Timeline – Tuesday morning

Cheryl was as glad for once to leave the house before the kids woke up. Though normally a morning person, she was sleepy and her mind was too cloudy to think about the night before. The memories were pleasant and she didn’t think they should be if she thought much about what she had done.

She looked in on the kids; it wasn’t as if any of them needed their privacy now anyway. All three of them were in the boy’s bed, sound asleep. The covers were down at their knees. Cheryl paused to look at them. Though they were children, their slender, nude forms were elegant… beautiful.

Rave was on his stomach. Andy lay half-on him, a leg cocked under Rave’s cute little butt and an arm across Rave’s back. Angela was behind Andy, the side of her face on his back and an arm over his waist. Her mouth was wide open.

Cheryl smiled. They looked like they were alright. But then, how could she tell if they were OK if they were sleeping? They looked OK. She reached down to stroke back Angela’s hair. It was soft and silky. Cheryl’s brow furrowed. She really hoped the kids were OK.


The phone rang and there were three different groans from the bed. It rang again.

You get it,” Andy murmured. The kids had shifted since Cheryl had seen them and he was on the bottom.

“Who are you talking to?” Angela mumbled. She was on top.

“You,” Rave said. He was in the middle.

The phone rang again.

“Umph!” Angela grunted and pushed up off Rave. She sat up and looked around. The phone was sitting on Andy’s desk. She picked it up. “Hello?”

“Hi, Ange,” Jason said. “Is Andy there?”

“Yeah, but I don’t think he’s alive.”


“Cheryl let us drink wine last night. I don’t think we feel very good.”

“No shit! I wanna be there next time you guys do that. Did you get a little crazy or something?”

“Yeah, a little crazy.”

“Then I really wish I was there. Can I talk to Andy?”

“Sure,” Angela said. She returned to the bed and held the phone to Andy’s ear. “It’s Jason.”

“Dude,” Andy murmured.

“Whatdya wanna do today?”

“Rest my head.”

“Kyle’s here. You guys wanna hang?”

Andy took the phone from Angela and rolled to his back, comfortably next to Rave’s body. Angela lay back down, resting her head on his chest, the flat of her hand on his belly.

“Dunno,” Andy said. “I’ve got somethin’ I need do this morning. Let’s hang this afternoon, OK?”

There was a moment’s pause. “Yeah, OK.”

“Sorry, Dude. I gotta check with somebody about something.”

“What about?”

“Later, OK Jace? Maybe we can talk later.”

“Sure, guess so. I’ll check with you later.”


Andy pushed the phone disconnect button and then let his hand drop to his side.

“Who are you going to check with?” Rave asked, lifting his head.

Andy shrugged. “I think… I think I wanna talk to Brandon.”

Rave nodded. For some reason, he wasn’t surprised. “I need a soda.”

Angela lifted her head from Andy’s chest. “Yeah. Me too.”


Neal opened the door. “Hey,” he said, seeing Andy and Rave standing with their skateboards on his front porch. He held the door open for them and the two walked in.

“Your dad in?” Andy asked.

Neal nodded and pointed back to Brandon’s study.

Andy set his skateboard down followed the hall back.

Neal turned to Rave. “How ‘bout some Xbox?” He asked.

“Come in,” Brandon said at the light tapping on his door.

Andy stepped in and closed the door behind him.

“Hi,” Brandon said with a broad grin. His first impulse was to get up and hug the boy… well, more than hug him. But Andy wasn’t smiling.

“You OK?” Brandon asked, waving Andy to the chair beside his desk.

Andy took a seat, nervously. “I guess,” he said, “but, I need to talk to somebody about somethin’… I mean… I can talk to you about anything, right? And you won’t say anything ‘cause we’ve sexed together, right? And we’re like… good friends.”

Brandon pulled his chair up in front of Andy’s. He reached out and took the boy’s hand. “Better than good friends as far as I’m concerned, Andy. You know that. What do you need to talk about?”

Andy’s eyes met his. “I sexed with my mom.”


Brandon sat back, rubbing his jaw thoughtfully as Andy finished his story. His other hand covered the erection in his pants. He didn’t think it would be cool for Andy to see that the boy’s story excited him. “How are you feeling about it now?” Brandon asked.

Andy shrugged.

“Do you feel bad about it?” Brandon asked.

“Only if my mom does,” Andy replied honestly. “I’m just worried if she’s not OK.”

Brandon smiled gently, and leaning forward, he gave the back of Andy’s neck a sympathetic squeeze. “You and your mom have always been close, haven’t you?”

Andy nodded, comforted by the feel of the man’s hand on his neck. “Until Rave and Angela came, it was just her and me… just the two of us since I was a little kid. And like Mom’s never gone out much. She works hard all day, and every night when she would come home, we’d eat supper and talk, and like… I’d rub her shoulders for her if she was tired.” Andy glanced up. His eyes were damp. “Now I messed all that up.”

