A NEW FAMILY - The Epilogue

Epilog 1, Timeline –Three Weeks Later (Wednesday Evening)

Cheryl nuzzled into Brandon’s neck. He stroked her back and she sighed. The lovemaking had been tender. Their affection for each other was growing.

“Cheryl, honey?”


“I need to drive to Flagstaff to see one of my clients onsite.”

“When?” she murmured.

“Soon. I’d like to go in the next day or two. He’s facing a labor audit and I need to go over his payroll records.”

“Will it take long?”

“A day or two. I’ll need to stay over night.”

“I’ll miss you,” she said, kissing his neck.

He nodded. “I’ll miss you.”

They were quiet a moment.

“Cheryl?” Brandon whispered.

“Yeah,” she answered sleepily.

“What would you think of my taking Andy with me?”

Cheryl plucked at his light chest hair. “Do you really need to go to Flagstaff?”

Brandon considered his answer. “I could probably get by without going,” he said honestly.

“Oh, go ahead,” she said. “Andy will probably love it.” But then she had another thought. “Will he be bored during the day?”

“Not if he takes Jason with him.”

Cheryl lifted her head. “Have you had sex with Jason?”

Brandon shook his head. “No, but Andy wants me to and evidently Jason told him he would like it.”

“Damn it, Brandon,” she said, rolling to her back. “Our own kids are one thing, but what happens if you get found out?”

Brandon shrugged. “Jason already knows all about us, Cheryl, and he… to put it the way the kids do… he already sexes with Andy, Rave, and Angela.”

Cheryl thought it over, then turned her head toward him. “You be careful.”

“I’ll be careful,” he promised.

“What will they do while you’re working?”

Brandon shrugged. “I thought about it. I’ll book us into an Embassy Suites where they have a pool and hot tub. There’s a laser tag close by. I can give them money and let them hang out there a while.” He rolled up onto his side. “I found a good plan for all of us to have cell phones. I can get them before we go and they can stay in touch with me.”

“You’ll owe Rave and Neal,” she said.

“Yeah,” he agreed. “Lots of kids to take care of now.”


After sending Rave and Neal off to shower before going to bed, Cheryl lay down on the couch to read, watch TV, and relax. She thought about Brandon and the boys and was slightly jealous for a moment. But men and boys needed their time away from women. She had always heard that and believed it. With a sigh, she pulled a blanket up to her waist and picked up her book to read. At least, she thought, I’ll get some good sleep tonight.

She had dozed off when she was vaguely aware that the children were whispering together. Someone was beside her and she looked up. Angela was holding Lindsay’s hand and they were standing beside the couch. “We’re going to go to my room,” Angela said, “to paint our nails.”

Cheryl glanced at Lindsay who was grinning broadly. “Have you ever had your nails painted, Lindsay?” Cheryl asked with a smile.

Lindsay shook her head. And then Cheryl had to stifle a chuckle. They were all naked and stayed naked around the house. To worry about nail polish seemed odd, and yet totally feminine. Cheryl smiled. “Do you want me to help?”

Angela shook her head. “No. I’ll show her how to do it.”

“Maybe you can paint my nails sometime,” Cheryl said.

“Sure,” Angela answered with a grin. But then she glanced back toward the doorway to the hall. “But some other time, OK?”

“OK, sugar,” Cheryl said with a little pat to Angela’s bare bottom. She wondered if the girls planned something sexual. “Some other time will be fine.”

The girls left and Cheryl closed her eyes once more. She was still drowsy and wondered about going to bed. It was still a little early for her.

She heard movement in the room… the girls coming back for something or the boys returning from their shower. Two bodies climbed onto the couch with her and Cheryl opened her eyes.

It was Rave and Neal. The nine and freshly-ten-year-old were laying on her sides, smiling at her. She could feel their stiffies through the blanket. Leaving her book on her tummy, she wrapped her arms behind their bare little backs and gave them each a friendly rub. “You guys heading off to bed?”

“No way,” Rave said laying a hand on her belly and nuzzling into her left breast. “We came to talk to you.”

Neal mimicked Rave, also rubbing Cheryl’s belly and nuzzling into her right breast. They rubbed their stiffies against her hips.

“About what?” Cheryl asked suspiciously.

Rave took the book from Cheryl’s lower tummy, set it back behind him, pulled the blanket lower, and then laid his hand where the book had been; lower on her belly… and he circled lower.

“You know how we’re sorta becoming a family, all of us?” Rave asked before giving her nipple a little kiss and a suck.

Cheryl felt her nipple’s hardening at the same time Rave’s long little fingers combed into her pubic hair.

“Yes,” she answered, knowing now what was coming.

