Mommy Doesn't Care

So, I was standing in the bathroom in my boxers, brushing my teeth, and little Melanie, a sweet eleven year old angel, was sitting on the toilet, naked except for a pair of white panties round her ankles, when in walked her mom, who didn't bat an eyelid. How did THAT happen?

Let's go back a couple of weeks, to when I was sitting in the corporate canteen, having lunch with Jody, one of my associates. She's in her mid- twenties, with one of those slender ballet-dancers figures, no hips, tiny tits, long legs, and short blonde hair, you know the type. We were talking about money, and how tight things are these days. "Since my divorce," she said, "It hasn't been easy. Sure, I got the house, but my ex doesn't pay me a nickel of alimony."

"How come?"

"He said if I asked for alimony, he'd fight for custody of my daughter Melanie, but if I didn't, I could have her."

"In effect, the bastard sold her to you."

"You could say that, Tony. She so cute and I love her to bits. Very mature for an eleven year old, too. We're more like sisters than mom and daughter."

"Had your ex been cheating on you?"

She laughed. "No, I was cheating on him. I fell in love with Nancy and overnight I discovered I'm gay. I disappeared for a week and came home a changed woman. I told him the marriage was over. It had been falling apart anyway."

"So now you live with Nancy?"

"No, she hasn't come out to her parents, so she has to keep a low profile. There's just me and Melanie in my house in Clairmont and I'm having a hard time paying the mortgage. I owe more than the house is worth."

"Big house?"

"Three bedrooms, two baths, den, double garage and a pool. More than we need."

"What you need is a lodger. Rent out the spare bedroom."

"Come on, Tony, where would I find a reliable house guest I could trust?"

"You're looking at one. My room-mate's girlfriend wants me out and I need somewhere not too expensive."

And so it happened. We settled on a reasonable rent. She was very happy when I told her I liked to cook and knew how to save a bundle on groceries. I'd be working from home on my computer four days each week, only coming into the office on Mondays, so I could take care of the housework, too.

"You'll like Melanie," she said. "She never got on well with her dad, and an older guy, someone stable who doesn't smoke or do drugs, is just what she needs." I somehow forgot to tell her that a cute eleven year old in the house was exactly what I needed.

The following Saturday, I moved in. Jody met my car as I pulled into the driveway. She was dressed in a long T-shirt with apparently nothing underneath except a pair of bikini briefs, faintly visible through the white cotton. "Welcome," she said, then glanced down at herself "Excuse the dress, but we don't bother too much about formality here." She helped me carry my boxes and bags and my guitar into the house and then she said, "Come and meet Melanie." Out in the backyard, on the lawn beside the pool, Melanie was on a swing, not sitting, but standing, pumping vigorously so that the arc of the swing went impressively high. Now you're not actually thinking that I tried to look up her skirt, are you? Of course I looked up her skirt! Is there a man alive who could look at a preteen girl on a swing and not try to look up her skirt? Fuck no! I was getting a great view each time she swung forward, her short dress billowing out in front, showing off her white panties. She slid her hands down the plastic covered chains until she was in a squat, her knees apart and up under her chin, giving me what I like to call a wide screen shot of her crotch. I waved to her as Jody called, "Melanie, this is Tony," and as she answered, "Hi, Tony," she let go with one hand to wave back and promptly fell on to the grass, her legs up in the air, exposing her cotton underpants up to the waist. She was clearly unhurt, laughing at herself. "She's a bit of a show-off. Come here, sweetheart and say Hello." Melanie just lay there, still giggling, so I walked over to her, reached out my hand to hers and pulled her to her feet. Her hand felt so tiny. She was quite short, with a thin boyish figure, a flat chest and skinny legs, her long dark hair in a pony tail, appearing younger than her eleven years, which is fine with me. She looked at me through a pair of oversized glasses, her enormous blue eyes suggesting innocence, with a big smile on her face.

"Thank you. Mom says you've come to live with us."

"I am, and I'm so happy to meet you. Your Mom didn't tell me how pretty you are."

"She didn't tell me how handsome YOU are," she said. "I thought you might be some big old fat ugly dude."

"Now that you mention it," said Jody, "he's not bad looking. He tells me he's a good cook, so now we won't be eating take-out all the time."

"Oooh, ribs!" said Melanie. "Can you cook ribs?"

