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Mom's Glory Hole







I was raised an Army brat, but I was luckier than most: because my Dad was first a Colonel and later a General, we ended up stationed for long periods of time at installations where he was the Vice-Commandant or Commandant. He was also a workaholic and a hard-ass, and was rarely home. Only years later did I realize how lonely that made my mother.


Luckily for her, she found an interesting way of comforting herself.


When I hit puberty, shortly after the last big war, we were stationed at a base in the Philippines, my mother's home country. We stayed there for years. The house we lived in was fair-sized, but it was old, and it wasn't the best-built place ever. The inner walls between the rooms weren't thick and insulated like most houses; they were solid plaster and lath. It was warm in the lowlands most of the year, so we didn't really need insulation, just big, well-screened windows and a lot of fans to keep cool. We boys ran around in our briefs a lot when indoors, though sometimes we wore our swim trunks. That probably contributed to Mom's loneliness problem, because we were all good-looking boys, with shiny black hair, light-brown skin, and hybrid vigor.


I have three brothers, and we were placed two-by-two in fairly large rooms. The room I shared with my younger brother Jeb shared a wall with my parents' room. I was vaguely aware that there had been a hole in the back wall of the walk-in closet at one point, but when we moved in, Dad had hired someone come in to install a patch and tape over it.


One day, when I was rummaging around the closet looking for pants for school, I realized that something about the little room was off. Closing my eyes, I thought back to my last look at the closet; I had an erratic but excellent memory for details. I soon realized what it was. The tape over the patch was different. It had been normal gray duck tape before, and now it was GI olive drab. Furthermore, one corner was a little loose. I peeled the off tape carefully—and the patch pulled out with it, stuck to the tape, leaving a hole about the size of a silver dollar! Light shone brightly through it. I lowered my head to check it out, and found myself peering through the open door of another closet like ours. It was full of dresses and uniforms, so it was obviously my parents' closet. I was also surprised to see my Mom moving back and forth in the room, dusting.


Huh. Obviously, someone else had been looking through the hole sometimes, and had fixed it to open up easily, but why would they do that? Was one of my brothers watching Mom dress or something? That was the only thing I could think of, and it didn't appeal to me. I shrugged and closed up the hole.


I had no idea what a glory hole was then, but that would soon change.


A couple weeks later, when I came home from swimming with my friends, I caught my next-older brother Jeremy naked in my closet. I was surprised, because he'd said he hadn't wanted to go swimming because he didn't feel well. It looked like he was feeling nuts when I saw him, because he was sweating like he was melting as he humped the wall, moaning and groaning, and sometimes it seemed like he was moaning our mother's name—not "Mom," though there was that too, but her given name.


Because he was in my closet, I couldn't go in there to get dry briefs from my bureau. And I didn't want to stay in my itchy, salty swim trunks, so I peeled them off, hung then on a hook on the back of the open closet door—walking on little cat's feet—then sat down on my bed and waited for germy Jeremy to get done with being crazy.


Finally he yelled, "It's coming! Get ready!" then a minute later, went "UHNNNN!" and humped the wall one last time, hard enough to make it shake. After a moment, he eased back, pulling his slick wanger out of the hole, and leaned against the wall. My eyes widened when I saw how long his dick was. It looked about the size of my forearm! But it started to shrink as Jeremy fitted the patch into the hole in the closet, and carefully smoothed down the tape. Next he pulled up his briefs, having a little trouble making his swollen pecker fit inside.


My pecker was getting swollen now, too.


He was so out of it that he almost didn't notice me watching curiously when he stepped out of the closet, headed for the door of my room. So I asked, "What were doing in there? Are you sick or something?"


He just about had a heart attack, grabbing his chest and saying, "Ohmigod, Jax! What are you doing there!? What did you see?"


"I saw you humping the back wall of the closet," I said dubiously. "It looked like it felt good." My cock was just about at its full length, and he noticed.


"Listen, you can't tell nobody about this!" he said in a loud whisper. "Dad would kill us all!"


"Don't we need to fix the patch? It came out," I said.


"That patch has never worked right! It's always been loose, for a good reason! But you're too young to understand."

I crossed my arms and scowled. "I'm almost 13. You're not even 15. If you can fuck a wall, why can't I?" I loved the feel of the naughty word fuck in my mouth.