Brandon smiled encouragingly and rubbed the boy’s neck. “You didn’t mess anything up. Your mom loves you, Andy. Nothing’s going to change that.”

Andy nodded, head down.

“Look,” Brandon said, leaning forward to rub Andy’s back, “people can do crazy stuff when they’re even just a little drunk, but it’s stuff they want to do, even if they never thought about doing it before. They drink. They lose their inhibitions. And stuff happens. If your mom really didn’t want to do what she did last night – drunk or not, she wouldn’t have done it.”

Andy looked up hopefully. “You think so?”

“Yep,” Brandon said, but even as he said it, the thought surprised him – not just because Cheryl had sex with her twelve-year-old son, but because she did it the very night after he, Brandon, had such incredible sex with her. What had happened between him and Cheryl seemed so special; it was special – more than special. Brandon wondered what happened in Cheryl’s mind for her to do her boys. Was it simply the wine?

“Are you angry?” Andy asked.

Brandon grinned in surprise. “Why?”

Andy’s eyes dropped. “Rave said you sexed mom. You could be angry if you like her.” He glanced up. “You like me.”

Brandon smiled and ruffled the boy’s hair. Then on impulse, he lifted Andy bodily, pulling him onto his lap and wrapping the boy in his arms. Brandon hugged and rocked him.

Andy relaxed against Brandon and wrapped his arms around the man’s chest.

“I do like your mom,” Brandon said quietly. “And I love you.”

Andy nuzzled in to the side of Brandon’s neck. To a boy who never had a dad, being held by a man who loved him was better than sex… in some ways. He held on to Brandon. “Mom likes you,” he murmured.

Brandon rubbed his cheek against the top of Andy’s head, and smiled at a sudden, silly thought. “You used to rub your mom’s shoulders when she came home tense from work?”

Andy nodded.

“Well, maybe last night was a little like that. You certainly relieved your mom’s tension.”

Andy chuckled. “Well, it was a lot more fun than rubbing her shoulders.” Then he grew quiet. “I hope she’s OK.”

“You want to go see?” Brandon asked. “How about if I take all you guys down for sandwiches at her shop for lunch. We can make sure she’s OK.”

Andy shrugged.

“Come on,” Brandon said, standing up and lifting Andy to his feet. “Let’s go see your mom.”


They got to the shop just after the noon hour rush. Cheryl was still at the cash register as they filed in; Brandon, Andy, Rave, and Neal. Brandon waved. Andy avoided her eyes. Rave waved, grinning. Cheryl smiled in spite of her worry for Andy, both because Rave was a cute kid and because he seemed unaffected by the previous night. Brandon and the three boys took a table toward the front of the shop.

Recognizing the boss’ son, Able and one of the waitresses waved at Andy from behind the counter. The other waitress, a young, chunky girl, come right over to their table. “Hi Andy,” she said in greeting.

“Hi Rose,” Andy replied with quick smile.

“Are these your friends?” she asked.

Andy nodded, but then pointed at Rave. “Rave’s my…” he started to say brother, but then wondered if his mom had told everyone about Angela and Rave yet. His glanced at Rave’s smiling face, and he knew what he needed to say. “This is my brother, Rave,” he said.

Rose nodded, smiling, but then her brow furrowed and her head cocked inquisitively. She opened her mouth to ask a question, but closed it again instead. Then she opened it once more. “That’s a cool name, Rave. I’m Rose.”

Rave smiled and gave her a low wave with his hand.

“And that’s Able behind the counter,” Andy told Rave. “The girl back there is Linda. And there’s a guy working in back named Jesse.”

Cheryl took care of two customers who wanted to pay their bills, and then walked over to their table. She was surprised to see the four of them, and she wasn’t sure what to say. So smiling, she said the first neutral thing that came to mind. “Where’s Angela? Where’s Lindsay?”

Rave answered first. “Angela went swimming with Krystan and Lindsay’s with Jenny and her mom.”

Andy glanced up at his mom, saw she was watching him, smiled slightly, and looked down.

“We thought we’d come down to have a sandwich,” Brandon explained. “Neal and I have never been here, and I guess Rave hasn’t either.”

“I’m glad you came,” Cheryl said, glancing at Andy, but he didn’t look up. Her stomach knotted. She had been worrying about him.

“Cheryl,” Brandon said, catching her attention, “could I speak to you somewhere for a minute or two?”

Distracted by her concern for her son, it took a moment for Brandon’s words to register. She wondered if he wanted a quick kiss and feel. She decided that she could use some holding and nodded. She really wished that she could talk to Brandon about what happened, but how the hell could she talk to anyone about that sort of thing?

Brandon stood from his chair and Cheryl nodded toward the back for him to follow. From the corner of her eye, she saw Able frown. If he’s going to be jealous, she decided, he might as well be jealous now. She looped an arm through Brandon’s.

