Timeline – Wednesday Night

Andy finished eating first and scooted back from the table first, lying back onto the floor with a sigh. Lindsay followed him back, and once again straddled his hips, pressing her little vulva to the underside of Andy’s cock. It had become flaccid. She grinned and squirmed on him. As he hardened, she began a rocking movement, and Andy grabbed onto the sides of her legs.

The others watched as they finished a last few bites of supper. The two younger boys, Neal and Rave, knelt up for a better look. Brandon had mixed emotions at seeing his seven-year-old daughter sexing, even so mildly, with a twelve-year-old boy.

But then Lindsay went up onto her knees, leaning forward and reaching behind, she grabbed Andy’s cock and pointed it at her vagina.

Brandon finally spoke. “Lindsay, honey, Andy’s too big a boy to fit inside you.”

“No he isn’t,” she said matter-of-factly as she tried to back onto Andy’s cock. “I know how to do it. All I have to do is put the slippery stuff on his penis.”

“Slippery stuff?” Brandon asked, wondering if she meant lubricant. How the hell would she know about that?

“The stuff in the tube… like a toothpaste tube,” she said.

“She means KY,” Rave explained, pulling a tube from the back of an end table drawer where they had hidden it. He moved over beside Andy and Lindsay.

Brandon exchanged glances with Cheryl, and mouthed “KY” in surprise. She shrugged, as surprised as Brandon was.

“But Andy’s too big for you, honey,” Brandon insisted as Rave removed the cap from the tube of lubricant.

“Uh-uh. We already did it,” Lindsay said as she paused to watch Rave with the tube of KY.

“I was asleep,” Andy quickly said in his defense. “It was when we slept over. Lindsay gooped me with KY while I was sleeping, and I didn’t wake up until she already… well she already had me inside her.”

Rave squirted some of the gel into his hand. “You can show them, Lindsay. You can show them how you did it.” He spread the KY onto her hand.

The others watched in silence as Lindsay climbed off Andy to kneel beside Rave at Andy’s side. “This is how I did it,” she said, as if teaching a class of other seven-year-olds. Using both hands, she generously lubed Andy’s cock. “And then I put some on me,” she added, kneeling up and spreading her legs to rub lube into her crevice. “Now watch.” Lindsay straddled Andy’s waist once more.

Andy’s eyes were closed. If Brandon and his mom were going to let this happen, he certainly wasn’t going to stop it.

Lindsay reached back for Andy’s cock, trying once more to point it into her bottom. Rave reached in to help, holding Andy’s cock up at an angle with one hand while looping his other arm under Lindsay’s waist to back her up to it. Once he worked Andy’s crown into Lindsay’s little vagina, he backed up to sit down beside Angela.

From where they sat on the couch, Brandon and Cheryl were looking right up between Andy’s long, thin legs; up past where his two, egg-shaped balls hung so loosely in his smooth ballsack; up the curve of his slender shaft; right up to where Lindsay’s little vagina had swallowed Andy’s glans, and the lips of Lindsay’s labia stretched thin around his shaft. Brandon’s cock twitched in his lap.

They all watched as Lindsay eased her little body back down on Andy’s shaft; two-thirds of his length slipped inside her before she stopped. She leaned forward then, onto Andy; her little belly on his, her head on his chest. From his angle, Brandon could see that Lindsay’s eyes were closed now and there was a contented smile on her small mouth. She held onto Andy’s ribs and began a little rocking up and back on the twelve-year-old.

Brandon had forgotten to breathe, but now he exhaled and took a deep breath. The room felt warm. Cheryl reached into his lap and closed her hand around his erection.

Rave was sitting beside Angela, and with his still slick hand, he reached between her legs and began caressing the inside of her thighs. Angela, eyes on Lindsay and Andy, reached into Rave’s lap and closed her hand over his stiffy. Neal moved up beside her from the other side and ran his hand over her back.

Cheryl scooted closer to Brandon.

Rave kissed Angela, and his hand moved between her legs. She murmured, and her eyes closed. Neal ran a hand over her chest.

Rave gently caressed her labia and brushed lightly around her clitoris. Brandon did the same with Cheryl.

