffled Kirk’s hair, “Kirksicle,” he said.

It just came out like that surprising even Kyle who stood ready to retract if Kirk reacted poorly to the nick. Kirk just gawked at Kyle, but his aunt started to chuckle, “Oh my God, that is so cute!” which caused Kyle to blush just a tad, but Kirk blushed ten shades and bit his lower lip wanting to protest out of shear protective embarrassment.

Nobody had ever given him a nickname, ever. Kyle and Nicole watched the boy’s face twitch and then it softened and he said nothing aloud; but inside of the boy there was a spark of something he had seldom felt before, something like a gentle feeling that this Kyle guy was not any ordinary one night stand and maybe he could like him.

Later that evening instead of staying in his room alone, Kirk walked out to the family room and sat on the floor in front of the couch to watch the movie with the adults. Nicole gently elbowed Kyle as they sat arm-in-arm and she silently motioned to nephew Kirk when they made eye contact.

The boy was sitting not between his aunt’s feet, but between Kyle’s, something Kyle was well aware and really enjoyed. When the few hours of the movie finally passed, Kirk had nodded off his head against Kyle’s knee for the last thirty minutes or so of the movie. Kyle made sure to have kept that knee very still, a very welcome distraction to be sure.

Nicole stood and watched as Kyle then slowly and carefully squatted and gathering him up into his strong arms, carried the sleeping boy to his room and carefully lay him down on his bed.

Kirk had awoken long before, but purposely kept his eyes shut as the man carried him like a small child and kept them shut as he was laid down. Kyle’s hand came to Kirk’s head and the boy felt a warm gentle hair ruffle and then heard a soft, gentle voice, “Sleep well Kirksicle,” and then an unexpected soft kiss on his temple, one that kind of shocked the pleased boy.

Kirk watched wide-eyed at Kyle’s retreat from the room, got up, stripped naked for bed and just before he closed his eyes, he said the word, “Kirksicle” which made him smile. Closing his eyes, Kirk slipped off into slumber.

* * * * * * * * * *


“What’s the matter baby, you seem distracted?” Kyle asked Nicole as he sat naked next to her in his bedroom, but they both knew the question was purely rhetorical. Three weeks of family and work distractions for both had made it difficult to get together for their otherwise very hot and steamy liaisons. Even then they were meeting at Kyle’s place if for no other reason than to avoid Kirk and his seemingly ever present unpleasant adolescent moods.

For a short while there just after meeting Kyle, Kirk had indeed kept his room in good order, seemed happy and there was peace and quiet on the school front and then things simply had gone downhill. Kirk had become sullen again and avoided Kyle, something that though Kyle understood to an extent he certainly did not at all like because Kyle liked Kirk more than just quite a lot.

Kirk for his part adored Kyle and maybe too much. The head ruffles and the “Kirksicle” nickname were certainly valued by Kirk, but also scared the shit out of the insecure and unconfident boy. Kyle knew it too and that made the schism all the more heartbreaking.

For her part Nicole wanted to trust that after just a few short weeks of hot sex, fun dates out on the town and long talks together that she and Kyle could make it together, on a long-term basis that is. She and Kyle were already talking about a real possible future together but had not said anything yet to “the kid.”

Nicole managed a small smile, “I’m sorry honey, I just …” and stopped and if she had not, Kyle might have cut her off anyway, “It’s OK. I understand,” and slung his arm across her shoulders gently squeezing the far shoulder and placed a soft kiss on her cheek.

Overcome with how the kiss set off her emotions, Nicole’s eyes reddened and suddenly Kyle found his lap straddled by her, her arms wrapped tight around his neck, “I just know that he is going to get suspended from school again or eventually,” she said though reluctantly.

Yes, she knew Kyle cared a great deal about her nephew, but there was still a small voice inside of her that cautioned, “Be careful, too much of Kirk’s shit might drive Kyle away;” but it was not as if Kyle was unaware of both her and Kirk’s insecurities. He had his own to be sure, everyone has them at one time or another.

Nicole finally sat back, “What am I going to do then?” she asked at first more out of self-obligation than anything else already knowing quite well Kyle’s position on the matter.

For Kyle it was the old “I’m not his father” routine. Had it really been up to Kyle, Kirk’s very attractive pale bubble ass would have after some very loving talking moments with the boy, turned his very attractive pale bubble butt beet red, Kyle’s belt “teaching” the boy that until he matured some that he was going to have to learn the old fashioned way.

Kyle said nothing as they now touched foreheads gently, Kyle slowly rubbing Nicole’s tense back and shoulders and that spoke volumes to Nicole just then. Maybe, just maybe, it was time to take a chance,

“Kyle, honey … I’m serious. I can’t do this unless … unless you’re willing to go all the way with him,” and then sobbed a little having actually reached for some real hope and released a lot of fear in her own mind.

Kyle hugged the beautiful woman to himself, her beautiful beasts pressing against his strong chest. He whispered in her ear, “Baby, you know I will if you want me too,” and she sighed, “I’m just afraid for him is all,” and he nodded, “I know baby, I know, it’s going to be all right,” he reassured her yet again and she sighed again and then they kissed, a long passionate kiss that seemed, well, different.

The kiss evolved and Kyle reached down and with his finger and oh so slowly approached her pussy and as it did, her thighs parted and she buried her forehead into his shoulder and gently bit it. That was her signal to him that this lovemaking needed to be long, rough and wonderful no matter what form it took because each time with Kyle had been different and creative.

Her groan reached his ears and he pushed his full upright erection into her tummy as one finger now was encircling her clit like an eagle circling its prey from above, the kill a certainty of nature before it had even happened. The other finger however did something that Nicole had secretly longed for, but had not yet happened and that was anal.

They had talked of it; but Kyle in his wisdom had not given it to her, not yet anyway. Was this going to finally be the time? Kyle’s other finger now circled her butthole and as it did and to Kyle’s great delight, Nicole’s ass reached for it like a thirsty man (or woman) reaches for a canteen of water in a hot dry desert.

Kyle grinned and withdrew it even as he now slowly pushed the other finger into her wet pussy causing confusion and distraction, control really, the kind that he knew she longed for. Nicole whined at him with her pleading and slut riddled throaty sounds. Her ass lurched and sought after the anal teasing finger, her cunt getting juicer by the second and that is when Nicole lurched to the side, dropping her feet down to the floor and effectively going over his knee.

Kyle’s dick jumped and he nearly came right then and there as she submitted to him in a way that somehow weirdly told him that, well, somehow everything would indeed be OK between not only them, but between they meaning especially he and Kirk. Kyle leaned over, wet his finger with his own spit and then gently rimmed Nicole’s butt hole eliciting a long plaintive soft moan of need from her.

Kyle then leaned over and Nicole’s eyes popped wide open as for the first time, she felt his tongue gently teasing her butt hole. She froze, not wanting anything to change by even a slight movement on her part. Kyle just smiled to himself and then drove not one, but two fingers so far up into her wet cunt that she shuddered, she came, the orgasm causing every muscle in her body to spasm, her squealing orgasm evidence of her pleasure.

And right in the middle of it, he spanked her with his palm and the spanks drove her deeper into her role as his obedient little girl and she stayed still for him and took them, all of them until he could not do it anymore. Now he had to fuck her, no more nice guy and no more waiting. Just a raw, deep and penetrating cunt raping.

Kyle Walker then lifted Nicole Phillips up, planted her on her back at the edge of the bed, her legs wrapping around his waist and he moved into her, slamming his tongue into her mouth at the same time that he slammed his cock as far up into her as human anatomy could allow. Kyle’s orgasm roared out of control of even his abilities and he shot his load far up into the gaping cunt as Nicole watched amazed once again at the man’s unbridled passions with her.

They lay in a sweaty closed eye heap for a few long panting moments not even kissing, each just recoiling from the physical and emotional exertions. Nicole’s eyes then suddenly popped open as did Kyle’s and their eyes intently met,

“He is going to need you Kyle and so will I. He’ll need you to be tough and loving and yes, if you need to spank him, do it. Please, do whatever he needs and wants, OK?” and Kyle looked at her for any inkling of a slight hesitation or lack of trust.

He saw and sensed nothing save a true and reasonable parental call for help and succor for her beloved nephew as well as permanent companionship for herself. Kyle knew then that she wanted to be with him as much as he did with her long term and not for just fun and kicks.

* * * * * * * * * *

Principal Galen Foster was beside himself. Kirk Philips was at it again having once again been rude to his staff member, Kirk’s social studies teacher Patricia Posner who once again had escorted the angry boy from her classroom, past his secretary and directly into his office interrupting a routine closed door meeting with the district superintendent,

“I will no longer tolerate this boy’s behavior in my classroom Mr. Foster. Please fix the problem!” slapping the green, scribbled disciplinary chit on his desktop and then stormed out.

Kirk was nearly in tears, shaking and trembling. George Farmer, the superintendent, recognized the crisis, “Maybe I should go get a cup of coffee Galen,” and dismissed himself walking out of the office as Foster just sat and glared at the boy with an incredulous look on his face.

When he got Nicole’s surprisingly calm voiced call about Kirk’s newest school crises, Kyle was instantly ready and prepared just like a Special Forces soldier might be prepared to go into combat on a moment’s notice. Kyle had anticipated just this scenario for Kirk. He knew that Kirk hated his social studies teacher, Patricia Posner, and even empathized with both parties actually.

Kyle had been a bit of a rabble-rouser for a short while in high school himself so that it was not as if he had no experience from Kirk’s point of view even if it had not been as persistent as the boy’s present troubles. Kyle knew this to be a signature moment not even really for Kirk as much as for Kyle himself. At any rate, it was put up or shut up time.

Just how was it that Henry and Mike were also once again sitting across from Kirk in front of the Principal Foster’s closed door yet again? But it was true. None of the three said anything to the other. The three boys just looked at each other as talking was not permitted on account of the impending punishments that were no longer ifs, just certainties.

It was especially uncomfortable however for Kirk. Henry and Mike would likely be getting stinging paddle licks. He was just going to get another fucking suspension and have to endure as his friends across the way would likely then be spanked at home by their dads and then proudly show off the residuals in P.E. class the next morning to the delight of all. Once again Kirk would end up in one of the less used boy’s toilets on school grounds later maybe between classes to maybe take a chance and let off some steam at school if not at home later alone in his bedroom as well.

All three boys looked up as suddenly there was the familiar and expected face of Kirk’s aunt Nicole, but who was the guy with her? Henry and Mike looked at Kirk whose face looked like he was gawking at an extraterrestrial. What was hell was Kyle Walker doing with his aunt!?

Principal Foster’s door flew open just then and there he stood motioning in Henry and Mike. Kirk was suddenly thrust into a personal chaos. He desperately wanted to listen to Henry and Mike get their butts paddled, but Kyle’s shocking presence had much more his attention now.

Kirk stood mouth slightly agape as his aunt and Kyle approached, Kirk’s fists clenched, eyes darting between the two adults “What … what’s going on?” Kurt’s voice warbled and cracked as tense worry lines formed in his forehead.

Kyle and Nicole both quickly encircled Kirk with a soft hug and Nicole spoke, “Honey? I decided that maybe it would be best if … well, if Kyle helped you through this instead of me, OK?” and the two males eyes met.

Kyle both saw and sensed the deep frustration in Kirk’s eyes as well as his obvious silent plea for help,

“Wha … what do you mean help?” Kirk’s worried expression flitted between his aunt’s and Kyle’s faces. Nicole took a deep breath and looking around to make sure nobody was listening in said to her beloved nephew,

“Baby, this has to stop and the only way now is … well, why don’t you two talk together, alone without me. Can you do that for me Kirk, honey?” her voice full of love.

“Wha … where you going?” Kirk’s voice started to crack as Nicole stepped back, “Nowhere baby,” she said softly and her helpless expression to Kyle was pretty evident. Kyle’s hand came out and ruffled Kirk’s hair, “It’s OK Kirksicle, it’s going to be all right, but you have to trust me, OK?”

Just then Kirk heard the Principal’s paddle doing its job on one boy or the other in back of him. For the first and probably the last time ever Kirk ignored the erotic sounds and instead focused on what his aunt had just told him and now on Kyle, the head ruffle already starting to do its magic.

Wasn’t this what Kirk had secretly longed for all along? For Kyle Walker and not his aunt to take him aside, just maybe like Henry and Mike’s dads most certainly would do and say when either was in deep shit,

“Enough! I’ve had enough of your disgusting and embarrassing behavior young man, now go to your room! I’ll be there in a minute!” and it would take no genius to guess what would then happen behind the closed bedroom door between father and son.

Kyle patiently watched as Kirk’s eyes then softened and then he saw it, the slight quiver of surrender in the boy’s chin which then pitched down just enough with lowered eyes that sent Kyle into action. He squatted down to his haunches and this time the hand did not ruffle, but softly caressed the boy’s beautiful pale cheek,

“You’re going to be OK my little Kirksicle,” the voice soft and reassuring. Kirk melted inside if not outside, “my little Kirksicle,” three soothing and caring words, words that he badly needed to hear right then from not just anyone either.

The Principal’s office door opened just then, but Kirk did not notice. His mind was still enjoying what Kyle had said as well as the man’s soft touch and all it took was a small nod of agreement from boy to man just enough to allow Kyle to gently smile and that made Kirk gently smile as well. It was settled then and Kirk allowed Kyle to gently push him back to sit back down on the bench as he and Nicole then stepped toward Principal Foster’s door and disappeared behind the shutting office door.

Now Henry and Mike did come into the picture and gawked at Kirk, “Dude! You look like shit, what’s going on? Who was that guy with your aunt?” Mike asked.

Kirk heard Mike’s harsh whisper but said nothing for a moment until finally, finally he could actually say it and know for certain that it was really true. Kirk looked up and his face changed from pensive and thoughtful to a teen boy’s look of eye rolling disgust and angst,

“Fuck off Mike, I’m in big trouble and I don’t have time for your crap!” so loudly that all three looked shocked and looked around the small area and when it seemed nobody had heard them, Henry piped in, “Fuck off yourself. You call getting suspended for the billionth time big trouble?” but this time, yes, this time Kirk was ready,

“Like you know anything. My ass is going to get roasted worse than yours probably,” Kirk said amazing even himself for the bold statement.

“What the fuck are you talking about? You don’t get spanked, you don’t get paddled Phillips you spoiled brat!” Mike hissed with not a little derision in his voice. So that was what they really thought about him? Fine! He would show them or rather he and Kyle Walker would show them, if he was lucky anyway.

Principal Foster’s office door then opened again preventing any further conversation between the three boys. Kirk watched as Kyle and Nicole stepped out of the office and then he saw Principal Foster’s face absolutely beaming and not in a good way. Frankly, Kirk had to admit that Foster probably did deserve this moment as much as Kirk deserved what he was going to get and in fact wanted very badly for himself.

Henry and Mike then both watched incredulously as Nicole Phillips and the strange man softly spoke out of their hearing to their peer and after a few moments of whispered words between them the man leaned over and gently cradled Kirk’s head and then Henry and Mike both looked at each other a bit confused.

The man spoke something into Kirk’s ear that they could not hear while ruffling his hair. Kirk’s face blushed in a way they had never seen before as a small half smile broke out on his face. Henry looked at Mike and implicitly just knew something big was afoot for Kirk.

Kirk then nodded as the man stood up straight with Kirk and as Principal Foster stood aside, man and boy walked into his office alone and closed the door while Principal Foster smugly smiled and walked down the hallway away from his office humming a little tune to himself. Henry and Mike looked at each other in a “what the fuck?” manner.

