Timeline – Tuesday afternoon

Andy sat beside Jason on the top step of his front porch watching. They were watching Kyle approach Rave and Neal out on the sidewalk. Kyle had been waiting for the other two boys who had just come up on their skateboards.

Jason laid his hand onto Andy’s back and rubbed. Though he and Kyle had sexed that morning, he still wanted to sex with his best friend. After having wanted to sex with Andy for so long over so many months, he had only had the one night with Andy so far. And on that night, they had sexed with Angela as well. Jason wanted to have Andy to himself; perhaps for a whole night, the two of them alone together; falling asleep together, sexing all night, waking up together. But at this moment, he’d settle for having Andy just an hour.

The three younger boys approached Andy and Jason. “Can Kyle borrow your skateboard, Andy?” Rave asked.

Andy nodded. “Sure.”

“Thanks!” Kyle said with a grateful smile, and the three younger boys went inside to fetch the skateboard.

Jason looked around. Because of railings and hedges, no one could easily see where the two of them sat unless they were watching from across the street, and Jason saw no one. He closed his arm around Andy’s shoulders and leaned his forehead against the side of Andy’s head.

Andy didn’t respond to the caress, so Jason reached down between his friend’s legs, cupping his hand over Andy’s package.

“Jace,” Andy said, shaking his hand and moving Jason’s hand away.

“What’s wrong?”

Andy shrugged.

Jason ran his hand up under the back of Andy’s shirt, rubbing his palm over Andy’s smooth skin.

“Jace,” Andy said. “It’s not that I don’t want to, OK. It’s just that I already sexed while ago.”

“With Rave?” Jason asked, sliding his other hand up under the front of Andy’s shirt to rub his belly.

“No,” Andy said, not resisting because Jason’s hands felt good. He rested his head back against his friend’s.

“Neal?” Jason asked.

“No,” Andy murmured, and then because Jason was his best friend and Rave and Angela already knew… and because Andy was only twelve-years-old and he didn’t always think things through first, he murmured, “Neal’s dad.”

Jason’s hands froze. “What?” he asked.

Andy looked up, realizing too late that he had not only divulged a most intimate confidence, but also, from Jason’s tone, that Jason… could be jealous.

“Nothing,” Andy quickly said, looking away.

“You said Neal’s dad. I heard you.” Jason leaned forward trying to look into Andy’s eyes. “Why would you do that? Did he make you?”

“No he didn’t make me!” Andy’s eyes met Jason’s briefly, but then he dropped his head. “You wouldn’t understand, Jace. Just don’t tell anybody, OK?”

“I won’t say anything, Andy. You know that. Just tell me why you’re sexing somebody’s dad.”

Andy pushed Jason’s hands away. “You have your dad and his friends and your uncles. I don’t have anybody like that, Jace. I just have my mom. You don’t know what it’s like to need somebody like Brandon.”

“I hate to break it to you, dude,” Jason said, “but my dad and I don’t sex together,” He frowned and crossed his arms over his belly. “Who would even wanna sex with an old guy? Are you sure he didn’t force you?”

Andy glanced at Jason, angrily. “No, he didn’t force me, you asshole. And he’s not an old guy. You haven’t even met him. He’s like my mom’s age. And he’s handsome, and… shit, I told you that you wouldn’t understand.”

They sat quietly a moment.

“I’ll try to understand,” Jason said. “I’m your best friend and all. I’m sorry I freaked.”

Andy nodded, but said nothing.

“So since you’re sexing Brandon,” Jason said, “that means you won’t want to sex with me anymore?”

Andy looked up with a frown. “Don’t be stupid!”

Jason nodded, but looked almost comically sad to Andy. So Andy wrapped an arm over his buddy’s shoulders. “I’ll sex you,” he said with a grin and a rub on Jason’s belly.

“No,” Jason said, pushing Andy’s hand away. “You don’t want to. You already said.”

Andy dropped his hand from Jason’s belly to his crotch, and grinning widely, he squeezed. “I said I’d sex you, you stubborn asshole. I’ll sex you good!”

With a yell, he shoved a surprised Jason back onto the porch and threw his left side across Jason’s chest in order to hold him down while Andy shoved his hand into Jason’s shorts.

Jason yelped, and his knees came up as Andy’s hand closed around his still semi-hard cock. He laughed and squirmed, but not too hard as Andy held on to his cock with one hand while pushing down his shorts with the other. Moving quickly and still pinning Jason’s middle under his side, Andy closed his mouth over the end of Jason’s cock… right there on the front steps of Andy’s house.

Jason tensed as Andy used his tongue on Jason’s crown. Grabbing onto Andy by the side and shoulders, Jason quit squirming.

Just then, the three younger boys came out the front door and stopped, looking down at Jason on his back and Andy sucking on his cock. “Geez,” Rave murmured, “somebody could see you guys.” He glanced from Neal to Kyle. “Let’s stand between them and the street.”

Rave dragged Neal and Kyle down past the older boys until they were standing on lower steps, effectively blocking the view, and he arranged the three of them into a human screen.

The three younger boys turned their backs to the street so they could watch. Rave, in the middle, threw an arm over the shoulders of each of the other two boys. “They’re gonna owe us after this.”

Without lifting his mouth from Jason’s cock, Andy gave them a silent thumbs-up.

Kyle laughed, and they watched as Andy’s head bobbed on Jason’s cock. They could see Jason’s shaft appear from Andy’s mouth and then slide back between Andy’s lips.