She led him back to her office and closed the door, expecting Brandon to take her into his arms. He didn’t disappoint her. They kissed. Brandon hugged her to himself and she melted against him.

He held her and pressed his cheek against the side of her head. “Cheryl,” he said quietly, “Andy told me about last night.” He felt her body tense.

“What do you mean?” she asked, not daring to look up at him.

“He told me about you guys drinking wine and what happened after that.”

Cheryl stood as stiff and silent as a wooden statue in his arms.

“It’s OK, Cheryl,” Brandon said. “The kids are OK. Andy’s only worried about you.”

Cheryl’s mind was a storm of emotions. “Why… why would Andy tell you?”

“I thought you knew that Andy and I have really hit it off,” he said, stroking her back. “He was really worried about you, and he didn’t know anyone else he could talk to.”

“Oh, Brandon,” she murmured, burying her face in his neck, “what have I done?”

He stroked her hair and rocked her in his arms. “You had a little too much to drink and ended up having sex with a remarkably beautiful boy who loves you, and who you love.”

“He’s my son, Brandon,” she replied with a groan.

“And he is a beautiful boy,” Brandon repeated. He wanted to say that he fell in love with the boy as soon as he met him. He wanted to say he’d never seen anything as beautiful as Andy, naked… that is, until he met Andy’s mom. Instead he said, “He’s sexually precocious. You’re a beautiful woman. He told me how close you two have always been. It’s almost no surprise.”

“But he’s my son.”

Brandon shrugged as he held her. “It’s a different world these days, Cheryl. Kids have sex all the time, even on a casual basis. And it’s not like your family doesn’t have a history of sexing together.” he kissed the top of her head. “Like I said, Andy is a beautiful boy, and you are a very beautiful woman.” He stroked her hair. “Andy’s fine, Cheryl. I believe that he actually enjoyed what you guys did. And it didn’t even phase little Rave.”

“Andy was worried about me?” she asked quietly.

Brandon nodded. “He was mainly worried that things wouldn’t be the same between you.”

She said nothing. Brandon rubbed her back.

“Are you sure she’s OK?” she asked.

Brandon nodded, his cheek rubbing against her hair. “He’s fine. He’s really fine. As long as he knows that you are OK.”

Cheryl searched her feelings. “If Andy’s OK, I’m fine,” she decided. “Last night…”

“Sounded hot,” Brandon said, before catching himself.

She leaned back and studied his face.

“Well it did,” he said with a shrug, and since she was still in his arms, he pulled her closer so she could feel his erection against her crotch.

Cheryl mulled that over. “What does that mean for you and me?”

Brandon smiled and stroked her hair back from her forehead. “I want you Cheryl. I want what we’ve started together. But I’d be crazy to be jealous of you and Andy. I know you’ll always be close. And I’m smart enough to know that what happened between you and Andy last night could happen again… probably will happen again. All I ask is that you make room for me in your life.”

Cheryl bit her lip and looked away. “I actually thought about it,” she confessed. “I mean, about whether to let it happen with Andy again sometime..” She leaned back to look once more into his eyes. “This is weird. You realize that?”

He smiled. “The last few days have been weird for me, too.”

Her brow furrowed and she cocked her head. “Do you mean what is happening between us?”

“Oh, baby,” he said, pulling her tightly into his arms. “No, no. Not weird… wonderful.” He kissed her hard and she wrapped her arms around his shoulders, running her fingers into his hair.

She broke the kiss. “We don’t have time.”

He pressed his forehead to hers and nodded. “When? When can we? I have to be careful; at least until I figure out what to do about Linda and me, but soon… Please!”

They returned to the table. Andy’s eyes were still downcast as if he was afraid how things might have gone. Cheryl came around behind his chair and bent to wrap her arms around his neck, pressing her cheek against the side of his head. “I love you,” she said, hugging him. “Are we OK?”

Andy nodded, smiling. He twisted his head and gave her a kiss on her cheek.


Brandon unlocked the door, letting Neal and Rave in first. The two nine-year-olds ran laughing back to Neal’s room. Brandon motioned for Andy to follow him back to his study. Once in, Brandon closed the door and smiled. “Well, do you feel better now?” he asked.

With a broad grin, Andy took two steps and leapt up onto Brandon, wrapping his arms over Brandon’s shoulders and his legs around Brandon’s waist.

Brandon laughed, grabbing Andy’s butt in both hands to hold him up. The feel of the boy on him was a delight. Clinging to Brandon’s neck, Andy leaned back from him. The boy’s eyes were dancing. “Thank you!” he said.

Andy’s eyes dropped to the man’s handsome face. His eyes traveled over the light stubble that ran along Brandon’s jaw line. Then Andy pressed the side of his face against it. A boy without a dad can delight in a man; a handsome man; a fit man… a man who he knows loves him – a boy without a dad can fall into a type of love with a man like that. Squeezing his legs around Brandon’s waist, Andy rose off Brandon’s hips, and holding Brandon’s face in both hands, he kissed him.

