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Oh, and if you have problems with adult/young incest, you might want to skip this one.


Timeline – Sunday Night

Cheryl had forgotten how wonderful it was to sleep with a man; sleep in his arms all night… or most of it. She looked at her watch, and then rolled away from Brandon toward his phone. She dialed the number from memory. “Able?” she said when he answered.

“Yeah,” came Able’s groggy reply.

“Can you open the shop for me, Able?”

“Umm, yeah, sure… you OK?”

“Yeah. I just need for you to open for me, OK. I haven’t gotten much sleep.”

Brandon moved up behind her, pressing the length of his body to the back of hers. His hand slid over her stomach and up between her breasts. He pressed his mouth to the side of her neck and she sighed.

“Think you’ll be in later, then?” Able asked.

“I don’t know, Abe,” she said, honestly, sliding her hand over the one Brandon had on her chest.

“Ok, Cheryl. It’s not like you don’t deserve a day off. Take a rest.”

“Thanks, Abe. I owe you.

“No. I still owe you. See you tomorrow, Cheryl.”

She hung up the phone and rolled toward Brandon, onto her back. He smiled down at her, running his hand over her firm, left breast and cocking a leg up over hers. She felt his erection press her hip as he lowered his lips to hers.

They kissed and he wrapped her in his arms. “It’s been so long since I’ve had a night like this.” Brandon said. He always came only once with Linda, his wife, and then they would each move to their side of the bed. But tonight with Cheryl, they had made love over and over, and Cheryl had made love back; she had been passionate under him, over him, beside him. Brandon felt young again, and alive… and she was so beautiful.

But when he said it had been a long time since he had a night like this, it wasn’t entirely true. There was one night, which he wouldn’t tell her about … the night he brought Cheryl’s twelve-year-old son and nine-year-old nephew back to his room. He had felt young then, too; like a boy perhaps, sex playing like boys. But boys don’t fall in love the way Brandon did.

He had befriended the fatherless boy, and had been stirred by him, physically. But it wasn’t until Andy – misunderstanding Brandon’s intentions, or perhaps understanding them better than Brandon did himself – offered to sex with him, that Brandon actually thought about making love to the boy; and then he couldn’t stop thinking about it.

He brought Andy back to his bed, and Rave, Andy’s young cousin, followed. For a moment, there, pressed against Cheryl’s side, he remembered the feel of the boy; the feel of his slender body, his lips, his little butt cupped in Brandon’s hand. Linda and her affairs had made him feel less than a man, made him feel emasculated; but that night with Andy and Rave, he escaped. Perhaps that was why he fell in love with the boy so easily.

And now he was falling in love with Andy’s mother; a different kind of love to be sure. Instead of escape and play, she gave him passion. With her, he felt male again.

He lifted his head and gazed down into her light gray eyes. He smoothed back her long, jet-black hair and brushed his fingertips over the smooth skin of her cheek. At first glance, Cheryl looked like a teenager. But here, close, he could believe that she was the twenty-eight-years old he knew her to be. It showed around her eyes; just barely. And that was understandable… pregnant at sixteen, single mom. He caressed her face. She was a beautiful woman, and she writhed under him when they made love.

Cheryl smiled up at him, and he combed his fingers into her hair. It was his turn to adore her now. She had adored him earlier, after the first long round of lovemaking; when he had spent himself twice before rolling to his back. She moved up over him then, exploring his runner’s body with her lips and hands.

Now it was his turn, and he kissed down over her chin and onto her throat, then down between her breasts… not large breasts, but lovely… creamy skin, firm. He closed his hand over her left breast and was pleased at how it fit under his palm. He closed his mouth over her right nipple, and Cheryl ran her fingers into the sandy-colored hair on both sides of his head to grab on.

He sucked her nipple to hardness and while sucking, moved his body over her; his belly between her legs. Her left nipple was already hard, but he sucked it as well, while running his fingertip over her right areole. He slid up on her and covered her mouth with his. Holding her by her shoulders with both hands, he probed with his cock and found the soft folds of her labia with his cockhead. He pressed forward with his hips and Cheryl spread her legs out to the sides, lifting her pelvis to meet him. His cock slipped in, and he felt her sheath him, the warm, moist lining of her vagina sliding down his shaft; all the way down until his balls pressed under her labia.


“Daddy… ” Lindsay started to say, coming into the kitchen the next morning. She pulled up short when she saw Cheryl sitting on a stool at the breakfast bar. Seven-year-old Lindsay studied her with big brown eyes from under her thick tousle of brown hair.

“This is my daughter, Lindsay,” Brandon said. “Lindsay, say good morning to Ms. Menlo. This is Andy and Raven’s mom.”

Lindsay kept one eye on Cheryl as she went to her dad and hugged him around a leg. She was tall enough that hugging her dad around the leg put her arms high up his thigh.

Brandon was in his running shorts and singlet. Cheryl was dressed in shorts and a blouse. Lindsay wondered what Cheryl was doing in her kitchen.

Just then, her nine-year-old brother, Neal came in wearing only his underwear; red briefs. He paused when he saw Cheryl; he’d never seen her before.

