No Knickers, Daddy.



"No knickers, Daddy," says my daughter, when I come home from work.

"What's that, sweetheart?" I ask, dropping my brief case in the hall.

"I'm not wearing any knickers."

"Did you pee in them?" She likes to do this, for no apparent reason, other than it's naughty. I find that endearing.

"No," she says. "They got stolen." I laugh and sitting down in the living room I look at her in her school uniform with her little white ankle socks. My daughter, Melanie, is eleven, and cute as a button with one of those slender ballerina figures and long hair pulled back into a ponytail..

"Stolen? That's a new one. Tell me how it happened."

"It was like this. It was lunchtime and we were in that little space between the school building and that high brick wall. There's a couple of dumpsters there and no one could see us. That's Brett and me. He`s a bit of a wanker."

"Brett and I," I say, correcting her grammar. "Go on."

"He said he'd give me a pound if I showed him my knickers."

"A pound!" I cry, in mock horror. "In my day it was ten pence. I hope you took the pound before you showed him."

"Of course. I lifted up my skirt and let him have a good look. Then he offered me another pound to look at my pee-pee, so I pulled my knickers aside so he could see it. Finally he said he'd give me another pound if I'd take my knickers off, so I did. I had them in one hand and my other hand was holding my skirt up and he suddenly snatched them and tried to run off. I grabbed his hair and we got into a sort of fight but I wouldn't let him get away. Then he threw the knickers over the brick wall, so I told him to fuck off." I laughed. "It wasn't funny, Dad."

"I was just thinking what the guy next door will think when he finds a pair of white schoolgirl knickers in his garden." She smiles. "So you spent the rest of the day knickerless. I hope you kept your knees together, unlike your customary, legs-apart slouch. It's a good job it's not a windy day. No, knickers, my love? Come here." I open my arms and she steps into them. I put my hands on the back of her thighs and slide them up until I can feel her naked bum. Then I bring one hand round to the front and slide it between her legs and feel her slit. She likes it when I do this. "You're right, Melanie. You've got no knickers on. Can I get a look? You're not gonna charge me a quid, are you?" She grins, steps back and lifts up her skirt. I've seen my daughter naked lots of times and it would be no big deal, except that this is a deliberate provocative display, especially for my benefit and it turns me on. "You sexy little tease. Go and get changed. Your uncle John is coming over for dinner. And put on some knickers." John is not really her uncle, she just calls him that. He's my boss and I'm trying to keep him happy.


Earlier in the day, at lunch time, I'd come into his office. "You wanna come for dinner tonight?" I asked him.

"Sure Tony," he said. "Will Melanie be there?"

"Yes, she will. You like her, don't you?"

"How could anyone not? She so fucking cute."

"You like her because she lets you look up her skirt."

"She lets everyone look up her skirt," he said, "especially you."

I laughed. "True. Last weekend, we were sitting on the steps in front of the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square and as usual, she had her knees up under her chin and her feet apart. From where I was, sitting beside her, I couldn't see anything, but it was obvious to me that passers-by were getting a magnificent view of her white knickers. The women tended to ignore her, but the men, without exception, all stared at her, and several walked down to the end of the block, turned and came back for a second look. I thought it was hilarious."

"So you don't mind strangers lusting after her?"

"I consider it a compliment, and nobody enjoyed it more than she. By the way, how's your son?" Jason is twelve and he gets on well with Melanie. "Does he still like to dress up as a girl?"

"Oh, he's really into it now. I've had to buy him a couple of dresses and girl's undies. He's gonna be so fucking gay when he grows up."

"That a problem?"

"Nah. I think gay guys have more fun. Anyway, if he`s gonna be gay, there`s not much I could do to change it." I brightened up when he said this. John's kinda cute himself and one day, I'd like to suck his dick, but for the moment, I'm playing it cool. He added, "I'll run home after work, then drive over to your place. What are you cooking?"

"Leftovers, but you don't care. You're only coming to oggle my daugher, you fuckin' perv."

"No comment, Tony."