“Well Andy and I have sexed with you, but Neal never has and he wants to, don’t you, Neal.”

Neal’s mouth was over Cheryl’s nipple and his hand was around her breast, squeezing, but he managed to mumble, “Uh-huh.”

Rave’s fingers slid down over Cheryl’s labia and gently caressed. Cheryl’s hips moved involuntarily.

And then both boys had a hand between her legs, and mouths were on both her nipples. Cheryl’s hands dropped to their little butts which were flexing while they rubbed their cocks against her now naked hips.

They new how to touch a girl, and it worked as well for a woman. Before long, Cheryl had grown damp at her vagina. Neal moved between her legs and she felt him rub the length of his stiffy in her crevice, getting it damp as well, before he lifted his hips, found her, and pushed in his stick-like cock.

Cheryl wrapped her arms around both boys as they nuzzled and sucked on her breasts and moved against her. And then she almost chuckled at a stray thought – these two sure as hell better not complain because they didn’t get to play laser tag.

Epilog 2, Timeline –Five Months Later (November)

Instead of going into the house, Cheryl came around to the front yard from the garage. She had seen several of the kids out in front of the house on their skateboards.

Lindsay and her friend Jenny were sitting on the grass watching Rave, Neal, Kyle and two other boys on their skateboards. Cheryl sat down beside Lindsay. The little girl smiled up at her, and Cheryl put her arm over Lindsay’s shoulders.

“Have you seen the big kids?” Cheryl asked. The ‘big kids is what their blended family had begun to call Andy, Angela, and Jason because the three were constantly together. For the same reason, they called Rave, Neal, and Kyle collectively, ‘the boys’.

“They’re inside with Krystan,” Lindsay said. “They’re gonna sex together and do homework.”

Cheryl shifted uneasily and glanced at Jenny. She knew that Jenny was one of her kids’ sexual playmates, but she still felt uncomfortable whenever the kids mentioned sexing to her in front of their friends. For one thing, she could never claim later that she didn’t know what was happening.

But the kids were good about not saying anything in front of anybody that didn’t already know, and Jenny certainly knew a lot. Cheryl decided she would have to talk with Jenny sometime to make sure the little girl understood what not to say.

Cheryl smiled at Lindsay. “Your father called the shop,” she said. “They’ve sold your old house.”

“Oh, good,” Lindsay said, happily. “That means they’re going to start building our new home.”

Cheryl nodded. “Your dad has to send your mom her share of the sale, like he promised,” she said. Then she grinned and bent her forehead to Lindsay’s. “But yes… we’re ready to start building our new home.”

“Hooray!” Lindsay said, throwing her arms around Cheryl’s neck.

Epilog 3, Timeline – A Year Later (November)

Andy and Angela stood up in the hot tub. Brandon’s eyes dropped to their middles. Both had solid little patches of luxuriously black pubic hair. Water ran off their slender bodies and down from their sleek, black hair. Neither had an ounce of fat, and as they stood side by side, Brandon thought to himself that the two were becoming more and more strikingly beautiful… almost daily.

Andy’s shoulders were wider and more muscular than when Brandon met him over a year before. His dick was longer, thicker, and at the moment, pinker. Angela’s hips were rounder now, and water beaded on her small, firm breasts.

Brandon watched the play of muscles in their legs as the two climbed from the hot tub. They were quickly followed by Neal, Rave, and Lindsay.

“OK, you were right, I was wrong,” Cheryl told him as the kids ran, dripping, from the hot tub to the sauna. “All this was a good idea.”

Cheryl and Brandon stood up to follow the kids. They hadn’t moved into the new house yet, but they were there to try out the home gym and wet area that Cheryl let Brandon talk her into… and that Cheryl just admitted was a good idea.

Brandon’s idea seemed like a lot of wasted money to her when he first proposed it. But Brandon described what he had in mind with such enthusiasm that the kids were sold from the beginning. They built the rooms just as Brando had originally described them -- two rooms, just off the bedrooms. One room was a small home gym with a weight bench, weights and dumbbells, a rowing machine, two exercise bikes, and mats. Along one wall in that room, Brandon had the contractor install shelves for the awards and trophies that the kids had begun to earn in running and skateboarding.

Today, Brandon had brought the trophy he seemed most proud of to be the first put on the selves. He set it up in the very center of the top shelf. It was Angela’s first skateboarding award, and Brandon was proud of it both for her sake and because he had helped train her.

Over the last year, Angela bonded with Brandon as deeply as Andy had, and it still surprised Cheryl that Angela had not had sex with Brandon yet, even though the young girl sexed freely with her brothers and with Jason. But Cheryl thought she understood, just as she thought she understood why Neal had never had sex with his dad; it was important to them that Neal be their father.