Andy’s and Lindsay’s eyes were closed. He had pulled up his knees, his feet flat on the floor just under his butt, and he was gently stroking Lindsay’s back as she rocked back and forth on his belly. They all watched as a couple of inches of Andy’s shaft vanished into Lindsay’s vagina each time she rocked back, and then watched as the lips of her little labia clung to his shaft when she rocked forward and his cock withdrew.

Rave laid a palm on Angela’s chest and pushed her gently onto her back on the floor. He bent to kiss her again and reached once more between her legs.

On her other side, Neal stroked the inside of Angela’s silky thighs. And yet, his eyes were on Andy and Lindsay. He admired the older boy’s body; his long legs and light musculature, the visible muscles in his butt, his long, slender cock… even the way the older boy’s balls jiggled as Lindsay rocked on him. Neal’s eyes fell to Andy’s thick, damp-looking perineum and his smooth butt crack beneath. Taking his hand from inside Angela’s thigh, Neal leaned over and pressed his fingertips to Andy’s perineum.

Andy moaned and his pelvis moved. Neal rubbed and then smelled his fingertips. Andy had the first scent of adolescence between his legs, and Neal had never smelled anything like it. The older boy’s scent was heady; Neal’s pulse quickened and his cheeks felt flush. Getting up onto all fours, he buried his face under Andy’s balls, breathing deeply through his nose. He rubbed his face in the twelve-year-old’s scent and felt his cock grow incredibly hard.

Neals’ dad was watching while Cheryl stroked his cock. It was a second before Brandon remembered that it was his own son’s little butt that he was leering at; his own son’s long stiffy that Brandon could see pointing up the underside of the boy’s belly. He shook it off and turned his attention to Rave and Angela. Rave had just picked up the tube of KY.

Angela watched as her little brother lubed his long stiffy and then lubed between her labia. She spread her legs for him, and he moved up between them. He pointed his cock down and Angela felt his crown press at her opening.

Brandon and Cheryl watched Rave’s long, thin erection disappear slowly, but completely into his sister’s slit. The boy’s hips settled between her legs and Rave laid his belly and chest down onto hers. They wrapped their arms around each other, and Rave’s little butt began to dimple as he started pumping.

Much like Andy had done, Angela pulled her knees up and planted her feet on the floor just outside Rave’s legs and under her butt. That position gave her leverage to pump her hips and meet Rave’s thrusts.

Neal knelt up, found the tube of KY, and moved up to Andy’s bottom on his knees. He squeezed gel into his hand and then stroked his stiffy with it while rubbing Andy’s perineum with the fingertips of his other hand; the older boy seemed to like it as much as Neal liked rubbing him there.

Neal squeezed out more gel and lubed down into Andy’s crack and up into his opening. Then he knelt up at Andy’s bottom, pushing Andy’s knees wide apart and flat out to the side. The older boy cooperated and the rosebud of his anus rose a couple of inches higher and closer to Neal’s cock.

Neal moved forward, pointing his cock into Andy’s hole. He rose on his knees and pushed in. His little butt tightened as he eased his hips forward and his shaft disappeared into the larger boy.

From where they sat, Cheryl and Brandon could Neal’s long, slender erection vanish down into Andy’s opening, and Brandon took a father’s pride in the length of his nine-year-old son’s membe… as well as in the boy’s athletic little body. The boy already had a good little set of balls; they were visible under his shaft and loose enough to splay just a little when he thrust his cock all the way into Andy’s butt. Brandon and Cheryl watched the boy’s muscular little butt firm and relax in a way that was incredibly male and sexy in a kid so young. Beside him, Rave and Angela had made themselves into a tight little ball, arms around each other, and only Rave’s hips moved... and Angela’s occasionally-moving hands. The adults’ eyes went back and forth over the children.

Then Cheryl tugged at Brandon’s arm and moved up onto the couch, pulling Brandon up with her. She lay back, spreading her legs. Brandon quickly moved up over her, angling his cock down into her with one hand. Their eyes met and they exchanged “isn’t this crazy?” grins. Brandon eased into her, savoring the delicious slide of her vagina down over his crown and shaft. He settled onto her, pressing the side of his face against hers and then he turned his head just slightly so that he could continue to watch the kids while driving his cock into Cheryl, who had begun to move under him.

The room grew noisy with the moans of adults, the grunts of children having sex, and the quiet slapping of seven bodies of various sizes.