Kirk nervously fidgeted with his fingers as the door closed and he watched Kyle put the paper on the top of Mr. Foster’s desk and with it a writing pen to the side. Kyle then kneeled and looked up at Kirk’s face and slowly reached up and softly cradled the side of it,

“This is your decision too Kirk. I don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to do, but I love you and you know that if you sign this that I’m going to help you to do something very difficult but needful. You know you have to be punished and it’s going to hurt, but I will be with you every step of the way, OK?”

Kirk swallowed hard and looked down at Kyle’s eyes, soft and affectionate for him. Yes, for him! Not for Henry, nor for Mike nor for any other boy, just for him, “Yes I understand, what do I have to do?” Kirk’s voice calm and confident now.

Kyle took a big breath and explained the details to the boy, to the Kirksicle. As Kirk heard the details he cringed, who would not? But by now he trusted Kyle and would do anything to gain the man’s trust of him.

Kyle nodded and pointed to the paper, the permission slip that would allow Principal Foster to use the paddle on him. What made it very different than other such punishment permission forms, however, was a special clause in Kirk’s agreement. Kirk had no doubt that the two special words placed there just for him really pleased Foster, but then again, Kirk knew he deserved it by now.

Kyle made Kirk read every word on the form and then watched as his brave little boy, his Kirksicle signed the paper which gained Kirk not only a head ruffle but also a soft kiss on the top of his head. That being done, Kyle opened the office door and there stood Foster who then stepped into the office and closed the door behind him.

To Kirk’s surprise, as Foster read the agreement and looked at the signatures his face softened and he looked at Kirk, “I can’t believe I’m saying this to you Phillips, but you have my respect. And thank you too Mr. Walker, so let us get this over with,” and with that Kyle stepped aside and but nodded to Kirk to proceed.

Kirk did. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Principal Foster reach for and grasp the dreaded punishment paddle, the same one he used on Henry and Mike and every other boy who needed such punishment in the school. As he did he lowered his jeans and with them his underwear, his white boxers and bent over the side of the desk bare butt.

Yes, it was true. The special two extra words in Kirk’s paddling agreement with Principal Foster were “bared buttocks.” This was going to be a bare butt paddling, a concession that Foster really should not have made as such conditions were frowned upon by the district superintendent, his boss.

Nicole and Kyle had convinced him, however, that this was needed for Kirk and that they would vouch for him in any way needed or possible should it come to the attention of his boss or supervisor. In essence Galen Foster had to trust them as much as they were going to trust him with their son’s discipline.

Kirk turned his head to his right and Kyle positioned himself and then kneeled so that they could make easy eye contact with each other throughout the physical ordeal. Then, Foster surprised himself and looked at Kyle Walker,

“How many licks for your … well, for Kirk, Mr. Walker?”

Whereas before Kirk could only before barely tolerate Principal Foster, his respectful and likely very rare request of Kyle engendered a degree of respect for the man in a way Kirk never thought possible. Kirk blinked and actually enjoyed the moment and then looked at Kyle who was quite thoughtful for a short moment and then said while looking up to Mr. Foster,

“I want you to give the Kirksicle here five hard bare bottom paddle swats,” with just an ordinary expression on his face.

Kirk could not help but beam a smile back to Kyle because the standard was three licks, not five. No boy got five much less on the bare, but that was not the best part which happened just a few seconds later,

“Excuse me? What is, what is Kirksicle? I don’t understand,” Foster said sounding confused and amusedly so.

Kyle was ready for this as he watched Kirk’s face already start to degenerate into what would most certainly be a very unwise and undeserved giggled enjoyment. Kyle swiftly gave Kirk one of his signature looks, quite a stern one at that. Kirk desperately wanted to make fun of Foster but the look held more power than any paddle just then and he held his tongue and kept proper poise and in doing so adored Kyle all the more for the cautionary parental feeling admonition.

Kyle finally looked up, “You had to be there Mr. Foster, please proceed,” and then flashed a softer stern-tinged look at Kirk to continue to keep his pie hole shut. Kirk did, but all Foster could manage was a confused shake of his head and then looked down at the rare sight of Kirk’s bare ass staring up at him.

Kyle had to cover his face against grinning with one hand as he saw the look of something between fear and desire in the man’s eyes. He thought to himself, “And that boy’s hot little bubble ass belongs to me Foster, not you,” and then watched as Foster looked to be like a man about to fire off a large shot gun looking away with his eyes closed.

Kirk’s reaction to Foster’s first bare butt paddle lick was predictable. It’s never as hard as you think, but also much more painful than you may have hoped. At any rate, Kirk’s face winced up pretty hard even if he made no sound. It was Kyle’s reaction within himself that really did surprise the poised man, at least at first. He was getting turned on, then again spanking Nicole’s curvaceous ass had really been stimulating, so why not now?

Galen Foster was mesmerized, however. How could he get other parents to agree to bare butt paddlings for their recalcitrant sons? And because of that maybe did he distractedly not really put all of his usual effort into the next four licks for Kirk.

Kyle knew exactly what was going on and looked at his boy’s rather sheepish expression. Yes the paddle did hurt, some, but not nearly enough. Kyle knew it, Kirk knew it and Kirk also knew that Kyle knew it. Both knew that this was not nearly over.

“Good, that’s five! Congratulations young man, you did yourself proud,” Foster said in quite a hurry as Kirk did not move, “Oh yes, you may stand and get dressed Kirk … errr … Kirksicle?”

Kirk did and Kyle stood up as well and then they all saw it, Kirk’s emerging and obvious arousal. Foster blinked, “Well, I have to go!” and rushed out of the office slamming the door shut behind him.

Kyle looked at Kirk hands on hips and tapped his foot saying nothing in mock disapproval actually really enjoying the sight quite a lot,

“I can’t help it!” Kirk said head down as his erection fully emerged in total disregard for its owner to feel modest. Kyle strode over, “I know Kirksicle, I know. Get dressed. Let’s take care of the next step and then we’ll go home,” and ruffled the boy’s red hair. Kirk did and as he did he enjoyed the burned sting feeling that lingered so nicely on his ass.

Oh yes, the next step, an in-class verbal apology to Mrs. Posner for his outrageous outbursts in front of the whole class. Whereas it would not be the same class that Kirk had misbehaved, there was going to be Mike and Henry in attendance; but that was not what was on Kirk’s mind as he walked side by side with Kyle to Posner’s classroom.

“Am I gonna get it when we get home?” Kirk asked keeping stride with Kyle. The man’s hand but lightly patted the boy’s shoulder,

“Would you have it any other way?” Kyle’s question plain and simply stated and the boy’s response, blushed, swift and confident, “No sir,” and it was decided. Well, accompanied by the by now standard and required hair ruffle, “That’s my Kirksicle.”

Henry and Mike just gawked with blink eyed incredulity as they listened as Kirk stood up in front of the whole class and apologized to Patricia Posner for his behavior offering no excuses or hesitations. Kyle stood chest puffed out as he listened and watched so much so that you’d think he was Kirk’s real father as the boy spoke with humility looking directly at his social studies teacher.

Kyle then started for the first time actually to entertain his own private little “down the aisle” wedding fantasy, Nicole in a beautiful white wedding dress, he and the Kirksicle in identical rented tuxedos,

“Mr. Walker?” Kyle was shook from his reverie and blinked, his eye having seen but his mind not quite registered the fact that his Kirksicle had not only publically apologized to her in front of Henry, Mike and the whole class, but the two had actually hugged!

“Oh, sorry, yes!” Kyle beamed his pride to Kirk who was also beaming back and then Kyle shocked Henry and Mike as well as a few other boys watching by walking up to Kirk and gently hugged him and kissed the top of his head, “That’s my boy, come on, let’s go,” and he thanked Mrs. Posner and started for the door.

Kirk followed but not before looking over at Henry and Mike and was sorely tempted to make a face at them, but did not. It’s called cutting your loses and even Kirk knew that.

* * * * * * * * * *


His instruction from Kyle had been short, sweet and explicit after arriving home, “Get to your room, strip naked Kirksicle, you bottom is going to be tanned young man,” leaving nothing to the imagination.

Kirk sat apprehensively. How much would it hurt? Would he get turned on or turned off? Would it hurt so much he wouldn’t stay hard or just get hard after? Kirk sighed and knew that this was serious shit and he had better take it serious and would.

Finally though, a good old fashioned father and son-like feeling bare butt after school punishment ass beating just like all of the other guys! Kirk then knew that what his cock felt did not matter. He was being treated normal and in trouble with Kyle and Kyle would help him work it out and that was what really counted, that and that he loved Kyle and Kyle loved him.

Then again as Kyle strode into his room, suddenly it really mattered that he was going to have a really sore butt really soon! Kyle sat next to him and felt the man’s arm fall across his shoulders and he did not tense, in fact his body leaned into Kyle’s their thighs touched as well at first furtively, but then the touch turned into a hard press and not Kyle’s doing either. Kirk liked this a lot and so did Kyle,

“I was so proud of you today, it takes guts to apologize in public,” the words having already been spoken to Kirk in the car on the way home in front of Nicole, but this seemed different and even felt new to Kirk besides which what boy like Kirk does not need to hear that he has made somebody he really cares about in his life proud again and again. Kirk just smiled and enjoyed the sincerity in Kyle’s voice.

“You ready?” Kyle asked and Kirk sat up, “Yes sir!” he said brightly even, “Good, stand up,” and Kirk did and Kyle stood with him. Then Kirk’s eyes got big, really big and he gulped as he watched and heard the belt come out of Kyle’s pants loops and when the belt was fully out, Kyle sat back down drawing Kirk to between his knees.

Now it was getting real and Kirk started to tremble a little but not from the belt. It was his cock, his fucking cock! It started to get hard. Here we go again, but Kyle looked and just smiled at Kirk’s cock and then at him as Kyle was similarly distracted kind of enjoying the extra father and son-like feeling reactions.

Then he sheepishly looked over at Kyle who gave Kirk a calm smile while doubling up the belt to get it ready and then gave his palm an unexpected smart slap of the leather. Just the sound alone made Kirk’s cock twitch and then his butt hole got into the act and twitched as well and that was when Kirk confirmed what he had known all along, that he really was a slutty little cunt boy whose ass checks now started to clench and quiver and then the worst, his cock shamelessly shot out a little squirt of pre.

Kyle saw the wonderful liquid fall to the floor and then snapped the belt twice more and like Pavlov’s dog, Kirk blushed as his body was doing its thing despite the solemn circumstances. Kyle just chuckled at his Kirksicle,

“As many times into the future that you choose to misbehave my little Kirksicle I’m going to give your little bottom a good tanning, are we clear?”

“Yes sir!” Kirk said enthusiastically and Kyle nodded silently. Without further speaking Kyle raised his hands including the one holding the doubled up belt and gently smoothed over Kirk’s front side, his torso and tummy with one hand and with the other Kirk’s bared back and down to his buttocks stopping to softly squeeze the full beautiful and sexy near cheek. Then Kyle did the same on the other side sending Kirk into a relaxed moment of enjoyment.

Even Kyle looked with appreciative wonderment at Kirk’s face. His eyes were gently closed and his mouth slightly agape and nostrils flaring simply enjoying. It amused Kirk’s mind for a brief moment that there was a small temptation with no threat that he wanted to blurt out “forget the spanking, just bend me over and fuck me Kyle, please!” but that would have been a bad move, very bad indeed so he did not.

Then Kirk felt the leather of the belt rubbing up and down his back and over his buttocks in a small area. He was still standing and when the leather finally drew back and smacked him across the center of his butt he was quite surprised not by the expected and even valued sting, but really by the fact that he was still standing and not bent over. The reason for that then became abundantly clear as he was forced to open his eyes and look down and watch as Kyle’s hand slowly and carefully fisted his rigid cock shaft, Kyle’s ring and little fingers hooking down and gathered up his balls as well.

Kyle paused, froze and locked eyes with Kirk’s eyes for any signs that this was upsetting the boy and not pleasing him because in the end that was what this was really all about, giving the boy some happiness despite the otherwise serious circumstances. After all there was much more at stake here than simply punishing the boy for something that would be forgotten soon after. Besides his Kirksicle deserved to feel good and happy and learn the pain can help and yes, can be very sexy when done correctly.

Kyle drew the belt back and as he firmed his grip on the boy’s genitals he gave Kirk three very hard cuts of the belt across the upper middle and lower part of his beautiful pale bubble butt one after the other. The belt’s sting was harsh, punitive and instructive, but also warm and bonding as intended.

Greatly enhanced by Kyle’s tugging grip on his balls, Kirk then experienced a rush of pleasure to his cock and butthole that left the boy speechless and a bit limp.  Kyle could see Kirk’s pleasure in it by the look on the boy’s face if not also by the long loud moan from the boy’s throat as well as by the massive glob of juice that shot out from Kirk’s piss slit.

Kyle quickly and softly rubbed and soothed the now dark pink punished ass flesh as he continued the slow seductive masturbation, his large thumb flicking over Kirk’s pre coated cock head and piss slit. He eventually then gathered up some of the goo gathered there and used it for lube. Kirk was helpless to do anything but enjoy and wish it could go on forever.

That was when something extraordinary happened. Enveloped in a warmth of feeling, Kirk spontaneously rotated his body towards Kyle, slid his head alongside Kyle’s, gently fixed his palms to Kyle’s shoulders to hold on and whispered in his ear, “I love you Kyle,” his voice drawing up at the last in a small choking sound.

Kyle did not hesitate and nuzzled the boy’s head with his reply, “I love you too my Kirksicle,” and then firming his grip on the boy’s cock and balls lashed Kirk’s ass another three times, very hard this time provoking a sudden and distinct throb in his fist.

Kirk yelped and his body rigidly tensed, but not from the belt’s punitive sting. It was instead provoked by the sudden forced rapture, an orgasm from Kirk’s toes to his nose as it were jerking his body more upright as his fingertips dug deeply into Kyle’s shoulders. The prolonged orgasm coursed through his body with an intensity seldom felt by the boy.

Kirk’s mouth close to Kyle’s ear howled with delight, Kyle unable to suppress a soft giggle of utter happiness for him as well as for himself as he palmed over the throbbing piss slit and gathered most but not all of the young hot jizz. Kyle looked at it and smiled, “Clean my hand,” the command direct, but would Kirk like doing it?

The answer came shortly as Kirk eagerly licked and lapped the boy juice as Kyle nodded, “Good boy!”

Kirk let go of Kyle’s wrist as if some other boy not named Kirk in the room had done that act and then blinked, “I … I always wanted to do something like that,” and then fell into Kyle’s arms for a tight hug, “Am I done?” he asked to Kyle’s ear.

Kyle tilted his head, “Do you want me to be done? Are you happy and satisfied that you got a good punishment to show off tomorrow morning?”

“You know about that?” Kirk asked, “Sure. It’s what boys do baby. It’s OK, so do you have thoughts?” Kyle asked and Kirk did,

“I … I want to feel what the other boys do from their dads at home and it needs to be enough so I can … you know … show off to Henry and Mike tomorrow,” and then looked at Kyle having bravely asked for what he needed.

Kyle was amazed at Kirk’s ability to express his need, well understanding the locker room politics involved, “Very well, over my knee young man,” he said and with but a firm tug on the boy’s arm Kirk flopped head first across Kyle’s lap bravely pushing up his hips to position his already red bum up nice and high for the finale and boy did it come to him.