Of course, little Lindsay hadn’t really had sex with Brandon either. At least she never had intercourse with him – she was still too small – but Lindsay considered her dad’s cock her own special toy and often played with it when they were sitting around watching TV or eating. She had begun to suck on it the way she had seen Cheryl, Andy, and Rave do for him, but she could get little more than his crown and part of his shaft into her mouth.

In addition to the home gym, there was a wet area with a big enough whirlpool for them to all fit in, a big enough sauna, and even a shower enclosure with shower heads high and low that could hold them all at one time.

Cheryl and Brandon followed the kids into the sauna. The boys had staked out the upper level of the benches, so Brandon and Cheryl joined the girls on the lower bench.

They talked about what each wanted to do in their new bedrooms. Andy and Rave had insisted on sharing a room, but each of the other children had their own room. The boys had a bath between their bedrooms with a shower large enough for all three boys to bathe each other. The girls shared a bath with extra counter space, medicine cabinets and vanity lights. All had double beds except for Rave and Andy who would share a king size bed like Brandon and Cheryl did.

Cheryl had been afraid that Neal would feel left. “You’re kidding, right?” Brandon had said with a laugh. “The way the kids sleep around, it’s not going to matter much who has which room and bed. I bet half the time they wind up sleeping in the den anyway – you plan to have so many couches and cushions in there.

Cheryl grinned. “And three cameras.”

Brandon smiled when she had said that. They still hadn’t told the kids about the cameras. They agreed that they might… after living in the new house for a while. In the meantime, there were cameras everywhere. They even had one in the sauna. Brandon glanced up at it. The camera was hidden in the sauna thermometer.

Andy ladled water onto the hot rocks from a wooden bucket that came with the sauna. Brandon glanced once more at the hidden camera. That had to fog the lens.

His eyes dropped to Cheryl and her pregnant tummy. “Honey,” he said, “remember not to stay in here too long.”

She nodded. “I’ll go try the showers.”

“Me too,” Rave and Neal echoed. The sauna emptied out, and all seven of them entered the showers.

“We’ll show you how us guys bathe each other,” Rave offered, grabbing up one of the liquid soap containers that Cheryl had placed around. He tugged Andy close and began soaping him up. “Andy and me… we always bathe each other,” Rave said, vigorously rubbing soap over Andy’s belly and chest with his hand. “And sometimes we bathe Angela and sometimes we bathe Neal.”

“Angela washes me like that,” Lindsay said, and then looked up at Angela with an girl-to-girl grin.

Smiling, Angela pulled Lindsay closer and reached for soap.

“I used to wash both of you that way,” Brandon said to Neal, mussing the boy’s wet hair. Neal smiled up at him, and it struck Brandon that maybe he should soap up Neal now – at least his back – as a father for his son. Brandon soaped his hands and spread it over his son’s angular shoulders. Neal leaned back into his hand.

Though they had never sexed together, Brandon often gave friendly rubs to Neal’s shoulders and back. They even embraced naked, often.

Neal closed his eyes, and his cock began to rise. He had watched Brandon sex with Andy more than once. He had even seen his dad sexing with both Andy and Jason. But a few days ago, he had seen Brandon sexing with Rave just after Rave’s eleventh birthday. Neal knew, of course, that the two had sexed before, but he’d never seen them doing it. The day he did, he saw how his dad held Rave and how they moved together. Neal thought then that he wanted his dad to hold him like that. Now his cock came up hard as Brandon’s scrubbing hand reached down to the boy’s butt.

Neal turned to his dad and looped his arms up around his Brandon’s neck, pulling his dad’s head down toward his own. He put his mouth to Brandon’s ear. “Do to me what you do to Rave and Andy,” he whispered.

Brandon held his eleven-year-old son’s wet sides, and turned to whisper to him. “Are you sure?”

Neal nodded.

Ignoring the others, Brandon lifted Neal up. The boy wrapped his legs around his father’s waist and with his arms around his dad’s neck, he nuzzled in under Brandon’s ear.

Brandon carried his son from the shower and laid him down onto one of the thick bathmats that Cheryl had set out in the wet area. Gazing down into his son’s eyes, he had the urge to kiss his son, but he wondered if Neal would let him.

Brandon lowered his lips to Neal’s, and Neal kissed back, running his hands over his father’s strong shoulders.

Brandon lowered his body onto the boy’s, closing his arms around his son’s shoulders. He kissed Neal tenderly while the boy ran his hands over his father’s lean flanks and back. Neal could feel his father’s hard cock lying against his own, and he lifted his knees up and out.

