Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.
As well, this work of fiction depicts sexual activities between preteens, teenagers, siblings and otherwise. As such it may be illegal to view this story where you live, and you should cease reading at this point if that is the case.


CHAPTER ONE The Surprise Visit


I tossed and turned in my single-sized bed, unable to fall asleep. It just wasn't going to happen. Not tonight. I just knew it. I wasn't even remotely sleepy.

Just as that thought process began to run itself tirelessly in my head as if to taunt me, I heard a faint creak of floorboards outside my door and I instantly stopped my restless movements. Laying completely still, breathing as little as necessary so as to listen as best I could, I waited.

*CREAK* I heard it again! Someone is standing outside my door! I wasn't sure who it was or why they'd be standing outside my door at..

I very slowly turned my head to the side to see 2:33AM glaring back at me through the darkness.

..at two-thirty in the morning! My first thoughts were burglar, and then I heard it. My door slowly opening, the old door-hinges squeaking as if in protest of being woken-up so early. My heart was pounding like mad. I didn't dare move. Hell, I couldn't move, even if I had wanted to. My body had become paralysed with fear. I could hear the prodding of feet softly on my floor, surprisingly considering how loud my heart was. I was certain this intruder, whoever they were, could hear it too. The footsteps stopped and, from what I could tell, they stopped directly next to my bed. I couldn't see anything through the darkness, but I was certain they were there.

After what felt like hours, but was surely only seconds, I felt my blanket slowly start to slide down my body.

`That's odd', I thought to myself, my brain kicking into gear and throwing off some of the fear.

`Why are "they", whoever it is, removing my blanket...?'

Once the blanket was down to just below my knees, it stopped moving and then nothing. Not a sound. Not a peep. Not a thing.

`What is happening!' my brain screamed in my head. Then a hand landed on my hip. It took everything I had not to scream out in terror. I hadn't expected it. I didn't know what I expected, but I definitely knew it wasn't that.

I was dressed only in briefs and a light shirt. It wasn't cold enough to require anything more, nor hot enough for less. The hand started to work its way to my groin, moving so slowly I could hardly tell it was moving at all. But it was, and given what I'm sure was its intended destination, I started to harden, just at the thought. I still wasn't certain who's hand it was, but I had started to suspect it wasn't some stranger, breaking into our home just to fondle me. No, it was definitely one of my family members. It was sleek feeling, so I ruled out dad, and it wasn't much larger than my own, so I ruled out mum. That pretty much only left one person. Rachel, my 14 year old sister.

`What the hell is she thinking?!' I thought, shocked at the result of my deductions.

My sister, Rachel, was two years older than myself and had never shown this kind of attention to me, EVER. Not that I could recall anyhow. We were always fighting and arguing, as brothers and sisters always do. That wasn't to say that I didn't love her, but I had never thought about her the way she clearly thought about me!

The hand stopped mere millimetres away from my hardened member. I was pretty much at full attention, all 4 inches of it. I could feel my penis pulsating, waiting for my sister's hand to touch it, but she didn't move.

She had stopped and I suppose must have been weighing her conscious about whether or not to do it. It didn't last long. All of a sudden she had her palm completely rested on top of my penis. An electric shock ran up my spin at the sensation of another person's hand touching me there, even if it was through my briefs. She slowly moved her palm over it, going in little circular motions, gently touching the sides with her fingers. I was in heaven. I did everything I could not to move or make a sound. No way was I going to risk ruining this by alerting her that I was awake.

She stopped with her stroking, and gently placed her fingers underneath the waistband of my briefs, lifting them off my hips slightly.

She then started to slide them down my hips, down my thighs, and eventually stopped at my knees. I was now completely naked from the waist down for all to see. Except that nobody could see because it was pitch black. But I didn't mind one bit. It meant I didn't have to worry about keeping my eyes shut.

I heard a rustling of clothes for a moment and then without warning her hand wrapped around my penis. The feeling was so intense I nearly couldn't refrain from jumping from my bed. She started to slowly slide up and down.

`My sister is masturbating me..!' I couldn't believe it. What had gotten into her! I had known about masturbation since I was 10, having accidentally stumbled across porn on the computer once. Porn became my know-all for anything sex-related.

With one hand slowly jacking me, her other hand grabbed my left hand and brought it to her bare breasts. The feeling of her soft breasts underneath my hand, mixed with her slowly jerking me off, was amazing.

I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the mixture of feelings flood over me. Her breast was surprisingly sizeable in my hand. Her stiff nipple pushing into my palm as her hand, wrapped over mine, squeezed gently but firmly. I wasn't sure how much longer I could stand it. I knew I was going to climax any minute now, the feelings too much for my prepubescent body.

As if knowing how close I was, my sisters jerking became more rapid, my hips ever so slightly bucking in her hands to meet her movements. My hand clutched her breast hard. My body stiffened and my hips thrusted up. I hadn't quite started producing sperm like they did in the pornos, but something clear and liquidly still came out, spilling over my sister's hand and over my stomach and legs.

I must have blacked out from the severity of the climax, because the next thing I remember was waking up to sunlight filtering through my window.

I stared up at my ceiling, remembering everything that had happened last night. Or did it? I couldn't be sure. It started to feel faintly like a dream. I looked down, and saw my briefs were on. I lifted them up and stared at my already stiffening member.

Just thoughts of last night were enough to get his attention. He felt a little sticky, as did my stomach and legs. I wondered. I looked at the clock. It was 7:52AM. Still a little uncertain, but not about to waste a perfectly good Saturday lying in bed, I slide my legs out of bed and stood up.

"Wet", was the first thought that came to my head as my feet landed on my floorboards. Right next to my bed, the boards were wet, if only very slightly.

I knew it now. As I said, I'd seen enough pornos to know that girls get wet when they get excited. Clearly my devious sister had forgotten to clean her mess after cleaning mine. Confirming now what I had been all but certain about, I decided I wasn't going to mention anything to her and just see if there was more of last night's activities in store for me.

With that, I headed down stairs to prepare some breakfast.



This is my first time writing a story of any sort. Sorry that it isn't very long, but I kind of just wanted to get it out for people to read before I dived into something long and eventful. Plus I'm not much of a writer so I don't really know if this will go down well, but I do hope you enjoy it. If I feel confident enough, there will be more to come.