Kyle watched Kirk’s face intently as he then gave the boy lash after hard painful rapid lash all up and down both buttock cheeks also observing the beginnings of some light bruising effects that should suffice on the morrow. He then continued a while longer until he saw the boy’s face right at and slightly over crumbling with some tears dripping down from eyes to cheeks and then he stopped, Kirk’s small wailing almost instantly stopping with it. Kirk then quickly found himself gathered up into straddling Kyle’s closed knees and nose-to-nose with his benefactor.

Kirk’s hands flew back and lightly surveyed his sore throbbing torched surfaces and craning his neck saw the beginnings of what he had so often seen on other boys’ post fatherly spankings, a nice fresh set of developing telltale speckled bruises. Kirk beamed at first and then grew a little solemn,

“Am I grounded too?” the question much more a request than an inquiry. Kyle smiled and pecked the tip of Kirk’s nose with his lips and sat back, “Two hours, in your room, you might want to go pee first,” and that made Kirk happy, “Yes sir!” he said and jumped off of Kyle’s knees and started to leave the room, but not before stopping, feeling and craning his head around looked and felt his sore rump, “Sweet!” he blurted before bounding from the room.

Kyle just sat deep in thought in a state of relaxation, well save for his unrequited cock, but he had different plans for that. He waited until Kirk returned and then stood, “Come here Kirk,” holding out his arms and Kirk bounded into them and they hugged, “Thank you Kyle,” and Kyle kissed the top of his head, “You’re welcome boy,” and then left the room.

* * * * * * * * * *


Kirk’s two hour grounding much like all of Kyle’s machinations was not at all random. Kyle wanted that time for himself and Nicole and privately so. Straddled naked on Kyle’s naked lap, his rampant leaking organ pressed tightly between his tight tummy and her somewhat more fluffy one, two fingers gently fucking her wet drippy cunt, Kyle regaled Nicole with the fine details of what he had done with her nephew.

Her hands thumbed repeatedly over his erect nipples and his free hand had slid back to her rump to give her light spanks and then a finger lightly rimmed her bum hole. Nicole was then beside herself with giddy lustful whimperings and squirmings as her ears and brain were lustfully tortured with the very thought of Kyle sexually educating and enjoying her beautiful teen nephew,

“Are you going to fuck him? Can I watch?” she finally dared to ask in a breathy anxious tone somewhat catching Kyle off guard for all of three seconds. He grinned ear-to-ear but made his tone calm and calculated, “Only if you are a good girl and do as you are told,” he cajoled her mind and libido, “Oh please yes Mr. Walker!” she replied already deep into the role.

The next minutes of the following hour and change sent them both into a sweat of oral activity, his tongue, mouth and fingers buried deep into pussy and girl hole sucking on her rich juices, she reciprocating with her finger slowly ass fucking him, driving his G-spot to insane levels of pleasure while she sucked the juices from the slit on his long thick rigid prick. After the slow patient build up, Kyle butthole fucked Nicole from behind, her buttocks a deep crimson as he had spent a great deal of time playfully berating his naughty school girl and then punished her with her leather paddle all over her ass and thighs.

The almost angry fucking had easily caused her multiple orgasms putting her into a trance that only lifted well after he had roared his rapture so loudly that Kirk sat up suddenly from the nap he had lapsed into in his bed in the other room thinking somebody had just broken a limb. He scratched his head and then fell asleep again thinking it had only been a dream.

Kirk delighted both Nicole and Kyle somewhat later into the late afternoon and early evening by presenting them with a spic and span bedroom as well as completed homework assignments for the next day. The spate of redheaded hair ruffles and praises from both adults that followed turned poor Kirk into a mush of submissive body language soaking up the praise like a dry sponge.

Kirk enthusiastically cleaned up all of the kitchen by himself after dinner as the adults settled into the front room on the couch to start a movie having never before volunteered to do that before unless Nicole had asked him. After finishing, Kirk headed for the front room. He stopped and looked at the adults on the couch. Kyle had his arm around his aunt’s shoulders and their legs were crossed over each other.

Kirk smiled enjoying the sight and was about to walk over and join, but something kind of told him to wait and sure enough Kyle finally saw him, nudged Nicole and they made a space between them. Kirk saw the space but still somehow knew not to just go over uninvited respecting the adult’s space even though both adults had looked at him.

Kirk’s patience did not go unnoticed in fact Kyle let the boy wait a bit longer than he might have, very pleased indeed. Finally Kyle looked over and smiled, “Come here boy,” patting the space between them. Kirk beamed and bounded over and sat as two pairs of lips immediately rewarded him with kisses on his cheeks from each side.

Kyle then leaned over and ruffled Kirk’s hair whispering, “Good boy my Kirksicle,” and kissed the top of his head. Kirk blushed with the praise, Nicole smiled so happy for her nephew and then observed his obviously adoration for Kyle and what he equally as obvious seemed to want to do as he kept casting glances at Kyle. Nicole leaned over, “Go ahead honey, you can cuddle with him if you like, it’s OK,” she whispered.

Kirk looked at his aunt looking hesitant, but she playfully nudged him and motioned her head with a little scowl of “do as you’re told boy!” at him. Kirk returned a grateful smile, and then turned his body towards Kyle.

Kyle had felt Kirk’s fidgeting and knew the boy wanted to cuddle and wished that he would, but was not going to ask him. It had to be his idea, but was not unhappy that Nicole had helped. Kirk hesitantly touched him. Kyle just nonchalantly then hugged Kirk’s head into his chest and Kirk cuddled the rest of his body very closely to the man head-to-toe really, laying his head snuggly onto Kyle’s chest, his hands daring to clutch onto Kyle’s body kind of tightly making Kyle feel very warm inside that Kirk would want to do this with him.

Kyle then heard it, a distinct purring sound from the boy’s throat and looked down. Kirk was not watching the movie. He seemed in his own world or head, eyes staring at nothing. Kyle did a double take and wondered what the boy was thinking. He did not look worried or sad, but still the boy’s wheels were definitely turning.

Kirk was thinking all right, or feeling. Being this close to his aunt’s lover was affecting him as his mind played over and over the events of the day and especially in his bedroom when his spanking had resulted in the nonchalant display of exciting sexual affection between them including when he licked Kyle’s hand of his own cum. That really wasn’t that big a deal. Kirk had eaten his own cum, hell he’d sucked off a couple boys in the past, but that had been over a year before. Still it was fun to surprise Kyle which Kirk was sure it had.

“You OK baby?” Kyle whispered to him. Kirk’s eyes looked up at the man’s warm eyes distracted by evaluating for himself what Kyle’s eye color was and for a second Kyle could see Kirk’s eyes dance looking at his, “Green,” Kirk said. Kyle smiled, “Yes,” and then Kirk blinked having not answered the question. Was he OK? Kirk wasn’t sure.

Kyle could feel Kirk’s confusion, but patiently hugged Kirk and kissed the top of his head again and gently rubbed Kirk’s back. The smooth affectionate rubbing caught Kirk’s attention big time. Yes, he felt something more distinctive now, but what it was so he could ask for more of it remained a mystery which made him just a little frustrated.

Nicole knew what it was that her nephew wanted, it wasn’t complicated; but sometimes kids overthink and her nephew probably was too immersed in it to see the simplicity. Nicole looked at Kyle and Kyle back at Nicole their eyes silently communicating a humorous, “you do it, no you do it” a few times, Kirk quite unaware. Finally Kyle allowed Nicole to convince him.

“Kirk, sit up please,” he said. Kirk obeyed sitting up and suddenly feeling nervous. What did Kyle want him to do?

“Off with your shirt and your pants, in fact, you just get naked, OK?” and Kirk blushed and gulped and again obeyed quickly unclothing himself as Kyle unbuttoned his own shirt exposing his strong chest and tight abs down to his still belted slacks. Kyle was turned on by the boy’s naked proximity, “Come here baby,” Kyle then said, “Arms around my neck tight, real tight. I want you to touch and move as you wish. I want you to be at home around me like this my little Kirksicle, don’t hold back, OK?” Kyle said not sternly, but it felt to Kirk as if a gentle command and it felt good as well as right to the boy.

As Kirk cuddled his nakedness into Kyle he unexpectedly felt a surge of emotion, a very strong feeling that he had never experienced before. As his arms encircled Kyle’s neck the feeling deepened and thickened and it made him squirm and he wanted his skin to be even closer to Kyle’s skin and if he could have he might have even crawled himself inside of the adult male body.

Kirk buried his face into Kyle’s chest a bit embarrassed by what he knew were his red eyes that might even tear up from strong emotion. Why should he feel like that? He was happy, very happy. Why should he feel like a tear could drop?

Kyle felt Kirk’s discomfort and saying nothing started to gently and smoothly rub from the boy’s nape of neck down to his awfully cute bared bubble butt with both palms taking care to only softly rub over the speckled bruising on his ass from the belting earlier.

Kirk’s red-eyed feeling suddenly disappeared replaced by the sensual feeling of the massage from the man. Yes, this was what Kirk knew he wanted. This was the answer to the question, “Are you OK?” and then Kirk moaned. Kyle heard it. Nicole heard it and they both acted as if everything was normal and indeed it was.

Nicole’s eyes widened in wonderment as her beloved nephew moaned and then started to gently hump, grind and even writhe his pelvis into Kyle’s groin area. Kyle could not prevent his cock from fully hardening and far from worried, now was fascinated to wait and see if it affected the boy.

Kirk was oblivious to any of the adult machinations. This felt good, real good and Kyle was letting him, but letting him what? Let go? Be himself? Find himself? Did it matter? It felt good, it felt natural and fuck anyone who might tell him different and yes, he did feel Kyle’s cock and yes, he wanted it. That was it or a part of it or maybe not any of it. It didn’t matter. Kyle had told him that the man was his playground if he wanted it to be so and he did!

Suddenly Kyle felt Kirk shift, his face slid up to Kyle’s and Kirk dared to kiss Kyle on the cheek just sudden like! Kyle quickly reciprocated with a returned kiss, “My sweet baby boy,” Kyle said out of thin air. Kirk’s chest filled with a new even stronger feeling for Kyle letting the words soak in neither put off or embarrassed at all that they came from the man.

Nicole grinned at Kyle, smiled warmly and reached over and smoothed over her lover’s hair with silent approval and encouragement. Kirk did not move and dared himself again, and this time, the soft kiss from Kirk lit upon Kyle’s lips and Kyle gently reciprocated again, no more and no less.

Kirk’s eyes widened and his nostrils flared now, his own cock rigid and pressed into Kyle’s bulge below; but Kirk ignored his arousal, ignored Kyle’s too for that matter because whatever you call this, this activity, he wanted more of it with Kyle and let his tongue gently flick at Kyle’s lips. Kyle did the same and it tickled! Kirk drew back, his eyes relaxed and dancing now, he giggled! Yes, giggled. Kyle grinned and giggled a little too back at Kirk grinning and then touched his nose tip to Kirk’s and Kirk copied it and giggled again. He loved this!

Nicole watched the heartwarming scene, boy getting to know man and man, the boy. Flooded by emotion, she covered her mouth, moved and so happy for her nephew and for Kyle as well; but gained control soon enough as Kirk now looked at his aunt and saw that what he was doing to her lover affected her as well. Suddenly Kirk rose up from Kyle’s chest and leaning way over kissed his surprised aunt on the cheek, “On the lips baby, on the lips,” Kyle’s voice urged Kirk and he did! And she reciprocated as well!

“I love you aunt,” Kirk said softly, “I love you too baby,” she said and then Kirk shifted back to Kyle, touched his forehead to Kyle’s and said, “And I love you Kyle,” his voice cracking at the end realizing for the first time that besides being OK, maybe he was in love with the man, was that it?

Kyle’s face betrayed the importance of the moment. He quickly pulled Kirk into the biggest hug he could and lightly peppered kisses all over Kirk’s face now, “I love you so much my little baby boy,” the words just tumbling out peppering Kirk’s ears and mind which gobbled them greedily up feeling them each as nothing short of pure love and affection for him from Kyle.

Kyle then gathered up Kirk and Nicole too and they all kissed each other, softly and without other purpose before settling back into their places, Nicole cuddled into Kyle’s left there being room because by now the boy was tightly wrapping himself directly on top of a very important person in his life, Kyle Walker and was not holding back his own strong affection for the man.

But now arousal did take over, “I’m horny,” Kirk blurted which caused both adults to chuckle and loudly besides,

“What? I’m horny, what’s funny about that?” Kirk said sensing he was being teased, so he relaxed. Kyle did a double take with Nicole now. Their eyes met conspiratorially and Kyle decided it was OK to pop the question to Kirk, so he did,

“Do you want to lick some pussy?” which Kirk answered by a fast quick studied, “Yes please!” Nicole was ready, oh yes she was and blushing a bit parted her far thigh and lifted her nightgown. Kirk did not hesitate as he had wanted to learn how to do this for a long time and ever since fooling around some with his fourteen-year-old friend, Shayna.

Kyle helped Kirk shift his body sideways then really tasked the boy pretty hard. How could it be easy to fully enjoy and concentrate on licking his aunt’s clit as well as lap at her pussy juices when Kyle had his face deeply buried into his bubble ass, gently rimming it at first before he boldly just thrusted his tongue in and out of his boy hole?

It wasn’t, but a harder task Kirk had never warmed up to so well, “That’s it Kirk, Oh my God that feels so good baby, don’t stop!” the surprised expression on her face a bit humorous, but why should she be surprised? Kirk was a male and males liked pussy and apparently this one liked boys as well as girls as she could see the look on Kyle’s face that is what little she could see of it buried deeply into Kirk’s backside enjoying his own pussy, boy pussy!

“Oh fuck!” Kirk’s head would pop up and he would crane his neck back at the sight of Kyle eating him out and then moan loudly again and then Nicole would patiently guide his head back to pleasing her, “Finish me off baby, finish me off,” and Kirk wanted to. He wanted to be the reason that his aunt squealed an orgasm or two and he was and soon it would be three and not just two orgasms as Kyle stopped his licking on Kirk’s ass to watch and grin and urge Kirk on,

“That’s it my Kirksicle, make her feel good, real good!” and Kirk used the tip of his young, warm soft tongue to gently flick and tease the swollen red nub somehow knowing the technique without being told and Nicole was nearly blinded by the wonderful feeling of her nephew giving her what she had wanted from him for quite a while now.

“OK, now lay on your back baby, right on top of me and let your legs fall apart to the sides,” Kyle directed the action and Kirk did and then Kyle nodded to Nicole who slid over and gently grasped her nephews hard cock, “She’s going to blow you now Kirksicle, hold on for the best ride of your life,” he excited the teen and Kirk looked down at his beautiful aunt in a bit of expected disbelief as she started a slow, sensual treatment of his young male organ.

She started licking and teasing; but Kyle added his own touches, kissing and hugging and telling Kirk that he was loved, needed, adored and such a “good pretty little boy” and it all led up to an explosive not so patient mind bending orgasm for the boy as Nicole swallowed up all of her beautiful nephew’s seed.

Spent yes, but not deterred, Kirk instantly felt Kyle’s hard cock underneath him, “I want to suck you off, Kyle!” Kirk asked and Nicole quickly made room for the boy to slide off the man as she positioned herself to watch.

“OK baby,” Kyle said in a matter-of-fact tone, “Get it out for me,” he instructed and Kirk did. He got up on his knees and unbuckled the man’s pants, unzipped his trousers and helped Kyle out from them altogether. Then Kirk looked down and felt this funny gut ache and looked at the rampant organ and then at Kyle’s face, hands on his knees. Cock, face, cock face. Kyle tilted his head, “You OK?” he asked and Kirk burst out with a smirk, “OK? I’m in heaven! I just want to enjoy it,” he said which made Kyle smile and nod and patiently wait, well OK, not patiently.