The boy was used to taking Andy’s cock up his butt, and Brandon figured his son would have no real trouble taking him. Nevertheless, with only the shower water for lubricant, he entered Neal slowly, holding his son gently in his arms as his cock slid into the boy’s tight rectum… all the way in.

Brandon held himself there, letting Neal adjust. The boy quickly relaxed and wrapped his arms over his dad’s neck and nuzzled into the side of Brandon’s face. Brandon kissed Neal’s cheek and began slowly to move his hips.

“I’m your son, too,” Neal whispered.

“Oh, Neal,” Brandon whispered back. “You haven’t worried about that have you? As much as I love Andy and Rave, you know I will always love you more. You are my son; my real son.”

Neal looked up into his dad’s eyes and saw his father’s kind smile.

“We don’t have to do this,” Brandon said.

“I want too,” Neal assured him, lifting his pelvis to rub his cock onto his dad’s belly. He pulled his dad’s head down and nuzzled into Brandon’s neck while moving his hips to meet his father’s thrusts. “I’m glad you’re my dad,” he whispered.

Brandon held Neal closer and kissed the side of Neal’s face. The boy turned to meet his lips with his own and their mouths opened to each other. Brandon tensed his belly for Neal to rub his cock against, and slowly eased his cock in and out of his son. “I’ve always been glad,” he said when they paused for a breath, “that you are my son.”

They circled their hips, slowly, cheek to cheek. Brandon lifted his head and smiled down at Neal. “Does this feel good?”

Neal grinned up at his dad and nodded.

From inside the shower, the others watched, still washing and stroking each other. Andy felt an unexpected pang in his heart. Even though he loved Brandon deeply, he realized that he could never be for him what Neal was… a real son.

Andy felt a hand rub over his back and turned to find his mom smiling gently at him. She leaned close to Andy’s ear. “Brandon loves you, dear. Neal is his son and he loves him. Neal was born to him; but Brandon has chosen you… you and Rave. He loved you even before he loved me. Andy... he fell in love with you the moment he met you.”

She gave his back another rub and Andy smiled gratefully.

“Honey,” Cheryl continued, “we each love each other and we are each special to each other in different ways, just like you and Rave are special to each other in ways that Neal is not, and Angela is special to you in ways that are different from Rave or Neal…”

“Hey, and I’m special!” Lindsay said, giving Andy’s belly punch as she stepped in front of him with a frown. “And you’re special to me!”

Cheryl grinned, and Andy smiled gratefully, bending to hug the eight-year-old. Laying her hand on his butt, Cheryl leaned down beside her son and Lindsay. “Why don’t you and Lindsay claim the thick white bathmat before Rave and Angela take it.”

Lindsay giggled, and grabbing Andy’s hand, led the thirteen-year-old from the shower.

Epilog 4, Timeline – Five Months Later (April)

Brandon looked up as Lindsay and Angela came into his study. He pushed back from his desk and smiled at the two naked girls.

Lindsay climbed into his lap and smiled at him. “It’s time for bed, Daddy,” Lindsay said. “Angela and I want you to spend the night with us.”

Brandon looked up at Angela and cocked an eyebrow. She nodded. Brandon looked down at Lindsay. Though he certainly had wanted to for a long time, he had never had intercourse with either girl. Lindsay was too small; she was still too small.

Lindsay read his mind. “Daddy,” she said, “Andy’s dick fits all the way inside me and he’s almost as big as you now, and Angela said she’s ready for you to do her, too.”

Brandon’s cock began rising under Lindsay’s bottom, but he hesitated. Brandon glanced up at the older girl again and held out an arm. She came to him and he closed his arm around her waist. “Are you sure, Ange?” he asked.

Angela laid a slender arm over the back of his shoulders and nodded. She was thirteen now, her firm breasts were at his eye level. His eyes dropped to them, and Angela felt her nipples begin to harden.

Brandon had seen the boys close their hands over Angela’s breasts many times, and every time he wished it was his hand. He pulled her closer with the arm he had behind her waist and rested his forehead at the top of her sternum; his face in her shallow cleavage. Brandon took a deep breath. “I would like that very much,” he murmured.

The girls led him, his hard cock waggin, to Angela’s room and closed the door. “We told Mom,” Lindsay said. “She said you can spend all night with us, especially since tomorrow is Sunday and we can sleep in.”

Angela climbed up onto the bed, and nine-year-old Lindsay patted her dad’s butt. “You’re going to do Angela first,” she said, “and then me… all night.”

Brandon smiled, thinking to himself that Andy had spoiled Lindsay by staying inside her as long as she wanted when they made love.