Brandon kissed back. Leaving a hand under Andy’s bottom, he wrapped his other arm around the boy’s slender shoulders. He pulled the boy tightly to himself and felt Andy’s erection press into his belly through the boy’s shorts.

To be loved by a beautiful boy is a thrill to most men. When that love is physical, if the man is open to it, he can be intoxicated by it.

The kiss ended, and Andy buried his face in the side of Brandon’s neck. Brandon held him for a moment, his erection as hard as it had ever been.

Carefully, with the boy clinging to him, Brandon opened his study door. He wanted to make love to Andy properly… in his bed. And he was confident the other two boys were in Neal’s room playing Nintendo.

Brandon almost made it to his bedroom door before Neal and Rave came into the hall from the kitchen carrying sodas. They paused, staring at Brandon and at Andy clinging to him. Brandon’s course was set though; he wanted to make love to the boy. Brandon turned into his bedroom carrying Andy, still nuzzled to his neck, and closed the door behind him; unaware how prominently his erection tented out his pants.

Rave glanced at his friend Neal, who looked stunned. Rave shifted his soda to his left hand and threw his right arm over Neal’s shoulder, steering him back toward Neal’s own bedroom.

“Is my dad going to sex with Andy?” Neal asked numbly.

Rave nodded. “Yeah.”

Neal’s eyes met his; questioning, not comprehending.

Rave had seen a lot in his short nine years, and he had an understanding of people that boys like him sometimes developed after sexing with older kids and adults. He even thought he knew what was going on in Andy’s head.

“You don’t know what it’s like to not have a dad,” Rave tried to explain to Neal. “At least my mom had boyfriends. Cheryl hasn’t, so Andy’s never had a dad or anyone like a dad. And your dad… maybe he’s been sorta lonely, too. He told us that your mom has screwed him over for a long time. Andy makes him feel good.”

They had made it to the bedroom, and Neal sat back onto his bed, stunned.

In Brandon’s bedroom, Brandon closed and locked the door. He carried Andy to the bed, and laid him back down onto it, the boy still wrapped around and clinging to Brandon’s body.

The boy was under him, his head back on the pillow… his skin so white, his long hair so black, his lips so red, and his eyes… those big, wonderful, pale blue eyes looked up at him, so vulnerable… and yet happy. Brandon kissed the boy, and he wondered for a moment if it was possible to love both the boy and his mom at the same time; because he had fallen into a type of love with Andy, and he could easily fall in love with Cheryl.

He certainly loved the way she fucked; like a wildcat, writhing under him, fucking back one moment, and the next moment, all gentle, all tender. She was beautiful; physically astonishing. She was smart. He liked talking to her; being with her.

She certainly was no sexual prude – allowing her kids to be so completely natural; naked, having sex together; and sexing with them herself. Cheryl excited him, especially now that he knew so much about them, and she knew he did.

But all those thoughts passed in a moment. Andy’s mouth opened to his and Brandon thrust in his tongue. Brandon moved forward over the boy so that his erection pressed on Andy’s through their pants and they began to grind together as they kissed.

In Neal’s bedroom, a tear ran down Neal’s cheek and he wasn’t sure why. He couldn’t think. Rave sat down on the bed beside him and tried to put an arm over Neal’s shoulder, but Neal got up and moved away, walking across the room to take a seat at his small desk. He glanced out the window, trying, with a nine-year-old boy’s heart to sort through things.

Brandon shoved Andy’s shirt up and breaking off the kiss, backed down Andy’s body to kiss the flawless white skin of the boy’s chest. He kissed the boy’s two small nipples and sucked them; they tightened and grew hard. He kissed down the boy’s heaving belly, down the soft, warm flesh… fine, invisible body hairs tickling his lips.

The boy’s legs were out to the sides; Brandon pressed his face between them, feeling the hardness of Andy’s erection through the boy’s shorts. He unfastened the boy’s pants and Andy finished pulling off his T-shirt.

Brandon pulled the boy’s shorts and underwear down, freeing Andy’s erection. He pulled them down off the boy’s narrow hips, down his long, slender legs; he pulled off the boy’s shoes and then his shorts and underwear completely.

Brandon stood at the foot of the bed, his eyes slowly traveling up Andy’s body; the body of a boy becoming a youth. Like other twelve-year-old boys who would become well-endowed adolescents, Andy’s endowment had taken a head start on growth, looking oversized on him. His deeply flushed cock pointed up his belly, past his navel, looking so big on the boy. And his balls; just as deeply flushed in their hairless sack, looked heavy and beautiful to the man.

The boy’s hips were narrow for a twelve-year-old, his shoulders already beginning to widen. His legs and forearms were long, athletic, even elegant… or they would be when he was older and had the grace of a youth. And he was lean; so very lean for a pre-teen. Brandon could see the muscles in the boy’s belly and chest, in his long legs and arms, even in his long, thin neck… their eyes met.