"The best you've ever tasted. Can you help us with these boxes and my guitar."

"I've got a guitar, too," said Melanie, "but I'm not very good."

"Then I'd be happy to teach you."

Jody showed me my room, down the hall from Melanie's with a bathroom between them. "You'll have to share the bathroom," she said. At the same time, I hoped. "I'll be using the en-suite bathroom next to my bedroom."

"I picked up some groceries on the way over," I said, "and I can do a pizza for lunch if you like."

"I think I've died and gone to heaven," said Melanie.

Me, too, I thought.

* * *

Lunch was a great success. I used Indian naan bread, bought at the supermarket, to save cooking time, smothered it with my own sauce, piled up the cheese and covered it all with pepperoni slices. At one point during lunch, Melanie dropped a big blob of sauce on her dress. "Shit!" she said, looking down at it.

Jody didn't seem bothered by the language, and said, "Take your dress off and run it under the tap." I couldn't take my eyes of her as Melanie pulled the dress over her head and went over to the sink. I stared at her cute little butt encased in white cotton, her long, thin legs and the curve of her back, until she came back to the table. "I ought to make you eat your meals naked if you keep dropping stuff," said Jody. I thought that was a hell of a good idea. When we'd finished, Jody suggested we all have a swim in the pool.

"I don't have any swim-wear," I said.

Jody made a dismissive snort. "We don't bother about that in this house. We skinny-dip." I looked at Melanie, then back at Jody, my eyebrows raised. "Oh, don't worry about her," said Jody. "She's seen a dick before." Melanie giggled.

"Suits me," I said. Now I think I'VE died and gone to heaven. I'm going to have to be careful not to get a hard on. Out we went to the pool, Melanie with a coke and Jody and I with cans of beer. I sat on a chaise as Melanie faced me and pulled her panties down and stepped out of them. Not a pubic hair in sight, just lovely little girly slit between her legs. Jody pulled her T shirt off and dropped her briefs, showing her cleanly shaved pussy. Melanie was in the pool by the time I undressed, and she looked up at me as I stood on the edge, preparing to jump in. My dick was about twenty five percent hard, still hanging down, but looking a little bigger than usual. She gave me a good look, then Jody and I jumped in. We splashed around for a bit, then Jody and I climbed out. When she dried herself off and her head was covered in a towel, her body looked like that of a little boy. We sprawled on two poolside chaises. If I squinted my eyes when I looked at her, Jody could also have passed as a little girl, especially as she lay on her back with her small tits flattened. I would definitely have been interested sexually if it were not for the presence of her daughter, who'd swept me off my feet. "She doesn't seem bothered by nudity," I remarked, looking at Melanie, who was doing handstands in the shallow end. Her cute little slit was just above water.

"I've taught her that she should be proud of her body, though she thinks she's too thin. Mind you, that doesn't stop her from showing off all the time. I think that having you around will be good for her. She needs an older man in her life, seeing as her dad was such a failure." Melanie came out of the pool and put her glasses back on. I got a chance to inspect her all over, my eyes being hidden behind my sun glasses. Her skin was perfect, beaded with little drops of moisture, her long dark hair matted on her back, her little nipples slightly hard from the cold, a big smile on her face. I pulled a towel across my midriff as I could feel an erection coming on. She sat down beside Jody, who ran a comb through her hair, then started to dry it with a towel. Melanie's legs were wide apart, giving me a heavenly view of her vagina. I wondered if she had a pet name for it.

Later, I was in the bathroom, in my boxers, having a pee, when Melanie came in, wearing just her white panties. "I gotta pee," she said, looking at my dick. I finished, and shook the drops of the end, pulling my foreskin back and forth in a masturbatory motion half a dozen times. "Stop jerking off and move over," she said, not too seriously. I laughed.

"I only jerk off when I'm alone." I said, smiling and putting my dick away. I stepped to the wash basin. She slid her panties all the way down to her ankles and sat on the toilet. I could hear the musical tinkle of her pee in the bowl. "You look cute," I said. "I like to watch little girls having a pee."

"You naughty old man."

At that moment, Jody came in, and without batting an eyelid said, "I'm looking for some shampoo. You got any in here?" I passed her the bottle from the vanity and she exited, totally unconcerned that a grown man was in the bathroom while her preteen daughter took a pee. Melanie wiped herself, nudged me aside with her hip and washed her hands. I stood behind her, put my arms round her waist and gave her a hug.