The wait was well worth it because when Kirk went down on Kyle, he went down and gagged and choked himself and drooled and all the “take it easy boy” from Kyle went unnoticed as for some reason that Kirk could not explain to himself, he needed to feel the pain of his throat being impaled, invaded and yes owned by the man’s cock. Kyle and Nicole watched as Kirk was in some kind of needful zone, his eyes wild and his body language intense, so intense in fact that the boy might explode. Kyle let him however do it his way and Kirk most certainly did.

Up and down, his hands respectfully cupping and then squeezing down just a little on Kyle’s balls was driving Kyle insane with lust for his Kirksicle now. The boy was a natural cocksucker and though his technique was far from developed, his enthusiasm and fervor more than adequately made up for it. Louder and louder the whimpers escaped Kirk’s throat, the coughing and sputtering distracting yes, but felt needful, like a baptism of sorts.

Kyle decided that it was time to try something, “On your knees baby on the floor, hands clasped behind your back. I am going to face fuck you Kirk and make you eat cum,” Kyle said as if this was a calm and collected training exercise.

Well it was, but it was far from calm and certainly not collected as Kirk flew down to the floor eager to comply and so much so that he sat up tall and then arched his back like in a picture of a young slave boy that he had seen on the internet. It felt good and right and respectful and all of that. Kyle shivered and looked at Nicole whose eyes were wide with wonder at the boy’s so very erotic submissive posture. It was beyond hot, it was indescribable to both adults really.

Kyle quickly got up to standing and ruffled the boy’s hair, “Good boy! Good boy, now just relax,” and then he slowly introduced his cock once again to Kirk’s lips. Kirk was looking right up at Kyle, his eyes alive and attentive and then lurched forward, “No! Relax baby, let me. Don’t move, OK?” Kyle patiently instructed and Kirk obeyed.

Kyle wanted to enjoy this moment, I mean really enjoy the opportunity to show Kirk that obedience and patience always paid off and that slow is just as nice as fast. The slow mouth fucking was accompanied by Kyle’s hands smoothing and petting Kirk’s face, his voice calm, happy and not wild,

“That’s it my pretty little boy, my Kirksicle,” sliding his cock in and out, repeatedly and gradually faster and then when it was time, he said, “Now swallow baby, gulp it down,” and then Kyle’s hands on the boy’s head tightened and he felt his balls tighten and then because it was his first time with Kirk, the shuddering rapture was extra intense and exciting! “Fuuuuckkk!” Kyle shuddered and then came, flooded the boy’s mouth which sputtered and coughed and frankly expelled most of the load causing the boy obvious distress at having done so, but that was OK,

“Oh good boy! That’s OK, you did great Kirksicle!” he shouted to Kirk so that disappointment at failure was minimized, but Kyle was still winding down from the wonderful rapture himself.

At the end of it, so proud and so impressed, Kyle got on his knees in front of Kirk, reached around and brought Kirk’s arms to hug him and they hugged like that on the floor as Nicole had watched the scene as if she had just witnessed a birthing and maybe she had.

“Did I do good?” Kirk asked shyly as he hugged Kyle tightly, “Baby boy, you were a star, you are amazing, do you know that?” and pulled back so that they made strong and sure eye contact, “YOU … ARE … AMAZING!” Kyle emphasized even a bit out of character and Kirk beamed and then hugged and kissed Kyle and Nicole got a little teary eyed and finally went down to the floor and they all three hugged, closely and without bashfulness kissed each other passionately.

* * * * * * * * * *


Of the two, Henry Miller was the aggressor and leader, Mike Murphy the more passive follower. Only their dads seemed to be able to subdue the pair and that quite often, bared butts high over the knee, hairbrush or belt teaching each boy that misbehavior is a sure way to pain and regret. Showing off the results to weaklings like Kirk Phillips in the locker room had always been good entertainment. Kirk would look upset and slump off to nurse whatever wounds, it didn’t matter to them.

But lately and maddeningly so, it had all changed and Henry was furious. Now it was Kirk Phillips who was strutting around the lockers showing off his beaten ass, his pride of accomplishment or whatever it was and even Henry had to admit that it was impressive by their boyish standards. OK, it had only been twice within a month; but it was driving him insane. Nobody takes his ground, nobody and whoever this Kyle guy was, was a formidable male force in Kirk’s life the way he talked about him.

Kyle took me here and Kyle took me there. We went to a collector’s convention together and Kyle got this cool set of toy soldier miniatures and then I got this cool mint condition Mickey fucking Mantle card whoever the fuck that was and I have to toe the line or I get “the look” and what the fuck was “the look?” Henry didn’t get looks, he got whacked from the get go and on and on until Henry was so fucking tired of Kirk Phillips that he wanted to scream.

So he did, one afternoon he screamed at Kirk, between classes in a showdown, a confrontation that even Mike wanted no part of, “Henry, come on! We’ll be late for class. It’s not worth it, he’s not worth it!”

“Shut up faggot!” Henry screamed at Mike not letting a very upset Kirk Phillips pass as kids started to gather sensing a fight, “Please Henry, don’t do this man,” Kirk warned because if Henry said just one more thing, one more upsetting derogatory remark about Kyle or his aunt Kirk would lose it and lose it big time.

“You heard me! Your aunt is a fucking whore, everyone here knows it and that fake … that fake daddy figure you got beating your ass won’t last another week you sissy fucker. He’s gonna leave you and then what you stupid ass? Huh? Does he fuck you up the ass yet? Huh? Do you suck his cock and lick her pussy at the same time, huh you little queer?!” and that was enough. Kirk pushed Henry so hard down to the grass screaming,

“Stop it! Shut the fuck up!” with his already strained and hoarse voice that when Henry bounced right back up and started a new tirade, Kirk could no longer contain himself and threw the first punch making but modest contact at Henry’s left eye, but it still would be enough to give Henry a classic shiner and look worse than it really was.

Then the shouting, screaming and rolling around in the grass that followed would accomplish little more than really annoying grass stains to both of their clothing. Finally, two teachers broke it up, one of them Patricia Posner, Kirk’s social studies teacher.

Henry was seething, Kirk was on the verge of tears, “What is going on!?” Mrs. Posner asked both boys sternly, “He’s a dick!” Henry shouted at the top of his lungs, but Kirk was too upset now to talk and just stood panting and scowling at Henry with daggers of death in his fiery eyes.

Posner sighed and then separating the two, determined what had been done and said by both of them. Then she took both boys by their arms and reaching Mr. Foster’s office a few long moments later and the benches outside of it said,

“Just sit and NO talking!” and looking around to Katy Small, Mr. Foster’s secretary she added, “Katy, if either of these boys so much as says one word, I want to know about it!” and then stormed into Foster’s office uninvited.

“Patricia?” Foster startled at the sudden intrusion and the red-faced staffer told of the incident between the two boys and what had been said between the two. Foster sighed with disappointment at both boys, but especially for Kirk Phillips, or the Kirksicle as Foster sadly mused to himself. The boy had been doing so well for many weeks now, but adding fighting to his high school rap sheet?

Then there was Henry Miller, a regular customer; but even Galen Foster had never had to discipline Henry for the remarks that Posner had told him that he had said to Kirk. Those were not only unacceptable, but close to criminal in Foster’s mind and very unfair to Kirk. Yes, it was time to go to work once again and get to the male teenaged bottoms of things!

Kirk sat face in hands on the hard bench beside himself with regret and yes, a little fear. Yes Principal Foster was going to go ape shit on him. He had started the fight after all and Foster was well known to lower the boom hard on the first punch thrower, but Kirk had bigger fish to fry just then.

No, it wasn’t that Kyle Walker would likely also be setting Kirk’s backside on fire like Foster would, not even close. Kirk was miserable, totally miserable that maybe this would push Walker out the door of his and his aunt’s lives.

Yes, Kyle had on many occasions reassured Kirk one-on-one even that despite his many growing pains and little fuckups that Kyle would never, ever leave him; but this was no ordinary fuckup, this was massive, “Why Kirk you dumb ass? Why couldn’t you have just let it go, tell Henry to fuck off, turned and left you piece of …” but he couldn’t finish the final self-abusive derogatory remark.

Kyle had taught him never to think, much less say such things about himself or about others and that made it even worse because beside that wise admonition, Kirk also remembered a hundred other little instructive admonitions that made Kirk feel valued and loved and now losing Kyle would be an unmitigated total disaster; but just then Kirk’s attention was taken by the sound of Foster’s stern voice coming through the office door.

Foster was pissed at Henry, really pissed! Kirk cringed. If Foster was that pissed at Henry what would he say to him? Then there was a pause and the paddle lick sounds hit Kirk’s ears next. Too bad for Henry, but Kirk had that damn special two words in his punishment permission form, “bared buttocks.”

Great, just great Kirk! Get your ass warmed up by Foster’s paddle and then Kyle would likely use the belt and then storm out of his bedroom and out of his life, or so Kirk’s nuclear disaster scenario started to warp his thinking.

Yes, it wasn’t Galen Foster nor Kyle Walker making him miserable now, it was Kirk’s own fears and out of control imagination; but then office door opened and Henry with Mr. Foster were standing right there in front of him,

“Apologize Mr. Miller,” Foster’s voice stern. Kirk looked up and actually felt sorry for Henry. His face was red and a little wet. Henry shuffled his feet uncomfortably just then, a picture of chagrin which made Kirk feel real empathy,

“Kirk, I’m … I’m so sorry. I was way out of line, wrong. I should not be even thinking those things that I said to you much less say them,” and that just made it worse for Kirk because now he knew that Henry’s father must have taught him the same things that Kyle had taught him.

Only Henry’s father was not likely to leave him over it whereas, but Kirk could not stand to go there right then. Kirk stood and offered his hand to Henry, “No hard feelings Miller,” and they shook and after a few whispered words to Henry, Foster sped him on his way.

“My office, now Phillips,” Foster said but not with as much fervor as Kirk had imagined. The fact was, Foster was miserable himself. The Kirksicle had grown on him in past weeks and now he had to discipline the boy for what was one of the worst offences, starting a fight. It wasn’t fair, not in the least.

Kirk stood in front of Foster’s desk. The disappointment on the man’s face made Kirk a new misery. Foster had taken to going out of his way at times to acknowledge Kirk in small non-intrusive ways around the school. It was not a big show at all, just a nod here or a smile there; but Kirk noticed and always nodded or smiled back. It was a heartwarming relief to no longer feel obligated to hate the man and knew even then that it had been Kyle’s doing at least in part that this had all happened.

“Your Mr. Walker is not going to be very happy about all of this Mr. Phillips,” Foster started, “what do you think he is going to say and do?” Foster asked Kirk. The unexpected comment and question that followed took Kirk by surprise and not good surprise. It was like Foster was now in his mind and things had become pretty warped there by now.

“Lower the boom like you are about to do,” Kirk responded, but with a deepening very sad look on his face, one that Foster would ordinarily have ignored; but Kirk looked unusually affected and in a way Foster was not sure was healthy.

“Are … Things OK at home Kirk?” Foster asked out of the blue. Kirk turned his head a little to the side and his chin could not withhold just a small quiver. Foster saw it and sat back in his chair, “Would you like me to call Mr. Walker?”

“No!” Kirk blurted and knew it was the wrong thing to say or at least they wrong tone, “I mean, no … I’ll tell him myself,” Kirk’s eyes took on a faraway look just then.

Galen Foster’s face softened, “What Henry said to you Kirk was unacceptable in this school. It’s unacceptable anywhere to taunt anyone like that as far as I’m concerned. It is also unacceptable to start fights so now it’s my duty to punish you for that. You won’t believe this, but I’d rather just let you walk out of this office rather than give you the paddle, but I can’t, I’m sorry,” Foster finished and Kirk’s internal miseries were abated some by the somewhat sad look on Foster’s face and it kind of bolstered Kirk in a strange way so that his tone firmed,

“It’s OK Mr. Foster. I broke the rules in a bad way. I deserve to be punished just like my punishment form says, bare butt,” and even started to disrobe himself. Foster rose from his chair, fisted his paddle and did his duty.

Kirk would’ve taken ten blistering bare butt paddle swats just then if it would have relieved his mind of his greatest fears concerning Kyle. They had spun completely out of control now making the boy miserable in a way that physical pain could not match by what he now considered to be the inevitable, Kyle’s imminent departure.

The orange parental post-punishment form folded up in his back pocket, Kirk made the long death march home. He thought about destroying it but that would just garner him even more punishment. By the time he got home and saw Kyle’s car in the driveway, Kirk felt like a zombie on the way to a slaughter. He walked into the door and there was Kyle, standing right there,

“Kirk? Aren’t you home a little early?” and Kirk took the folded up orange sheet out of his pocket and wordlessly handed it to Kyle who looked at Kirk and immediately knew something was very, very wrong. He read the sheet. OK, fighting. No good, but not that bad!

“Come here baby,” Kyle bid him. Kirk just stared at Kyle. The man had read the sheet and he wasn’t livid? Kirk walked to Kyle and the man embraced him and suddenly Kirk not only embraced Kyle in return but also burst out into a few sobs even with tears into Kyle’s shoulder. Kyle just stood there gently rubbing his back even rocking the teen a little in his arms.

“Shhh, out with it my little baby boy, what are you so upset about? And I know it’s not about you fighting at school,” and now Kirk was entirely humiliated and even angry with himself. How could have he even entertained a thought about Kyle leaving? How stupid and ungrateful could he be?

Now there was a different misery, but one that he could stand. Kirk drew back from the hug a little making sure Kyle’s arms were still about his torso and sniffled back some snot, “I thought. I feared that … this might make you … you know … leave me,” the last two words sending Kirk’s head back into Kyle’s shoulder for a few more sobs, though controlled.

Kirk heard the signature sigh and bravely drew back again and faced a very stern but also very familiar wordless look, a fuck-up look, Kirk the fuck-up of course. Kyle let the look linger, but Kirk was grateful for it and did not avert his eyes from Kyle’s.

“Come here,” and he hugged the boy hard again and Kirk hugged back and finally relaxed, the worst of it over, well maybe.

The hug lasted and lasted and Kirk could hear Kyle’s wheels turning as they often did at times like these, “This is partly my fault,” Kyle finally said, “What? How is this your fault?” Kirk asked as the comment seemed very odd. Kyle ignored the question and just hugged his boy.

Kyle had read the taunts, Henry’s specific words from the orange sheet. The idea that he was a “fake daddy” to his beloved boy, that he would leave Kirk. Frankly, just then, even Kyle wanted to punch Henry Miller out. How dare he say such things to his Kirksicle?

Kyle had been putting it off. After all, asking Nicole Phillips to marry him was not going to be easy. Well, yes it would be, but also not. What if she said no? But she would say yes, but you didn’t know until she actually said yes. There was of course one other obstacle. That was Kirk himself. It would only be proper that Kyle had to ask the boy’s permission first to marry his aunt. What if he said no? Shit.

Yes, it was time, “To your room boy,” Kyle said and Kirk did not mind at all. He was going to be lectured, well not lectured. Kyle did not lecture, he instructed and guided and made sure Kirk himself understood how he had failed to live up to standards and why he was facing punishment.

Kirk sat and Kyle next to him only something felt strange. Kyle’s arm was not about his shoulders. The man’s hands were in his lap and fidgeting. Kyle never fidgeted at times like these. My god, had he been wrong and Kyle was still going to expel himself from the situation and leave?

“Kirk, I have two questions that must be answered,” and looked intently at Kirk. Kirk nodded and looked back with equal intensity steeling himself for the questions that must be something like, “Why did you have to fuck up again? Don’t you know that I have to leave you now?” went crashing through his brain no matter that Kirk did not want them to.