Brandon pulled off his shirt and kicked off his shoes. He unfastened his pants and let them drop. His cock jutted up from the fly of his boxers and he saw Andy’s eyes drop to it. Brandon eased his boxers down over his erection, and then with his cock wagging under him, he moved once more up over the boy.

The boy received him with slender arms and legs. Brandon settled onto him. He felt his balls drape the boy’s. He lowered his cock to the boy’s and felt it slide off to the side so that their shafts lay beside each other, pressed between their bellies. He held himself up over the boy so that only their middles pressed. He circled his hips, grinding their cocks between them; his thicker, but not much longer than the boys. He ground his hips; watching the boy’s eyes.

The boy grabbed Brandon’s biceps and squeezed them, feeling their muscles. The boy closed his eyes and his head pressed back on the pillow.

Brandon ground against the boy, his eyes traveling over the boy’s face – the boy’s upturned jaw, his sinewy neck; and the boy’s neck was where Brandon pressed his mouth.

Rave sat on the edge of the bed, watching his friend – his new best friend – Neal, who still sat at his desk, staring out the window. Rave wanted to say something. He wanted to convince Neal that everything was OK. That it really was OK. But he didn’t know how to do that.

Suddenly, Neal looked at him sharply. He got up from the desk and walked slowly, deliberately up to Rave. “Why would my dad tell you that about my mom and about Andy making him feel good?” Neal demanded, his fists clenching. “Did you sex with my dad, too?”

Rave thought about lying; thought he should lie. But he wasn’t used to lying and instinctively knew a lie would put something between him and his new friend. So he nodded. “Yeah.”

He knew Neal was going to hit him with enough time to try to dodge it, but he didn’t. The blow came more as a slap than a punch. Neal’s fist was clenched but not knowing how to fight, he brought it against the side of Rave’s face.

Rave didn’t dodge. And he didn’t fight back. The hit stung and his eyes filled with tears, but he didn’t fight back.

Neal’s eyes filled with tears as well and he struggled with emotions that were big for a nine-year-old’s heart. He was trying to come to terms with his dad sexing another boy. He was repelled by it. But he was jealous, too. Brandon was his dad. And he was mad because his cock was hard as he thought about Andy and Rave sexing with his dad, and as he thought about his dad sexing Andy at that very moment in the next room.

He also felt left out of what had happened with his friends and his dad. He was mad at Rave, because Rave belonged to him, not his dad. Even at nine, sex with Rave was something intimate between them, something special between the two boys. Rave belonged to him and maybe other boys; not his dad.

Tears ran down the cheeks of both boys, and there was hurt in both their eyes. The sting of the slap in Rave’s eyes; a much deeper hurt in Neal’s.

Neal reached out, grabbing at Rave’s shirt, tugging it up. He wasn’t sure what he wanted, other than to assert himself, and his hard cock directed the way to do that. He tugged at Rave’s shirt, trying to pull it up.

“You don’t know what it’s like to have a dad,” Neal said, jerking at Rave’s shirt. “Well I don’t know what it’s like to have a brother!”

Rave didn’t fight him… felt like he shouldn’t fight him… didn’t want to fight him.

The shirt tore.

Neal’s hands froze and new tears came to his eyes. He didn’t mean to tear the shirt.

Rave looked up at him. Looked down at Neal’s hands, still grasping the torn shirt. And then he laid his hands on Neal’s and pulled them apart to tear the shirt even more. Then both boys were pulling at it, shredding it off Rave’s torso.

It was off, and they paused, Andy seated on the edge of the bed; Neal standing between his legs. Their cheeks were still wet, but the tears were drying. Slowly, deliberately, Neal lifted Rave’s hands to his own shirt and placed them in the middle of his chest. Rave grasped the shirt in his hands and Neal grasped Rave’s hands in his. They pulled until the shirt tore, and then they both tore at the shirt. Rave stood to do it, almost belly to belly with Neal. They tore at the shirt until Neal’s torso was as bare as his own.

They stood, nine-year-old bellies heaving with their panting breath. And then Rave wrapped his arms around Neal’s angular little shoulders, and Neal wrapped his arms around Rave’s thin torso. They felt the warmth and the softness of each other’s skin, the bony hardness of each other’s nine-year-old bodies, the intimacy of their pressed chests and bellies and the sides of their faces pressed together. And they held each other.

Brandon backed once more down Andy’s body; kissing once more over the boy’s nipples; sucking them, licking them. He kissed and licked down the boy’s belly, down to his long, slender cock that lay flat up over the boy’s navel.

Brandon licked down the length of it, tasting the boy – the faint, unique taste of a preteen boy… not a teen taste… not quite.