Lindsay’s eyes were closed in concentration, but her brother Neal’s were not. He was watching his cock sliding in and out of Andy’s bottom. Every time he pushed all the way in, it felt so good, especially as he watched belly flatten against Andy’s bottom bones and he is cock felt long and extended into the older boy.

Neal was also fascinated by the way his sister’s little body rocked up and back on Andy. He had never noticed before that even now, her little hips had a pleasant, female roundness, and that she had a really cute butt. Between his little sister’s butt and his own belly, Andy’s balls jiggled, and the skin of his shaft rose up and down the third of its length that wasn’t inside Lindsay. That excited Neal as well. He ran his fingers lightly up and down Andy’s cock and scrotum… and then he noticed that Andy’s ballsack had suddenly tightened up, pulling Andy’s balls up on either side so that Neal could see the root of Andy’s shaft between them and down to the older boy’s perineum.

Lindsay’s rocking had been slowly quickening and now she was rocking surprising fast. Muscles in her little back and butt tensed and she clung tightly to Andy’s sides.

Andy’s head rolled from side to side and he closed his arms more tightly over Lindsay’s back. They were getting ready to come, and Neal was almost ready; he wanted to come with them. He banged hard and fast into Andy’s bottom, and the older boy moaned and arched. Neal banged again and again, matching Lindsay’s backward rhythm. Andy moaned louder and his head lolled.

What he and Lindsay were doing to Andy excited Neal as much as he had ever been excited in sex. The older boy’s body responded to his thrusts in ways that Lindsay’s and Jenny’s had not. Neal leaned to the side to get a better look at Andy. The older boy’s eyes were tightly shut and his mouth was open wide; his breathing was shallow. And now Andy’s hips were pumping between Lindsay’s and Neal’s rocking.

Lindsay rocked into a frenzy, whimpering loudly. Andy was gasping. Neal, determined to come with them, leaned forward, resting the heels of his palms on Andy’s hipbones, and he pounded. Andy met his thrusts and Neal felt incredibly male.

But then Andy arched and gritted his teeth. His sphincter clenched around Neal’s cock. Looking down, Neal could see the base of the older boy’s cock pulsing, and soon, clear semen oozed from Lindsay’s vagina and out around Andy’s shaft. Andy gripped Lindsay’s hips tightly as his crown went sensitive and he started to slow his hips and Lindsay’s rocking.

“Don’t stop moving your butt, Andy,” Neal pleaded. “Please keep…”

Neal didn’t finish because Andy began pumping his hips again. He held Lindsay tightly to keep her from moving too much on his sensitive cock, and his eyes remained tightly closed, his mouth pursed into a tight line… but he was moving his butt for Neal.

“Yeah,” Neal said, tossing his head back. They were back into a rhythm. Neal closed his eyes and concentrated on Andy’s tightness moving up and down his slender shaft. And then Neal plunged all the way in, pulling Andy’s butt tightly to his lap. The younger boy arched back and his body went rigid with his own, dry orgasm.

Brandon, watching from behind, and watching Rave’s little butt rabbit pumping between Angela’s legs, felt that deep churning that comes on the front end of an orgasm. He picked up speed, and Cheryl’s body responded. It excited Brandon to come at almost the same time as his son. And just then, Angela grabbed Rave’s butt in both hands, pulling at it as she writhed and whimpered into a climax herself. At the sound of her cries, Brandon began shooting.

Feeling his semen, Cheryl, clutched at his back and ground her pelvis up into his thrusts. She managed to begin her orgasm just as his was ending, and her writhing stretched out Brandon’s ecstasy.

On the other side of the coffee table, Neal had caught his breath and pulled the length of his stiffy from Andy’s butt, slowly backing onto his haunches. His cock was still hard and when it sprang free, it slapped up against his belly.

He gave the inside of Andy’s thigh a friendly rub and looked around the room. Certainly it was too early to stop. This was a special night… for them all to sex together. He looked around for a new place to stick his stiffy.

Nearby, Angela was squirming in the last throws of a long orgasm; made long by Rave’s furious rabbit thrusting. Neal moved over to watch. Angela squirmed and her head lolled and Rave kept pumping until suddenly he pushed deep and his butt clenched. He pulled out, and drove in again… once, twice… and then he held there, catching his breath.

Neal laid a hand on Rave’s butt. “Can I have a turn?” he asked.

Angela looked up at him, glassy-eyed. “If you wanna sex with me,” she murmured, “you gotta wash off your dick ‘cause it’s been up Andy’s butt.”

