Timeline – Wednesday morning

Andy had just returned to his room from his mom’s, and lay down between Rave and Angela on the bed when the doorbell rang. Grumbling, Andy got to his feet once more and pulled on shorts. He looked in the mirror at his long, disheveled hair ant thought about pulling it back into a tail. It’d take too long, he decided, and he didn’t feel like it. As it turned out, it was only Jason and Kyle at the door.

“I wanted to get here before you sexed with a gazillion other people today,” Jason said, giving Andy’s almost-naked torso a hug. Jason, in shorts and a muscle shirt, was wearing little more. He stepped back and grinned. “Sexy hair.”

Andy frowned sleepily and glanced at Kyle, who held up his fist to rap knuckles with him. “Where’s Raven?” Kyle asked.

“Back in the bedroom,” Andy answered with a yawn and a nod back toward the hallway.

Kyle quickly disappeared in that direction.

“Dude,” Andy complained, rubbing his eyes with one hand and scratching his balls through his shorts with the other. “I haven’t even brushed my teeth. I’m not sexing anybody yet.”

Jason watched Andy’s package rise and fall inside his shorts as Andy scratched himself. “Keep that up, “Jason threatened while pointing at Andy’s middle, “and I’m gonna attack you anyway.”

Andy shrugged. “I’m gonna get something to eat, and then you can scratch my balls for me.”

Jason followed him to the kitchen and when Andy leaned into the pantry, Jason slid his hand into the back of his best friend’s shorts. Andy had on no underwear, and Jason caressed the smooth skin of Andy’s butt with his hand.

“I said scratch my ballsafter breakfast.”

Jason ignored him and ran his fingers down under Andy’s butt and between his legs.

“You want any cereal?” Andy asked, wiggling his butt, teasingly.

“Nah,” I had breakfast at my house.

Angela came into the kitchen in a T-shirt, yawning. The boys glanced her way. “I couldn’t sleep anymore,” she said. “Rave and Kyle are wrestling on the bed… are you getting out cereal?”

“Yep,” Andy said, backing into Jason as he backed from the pantry.

Jason grabbed Andy’s hips and pulled his butt back into his lap.

“Oh, geez,” Andy said, a box of cereal in each hand, “you’ve got a boner already.”

“Had it since before I got here,” Jason said, rubbing his erection against Andy’s butt through their shorts. He slid a hand onto Andy’s belly and down into the front of his shorts. Andy’s cock had started to thicken at the feel of Jason’s erection, and Jason found it… thickening, and he closed his fingers around it.

Andy extended his hands and the cereal toward Angela. “I guess you better take this. I’ve gotta go take care of Jace again.”

“Sure, take care of Jace… yeah, right,” Angela said, eyeing Andy’s growing erection inside his shorts.

The doorbell rang.

Jason groaned and dropped his forehead onto the back of Andy’s neck. “Tell whoever it is to go away, Angela,” he said.

“I can’t go to the door,” she complained. “I don’t have panties on.”

“They won’t know that,” Jason said. “I didn’t know it.”

Angela stuck out her tongue and pulled up her shirt to show the boys that she indeed wasn’t wearing panties.

The doorbell rang again. “I better get it,” Andy said, pulling away from Jason. “I’ll just have to keep my hands over my crotch to hide what you’ve done to me.” He threw an accusing glance at Jason.

Jason followed as Andy went to, and answered, the front door. When he opened it, Neal and Lindsay stepped inside. Brandon followed.

“Hi Andy,” he said with a broad grin, and then he noticed Jason and nodded.

“Where’s Rave?” Neal asked.

“Back in our room,” Andy answered with a nod back toward the bedroom. Neal headed on back.

Angela came in from the kitchen, tugging her shirttails down.

“Good morning, Angela,” Brandon said. And then glancing from Angela to Andy, he smiled apologetically. “I’ve got to go into the office this morning, and I was wondering if I could leave Neal and Lindsay here with you for a while.” He rested his hand on Lindsay’s shoulder, patting it as his daughter leaned back against his leg. “I know you guys are young for baby sitting, but the kids love it here and it will just be for a short while. I’ll give you my phone number.”

“Who did Lindsay’s hair?” Angela asked, eyeing Lindsay’s pigtails.