He licked the boy’s balls. He took one into his mouth and then the other and then both as the boy moaned and his legs squirmed. He licked around the boy’s scrotum; down the sides of it and into the seams between the boy’s scrotum and legs… then down onto the boy’s perineum where there was more taste of the boy and the scent of a near-youth.

He drew his tongue straight up the length of the boy’s perineum, up the seam of his scrotum, up onto the underside of the boy’s shaft, all the way up to the boy’s glans. He lifted the boy’s long spike of a cock and took it into his mouth… all the way in… taking it down his throat until his lips pressed around the base of the boy’s shaft.

The boy grabbed handfuls of Brandon’s hair and squirmed under him.

Brandon worked his tongue under the shaft. He bobbed up and down, his hands spreading the inside of the boy’s thighs… bobbing until the boy was arching under him. And then he pulled off, leaving the boy desperately hard and wanting.

He shifted down, licking the boy’s perineum once more; pressing his tongue in long, hard swipes up from the boy’s rectum to his scrotum. He lifted the boy’s legs as he licked. And then he did something he had never done before – something he had never wanted to do, but that he wanted to do now – he pressed his tongue against the pucker of the boy’s outer sphincter.

He licked, tasting only a scent of the boy; the boy was clean. He licked and the boy moaned, going limp. He held the boy’s legs up and licked.

Rave started it; stroking his fingers up and down Neal’s bare back as they stood, holding each other. Stroking his best friend’s back to make him feel better the way Andy often did him. Then Neal began stroking his.

They stroked each other’s back and pressed their bellies together. Warm breath ran down over their shoulders and the skin on their backs.

Neal reached between them and tugged at Rave’s pants. They paused long enough to get their pants, underwear, and shoes off, and then quickly embraced again, this time with long stiffies pointing up between their bellies.

They held each other, stroking each other’s back with fingertips, and breathing on each other’s shoulders and necks.

Brandon pushed against the boy’s sphincter with his tongue; pushed until it gave and the tip of his tongue pushed past the outer sphincter and then past the inner. The boy was tight around his tongue; very tight for a moment, and then less tight as the boy adjusted to the intrusion.

Brandon thrust in and out with his tongue, forcing the opening while his own cock grew even harder and he felt himself precum. Brandon didn’t always make precum, but he did now, and he wondered if it would be enough to enter the boy without having to stop for lubricant. He was more than ready.

He knelt up at the boy’s bottom, lifting the boy’s narrow little hips, pulling the boy’s butt up to his cock. Andy’s knees were up and out, his sphincter exposed. Brandon lifted him so that his cockhead pressed against the boy’s opening, and then, holding the boy’s hips tightly, he rose on his knees and pushed. His cockhead pressed only a moment before it popped into the boy’s saliva-lubricated hole. Brandon pushed in farther while at the same time pulling the boy’s hips up, pulling the boy’s butt down on his shaft… pulling until he was all the way in and he was holding the boy’s hips up off the bed, the boy’s but snug against his loins.

He savored the moment, the feel; his length sheathed inside the boy, the boy tight around the base of his shaft. His eyes roamed the boy’s arched-back and slender torso; the boy’s closed eyes and tossed-back head; his long, black hair, splayed over the pillow – the boy’s jaw and neck, prominent little collar bones, slender shoulders and flat little pecks, and the seam of the boy’s belly, the underside of his long, pink cock. The boy was so beautiful.

He leaned over the boy to grab a pillow with one hand while holding Andy’s hips up with the other. He shoved the pillow under the boy’s butt and then laid himself down onto the boy.

The boy’s legs went flat out to the sides as Brandon’s belly pressed down, trapping the boy’s cock between their bellies. The boy grabbed the man’s strong shoulders in both hands. As the man moved his hips, the boy rubbed his cock up against the man’s hard belly; matching his rhythm, meeting his thrusts. The boy’s head was still back, eyes closed, and the man lowered his mouth to the boy’s neck as he slid his hands under the boy’s back and gently, but firmly grabbed on to the boy’s shoulders.

They thrust together, and the boy ran his fingers into the man’s hair. He moaned and writhed under him. The man’s mouth found the boy’s and they opened to each other, and moaned in mutual pleasure.

Rave pulled away from Neal and climbed up onto the bed, laying back on it. He held his arms open to Neal in invitation. Neal climbed up onto him, his hips settling between Rave’s legs. They wrapped their arms around each other and pressed the sides of their faces together. Neal began first, and then Rave… they began to rub their stiffies against each other.

Neal was thinking that sexing with Lindsay and Jenny had felt good, and it was fun; but holding Rave and feeling his warm, soft skin against his own; feeling their bellies press against each other with their breathing; feeling the hardness of their upturned cocks pressed between pubic bones, firm bellies, and tendons… he rubbed his cheek against the softness of Rave’s… feeling the closeness of his best friend, their mingled breath, the intimacy of the other boy… they hadn’t quite done this before. “This feels good,” Neal murmured.