He rolled his eyes and waved at me dismissively. "Just keep quiet and don't tell nobody."


"Hmph. I don't think so. Tell me what's going on. Why would you fuck a wall? What's on the other side?"


He leaned down and looked me in the eye. "You know what's on the other side, kid. But you can never say anything to her about it. The one time Jake did, she stopped doing it for a month. We pretend like it doesn't happen, and we can all be one big happy family."


"Okayyyyyy," I said, mystified. You have to understand, I was very unsophisticated, and I really had no idea what was happening.


Jeremy clapped me on the shoulder. "Come on. I'll show you why it's so special. Break you in. Just don't tell Jed yet, he's too young." Jed was our youngest brother, 10 years old. Jer led me into the back of the closet, and this time he closed and locked the door from inside, leaving us in darkness. He uncovered the hole, and a bright ray of light sprang through. "Are you hard?" he whispered.


"Yeah," said, and showed him. "But how do I reach the hole?" It was too high for me to put my dick through.


"Oh yeah." After a moment of scrambling, he put a cardboard box full of books below the hole. "Stand on that." I did, and I was the right height. "Get ready for the best feeling of your life," he said, and knocked "Shave and a Haircut" on the wall. "Now, slide your dick all the way in, as far as you can."


I pushed my full five inches into hole. I had just looked at him and shrugged, still mystified, when suddenly the head of my dick was enveloped by something warm and moist, and I cried out from the pleasure. Then the best feeling of my life slowly slid down my dick until it reached the base of the part that I'd poked through the hole, before pulling back. By then I was the one going crazy, shivering and twitching, and I got completely lost as the feeling continued going up and down, completely overwhelming me with sensation. Suddenly, it felt like something broke behind my balls, and a torrent of liquid gushed straight out of my dick and into whatever lay beyond the hole.


I fell back, limp, and Jer caught me. "Wasn't that the best thing ever?" he whispered, and I saw the delighted grin on his face in the light from the hole. "There's only one thing better, and it'll happen when she's horny enough."


She? I thought as I said dreamily, "'Swonnerful. But I peed at the end. Sorry."


He laughed as he closed up the hole, and then led me out into my room. "Jax, that wasn't pee. Look down."


The tip of my dick was oozing white fluid. "What..? Is that the semen stuff from health class?"


"Yeah! It's what a mature boy shoots when he comes. When he has an orgasm."


"Oh, is that what that was," I said as I fell onto my bed. "Cool."


"First time, huh? Wow! You're gonna love having the hole right here in your room! Just remember: you can never never use it when Dad's home, or he might catch us, and then he'll kill us all."


"Okay," I said, putting a forearm over my eyes. That had felt so good, but now I was exhausted! "I'm not crazy. I'll remember."


I did remember, and Dad never did catch us using Mom's glory hole. It took me a couple days to twig to what was going on, mostly because Jer and Jake came and went more often, since they didn't have to worry any more about me being there, and they were always talking about how good Mom was. And I never said a word, but Mom smiled at me in a special way the first time I saw her after using the hole. Later, the special looks were only occasional, but I treasured them.


I was in the club now.


Jed joined the club earlier than expected, when he was just 11. I caught him whacking off one day, and saw his four-incher emit a couple jets of thin, watery stuff that could generously be called cum. That night, while Dad was busy at the base, I steered him to the hole and explained its use. I even arranged the box for him and did "Shave and a Haircut." He took it from there.


Long before that, though, I learned the other code when I heard someone on the other side of the hole tapping out SOS in Morse. Jer had told me to go get him or Jake if that happened, but I was intrigued. I went into the closet and locked it so we wouldn't be disturbed, and pulled open the patch, flooding the closet with light. Then most of the light was occluded, and a crooked finger poked through, beckoning. "Necesito pene," I heard through the hole, then something in her native Idorot, which I didn't understand. The invitation was obvious enough, though, so when the finger pulled back, I stood up on my box and pushed my dick through the hole.


This time, I felt a hand wrap around my boyhood. So I was going to get a handjob; that was cool. It felt way better than my own hand. I had figured out by then that the warm, moist feeling was my mother's mouth, which made me shoot off two times in a row when I had that epiphany in the middle of playtime. Even though I came pretty hard the first time, I stayed erect, so I got a repeat performance that ended in a load that wasn't near as big but was just as rewarding to me.