"You're a lovely little girl, Melanie. I could just eat you."

* * *

Later that afternoon, I was preparing dinner, pre-cooking French fries slowly in medium hot oil. When they where cooked through I drained them and put them in the fridge. At the last moment, I would drop them into smoking hot oil for about 30 seconds, then they'd be golden brown and crisp enough to snap like a twig. I was dressed in just my boxers and an apron. Frying while undressed can be hazardous. Melanie was in her room, practicing some guitar chords I'd taught her. Jody sat by the kitchen counter on a stool, wearing a white cotton tank and men's Hanes briefs.

"I like your outfit," I said. "If you had a dick in there, I would make a pass at you." She smiled. "I'm off to see Nancy after dinner, hence the outfit. I'll put on a pair of jeans, though. I didn't know you were bi, Tony."

"I'm mostly straight, but give me a teenage boy in white underwear, and I won't turn my nose up at him. Stick a balled up sock down the front to those briefs, and I`ll get a hard on." She laughed.

"I'm rather hoping that Melanie grows up to be gay," she said. "It would save a lot of worrying about unwanted pregnancy and stuff."

"A bit of a waste for us guys, but she'd make some girl very happy. Right now she seems so vulnerable."

Jody laughed. "That's one thing she ain't. She knows how to look after herself. I've told her how to say `no' to unwanted advances. If `no' doesn't work, all she has to do is leave the room, and if she can't do that she's been told to call me, or 911, and as a last resort, stick her thumbs in his eyes and kick his kneecaps."

"Or hers!"

"Exactly. If anyone comes on to her, it's her choice. Not all encounters are bad. Take my dad, or instance. He used to feel me up as far back as I can remember. We used to shower together and he'd soap me all over, putting his finger inside me. `We have to get you nice and clean,' he'd say."

"Didn't that freak you out?"

"Hell no, I loved it. He was a super dad, and I loved him deeply. He was always hugging and kissing me."

"How long did this go on for?"

"It never really stopped until I was in my teens. In the shower, his dick would get hard and one day I took hold of it. I was about 7 or 8, I think. It was thrilling. His face would contort with pleasure and I knew that I had this amazing power at my disposal. Pretty soon I was jerking him off on a regular basis. I loved watching him cum. Often he'd spray it all over me and I never minded a bit. Sometimes he'd ask me to pee on him. As I grew older, he became more intimate, getting into my bed at night. My mom was drunk most of the time and she never found out. Dad started eating my pussy when I was 10 or so, and when he first fucked me I was eleven, same age as Melanie."

"What was it like?"

"Marvelous! He was so gentle. I thought it would hurt, but it didn't, just a little bit at first, but then I started really wanting it, every night. I loved him so much. It went on until I was 13, when I got my first period, and then he seemed to loose interest. He put me on the pill, of course, and then I was into boys and drifted away from him. I married at 19 and you know the rest."

"Holy shit! Do you think that's why you turned gay?"

"Oh no, that's bullshit. If anything, it delayed my discovery that I'm fundamentally gay. I've never regretted any of it. It was the best sex education I could have got. I still see him quite regularly."

"Does Melanie know about this?"

"Oh, yes. We share everything. She's fully up to speed on sex-ed, having read all the right books and stuff. As soon as she gets her period, I'm putting her on the pill. Vulnerable is the last thing she is, don't let those big innocent eyes fool you. She knows how to look after herself." I was quite amazed by this frank confession. Was she suggesting that sex between an adult male and a preteen girl is O.K? Was she saying that the only criterion is consent? I decided I'd better not jump to conclusions about this.

"And, by the way, I think she has a bit of a crush on you."

"Oh," I sighed, "I'll probably get over it." The limp joke fell flat.

"I can tell by the way she looks at you. Be kind to her, Tony. Mature though she is, she can still be hurt." Oh, I intent to be kind, just as her daddy was kind to Jody.

* * *


The days went by and I'd never felt so alive. I couldn't wait for Melanie to come home from school each day and let me help her with her homework, sitting nice and close in the den. She was becoming quite proficient at the guitar, and I would sit opposite her looking up her skirt as she practiced, the instrument resting on her splayed thighs. We spent a lot of time in the yard where she loved to do cartwheels, or hang by her legs from a tree branch, showing off her white panties. She's cottoned on to how much the act of displaying her underwear aroused me. One afternoon, before Jody got home, I was at the computer and Melanie was standing beside me, pressing her hip against me.