Neal nodded. “OK,” he said, getting to his feet. He dashed from the room.

Rave nuzzled into the side of his sister’s neck and they ground together, pleasurably.

Meanwhile, Lindsay had started rocking again. The tightness of her vagina had kept Andy semi-hard; now her movement made his cock fully erect. Like Rave and Angela, their movements were slow and pleasurable. Andy stroked the seven-year-old’s back while she kissed on his smooth chest.

Neal returned and knelt once more beside Angela and Rave. Rave’s slowly moving bottom looked good to him. But he’d already sexed with Rave more than once, and he hadn’t ever sexed with Angela… and she was an older girl… and pretty... everywhere.. He tapped Rave on the bottom. “I’m back.”

Rave nodded and slowly got up off Angela, and his stiffy wagged under his belly. As he moved out from between her legs, Neal moved in. Angela’s eyes were on his athletic body; his cock looked just as long, just as stiff as Rave’s. She opened her legs for him. Angela was still sexually excited and Neal was a cute boy.

Neal angled his cock down like he did when he did Lindsay or Jenny. Angela moved to meet him, and he had the sensation of her swallowing his cock with her vagina. She was hot inside. That surprised him. And she was snug; not as snug as the little girls vaginas, but snug around the full length and circumference of his shaft. She was hot and wet and snug and she had a long slender body and she was already moving… she closed her arms around him and their bellies pressed.

Her body was responding like Andy’s had; it excited him. He pressed his mouth to the side of Angela’s neck and shuddered because of the incredible feel of it all. He shuddered and mumbled, “holy shit!”

Angela wrapped her arms around his shoulders and held him tightly as they began banging pelvises together.

Rave moved over to Lindsay and Andy, and laid his hand on Lindsay’s back. “Lindsay, can I sex with you for a while?”

Lindsay looked up at him, dreamy-eyed, and smiled. She nodded, but kept rocking and made no move to get off Andy. So Rave grabbed her by the waist and eased her up and off his brother. Giving Andy a grateful wink, he rolled Lindsay onto her back and moved between her legs. In seconds, they were into a tight little, flexing ball.

Andy lay there for a moment, his long erection lying up on his belly. He closed his hand over it and gave it a stroke before sitting up. He looked around. Brandon and his mom were kissing and their hips were moving together. He watched for a moment, wondering about joining them.

Rave and Lindsay giggled. Andy looked over and watched Rave make little circles with his hips. Then he looked over at Neal whose butt cheeks were dimpling as he thrust between Andela’s legs. A damn fine little butt, Andy thought He moved over beside Neal and Angela.

Andy picked up the tube of KY and squirted some onto his fingers and then lay down, propping up on his elbow beside them. He spread the gel into Neal’s clenching butt crack and leaned close. “We’re gonna make a Neal sandwich,” he whispered into Neal’s ear. “Rave and I like doing it. You’ll like it, too.”

Andy rubbed in the younger boy’s crack and kissed the back of his neck. Then he knelt up, straddling both Neal’s and Angela’s bodies, his knees outside their hips. He fell forward onto one hand and then used his other to guide his cock down into Neal’s butt crack. He found the younger boy’s opening and pressed; his crown popped in.

Neal stopped, adjusting to the feel of the older boy’s cock – a much larger stiffy than Rave’s or Kyle’s. Andy eased the full length in, and then lowered his belly to Neal’s back without dropping his whole weight onto him. Neal liked the feel, and he liked the kisses Andy gave to the back of his neck, and the way Andy’s free hand roamed Neal’s side and down to the side of his butt. At the same time, Angela’s hands roamed his body, too, and she kissed the side of his forehead. Neal liked a Neal sandwich.

Andy began to thrust from his hips… just a little. Under him, Neal resumed his pumping.

Brandon had been watching from the couch where he was still lying between Cheryl’s legs, moving his cock slowly in and out of her. “Let’s go back to my bedroom,” Cheryl whispered, “Where I can have your full attention.”

Brandon glanced down at her and grinned. “Sorry. It’s sort of easy to get distracted.”

Cheryl cocked an eyebrow and pinched his butt.

Brandon chuckled and kissed her. “Damn,” he whispered, brushing his lips on hers. “How could I ever get distracted from you?”

