Look, But Don't Touch.

I'm checking my email. Lotsa junk, but there's one interesting one from a guy called Larry, who's been reading some of my stories on "nifty". It seems that my obsession with little girls in white panties has struck a chord with him. He tells me that he's turned on by the same things that excite me, and he attaches a couple of cute pictures of schoolgirls showing off their white underpants. I promptly email him back, attaching five pics carefully selected from my huge store of little girl shots which I'd downloaded from the net, signing off with my name, Tony. This kicks off a lengthy correspondence in which we tell each other how fixated we are on pubescent girls and in particular those in, or partly out of, white panties. "Nylon or cotton," he writes, "either will get me hard." This back and forth goes on for a couple of days, during which time he reads the rest of my stuff on nifty. I find out he lives in New York, a long way from my home in San Diego. Finally, late one night, I give him my Skype name and his face comes up on my screen. I set up my own webcam, and now we're really talking. He's a pretty hot looking guy, early thirties with a great smile.

"Wow! I didn't expect you to be such a handsome stud," I say. "I guess I should tell you right now that I'm bi."

"I figured that from your stories," he says. "What are you wearing below the waist?" I stand up, showing my white low-rise briefs to the camera. "Mmm," he says, "you're getting me excited." He stands up and drops his pants to display his white briefs, bulging at the front. I make appreciative remarks.

"My wife divorced me when she caught me getting severely fucked up the ass by a big scary-looking black dude," he says. "Now there's just me and my daughter." He sits down again.

"How old is she?"

"Eleven." Just perfect! He holds up a photo to his camera and I see a blurry shot of a sweet faced little angel, big blue eyes and shoulder length hair with a cute smile.

"She's gorgeous," I say.

"Her name's Olivia. She's a little tease, always parading around in her undies and showing off."

"So tell her to stop."

"The thing is, I. . .can I trust you?"

"You can say anything you like. I'll never reveal anything you tell me."

"I don't want her to stop. I enjoy it too much. I guess you think I'm a pervert"

"I already know you're a pervert if the sight of me in my briefs get you aroused. The question is, what kind of pervert? Just like me, I guess, turned on by little girls in white panties. How many guys do you think are out there who feel the same way? Millions, Larry, millions."

"Yeah, but she's my daughter, for fuck's sake."

"O.K. make that hundreds of thousands. You show me any dad with a cute eleven year old daughter who hasn't had the occasional lustful thought and I'll show you a liar."

"It's more than occasional, Tony. Every day she manages to give me a good look up her skirt, or lets me see her getting undressed, always some kind of tease. She even lets me use the bathroom while she's in the tub. I had to get out of there before I got a hard on. My conscience is really bothering me."

I go into a long monologue in which I point out that as long as he isn't doing anything to her against her will, or that would freak her out or make her uncomfortable, I can't see that there's a problem. "The only rules, as far as I can see, are don't do anything to distress her, and don't get caught."

"I hope you're right. I've never talked about this before. It really is a huge relief to be able to get if off my chest. I thought I'd take my obsession to the grave. I feel a lot better already"

"I'm sure that if I had a young daughter, I'd feel the same way as you do," I say, doing my best to reassure him. "She's probably just looking for affection and this is the only way she knows how. Somehow, she's latched on to the fact that you like the way she looks in her panties and she's trying to cash in on it."

"I've never mentioned anything to her about it."

"Sure, but she senses your reaction whenever she gives you an up-skirt flash. Stop worrying and just enjoy her. When she wanders around in her panties, just appreciate the view."

"I enjoyed the view of your underpants, just now," he said. I roll my chair back a foot or so, so that my camera includes the lower half of my body, and I stroke my cock through the white cotton.

"Talking about your daughter has got me hard," I say.

"Are you going to jerk off?"

"Would you like me to?"

"Absolutely," he says. "I love to watch a guy jerk off."

"And I love being watched," I say and I lift my butt and slide my underpants down to mid thigh. My cock is now rock hard and the fact that he can see it has got me aroused. I stroke it slowly, wanting to make it last. "Let my see yours," I say. He angles his camera down so that the lower half of his body fill the screen and pulls his dick out of the leg of his briefs. It's beautiful, about the same size as mine, smooth and uncut, wet at the end. "Oh, I wanna suck that baby," I say as I pump my dick. He starts to jerk himself off, staring at his screen.

"One day you're gonna stick that right up my ass," he groans. "Fuck, I think I'm gonna cum." I'm pretty close to the edge myself and I speed up to match him. Seconds later, he cums, big drools of semen running down his hand, and seconds later I spry cum all over my chest. "Jesus!" he says, that was fucking awesome. I haven't cum that fast in years."