Brandon smiled apologetically once more. “I did,” he confessed. “I’m just not any good with little girl’s hair.”

Angela stepped forward and extended her hand. “C’mon, Lindsay. Let’s go to my room and I’ll redo your hair.”

Lindsay took the older girl’s hand and followed with a sidelong smile at Andy.

“Thank you!” Brandon called out gratefully as the girls disappeared into the hallway to the bedrooms.

Brandon turned back to the boys and looked directly at Jason. He extended his hand. “I’m Brandon, Neal’s dad,” he said.

Jason took the man’s hand and shook it.

“This is my best friend, Jason,” Andy said. “I told you about him.”

Brandon grinned. “Yes, I remember. It’s good to meet you, Jason.”

Jason wasn’t sure how he felt about Brandon. The man was good looking in a vigorous, thirty-year-old way that appealed to boys, but Brandon was a competitor for Andy’s affections.

“You can leave them here,” Andy said. “We aren’t going anywhere for a while.”

“Great!” Brandon said. “I really appreciate it.” He extended a hand toward Andy, wishing they were alone so that he could hold the boy.

Andy ignored the extended hand and stepping forward, threw his arms around Brandon’s neck and pulled the man’s face down to his own. Brandon resisted.

“It’s OK,” Andy said. “Jason knows about us, just like you know about me and Jason.”

Brandon’s gut tightened. Now another person knew about him and the boy. It could be jail for him if the wrong people found out. He glanced at Jason.

Jason crossed his arms watching. But Andy was pulling Brandon’s head down insistently, and so the man bent to kiss the boy and pulled him into his arms. Jason or no Jason, he really wanted to do that.

Andy melted to him.

Jason, watching, had a sudden glimmer of understanding – he finally got what Andy had been trying to tell him – Andy had found himself a father.

It was a long kiss. Andy ran his hands over Brandon’s shoulders and Brandon ran his down over Andy’s back and butt. Despite their disparate ages, they were lovers. That was obvious to Jason. But it didn’t bother him as much as he thought it would. A father isn’t the same as a best friend; there might be room in Andy’s affections for both the man and him.

Their lips parted. “Jace and I are going to sex,” Andy said quietly. “You could sex with us.”

Brandon glanced at Jason, surprised by the suggestion. Jason looked no less surprised.

Brandon stroked Andy’s hair back and looked down into his eyes. “Andy,” Brandon said, shaking his head slightly. “What’s between us is special.”

“I know,” Andy said, nodding while squeezing Brandon’s strong shoulders with his hands. “But you sexed with Rave, too, right? Jason’s my best friend. It’ll be fun for us all to sex together, and I want you to like each other.”

Brandon chuckled. “I already like Jason. But no sexing today, buddy,” he said. He gave Andy another peck.

Brandon had been sporting a boner even before kissing Andy. Despite what he just said, the thought of having the two twelve-year-olds in bed with him had made his erection rock hard. He took a deep breath. “I better get to the office.” Brandon glanced at Jason. “Besides, I’m sure that Jason wouldn’t want to do anything like that with a grown man.”

Andy turned to look at his friend. Jason’s eyes went wide. He didn’t know what to say.

“Jason would like it,” Andy promised both of them.

Jason only stood there because looking at Brandon, he thought he probably would.

Brandon smiled. One of the things he loved about Andy was the way the twelve-year-old looked at sex as simply fun. “Let Jason and me think it over, Andy.” He said that, but he had already come to his own conclusion… might as well go to jail for two twelve-year-olds as for one. He pulled Andy once more into his arms and kissed him. The boy’s slim body felt so good in his arms. It was tempting as hell to stay, just for a short while… but he better not. With a sigh, he parted from the boy. “I’ll call later, Andy,” he said in a gentle voice, and then, ignoring Jason’s presence, he added, “I love you.”

Andy grinned and gave a little wave as Brandon stepped out the door and it closed behind him.

Jason came up to Andy’s side and took his hand. Andy glanced at him. “I told you he’s cool,” Andy said.

Jason nodded. “Yeah, he’s cool.”

“You’ll sex with us sometime, right?”

Jason shrugged. “Yeah, I guess. But right now, I just really wanna sex with you.”

Andy grinned and tugging Jason’s hand, led him back to his mother’s bedroom.