“Oh, sure,” Cheryl said with a grin. “Come on; get up. Let’s go back to my room where we can both concentrate.”

Brandon gave her another kiss, and then withdrew his cock. They got up from the couch. Cheryl took his hand, but then stopped beside Andy, Neal, and Angela. She knelt beside them and laid her free hand on Andy’s rising-and-falling butt. “Good night, baby,” she said, kissing the top of his head. “Brandon and I are going back to my bedroom.”

Andy looked up, to see Brandon’s erection only inches away. He smiled up at Brandon and then at his mom and leaned up to kiss her cheek.

“Good night, Neal,” Cheryl said, bending to kiss the side of that boy’s face. “Good night Ange,” she said, giving her niece a peck on the mouth.

Cheryl moved to Rave and Lindsay, bringing Brandon along by the hand. His eyes lingered on the children’s moving bodies as he followed..

“Good night, Rave,” Cheryl said. He leaned up and with a smile, gave her a soft kiss on the lips. “Good night, Lindsay,” Cheryl said next, kissing the little girl’s forehead. Lindsay smiled up at her with a dazed, happy look.

Cheryl got up from the floor and pulled Brandon away from the kids.

“I can’t believe it,” he said, shaking his head, “You said good night to them as if they were simply playing checkers or something.”

Cheryl shrugged as they passed through the kitchen and into her bedroom. “Sex is like play for them.”

“Damn,” Brandon said as neither of them bothered to shut the door and both headed directly for her bed. “I wish I had gotten to play that way at their ages.”

Cheryl smiled and pulled back the bed covers. “We’ll make up for it now.” She climbed up onto the bed and held open her arms and legs to him.

Brandon paused to gaze for a moment... to come back to the reality that there was an incredibly beautiful woman before him… one with her legs open and ready for him… a woman with full lips and firm breasts and a flat belly. He gazed down at her labia, puffy and pink. He felt his pulse quicken once more. His face grew hot, and his nostrils flared. His cock went absolutely rigid. He knelt up onto the bed and moved over her. Poor Linda, he thought to himself, she never had a clue… she was never like this.


Brandon sat up in bed when Cheryl returned with a bowl of popcorn and a soda for them to share. “The kids have all gone back to their rooms,” she said. Extending her hands, she gave Brandon the popcorn and soda. “You liked watching the kids so much; I decided to show you some special video I have.”

Brandon looked up in surprise. “You’ve taken video of the kids?”

Cheryl shook her head. “Not the way you’re thinking.” Grabbing up the remote control, she turned on the surveillance monitor that sat on top of her dresser and took a seat beside Brandon on the bed. “I had surveillance cameras put in when I first suspected the kids might be up to something and I didn’t know what.” She flashed Brandon a grin. “Boy was I surprised.” She turned back toward the monitor. “The kids have no idea that these are here.” She extended her hand with the remote control toward the DVD player/controller that sat under the monitor.

The monitor screen divided into four smaller pictures; the kitchen, two shots of the living room, and one of the two of them in Cheryl’s bed. Cheryl pushed a button and the four pictures switched to two of Angela’s room and two of Andy’s. The rooms were eerily lit with high spectrum light which the kids wouldn’t see in the dark, but which the cameras picked up.

Cheryl glanced at Brandon and smiled. His eyes had grown large.

Lindsay was in bed with Angela. The three boys were in Andy’s bed. “Andy, Rave, and Angela usually all sleep together,” Cheryl informed him. “The girls may be huddling tonight for self defense.”

Brandon nodded as his eyes got used to the eerie lighting.

Cheryl extended her hand and the monitor went back to one, full-screen shot from over Angela’s bed. The girls were sleeping; Angela spooned to the back of Lindsay. The bed covers were down to their waists, and Brandon could see that the girls were still naked.

Cheryl pushed a button on the remote and the shot changed to one over the boy’s bed. Neal was asleep on his side. Behind him, Rave was lying on Andy, his hips between his older brother’s legs. They appeared to be talking, and casually grinding their middles.

“Those two do that almost every night,” Cheryl observed. “Rave will climb up on Andy, often in their sleep. Sometimes they wake up and talk. Usually, they’ll hump on each other till they come.” She cocked her head slightly. “It’s gotten to where, I don’t think they always wake up when they do sex.” She glanced at Brandon. “One thing to know about those two… they really love each other,” she said. “They both love having a brother.”