“Try it on the bottom,” Rave suggested.

They rolled.

“Spread your legs apart,” Rave instructed. “It feels better if the guy on the bottom spreads his legs and the guy on top gets between ‘em.”

They shifted and settled back like they had been before, belly to belly, cheek to cheek, only this time with Rave on top.

“I like this, too,” Neal said.

They rubbed stiffies, not in the jerky fashion of nine-year-olds, but differently this time; slowly enjoying the feel of each other’s bodies. They were athletic boys with a good sense of their own bodies. Their movements were small, even, fluid… sensual for their age.

“Andy and me,” Rave said, “we sleep like this sometimes; with me lying on top of him this way.” Rave nuzzled into Neal’s neck like he often did with Andy.

Neal was silent.

“Are you mad at Andy?” Rave asked.

“I don’t know. I liked him until while ago,” Neal said. His hands drifted down Rave’s back to his small, clenching butt. He looked up into Rave’s large, pale eyes and shook his head slightly. “I don’t think I’m mad at Andy.”

Rave smiled. “Good, cause you know what I thought of?” he asked.

Neal shook his head.

“Well,” Rave said thoughtfully as he and Neal pumped their hips slowly. “Your dad likes my aunt. If something happened and like, they got together, we could wind up being brothers; you, me, and Andy.”

Neal considered that. At the same time he grabbed Rave’s tight little butt more firmly in both hands and spread his legs a wider as they ground, enjoying the feel. Then something occurred to him. “Have they sexed together?” Neal asked. “Like when she was here the other day?”

Rave nodded slowly, afraid Neal would be angry again.

But Neal wasn’t. He thought about it. Even when his mom was around, she was always occupied with things. She wasn’t an affectionate woman. He didn’t want to think about his parents breaking up, but if they did, he’d want to live with his dad no matter how mad he might be with him at the moment. Thinking of Rave as his brother… Neal smiled. “That would be so cool.”

Rave grinned and for a moment, they ground their cocks faster, smiling into each other’s eyes. But then Rave’s hips slowed and his eyes went soft. Neal’s did the same. “Have you ever kissed anyone?” Rave asked in a whisper.

Neal slowly shook his head. Despite all the sexing he had done in the last few days, he hadn’t really kissed anyone… not Lindsay, not Jenny, not Rave.

Rave lowered his lips to Neal’s. They ground slowly. When Neal began to kiss back, Rave lifted his head once more. “Open your mouth when I open mine.”

Rave wrapped his arms over the top of Neal’s head. Neal’s hands slid up Rave’s back. They kissed again. Rave opened his mouth. Neal opened his.

Rave kissed him the way he and Andy kissed. Neal responded. They kissed, not just like nine-year-olds – tentatively, playfully. Instead, they kissed as two boys who felt something for each other… as two boys that something special was happening between.

Brandon didn’t let himself go. He could have. He wanted to. He wanted to hold the boy and just pump into him; driving into the boy, enjoying the sensations until he came and then enjoying the coming. Instead, he moved slowly, letting the boy move under him… letting the boy enjoy the feel of the man’s cock inside him when it pressed against good spots as they moved.

Brandon tensed his belly, keeping it firm for the boy to rub his cock up against, and he kept his weight off the boy; enough for the boy to be able to move. Brandon held himself back, and was rewarded by the pleasure that the boy’s passionate movements gave him and the delight of their shared lovemaking.

The boy quietly grunted with their combined thrusts. The man’s shallow breathing was almost louder, as were his kisses to the boy’s face.

The boy began moving faster, arching under the man, grasping the man’s strong back, grinding his cock up against the man’s taut belly, feeling so full inside his butt, feeling the exquisite rubbing of the man’s cock inside against his young prostate, stretching him open. He was about to cum and it almost hurt with his butt full and all the sensations coming up from inside, from between his legs, and from his cock.

The boy arched up hard under the man, planting his heels to drive up with his cock, grasping the man’s hard back muscles. The boy whimpered and pumped out clear semen that felt impossibly thick as it moved up his slender shaft and out between their bellies. His sphincter clinched rhythmically with his pumping, and the man felt it squeeze his shaft. He pushed in deeper, coming with the boy; coming inside the boy… pumping; their bodies tensed, arching back from their pressed bellies and man’s deeply embedded shaft.

The thickness of the man’s erection inside him – stretching him – prolonged the boy’s orgasm, and it was the man who began to relax first, collapsing onto the boy. The increased weight of the man’s body between his legs and onto his cock provoked a secondary orgasm for the boy who arched and gasped and squirmed under the weight of the man; his insides clenched at the man’s cock as he pulsed once more. The man tensed and whimpered at the constrictions, and then slowly; very slowly, they began to relax.

Neal climbed off Rave and reversed his position on the bed. Rave rolled up onto his side and they scooted on their sides until they were face to each other’s crotch in a sixty-nine. “Rave?” Neal said, closing his hand around Rave’ long spike of a shaft.