Andy shoved Jason’s pants down farther and they could see Jason’s balls jiggle up and down as he was sucked and stroked. Neal moved closer, kneeling down on the step beside Jason’s feet. Reaching in, he lifted Jason’s balls and rolled them around on his fingers. Unlike Kyle and Rave, he had never sexed with an older boy.

Kyle and Rave joined him, kneeling on either side, still keeping the older boys screened from other eyes. Like Neal, they reached in to fondle Jason and stroke the insides of his thighs.

“Does Jason shoot yet?” Rave asked Kyle.

“Yeah,” Kyle answered, nodding.

“Sperms?” Neal asked.

“Yeah,” the other boys answered.

“See how big his balls are?” Kyle said, lifting them on his fingers and trying to sound like an expert. “Your balls will get big like this when you get to be their age. And look here,” he said, pointing to the few pubic hairs above Jason’s cock. “Once a guy gets pubes, he’s shootin.”

Neal leaned closer and ran his fingers over Jason’s sprinkling of pubic hair.

Pausing with Jason’s cock in his hand, Andy lifted his head. “I had some pubes ‘till Rave plucked ‘em.” He gave Rave a pretend frown before taking Jason’s cock back into his mouth.

Rave laughed. “Yeah, like three hairs is all!”

“Does Andy squirt?” Neal asked Rave while watching Andy’s lips on Jason’s shaft.

“Sure,” Rave said. “He squirts a lot. And he makes lots of precum. You know about precum?”

Neal looked up, shook his head, then dropped his gaze back to Jason and Andy.

“Once you’re old enough to shoot, you also make precum. Precum is what comes out of your cock when you get hard and like… really ready to start fuckin’. Precum is slick and makes it easier for your cock to slip into a girl’s pussy.”

“Or a guy’s butt if you’re cornholing,” Kyle added.

“Neal cornholed for the first time today,” Rave said.

“Really?” Kyle asked, interested. He leaned back and glanced down at Neal’s butt. Even nine-year-olds can admire a good butt.

Andy lifted his head once more from Jason’s cock. “Jason’s got some precum. Wanna taste it?” he asked Neal, pointing Jason’s cock toward the younger boy.

Neal hesitated.

“Try it,” Andy encouraged. “It’s not bad. Stick your tongue in his little piss slit and you’ll taste it. Suck on the slit.”

Neal bent over and tentatively took the end of the older boy’s cock into his mouth. He worked the tip of his tongue into Jason’s small piss slit. He sucked. Then he pulled off and let Andy have Jason’s cock back.

“You taste it?” Rave asked.

“I think so.”

“Jason’s precum tastes good,” Kyle stated.

Andy’s head began to bob once more on Jason’s cock. The younger boys turned because they heard footsteps behind them, but neither of the older boys paused as Angela and Krystan came up the sidewalk, started to climb the stairs, and then paused to watch Andy and Jason for a moment.

Krystan leaned close to Angela’s ear. “That’s Jason? He’s cute.”

Angela leaned close to Krystan’s ear. “We sexed together.” Then she pressed her lips even closer to Krystan’s ear. “You can sex with him sometime when I’m doing Andy.”

Krystan put her lips very close to Angela’s ear. “Or I can do Andy and you do Jason.”

Angela gave Krystan a shove toward the front door.

Just after the girls went inside, Jason began to squirm and grabbed Andy’s shoulder and side more tightly.

“Will Andy … will he swallow Jason’s sperms?” Neal asked, leaning closer to see.

“Sure,” Rave said. “I swallow Andy’s all the time.”

“I always swallow Jason’s,” Kyle confirmed.

“What does that taste like?” Neal asked.

Kyle glanced at Rave, who shrugged. Kyle grinned. “It tastes like snot.”

Rave laughed and gave Kyle a shove, his long black hair swaying with the motion. Neal glanced up at them, his eyes narrowing as he tried to decide if they were shining him on.

“Snot with a little salt,” Rave corrected, laughing.

Neal frowned, sure now that they were teasing. He was more interested in watching Andy and Jason for the moment anyway. “I wanna see,” Neal said. He leaned forward and shook Andy’s shoulder to make sure that Andy heard. “I wanna see him shoot his sperms.”

Andy glanced up at him and managed to nod while bobbing. He took his hand from Jason’s cock long enough to wave for Neal to move on up, motioning for him to lean in closer to get a better look. If Jason’s cock hadn’t been in Andy’s mouth, Neal would have seen that Andy was smiling because what Andy really intended to do was aim Jason’s cock at Neal as soon as his buddy started squirting.

Jason’s squirming increased under Andy now and under the hands of the younger boys as they returned to fondling his balls and stroking inside his thighs. Neal leaned in closely from the side to watch; his face only inches from where Jason’s cock was deep into Andy’s mouth.

Jason’s hips suddenly began to pump. Holding on to Jason’s cock, Andy pulled his mouth off; but he didn’t move quickly enough. The first blast hit him right under the nose and over his closed mouth before Andy could aim Jason’s cock away. He did, though, and the second blast hit Neal on the cheek just as the younger boy opened his mouth in surprise. The third pulse hit Neal square in the mouth.

Kyle and Rave were howling. Jason was gasping and trying to roll in the direction that Andy was pointing his stiff cock.

Neal cried out, squeezing his eyes shut as another pulse caught him in the forehead. Blindly, he pushed at Jason’s cock and Andy’s hand, and managed to wrestle the last couple of pulses back toward Andy.

“Ouch!” Jason cried out, trying to roll whichever way his cock was being pointed as the last bit of semen drained from his balls.

Kyle and Rave were falling all over each other, laughing. Andy glanced past Jason’s cock to Neal, whose eyes were still clamped tightly shut. Andy expected Neal to be a little pissed, but the younger boy looked more like he was in shock than angry. Jason’s clear dripped down both their faces.