Brandon smiled. “You don’t stay up all night watching, do you?”

Cheryl laughed. “No! The cameras automatically record to writable DVDs. If I want, I can save the DVDs or copy scenes from them to other DVDs. Or I can simply leave them in the controller and it will write over them. There are three DVDs in at any one time, so I have a while. Look,” she said, extending the remote once more toward the controller, “I can go back to the beginning of the day.”

The screen switched back to four shots; in one, Andy was in Cheryl’s bed. She fast forwarded until Andy woke and got up. He stepped into the john. “I’m thinking about adding cameras for the bathrooms,” and then turned and bit her lip. “Though now that I know what the kids are doing, I suppose I’ve lost my excuse for the cameras.”

“I don’t think so,” Brandon said, distractedly.

Andy came from the john and back into view of the camera. He went from the shot of Cheryl’s room into the one of the kitchen and then into the two of the living room. Cheryl switched to the bedroom views and they saw Andy crawl into bed with Rave and Angela.

“So Andy was in your bed last night?” Brandon asked with a grin and cocked eyebrow.

Cheryl glanced at him sheepishly. “He wanted us to do it again without either of us being drunk.” She turned back to the screen as Andy got up again and left the bedroom. She switched back to the living room shots and saw Andy let in Jason and Kyle.

“Those are two of the boys’ friends,” she said. Kyle disappeared from the living room shots back toward the hallway while Jason followed Andy to the kitchen.

Brandon recognized the kids from that morning and realized that he might show up on the monitor. His stomach dropped as he remembered how Andy and he had embraced.

Cheryl switched to the bedrooms. On the monitor, Kyle studied the sleeping forms of Rave and Angela for a moment, and then began undressing. “They’re non-stop little sex bunnies sometimes,” Cheryl observed.

Kyle crawled up onto the bed beside Rave. There were small movements, and then suddenly the boys were wrestling. Cheryl switched to full-screen of the shot over the bed and they could see that the boys were laughing. Angela got up from the bed and left the picture.

Cheryl switched back to the first four-shot and they saw Angela pass through the living room and into the kitchen. She fast forwarded as the kids in the kitchen appeared to be talking. But then Andy led them back through the living room and to the front door.

“Oh look,” Cheryl said. “It’s you and your kids.”

Brandon’s mouth went dry. He knew what was coming next but didn’t know how to stop her.

“I’m going to get sound for this someday,” Cheryl said, as Neal disappeared from the shot, back toward the bedrooms. Then Angela took Lindsay’s hand and they left the picture as well. Cheryl switched the picture to the four bedroom shots and Brandon breathed a sigh of relief now that he and Andy were out of the picture. They watched as Angela sat Lindsay on her bed and began working on the girl’s hair in two of the shots. In the other two, Kyle and Rave were in a sixty-nine on the boys’ bed and Neal was stripping off his clothes. “I told you… non-stop,” Cheryl said.

She switched the view back to the livingroom, and Brandon stifled a groan as one of the cameras caught Andy and him in their full-body embrace. Brandon swallowed hard.

On screen, the two of them stepped apart. Cheryl didn’t look at Brandon as she rewound the scene to the beginning of the embrace. Brandon and Cheryl watched silently as Andy and Brandon kissed and their hands roamed each other’s bodies. The muscles in Cheryl’s jaw worked.

“So,” Cheryl said in a quiet, even voice, while not glancing at Brandon, “it’s not me you’re really interested in. It’s my son.”

That caught Brandon off-guard. He had expected anger that he might be sexing Andy; not anger that he might be using Cheryl to be close to her son. “No!” Brandon quickly said. “It’s not like that. I mean, before last week, I never…”

She glanced at him and there was fire in her eyes. Incongruously, he thought, Damn she’s beautiful, at the same time he tried to collect himself. “Let me start at the beginning…”

Cheryl turned off the monitor. Frowning, she leaned back against the headboard. “I’m listening.”

They talked into the early morning, recognizing the love they both had for Andy. They agreed that they would reconcile it all in time.

Cheryl brought them wine, and they re-watched all the events of that evening. And then they made love once more. “Cheryl,” Brandon murmured after she had moved into his arms for sleep.

“Ummm,” was her only response.

“Maybe we shouldn’t tell the children about the cameras yet.”

Cheryl chuckled.


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