But Cheryl knew him. She had seen him on the surveillance cameras she had put in at her home; the cameras that her children didn’t know about yet. She had seen Neal’s slender little form and mop of brown hair before. He was tall for his age, like Rave. Cheryl decided that he was a much cuter kid in person, in an all-boy sort of way.

Brandon repeated the introductions for Neal. “She’s here to talk about our firm doing some of her bookkeeping.

The children nodded, not really interested in adult business and satisfied that it explained away Cheryl’s presence. They sat down for breakfast at the kitchen table, and then each stole glances at Cheryl because she was pretty… pretty like her children, Andy, Angela, and Rave.


Jason and Kyle had gone home, at least for a while; they both indicated they might come back later to ‘hang.’ So it was just the three of them in the living room; Andy, Angela, and Rave. They were naked because they didn’t always dress around the house and didn’t expect anybody over.

Angela and Rave had moved in less than two weeks before, and yet they were more relaxed and natural around Andy, and he around them, than most siblings. But then, in that short time, they had taken Andy from being a virgin to a becoming a budding sexual virtuoso. Most pre-teens are natural athletes anyway, and Andy was far from being an exception. And he was equipped for it. He was twelve years old and like many twelve-year-old boys, his hands, feet, and genitals had taken a head-start on growth.

Though they had seen little of each other over the years, they had always known that they were cousins; Andy the son of Cheryl and the other two the children of Cheryl’s sister, Gracie. However, the day before they learned that they had the same dad, their uncle Andrew; younger brother to Cheryl and older brother to Gracie. He had impregnated his sisters – Gracie twice – before being killed by a car his senior year in high school.

Andy, Angela, and Rave looked like the siblings they were. Rave at nine looked like a younger clone of Andy. At first glance and depending how she was dressed, Angela, who was eleven and flat-chested, sometimes looked like a third brother. That is, until she moved when the slight rounding of her hips and the grace of her moments betrayed her femininity.

Actually, all three kids were somewhat androgynous, with slender bodies, delicate features, thin faces, and long limbs. They all wore their jet-black hair long; the boys down past their shoulders, Angela down her back – all three with jet-black hair that had a sheen to it and had earned Tommy his nickname of Raven which Andy had shortened to Rave.

There was nothing androgynous about the boys when they were naked, though. Both had inherited their father’s generous endowment. Andy’s erections were already stretching to six inches and Rave’s were to four. Rave’s was already as thick as a man’s thumb and Andy’s was thicker.

The three shared other traits of their father; pale blue eyes, white skin, and so little body fat that the seams of their muscles showed, even on Angela. They were hairless as well, except for Andy who had sprouted two pubic hairs just to the right and above his cock and one to the left. That is, they had been there, but Rave plucked them out when they were playing three days prior.

Cheryl, who had a business to run and couldn’t be home any day but Sunday, suspected their sex play almost as soon as it began, and had surveillance cameras put in her house when the kids were away. What she saw after that blew her away. What she hadn’t seen would eventually blow her away even more.

The conversation about their father came the morning before when Cheryl told the children that she knew what they were up to. She didn’t tell them about the cameras, letting them think instead that she had walked in on them. She told them that she understood, and wouldn’t stop them, but to be careful. She told them that because besides sex, she had seen something else between them on the camera’s; affection. The three fatherless children had found each other, and they ‘fit’ together even before finding out that they actually were brothers and sister.

If Cheryl had been watching the cameras at that moment, she would have seen Rave pull on shorts, trainers, and a shirt, and grab up his skateboard and head for the front door. He paused, set down the board and returned to where Andy lay on the couch watching TV. He knelt beside him and smiled.

The boys grinned at each other, then Rave leaned forward to kiss his big brother. They hugged. And then Rave went out the door.


Jenny, Lindsay’s seven-year-old friend from down the block had come over and the two girls were playing with dolls on the living room floor. Neal had gone off to his room and his Xbox, but Brandon called him out.

“You guys behave now,” Brandon said. “Cheryl and I are going back to my study to discuss business, and it’s going to take some time. Neal, don’t bother the girls and before you ask, it’s ok to go out with your skateboard, but you girls stay here.”

Standing beside Brandon, Cheryl’s eyes fell on the dolls that the girls were playing with. The two little girls had stripped Barbie and Ken and had posed the two in a missionary position. She glanced at Brandon but he didn’t seem to notice. Instead, he took her hand with a smile and led her back to his study; his office away from the office.

The three children watched them vanish down the hall and heard the door close. They looked at each other. “You guys wanna sex together?” Neal asked, rubbing the front of his shorts.

The girls looked at each other and giggled.

The doorbell rang.

“Oh shit!” Brandon said to Cheryl, back in the study; they were already naked and he was hard as hell.

“Oh shit!” Neal said to his sister and Jenny. He had just started a boner. He got up and went to the door.

Back in the study, the two adults listened carefully. “It’s probably just another kid,” Brandon speculated. “The kids will come get us if they need me and the door’s locked. They’ll have to knock.”

Neal opened the door and grinned. It was Rave. “Dude,” Neal said, holding the door open. “Perfect timing. Lindsay, Jenny, and me are gonna sex together.”