Suddenly she said, "Are you going to feel me up?"

"What? Feel you up? Whatever gave you that idea?"

"Uncle Charlie feels me up." Charlie is Jody's older brother.

"Like how?"

"When I stand next to him like this, he puts his hand on the inside of my thigh, then slides it up."

"How far up?"

"All the way. Then he strokes my vagina through my panties, but I won't let him put his finger inside."

"Of course not," I say, as though such a thing were unthinkable. "Does your mom know about this?"

"Oh ,yeah. She's cool. She just says that if I don't like it I can just say no. One time he pulled his dick out and asked me to touch it, but it wasn't a very nice dick, not like yours, so I told him to fuck off. It's no big deal."

Holy shit! This was my cue. "So, he puts his hand here on your leg, like this. . .and moves hit higher, like this. . .and then. . ." My fingers reached the decorative edge of her white panties and I was getting quite worked up.

"Yeah, his middle finger, on my slit. . .just like that." I slid my finger back and forth and glance up to see her eyes light up. She put her hand on the back of my neck and I continued to caress her for a couple of minutes, as she closed her eyes and made little contented humming noises. Then she bent down and kissed me lightly on the lips and said, "More later, Tony," and left the room.

That evening, after she'd gone to bed, I was sitting in the living room with Jody, feeling tense. What if Melanie had told her that I'd touched inappropriately? I decided to take the bull by the horns. "Melanie was telling me that her uncle was behaving, well. . ."

"You mean touching her up? Oh, I know about that.."

"Aren't you alarmed?"

"Hell no. It's her choice. If she likes it, then fine. If not, she knows how to say `no'. Charlie`s a horny old goat. He used to feel me up when he was younger. I wouldn`t let him fuck me, though he tried pretty hard. Charlie's not a problem. What I worry about is spotty, thoughtless teenagers, boys who'll lead her on then break her heart. Melanie will never fall for Charlie. Stop worrying, Tony, she's a big girl."

"You're quite a family."

"You're practically one of us, Tony."

Oh, I intend to be, I thought.

* * *

The next Saturday, it was a hot sunny morning, and Melanie and I were in the pool, splashing about making a lot of body contact. Jody was sprawled out on a lounge. We were all naked. I waded over to the edge of the pool and Melanie followed me. She stood very close, reached down and took hold of my dick. It was quite unexpected. "Stop that!" I whispered sharply.

"Why?" She didn't let go.

"Your mom will see us," I murmured.

"No she won't. We're too close to the edge."

"I'll get a hard-on and she'll see it when I get out."

"She isn't gonna mind."

"What are you two muttering about?" asked Jody.

"Tony won't let me touch his dick."

"What's wrong, Tony? Don't you like your dick being touched? Or would you rather Melanie was a teenage boy?"

"What's this about boys?" asked Melanie.

"Nothing, just something we talked about earlier," I said, then to Jody, "I like her just the way she is, but I'll feel embarrassed climbing out of the pool with an erection."

"Don't be a party-pooper. We've seen erections before.'" Of course, by now my dick was rock hard, despite the cold water. Melanie let go of my dick and took me by the hand and pulled me up the steps on to the patio. Jody glanced up from her book and peered over her sunglasses at my stiff dick. "Quite impressive. What do you think, Melanie?"

"I think it's awesome, Mom. Much nicer than Uncle Charlie's."

"O.K. sweetheart, but if you're going to play with Tony's dick, then you should do it in private. And you know when to stop, don't you."

"Yes, Mom." She grabbed a towel and started to dry herself, then went inside to get a coke, leaving me standing there with my dick standing to attention.

* * *

Later that evening, I was in the living room, catching up on some reading. Jody had gone out on a date with her lover Nancy, and Melanie and I were left to our own devices. We'd watched TV, Melanie on my lap, with her back to my chest, one of my hands between her legs and the other up her dress fondling her nipples. We saw Jody's car headlights light up the room and heard her pull into the driveway. "It's past your bedtime," I said. "Don't let your mom catch you up at this hour. Off to bed, now, sweetheart." She scooted out of the room before Jody came in.