"Me, too," I say. "You got me really turned on. I bet that took your mind off your daughter."

He laughs. "It did. It really took the pressure off. Thanks for listening to me, Tony, you're a pal."

"See you soon. Call me tomorrow."

"Sure, around four p.m. Goodnight, Tony." I sign off and go to bed.

* * *

It's the next afternoon and I'm at my computer waiting for Larry to Skype me. Sure enough, at four on the dot he comes on my screen.

"Are you ready to meet Olivia?" he asks

"I can't wait." He calls over his shoulder and into the room walks the loveliest vision I've ever laid eyes on. Infinitely sweeter than her photo suggested, she's achingly beautiful, radiating sexuality in a way I've never encountered before. No wonder her dad is so besotted with her. I fall instantly in love with her, my heart pounding and sweat starting on my brow. She's stunning! Even her school uniform can't hide how sexy she is. She sits down beside Larry, a big smile on her face.

"Olivia, this is Tony," he says.

"Hi, Tony."

"I'm delighted to meet you, Olivia. Your even prettier than your photo." `Prettier' is something of an understatement but I don't want to seem overeager.

"Thank you." We get into a conversation about her school while I'm looking at the lower part of my screen to see if I can get an up-skirt look, but she's too close to the camera. I ask her what her favorite subject is and she tells me it's P.E. She's on the school gym team. "We do somersaults on the beam and handsprings and stuff on the mat. I'm pretty good at it."

"She's always doing cartwheels on the lawn," says Larry. I hope she wears a dress when she does them, so that Larry can get a nice view of her panties. At that moment, Olivia lifts up her left leg and puts her heel on the edge of her chair. I can see the crotch of her white panties and my dick gets instantly stiff. She's smiling and looking at her screen to see my reaction. I know this isn't an accident and I know I'm staring. My eyes are probably bulging. I give a reassuring smile. The minutes go by too quickly as I try to focus on the conversation, but my attention is totally on the view of her panties. If she does this to her dad every day, no wonder he's going crazy. Eventually, Larry says she has to go and do her homework and I reluctantly say goodbye to her. Off she goes.

"You could see up her skirt, right?" he says.

"I could, and I see what you mean about her being a tease."

"She was doing that deliberately. I get it all day long."

"Don't be offended when I say that I envy you. She's incredibly beautiful and sexy. I can see how you could get obsessed."

"I don't mind you taking a look if it helps you understand the dilemma I'm in. The word `incest' keeps coming to mind. Dad's shouldn't be sexually attracted to their daughters."

"I don't see how you could not, Larry. She's much more provocative than any of those pics I sent you, more than any in my huge collection. I'm afraid you're at her mercy. What can I tell you other than `go with the flow'?"

"I thought I'd never say this, but every night I jerk off, and it's an image of her that's in my mind."

"Except tonight," I say, standing up and letting my pants fall to the floor. My cock is poking out of the top of my briefs and I bring my body up close to the camera. "Jerk off to this," I say, pulling my cock out and starting to wank it.

"Oh, shit," he groans, dropping his own pants and putting his hand down the front of his own briefs. Together we masturbate, lewdly showing off to each other until we both cum. When we're dress again, Larry says, "She wanted to know how we met and, like an idiot, I told her about a story you'd written and she wants to read it. I've managed to put her off, but she'll ask again."

"Here's what we'll do. I'll take that story "Little Girl in Love", which is written from the viewpoint of an eleven year old, and I'll delete the hard sex from the end, re-write a smooth finish and email it to you. You can show her that and her reaction to it might tell you how to deal with your problem."

"Sounds like a good idea, thanks." We sign off.

* * *

Late in the evenings of the next few days, Larry and I Skype each other, jerking off and exposing ourselves lewdly. One evening, I let him watch as I stuff a dildo all the way up my ass while vigorously stroking my cock. He comes right on to the camera lens. "I bet that tastes really great," I say. "I wish I could suck you off." Often when we talk earlier in the day, Olivia's there, sometimes in her uniform, sometime in a dress and we begin to get to know each other. I try to be a kind of older brother to her, but I'm always on the look-out for a glimpse of her undies, and she never lets me down. She has that trick of putting one foot up on the edge of her chair, and twice she lifts both legs, and splays her knees, offering the most magnificent view of her crotch covered in white cotton. Larry, of course, knows what she's doing, and doesn't seem to mind. He's still struggling with his conscience and I continue to reassure him that he's not a depraved pervert, and to sympathize with him. Day by day, he begins to open up more, feeling more comfortable in telling me what's going through his mind. He tells me about several childhood episodes he'd had with pre-pubescent girls, feeling them up and showing off his cock. I share all my lurid secrets with him, my own adventures with preteens of both sexes, to put him at ease. I don't reveal how utterly smitten I am with Olivia, or how much I would love to get my hands on her, confining my remarks to how attractive she is, and how much I appreciate his dilemma.