Neal had found Kyle and Rave naked on top of the bed. The nine and ten-year-old were in a sixty-nine, their jaws working and their heads moving as they sucked on each other’s stiffies. They were moaning softly.

Neal quickly undressed and then studied them a moment. He had only cornholed with Rave, but he liked it. On the bed, Kyle’s back was to him, and he thought that he might like to cornhole Kyle. Neal was nine-years-old, and he studied the other boy’s body with the appreciation one athletic boy has for the body of another athletic boy. Kyle’s small, rounded butt drew Neal’s eye. Neal leaned forward and laid his hand on it. Kyle’s bottom was firm and his skin was warm and soft. Neal gave it a squeeze while dropping his other hand to his long, erect stiffy.

Kyle was concentrating on Rave’s cock. Over the last couple of weeks, he had developed a real liking for stiffy sucking; both sucking and being sucked. Rave was as good at it as he was… both of them sucking, working their tongues, honestly enjoying the feel of the other boy’s erection in his mouth – the length, the rigid stiffness, the soft, thick-feeling skin that felt so incredible between the lips and on the tongue.

Rave swirled his tongue over Kyle’s crown, and Kyle shuddered. His butt quivered under Neal’s hand. Then Kyle was vaguely aware that behind him, Neal had leaned over to pick up the tube of KY which always sat so incongruously on the nightstand in a young boys’ room. And then Neal’s fingers were spreading the cool gel into Kyle’s crack and Kyle cocked his upper leg to open himself more.

Rave already had Kyle riding the edge. He and Kyle had taken it slowly, enjoying all the feelings and sensations of their mutual, juvenile fellatio… slowly building to a crest and then riding it the way a nine-year-old could. But now, as Neal lay down behind Kyle, and his thin erection probed into Kyle’s crack, Kyle felt himself move precariously close to his climax.

Neal eased his long, spike of a stiffy all the way until his belly flattened Kyle’s fleshy little butt. He backed and then pressed all the way in again, hard. Kyle’s body stiffened, and he whimpered as his climax poised to take him. He gasped and then cried out as it racked him; his cock twitching him Rave’s mouth and his butt tightening on Neal’s cock.

Rave sucked more furiously and Neal pressed deeper as Kyle’s body shuddered and shuddered again. It excited Rave to drive Kyle wild. It excited him enough that when Kyle, still coming himself, returned his mouth to Kyle’s cock and sucked desperately, even while whimpering and shuddering, it pushed Rave over the edge as well. Both boys clutched and whimpered and sucked all at once. And behind Kyle, Neal began to pump his hips faster.

And Neal kept pumping as the twin dry orgasms passed over his friends and as they caught their breath. They caught their breath and began on each other again, with licking, crown kissing, and gentle sucking. And Neal kept pumping.

In Cheryl’s room, Andy and Jason rolled so that Jason was on top. Their kiss had grown passionate, consuming. Jason ran his fingers up into Andy’s hair. Andy ran his hands down Jason’s back and onto his firm butt. Their hands moved, their fingers gripped, their tongues probed.

Jason pulled his mouth off Andy’s and gasping for breath, he pressed the side of his face against his friend’s.

“What do you want to do Jace?” Andy asked breathlessly. “Did you wan to cornhole me?”

Jason shook his head against Andy’s. “Can we do this?” he asked. “Can we just rub cocks together and keep kissing?” He rubbed the side of his mouth against Andy’s smooth cheek. “I like this a lot.”

Andy nodded, murmuring his agreement… feeling Jason’s weight between his legs, their bellies pressing with their breaths, his friend’s light, but firm glutes under his fingertips, Jason’s balls lying on his own, their cocks pressed and rubbing between their taut bellies… Andy murmured, “yes!”

They ground. They circled hips. They kissed off and on.

“Jace,” Andy said, rubbing the side of his mouth against Jason’s cheek, “I…” His voice trailed away. He wasn’t sure how to say how he felt. When he made love to Angela, he loved her one way. When he sexed with Rave, he loved him another. When Brandon held him, Andy felt wonderful, treasured… cherished. With is mom, lovemaking had been an extension of the companionship and love they had shared all his life. Each one of them was different and special to Andy, whose heart had grown and stretched to include them all. And now, belly to belly, cock to cock with his life-long best friend, Andy felt love again; another, different kind of love.