“It’s watery like Andy’s,” Rave observed to Kyle. “I think it gets whiter with older guys.”

“Yeah, it does,” Kyle agreed, feeling every bit the sexual expert that Rave was. “You should see Denver’s stuff. It’s real white and thick.”

Andy was barely listening. Laying a hand on Neal’s shoulder, which was mostly dry, he leaned forward over the youger boy’s face and extended his tongue to Neal’s cheek. He began licking the younger boy clean.

Neal slowly cocked one eye open, then the other, and he held on to Andy’s shoulder as the older boy worked on him. It surprised Neal that he wasn’t grossed out. He wasn’t grossed out at all – not by the semen and not by the licking. In fact, he liked having his face licked.

Neal ran his tongue around inside his mouth. Jason’s sperm didn’t taste bad. He gripped Andy’s shoulder more tightly and started licking semen from Andy’s face in return.

They licked alternately, carefully working over each other’s face, cleaning. Kyle and Rave quieted, watching. Andy and Neal were being almost tender; almost like mother dogs licking their puppies.

Neal had been mad at Andy earlier. But Rave had pointed out that they all could wind up being brothers. Now, as Andy licked Neal’s face, and he licked Andy’s, Neal sensed something special happening between him and the other boy; something that he couldn’t put into words, but could only feel. In that moment, Neal decided that he not only liked the idea of Andy and Rave as his brothers; he decided he wanted it to happen.

“So… what do you think of the taste?” Kyle asked.

Neal looked up at him as Andy finished cleaning the younger boy’s face with his finger tips, and he grinned. “Like snot with a little salt.”

The boys laughed.

Jason pulled up his shorts and sat up beside Andy.

“Be right back, Jace,” Andy said. He waved for Neal to follow. “Neal and I are going to go clean up.”

Rave frowned as the two went inside the house. He liked the idea of Neal and him being brothers; if it worked out. He wasn’t sure how he felt about Andy and Neal being brothers.

“We cool?” Andy asked Jason when he returned to sit beside his friend, once more on the front steps.

Jason laid his arm over Andy’s shoulders. “Yeah, we’re cool,” he said, “but a blow job… well I liked it, of course and all, but I want us to get naked and do stuff together Andy, like the other night.

Andy smiled and rubbed Jason’s belly. “We will again,” he said, nodding. “You’ll see.”


Angela was sitting on the floor at the coffee table in the living room by herself when the boys came inside over two hours later. She was writing and looked up from her pen and paper.

Andy’s eyes met hers as he plopped onto the couch. “Everybody had to go home for supper,” he said. Rave dropped onto the couch beside him. Both were shirtless and sweaty from the Phoenix heat.

Andy put his hands behind his head and laid his head back onto the couch. When he did, Angela’s eyes dropped to his pouch; when Andy slouched back, his package was so ‘out there.’ Then she noticed a scrape on his knee. “Did you skateboard, too, Andy?” she asked.

“Yeah,” he said, closing his eyes. “I’m getting good.”

“At falling on your butt,” Rave said with elbow to his brother’s ribs.

Andy dropped an arm around Rave’s neck and pulled the younger boy’s head into his lap, giving him a noogie. Rave squealed and squirmed and grabbed Andy by the balls.

Andy gasped. “OK, OK!”

Rave let him go. With a grin, the younger boy rolled to his back, laying his head back in Andy’s lap. He kicked his shoes off, letting them drop to the floor. Then he unfastened his shorts and pushed them, along with his underwear, down his legs and kicked them off into the center of the room. He glanced over at Angela. “It’s just us. Time to get naked.”

“I’m going to shower,” Andy announced.

“Cool, me too,” Rave said, sitting up.

Angela’s brow furrowed as the boys got up from the couch. “You two always go back to your... private boys club in the bathroom. Just once,” Angela said, “I’d like to go back there, too.”

She looked serious to Andy. He glanced at Rave.

Rave’s eyes narrowed at Angela. “It’s the only time all day that I get to be alone with Andy.”

“That’s not true,” Angela said. “You sleep on him every night and sex with him all the time.”

“Not all the time,” Rave complained. “Just sometimes at night and sometimes in the bathroom.” He glanced at Andy. “It’s important… I mean for us… it’s like… well shit, Angela. Andy and I are brothers and we should get to be alone together..”

Andy nodded in agreement and slung an arm over Rave’s shoulders.

Rave frowned at Angela. “You’re the one who sexes with him all the time.”

“But it’s not just the sexing, Ange” Andy tried to explain. “We talk about guy stuff.”

Angela looked away, blinking. Rave knew his sister. He knew she was close to crying. He hadn’t realized that she would be upset.

“You two already have lots of friends,” Angela said. “I just have Krystan and you guys. And all you two want is to sex with me and then spend all your time with other guys.”

“That’s not true,” Andy said, shaking his head. “You and me talk a lot, and we all sleep together at night.”

Rave tugged at Andy’s arm and shook his head. Rave had always insisted on having Andy to himself in the bathroom. But he knew what it was like to be uprooted from his home and everyone he knew… from his friends. Maybe his sister needed Andy as much as he did. “It’s OK, Andy,” he said, then he turned to Angela. “Not every time, OK Ange? I can still be alone with Andy sometimes, OK.”

Angela looked from Rave to Andy. “But tonight I can come back with you?”