One evening, close to midnight, I'm on the internet, looking for pics of scantily clad nymphets when I get a Skype call from a name I don't recognize. When I answer, I find to my delight, it's Olivia.

"I got your Skype name off Daddy's computer," she says. "I'm using my laptop in my bedroom. Daddy's gone to bed."

"It's lovely to see you, Olivia," I say, pulling a towel across my loins. I don't want her to see me in my briefs, not quite yet.

"Daddy showed me that story you wrote, about the little girl who falls in love with her music teacher." She giggles. "It was kinda naughty."

"It was, and I hope you like it."

"Oh, I did, but it sort of ended up in the air."

"Well, the original ending was a lot naughtier, but I edited that bit out. I don't wanna freak you out."

"I'm not easy to freak," she said. All the while, I'm looking at her body, barely concealed in a translucent white nylon nightie which comes down to about mid thigh. I can clearly see her white panties through the material and my dick is getting hard.

"You look very sexy tonight," I say.

"You like my nightie? It's see-through."

"That's what I like about it. I love looking at little girls white panties." There, I've said it. My secret is out. She leans back in her chair with her fingers interlaced behind her head, clearly showing off.

"These are just schoolgirl panties. I wish Daddy would buy me something a little more adult."

"I love them. White cotton does it for me."

"Really?" She stands up and lifts up the nightie exposing her whole body up to her neck. Her little titties are just beginning to grow, barely perceptible. "You like these panties? Daddy likes them. He loves looking up my skirt."

"I know, he tells me. He says you like to tease him." She's still standing there, holding her nightie as high as it will go, gently swaying her hips from side to side.

"I do, I love it. He gets all flustered and blushes." She drops her nightie, but I can still see her panties through the nylon. "Do you think I'm a bad girl?"

"Oh, yes, you're a very bad girl, but I like bad girls and your daddy does too."

She giggles. "He's been a lot more affectionate since he started emailing you, Tony. He used to be so uptight. What happened to make him change?"

"He was worried about getting excited when he sees you in your underwear and stuff. He thought it was a bad thing for a dad to get aroused by his own daughter."

"Do you think it's bad?"

"How could it be? He loves you, and when you show him how much you love him, he loves you even more."

"Lately, he's been hugging me a lot and he likes to watch me in the garden doing my gym routines."

"Wearing a dress, right? Showing off your panties?"

She smiles. "Absolutely. I do cartwheels and handsprings and stuff and my dress falls and I know I`m showing everything. He loves it."

"You know what you should do? Talk to your dad and ask him to take you shopping to buy some new undies. Let him help you pick out some real sexy stuff, then when you get home, tell him you want to try them on and model them for him."

"Oooh, yes! That's brilliant. He'll really go for it. This is gonna be fun."

"To make it even better for him, ask him to undress you and then dress you in the new stuff. You don't mind being naked in front of him, do you?"

"No. I get naked as often as I dare. He's gonna love it."

"It'll be a lovely gift for him and it'll show him how much you love him. Ask him to take some photos."

"I will. Thank you, Tony. You're a real friend. Have you got anything on under that towel?"

"Just a pair of briefs."

"Can I see?" This is a problem. My dick is like an iron bar.

"Promise you won't tell your dad?"

"Of course I won't. Come on. Show me." I roll my chair back a couple of feet, lean back and pull the towel off. My cock is standing upright in my low rise briefs. The front has a single thickness panel and the cotton is pretty thin. You can clearly see the shape of my dick.

"Wow! That's a big dick."

"As big as your dad's?"

"I only caught a quick glimpse of it once when it was stiff, one time when he got out of the shower. It looked enormous but he quickly turned his back on me. I often see a bulge in his pants, though."

"That's when you're showing off your panties, I imagine. You certainly get me hard. We'd better be careful, in case your daddy comes in."

"It's not a problem. He always knocks and all I have to do is slam my laptop shut and roll into bed. We're not gonna get caught. Will you show me your dick?" Oh, what a question! An eleven year old angel, the sexiest girl in the world, asking to see my dick.

"I don't think your dad would approve," I say. I'm afraid if I pull my dick out, I'm gonna instantly cum all over myself, and she's not ready for that. "Maybe another day." This is setting her up for future Skype calls.