Rave started to say something about already having sexed all night with Kyle, but then, he and Kyle had only sexed one time that morning, and at nine years old, Rave could sex a lot of times.

Rave liked the two little girls. He didn’t think of it in terms of having taken their virginity, but he was the one who had introduced each of them to sexing. “Cool,” he said.

He set his skateboard down in the entry way. “Where’s your dad?” he asked.

“Oh,” Neal said, remembering, “he’s with your mom back in the study.”

“My mom?” Rave asked, puzzled. Cheryl was always at the shop during the day. What was she doing with Brandon in his study?

“She’s talking to my dad about accounting stuff, and he said they’d take a long time and for us to behave,” Neal said with a grin. “We were about to behave real good.”

Neal didn’t about Andy and Rave having sexed with his dad. But it meant that Rave thought of Brandon in sexual ways his son, Nead, did not. That’s why it occurred to Rave to wonder if business was really what the two adults were talking about in the back.

The boys had come into the living room now. Neal put his finger to his lips to shush the girls and waved them all to follow him back to his room. Once there, he locked the door and grinned. “Let’s do it!”

The four kids stripped, the boys faster than the girls. Both had already sprouted boners. Neal was a well-endowed little guy like Rave. They glanced at each other’s erection, and at the same time, reached to stroke the other boy while the girls finished taking off their clothes. The boys stroked roughly, laughing the way nine-year-old boys do when holding nine-year-old cocks.

“Lindsay and me… we did it different last night,” Neal said. “I laid behind her and we sexed that way.”

Rave nodded. He had done it that way with Angela before, spooned from behind, but Angela was bigger and he hadn’t liked it as much. It might be different with Lindsay. He was watching her as she pulled off her panties. “I get Lindsay first,” Rave said.

“Cool, I get Jenny,” Neal agreed as the little girls came forward to face them. “I’ll get the KY stuff Andy bought us.”

Rave glanced at the bed as Lindsay’s hand replaced her brother’s on Rave’s upward jutting spike of a cock. “If we’re gonna do the behind thing… the sexing from behind,” Rave said, “then we could all lie down in a sixty-nine kind of thing and while I’m sexing Lindsay, she and I can play with Jenny’s pussy and you guys can play with Lindsay’s.

The girls looked inquiringly at the boys. “Your pussy is your pee-pee,” Neal explained.

“Oh,” the girls nodded, fingering their pee-pees.

The four of them climbed up onto the bed, kneeling on top of it as Rave tried to explain what he meant by the positioning and finally, he simply laid the girls down head to bald, miniature vulva. They quickly got the idea, fingering each other as the boys shared the KY to lubricate their cocks first, and then the seven-year-olds’ vaginas from behind.

They had to get a little space between the girls and work the positioning some for the boys to enter the girls from behind, but it worked, each boy spooning the little girl in front of him; molding his body to the back of her smaller one. Soon the four were jerkily bumping bodies the way nine-year-old boys do when sexing seven-year-old girls. And they discovered that if they opened legs up, they could play with the boys marble-size balls as well as the girls little pussies, and they could see what was happening at each end. They could hear it too; the rhythmic squishing.


Cheryl plucked at Brandon’s blond chest hair. She glanced up at his face. His eyes were closed. Brandon was handsome, in a decidedly manly way. Though he wasn’t muscular, he was slender and fit; a runner. She liked that. Andrew had been a runner.

She kiss Brandon’s nipple. He stroked her back.

“I can take you guys to a late lunch,” he suggested.

“You won’t worry about someone seeing us together and telling Linda?” she asked.

Brandon stroked her hair, thinking. “She’s the one who’s been having affairs,” he said. “I’m not sure that she was ever faithful to me.” He kissed the top of her head. “Phoenix is a big place. We aren’t likely to run in to anybody, especially friends of Linda’s. She doesn’t have that many. Besides,” he said, “I want to be with you.”

Cheryl nodded. She hadn’t felt this way about anybody since… well since Andrew. “Before we go,” she said. “One last time?”

Brandon smiled. “I can’t believe I’ve gotten it up as many times as I have already. I don’t think I can…” he broke off because Cheryl started kissing down his belly.


“Kids!” Brandon called out as they emerged from the study. “Lindsay? Neal?”

The adults came out into the living room and glanced into the kitchen. The rooms were empty. But then they heard a door open, back down the bedroom hall, and the two little girls came running out, followed by Neal and Rave at a slower pace. “Oh, hi, Rave,” Brandon said. “I didn’t know you were here.”

Cheryl paled a bit when she saw her nephew.

“Hi, Aunt Mom,” Rave said with a grin.

She swallowed and forced a smile. If Rave suspected anything, he didn’t show it. “Hi, nephew-son,” she answered.

Rave’s smile broadened.

“Were the boys letting you guys play Xbox?” Brandon asked, tousling Lindsay’s hair.

The kids glanced at each other. “They watched us play,” Neal answered quickly.

Brandon nodded, looking around the room for his car keys. But Cheryl suspected something from the kids’ behavior and she studied them. She had already seen Rave having sex with his sister and brother, and with Kyle; she’d seen it on the videos. Her eyes met Raves and for a brief instant there passed a wordless question and impossible-to-hide answer from each of them. They said nothing, but each guessed what the other had been up to… and it shook Cheryl, briefly. Whatever the boys were doing with the little girls, it was sexual.