“What?” Jason asked, waiting for Andy to complete his thought. Jason rubbed his cheek on Andy’s while pumping slowly with his hips so that their cocks pressed for a moment each time. “What were you going to say?”

“I don’t know Jace,” he said. “I just … I just want us to stay best friends.” He ran his fingers into Jason’s hair and clutched it. “I want us to stay best friends for a long, long time.”

Jason’s fingers were still in Andy’s hair, and they held each other by handfuls of hair as Jason moved his mouth back over Andy’s. Their lips touched lightly. “I wanna stay best friends forever,” Jason whispered before pressing his mouth once more over Andy’s firmly.

Lindsay fiddled with the things on the beside table in Angela’s room as the older girl brushed out her hair. “You ever wish you had a sister, Lindsay?” Angela asked.

“Oh, that would be fun,” the younger girls said. “Do you ever wish that you had a sister?”

“Sometimes,” Angela said thoughtfully as she parted Lindsay’s hair into two equal portions prior to braiding. “Brothers don’t always understand things.”

Lindsay nodded. “But Neal is a good brother. And I like Andy and Rave; I like your brothers. They’re all good brothers.”

Angela nodded. “Yeah, they are. But I still think it would be fun if I had a little sister… someone like you.”

Lindsay grinned. “Oh, I’d like having a big sister like you, Angela.”

Then Lindsay bit her lip and turned to face Angela; pulling her hair from Angela’s fingers in the process. “Rave told me,” she whispered. “He told me that you sex with him and Andy like I do with Neal.”

Angela smiled and put a finger to her lips. “You mustn’t tell anyone about that, you know.”

Linday nodded. “I know. They might make us stop sexing and we don’t want to do that.”

She said it so earnestly, so sincerely, that Angela laughed. “No,” she said with a grin. “We don’t want to have to stop doing that.”


Brandon had not been at the office for long when his wife, Linda, called. “My mom told me that you’ve been trying to call, Brandon,” she said. “Look I’m not going to pretend…”

“Please don’t pretend,” Brandon interrupted. “It’s time you were honest with me Linda. If you want to keep our marriage…”

“I don’t,” Linda interrupted in return. She sighed. “You want me to be honest; I’ll be honest. I can’t see coming back, Brandon. Not now. Not for a while.”

“Who is it?” Brandon asked.

Linda sighed once more. “Jeff.”

“Jeff who?”

“You know him. He went with Debbie in high school.”

“Your little sister, Debbie? You mean Jeff Steiner? He’s gotta be three or four years younger than you.”

“So what, Brandon. He’s younger. He’s not that much younger.”

Neither said anything for a moment. Then Linda spoke. “I love him, Brandon. I’ve loved him a long time.”

“So you want a divorce.”

“I suppose you do,” she said.

“What do you think?”

“Yeah, I guess you do… Look, Brandon. I love you and the kids. You know I do.”

Brandon said nothing.

She took a deep breath. “I’m not going to fight you for the children Brandon. Jeff isn’t ready for kids; not just yet. But that doesn’t mean I’ll give up my rights to them.”

“I’ll contact a lawyer, Linda. I’ll have him draw something up.”

When Brandon hung up the phone, he immediately lifted the receiver again and dialed his lawyer. After the lawyer, he dialed Cheryl.


The kids were all out in front of Cheryl’s house when Brandon pulled up in his car. The boys had set up a small skateboard ramp on the sidewalk, and Kyle fell, trying to hurtle it, just as Brandon turned off the ignition. The boys were all shirtless, and so Brandon watched in concern as Kyle got back up and brushed himself off. The boy looked OK.

Angela was on a skateboard. Rave and Neal were standing close, watching her. Andy and Jason were sitting in the grass. Lindsay and Krystan, Angela’s friend, were on their knees behind Andy. They were weaving his long, black hair into thin, tight braids that left a patchwork of raven-black hair and lines of white scalp. Andy appeared to be enjoying the grooming.

“Lookin’ good, Angela,” Brandon called out with a thumbs-up as he crossed the sidewalk, heading for Andy.

“She’s doing great!” Neal yelled back.