"O.K. I'm gonna go now. Goodnight, Tony." She blows me a kiss.

"Goodnight, sweetheart. I love you." It's a throwaway line, but I feel like I mean it.

"Love ya too." She signs off, and a dozen strokes later, I'm covered in cum.

* * *

It's the following evening when Larry Skypes me again. "Olivia has just gone to bed," he says. "Take a look at this." He holds up a pair of his briefs and there's a big damp patch on the front. "That's a cum stain."

"Wow, it looks huge. You must have shot a load."

"Too right I did. You'll never guess what happened. This morning, instead of coming to breakfast in her school uniform, Olivia was just wearing panties and a cami top. She proceeded to ask me to take her shopping and buy her some sexy undies! She said she felt unattractive in plain cotton panties, so I said yes. I picked her up after school and we went to the mall for a couple of hours, and she goes browsing through the lingerie sections of the expensive department stores, picking out some amazing undies. It cost a bundle but it was worth it, because when we got home she asked if I'd like her to model them."

"Let me guess - you refused."

He laughed. "Fat chance. Of course I said yes and then, get this, she said she wanted me to undress her and dress her in the new stuff. Fuck me, Tony, where does she get these ideas from? She took hold of my hand and led me into her bedroom and let me undress her, first her shoes, so I could get a good up-skirt look, then her skirt, then blouse, and then she stood really close in front of me as I sat on the bed and pulled her panties down. Of course I've seen her vagina before, plenty of times, but it was never as erotic as this. Then I pulled her cami off, and finally her knee socks. My nose was about four inches away from her vagina. I wanted to grab her and stick my tongue inside her, but I had to keep tight control of myself. She asked me if I liked her with nothing on, and I had to tell the truth. I said she was adorable, and that I loved her body and then she handed me a white lacy crop-top and a pair of nylon panties, with lace around the legs. I helped her put the top on and managed to run my thumbs over her nipples without making it too obvious, then pulled the panties up her legs as high as they would go. This produced a nice camel toe, so I put my fingers info the legs of the panties and pulled them down a bit and my fingers brushed her mound for just a second. I expected her to flinch, but she didn't. My cock was rock hard and aching in my briefs and as she stood there in front of me, showing of her new underpants, I came inside my briefs, without even touching myself. I muttered some excuse and told her she could show me the other stuff another time and I bailed out of there."

"Larry, you lucky old dog. I'm insanely jealous. You didn't happen to get any pictures, did you?"

"No. I didn't think about it until it was too late, but I certainly should have. It's moments like that one that I'll want to remember."

"Will I get to see the pics?"

"I'll have to think about that. I suppose some shots of her in her undies might be O.K., but not any naked stuff. I don't want anything circulating on the internet."

"You know I'd never do that."

"I guess so. I'm afraid I won't be jerking off for you tonight. I'm all spent."

"No sweat. Call me tomorrow. I`d really like to see some pics of Olivia."

"I bet you would. G'nite, Tony."

* * *

Its close to midnight and I've adjusted the settings on my computer so it will stay on standby and not switch itself off. I lie in bed, thinking about my new found love and how pulse-poundingly she gets me aroused, then I hear a Skype call coming in. I jump out of bed, dressed only in my too-small white cotton boxers, the ones with the gaping fly. My dick sometimes hangs out of the leg. Olivia is calling me. When she appears on screen, I find it hard to breath. She has on a baby-doll nightie made of some kind of white sheer material that might as well not exist for all it conceals. It ties with a bow across the top of her chest and is entirely open all the way down the front to where it ends just below her belly button. Below she has on a pair of tiny briefs, just a small triangle of the same material, which hides nothing. I can clearly see her vagina as she leans back, legs apart, displaying herself.

"Wow!" I say. "You look stunning!"

"You like it? Daddy bought if for me, together with some other sexy stuff. I did what you said and it worked like a charm. When we got home he stripped me naked then put a pair of sexy panties and a crop-top on me. I got excited when he was looking at my naked body. I think he was really turned on, `cos there was a huge bulge in his pants. He couldn't take his eyes off me, but then he suddenly got up and left the room. I don't know why."

"More than likely he came in his pants."

"He wasn't masturbating, or anything."

"No, but if a guy gets sufficiently aroused, he doesn't need any physical stimulation, he just simply cums."

"Oh my God! Do you think I excited him that much?"

"Absolutely. You've got me pretty turned on right now. Take a look." I roll my chair back so she can see the tent in my boxers. Fortunately, it isn't yet sticking out of the fly, but that might happen any minute.