“We’re taking you guys to lunch,” Brandon said, spotting his keys. “That is, if you want to go.”

“Yeah!” the girls cried out, hopping up and down while clapping their hands. “Chuckie Cheese!” Lindsay called out.

Brandon and Cheryl exchanged glances. “I know a quiet corner in the back,” Brandon said with a resigned smile. “Well… quiet meaning relatively quiet. You only have to yell a little.”

Cheryl smiled. “Can we stop by to pick up Andy and Angela if they’re home? It wouldn’t seem right to leave them out, though they might not want to go to Chuckie Cheese.”

“Sure,” Brandon said, spreading his arms to herd them all toward the door.


Leaving the other kids in the car for a moment, Brandon accompanied Cheryl to her front door. Because they had been joking about what games they would want to play together at Chuckie Cheese, she didn’t think to warn Andy and Angela about getting some clothes on. She and Brandon walked in to find Andy screwing Angela in the middle of the living room floor.

Brandon’s jaw dropped only slightly faster than his exhausted cock began to thicken once more.

“Oh, geez,” Cheryl murmured as the two pre-teens froze in mid-stroke on the floor.

For a moment, the four simply stared at each other. “We thought you were at work,” Andy murmured, dumbly.

“We came by to see if you wanted to go to lunch with us,” Cheryl answered, the situation feeling absolutely surreal.

There was a moment of awkward silence. “Where?” Andy finally asked.

“Chuckie Cheese. That’s where Neal’s little girl wants to go. She and her friend and Neal and Tommy are all out in the car.”

Andy glanced down at Angela. “Umm… maybe some other time,” he said.

It struck Cheryl as completely, incongruously funny because she knew her son, and she knew he really would like to go. His answer was almost like one he would have given her if he was in the middle of an Nintendo game and she had asked.

“We’ll give you a few minutes to get ready,” she said, backing her and Brandon to the door. “We’ll be out front, but don’t take too long. There are four wild kids in Brandon’s car.”

The two adults backed out the door. Cheryl pulled it closed and Brandon stared numbly at her, his mouth still agape.

“I’ve known,” she said.

“But…” he started to say, but then found no words.

“Let’s sit down,” Cheryl said, pointing to the front porch swing. “I’ve got a long story to tell you about my three children, and me and their dad and my sister. Then maybe you’ll understand.”


“So,” she said, studying Brandon’s face as she finished telling her tale at a table in the rear of Chuckie Cheese. She and Brandon were alone at the table as Angela and Andy were out with the kids, baby sitting them from game to game. “Are you disgusted, Brandon? Do you think I’m some kind of perverted mom for letting this happen?”

Brandon shook his head. What would she think of him? What would she think if she found out that he’d had sex with both Andy and Rave? What would she think about how he felt for her twelve-year-old son?

“Brandon,” she said, taking his hand into hers and squeezing it. “Try to understand. If you could just see how they are together. Like Andy and Tommy… they each love having a brother now. Sometimes, they just show so much affection for each other. And Andy and Angela… maybe it’s because they bring back memories of me and Andrew, but they are so lovely together. I…”

Brandon shook his head. “No,” he said. “I’m not going to condemn you. It’s actually a sweet story the way you tell it. About you and your brother, and about the way you say the kids feel about each other. You’ll have some interesting challenges in a year or two, though.”

She nodded. “I’ve warned them,” she said. “I’ve warned them that things will have to change; that they will have to be careful to not let Angela get pregnant.” She smiled at him nervously. “I can’t believe I’ve told anyone about this. I didn’t think I’d ever be able to. And yet, I thought I might go crazy trying to keep it to myself.”

He leaned forward, squeezing her shoulder. “Someday, maybe, I’ll tell you some things about me,” he said. And then, for a moment, he remembered the sight of Andy and Angela on the floor; Andy’s narrow, little hips between her long, thin legs… just kids, belly to belly. He remembered the sight… and the feel… of Andy’s long back and low, rounded little butt. Brandon swallowed. What would it be like living in a house with that going on?


Before supper, Cheryl retreated to her room and pulled up the video from earlier in the day before she and Brandon got there. She watched Andy and Angela on the floor and marveled once more at how her son’s hips became a blur between Angela’s legs when they were building to their climax. Not even Andrew had pumped like that; rabbit fucking… she had heard the term and now knew for sure what it really meant. Someday perhaps, she would have to show Brandon video of the way Andy looked when he really got going. She’d show Brandon the video and tell him, “that’s the way I want you to do it to me.”

She missed Brandon already. She wished she could spend this next night with him as well. But she needed to go to work in the morning. Besides, what would his kids think if she were over there at night? And yet, after watching the Andy and Angela on the video… she wanted Brandon.

Cheryl turned off the monitor and started to go back out from her room to the kids, but paused. If they could run around the house naked – or with hardly anything on when she was around – if Angela could lie around the house in her T-shirt and panties, well then Cheryl sure ought to be able to do the same. She kicked off her shoes.