Brandon smiled. Angela did look good on the skateboard… for a beginner. He came onto the grass and took a seat beside Andy. “Hi guys,” he said.

“You want us to do your hair, too, Daddy?” Lindsay asked with a grin.

Reaching back, Brandon grabbed Lindsay and pulled her into his lap, tickling her. “No, I don’t want you making little pigtails of my hair!”

Lindsay squealed and writhed delightedly in his lap. Her T-shirt rode up, bearing her little belly, so Brandon tickled her there as well. Lindsay laughed even harder; a seven-year-old’s version of a belly laugh. It was infectious; Andy and Brandon laughed, too.

Brandon patted her tummy and glanced at Jason and then Krystan. “Guys, would you mind if borrow Andy for a couple of moments?”

“Tickle me more first,” Lindsay said, wiggling as she lay across her dad’s lap. “And tickle Krystan, too.”

Brandon glanced at the other girl, and her eyes went wide. Brandon chuckled. “Maybe later,” he said. “Give me a few minutes, OK?”

Lindsay pouted, but got up from his lap. Brandon nodded for Andy to get up with him and they stepped over to one side. “Linda, my wife phoned while ago. She wants a divorce.”

Andy looked up into Brandon’s eyes. “That’s good, right?”

Brandon took a deep breath and nodded. “Yes. Part of me hates to give up on ten years of my life. I have loved her even longer than that.” He threw an arm over Andy’s shoulders. “But then part of me is very happy to be free to love your mom… and you,” Brandon said with a smile.

“What part would that be?” Andy asked with a grin.

Brandon laughed out loud and slapped Andy’s butt. Then his smile gentled and he wrapped his arm back around Andy’s shoulders. “It’s going to have to be a balancing act for me; loving both you and your mom.”

Andy shrugged. “Shouldn’t be hard. I love you and mom and Rave and Angela, and even my best friend Jason.”

Brandon looked into Andy’s pale blue eyes… beautiful eyes, and shook his head slightly. “I believe you, Andy. You are remarkable. But you don’t know what it’s like to love you, buddy,” he said softly. “It would be so easy to love you with all of my heart.”

Andy grinned.

“I’m going to take Neal and Lindsay with me,” Brandon said. “I need to talk to them about all of this.”

Andy nodded.

But Brandon didn’t step away. “Your mom invited us to supper,” he said.

“Cool,” Andy said.

“She hinted that it would be OK if we spent the night,” Brandon added.

“Oh.” Andy nodded knowingly. “So you can be with Mom. That’s cool.”

“I need to ask Neal and Lindsay, though. They may not feel like… doing that, when they hear about their mom.”

“Oh, they’ll want to spend the night with us,” Andy said.

Brandon cocked his head. “Yes, I guess they will. But I’ll ask them anyway.” He turned toward the sidewalk. “Neal, Lindsay,” he said, waving them over. “I need you guys to come with me.”

Neal picked up his skateboard, and Lindsay got up from the grass. She came running over. Neal walked more slowly. Rave followed.

“I need you guys to come with me for a while,” Brandon said. “I want to talk to you about something.”

“Krystan and I need to finish Andy’s hair,” Lindsay said.

“Krystan can finish it,” Andy told her.

Brandon put his arms over his kids’ shoulders and turned them toward his car. “We might see these guys later,” he said. “Cheryl’s invited us for supper.”

“Cool,” Neal said.

Rave followed them. “Ya’ll know the rules at our house, right?” Rave asked.

Brandon glanced back over his shoulder. “Which rules?”

“When it’s just us guys, we stay naked, even for supper.”

Brandon chuckled. “But if we come, it won’t be just you guys.”

“Yes it will,” Rave said. “You guys are just us guys, too.”

Brandon stopped and turned. He smiled at Rave. “Thanks.”


Rave stood behind the door when he opened it. Neal and Lindsay came in first, followed by Brandon. When Rave closed the door, they saw that he was naked. “I told you,” Rave said. “When it’s just us, we stay naked.”

Angela was on the couch with a blanket up to her armpits. Andy was on the floor with a pillow behind his head and a blanket up to his waist. “They’re naked, too,” Rave said. “You guys have to take your clothes off.”

Brandon glanced at his kids. “Well… you guys said you were ok with it.”