"You dirty old man," she says, laughing.

"I'm not that old. What else did your dad buy you?'

"Wanna see?" Silly question: do I wanna see? Does the pope shit in the woods?

"Of course I wanna see, you little tease. You're diving me crazy and I love it."

She stands up, legs apart, unties the bow of her nightie and lets it fall to the floor. Then she comes right up to the camera and slowly slides the little panties down past her knees until they drop to the floor. She pauses for a moment, showing off her vagina and letting me drink it all in, and then she goes to her dresser and pulls stuff out of a drawer. Coming back in front of the camera again, I can see she has a pair of white stockings and some other flimsy garments. She puts on one stocking, places her foot up on the chair and proceed to pull the stocking all the way up. With her legs splayed this way, I get a superb view of her little slit, still undeveloped and quite hairless. I'm groaning with excitement. She puts on the other stocking, smoothing it all the way up to the top of her thigh. Oh, how I would love to do that for her! Then she fastens a garter belt round her waist and clips the fasteners on to the stockings. Then she dons a little transparent lacy bra, just two little triangles, like a bikini top.

"Dah-dah!" she sings, standing, legs apart, lewdly pushing her hips forward. "D'you like me, Tony? Am I sexy?"

"My God, I think I'm in love." She laughs. "This is how much I like it," I say, putting my hand in the fly of my boxers and gripping my cock at its base. Although it's still covered by cotton, she can see how big and stiff it is. "This is what you've done to me. No wonder your daddy came in his pants." There's a big wet spot on my boxers.

"Oooh, let me see it!"

I stand up, step up to the camera and let my dick poke out of my underpants. Her eyes go big. "Awesome! Tony, that's huge. Did I really cause that? Are you gonna cum, too?"

"Would that offend you?"

"Oh, no, I wanna see it. I've never seen a guy cum. Please, Tony, cum for me." It doesn't take long, half a dozen strokes and suddenly I'm squirting cum on to my keyboard, big blobs of it, then a long stream running down my hand. . My legs are shaking and my heart's pounding. I lick it off my hand, just to show her that cum is harmless. She's staring at her screen, transfixed.

"That was brilliant,' she says. Can you do it again?"

"No, I'll have to wait, at least 30 minutes, maybe an hour to recover." I cover my midriff with a towel, still breathing hard. "You just blew my mind, Olivia. I'll never forget this moment."

"Tomorrow, I'm gonna show Daddy these new stockings. I hope he'll put them on me like he did with my new panties and top."

"I'm sure he will. When he puts them on you, and slides his hands up your legs, I wonder how high he will go."

"All the way to the top? That would be naughty!"

"Your daddy's a naughty man, but it would make him very happy."

"Tomorrow night, I'll show you the other undies he bought me, and you can masturbate again if you like. Watching you was really cool!"

"Gotta go, sweetheart. Thank you so much for the wonderful show you gave me. See you tomorrow." I sign off and collapse into bed, thoroughly drained.

* * *

I've just finished dinner when Larry Skypes me. Olivia is there, too, dressed in a very short cotton sun dress. I'm kinda glad she's there, because otherwise Larry and I would be jerking off to each other, and I want to stay horny to enjoy his daughter. He's wearing just his white briefs and a white tank. For once, I have my clothes on. We exchange pleasantries and then I ask Larry if he's taken any pics of Olivia. She pipes up, "He did, Tony. He bought me some new undies and took pictures of me showing them off."

"Not quite child pornography," says Larry. "Just some shots of her in bra and panties. I'll email them to you if you promise never to put them on the internet."

"Never in a million years. We'll keep this between ourselves."

"Daddy, can I show Tony what I'm wearing underneath?"

"Considering the way you're sitting. . ." she has one foot up on chair as usual . ". . . he's seen most of it already."

She laughs. "Not my new top." She lifts up her dress and pulls it off over her head, shaking her hair loose, and stands up, hands on hips, letting us both look at her. I can see Larry's getting excited. She has on a white nylon crop-top, with lace around the top edge, which comes down to her lowest rib, and I can see her nipples, and a pair of white nylon panties, semi-translucent, with lace panels on the sides and lace around the legs. She's stunning and my dick's getting hard again.

"Isn't she fabulous" says Larry. "My sexy little daughter! You drive me crazy, you little fox, you know that."

"Do you want to see me in my garter belt and stockings," she asks, not mentioning the fact that last night I jerked off and came while looking at them. Larry hesitates, so Olivia sits down on his knee and puts her arms round his neck. "Please, Daddy, I want you to undress me and then dress me again like you did yesterday. I don't mind if Tony looks." Larry is helpless in the face of this provocation. Without waiting for a reply, she runs out of the room.