Later I learned it was as rewarding to her, too, because it made her feel sexy and desirable.


I was smiling, happy as the hand tugged on my dick, but I was astonished when I felt something warm and wet and fuzzy that was NOT Mom's mouth swallow the head of my dick. The hand let me go once the mushroom head of my dick was inside, then slowly pushed down toward my crotch until I was completely inside. This new thing was much tighter than a mouth, completely toothless, really wet and slippery, and had muscles that squeezed on my cock, making it grow even more than ever before. As I gasped, I put my hands onto my round buttocks and pushed forward a little, seating my cock; and then, when the new best feeling in the world pulled halfway up my dick and then pushed back down on my shaft, I felt my entire body heat up and blush, and I went a little nuts, humping in and out of the hole in the wall like a mad-boy, relishing the deep, cushiony depths of whatever I had lucked into. My hands flew off my ass and scrabbled at the wall, and vaguely, I told myself I must look like Jeremy had that day when I caught him. I was glad I'd closed and locked the door. I felt a dragon coiling down behind my dick, in what I now know as my prostate, and as the air on both sides of the wall filled with moans, groans, and soft curses, the dragon rushed up through me and exploded like a geyser into whatever I was fucking, in the single best orgasm of my life until the first time I made love to my wife, many years later. I kept moving, and the moans on the other side crescendoed as our mutual motion petered out.


Unlike the time I'd figured out that the warm-wet was Mom's mouth, I really had no idea what I was fucking, but like that time, I stayed hard. I heard a voice say something wonderingly in Igorot, then the mouth descended on my cock, but only for a minute, apparently to clean me up. Then I felt a cool mist on my dick, and the hand rubbing in something slippery. It felt good, but it didn't last long; and then there was something hairless and soft but a little firm touching my dickhead. I held still as it pushed onto me, far tighter than anything I had ever put my dick into before. The moans on the other side got very, very loud, and there was some cursing involved. It felt like my whole dick was encased in a tight sheath, so tight it didn't want to come out when whatever it was started to pull away, and I felt a stab of deep pleasure spear through my groin like nothing I'd experienced before. I started humping back, and it quickly got easier as the lubricant did its job. I started fucking at it about a hundred miles an hour, and I heard the voice on the other side of the wall demand, "Harder! Faster!" over and over again, like a chant, and I tried to keep up, until there was a loud wail and the tightest of tightnesses gripped me like a giant's hand squishing my dick, and I came with a strangled wail of my own. If it hadn't hurt so much, it would have been better than my first orgasm, but it's still in the top ten.


Breathing like I'd been forced to outrun a semi-truck, I pulled myself back into my closet and made a point to cover up the hole and smooth down the tape, which was back to gray now. The little room was filled with a tangy, sweaty scent I later understood was one of the smells of sex, depending on what happens and how many people are involved. My dick was sore, like someone had bitten it, and it was still slippery with what I learned was a silicone lubricant. I rubbed it, and brought my moist fingers to my face. It smelled really pungent, with an undertone of chemicals and... well, frankly, what kinda smelled like poop.


I had another epiphany then. The warm-wet hole was Mom's mouth. I knew that. My first encounter through the glory hole had been a classic blowjob. From my research (mostly rumors and listening to my older brothers) a girl had three orifices you could fuck: mouth, pussy, and asshole. Jake had talked about fucking other guys in the butt back when we lived in San Diego, when him and his friends were too young to get any pussy. I suddenly realized that the hella-tight fucking place must have been: my mother's rectum! I'd fucked my own mother in the ass! The other guys had never mentioned that! She must have gotten onto her own box and backed onto my cock!


Then I realized that the wonderful, muscular, wet passage that preceded her ass could only be her pussy. I had fucked my Mom's pussy!

I was so overwhelmed I fainted. Yeah, really. Jeb found me an hour later when he unlocked the closet with his key, and asked me what the hell I was doing lying on the floor of the closet naked and in the dark.


I didn't have an answer for him then, because he wasn't yet a member of the club. He was my brother, but he wasn't my hole brother.




I never told my other brothers about the SOS and I especially didn't tell them about Mom's special "booty call." The day after, though, I got a special smile and a quick tongue kiss from Mom, my first ever. I waited and waited for it to happen again, but the only times I heard the SOS, the older boys got to Mom's glory hole first. They never mentioned fucking her ass, so I suspected they were too big for that. Looked like it was going to be up to me and Jeb.