“I want to ask your permission to marry your aunt. May I Kirk, may I marry your aunt?”

Time does not often stand still and when it does, it is supposed to be for gigantically enormous and cosmic events, like a giant comet crashing into planet Earth killing billions. Time stopped for this, however. Even time wanted to hear Kirk’s answer.

Kirk blinked. He blinked and his mouth gaped open, “You … you want to marry my aunt, but that means,” and the tears started to roll down Kirk’s cheeks, “Yes baby, it does. I’m never leaving you my pretty little baby boy, never!”

Kirk wiped his tears and sniffed up some snot, “Yes, I say yes. You need to marry my aunt!” and then started to chuckle and sob at the same time and then he launched himself into Kyle’s arms, the man beaming ear-to-ear. They hugged and rocked and then Kyle pushed Kirk back and took a big deep breath because this next question was a real barn burner,

“Second question boy, will you let Nicole and I adopt you?” because the couple had talked about that as essential to their theoretical future family plan. Kirk’s face tilted as the word “adopt” introduced itself to him, “Hi Kirk! I’m ‘adopt.’ Kyle wants to be your dad, your new father. Is that acceptable? If yes, push this green button, if not, simply push the red button. Thank you for playing the adoption game.”

“But that means …” Kirk’s voice warbled hard, “Just say it,” Kyle said and did not have to wait long as Kirk answered, “That I can call you dad or father and my aunt, mom or mommy,” Kirk said giddily shaking a little from the heady realization and then hastily and fervently added, “I am NOT calling you my step-father or any of that shit! Step-mom either!”

“That’s right,” Kyle said in total agreement as Kirk’s nostrils started to flare and he pushed the green button, “Then yes! I want you and aunt to adopt me. Now I have a question,” Kirk said, “Dad” he added and then allowed a small smirk to grow on his face.

Kyle blinked and for just a moment he was just a tad confused when it quickly dawned on him what the question might be,

“And yes, you can start right now, son?” Kyle added, “Yes! I’m your son right now!” Kirk blurted and beamed ear-to-ear as his little red headed heart pounded with excitement and then Kyle’s face scowled a little.

Kirk froze. It was obviously time to be punished for fighting at school, but it was OK. His dad was going to lower the boom just like Henry’s or Mike’s and that was OK by him.

“Strip,” Kyle said. Kirk stood up and carefully disrobed himself mindful of folding his clothing neatly and setting it aside as was protocol. Kyle watched amusedly as the boy now stood before him naked, beautiful, sexy and how his son!

“Get dressed in that nice new outfit that your aunt and I bought for you the other day. We need to go shopping, son,” Kyle said with his own very satisfying fatherly smirk. Kirk rolled his eyes a bit, “Dad!” as his ever-vigilant new old man had bluffed him pretty good.

“Don’t dad me!” Kyle said standing, reached for his kid and bent him over. Three hard spanks later on the center of his outrageously sexy little teen bubble rump had Kirk nervously giggling, grimacing and gently moaning all at the same time as the fresh sting went right to his cock which sprung up as always, ready for action.

Kyle then stood behind his son, hugged him from behind and slowly stroked his long thick erection. Kirk relaxed in his father’s arms, “Daddy?” he said and not in a sassy way either, “Yes son of mine?” Kyle replied as he moaned a little more first, Kyle’s long hard insistent stroking of his cock starting to make it leak a tad,

“Are you going to sometime … you know … fuck me?” Kirk shuddered at just saying the lustful words. Kyle softly chuckled, “Of course my boy, of course,” and then turned Kirk in his arms, kissed his lips softly, Kirk returning it thinking of course that dad was going to do it right then even,

“OK! Get dressed boy, we have shopping to do!” and backed off, “Dad!” Kirk said forlornly and dad gave son a modest look and that is all it took, “Yes sir!” Kirk obediently barked.

Kyle then watched the look of surprise at first and then abject pride and pleasure spread onto Kirk’s face as the boy realized that both father and son were dressed identically in smart fashionable black dress slacks, brass buckled thin black leather belts and silken lightly patterned dark gray button down long sleeve dress shirts open at the chest.

“Are you going to ask her the old fashioned way?” Kirk asked his dad on the way to the jewelers at the mall, “Of course,” Kyle answered, “On one knee?” Kirk asked and Kyle patiently nodded, “Yes,” and Kirk said nothing more and just enjoyed looking at his handsomely dressed sexy and adored father.

That dad was buying two engagement rings, his and hers, at the jewelers was no surprise to Kirk. What really kind of shocked Kirk however was his dad’s next instruction to the older gray haired heavyset man,

“And I want a third identical ring for my boy here,” and then looked at Kirk, “Very good Mr. Walker. This must be a very special lad then,” the kind faced man looked at Kirk. Kirk blushed even as his mind started to grasp the gravity of his dad’s surprise to him.

Kirk in fact continued to remain silent and thoughtful and Kyle let him until they got into the car, doors closed. Kyle put his arm around his son who looked down a little, his face intense with a little emotion,

“You are as important to me as your mom is. You will always be loved and no matter how much you try and misbehave and get your butt burned, that will never matter to me Kirk,” and Kirk reached across the gap and hugged his dad, “Thank you father,” his voice firm, respectful and above all happy.

* * * * * * * * * *


Being on time for the dining reservation at Trio’s at the downtown hotel property that night was obviously not as important as mascara and eye shadow to Nicole Phillips. She implicitly knew what this was all about and thank God at last. The boys looked incredibly hot, both of them dressed identically and all.

“Do women always take this long to get ready for shit?” Kirk said testily to his father who was in full empathy, “I’ve known worse, I hope!” and looked at his boy, “You look beautiful my pretty little boy,” and that was distraction enough. Kirk got up from the single chair and flew onto his dad’s lap and hugged and snuggled as they waited, Kyle’s hands slowly rubbing and smoothing and they softly kissed and rubbed nose tips.

When Nicole finally came out of the bathroom and walked down the hall, she paused at the front room entrance and watched. Her pussy started to get a little moist, “And they are all mine,” she said to herself, her eyes hungrily drinking in both her nephew and her man finding it impossible now to not imagine when, not if, she might soon be watching Kyle dominate her nephew, yes fuck the boy for that is what she knew that Kirk wanted, Kyle too.

Then she made her grand entrance. Kirk stood up as did Kyle, “Damn you look hot mo … I mean aunt!” Kirk blurted and Kyle just shook his head with a mild sidelong look at Kirk,

“He’s right you know, you may not make it to the hotel looking like that in front of your innocent nephew,” Kyle grinned.

“Bring it on my boys, bring … it … on,” Nicole said with a bit of a growl and postured for them, “Come on, out to the car everyone. Anymore of that and nobody will eat steak tonight,” Kyle said and Kirk grinned.

The car ride to the hotel restaurant was tense, but only in a good way. There was idle chatter in the front seat, but none from the back so much so that at one point Kyle looked at the rear-view mirror to see if Kirk seemed OK. He saw Kirk’s soft pale face. He perceived a beautiful boy inside and out as well as a pretty and even an angelic and noble lad.

Kyle did not even think of Kirk as sexy just then, just a son-to-be that would or should make any father-to-be proud and feel lucky to have him. Kirk finally looked up and saw just the deep green eyes of the man in the mirror. This was a man that he not only adored, but idolized if not also worshipped outright.

Kirk thought too that no boy, blood related or not could have a father, a dad that could match his for looks, brains and yes, the ability to give him just what he needed and even wanted in life and that was an abundance of love, teaching and discipline, all the things that Kirk really did value even at his age. The son’s eyes smiled and the father’s smiled right back at him.

Nicole looked and saw the pair’s brief interaction. She glanced, smiled and then looked ahead giving her boys a little well deserved bonding time.

Ordering dinner in the Trio’s gigantic busy luxuriously appointed dining room seemed not unlike ordering your first trip to Paris or Rome for a romantic weekend, just damn special. The wait staff was fun, energetic and treated Kirk like a little prince bringing him his own non-alcoholic fancy glassed beverage.

The lady who served the teen grinned, “My goodness, aren’t you the lady killer this evening!” and Kirk just beamed ear-to-ear, “How about a little dessert later, just you and me honey,” he quipped back and that sent all but Kyle into a little spate of laughter. Kirk saw the look, but also dad’s approving wink.

The dinner courses came one after another and then the staff cleared the table before dessert having been alerted by Kyle ahead of time. Nicole knew what was going to happen, but now she got nervous, very, very nervous and felt as if she might even get sick to her stomach.

Kyle was nervous as well, but not nearly so much as Nicole and Kirk, well, if he felt any more wound up he could power the city by himself for a few seconds anyway. Finally, it was time. Kyle took a big deep breath and offering his hand to Nicole, said, “Nicole, please,” in a soft voice leading the pair from the booth. The staff and on-looking diners, sensing something special all hushed as Kyle positioned Nicole in front of the table in the aisle him standing in front of her.

Nicole was shaking. Kirk’s hands flew to his face as Kyle got down on one knee in front of her. He pulled out a box, her ring. He took it out. Nicole’s palms went to her face and she started to tremble. Kyle smiled and looked up proffering the ring, “Nicole Phillips, would you marry me?”

The crowd gasped just a tad as you could otherwise hear a pin drop. Kirk looked at his aunt and mom-to-be. Nicole sobbed but once, “Yes Kyle, oh yes!” and the crowd and staff erupted in applause and cheers as Kyle slipped the ring onto her right ring finger, the sounds so loud that Kirk winced even as he was yelling so tempted to just stand up on the seat and jump up and down, but did not.

Kyle stood and then they hugged for a long and sensual public kiss accented by the “ohs” and “ahs” of the women around them. Nicole dabbed her eyes and Kyle whispered something in her ear. Her eyes popped open a bit and she nodded and remained standing at his side. Everyone puzzled a little as Kyle then looked at Kirk,

“Kirk Phillips, please?” and held out his hand. Kirk was taken totally by surprise. Yes, he knew about his ring, but this? What was Kyle going to do? Kirk trembled as he stepped out to the floor as all watched, the crowd and staff again silent.

As Nicole stood teary eyed dabbing at her running mascara, Kirk standing in front of them where Nicole had stood Kyle kneeled onto one knee again, and taking out Kirk’s ring proffered it,

“Kirk Phillips. Would you do your aunt and I the honor of adopting you to be our lawful son?”

The crowed not only gasped but you could hear, “oh my god!” and “how wonderful!” and other such affirming comments. Kirk kept his cool and nodded, “Yes! Please yes!” and barely able to contain himself waited as Kyle slipped the ring onto his finger and then rushed headlong into Nicole and Kyle’s arms as the crowd and staff went nuts with applause and cheers.

Martin Hainesworth, the restaurant’s exceptionally gay maître d'hôtel, came up (if not quite swished up) to the now three seated beaming patrons dabbed at his eyes with his hanky and kind of tearily giggled,

“I’ve never seen anything quite so romantic in all my life!” and then turned and snapped his fingers with authority to his waiting staff,

“Maria, Todd, the works for these fine people, on the house! Snap to it,” and then looked back at Kirk’s flaming dark red hair and bending his right arm just so at the elbow, pointed with a long bony index finger at Kirk,

“And for that one, the red velvet cake!” and winked at Kirk before he now really did swish away and back to the front of the venue.

* * * * * * * * * *

Yes, the heady special evening had been one for the ages for the participants. Yes, it was a celebration of all that is good about taking three single and wandering lives and melding them into a loving family and secure home; but now it was also about a boy who had crossed the line much earlier that day in a way that his father thoroughly disapproved and Kirk knew he was in deep shit and quite frankly stood there feeling shame and responsibility, but also thankfulness.

“Talk to me son,” Kyle asked with a stern voice up at the beautiful naked boy even as he softly slapped the doubled up leather into his other palm. Kirk’s eyes looked down at the front room floor or would briefly glance up to see his father’s punishment strap; but by now it really was Kirk’s punishment strap, an object capable of delivering to the boy the great and awful pain of punishment; but it also gave Kirk the promise of eternal love and caring from father to son, Kyle to Kirk.

It did not matter that Kirk’s hard cock was demonstrating it also to be an object of lust. Kyle was turned on too and Nicole’s pussy was not dry. Kirk did not fidget and Kyle appreciated the boy’s submissive posture and then had a thought, “Kirk,” and caught the boy’s eyes and Kirk responded, “Yes sir,” he said and looked at his dad.

“Kneel on the floor, knees together, hands in back and head down please,” he said and Kirk did and when he did he felt this surge of enlivening energy run through him. His cock twitched. His butt hole, his boy cunt as he liked to refer to his own hole trembled. What was happening to him? He instantly loved and took to the kneeling in front of his parents now, but especially in front of his dad.

Kyle felt it, Nicole did too and she leaned forward now and grabbed Kyle’s other arm. Kyle patted it and then turned his attention back to his pretty little boy making notes in his mind for the future. Knee pads, a jock strap, maybe even a collar, a slaveboy’s collar actually with a leash; but then the man set all of that aside in his mind for the moment, “Now talk,” and Kirk did.

Kirk confessed his wrongdoing, not making excuses or giving reasons, just words of fact about his gross misconduct at school as well as explaining why it was wrong to do as he had against Henry, “Good boy,” Kyle said at the end and that made Kirk feel proud, but not boastful.

“Now get over my knee, your head in your mother’s lap,” Kyle instructed and Kirk did. He positioned his ass right at the corner of his father’s still clothed knee. He gathered up his arms in front of him to rest his head on his mom’s far thigh and could smell her aromatic cunt, a familiar smell by now and it made his tummy clench and his ass rise up and thighs slightly part in response.

“Good boy,” Kyle said quietly rubbing his son’s bare upturned ass mounds, running his fingers down the insides of the boy’s creamy pale thighs on each side and then took the strap’s leather and smoothed it over his upturned uprising cheeks and down through the center and over the boy’s twitching cunt hole, a hole still virginal, but not from dad’s oral pleasuring. Oh yes, Kyle had orally used his boy’s pucker before now and the boy had lusted for it each time.

Then Kirk closed his eyes and then the strap lashed him hard, cracking the air with sharp reports ten times up and down the top, middle and lower portions of his ass, the sting so sharp that Nicole’s hand on the back of her son’s neck had to pressure down to hold the boy in place.

Kirk hissed and winced as his ass was now on instant fire and not very pleasant at the moment. He felt his cock soften a little. Dad was pissed and rightly so and now he must pay the painful righteous cost allowing his strap to teach him yet another lesson. Dad’s hand now rubbed and soothed and Kirk relaxed and moaned and Nicole released her hand and ran her fingers through his hair even as his dad was now driving him insane, Dad’s tongue licking at his back door. Whimpers leaked out of Kirk’s throat as his cock instantly re-hardened.

Then the strap bit and punished him again, ten more times evenly up and down his bouncing quivering ass and harder yet! Kirk’s face frowned and he gritted and grunted, but could not prevent a plaintive sob to escape as he lurched from great pleasure to great pain again feeling his mom’s hand gently pressuring his neck again.

“That’s my good pretty son, my pretty little boy,” Kyle said this time rubbing up and down Kirk’s back in long lavish runs from nape of neck to the back of his son’s heels and up again. Kirk moaned again as dad now fingered his boi cunt, his boi pussy. The cunt between the boy’s deeply red punished cheeks rose up and relaxed begging to be fingered, penetrated, “That’s my slutty little boy, open up for dad,” Kyle said.