Neal grinned and pulled off his shirt. Lindsay glanced from Rave to Neal to Angela to Andy. Then she ran to Andy and disappeared under his blanket. “I’ll undress in here with Andy,” she called out.

Brandon cocked an eyebrow. Neal was already down to his shorts, so Brandon started to unbutton his shirt, but paused. “Where’s your mom, Andy?”

“She’s not home yet,” he said with a grin. “But she will be soon, and she’ll get naked when she does. Whoa!” Andy jumped. “Careful Lindsay.”

Lindsay giggled under the blanket and tossed out a shoe, and then another.

Brandon stripped off his shirt and kicked out of his shoes. Lindsay giggled again and tossed her shirt out from under the blanket. Angela’s eyes were on Brandon. She had never seen a naked man before, though she had seen a teenager, Ben.

Neal had stopped undressing while still in his briefs. He glanced up at his dad and then at Angela.

“Dude!” Rave said, pulling Neal’s underwear down from behind. “No one cares that you have a stiffy. Andy and I get them in front of Angela and Cheryl all the time.”

Reflexively, Neal grabbed at his underwear, trying to hold them up, but Rave kept tugging. They began to wrestle, and laughing, fell to the floor. As they rolled around, Rave quickly sprung a stiffy of his own.

Brandon dropped his trousers, willing himself to not get an erection inside his suddenly full-feeling briefs.

Lindsay giggled again and tossed out her panties and shorts, all twisted up into a ball. Then her head appeared from under the blanket. She had climbed onto Andy who was lying on his back. From her position, Brandon guessed that her little vulva was probably resting on Andy’s cock and balls. The boy wrapped his arms over Lindsay’s back and smiled at her. “Did you see my hair, Linds?” he asked. “Krystan finished it.”

Lindsay scrambled up onto his chest. Out from under the blanket, Brandon could see her miniature labia flattened on Andy’s sternum as she examined his hair. “It’s pretty, she said.”

And now Brandon could see Andy’s erection under the blanket as well. His own cock began to stiffen.

“I’m home!” Cheryl called from the back door.

Gratefully, Brandon rushed from the living room into the kitchen.

“Oh,” Cheryl said with a grin. “Andy said they were going to make you guys strip.”

Brandon came to her, pulling her into his arms. She melted to him. “Andy said you would strip, too,” he murmured.

They kissed, and Brandon began to unbutton her blouse. “Let’s make love first,” he whispered. “Otherwise I’ll be hard all through supper.”

Cheryl smiled, stopping his fingers on her blouse buttons. “The boys get erections all the time, and I don’t want supper to get any colder than it already has.” She nodded toward two bags of carryout sitting on the counter. “I’ve got one more bag to bring in,” she said, stepping toward the doorway. “You better have those briefs off by the time I get back.” Then she paused and came back to kiss him once again. “I’ve taken tomorrow off. We have lots of time.”


Little Neal’s cock had started to grow flaccid until Cheryl came into the living room without clothes and Brandon came following her with a wagging erection. The eyes of the children were drawn to it and to the two nude adult bodies. Neal’s cock went stiff again.

Brandon and Cheryl were carrying bags of food. “I thought we might want to eat in here,” Cheryl explained. “The kitchen table might be a little small for all of us.”

Andy lifted Lindsay off his belly and got up from the floor with an erection of his own. Rave’s cock responded to the sight of three other erections and three naked females.

“I guess it’s unanimous,” Cheryl observed with a grin. “All the boys are voting aye.”

Brandon popped her butt as she bent over the coffee table to arrange the food. Andy and Angela brought sodas for everyone. And then they all gathered on the floor around the low coffee table.

Lindsay dropped into Andy’s lap, backing his erection up against his belly. Brandon sat beside Cheryl. Angela took a seat next to Andy. Rave and Neal took seats next to her.

They talked through supper. They talked about Linda and the probability of divorce. They talked about Angela’s skateboarding. They talked about Andy’s hair. They talked about the food that Cheryl had brought home.

But they didn’t talk about the sexual tension they felt – even the children felt it; the expectation. They didn’t talk about what might be in store for their two families beginning that very evening. But they did steal glances into each other’s laps, or at breasts and chests and cheeks and jaws and long hair and angular shoulders. The stole glances at each other as they talked about other things, but sensed a coming consummation.


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