The day he joined the club, I left the light on and leaned against the wall, watching his cute ass shimmy and buck as he got his first blowjob through the hole. Looking at that lean rear made me want to touch it, but I didn't. I have to admit I was chubbed up by the time he closed the hole, though. That's when I told him about the SOS, and about the booty call thing. His eyes went round. He'd already figured out the warm-wet was Mom's mouth, smart little fucker. He was really looking forward to pussy, and he kept bugging and bugging me about it for weeks. When I finally snapped at him and said I had no idea when Mom was going to want her ass reamed again, much less her pussy, since I wasn't even catching the SOS calls and it was our room, he didn't take offense. He just looked thoughtful. After a long moment, he said, "Jake watched me last time I used the hole."


I remembered that. Jeb had been wondering when Mom would knock again, and Jake told him to just wait till he knew Mom was in there by himself, and then to do the "Shave and a Haircut" knock. Sure enough, the warm-wet was waiting when he stuck his little pecker through. Jacob watch his performance, laughing out loud. As he told me about it, Jeb leaned forward and whispered, "And then he touched my butt and rubbed my poophole."


Surprised, I asked, "Did it feel good?"


"Heck yes it did. And he told me about the way him and his friends used to do each other, and if I ever wanted to know what it was like to have a dick in my ass, to come to him."


"Ugh," I said, though not because of the idea of getting fucked. Jake's dick was really big, like twice as long as Jeb's. That would really hurt, probably. It hurt when I passed turds that size.


"Yeah," Jeb said, still whispering, "But, well, you're a lot smaller than him? So if, you know, you didn't want to wait, we could try it. With each other. I want to see what it feels like and I know I wouldn't hurt you, since I'm still small right now."


I leaned back, eyes wide. Huh. This might be a way to do it! And he was right. I'd pushed stuff the size of his dick into my ass a few times, like my toothbrush holder, and it didn't hurt at all. It felt kinda good actually. I always made sure I was really clean before I did it, and washed everything I used. I didn't want the other boys recognizing the smell and realizing what I'd done. I wasn't ready to take Jake's cock. Or even Jermy's.


I leaned in and kissed Jeb on the ear. He shivered, obviously liking it, so I did it again and said, "Let's do it."


We couldn't do it then, though. Dad was due home any time, because it was Sunday, and Mom had an ironclad rule he had to have dinner with the family on Sunday.


I bet the other guys and our parents wondered why we were so chipper at dinner that night, though Mom did look at me sideways a couple times and smiled in that special way. And I looked at her and thought about how yummy she looked for a lady with four kids, and wondered if she tasted that yummy.


I wondered, too, what could happen if I stuck my tongue through that hole. Would it reach far enough? Probably not.




We waited until Mom was gone shopping the next day. The older boys weren't interested in being around us if Mom wasn't home, so they went out "cruising for pussy," Jake said. We just smiled smugly and wished them luck.


Jeb and I decided to do the butt thing in the closet with the door locked, 'cause only he and I had keys. We left the light on, so we could enjoy looking at each other, and made a little nest on the floor with pillows and blankets, and stripped naked. Then we made a long, fun production of slathering each other's buttholes and dicks with lotion we'd gotten from the hall bathroom. It felt really good to do that. Then I whispered to Jeb, "I wanna be fair. Since it was your idea, you can do me first."


"REALLY?" he practically shrieked, and I shushed him.


"Yeah, really. But you gotta stop if I say it hurts. 'Kay?"




I got on my hands and knees. I know now that's not the best way to do a buttfuck, but it seemed the obvious way, and we did work out other techniques later. Jeb scrambled up behind me on his knees as I crouched a little, planted his hands on my hips, and slid his pecker into my ass crack. He found my slippery pucker, and pushed inside. To our surprise, it went in easily! And it didn't hurt at all. It just stretched my sphincter, and by gosh, that felt really good. I moaned and told him huskily, "Wiggle it around a little." He did, and it felt even better as it stretched my sphincter more. "Go all the way in," I ordered, and he did in one push. It felt strange; there was an odd, deep twinge as he pushed past a bump behind my dick (that little organ called the prostate), and I moaned again. There was no pain at all, and I told him, "Start fucking me. It feels really good."