Back when Cheryl was first on her own and until Andy was about five or six, she would lounge around in just her bra and panties, or even naked. She still often went without a bra at home. And she had always let Andy lounge around in his underwear. So Cheryl didn’t think it was that big a deal when she rejoined the children, bra-less, in just bikini panties and a T-shirt, her hair loose down her back.

But Andy was twelve now, and in recent days, he had not only become sexually active, but active with girls… Angela, Krystan, even Lindsay. When Cheryl came out in just a T-shirt, and he was in the kitchen getting a glass of water, he glanced at her and saw her for the first time as a sexual female. He swallowed hard.

Cheryl caught the look. Any female of any age notices when any male of any age looks at her the way Andy did. It surprised her for a moment since he was her son, but then she smiled and headed for the living room. It shouldn’t surprise her. After all, it was hard not to think of him as a male – as a sexual male – how could she not think of him that way after watching him on video.

It was flattering, actually, she decided. To still be admired by a boy at her age. And then, coming into the living room, Rave looked up from where he had been sitting to watch TV, and he gave her a look, not unlike the one Andy had given her.

Damn, Cheryl thought, pleased with herself. Twenty-eight years old and I’ve still got it! She smiled at Rave.

“Wow, Aunt Mom,” Rave said with a grin. “Nice T-shirt. I bet Brandon would like that.”

Cheryl glanced at Angela who was sitting in another chair, and wondered whether she should worry if the kids knew about her and Brandon. Then she almost laughed at herself. At the rate they were heading, what would the kids and she not know about each other? “You think he would like this?” she asked Rave with a pleased smile, tugging down the hem of her shirt and mincing like a young girl.

He looked her up and down and nodded.

The look stirred her; just a little. In that moment, it occurred to Cheryl that living in a house with two sexually active males – no matter how young they were – might have its challenges. She hoped Brandon was up to relieving the stress for her. And then she wondered about how she could keep up an affair with him while keeping it from his kids and wife. She wanted him now. She would want him every night. When Linda came home, how would she get time with Brandon?

“What’s for supper?” Angela asked.

Cheryl left off her musings.

“Not pizza again,” Andy hopefully said, coming up from behind Cheryl.

She laughed, throwing her arm over his shoulder. The top of his head came only to her chin, and standing next to him like this, it was easier to remember he was just a kid. She gave his shoulders a friendly shake. “You pick, then.”

Andy grinned. “Pot pies.” He liked pot pies.

“You sure this will be enough?” Cheryl asked, eyeing the four pot pies as she and the kids sat down to supper.

“Sure, Mom. We’ll be fine,” Andy assured her.

“Sodas and pot pies,” Cheryl said, shaking her head. Then she got up from the table and went to the fridge. “I’m going to have a little cheese and wine with mine.”

“Me, too!” Andy said. Angela and Rave glanced up. “Sometimes Mom lets me have wine,” Andy explained.

“Just a little,” Cheryl said, eying Rave and Angela speculatively. “I suppose I could let you two try some as well.” She chose three types a cheese from the refrigerator and two type of crackers from the panty. Then she chose a Rhine wine; one slightly on the sweet side since Andy liked that.

She put out the cheese and crackers and then opened the wine bottle, setting out four small wine glasses. Rave glance at Angela with a grin.

“This is nice,” Cheryl said, rejoining them at the table. “This last week I’ve come home so tired and we’ve eaten so rushed at night, I don’t feel like I’ve gotten to know you guys like I should… and you three are becoming so close.”

The kids exchanged glances. “I only mean that you kids really like each other. I’ve noticed,” she explained, pouring each of them half a glass of wine. She smiled. “I’ve felt a little left out. But today’s been nice. Maybe I need to take more days off.”

The kids exchanged glances again. “That’d be nice, Mom,” Andy said.

“You really think so?” Cheryl asked.

“Sure,” he said with a smile, taking a bite of pot pie. “This is fun.”

Andy was on her left and she patted his arm. “Remember,” Cheryl said with a smile, “how we used to watch TV after supper and I’d brush your hair for you and get you to brush mine or rub my shoulders.”

Rave and Angela exchanged glances. Cheryl caught it. “Oh, kids, kids,” she quickly said, reaching to pat Rave’s arm and reaching over the table to take Angela’s hand. “I didn’t mean anything by that. Of course it was special when it was just me and Andy. But this is special, too. I’m so glad you guys are here. Really!” She squeezed Angela’s hand and Rave’s arm and looked at each of them in turn. “It has surprised me how quickly you three have become the brothers and sister you really are. I’m really happy about that. But I belong to our family too,” she added with a wink. “Just don’t leave me out.”

Rave smiled and patted her arm. “We won’t leave you out, Aunt Mom,” he said with a grin. “You fix good food and give us wine.”

Cheryl grinned and mussed his hair.

Thirty minutes later, they were laughing as Cheryl poured out the last of the wine. She had drunk half of it, but it was little Rave who was laughing most loudly. She had been telling them about a time she and Gracie had locked Andrew out of the house without clothes on.

“You used to be naked around the house all the time,” Andy observed. “When I was little you did that.”

Cheryl chuckled and glanced embarrassedly at Angela and Rave. “Well it was just us back then.”

“Well it’s just us now,” Rave said with a grin. “We go naked sometimes.”