Brandon moved to the bed. Angela was lying on her back. She had her legs together and one of her hands was over her vulva. Her other arm was across her chest. He saw her naked every day, but Brandon understood her modesty in this moment. Angela was offering up her young body to him.

He bent and kissed her lips; so like the lips of her brothers. He smoothed back her long hair. “Angela, honey,” he said, “seriously… you are the most beautiful thirteen year old girl in the world. Every day I look at you and I’m swept away by how lovely you are becoming.” He took her wrist, and lifting the arm she had across her chest, he laid it to the side. “You are gorgeous,” he whispered closing his hand over her right breast.

He bent and kissed her left breast. “I love you, Ange,” Brandon whispered. He drew his fingers down her belly and felt her ab muscles tense. He slipped an arm under the small of her back and lifted her middle so that he could kiss her belly. Then he kissed passed her navel, pecking, kissing, licking down to the sharply defined edge of her pubic patch. He backed down her legs and buried his face between them. He took a deep breath, and his eyes rolled up. She smelled so fresh, so light compared to a grown woman.

He extended his tongue and licked up the length of her crack. She arched under him when his tongue hit her clitoris, so he dwelt there, licking and sucking. Lindsay had moved up on the bed and was running her fingertip over Angela’s right nipple while she watched.

Angela began to squirm under them, and Brandon licked deeper, poking the end of his tongue into her tender opening. He tasted her juices; she was lubricating for him.

Brandon knelt up between her legs and sat back on his haunches. Grabbing Angela by the hips, he pulled her butt into his lap and her slit right up to his crown. With his hands under her butt, he pulled her forward and his cock eased in. He pulled her farther until her butt was in his lap and he was all the way in.

Angela rubbed her breasts and swiveled her hips, feeling his cock inside her. Lindsay sat back, still watching, but Brandon’s eyes were on Angela’s body, and Angela’s eyes were closed in concentration.

He pulled her butt firmly into his lap, grinding her on his cock. Angela came up on him, sitting up into his lap. She whimpered and wrapped her arms over his shoulders. Angela was having her first sex with a man, a man she loved as her dad; and she was more than hot. Her lithe body moved on him like the fourteen-year-old athlete she was.

Brandon held her butt and she clung to his shoulders; and she moved in ways that no girl or woman had ever moved on him. She grabbed his head by the sides and rising on his cock, pulled Brandon’s face to her left breast. He sucked as she rock an moaned loudly.

Lindsay watched Angela’s hair flailing, her body undulating wildly, her head tossing from side to side, looking small in Brandon’s strong arms. And it occurred to Lindsay at some level that it might be best to leave her dad and Angela alone this night. So she climbed quietly from the bed and shut the door behind her.

They didn’t even notice her leave. With a groan, Brandon rose on his knees, lifting Angela. He rocked forward, dropping the girl back onto the bed under him. She clutched his hair and he clung to both breasts with his hands as she moved wildly under him and Brandon thrust deeply.

Rave and Neal were out on dates. Lindsay found Andy sitting at the desk in the boys’ room, working on a school project. She took the pen from his hand and moved his hand to her vulva and squeezed it between her legs. Then she took his face and turned it to kiss him.

Andy knew what she and Angela had planned for Brandon that night. He wasn’t sure what went wrong, but he was sure that Lindsay needed him to make love to her right then. She was warm between her legs and he stroked her there, kissing her deeply.

It would be another year before Brandon would feel his cock slide into Lindsay’s tight little opening for the first time.

Epilog 5, Timeline – Two Months Later (June)

Cheryl came into the kitchen after putting little Casey down for her nap. She took from the fridge the onion, carrots, bell pepper, and celery that she wanted to cut up for supper. Since she had sold the shop, Cheryl was enjoying cooking again.

She was washing the vegetables when Neal came into the kitchen from outside, sweaty and in only shorts. “I thought all you guys were out with your friends,” Cheryl observed. “Is there anyone else here? Do I need to get some clothes on?”

Neal paused at the refrigerator, from which he had just taken a chilled bottle of water, and studied his step-mother’s naked form. She glanced at him, smiled at his appreciative look, and let her eyes drop to his body. Barely twelve-years-old, Neal was becoming a handsome boy – not just because of his cute face and shag of brown hair, but also because of his slender body.

Neal set down the water and came to her, laying a hand on her back. She was receptive. They all knew how to read each other; Neal knew Cheryl was receptive, just like she knew his blood was up from whatever sport they were into outside, and he wanted sex with her.

Neal ran his hands over her back and breasts, then dropped a hand between her legs. She became more receptive still. Turning off the water, Cheryl reached back to cup the front of his shorts. Neal was almost as long as Rave, and thicker. He was also hitting puberty and had begun shooting juice, and he had a sprinkling of pubic hair above his pre-teen cock. She liked looking at him when they were naked around the house, and he knew it.