Jeb groaned, "Yeah, it does," and started moving in me slowly and steadily.


That wasn't enough, so I said, "Harder! Faster!" and he started really pumping, reaming my ass with his perfect little dick. Of course, it didn't go very deep, but it felt gooooood. It wasn't long before he busted a nut inside me, and I felt the wet warmth of his seed; but I ordered, "Keep going! Don't stop, stud boy!" because I could feel that dragon coiling in my groin again. I held myself up with one hand, grabbing my greasy dick and starting to jerk it with the other as he kept grinding his deflating root into me, and I managed to squeeze out a respectable cum that splattered onto the towel I had ready for it.


We leaned back against the walls of our little tryst room and caught our breaths. "You really think I'm a stud, Jax?" he asked after a while.


"Heck yes you are! You're a great fucker and you made me cum real good. Plus, it felt like you came like Niagara. My butt's probably leaking like a broke water faucet."


He smiled proudly and said, "I really like the booty call. If it feels to you anything like it feels to me, I'm real jealous." Then he looked at me slyly and said, "I bet you're a stud, too."


I grinned back. "You know it! And as soon as I catch my breath, you're gonna find out. I gotta warn you, though, since I already came, its gonna take a long time for me to come again."


He rolled his eyes. "Duh. I jack off twice in a row all the time!"


Ten minutes later, my six shooter was ready again. I had him get in the same position as I'd used, and checked to see if the lube was still slippery, which it was. "Okay, I'm going in," I told him. "If it hurts, tell me to stop!"


I learned two things that day. First, that Jeb's ass was even tighter than Mom's, and second, that it was as much fun to fuck boys as it was to fuck girls. (Years later, I quietly passed on that pearl of wisdom to my own sons.) As I pushed my dickhead against Jeb's anus, it popped in right away; but I was a little thicker behind the head, unlike most guys, and as I pushed forward, I could tell he was getting uncomfortable. So I pulled out and put a little more lotion on my dick. I also put it all over my forefinger, and eased that up into my brother, making him moan with pleasure. After lubing him up inside, it was a lot easier for him to take my dick, and he just moaned and groaned and shuddered as I made my way to the point where my pubes were pressed against his sweet little ass. After giving him a moment to get used to my mighty five-and-a-half-incher, I started fucking him, slowly at first, then speeding up. He never indicated a single bit of pain; in fact, he was so delirious with ecstasy that I caused him to cum before I was halfway done, spurting all over the towel. It took me fifteen very enjoyable minutes to shoot my own jizz, and he told me in no uncertain terms not to stop fucking after I filled him; I didn't, and after a few moments, he shot another thin string of cum onto the towel.


We were completely wiped out when we were done.


As we finally roused ourselves to clean up and get dressed, Jeb looked at me with a faint grin and said, "Now I understand why you were asleep in the closet naked that time."


"Ha ha, yeah."


"Let's do it again. But not right away," he suggested. "My butthole is real sore."


"Mine too, you stud, you."


"We're both studs! Ohmigod, you made me cum twice without even touching my dick!"


"If our butts are sore now, imagine what it would be like if Jake and Jeremy boned us," I said warningly. "Even if they managed to make it feel good."


"Yeah. We better not mention this. I know Jake likes boys already."


We never did, and to this day the only guy I've ever fucked, and who ever fucked me, is my brother Jeb. We still do it when we can get away with it, and each of us is a lot bigger than we used to be in the dick department. I'm starting to get the idea my three boys are having fun with each other, too, and my eldest has definitely been sending me signals. But I'm pretty sure he's a hardcore alpha, and I'm really not interested in being dommed by my own kid.


All four of us boys kept using the glory hole, but Mom reserved the "booty call protocol" for me and Jebby, though that kind of faded out as we got older and bigger. When we moved back to the States five years later, we made a new glory hole, and we each used it right up until we were grown and gone... and sometimes when we came home for a visit. It's still there, in an barely noticeable alcove of the laundry room that backs up to my parents' closet.


I've already told my boys where it is and taught them the knocks. My brothers have a boy or two each, and I suspect they've done the same. Whether their generation has the balls to use the glory hole is up to them.


I hope they get to enjoy the booty call protocol while they still can.