Andy nodded. “If it’s OK with Rave, I’m cool with it.” He glanced wistfully at Rave because Andy looked forward to the times they were alone as much as Rave did. As much as he already loved his sister, Rave was precious to him; a little brother. But Angela was precious to him as well in different ways, and she was his lover now. Though she was only be eleven-years-old and he was only twelve, there was already a partnership between them; a rapidly deepening connection rooted in their sexual intimacy. Even children can feel such things.

“But you gotta let us be like we are when we’re alone, OK,” Andy said to her. “Because like, I hold Rave and we talk sometimes. I wanted to talk today.”

Angela nodded. “I wanted to talk, too.”

“OK, Ange,” Andy said. He stepped forward and offered her his hand. She took it and when he helped her to her feet, he smiled at her and kissed her gently; like any brother might kiss a sister he loves.

Andy and Angela finished undressing in the bathroom while Rave turned on the radiant heat lamp. “We turn that on sometimes to make it like a sauna,” he explained to his sister.

Andy pushed the bathmat to one wall and then took a seat on it, his back to the wall. He straightened his legs in front of him out on the floor, and Rave sat down between them, back to Andy. He scooted his butt back into Andy’s crotch and then leaned back against his older brother’s chest. “This is the way we sit to talk,” Rave explained as he pulled Andy’s legs together against the outside of his. Andy wrapped his arms around Rave’s chest, pulling him back. Relaxing, Rave leaned his head back onto Andy’s shoulder and looked up at Angela. “But we can sit different this time if you want.”

Angela studied them, and then sat down beside Andy, who took an arm from around Rave’s chest and put it over her shoulder. He pulled her closer and she leaned into him, resting her head onto Andy’s other shoulder.

Andy nuzzled Angela’s hair and then Rave’s. He wrapped his arm behind Angela, and stroked her flanks, hips, and legs. She shifted gently against him, getting comfortable. Andy rubbed Rave’s belly and Rave gave Andy’s thigh a friendly rub. A warmth, other than that from the heat lamp, settled in Andy’s spirit.

In the previous two weeks, the twelve-year-old had gained a brother and a sister. Their arrival, alone, would have changed his life. But Rave and Angela had flipped on Andy’s sex switch. And when a beautiful boy loses his innocence, he finds many opportunities for sex suddenly opening to him; even if he is only twelve years old.

Andy found more than most, and found them immediately. Besides the sex with his newfound brother and sister, he had sexed with his best friend, another boy, another girl, a man, and his mom. First sexual experiences can be overwhelming for any boy. So many, so fast, and with adults as well, still had Andy’s emotions on a rollercoaster.

That was why he had come to treasure his daily showers with Rave; when they would be quiet, bathe each other, take care of each other, rest. Even when they sexed in the bathroom it was calm, tender, boy-to-boy.

But now, Andy liked the comfortable sensations from both naked bodies against his and in his arms. He liked the feel of being their older brother; of holding his little brother and little sister close.

They talked about Brandon and Cheryl, Jason and Neal. They talked about what would happen if Brandon married Cheryl, and they agreed on one thing… “We’re together now,” Rave said, “and we’re going to stay together from now on.”

The two boys showed Angela how they washed each other, scrubbing backs and bottoms, chests, bellies, legs… they showed her how to be gentle with their balls and how to skin back their cocks to clean them, though by then, their cocks were skinned back pretty far already because they were erect from Angela’s fondling.

They stood on either side of her in the tub and washed her next. Both boys were fully erect by then, their erections flanking her. They ran soap over her back and down over her smooth bottom and then into her crack. They soaped up her shoulders and then her chest, pressing their cocks to the sides of her legs and hips as they ran their hands over her nipples. “You’re starting to get your boobs,’ Rave said, massaging the future site of her left breast.

Andy massaged the other side of her chest. “You might be right, Rave,” Andy agreed. His eyes met Angela, and he smiled. “I told you that you were gonna have nice breasts.”

Angela steadied herself with a hand on Rave’s shoulder and leaned back against Andy. “Does this feel good, Ange?” Andy asked.

She nodded.

The boys hands worked down her belly and then into the creases of her legs. She ran a hand over each of their hands and guided them to her vulva. She showed them how to clean a girl’s private parts. “You have to be gentle,” she instructed, “like you told me to be with your balls.” As they gently worked on her, Angela wrapped a soapy hand around each of their cocks.

They grew quiet, soaping and rinsing. Andy turned Angela to face him and slid a hand under her right thigh, lifting her leg. Angela cooperated, setting her right foot on the side of the tub. Her legs now open to him with one leg up, she steadied herself with a hand on each of Andy’s shoulders while Rave soaped her butt crack.

Andy rubbed between her legs, and his eyes rose to hers. He smiled and gave her a soft kiss on the lips.

Angela closed her eyes and rested her head against the side of his.

Andy moved forward and bent his knees to angle his cock up into her crevice. He entered her slowly, his wet cock sliding into her warmth. Angela looped her arms around his shoulders, pushing her hips forward to meet him.

Andy took her waist in his hands and they watched between their bodies as his shaft slipped all the way in until bald pubic mounds pressed together. Leaving a hand on the side of Angela’s waist, he steadied himself for the both of them, with a hand on the shower wall. He pulled back his hips and began slowly to pump from his waist.

Angela pulled Andy closer with her arms around his angular shoulders and rested the side of her face against Andy’s. When they were belly to belly, she slid her hands down his wet back … down to his tight little butt which was about all that moved between them. She felt it flexing in her hands as he thrust, and she grabbed both muscular little globes in her hands and pulled with his thrusts, angling her hips to take his long cock all the way in; her labia rhythmically flattening around the base of his cock.

Andy kept his hand on the wall for stability but wrapped his other arm around the small of Angela’s back to hold them together and steady on their feet as their hips pumped pumped to meet each other.