Neal stepped behind her and pushed his shorts down to his thighs. His cock sprang free and he pushed it between Cheryl’s legs which were slightly apart. He lifted his cock with his pelvic muscles, sliding it up under Cheryl’s mound as he cupped her breasts from behind.

She was fertile, and had been trying for a second child with Brandon. For that reason, she had been making Rave and Andy wear condoms when they wanted to sex with her. But she decided in that moment that she would not make Neal wear a condom. If his clear semen had real sperm in it, what difference would it make if the baby was Brandon’s or his son’s. That thought made her damp between the legs.

Neal felt it. Bending his knees, he angled his cock up and into Cheryl’s slit.

Epilog 6, Timeline – Two Years Later (June)

It was after dark when Cheryl returned from the supermarket. Neal and Lindsay would return the next day from visiting with their mom, and Cheryl wanted good food for them. Since she hadn’t had a chance before, she decided to go to the store after supper.

Andy and Rave came out to the car to help her in with the groceries.

“Where are Brandon and Angela,” She asked.

“In Angela’s room,” Andy said. “She invited him to spend the night, so we’re inviting ourselves to spend the night with you.”

Cheryl smiled. She and Brandon hadn’t been having sex with the kids as much lately, though they often watched as the kids made love around them. Andy had grown even more handsome than his dad, Andrew, she thought, and he was taller now than his step-father, Brandon. His youthful form at sixteen was undeniably lovely. With his black hair, pale blue eyes, and long cock, Andy was the most effective seducer of girls (and boys when he wanted), at his school.

And then there was Rave, who at thirteen was a slightly smaller version of his half-brother. Except for being smaller, he could almost pass for a twin. She would enjoy having both in her bed that night. She might ask them to make love with each other afterward. She loved watching them together; even after all these years, the boys love for each other was just as obvious as when they found out that they were brothers… perhaps even more obvious.

“Are Casey and David asleep?” she asked.

“We bathed them, and put them to bed. Casey wanted to sleep in David’s crib with him, so we let her.”

Cheryl nodded. All her kids liked sleeping together.


She lay between their slender, warm bodies, stroking their backs as they each rubbed an erection on her hip. “Have you gotten back onto the pill yet?” Andy asked, his breath hot on the side of her neck. “Or do we need to bring in some condoms.”

Their hands were between her legs, expertly arousing their mom. She moved her hips under their fingers and closed her eyes. “No need for condoms,” she whispered. She hadn’t started back onto the pill, but it should be a fairly safe time of the month for her. She didn’t want them to wear condoms, and not simply because of the feel. She had been aroused before at the thought of her sons’ potent seed in her fertile womb, and it excited her to think about it now. No safer time, she told herself, her vagina making their fingers wet.

The boys felt it; both were lubricating her hips with their precum.

Andy moved over her first. His cock was bigger than Brandon’s now and much longer. She held her breath as he slid the full length in.

Epilog 7, Timeline – Two Months Later (August)

Thirteen-year-old Rave noticed her as soon as he stepped from the dressing room with Neal and Kyle and out into the pool area. Her hair was pale-blond… fine, long, and straight. She was a striking girl. Rave was sure he’d never seen her before, though she looked to be his age. Her skin was tan and contrasted with her white and silver string bikini; a bikini that showed off her curves and budding breasts. The girl was standing to one side of the pool, out in the grass where families set out blankets to sit around. She was smoothing back her hair with both hands. Rave’s eyes fell to her breasts.

He swallowed hard, staring. And then he realized that he was being watched by a young, blond woman that had to be the girl’s mother. She was sitting beside where the girl was standing. Nearby, two blond toddlers played. When Rave’s eyes met the woman’s, she smiled and tilted her head toward the young girl as if to say, isn’t my daughter something? Her eyes dropped to Rave’s small, packed speedos, and her grin widened.

Andy, Jason, Neal, Kyle, and Rave all shaved their pubes so that they could wear speedos that barely concealed their privates. Girls (and other guys) liked the way the V of the boys’ lower ab mucles dove into the top of their speedos like arrows pointing down to their full packages. The downside to that was that it didn’t take much for a boner to show or even to spring free. Under the woman’s gaze, Rave was suddenly feeling very naked.

He realized that Neal and Kyle had already jumped into the pool and turned to follow them. But just then, Andy came up, his arm over Angela’s shoulders. He grabbed Rave by the nape of the neck with his free hand, giving it a friendly squeeze. “Checking out the blond?” he asked with a grin.

Rave nodded. “But her mom is checking out me.”