“Yeah,” Rave answered, grasping Neal’s cock while giving a lick to the crown.

Neal lifted his head, looking back down his body toward Rave. “Don’t sex with my dad anymore, OK?”

Rave lifted his head, meeting Neal’s gaze. He nodded. “Sure.” He lowered his head again and closed his mouth around his almost-brother’s cock. His almost-brother did the same to him.

The two boys wrapped arms over hips and began to suck. They bobbed heads some, but mainly licked and sucked, comfortably, almost like babies suck thumbs. After a few moments of that, however, hips began to move. Before long, the boys were bobbing heads and thrusting hips, and this time in the jerky way nine-year-olds do that sort of thing. The room was silent except for their quiet slurping.

Rave whimpered and began thrusting his hips faster. Neal held his friend’s hips firmly to keep him from thrusting too deeply into his throat but he kept his mouth and tongue tightly around Rave’s shaft. Rave began shaking and sucked harder on Neal, taking him deeper into his throat. Neal whimpered as well and began rocking his hips faster.

They shuddered and their breathing grew ragged at the intensity of their dry orgasms. They slowed, sucking more lightly. Boys that age sometimes stay hard after an orgasm. They both stayed hard. Rave lifted his head. “You want to cornhole each other?” he asked.

Neal paused. He hadn’t tried that yet, and before today, might not have been that interested in trying. But now, with Rave… “Yeah,” he said.

Brandon lay on his back. Andy lay on his side, his leg over Brandon’s middle, the boy’s flaccid cock and balls resting against the side of the man’s hip. His slender arm lay across the man’s chest and his head was on the man’s shoulder. Brandon had an arm behind the boy and he was cupping Andy’s butt comfortably in his hand. With his free hand, he dialed the phone.

It would give him a perverse pleasure to call his wife, Linda, while a naked boy lay against his side.

She didn’t answer her cell phone, so Brandon dialed her mom’s number directly.

“Linda didn’t call you?” her mom asked. She didn’t sound surprised.


“Well she had to go out of town with a friend.”

“Out of town? To where? With what friend?”

There was a moment’s silence.

“Maybe you better ask her.”

“I’m her husband,” Brandon said, angrily. “You tell me.”

Linda’s mom sighed. “Look, she had to go somewhere with an old school friend.”


Another pause. “Las Vegas… but it’s not like it sounds.”

“Who with?”

“I told you. An old friend from school. You need to talk to her.”

“She’s not answering her cell phone.” Brandon said.

“If I talk to her, I’ll make sure she calls you.”

“Have her call me soon. This is getting ridiculous… her running around and leaving me at home with the kids.”

Brandon hung up the phone.

Sensing the man’s tension, Andy moved up to straddle Brandon’s stomach and bend over him, his long hair falling about their faces. He stroked Brandon’s cheek and hair, kissing over the man’s face and then onto his lips lightly. Brandon moaned gratefully and pulled the boy into an embrace as their mouths opened to each other.

Neal’s knees were flat, out to the sides the way Rave told him to do. He was on his back with a pillow under his butt. Rave moved forward, his stiffy close to Neal’s bottom.

“Just relax,” Rave said. “It’ll really start feeling good when I do it the way Andy does me ‘cause then your dick will be rubbing between us, and you’ll like how my dick feels inside you.”

Rave’s foreskin had pulled well back from his crown; it his glans were bare as Rave pressed in to Neal’s opening. He had applied plenty of KY and the head popped in easily. He slid forward, pushing deeper, watching and feeling his long thin shaft slip into Neal’s butt hole. And then, all the way in, he knelt with his knees out wide and the top of his skinny thighs under the back of Neal’s.

Neal’s little ballsack was tight like a bud on the full length of Neal’s cock. Rave could see the full length of it from the very root near Neal’s butthole up through his thick perineum and then up from his balls and bare pubic mound. Rave laid his palm flat on Neal’s cock and balls and began a small, circular rubbing.

“Feel OK?” Rave asked with a smile.

Neal nodded. “It’s OK.” Then he wiggled his butt, testing the feel of Rave inside him… liking the feel. He smiled up at Rave. “It could be really cool if we were brothers,” Neal said.

Rave grinning and rubbed his hand in faster circles. His eyes dropped down to where the V of Rave’s lower abb plate rose from between Neal’s legs. He admired Rave’s body as much as he admired everything else about his new friend. “I like us sexing as much as sexing Lindsay or Jenny,” he said.

Rave nodded and fell forward over him, lowering his weight, trapping Neal’s cock between their bellies. He slid his hands under the back of Neal’s shoulders to hang on, and Neal wrapped his arms over the back of Rave’s slender shoulders.

“It would be so cool to be brothers,” Neal said earnestly.

Rave stretched his slender little body up over him, and their lips met once again.


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