Angela shushed him which caused Cheryl to laugh. “It’s not like I’m surprised, Angela. Especially after finding you and Andy today.”

Angela blushed.

“We could go naked now,” Rave suggested.

Andy frowned. “I don’t know.”

Rave grinned at Cheryl. “He’s afraid he’ll spring a boner.”

Cheryl had to laugh at Rave’s impish grin. “And I’d be embarrassed for you to see my old body,” she said, giving a tousle to his hair.

“No!” Rave protested. “You don’t have an old body.”

“You’re pretty,” Angela said in surprise. Her eyes dropped to Cheryl’s chest and then to her own, flat chest.

Cheryl smiled at her. “You have a lovely little body, Angela.” And then partly because of the effect of the wine, Cheryl sat up with a smile. “Let’s do it. We’re all family now, right?” She pulled off her shirt.

The eyes of all three children went to her breasts. Cheryl grinned sheepishly, momentarily embarrassed by her impetuous act. “I guess they aren’t much,” she said, covering her breasts with her hands.

“They’re great!” Rave said with a happy grin. He lifted his butt from his chair long enough to pull off his shorts so that he was naked.

“They’re perfect,” Andy said with a quiet awe.

“They’re beautiful,” Angela murmured.

Cheryl smiled and lowered her hands.

First Rave and then Andy turned to look at Angela, expectantly. With a shrug, Angela pulled off her shirt and then crossed her arms over her chest.

“Ange,” Andy said, reaching up to rub the back of her shoulder. “You’re beautiful, too, Ange,” he told her with an encouraging smile.

Angela smiled shyly and lowered her arms. Then, as Rave had done, she lifted her butt from her chair long enough to pull off her panties. Andy smiled at her, and did the same with his shorts. Cheryl pulled hers off then, and the four of them sat naked and grinning at each other; grinning partly because of the effect of the wine.

“Wait, wait!” Cheryl said. She went to the fridge, the kids watching her slender body. Then she returned with a half-empty bottle of wine from a previous night. The eyes of the three kids dropped to Cheryl’s dark patch of pubic hair and stayed there as she stood at the table and poured them each a little more wine.

Cheryl took her seat and held her glass up over the table. “C’mon kids,” she said. “A toast.”

The children held up their glasses to hers. “To always being natural and relaxed around each other,” Cheryl said, tapping each of their glasses with hers. And then they each drank.

Cheryl closed her eyes and swallowed, feeling very good. “Well,” she said, opening them again. “We can clean all this up later. You guys want to watch something on TV?”

Angela and Rave nodded and started to get up from the table. Rave’s little cock was semi-hard. Cheryl got up as well and glanced down at her son. “Come on, sport,” she said with a grin. “It’s not like I haven’t already gotten a glimpse.”

Slowly, Andy stood, his twig of a cock pointing up from between his legs. Cheryl smiled. “Nothing to be ashamed of, honey. You can thank your dad for that.” She looked him up and down and patted his back. “You really are a little hottie.” She looked at each kid in turn. “All of you can thank your dad; you’re all gorgeous children.”

She stepped back from the table at the same time Andy turned from it and suddenly, her breast was in his face and his cock was jutting up an inch from her thigh. They froze for a moment, his eyes locked on her nipple.

Cheryl laughed. “It’s not like you haven’t seem them before,” she pointed out. “That’s where you got your first meal.”

Andy glanced up at her, and then did something he wouldn’t have done without the wine; he extended a thin finger to her areole. Cheryl watched, amused until he touched her, and then she caught her breath, surprised by the feel of his touch. Rave immediately stepped up from the other side, his cock rising as he extended a finger to Cheryl’s other nipple.

Each boy tentatively pressed, and Cheryl swallowed hard, conscious of two hard little cocks so close to her legs. Her nipples quickly hardened to points.

“Well,” she said, taking a deep breath. “I thought we were going to watch TV.” She stepped away from the boys and toward the living room.

The children followed.

Cheryl lay back on the couch. Andy and Angela stacked a couple of pillows and took the floor. Rave took the chair across from Cheryl, sprawling across it, his head on one armrest and his feet thrown over the other. They looked at each other; at each other’s nakedness.

Then Cheryl began switching through the channels on the TV. But she and Rave turned to glance down at the floor when Andy and Angela started laughing. They were wrestling, and Andy rolled onto her. He tickled her and Angela threw her head back, crying out. Her legs parted and Andy’s hips settled between them. He tickled her again and they squirmed, laughing louder.

Cheryl glanced at Rave, and she could tell the little guy wanted in on the fun, but just then Andy kissed Angela and they grew quiet, and the fun wasn’t exactly the same. Cheryl waved Tommy over.

Grinning, Rave jumped up from the chair and ran to her, his little semi wagging. He jumped up onto her, laughing and she dug her fingers into his ribs. She held him tightly with an arm across his back while tickling him with her free hand. He squirmed and laughed, she tickled, and she felt his little press against her; just inside her hip.

On the floor, Angela wrapped her arms over Andy’s shoulders and they ground their groins together.