That was when Kyle nodded to Nicole and she slipped off of the couch and kneeled at Kirk’s side and Kirk’s eyes lurched open as he felt his mom’s tongue lap at his slutty cunt opening causing Kirk to grip the couch fabric with his fists.

“Ten more,” Kyle said and Nicole sat back and started to rub underneath her gown in front. Kyle lifted up the strap and then lashed down, hard, very hard and this time Kirk wailed and sobbed as the belt was putting him deeply down where a boy like him needs to be and this boy wanted to be, totally under his father’s control, the pain teaching him both to refrain from misbehavior but also that his cock needed this kind of pain, needed and craved it!

Kyle laid the strap aside now and petted his boy’s sweat damp hair, “Come here boy,” and guided Kirk to straddle his dad’s knees, dad’s big bulge inviting; but was distracted by dad offering his lips to kiss and Kirk did and allowed dad’s tongue to enter his mouth in front but in back, his mom’s fist grabbed his balls and pulled them back with his raging dick and then Nicole engulfed the boy’s cock fully half way down his shaft.

Kirk moaned loudly as he kissed his dad and splayed his thighs widely, his cunt sluttily gaping and then Nicole fingered it, entered it and Kirk gasped as his mommy knew exactly where her son’s precious little spot was, but now it was dad’s turn. Kyle motioned Nicole to stand and she did. And he did and Kyle gently pushed his son back down to his knees, “Stay,” he said with a sharp snap of his fingers.

Kirk obeyed and watched hungrily as his parents walked down the hallway and into their bedroom, closing the door for effect. Kirk’s heart was pounding to run to the door but he did not. He stayed as ordered even as his cock was leaking profusely, his knees itchy from the carpet.

Then the door opened and out stepped Kirk’s mommy and she was naked and beautiful and she had hands on hips her long auburn hair flowing down over one shoulder, she looked at Kirk and Kirk back at her. Nicole snapped her fingers, “Come!” she said pointing at her feet. Kirk shot up and striding to his mom’s body, kneeled at her feet and looked down, hands clasped behind.

Kyle was naked and stretched fully out on the bed up on his side looking at the sight out of the open bedroom door as Nicole skillfully lifted her far leg up, steadying her foot on the wall opening her cunt up, “Lick out my pussy baby, pleasure mommy’s clit,” she instructed lifting up Kirk’s chin softly with her palm.

Kyle stroked himself, grinning at the heady sight as he watched his son’s head bury deeply between his future wife’s thighs and then slowly bob up and down as Nicole moaned, “Oh God yes!” and then looked over at Kyle and lustily smiled.

Kirk sniffed and licked and lapped his mom’s pussy juices before she then dropped her foot to the floor and then said, “Stay,” and walked into the bedroom, Kirk looking straight ahead, his cock aching for release, but his need to please his parents even stronger.

Kyle sat up and Nicole next to him and they looked out of the doorway, “Baby, have you ever seen such a beautiful boy in all of your life?” Kyle said loudly enough for Kirk to hear,

“No honey and he is our pretty little boy, ours!” Nicole said. Kirk closed his eyes and heard the praise and his cock and heart thrummed in unison.

“Come here baby boy,” Kyle instructed and Kirk bolted inside of the room and kneeled at his parents’ feet. One hand each from Nicole and Kyle came down and caressed his face and fingers ran through his shock of red hair,

“Such a pretty little slut, aren’t you boy?” Kyle smiled down, “Yes daddy! Thank you daddy!” Kirk grinned, “Do you like licking mom’s pussy?” he asked, “Yes daddy! Please more daddy!” he replied.

“Such an eager boy to please, isn’t he dear?” Kyle asked, “Oh yes, such a pretty little boy too!” Nicole replied caressing Kirk’s face, “Back up a tad Kirksicle,” Kyle instructed and Kirk did and then his eyes widened as he watched his dad draw his mom across his knees, her bare bottom up,

“Mommy is sometimes a bad girl Kirk and bad boys and bad girls are spanked in this family, right my Kirksicle?” Kyle asked his son, “Yes daddy, bad girls are spanked and bad boys are spanked,” he replied his cock twitching and leaking,

“But good girls are spanked too, good mommies, and good boys like my pretty Kirksicle are spanked too,” Kyle smiled, “Oh yes daddy! I want to be spanked too!” Kirk replied, “Stand up and show daddy your punished bottom my pretty boy,” and Kirk stood and turned hands at his side,

“Come close boy,” Kyle instructed as Nicole writhed and moaned over Kyle’s knee as a finger was slowly circling her throbbing little clit. Kirk sidled right up to Kyle’s side, “Kiss me son,” Kyle said and Kirk leaned over and kissed his father on the lips even as Nicole whimpered as Kyle entered two fingers into her box and started to fuck her cunt.

Kyle’s hand softly rubbed on the residual redness on his son’s bubble ass. Kirk moaned as he kissed his father, his hands clutching onto his dad’s shoulders and his ass snuggled into the hand and Kyle gave him a kfairly hard spank and then another, “Father!” Kirk lurched from the kiss as the spanks made his little cunt twitch and his cock spurt pre.

“What is it baby boy?” Kyle asked and then Kirk heard his other hand lightly spank Nicole’s ass and she writhed and squirmed, “Honey!” the word pleading.

“Spank me father please,” his voice the same as Nicole’s, pleading. Kyle thought maybe the boy’s ass would be too sore, but apparently not, “Very well my deserving son, daddy wants you to be happy and mommy too,” and arranged Nicole’s bare bottom up over his left knee and then drew Kirk’s bare bottom over his right knee.

The light playful spanks danced on four wiggling writhing bottom cheeks of boy and woman and in between the sets a finger fucked one butthole while Kyle’s tongue rimmed the other and then he would switch finger with tongue all the while Kyle’s cock was angry and wanted release.

He scooped up some of Nicole’s delicious pussy juice and tasted it, moaning and enjoying it and then presented the fingers to son, Kirk, “Open your mouth boy,” he instructed and Kirk did and when father’s fingers slipped inside, his nose caught the familiar scent and he suckled away the juices cleaning dad’s finger, “That’s my very good pretty little boy!” Kyle praised and then leaned way over and said rather loudly to Kirk,

“Would my son like to give his mommy a good hard fucking up her slutty cunt hole?” and Nicole instantly moaned, “Oh please yes baby boy, fuck mommy!” and Kirk replied, “Yes please dad!”

Kyle lay on his back dangled his legs over the side as Nicole’s mouth started to lick and lap at Kyle’s hard cock. Kirk was bid to first lick and rim his mom’s cunt and butt hole and did distracting her, driving her mad to suck her husband’s cock as well as feel her own son’s cock fuck her.

Kirk’s hands were all over his mom’s body as far up as her tits but mostly fingering, gently poking and aiding his oral efforts, his tongue licking, lapping pussy juices and then poking into mom’s butt hole, “Oh please baby boy, fuck your mommy, please,” Nicole pled.

Kirk grinned ear-to-ear at his dad, “Father, which hole shall I fuck?” mostly as a suggestive joke that he may want to give his mom a good hard butthole reaming instead of a cunt fucking. Kyle nodded, his grin turning aggressive. This was no joke to him,

“That’s my good sexy boy Kirksicle, asking daddy first. Tease both with your cockhead son and see which one makes your mommy squeal the loudest,” and by Kirk’s suddenly changed expression, Kyle chuckled at having surprised his son and it made Nicole all the more crazy to have anything, anything at all put in any hole,

“Oh baby, Kirksicle, don’t be gentle, take what you want baby boy, take it hard!” and that shocked even Kyle who then took a hold of his wife’s head, “Eat cock deeply my bad, bad little girl!” and then not so slowly inserted his hard member deeper into her mouth,

“Now do exactly as I say boy,” and tossed the lube to Kirk, “Make mommy’s butthole ready for ass fucking,” and then saw for the first time a look on his son’s face, a look that pleased him a great deal, the look of a boy who could if instructed top and dominate. What a treasure this was.

Kirk did as told and lubed up Nicole with fingers of lube gently finger fucking her as Kyle suppressed any comments by his slow mouth fucking, her throat sounds getting more whorish and sluttier by the utterance.

“Your mommy is a slut, just like you baby boy and little slut boys and little slut girls are spanked in this house, now spank your mommy, spank her good baby boy until daddy says stop,” and Kirk stared at his father and nodded almost mechanically in disbelief,

“Yes my father, yes sir!” he said giving his dad an intense look that he returned and slightly nodded.

Kirk stood a little to the side and did what his dad had taught him by example, rubbed and smoothed his right palm over his mom’s female curves, lightly slapping at first as Nicole was whimpering and writhing on Kyle’s forced mouth fucking and then Kirk struck, spanked the white surfaces and not lightly looking up to his father for approval, “Harder boy, bad girls are punished,” and Kirk growled, “Yes my handsome father,” his voice a tad sinister actually.

The spanks now were hard firm slaps all up and down as tears started to leak from Nicole’s eyes, her men using her, HER men USING her and she was now in a state of bliss impossible to imagine before, now it was really happening.

Kyle pulled Nicole’s mouth off of his prick and then cleverly shoved his own body, slid it tightly down flush with hers and then wrapped his legs to secure Nicole tightly, “Now fuck mommy in her butthole boy but do not cum in her Kirk, do you hear me son?”

Kirk’s heart pounded and his dick was throbbing and already right at the edge. How could he fuck his mom in her asshole and not cum? It seemed an impossible task, “Don’t cum boy or I might punish you by not letting you cum for hours or maybe days.”

“Yes father, I will obey you father, sir!” Kirk barked but with a worried expression on his face his dad in effect having full control of his body and now his mind. He closed his eyes, gritted his teeth determined to please his dad, do what he is told and obey!

“You must obey your dad Kirk!” he said to himself and then opened his eyes, took his cock head and pressed it onto his mom’s puckered hole. Should he go in soft and easy? Yes, that was it, he decided until his father’s voice boomed into his ears,

“Push it in HARD, NOW boy, HARD and all the way, DO IT!” so Kirk did as he was told and rammed it in hard and Nicole screamed and cried out in pain and then her clit exploded and she started a long hard orgasm, clamping down on her son’s cock so hard that he had no chance of not also rapturing and did, his boy juices instantly flooding her anal cavity with spurt after spurt of semen.

* * * * * * * * * *


The look on Kyle’s face was one of fatherly displeasure now. Yes he had known that there was virtually no chance that his son would not ejaculate against his wishes. That was not the point,

“Did you cum boy?” Kyle asked in a stern tone. The question came in the middle of recovery from the mind-blanking orgasm and Kirk finally registered his father’s voice. Kyle waited patiently hoping he had not made a mistake in forcing the issue after all that had happened that day and night. Kirk panted and swallowed. He was not naïve. He knew his father had set him up to fail, but why? Kyle waited but was getting a little nervous, “Don’t give up on me son,” he thought.

Kirk’s mind was alive with self-talk, “He set me up! Unfair!” the tiny pitch-fork holding red devil said sitting on his left shoulder, “He’s testing you Kirk, he loves you and would never hurt you!” the tiny little winged angel said sitting on the right shoulder.

Kirk scowled at the red devil and swept the little bastard away from him who went howling back to his lair in the land of doubts not at all happy. The little angel smiled, “That’s my sweet little pretty boy!” and then he too disappeared in a poof. Kirk knew he was being tested,

“Yes father, I shot my load,” Kirk said with quiet and even confident poise offering no excuse or reason. Nicole finally gathered herself listening to her lover’s clever grilling of her son, enjoying the exchange between them but promising herself that she would be asking her beautiful boy to repeat his performance again and again into the future.

“Did I tell you to cum boy?” Kyle asked next, “No father, sir!” Kirk barked and calmed his face from looking even slightly upset or whiny. Kyle was beside himself with admiration and joy for his son. He had passed an important test, so he continued,

“What did I say would happen if you disobeyed me?” he asked as Kirk’s softened cock slid out of his mom’s hole, “I would be punished dad, no cumming for hours or maybe days,” Kirk shuddered at the thought,

“Good boy, step back,” Kyle said softening his approach and Kirk did while Kyle lay down lengthwise onto the bed surface, his unrequited erection bobbing up, Nicole enjoying the sounds of hard male dominance coming from her husband and the calm sexy compliance of obedience coming from her son.

“Mount me my beautiful wife to be,” Kyle told Nicole and then looked at son, Kirk, “Go get me your punishment strap boy,” he instructed, “Yes father!” Kirk barked and ran from the room to his bedroom where it would now be kept.

Kirk found the strap and carefully folded it up and as he did he reminded himself that he did pass a test and just wanted to please him because he makes me so happy, and then looking at the leather, kissed it. Kirk then rushed back to the bedroom and calmly walked in, kneeling at the bedside offering the folded up leather towards the adults.

“Good boy, now place it on the bed surface and watch,” his father instructed so Kirk did just as his mother started to ride his father’s prick, Nicole leaning over and passionately kissing Kyle. Kirk’s dick throbbed and throbbed hard as he watched, but was not yet leaky. Kyle pounded and pounded Nicole as they kissed and hugged and Nicole bucked,

“Oh! Kyle!” and shivered and bucked some more as Kyle quickly licked and even bit her nipples and she screamed her orgasm, one and then two in a row and then when Kyle finally shot his load into her cunt, she had a third. Both adults’ vocalizations were so loud that Kirk winced a little and was amazed and thrilled at especially his dad’s powerful sounds.

Nicole and Kyle kissed and cuddled for a while as Kirk continued to obey on his knees watching and appreciating. Then Nicole whispered to Kyle so that Kirk could not hear,

“Take him alone baby, I’m going to shower and watch some T.V and hot husband of mine, I’d love to hear some howling pleasure come from our son. I want you to punish him and then fuck him Kyle, take his cherry, hard, please,” and then giggled a little as she turned and smiled at her son sweetly as if nothing so suggestive was said at all,

“Yes my dear, my love, I shall,” Kyle replied and watched as she left the bed, leaned over and gently kissed her son on the cheek, patting his shoulder as she disappeared into the master bathroom.

Kyle moved to the bedside in front of Kirk, formed a lap and patted it, “Come here my pretty little boy, in dad’s lap,” and Kirk jumped into his father’s lap sideways, Kirk’s arms wrapped tightly around his father’s neck and they hugged and kissed a long moment before Kirk settled back and looked adoringly into Kyle’s eyes with his.

Kyle let the moment linger and then scooped up the strap, “I love you baby boy, I want you to be happy. Is obeying your father making you happy?” and then watched with joy as his son’s eyes lit up, “Yes father! Yes please father, I love to obey you,” his eyes soft and trusting. Yes, his son had passed the test and then some.

Kyle hugged and rocked Kirk for a long moment, rubbing the leather slowly and sensuously up and down his son’s naked back and then held him out a little, “And has my son earned punishment?” he asked,

“Yes sir! Yes father, I disobeyed and shot my load into mother,” Kirk said, “Good boy and does my boy want his punishment?” he asked, “Yes sir! Yes father, I want to be punished,” he replied.

“How?” Kyle asked, “A good hard whipping with the strap father, hard and long,” Kirk replied his eyes wild and intense, “Now that is my proper boy, my son. Does it make you happy to ask for your punishment?” Kyle asked,

“Yes father, I love to ask for punishment from you,” and Kyle smiled and kissed his boy’s cheek, “You are a beautiful and pretty little boy, my Kirksicle,” he praised and Kirk blushed as his heart pounded with adoration,

“Do you want to know what your mother asked of me concerning you?” Kyle asked as he ran his fingers through Kirk’s mop of red hair, “Yes father please,” Kirk replied and Kyle’s smile became slightly crooked,

“She wants you to be punished hard with the strap as well. She wants you to howl. Your mother wants me to fuck you, rape you my baby boy and take your cherry tonight,” he said without breaking his mesmerizing stare into Kirk’s eyes.