"How was your date?" I asked Jody. She looked flushed.

"Fucking amazing. I am so fucking turned on. Nancy and I have been at it all evening. She wouldn't take her face out of my crotch." She went into the kitchen and took a can of beer from the fridge. Standing with her butt against the edge of the kitchen table, she popped the lid. "I'm totally wet," she said, lifting the front of her skirt, exposing the mens' white briefs she always wore when she was with Nancy. "Here, give me your hand. Feel that." The crotch of her briefs was soaked with her juices. As I groped her, my dick became hard. I realized that my focus on Melanie had obscured the fact that she was an extremely sexy woman.

"You're turning me on," I groaned. She reached her hand down and cupped my bulge.

"Wow! You're as hard as a rock. I'm so fucking aroused, a dick would be most welcome right now. Fuck me, Tony, just a quickie, no strings, O.K.?"

How could I resist. I dropped my pants and underpants and pulled her briefs down. The aroma of female sex was overpowering. I lifted her up so that her butt was on the edge of the table. My cock slid smoothly into her right up to the hilt, and she started to gasp as I pushed in and out. Then I looked over her shoulder and saw Melanie standing in the doorway. Oh, shit! Jody glanced over her shoulder and saw her too. Melanie let out a little cry and ran into her room. "Fuck!" said Jody. "She shouldn't have seen that."

"It's a disaster," I said.

"I know. She has such a crush on you. She's gotta be devastated. Shit! This shouldn't have happened." By now I had pulled out, and I wiped my dick on a tea towel. We both got dressed again. "Go to her, Tony. Do whatever it takes to make it right."

I went into Melanie's bedroom. She was lying on her bed, facing the wall, sobbing. I lay down beside her and put one arm round her. "I'm so sorry, Melanie, you weren't supposed to see that. It was just a spur of the moment thing. I like your mom, but I'm not in love with her. It's you I love, my sweet. I'm in love with you and only you. Please forgive me." She stayed silent, her little body jerking as she sobbed her heart out. "I love you," I repeated. "All I want to do is make you happy. I hate myself for what I did."

Clearly, I was getting nowhere, and she needed time to herself, so I kissed her cheek, left her room and returned to the kitchen. "This is gonna take some time," I told Jody.

"Whatever you have to do, do it."

* * *

I couldn't sleep, thinking of little Melanie, heartbroken, lying alone in her room. and at about two a.m. I decided to give it another try. I quietly opened her bedroom door. There was enough light coming in from the street for me to see her, in just her nightie, the sheet up to her waist. I slid into the bed beside her and kissed her on the lips. "I love you," I whispered. "I'm totally in love with you. How can I make you happy?"

"I hate you," she said, but at the same time, her arm went round my neck.

"You have every right to, Melanie. I did a bad, thoughtless thing, and I wish I could undo it. Your mom feels the same way. She's not in love with me, she's focused on Nancy, but things just got out of hand. She wants you to be happy, just like I do." Lying like this, her little body next to mine, her arm around me, was getting me hard, and I knew that she could feel my dick pressed against her hip. "Your mom isn't nearly as sexy as you are, sweetheart. Feel what you're doing to me." I pressed my dick against her, and her hand went down and felt it through my underpants. I kissed her on the lips, a long, lingering kiss, and felt her tongue respond, pushing into my mouth. I reached my hand down and slid her nightie up and put my finger on her little slit. She was wet! I pushed my finger into her and she let out a sigh, parting her legs. It was now or never.

I pulled my dick out of my underpants and rolled on top of her, supporting my weight my elbows. Her hand guided my dick to her slit and I pushed, gently. "If it hurts, tell me to stop," I said.

"It doesn't hurt," she said, "Put it right in, yes, all the way, oh my God! Yes, yes! Fuck me, Tony. I love you, I love you!" I was gone, lost in an ocean of ecstasy. My cock was where it belonged, buried up to the hilt in a sweet, innocent eleven year old girl, who wanted it, and was loving it.

* * *

The next morning, at breakfast, Jody was cooking eggs as I stirred my coffee. Melanie came into the kitchen, a big shit-eating smile on her face. "Good morning," she called, happily. Jody looked at me and smiled.

"I did what I had to do," I said. "Do you mind?"

She shrugged. "Of course you did. Whatever you had to do. I don't care."

The End

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