"How am I gonna keep my hands off her," moans Larry.

"Don't fight it. Touch her up a little and she'll melt in your arms."

Olivia comes back in carrying her stuff and stands beside Larry. He swivels his chair to face her, looks briefly at me, then slowly pulls her panties down. My dick is so hard it hurts. She puts her hands on her hips and thrusts her pelvis forward so that her vagina is practically in his face. He runs his hands up the back of her legs and over her buttocks, then kisses her just below her belly button. Then he reaches up and pulls the top up over her head and drops it on the floor. Olivia turns and faces the camera. "Look, Tony. Do you like me naked?" I'm speechless. "Daddy does, don't you, Daddy? I think Daddy loves me a lot more when I'm naked or just in my undies. I can tell."

"How can you tell?" I ask.

She reaches down and places a thumb and forefinger either side of the huge bulge in Larry's briefs. "Because of this."

"You shouldn't do that," says Larry, but doesn't try to move her hand.

"Why not?" I ask. "It's her way of showing you how much she loves you. Put the stockings and garter belt on her, Larry." He takes one of the stockings and pulls it on over her foot, up her calf, over her knee and up her thigh. Then with his hands on her ankle, he smoothes the nylon all the way up her leg and keeps on going until his hand brushes her vagina.

"Mmmm," Olivia sighs. "Now the other one." Larry repeats the performance, brushing her crack once again. Then she sits down on his knee again with her back to his chest and hands him the tiny see-through bra. He fits it over her arms and fastens it at the back, then brings his hand round to her front and cups her chest, where her breasts will soon grow. She leans back into him and wiggles her butt, clearly feeling his hard-on through his briefs. She spread her legs to give me a clear look. "That was nice, Daddy. Do you like me like this, Tony?"

"If you guys knew what was going through my mind, you have me locked up. Olivia, I've never seen anything quite as sexy in my whole life. You're beautiful." She takes hold of Larry's right hand and moves it down to between her legs, and whispers something to Larry. He start to move his fingers.

"They should lock me up, too. I can't help myself, Olivia. I'm doing this because I love you so much." She turns and kisses him on the lips, a long kiss that might involve tongues, it's hard to tell.

"I love you too, Daddy." Unexpectedly, he reaches past her to his computer and shuts the camera off.

"I can't let you watch the next bit, Tony, I'm sorry," he says, his voice hoarse with emotion. Shit! Still, I'm sufficiently aroused to cum in about 20 seconds.

Later, the pics arrive by email. After the live show they just gave me, they're a bit of an anticlimax, but I know I'll be jerking off to them.

* * *

When Olivia Skypes me again just before midnight, she's wearing a turquoise see-through top and matching panties, the kind with loose legs. Her slit is quite visible. She might a well be naked.

"I love your outfit," I say. "You sure know how to get a guy aroused." She was clearly excited and couldn't wait to talk. "After we talked to you, Daddy took my into his bedroom. He let me take his briefs and tank off. He had a huge hard-on. It was awesome, just a big as yours, maybe bigger. He was standing in front of me as I sat on his bed and he let me touch it, I mean not just touch it, but take it in my hand and stroke it." I groan with unbridled lust. "I totally adore his dick. It's amazing, so hard, yet soft on the outside, and it got all wet at the end. I kissed it on the end, but he pulled back. My vagina was getting wet. too. He pushed me back on the bed and started to kiss my tummy and then went lower and lower until he was kissing me between my legs. It was absolutely marvelous. I've never been so excited in my life. He told me that I tasted really good. Then he made me sit on top of him and rub my vagina against his cock. I was totally thrilled. That's when he squirted cum and got a big smear of it on his chest and belly. When I climbed off him he went into the shower and after he came out, he made me put my nightie on and he gave me a beautiful long goodnight kiss. I love him so much."

"Can I make a suggestion?"


"Next time he takes a shower, go into the bathroom, lift up your dress and sit on the toilet with your panties round your ankles and open your legs wide. When he comes out of the shower, start to pee. Guys love to watch a girl taking a pee. That'll really get him going."

"I could take my dress right off and sit there in just a bra, with my panties down. Are you gonna jerk off for me again?"

"Would you like that?"

"I'd love it. You have a gorgeous cock."

What can I do? I'm helpless in the hands of this little girl. What a lovely way to end the day.