Behind Angela, Rave had soaped her butt and was now soaping his long stiffy. He had cornholed his brother several times now. He had never tried it with Angela. Stepping forward, he angled his cock up into her crack, feeling for her opening with his fingers. Despite being shorter than his sister, the angle worked well. He found her and pushed, slipping in.

Angela tensed. “Just relax, Ange,” Rave said quietly as he eased into her. He grabbed on to her shoulders and began a slow counter rhythm to Andy’s thrusts from the other side. The boys could feel the movement of each other’s cock inside their sister.

Angela wrapped her arms more tightly around Andy’s shoulders and rested her mouth against the side of his neck. Her eyes were squeezed tightly shut and she sucked on his skin as they moved together; the twelve-year-old brother, the eleven-year-old sister, and the nine-year-old brother.

When the water started to grow cold, Andy reached behind to turn it off, careful to stay inside Angela.

It was suddenly quiet except for dripping water from their bodies and the rhythmic squishing and slapping of their three-way joining.

They moved to an easy cadence, holding each other. Angela moved between them; forward with her hips to meet Andy and then back to meet Rave. It surprised her that it felt good, front and back.

Rave started to moan and he picked up speed. Clutching his sister’s shoulders, he rapid-thrust into her butt. Andy and Angela slowed to let Rave do what he wanted.

He thrust faster and faster, clinging to Angela’s back. She moaned, but only because Rave’s slender cock moving so fast insider her, felt good. Then Rave tensed and whimpered loudly with a hard-hitting, dry orgasm. He clung to her, shuddering. The the shuddering and his rapid breathing slowed.

Angela began to move her hips again and Andy thrust to meet her. Nine-year-old boys do not always grow soft after only one dry orgasm, and Rave remained erect. He quickly resumed his counter-rhythm.

They moved faster now.

Angela lifted her mouth from Andy’s neck, and eyes closed, her head rocked forward and back with her movement. Her hips pumped faster, meeting Andy’s thrusts aggressively. Each movement back with her hips impaled her insides on Rave’s cock, which extended up her insides like a long finger.

Her mouth dropped open. “Ah… ah… ah,” she gasped with increasing volume. She grabbed the back of Andy’s hair with both hands, and literally slapped her pubic bone against his.

The rapid-fire slapping of their sex echoed off the bathroom tiles, punctuated by the quieter rhythm of Rave’s belly meeting Angela’s butt.

She threw her head back and her whole body tensed. Her “Ah… ah… ah,” became louder and faster until all the ‘ah’s blended into a low wail. The wail went silent as her throat constricted. Rave held her backward-arching body up as Andy pounded rapidly into her vagina.

Rave held her with his chest and shoulders, reaching in front of her with his hands to tweak his sister’s nipples. Angela gasped for breath.

Andy grunted and went up onto his toes, lifting Angela with a long-driven, final thrust… and hold. His breath hissed as his cock pulsed with semen… semen shooting up into Angela.

His clear semen lubricated Angela’s vagina even more than it had been. Andy could feel it oozing now, down onto his balls. They held themselves like that for a long moment, extending the sensations, holding the feel of it all.

Slowly, Angela’s body relaxed, though Andy’s cock was still erect and deeply inside her. He wrapped her in his arms and pulled her tightly to himself, and they kissed. They kissed while Rave and pumped her from behind. Andy stayed inside her and they kissed until Rave pumped himself to a second, dry orgasm.


It was later than normal when Cheryl got home that evening. She found the three kids in the living room. Andy was lying on his back on the floor, head propped on a pillow. He had a blanket up to his waist and was reading a book. Angela was using Andy’s belly as a pillow for the side of her face and was on her side, asleep. She had a blanket up to under her arms, and Andy was stroking her hair with a free hand as he read. Rave was on his back on the couch. Like Andy, he had a blanket up to his waist and was reading. None of the kids had a shirt on. Cheryl guessed that they all were naked.

Coming into the room, she knelt on the floor beside Andy and bent to kiss his forehead. “Hi, honey,” she said quietly.

He smiled up at her. “Hi, mom.”

She glanced at Angela and Rave. “You guys and your blankets,” she said. “You look cold. Do you want me to turn the air conditioner’s thermostat warmer?”

“No way,” Rave said from the couch while Andy shook his head.

Cheryl smiled at Rave. “You guys would rather use blankets, huh? I suppose you are all naked.”

Rave nodded. “And now that you’re home, you gotta get naked, too.”

Cheryl glanced down at Andy.

Andy nodded. “You gotta,” he told her. “You said we can be naked around the house.”

Cheryl roughed his hair and then bent closer over him. “I’m glad we’re OK,” she said quietly while smiling down at him.

“Me, too,” he said, smiling up.


Brandon woke up and glanced at his watch. He had only meant to lay his head down on his desk for a moment. It was late.

He pushed back from the desk and stood up, trying to wake up. He decided to go looking for the kids to see if they wanted supper.

They weren’t in the living room. He heard Lindsay giggling as he approached Neal’s room, and he smiled at the sound of his daughter’s laughter. He leaned into the room.

His children were on Neal’s bed. Because they were laughing, it took a moment for what he was seeing to register in Brandon’s mind. They were naked – seven-year-old Lindsay on her back; nine-year-old Neal between her legs, slowly pumping his hips as he tickled her.

She giggled again, and her older brother rested his forehead onto hers, grinning. Neal rapidly wiggled his hips from side to side, and Lindsay giggled again.