Andy laughed and dropped his hand to give Rave’s butt a hard squeeze… the kind one boy could tease another with in public. “Your own damn fault for being so hot, little brother.”

On Andy’s other side, away from Rave, Angela ran a hand up Andy’s smooth back. “Look, who’s talking,” she said with a grin.

Andy turned to her, returning her grin, and looked her up and down with exaggerated, but genuine appreciation. They’d seen each other naked so much that there were times when underwear or swimsuits actually made them sexier to each other. “Yeah,” he said, “look who’s talking.”

Jason walked past behind them, popping all three on the butt. “I thought we were going to swim,” he said. He grabbed Angela by the hand and dragged her with him toward the pool.

Andy nodded in the direction of the blond. “Aren’t you glad Brandon hasn’t built a pool for us yet? You might miss out on all the new girls.”

Eleven-year-olds Lindsay and Jenny stopped in front of the two boys. “Are you two just showing off your bodies or are you really going to swim?” Lindsay asked impatiently.

“Shssh,” Andy said, throwing an arm over each girl’s shoulders and leading them toward the pool. “Rave’s falling in love with that blond over there.” The girls glanced over. Rave did as well and saw that the blond was looking his way. Her mother was looking at Andy.

Rave smiled at the blond girl and headed toward the diving board. He had impressed girls before with his dives.

He started on the springboard, but by the time he stepped up onto it, the blond girl was being distracted by a blond boy who looked like he could be her younger brother. She tried to push him away, but he pulled her into the pool. Rave waited.

“C’mon,” a kid behind him in line said.

The blond girl came to the surface and turned immediately toward Rave. He hadn’t warmed up, but was good with a forward one and a half. He decided to do one of those. He was just launching from the board when he saw the blond boy grab the blond girl from behind and twisting, he pulled her under. Rave flubbed the dive.

The blond girl had managed to free herself and was at the side of the pool when Rave tried the one and a half a second time. He did the dive perfectly. He followed with a half-gainer. When he got in line for the three meter board, he noticed the girl’s mom kneeling beside the pool, talking to the girl. They were looking across to the other side of the pool.

Rave followed their gaze and saw Andy almost nose to nose with Angela. They were smiling and talking while Jenny clung to Angela’s back and Lindsay clung to Andy’s.

Kyle and Neal joined him in line and when Rave looked back toward the girl, the mom had moved with the toddlers to the kiddy pool. This time, Rave did a dive with a half-twist and then swam over to the blond girl, now that her mom was out of the way.

She smiled at him as he swam up. “You’re a good diver,” she said.

He stopped in front of her and smiled. “I can teach you how sometime.”

She grinned. “I bet you could.” There was a twinkle in her eye.

Rave’s grin widened and he moved even closer. “My name is Rave,” he said.

“Really?” she asked. “I’ve never met anybody named Rave.”

“It’s short for Raven,” he said. “Raven was my nickname before because of my black hair.

She glanced at it, at the sheen, and nodded. “It’s pretty.” She moved up against him and ran her fingers into his hair. Her eyes met his. “You’re pretty,” she said. “I’ve never met a boy named Rave, and I’ve never met a boy as pretty as you.”

Rave wrapped an arm behind her back, accutely aware that her belly pressed against the front of his speedos. He smiled. “So are you… very pretty. What’s your name?”

“Tracy,” she said, wrapping her legs around him so that her mound pressed his package.

Rave was used to turning girls on, but Tracy was responding fast, even for him. He took a shallow breath. Their faces were only inches apart. Rave’s cock began to thicken. She would feel it. He wanted her to feel it.

“Was that your mom?” he asked, holding her close with his arms around her waist.

Tracey nodded. “She says you’re pretty, too.”

Rave was unsure what to say to that.

“How old are you?” She asked.

“Thirteen,” he said. “How old are you?”

“Thirteen,” she said with a grin. She felt his erection against her mound now and rubbed her mound against it.

“You know what else my mom said?” Tracey asked.

Rave shook his head.

“She said not to stretch my swim suit too much if we sex together.”

Rave’s mouth dropped.

Tracy kissed his cheek and reached down between their bodies, deftly untying his drawstring and invading his swimsuit. She closed her hand around his erection. “Ummm,” she murmured. “You have a nice one.”

Rave’s cock throbbed in her hand. He glanced around. “We’re in a public swimming pool,” he whispered. “We can’t do anything here.”

Tracy giggled. “Nobody can see underwater, silly. You can pull the front of your speedos down and I can pull my bottoms to one side.”

Rave looked around, nervously.

“My brother and I have done it,” Tracy whispered, her eyes meeting his.

Rave nodded. “OK.”