Cheryl and Rave noticed and their tickling slowed as they watched. Cheryl wondered whether she should stop the two of them before they started screwing on the living room floor in front of her and Tommy; but then… she was the one who had let them all get naked and she was the one who laughed off the boys having erections… and right now, little Rave’s erection was pressing just inside her leg. She was feeling the wine, and if Andy and Angela were going to have sex, she wanted to see it for real for once and not on a video monitor.

Her left breast was in front of Rave’s face. He laid his hand on it. Lightly and softly, he squeezed it to see what it felt like. When Cheryl and Rave grew quiet, Andy glanced up; to see Rave squeezing his mom’s breast. Andy wanted to know what that felt like as well. He glanced at Angela. “I wanna squeeze it, too,” he said, and then giggled at the thought.

Cheryl recognized Andy’s giggle for what it was; he was tipsy.

Andy scrambled up to kneel beside the couch and replaced Rave’s hand with his own. Rave slid toward the back of the couch, shifting to Cheryl’s other breast, his little stiffy pressing her hip and his leg falling between hers. Angela came up to kneel beside Andy, and her hand joined his on Cheryl’s left breast.

Cheryl said nothing but closed her eyes, letting the children find out about breasts. She was enjoying it. Rave put his mouth on the tit in his hand and tentatively sucked, tonguing the hardness of Cheryl’s nipple. Her mouth fell open.

Seeing that, Andy lowered his mouth to Cheryl’s left breast and tested the feel of her tightened areole and nipple with his tongue. After a moment, Angela nuzzled him out of the way to try sucking Cheryl’s breast herself.

Andy’s attention fell to his mom’s heaving stomach. At twenty-eight and active, Cheryl’s body was in excellent shape and he could see her belly muscles working. Andy slid his hand over them and down… down to where Rave’s leg lay just under her crotch. Cheryl had only a small pubic patch, but the hair there was luxuriously thick and jet black against her white skin. Without pausing to consider, Andy ran his fingers into it, combing it, feeling the soft coarseness of the hair.

Cheryl’s legs parted, and he ran his fingers down over her labia, testing the feel. They were as soft as Angela’s.

Cheryl kept her eyes closed. She knew it was Andy’s hand between her legs; his big, little twelve-year-old hand long little fingers. She felt them probing and she spread her legs a little more. He was curious just like any boy his age would be. It was OK, she thought, that he learns about a woman’s anatomy. She swallowed. His fingers, and the mouths of the other two children at her breasts, quickened her pulse.

Andy was bent over her waist now. Her labia looked so much bigger than Angela’s. He pulled them apart and saw her inner lips, deep pink. And her clitoris… he recognized it because of Angela’s but Cheryl’s was much bigger. It was hard, and Andy knew that his mom must be enjoying this. He rubbed around it the way Angela liked for him to do. Cheryl squirmed and moaned softly. Rave rubbed his stiffy against her hip and rubbed his face on her breast.

Cheryl shifted, opening her legs even more while at the same time, reaching down between her side and Rave’s belly to close her fingers around his slender erection. She had wanted to feel it with her hand and on impulse, made a tube with the fingers of her hand for the boy. Tommy started pumping jerkily into it while clinging to her and sucking at her breast. She smiled to herself. Tommy was like a little puppy.

Angela lifted her head from Cheryl’s breast and glanced up at her face. Cheryl’s eyes were closed and her mouth was slightly open in a half-smile. Angela thought her pretty, and that Cheryl’s lips were like her son, Andy’s lips. Angela, too, was feeling the effects of the wine, and she bent to touch her lips to Cheryl’s.

Andy saw Angela move up; saw Cheryl’s body open to him, her belly heaving, her labia pink. Even at only twelve, the sight of an aroused female stirred him. He slid up over her, resting his upturned cock against her hot vulva as he lowered his belly to hers. His head came only to her chin; he bent to press his mouth to the breast Angela had left uncovered. And he began to move his hips, rubbing his erection in the soft warmth between his mom’s legs.

Cheryl was distracted by Angela’s mouth on hers. The eleven-year-old was probing into her mouth with her tongue. Cheryl reached out, at first simply to lay her hand on the girl’s side, but when she did so, her hand fell inside Angela’s thigh. And then, because Rave was already pumping into her other hand, it seemed natural, almost symmetrical to reach with this hand between Angela’s legs and cup the girl’s small pubic mound. She fingered around Angela’s little vagina while gently rubbing her labia and clitoris with her fingers and palm. Angela’s hips responded.

Andy’s legs had settled between Cheryl’s and his long slender cock was rubbing in her crevice. Cheryl whimpered into Angela’s mouth. She felt dampness at the tip of Andy’s cock as it rubbed on her belly, and she almost smiled to herself. Andy was going to be like his dad who used to ooze precum, copiously. And then she remembered… precum always meant that… Andrew was ready to mount her.

And for a strangely disjointed moment, it was Andrew between her legs again, and it was Andrew ready to mount her… and she was ready for him; she was ready to be mounted.

Andy backed his hips, and Cheryl felt his cock head probing at her labia. For an instant; just for an instant, she remembered it was Andy and she could have stopped him. She thought about stopping him. But she remembered how fast Andy's hips moved between Angela's legs. The wine had warmed her. Rave was sucking at one of her breasts and pumping into her hand. Angela was kissing her and rocking her hips on Cheryl’s other hand. And Andy… Andy was sucking at her other breast and he was ready, ready to mount her... and she was ready… she said nothing.