Had Neal actually penetrated her? Brandon wondered. Was his son’s cock actually inside his little girl’s vagina? Brandon swallowed hard. It seemed so unreal; especially since they hadn’t even bothered to close the door. Why hadn’t they?

Neal lifted his hips and then dropped them, driving home between Lindsay’s little legs. She giggled once more and pulling her legs up, she wrapped around her brother’s waist. Her arms were already around his neck. They had made themselves into an intimate little ball of flesh from which Neal’s long, skinny legs extended.

Neal rubbed his nose on Lindsay’s and the little girl giggled again.

Brandon’s cock was rapidly getting hard and he didn’t want it to; not watching his own children like this. And yet… it did excite him. It even occurred to him that if he leaned in just a bit more, he might be able to see the children’s reflection in Neal’s dresser mirror, and Brandon might be able to see if Neal was actually fucking her.

Brandon carefully leaned in. All in an instant, he saw the reflection of Neal’s spike of a cock pull from between Lindsay’s labia before his next thrust, while at the same moment Neal saw his dad at the door. The boy looked up and his smile was replaced by a look… almost of defiance.

Neal had left the door open on purpose, almost hoping that his dad would find them; hoping to provoke his dad. Neal wasn’t sure why. He was still reeling from seeing his dad carry another boy, Andy, back into his bedroom to fuck. Neal wasn’t sure why he wanted to sex with Lindsay in front of he dad. He just wanted to.

Now Lindsay tilted her head back, and seeing her dad; her mouth dropped open. But only for a moment. As Brandon stood there motionless, Lindsay lifted her hand tentatively and waved at her dad.

Brandon had trouble taking it in or even understanding why his son was looking at him that way. Did he know about him and Andy? Or him and Cheryl? Or Rave? Clearly Neal must know something.

Brandon stumbled back. What could he do? How could he confront them if Neal knew all about him and Andy?

Numbly, Brandon walked to the living room, stood there a moment, and then walked to the kitchen. He tried to think as he pulled out dishes to begin work on supper.

What should he do? Did he believe all the things he said to Andy and Cheryl about how it was OK for family members to sex together? But seven and nine years old? Should he just let them do it? It wasn’t like they were playing some innocent kid’s game together… or was it? Was it somehow natural for kids to do what his were doing? They seemed to be enjoying themselves. Of that, he was sure.

What would Linda say? Could she take the kids from him if she found out what they were doing under his very nose?

And what the hell did Neal know? What did his defiant look mean? Brandon had never seen that look before. Was it anger? Hurt?

As the frying pan heated, Brandon took three hamburger patties from the freezer and thawed them in the microwave. His cock was hard and his heart ached, all at the same time. But why did his heart ache? Not because of the kids sexing, he realized, but because of the way Neal looked at him.

Taking the patties from the microwave, Brandon tossed them into the pan and opened the freezer door to look for mayonnaise and mustard as the meat began to sizzle.

Lindsay, in shorts and T-shirt, padded into the kitchen behind him, and came right up to him, wrapping her arms around his thigh as Brandon stood up from his search in the refrigerator. She hugged his thigh. “Are you mad, Daddy?” she asked.

He ran his hand over her head. “No honey,” he said quietly. “How could I be mad at you.”

Lindsay squeezed his thigh more tightly. “See, Neal. I told you he didn’t look mad,” she said. She was looking back toward the doorway, and Brandon followed her gaze. Neal, in shorts, was leaning against the door frame. Their eyes met; father and son. The boy turned away and went back into the living room.

“Lindsay, honey,” Brandon said, unwrapping her arms from around his leg, “give Neal and me a few minutes to talk alone, OK?”

She nodded. Brandon turned off the stove and patted a bar stool. “Sit here honey, until I come back.”

Brandon found Neal back in the boy’s bedroom, playing with his Xbox. He sat down beside his son on the edge of the bed. “Let’s talk,” Brandon said.

Neal didn’t stop playing the game.

Brandon slid from the bed onto his knees so that he was eye to eye with his son, and he took the game controller from Neal’s hands. Neal looked away.

“You’re mad at me,” Brandon said simply.

Neal said nothing.

“Because of this afternoon?” Brandon asked.

Neal said nothing.

“Come on, Neal. Talk to me,” Brandon said, taking the boy by both shoulders.

Neal’s eyes met his, and looked away. “I don’t know why I’m mad.”

Brandon decided to take the bull by the horns. “Are you mad because of Andy?”

Neal shrugged.

Brandon swallowed hard. “Because of Cheryl?”

Neal shook his head.

“Because of…” did he know about Rave. Brandon guessed that Neal must if he already knew about the others. “Because of Rave?”

Neal’s eyes met his dad’s once more. “You sexed my friends,” Neal said accusingly. “You sexed my friends and no one said anything to me. And you sexed their mom and I they knew, but I didn’t know.”

Brandon bit his lip. “I didn’t tell them. They just guessed it. Those are not normally things a guy talks about.” He cocked his eyebrow. “Have you… sexed Lindsay before? You didn’t tell me about that.”

Neal frowned and looked away.

Brandon sighed and took his son’s hand. “What are we going to do, Neal? What do you want me to do?”

Neal shook his head, but wouldn’t look at his dad.

“I’m sorry, Neal,” his dad said. “I’m sorry for what happened.”

Neal kept his eyes averted. “I told Rave not to sex you anymore. So don’t do it, OK?”

Brandon swallowed and nodded. “Neal,” he said. “You’re my son. You know that Lindsay and you are the most important people in the world to me. You know that, right?”

“More important than Cheryl or Andy?” Neal asked, his eyes finally meeting his dad’s.

“Yes,” Brandon answered.