* * *

It's the next day and Larry calls me. I'm dressed only in my white cotton low rise briefs, the flimsy see-through ones. He's wearing jogging shorts and a white tank. I can see the edge of his briefs up the leg of his shorts. He describes his adventures with Olivia the previous day, how he ate her out and how she made him cum all over himself. "It was unbelievable," he says. "But I noticed a strange thing. Although I was very aroused, I was a whole lot hornier earlier when you were watching me undress her. It seems I like to have an audience and Olivia seems to like it too. She's a real exhibitionist." No shit, it thought. "When she displays herself like that, to me and to you, just that act alone is a huge turn-on. My little girl, showing off her panties and her vagina to a complete stranger. I don't know about her, but I feel liberated. I love having an audience and I'm so glad you're there to watch us. I wish you could have seen us earlier. I came out of the shower and she was sitting on the toilet with her panties round her ankles, legs wide apart, having a pee. I know she was deliberately provoking me. I was utterly fascinated and kneeled down in front of her to watch. She told me she didn't mind me watching her pee, in fact she enjoyed it a lot. When she finished and stood up, I told her not to wipe herself, that I would clean her up. I licked her pussy clean while she was giggling and shoving her hips forward. Maybe I can get her to pee on me in the shower. Right now she getting dressed so that we can make a strip-tease video for you. I've set up my camcorder and I'll send you a copy." Just then, Olivia comes into the frame. She has on a very short school dress, a tan plaid, sleeveless, high in the front with broad shoulder straps and a white blouse underneath. It's the sort of dress that elementary schoolgirls wear. She has white ankle socks which have lace around the top and her hair is done in two pigtails. Together with the glasses she's wearing, she looks about 9 or 10, but just as sexy as ever.

"We've gone for that little girl look," says Larry. "I hope you like it. This is the uniform she used to wear at her old school and it`s a little short."

"It's perfect. There's no such thing as a dress that's too short. I hope she's wearing little girl's undies."

"Well, let's see." She stands in front of the cameras and Larry gets behind her, reaches round and lifts her dress up as high as it will go. Perfect! White cotton panties and white cami.

"Hi, Tony. Daddy says he likes me dressed like this, like a little girl. I don't think he wants me to grow up."

"Neither do I, Olivia. You look stunning. Just hold it like that for a moment, I want to drink it all in." Larry's hands are on her nipples and she's rubbing her butt against his front. I stare at her panties, the scalloped edge around the legs and waist, the slight indentation where her vagina is, the very texture of the material, all of it causing my heart to race. I can see the lace edge of her cami-top, just above Larry's hands which are gently squeezing her.

"Take my dress off, Daddy," she says, and he lifts it right over her head and drops it on the floor. "Dah-dah!" she sings, putting her hands behind her head and swinging her hips. "Look at me! We've set up a big mirror behind the camera so we can what you can see, Tony," she say. "Don't I look sexy, even in these old panties?"

"I love your old panties, and Daddy does, too, don't you, Daddy?"

"I adore them, and I adore the little girl in them." He kisses her neck and moves one of his hands down to the front of her panties. "Watch this, Tony, this is what my daughter really likes." His hand goes between her legs and he starts to massage her vagina, his middle finger rubbing up and down.

"Put your hand inside, Daddy," she says, pulling the waist of her panties out with one finger. "Oooh, yes, that's nice. Put your finger inside me, as far as it'll go." All the time, she's gazing at the camera and then at her screen to watch my reaction. I have my hand inside my briefs, holding my cock, but not daring to stroke it, lest I cum. I can see Larry's hand moving as he slides his finger in and out of her. "Don't you wish it was your hand in my panties, Tony?" she asks me.

"Tony can look, but he can't touch," says Larry. "Sorry, my friend, but she's all mine, but you can watch all you like." Then he slides her panties down to mid-thigh where they drop of their own accord to the floor. He puts his hand back on her vagina and finger-fucks her again. "Does this hurt, darling?"

"No, Daddy, it feels wonderful."

"Your hymen must be already broken."

"I did it with a candle, last year," she said, giggling. "I was pretending it was a dick."

"You bad, bad girl. I'm gonna have to spank you."