And then it was too late. She felt his long, slender shaft slide into her… all the way into her. She spread her legs and dug in her heels, lifting her pelvis to meet him. He began to thrust; soft impacts at first, and then firmer.

Angela broke from the kiss for a breath, resting her forehead on Cheryl’s as her aunt’s finger and palm did things to her only another female would know to do. When she did, Cheryl whispered. “Andy, do it fast, like you do it to Angela.”

Her son’s hips picked up speed, and he pushed up onto his hands, his head hanging as he fast-pumped, and the whack, whack of his loins between her legs sent sudden shocks of pleasure up her insides. Her eyes were still pressed closed, but later when she watched the video, she would see his hips become a blur just like they did between Angela’s legs.

Though Andy’s cock was still a boy’s cock, it was nevertheless six inches long, and proportionally thick. Cheryl squirmed at it’s incredibly fast movement inside her and the impacts of his pubic mound on hers. Her legs began to thrash.

Suddenly, Rave was shuddering and clutching on to her. He pumped as fast as Andy.

Distracted, Cheryl had unconsciously been pushing her finger farther into Angela, and now the girl began shuddering as well, gripping Cheryl’s shoulder.

Andy began whimpering, too, and Cheryl felt the slickness of his semen inside her. The realization that it was her own son’s sperm pushed her over the edge. “Don’t stop,” she pleaded as her own orgasm racked her.

They all slowed to a stop; chests and bellies heaving. Andy’s cock remained up her vagina like a thick twig. But Rave still had his erection, and he gave Andy a little shove. The older boy pulled out slowly and moved off Cheryl and onto his knees beside Angela on the floor. Rave moved right into Andy’s place.

Cheryl thought about stopping him, but in some crazy way, that seemed unfair after letting Andy do it. She felt Rave’s slender four inches slide in.

Andy was kneeling beside Angela now, and she had grabbed his cock. Cheryl’s hand was still between Angela’s legs, and Angela was still excited. Only now she wanted her lover… her brother… Andy. She stroked him, and he ran his palm over her back and down onto her butt while the two watched Rave’s little bottom bob between Cheryl’s legs.

Rave nuzzled in between Cheryl’s breasts and Cheryl wrapped her arm over his back, kissing the top of his head while the nine-year-old murmured and pumped. His little cock actually felt good inside and that surprised her. The gentle pounding of his little pubic bone against the top of her vulva drove pleasant little shocks up from between her legs, differently than Andy had done. She thought then about what she was doing and about Andy, her son… how was Andy?

Just then, Andy’s hand met hers between Angela’s legs; his hand coming from behind, Cheryl’s hand from the front. Cheryl pulled hers away.

Angela rested her forehead on Cheryl’s shoulder, and so Cheryl wrapped her arm over Angela’s shoulder. She kissed Angela’s head as Andy moved behind his sister. His mom watched him position himself and enter Angela from behind. Then he bent over Angela, wrapping his arms under her, holding her, and he began to pump; his back arching up with each forward thrust of his hips.

Andy’s head was just behind Angela’s now, and Cheryl pulled her arm from between then and wrapped over both of them. She rolled her head back and closed her eyes, arms around all her children. She felt like their mom, like their older sister, even as their bodies all moved together. This is crazy she thought; absolutely crazy! What the hell would Brandon say about this? She wondered how she could go from such passionate lovemaking with him the night before to doing this with the children tonight.

They were quiet now, except for the quiet slapping of the boy’s loins and an occasional grunt or murmur. Cheryl was sleepy, but it all felt so pleasant. Cheryl felt herself building to a second, mellower orgasm.

But then Rave began to slow, and his breathing was becoming regular. Was he dozing off? Cheryl gently, but firmly grabbed Rave’s little butt with the arm she did have over his back. Rave still had his little erection, and she ground him between her legs even as he fell asleep. When Andy built speed and Angela began to pant beside her, Cheryl circled Rave’s little butt faster.

Andy came, and then Angela. The rested a moment as he softened inside her. Then Andy pulled out and got to his feet and wavered there a moment because of the wine, before helping Angela up. She followed him back toward the bedrooms. And then, finally, Cheryl came again.

She was exhausted and numb. She almost dozed off right there, with little Rave still inside her. But she had work tomorrow. Taking Rave’s waist in both hands, she pushed and he slipped from inside her; his cock only half-hard now.

Cheryl was tired and she didn’t want to think about what she’d just done. Wearily, she lifted Rave’s naked little body and carried him to the boys’ room.

Angela was sleeping on her side, back to Andy who was sleeping on his back. Cheryl laid Rave down beside his brother, and in his sleep, Rave moved up against Andy. In his sleep, Andy rolled up to him, pulling the smaller boy into his arms. They were soon sound asleep again, cuddled against each other.

Cheryl took a deep breath. They looked so sweet together. She could hope that what just happened between them all wouldn’t destroy what they had started to build as a family.

She bent to kiss their heads, and then walked around the bed to kiss Angela’s before heading to bed, herself.


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