“What about mom?”

Brandon shrugged and sat up onto the bed beside Neal. He put his arm over Neal’s shoulders and pulled his son against his side. “I don’t know, Neal,” Brandon said honestly. “I’m afraid your mom has fallen in love with someone else.”

Neal nodded against his dad’s side. He wasn’t surprised. “Are you sad?”

“Yeah, I’m a little sad,” Brandon said, “but mainly for you guys. Your mom and I haven’t been close for a long time.”

They were silent a moment. Then Neal wrapped an arm behind his dad’s waist. “I’m sorry about me and Lindsay sexing in front of you and all.”

Brandon squeezed his son’s shoulders.

“Are you mad?” Neal asked.

“No,” Brandon replied. “Not mad. You’ve got to give me time to think things over, OK?”

Neal nodded. “I’m sorry I was mad at you.”

Brandon kissed the top of his son’s head. “I’m sorry to have made you mad.”

Neal took a deep breath, taking comfort in his dad’s familiar smell. “Rave and me… we’ve sexed together,” Neal said.

Brandon considered that for a moment. “That doesn’t bother me, Neal,” he said. “Boys play around like that.”

Neal stated to say something about sexing Jenny as well, but decided not to; not yet.

Brandon patted Neal’s back. “Let’s get on back to your sister and supper.”


They came to supper naked. The children, still unused to seeing Cheryl nude, stole glances at her breasts, genitals, and thick little pubic bush. The boys’ cocks rose as they set the table with one eye on Cheryl. No one remarked on their erections, other than to smile.

They sat at the table as they had the night before, with the boys to Cheryl’s right and left, and Angela across the table.

Andy told his mom about the phone conversation he had overheard at between Brandon and Brandon’s mother-in-law, but not that he had sex with Brandon.

“Do you like him?” Andy asked his mom.

“Yes,” she answered frankly.

“Like… do you really like him?” Andy asked. “You know, like would you ever marry him?”

“Honey,” Cheryl responded, leaning forward to stroke his shoulder, “I’ve only known Brandon a couple of days. You don’t need to worry about me marrying him; not yet.”

“I’m not worried,” Andy quickly told her. “I like Brandon.”

Cheryl glanced at the other two children. “The four of us have barely become a family,” Cheryl said. “There’s no rush for me to get married.”

“It’s OK if you do,” Rave told her between bites of food. “Us three,” he said, indicating Andy and Angela with his fork, “we agreed; we’re stickin’ together now, no matter what. I mean, even if you marry someone else with kids; it’d be cool, but Rave, Ange, and me are brothers and sister.”

Cheryl smiled. “Is it OK if I stick with you, too?”

Rave smiled. “You bet! You’re the one who feeds us.”

Cheryl laughed and leaned over to muss his hair. “I am, huh? Well I’m not the one who’s going to wash your dishes.”


The kids came to the living room after cleaning up from supper. Cheryl was on the couch, and like the kids had done during the day, she had a blanket over the lower half of her body. The TV was on, but she wasn’t really watching it. “Would you guys like to play cards?” she asked.

“What kind,” Angela asked.

“Spades,” Andy suggested.

“Spades it is,” Cheryl said, sliding from the couch to the floor. “Andy, go get the deck.”

They sat cross-legged in a circle, and their eyes dropped to each other’s crotches as Cheryl shuffled the cards. They glanced at her’s and Angelas’ labia, pressed to the carpet. Whereas Cheryl’s pubic hair made it dark between her legs, Angela’s flat tummy was smooth and white. Her pre-adolescent labia were large for her body in the same way Andy’s cock and balls seemed large for his. The way she sat, it was almost like her labia were kissing the floor.

They all glanced between the boys’ legs as well. Rave’s now-flaccid cock lay straight out over his tight little ballsack and onto the carpet. Andy’s loose ballsack lay splayed on the carpet between his legs. His cock, still thick from earlier erections, lay half-turned onto its side and out along the inside of his right thigh.

They quickly got into the game, but still glanced at each other; especially at Cheryl and the way her breasts dangled whenever she leaned forward to play or gather up cards.

They switched off partners. Andy made popcorn and Angela brought out sodas.

Finally, Cheryl looked at her watch; the only thing she was wearing. “I better get to bed,” she announced. “It’s summer and you three get to sleep in every morning. I don’t.”

She stood and the kids stood. She hugged Angela good night. When she hugged Rave, he squeezed her hard and nuzzled her breasts. Cheryl felt a rush of color to her face.

Then Andy stepped forward to hug her. His cock had begun rising. They embraced; Andy wrapping his arms around her body and she wrapped hers over his shoulders. She felt his cock rise between her legs as she kissed the top of his head. “Good night, sweetheart,” she whispered. “I’m glad we’re OK.”

Andy nodded and leaned up for a kiss on the lips.

Afterward, Cheryl pulled away and gave a parting smile to Andy’s now-rigid cock.

In her bathroom, as she brushed her teeth and used the john before bed, she kept remembering Andy’s erection, looking so big on his twelve-year-old body. Perhaps someday soon, she would let him make love to her again, she decided.

Cheryl turned out the light, and then crawled into bed without bothering to put on a night gown. She enjoyed sleeping naked.

She had just pulled up the cover and closed her eyes when she heard the door to her room open.

Andy had been watching for her light to go out. His cock had refused to go down after his mom left them for bed. Rave and Angela had glanced at his erection and then up at him. “I want to do it with mom again,” Andy explained. “But this time, the right way; without all the wine.”