Tracy reached down with both hands. Freeing Rave’s cock from the top of his speedos, she pulled her suit to one side and slipped the end of his cock into her vagina. He pulled her butt to him, his length slipping into her. Then Tracy put her arms over his shoulders and they rested their foreheads together as they tested the fit with a rock of their pelvises.

“Umm,” she murmured. “I like your cock.”

Rave backed her to the wall, kissing her. She kissed back.

They broke for a breath. “It doesn’t gross you out that my brother and I have done this?” she asked.

Rave shook his head.

“Do you do your sister?”

Rave pressed the side of his face against hers, trying to decide how to answer as he held her butt and pumped his cock into her.

“You do, don’t you?” Tracy said more than asked. “My mom said you did. She’s good at guessing that sort of thing.” Tracy closed her arms around his neck and moved her hips to meet him, bobbing unavoidably in the water.

“She’s what?” Rave murmured, more than distracted.

“My mom’s good at spotting other families like ours?”

They rubbed their cheeks together. “You mean you sex in your family?” Rave asked.

Tracy nodded. “Geez you feel good. You feel really good.” She tongued in his ear. “You sex in your family, too… right?”

Rave nodded.

“My mom knew,” Tracy said. “She told me to sex with you to find out… but I wanted to sex with you anyway.”

Close by, a lifeguard watched and adjusted his cock inside his swimsuit. He was used to the occasional couple fucking in the pool; he just didn’t remember seeing any doing it that were so young.

The blond boy swam up beside them. “I get a turn next, Trace,” he said.

“My little brother, Cory,” she murmured. She turned to Cory. “Buzz off!”

Cory laughed, gave Rave's butt a squeeze underwater, and swam away. Two eight year old boys with swim googles moved closer along the wall.

“How many brothers and sisters do you have?” Rave asked in a whisper. “Oh, shit, you feel good, too.”

“I’ve got two older brothers,” Tracy murmured beside his ear. “They’re twins… fifteen. But they mostly sex with each other. They’re sorta gay.”

“I sex with my brothers,” Rave said as Tracy put her forehead back onto his and they hit an easy rhythm.

“Yeah, the twins sex with the rest of us,” Tracy acknowledged. “There’s Cory. He’s eleven. Brody is nine. Cindy is six. Ella is five. Tommy is three and Anna just turned two. Oh, and my mom just found out she’s pregnant.”

Rave nodded. “My mom just found out she’s pregnant, too.”

“Dude,” Kyle said from beside them, “I can’t believe you guys are doing it in the pool.”

Neal and Kyle were right beside them. There was no way to deny it. “This is Tracy,” Rave said. “Now go away.”

Neal leaned in. “Maybe we better screen you guys. People can see… like those two kids over there with goggles.”

Rave glanced at the kids. He was past the point of really caring. “This is my brother, Neal,” he said. “Actually my step-brother, and the other guy is Kyle, our best friend. Neal just turned fourteen. Kyle’s fourteen, too. Now go away guys.”

Neal moved to chase the two kids away. Kyle followed him.

“The boy and girl who look like you,” Tracy said. “Is that your brother and sister?”

Rave nodded. “Andy’s sixteen. Angela’s fifteen. And I have a step-sister… she’s Neal’s sister. That’s Lindsay. She’s eleven. And then there’s my little sister, Casey, who’s three and my little brother, David, who’s one.”

“You all sex together?” Tracy asked, kissing the nape of Rave’s neck.

“Not the two little ones,” Rave murmured. “Well except that we’re always naked at home and Casey likes to be rubbed… you know, between the legs, and David gets little stiffies sometimes and Casey likes to play with them whenever he does.”

“We stay naked a lot, too,” Tracy said, thoughtfully. “Does your family ever get together with other families?”

“What do you mean?” Rave asked, holding her butt tightly to grind more deeply into her.

“Umm,” Tracy murmured, and then answered. “Other families that sex together, like, we just moved here to be with my aunt and uncle’s family ‘cause they’re like us. And at the beginning of every summer, we always rent a lodge in Colorado and there are four families that go there at the same time.” She smiled and brushed her lips over his. “We sex a lot.”

“Tracy,” Rave murmured against her neck. “Are you going to come anytime soon because I think I’m ready?”

“Go ahead,” Tracy said. “There are too many people around now anyway. Here, I’ll help.”

She wrapped her legs around him more tightly and hiding it as well as she could from those around her, she ground back against him, hard. Rave clutched at her butt, and pushed in deep. In only seconds, he shot into her.

He tensed. Tracy nibbled at his neck. Then, slowly, Rave began to relax.

“I want you to meet my mother” Tracy whispered.


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