Kyle felt Kirk’s body language, felt him hump his erection forward and his mouth twitched and with his own mesmerized stare, “Yes … dad,” his voice tremulous and concealing of the seething volcano of slutty desire that was breaching its walls inside of the boy’s mind and libido.

Kyle was enjoying this maybe too much, his son’s lusts were rising in a way unexpected even to Kyle, “Shhhh, baby boy, calm, calm, obey daddy,” and then watched as Kirk did just that. He closed his eyes and backed away from the intensity just enough, “Yes father, thank you father,” he said calmly, mostly.

“Good boy! Oh how you delight me my Kirksicle!” and rubbed and soothed and hugged and was hugged tightly back, Kirk burying his head just under his father’s chin unable to suppress a grin of delight from his dad’s praise,

“Now I have a question,” he said, “And this question you will answer honestly and without need to please me. Do you want your father to fuck you, rape you tonight and take your virginity? But first, do you understand that word, rape, in this context Kirk?”

“Yes, father. I respect the legal definition, but for me it means a very hard using of my hole for my father’s pleasure,” Kirk answered gaining him his father’s nodded smile of approval, “Correct my handsome and smart boy and now answer the other question.”

Kirk let the question settle into his mind. He wanted to just cuddle it alone for a moment and enjoy the way it made his insides clench and feel fearful of the hard pain that a good hard raping of his virginal hole would cause suspecting that the hard pain might then provoke hard pleasure.

“Yes father, I need and want my dad to rape my cherry and make me yours dad, yours and moms,” he replied.

Kyle hugged his boy closely, whispering in his ear, “I am going make you howl and scream for your mother. It will be painful, but I won’t now or ever do anything to really hurt you Kirk. I will always take care of you after and make sure my boy is always OK, alright?”

“Yes father, thank you sir!” Kirk barked back smartly. Kyle was very impressed by Kirk’s submissive and respectful attitude and nodded, “Stay here then son, I’ll be back in a bit,” Kyle instructed and left the bedroom leaving Kirk kneeling as he knew a proper boy should for his father.

Kyle sped to Nicole’s garage having remembered that he had brought over a box full of old athletic gear that was supposed to have some odds and ends that Nicole might use for her fitness center workouts. He found the box and sure enough, “Yes!” Kyle hissed and got the items he wanted.

Then Kyle thought of the late hour and that Kirk had been through so much that day from his fighting at school to the surprise engagement announcement and the wonderful meal at Trio’s where Kyle had proposed to both Nicole and Kirk. Might the boy be too tired to enjoy what Kyle had planned?

Maybe Kyle should have the boy wind down and go to bed. On the other hand, since Kirk had gained himself a one-day suspension from school for fighting, he could afford to be up late. Still, no boy of his was going to be pushed to do anything he did not want, much less from fatigue. Kyle took the items he wanted and went back to his bedroom.

Kyle stood in the doorway a moment and just looked at his pretty boy patiently waiting for his dad to return still on his knees, his posture perfect, looking straight ahead and not looking around. Kyle’s heart melted. Kirk was trying so hard to please him and was, very much so. Kyle looked at the items he held and pursed his lips. He sighed and then slowly strode into the room but only halfway to the bed, “Come boy,” he said.

Kirk turned and scurried without hesitation and eagerly presented himself at his father’s feet looking down, hands firmly clasped behind his back. Kyle kneeled and lifted his boy’s chin with soft pressure, “Kiss me boy,” he said and they kissed softly. Kirk purred and Kyle heard it and had to manage a small lump in his throat and then he just looked at his boy’s eyes. They with his soft pretty face did not betray fatigue.

“Stand up baby boy,” Kyle said and Kirk stood. Kyle dropped the items he had to the floor and then suddenly Kirk found himself lifted up off of his feet and into his father’s arms like an infant. Kirk looked at his father in wonderment instantly loving his submissive position, “How’s my pretty little boy feeling? It is late and you’ve done much today my beautiful boy. Sleepy?” Kyle asked.

Kirk remembered that he had to be honest and never lie, “No sir,” he replied honestly, “Good boy,” kissed the Kirk’s cheek and the let the boy back down to his feet, “Just stand,” and then Kyle retrieved the items, an almost new white jock strap and a set of blue wrestling knee pads. Kirk saw them and smiled and looked at his dad.

Kyle kneeled in front of his boy and looked up, “Kirk, I thought maybe you might like to wear these. Am I wrong or are you liking being sort of a little slave boy for daddy?”

Kirk flushed, “Yes daddy! I want to be your little slave boy, please, for you!” and Kyle chuckled, “OK boy, try these on,” Kyle said and Kirk took them and put his hand securely on Kyle’s shoulder and slipped the three items on, “Turn around,” Kyle instructed. Kirk did and patted his son’s well exposed bubble rump, still reddish but not swollen and no bruising at all.

“How does it feel?” Kyle asked, “Well, just like in P.E. in school, sexy!” Kirk grinned, “Oh so you get turned on by your school kit?” Kyle asked. Kirk sighed to himself. Now what? Well, there was no hesitation, “Umm, yessir,” Kirk said bashfully in a way that made Kyle give Kirk a look.

Kirk saw that look and felt exposed, “Talk to me boy,” Kyle said. Kirk bit his lips. He was caught now and could not lie,

“Um … sometimes I … I go into the boy’s toilets wearing my kit and … I … I jerk myself off,” and then looked oh so like a naughty little caught brat just then. Kyle turned his boy sideways, admired his sexy profile quite enhanced by the uplifting elastic straps and then gave each bubble cheek a very hard punitive spank.

Kirk jumped a tad, “Ouchie!” because the stings were quite considerable, “Don’t get caught my pretty little boy or dad will have to enforce any punishment you get at school,” and Kirk smiled, “Yes sir!” he barked smartly relieved of his worry.

“OK, now the knee pads,” and helped Kirk on with them, “OK, now kneel again,” and Kirk did and beamed, “Wow, feels great!” Kirk beamed and straightened his posture.

Kyle thought a moment and walked over to the bed turned and stood and waited. Kirk knew to turn facing his dad and did not move or say anything, “Come to me boy,” Kyle finally said and Kirk scampered over almost like a pup and kneeled quickly again, hands behind, head down.

Kyle felt an unmistakable lump in his throat at his sweet boy’s concerted effort to please. It touched Kyle in a special way just like the boy himself. Kyle kneeled and gently lifted his boy’s chin and made eye contact.

What Kyle saw touched his heart. He saw and felt a soft trusting, a desire to please, yes lust and need; but much more than that, a son that needed and wanted his father’s very special attentions.

Kyle stood and walked across the room and opened the lower drawer of Nicole’s dresser because it was where she kept all of her sex play toys. It was full of the best the genre had to offer. There were things he recognized as he had used some with Nicole such as the chrome police handcuffs; but also some things he had never seen before.

That is when he saw the black leather cuffs for wrists and ankles, sheepskin lined; but then he also saw something that made his dick jump and not a little either. It was a beautiful and very masculine black leather slave collar with chrome studding and D-rings and an equally lovely chrome leash with leather handle.

Kyle paused. He wanted to show the collar, leash and cuffs to Kirk, but he hesitated. Were these items over the top? Might Kirk put them on solely to please his new father instead of actually feeling that they would be fun and sexy to use on his own accord? Would it not be a brazen manipulation of a tender boy’s feelings and very selfish on his part?

Kyle sighed and almost closed the drawer, but then did not. He turned his head, “Close your eyes boy,” he said to Kirk, “Yes sir!” Kirk barked and obeyed his pulse pounding as he sensed something special was about to happen.

Kyle gathered up the chrome police cuffs along with the leather sheepskin cuffs and the collar and leash, his heart also pounding, but uncharacteristically hard. He walked quietly over to Kirk and kneeled down with his trusting son and stealthily put the items at Kirk’s knees, the boy’s eyes still closed.

Kirk could feel his father’s body heat in close proximity. It stirred him up both inside and out and his cock then fully erected from its half-hard state, the tip poking up out of the jockstrap pouch. Kirk sensed something very intense going on between them, but was not sure what it was. Kyle felt the intensity as well; but he knew exactly what was going on when he saw his son’s erection and naturally, his own came up hard and fast as well.

The next sensation Kirk felt was his father’s hands softly caressing his face, “Kirk,” was all he said. Kirk’s heart started to pound even harder now. Using only his first name had usually meant that he was in trouble of some kind with his dad. That could not be and if not then what was it?

“I want you to listen carefully son. What I want you to do next is to suppress any sensation to please me. I want you to please only yourself. I know that you want to please me and I am overwhelmed with pleasure because of that; but right now you are to concentrate and please only you, only Kirk. You understand me son?”

Kirk flushed. Not a blush, but a flush as there was a difference. What was so important? Why was he only to think of himself? But he instantly knew that answer, he was to obey his father, “Yes father!” He said brightly.

Kyle rose to his feet, went over to his bed and sat, “Now I want you to open your eyes and look down at your feet and decide what you wish to do,” and then Kyle just sat arms folded and watched.

Kirk opened his eyes and Kyle observed that when the boy saw what was laying at his feet his eyes widened and not just a little. Kirk looked down. He saw the chrome handcuffs as well as the other leather things, but it was the chrome cuffs that made him blush. Yes, he had snuck into his aunt’s bedroom on several occasions and plucked them from the lower dresser drawer.

His aunt had never said not to look at these things, but he also knew that he was not even supposed to be in her room in the first place. He picked the chrome cuffs up and examined them closely, but quickly put them down. Kyle saw the ambivalent look on Kirk’s face, “OK, so he’s not in love with those. Too bad too, I really wanted to use those tonight,” Kyle interpreted.

Kirk then examined the leather things. They were nice, but what really caught his eye was the beautiful black leather collar and leash. Those made him smile which made Kyle smile as his son took his time examining, turning the collar slowly in his hands making his cock jump and twitch.

Kirk was not naïve. His father had put these things at his feet for a reason. Obviously father liked these things so now was the hard part which was not hard at all. So did he also like them? The answer was also obvious, yes he did! Kyle’s pulse started to race even harder as he watched his son almost furiously put the cuffs on his wrists and ankles. As he did so the boy smelled the leather and at one point even licked at it making his father grin and then quickly put them on.

Then Kyle watched as Kirk picked up the collar and the chrome handcuffs. The boy examined it very closely one more time and then picked up the leash and hooked the business end into a D-ring at the front. Then Kirk gathered up the loose chrome slack and held all in his hands. Then Kirk looked over at his father who smiled and nodded, “come to me boy.”

Kirk scurried over and kneeled before his father still holding the collar and the lease together in both hands, “say what you wish son,” so Kirk set the collar and leash down and instead picked up the chrome cuffs, “Father, I really like these but there is a problem,” Kirk started.

“Talk to me son,” Kyle said face slightly stern, “I was not supposed to be in this room but snuck in several times to look at these cuffs about a month ago. I knew better than to play with them because I could get myself into trouble, but I was not supposed to be in aunt’s room in the first place,” Kirk’s face drawn down with some distress.

Kyle’s faced softened very glad that he had been wrong about Kirk’s interest in the chrome cuffs, “Good boy, you confessed your wrong doing, I am proud of you. What else do you wish to say?” and then Kirk relaxed. He had confessed his wrongdoing and now it was his father’s burden to do with it as he wished.

Kirk then picked up the collar and leash, “I really like these, can you help me wear them dad?”

Kyle grinned ear-to-ear, “Of course my Kirksicle,” very pleased that his son liked he items and took them from his hands, slipped down from the bed and kneeled in front of his son who turned to face him. Without words Kyle slowly fastened the leather collar around his son’s neck. Kirk closed his eyes for this and just wanted to feel it and did. After his father had fastened on the buckle in back there was a long pause.

“Be honest now, how does it feel?” Kyle asked and Kirk answered without hesitation with full honesty, “I like it, I love it. I want to wear it for you father, dad,” and quickly found his lips kissing his father’s a long moment that lingered a bit and then when ended Kyle instructed,

“Now stand up and come with me. Let’s go see your mother,” and Kirk obeyed.

Nicole was lounging in the front room idly reading a magazine and watching late-night television. She saw her men coming into the room and when she saw Kirk regaled as he was in the leather items her neutral face burst into a large grin, “Baby boy!” As her son now stood before her wearing the collar and the cuffs, “I love it! Do you like wearing them son?” She asked.

“Yes mom, I do!” Kirk replied enjoying his mother’s beaming grin at him; but then his face dropped a little and he held out the chrome cuffs, “Mommy I was a bad boy. I have been sneaking into your room to look at these cuffs. I did it a couple times before dad arrived about a month ago. I know you said not to go into the room, I’m sorry mommy.”

Nicole took the cuffs as Kyle watched and her hand reached out and softly caressed her son’s face, “Thank you for telling me Kirk and yes that was a naughty thing to do,” and then Nicole said something she had always wanted to say for her son, “You are a naughty little boy, just wait until your father gets home,” with a mildly stern voice and then smiled, “Oh look! There he is right now!” And all including Kirk could smile and chuckle some.

“So? You’re interested in these?” holding out the handcuffs, “Yes mommy I am,” Kirk answered, “Very well then turn around,” and Kirk did, “Hands behind your back you little criminal,” Nicole grinned and Kirk obeyed with a shy smile and then felt as his mom fastened the cuffs around his wrists, the sounds of them locking and the feeling of restraint making his cock extra hard!

Nicole looked at Kyle and tossed him the little key to the cuffs, “Please deal with your son dear?” And they exchange knowing smiles. Meanwhile Kirk was in a little erotic state of mind as finally the cuffs were on him and he was in trouble and would be punished for his misbehavior.

“Come boy,” Kyle commanded Kirk walked behind his father back to the bedroom, “Kneel in front of the bed boy,” and Kirk obeyed as Kyle went back to the dresser, opened the drawer and plucked out two paddles. One was purely stiff black leather, he had used it on Nicole several times to good effect. It could produce a very soft or very hard sting quite easily.

Next, however, he picked out a purely wooden paddle and to his surprise and pleasure the paddle looked very much like the one Principal Foster had used on Kirk several times now. He thought this would please the boy and if it did not, so what? It pleased him!

Kyle brought these items back to the bedside and brandished them both in front of Kirk whose eyes grew wide. Kirk indeed recognized the wooden paddle as one similar to Principal Foster’s at school. His cock was mostly hard before watching and now was up very stiff and already starting to leak. Kyle noticed this but his expression did not change,

“Stand up boy!” Kyle started and Kirk obeyed, letting the feel of being shackled from behind relax him, feeling dad’s control over him thrilling. Kyle then picked up the wooden paddle and brandished it in front of his boy’s eyes, “Recognize this?” he asked Kirk.

“Yes father. It’s just like the one Principal Foster uses to punish naughty boys,” Kirk replied. Kyle smiled, “Meaning you,” he added, “Yes sir!” Kirk replied. Kyle then guided Kirk towards his out-turned left knee,

“Bend over, rest your chest on the bed, cock on my knee, feet flat on the floor and your knees slightly bent. Be sure to point that pretty ass of yours up nice and high for dad,” Kyle instructed and Kirk did it all, his wrists securely shackled behind his back, the feeling of maximum control making him gently hump his dad’s knee. Kyle did not mind at all as Kirk had not only pointed his ass up, but the boy was up on his tiptoes. It was a sight to see, not to mention the boy’s arms, hands and wrists secured behind on his slender lower back. Kyle gasped a little having no prior notion that seeing his son like this would be so fucking erotic!