So when he saw the light go out in his mom’s room, he quietly opened the door and slipped inside. He closed the door behind himself, letting his eyes adjust to the darkened room. Then he moved toward the bed. Despite having sexed with Brandon and Angela earlier in the day, his cock felt incredibly, skin-stretchingly erect.

He pulled back the covers and slid onto his side beside his mom. He pressed his cock to her hip and in the darkness, laid a hand on her belly and nuzzled into the side of her breast.

“Andy,” she whispered. “We’re not going to do this every night.”

He nodded.

“Or even very often,” she continued.

He nodded again. “But I wanna do it the right way,” he whispered, sliding his hand down her belly. “Last night I was all buzzed on the wine and so were you. I wanna do it without the wine.” His fingers slid into her pubic bush and he lifted his head to kiss her firm breast.

Cheryl took a suddenly ragged breath. She wrapped an arm behind Andy’s back, and her hips moved under Andy’s hand as his fingers slid down over the softness of her labia. Even if she tried to tell him ‘no’ now, her body was already telling him ‘yes’.

He sucked her nipple and his long, slender fingers caressed her between the legs. She moaned softly. He cocked a leg over hers, rubbing his long, almost-man-size erection against her hip. There was something exciting about such a big cock on a twelve-year-old boy. There was something exciting about his slender body being so small. And, now, completely sober, it took her breath away that this was her own son. Her mouth fell open and she tried to take in more air as his fingertips probed into her slit and searched downward toward her vaginal opening.

She quickly grew moist as he found her opening, probed it, and then moved his fingers back up to her now-hard clitoris. He massaged around it and switched to sucking her other nipple. She grew even wetter between her legs.

Andy hadn’t begun the growth spurt that adolescence would bring, but his feet and hands were already big; she could feel the size of his hand down, between her legs. He already had thick ankles and his body had begun the hardening that would come with youth. But his skin was still incredibly soft. She ran her fingertips over his back.

His breath was warm over her breasts, and it grew hot under the covers. He leaned up over her, looking down at her face. She opened her eyes and met his… He was male, she was female; it was as simple as that, and as raw.

Bending, the boy placed his mouth over hers. Their lips parted and he probed in with his tongue. His arms were long enough that he kept his fingertips at her clitoris, but his hand paused there as the kiss grew warm. Cheryl moved her hips under his fingers, willing him to stroke her there as they kissed. He did. And amid all the sensations, Cheryl had a momentary, oddly-sensed pride in her son’s easy ability as a lover.

Andy moved his twelve-year-old body over hers, and Cheryl opened her legs for him. He rubbed his cock onto her slit and felt her pubes tickle under his shaft while his balls draped her soft labia. He nuzzled between her breasts and felt her firm belly rise and fall under his own.

She kissed the top of her son’s head and wrapped her arms over his back. She could feel dampness on her belly and smiled because Andy made precum the way his dad had done.

Her son wrapped a hand around each of her breasts and moved his face back and forth across them, dragging his cheeks across her nipples, tonguing their hardness.

She ran the flats of her hands down his back. Skinny boy, she thought. Somewhere she had heard a woman talk about loving skinny boys… actually loving them. Well she had her own beautiful, skinny boy – two if she counted Rave. Someday Rave would come to her bed as well. She knew he would.

Andy lifted his hips. Dropping a hand to his cock, he pointed his cockhead down into her slit. He moved his crown up and down the softness inside her crevice, once, twice. Then he probed for and found her opening. He pushed in and felt his mom’s warmth envelop his crown and then his shaft.

He laid the side of his face down onto her chest, and slipping his hands, palms up, under the backs of her shoulders, he grabbed on.

Cheryl pulled her knees up, her thighs on either side of his slender little hips. She took, Andy’s slender shaft all the way in and wrapped her arms over his slim back. She rubbed the side of her face against the top of his head. “Do it fast,” she whispered, “the way you did last night.”

Andy grabbed on more tightly and nuzzled between her firm breasts. Pressing his mouth to her sternum, her breasts against each of his cheeks, he began to pump his hips… faster… much faster.

She felt his moving body; felt it with her hands, her legs, her belly… a boy between her legs… her boy between her legs… all long and skinny muscle and bone… moving, writhing. She felt him inside her, his shaft moving so fast in long, but rapid strokes… fast like a stick making fire… fire rising hot up from deep inside her loins. She felt the bare skin of his pubic mound slapping over her clitoris, the shocks beginning to take her breath.

Cheryl’s head arched back and she dug her fingertips into Andy’s back. If he had been a man, she would have used her fingernails. She would have clawed. But this was her son, so she pressed the flats of her hands against his back to keep from digging in, and she arched back under him, lifting her pelvis for the boy to bang into.

Andy lasted. Because he had sexed earlier, he lasted well. He was pleased that he brought his mom off twice before he came, shuddering as he pumped his semen into her. He was glad it lasted so long because it felt so good.

After he pumped out the last of his sperm inside his mom and while he still lay on her, slowly growing soft inside her, he thought about how she was different from Ange. In truth, he liked sex with Ange more; just the sex part. He would really like it when Ange finally had breasts and all. But he liked being with his mom like this. After all their years alone together, there was something comfortable and complete now.

Cheryl let him fall asleep on top of her, and she let him stay in her bed that night. She woke before her alarm in the morning and turned if off before it could wake Andy. And then because she wanted to, she slid down under the covers.

Andy was asleep on his back and his cock lay out toward his hip. Cheryl found it with her face and then with her mouth. She swallowed its flaccid length while running her fingers over his narrow hipbones and the smooth skin of his legs and belly. In the dark, she remembered doing this for his beautiful dad, and now, with love, she did it for her beautiful son.


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