"Oooh, yes, spank me Daddy. Let Tony watch while you take my panties down and spank me. I think he's like that." I'm lost for words, amazed at this provocative little girl, who's seduced her own father and me too. Larry takes his hand away and lifts her cami over her head. She smiles at me. "I love this. I love having no clothes on and seeing you guys with your big stiff dicks." She lifts her leg up on to a chair so that I can see her vagina clearly, holds the lewd pose for a few seconds, then steps away from Larry and turns sideways, reaches out and grabs his crotch, rubbing her hand up and down the front of his nylon shorts. Then she drops to her knees and pulls them down to his ankles. He steps out of them. She rubs her hand over the front of his briefs where his cock is straining against the white cotton. "Do you want to see Daddy's cock, Tony," she calls. "I do. I really do." She pulls the waistband out and down and his cock springs out. "Wow, that's so awesome, it's so big and hard, Daddy. I love it. Can I kiss it?" She doesn't wait for a reply, just kisses the end and pulls this underpants all the way down. Her little tongue comes out and touches tip of his foreskin, which is already wet. "Mmm, it taste's nice. Can I suck it, Daddy?" There's no man alive who could say `no' to that. Her lips engulf his cock. He's thrown his head back and his breathing is labored.

Turning his head to the camera, he says, "How does this look, Tony, my little girl is actually sucking me off. Oh, yes, sweetheart, keep doing that. Oh, my God!" He pulls his cock out of her mouth suddenly. "I damn near came," he says. "That was close. I don't wanna cum just yet. I want to save it."

"What for?" she asks, looking up a him with a big smile. "Are you going to put it inside me. Please, Daddy, I want your dick inside me and I want Tony to watch."

"Go for it, Larry," I say. "You can't refuse her. It would break her heart. She needs you to take care of her." Larry is way too far gone to back out now. He sits down on a chair facing the camera and pulls her on to his lap, her back to his chest, her lower legs hanging down outside his, thighs apart. I can see the end of his dick just below her slit, dripping wet. With his hand, he plays with her clit and pussy lips, while his other hand is pinching her nipples, first one then the other. She's looking straight into the camera, a huge smile on her face, sweat beading her brow. Her ass is wiggling on Larry's cock and her hand goes down between her legs, pushing his aside and she grabs his cock. He lifts her up a few inches, and she knows exactly what to do. Her hand guides his rock hard cock inside her and she slowly lowers herself on to him, an expression of ecstasy on her face.

It slides all the way in, and Larry gasps, "Does it hurt, darling?"

"No, Daddy, it feels wonderful." She starts to lift up and down, leaning forward slightly, her hands on his thighs. "Ooooh, Daddy, I love being fucked. Look, Tony, Daddy's fucking me! Can you see his cock going in and out of me?" Of course I can and I know she can see it in her mirror, too. "Fuck me, Daddy, fuck me!" she croaks, "as deep as you can. God, I love this! Don't stop, Oh yes, more, more, please!" Larry's cock is all shiny with the juices from her vagina. I can't see his face but I can hear him gasping for breath.

"You darling little slut," he groans. "I love you so much. I wanna fuck you forever."

"I love sluts," I interject. "Especially your slut, Larry. I'm in love with your daughter and I wanna fuck her, too."

"I want Tony to fuck me while you watch, Daddy," she manages to get out between gasps for breath. "He could fuck me while I suck your lovely big dick."

Larry is almost beyond speech, but I hear a "No" somewhere in all the noise he's making. Olivia is bouncing up and down vigorously and at one point, his cock falls out and she frantically stuffs it back in again. I'm on the point of cumming myself, even though I'm not stroking my dick. Finally, Larry cums, his hips lunging upwards as he fills his darling daughter with his load of cum. Whether Olivia has cum or not it's hard to tell, but she slumps down on him, wiping a damp strand of hair from her eyes. They lie there for a while, getting their breath back, until Larry lifts her off, and she collapses in the chair next to his, still facing me, still with her legs apart. I can see a little dribble of Larry's cum running down from her slit, now open and a glistening pink. "Tony, would you like to fuck me like Daddy just did?" she asks, big wide innocent blue eyes gazing at me.

Larry interrupts. "No way. Sorry, Tony. I said you can look but you can't touch. Olivia is my slut, my lovely, gorgeous, sexy slut, whom I love so much, and she`s all mine. I can`t share her. But you can watch any time you want."

"But let me watch you cum, Tony," she says, and I pull my briefs down to mid thigh and shove my hips up in the air. A dozen strokes later, an enormous load of cum lands on my face and chest and drips down my hand. "Oh, that was lovely," says Olivia. "Did you like watching that, Daddy?"

"I always like to watch Tony jerking off."

"So what happened to your conscience, Larry," I ask. "Do you still feel guilty about what you've just done?"

"Not a bit. I've just made my daughter happy, and she's done the same for me. I feel free and comfortable with myself and my passion for my little girl."

"You've made me very happy, Daddy. Will you fuck me every day."

"Of course, maybe twice a day."

"Can Tony watch?'

"No, my darling. He can look, but he can't touch."

The End.

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