Kyle took the paddle and pressing its cool hard surface onto the center of that beautiful pushed up backside, he rubbed it slowly across the surface, back and forth, back and forth,

“You will not be visiting this room without permission, Kirk,” Kyle said, “Yes daddy,” Kirk said but was well distracted by the paddle’s seductive feel on his needy butt. Suddenly Kyle pulled back and swept the paddle forward and soundly and loudly struck the twin globes with modest power.

Nicole heard the sharp thwacking sound from the front room and smiled and also felt a stirring in her cunt. Kirk’s head lurched up as he hissed and bounced up and down on his feet, and writhed with the sudden sting, no matter it was not full force. It still felt much like a modest lick from Mr. Foster. Kyle observed his son’s writhings, smiled at the sight and at the redness already imprinted and immediately pressed the paddle this time below the redness, but with half overlap and rubbed again.

As soon Kirk felt the rub he pushed his sore ass skin directly into the paddle, in effect sort of making love to it, encouraging it because his cock was now alive and he gently humped dad’s knee yet again,

“That’s my good boy, show me you want this,” and Kirk did until suddenly the paddle swept up and this time down with nearly full force, the report loud and Kirk’s reaction more pronounced, “AHHH!” he yelped and his ass quivered and knees buckled a little, the sizzle on his ass making him squeeze his eyes shut.

From the front room Nicole heard the paddle’s next report and her son’s louder yelp and now was too distracted for T.V. or her magazine, “That’s it my love, paddle that boy hard, he wants it, I know he does!” and started to rub on herself.

Kyle enjoyed how Kirk’s body twisted, writhed and squirmed, “Even good boys get paddle swats when dad decides, isn’t that right my beautiful boy?” and Kirk moaned as the last stinger was now torturing his cunt, balls and his cock, “Yesss, father!” said in an intense, lusty and respectful tone.

Kyle grinned because he knew what he was going to do next, “Keep your bottom high now, up on your tippy toes son!” Kyle instructed and Kirk did and held his breath. Kyle then drew back the paddle to the highest point yet and this time, the final strikes were paired. Two, very, very hard swats in a row.

The double strike made Nicole’s eyes widen and her pussy juices flowed hard as her son’s fast sudden scream made her moan. Kirk felt the most severe pain he had ever as he could not prevent his right foot to fly back and he nearly kicked himself in his own ass!

Father Kyle had not held back and Kirk’s eyes watered as his ass seemed on literal fire if for just a few seconds. Kyle gently pressed down on his son’s hands, “Easy my boy,” he said gently as Kirk’s face winced hard trying to control the awful sting and finally did.

“Come here boy,” Kyle said and pulled the boy’s legs from the floor and up across his lap effectively putting Kirk directly onto his right side albeit kind of twisted near the chest. That did not matter to Kirk, he had survived and now felt secure and curled up in his father’s lap, dad’s hands rubbing and soothing up and down his back, onto his very sore ass and down to his calves on both legs and up again,

“That’s my good boy,” Kyle said softly, “Thank you father,” Kirk replied, his voice a little breathy and Kyle suddenly realizing how many times the boy used the formal word “father” instead of the less formal “dad” or “daddy.” Kyle really appreciated Kirk’s efforts to be proper and just then stopped rubbing with one hand and instead interwove its fingers into Kirk’s shackled hands,

“How do your wrists and hands feel son,” Kyle asked, “They are fine, I like being restrained father,” Kirk said and gripped his father’s fingers in a tight bond. Kyle grinned, oh such a good boy Kirk was! “Good. From now on, these handcuffs will be yours. You will take care of them, polish the chrome and do not lose the key, understand?” Kyle asked and squeezed his fingers back to his son causing his son to purr and say,

“Yes father! Thank you father!” Kirk replied, “You are welcome my pretty little boy,” and by now Nicole was walking into the room, smiling at the lustful sight of her son, his ass a bright paddled red and resting up on his side and curled up in his father’s lap.

Kyle looked up, “Join us my beautiful wife,” he said as she dragged a chair near to them, “I shall watch from over here,” she said with a sexy wink catching Kirk’s smiling face, “Your bottom looks nice my pretty boy,” Nicole said to him, “Thank you mommy!” Kirk replied with a proud grin.

Kyle then picked up the leather paddle and showed it to Nicole who smiled and nodded her approval. The paddle surface was nearly 12 inches long and 3 ½ inches wide with two rows of holes down through the center. It was a stout 3/8 inch thick with a wooden handle for easy use.

Nicole knew what it felt like to be paddled with it by Kyle. It could be viciously painful, but also could be gentle and entirely erotic no matter how he used it hard or soft. Kirk was about to experience this thing in a very dramatic way.

Rubbing the new surface over his son’s ass still holding him sideways quite securely, he said, “Coming without daddy’s permission, now you will be punished my sweet boy,” and Kirk grew nervous, “Yes father,” he said quietly as Kyle looked over and Nicole was drawing her legs up and out to service her own pussy with her fingers as she watched the erotic sight.

This time the paddling started hard from the get go, was rapid and relentless from the crown tops of Kirk’s hot little ass clear down to mid-thighs on both sides. It was not even crescendo and within fifteen to twenty seconds the boy was jerking, bucking, squirming and Kyle was having to hold him down by his hands and wrists with a hard grip that Kirk returned, but by now he was yelping and then yelling and finally howling loudly with screaming and with tears running down his face. By the time father Kyle stopped, he had delivered just over 42 very hard licks with the paddle in that short period of time and when he stopped, Kirk’s body was limp and he was panting like a racehorse.

In the sudden barrage of sounds neither male noticed that Nicole had experienced a long hard and satisfying orgasm and was pouring pussy juice staring over at her males incredulous that she could get so turned on by her own son’s painful paddling, but she had. Kyle looked over and grinned, “Was that what you were looking for dear?” and just let Kirk lay still releasing his grip on his hands and smoothing rubbing and soothing again. Nicole gave her husband a fast smirking nod and then shook her head, still incredulous what she had just got off on.

Kirk finally opened his eyes his ass a mass of stinging hot pain, an ordeal survived and suddenly he realized something else at the same time that Kyle had, that he had come on his father’s knee, the severe pain masking his orgasm. Kyle reached under and confirmed that that his thigh was soaked and the profuse fluid was oozing down both sides of his thigh and it was. Kyle grinned ear-to-ear, so pleased with his boy.

* * * * * * * * * *


Motioning Nicole over, Kyle carefully and slowly put Kirk up on his feet. The handcuffs were taken off of his hands and wrists as the boy stood there in a daze, Nicole massaging his wrists not because they needed it as she just wanted to offer her comfort. Kyle sat back down and Nicole directed Kirk to sit and straddle in his father’s lap and Kirk automatically wrapped his arms and hands around his father’s neck still breathing hard.

Nicole looked a little worriedly at her husband, but he just nodded, “How are you my baby boy?” Kirk thought a moment. He had come during that painful paddling. He had actually done it but had barely felt the orgasm, but it did not concern him,

“Did I please you father?” Kirk finally asked. Kyle said nothing at first and did not care that his question was not answered. Kyle got a lump in his throat, “More than you can know my sweet Kirksicle, more than you can know,” and then Kirk said,

“Are you going to fuck me now? Are you going to rape me and take your boy’s cherry?” Kirk asked next as his father was using both hands to rub and soothe up and down and gently cupped his boy’s tortured ass cheeks.

Once again Nicole and Kyle made eye contact. Nicole seems skeptical, but yielded to Kyle’s calm and considered expression, “Of course sweet boy, of course. Rest a few moments, you were magnificent and made your father so proud and your mother too.” Kirk smiled from the heady praise and then Kirk finally dealt with the mess on his father’s thigh,

“May I clean your thigh, father?” And how could he say no, “Of course my boy, of course,” and helped Kirk down to his knees who went to his task immediately with long luscious licks up and down and thoroughly cleaned his father’s body of his own spent boy juices resting his head sideways on the thigh afterwards and hugging his father close to him.

Kyle rubbed his fingers through Kirk’s hair and then smoothed on his son’s back over and over as Kirk lay there, eyes closed seemingly in some sort of private reverie but it really was not that complicated.

Kirk was simply just enjoying his father’s body, enjoying the fact that he had endured a very stiff test, a hard punishment ordeal and did so properly. Yes, it had nearly overwhelmed him, the pain, but he had endured and in doing so had pleased both of his parents as well as himself. Of course it didn’t hurt that he had come as well, so he must have enjoyed it on a level he was not yet familiar with.

Kirk finally sat up, “I am ready father,” he said trying to be positive because he knew what he wanted and felt afraid to ask for it fearing disapproval. Kyle was not so sure about his son being ready, but decided the boy had earned some say in what happened next, after all one loses one’s virginity only once,

“Is there any special way you want this to happen son?” he asked.

Kirk smirked a bit to himself. His dad knew him like a book, didn’t he? So should he just tell him despite his own fears? Yes he should. He needed to trust his father just as he believed his father trusted him, so he just blurted it out,

“I want you to … to put the handcuffs back on me father and then … maybe tie up my ankles too and then … fuck me from behind, hard, a raping,” he said and then blushed and right away said, “never mind, that’s not right, it’s stupid,” feeling his request, though genuinely feeling needful would be looked down upon by his father. He lost a little faith through inexperience is all.

Kyle could easily sense and see that his son’s request was sincere and that he was fighting for some confidence or needed his father’s approval to aid that confidence boost. Kyle looked at Nicole who obviously felt a great deal of sympathy for her son’s perceived needs and wants.

She kind of shrugged with her own ambivalence, “Come here boy, in my lap,” Kyle said and patted his groin area. Kirk fairly flew up there and quite tensely hugged his father very hard burying his face into his neck. It felt to Kyle like a boy hiding from something he was afraid of.

Kyle rubbed and rubbed Kirk’s back and rocked him a little and said nothing for a while. Nicole sat by Kirk and ran her fingers through his hair and a bit up and down his arm supportively. Kirk easily sensed his parent’s love and caring and that there really was nothing to be afraid of because in the end, that was what it was. Fear.

He did want to know why he wanted to feel “raped,” taken without his will involved or at least the fantasy of it and why did he enjoy all of the pain so much? And being tied up? What was it all about?

“Kirk, it is late. You don’t have to do this tonight. You’ve done, we’ve all done so much today,” but then Kirk brought his father’s hand down to his cock. It was rock hard, “Because of this. Because I don’t know all the answers to my questions about myself yet, but I don’t have to. I just know I want it and I want it now if I can,” Kirk said.

Kyle chuckled, “You are my very smart and worthy boy my Kirksicle, very well then.”

Kirk was soon in heaven. Hands cuffed behind his back with the erotic handcuffs, his ankles crossed and hobbled, he was on his knees on top of parent’s bed, head buried into Nicole’s cunt, licking her pussy and slurping the runny, yummy juices, his mom moaning and supporting his head as his father was behind alternately rimming and tongue fucking and then running first one, and then two lubed fingers in and out of his ass.

Kyle also rubbed and smoothed his back, thighs and still very red and sore ass skin, his own rampant cock now convinced that if the boy had not already requested to be taken very hard and very painfully that he likely would have done it anyway.

“Kirksicle!” Nicole moaned as she orgasmed, “Good boy!” Kyle praised his grinning son, but Kirk did not move as father had his cock on edge and just before he might have cum, his dad stopped the digital stimulation, “My sweet boy, it’s time. Are you ready?” and Kirk closed his eyes, his cunt screaming at him for it, “Yes father, please father, rape your boy,” is all he said.

Kyle’s eyes widened. Nicole saw the fire, the intensity and aggression rise but, she also saw intense love and an even more intense caring and protectiveness,

“Remember boy. All you have to say is father, please stop, and I will instantly,” and Kirk nodded, “Yes father,” and then Kyle nodded to Nicole who focused only on Kirk. Kirk felt her fingers intertwine with his at his lower back and he gripped back tightly.

Kyle pressed his cockhead firmly to his son’s twitching cunt opening, “Are you really ready my hot little slutty boy?” Kyle said. Kirk’s eyes flew open. His father had just called him some of the names and words that he had often used on himself to jack off,

“Yes father! I am your cock sucking little faggot cum eating pervert!” Kirk dared to say and now it was Kyle’s turn to be amazed and pleased,

“Yes, you hot little slutty faggot son of mine!” and winked at Nicole who was now rubbing on her red nubbin even as she tightened her grip on Kirk’s fingers, “Yes father! Oh god dad, please do it, take me!” Kirk urged.

Kyle then suddenly pushed right past Kirk’s resistant pucker, “AHHHHHH!” Kirk yelled loudly and started to thrash about some, “Easy baby, breath!” Nicole stopped her own ministrations and focused solely on Kirk again. Kirk did. He breathed in and out his ass feeling like it was full of a red-hot poker for a few cringing moments that then passed. Kyle kept still and helped Kirk by reaching around and stroking on his son’s semi-hard cock. Kirk felt it and was glad for it because it did help.

Kyle felt his son relax and then started to fuck him in small movements that started to build. Kirk finally started to rock his pelvis with his father, “Better boy?” Kyle asked, “Yes sir!” Kirk said starting to get excited, “OK you are my filthy dirty little slut!” and then Kyle started to pound in hard and to the hilt.

Kirk screamed from the sudden hard full pounding, but mostly because the not as bad pain as he had thought still kind of scared him.  Realizing it was not so bad Kirk looked back and up at his dad and kind of sneered,

“RAPE ME PLEAE!” he yelled and so Kyle did. Nicole’s cunt poured out juices now without her touching herself as Kyle slammed and slammed into his son’s ass again and again, his balls slapping and Kirk was jamming himself back hard against the throbbing ache in his ass.

“You little cock sucking faggot!!!” Kyle reached the end of his ability to hold his cum and at the same time his furious stroking of Kirk’s cock reached his boy to the same place, “DADDY!” Kirk screamed and Kyle roared and Kirk screamed as both shot loads, one deep up into his son’s boy box and Kirk’s all over Nicole, but Kirk scarcely noticed his as his rapture put him into a place that even a horny boy like him had never gone before.

Kirk collapsed down flat down onto Nicole’s body and he just heaved and heaved as father Kirk gently withdrew and panted and said nothing and made eye contact with Nicole who looked back gently smiling.

* * * * * * * * * *

Nicole sat snuggled into her men wearing a sheer robe and barely listening to the T.V. After getting thoroughly fucked and his cherry taken by his own dad, Kirk clung onto the man as if he might never let go from bedroom to bathroom to clean up and then to the front room, where he stayed plastered to the man, legs wrapped tightly around him. The problem if you could call it one for Kyle was that he never wanted to let go of the boy either, ever.

His emotions, like his son’s, had been so intense in a way that you never want to let go of, that when they did subside, he felt robbed. Still, this was pretty damn good. Your son, sleepy eyed clings onto you and you could never feel better except that you do because at your side was your wife to be. Nicole felt blessed, no better than blessed, just plain lucky.

“Time for bed my little sweet Kirksicle,” Kyle said softly, “No daddy, I want to stay up,” but his voice fell off at the end, “Come on,” Kyle said and lifted them both up off the couch and slowly carried his boy to his bedroom and gently helped him out of his T-shirt and boxers and under his bed covers. Kyle kissed the very sleepy-eyed boy, “Nini my baby boy, sweet dreams,” Kyle said and then stood up.

“Nini father,” Kirk said and closed his eyes causing his dad to turn and reluctantly walk out of the room. As he did, Kirk’s eyes did open and he said just to himself as he watched his father disappear out into the hallway, “Nini, daddy … nini Master.”

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