Wearing a bright yellow dress, a bit on the short side, Melanie comes back into the living room just as John rings the doorbell. I let him in and we sit on the couch, talking to her. When the initial pleasantries are over, I say to her, "Come here, Darling." I slide my hands up the back of her thighs, just as I did earlier, and feel the cotton knickers covering her bum and then I feel between her legs. She calmly lets me do this, despite the fact that John can clearly see what's going on. "Just checking," I say, then turning to John, "Earlier she wasn't wearing any knickers. Tell John what happened, Sweetheart." She tells the story of Brett paying to look at her and then throwing her knickers over the wall. John chuckles.

"Well, Melanie, you're up three quid and down a pair of knickers," he says. "You can replace them for less than three quid, so you're ahead of the game. Tell you what, I'll pay you a pound if you'll show me." I think this is a brilliant idea.

"Go for it, Mel," I say. John pulls a pound coin from his pocket and plonks it on the coffee table. Standing in front of us, she obligingly lifts her skirt as high as it will go, revealing her blinding white knickers.

John gazes for long seconds, and then says, "For another quid, how about showing me your vagina?" She pulls the crotch to one side and shows of the little slit that I love so much. He leans forward and inspects it, closely. "Nice. Now, for one more pound, get `em off."

"Yeah," I say, "Drop `em." She pulls them down to her knees, lets them fall and steps out of them and lifts her skirt once again.

"Ta-dah!" she sings, happily. "No knickers, Uncle John." His eyes are practically popping out of his head. She thrusts her hips towards him lewdly, then steps back as he reaches for her. "You can look, but if you wanna touch, it's gonna cost you more."

I sense that this is getting a bit out of hand, so I pick up her knickers, hand them to her and ask her to put them back on. She tucks the hem of her skirt under her chin and pulls the knickers on. This looks just a sexy as when she took them off. "Let's go eat," I say. My leftovers are delicious, as always, and I allow Melanie to drink a small glass of wine. It makes her eyes sparkle. After dinner we sit in the living room, Melanie on my knee with her back to my chest, her legs either side of my thighs. John is sitting opposite so that when I caress her thighs then slide my hand right up her dress to fondle her nipples, her dress rides up, showing off her knickers up to the waist, and he gets a nice view. We can both see the bulge in his pants, and my daughter can feel my hard-on pressing against her butt.

Eventually I say, "Better get ready for bed, Melanie. Put on your nighty and come and kiss us goodnight." Five minutes later she comes back into the room in her white nylon nighty which is very short and entirely see-through. In her hand she has a pair of her white knickers.

"On or off?" she asks us.

I hesitate. She's pretty hot either way. "Give them to me," says John, and takes the knickers and holds them open for her to step into. "Lift your nighty," he says and she obliges, showing us everything. He pulls the knickers up her legs and over her hips, runs his hands over her bum and then puts a hand between her legs. She lets out a little hum of pleasure. I'm totally turned on by the sight of my boss feeling my daughter up, my cock is rock hard and I can feel my heart pounding in my chest. "Goodnight, my sweet," he says and she leans forward and kisses him on the lips.

Then she turns and straddles me, puts her arms round my neck and whispers. "I love you, Daddy." I give her a hug and she runs off to bed.

"Fuck me!" says John. "I think I'm falling in love with your daughter."

"As I can see, from that woody you're sporting."

"I think I'm gonna have to wank tonight, Tony."

"And I know whom you'll be fantasizing about."

"You have a problem with that?"

"Not a bit. I'm proud to have such a sexy daughter. But why wait until tonight?" I reach over and give his bulge a squeeze. I half expect him to push my hand away, but he just smiles at me as I pull his zipper down. He flips his pants open and his cock pops out, a nice six inch uncut beauty. I take it in my hand, my pulse pounding, then bend my head down ready to take the tip in my mouth. I can smell the hot steaminess coming off it and I let him thrust it up between my lips, running my tongue round the head and stroking the shaft. In a very few seconds, he cums, spurt after spurt, filling my mouth. I suck him dry, then lift my head and give him an open mouthed smile, some of his cum dripping down my chin. Then I swallow and lick my lips with a satisfied smile. "I've been wanting to do that for a long time now," I tell him.

"Me, too, Tony. I'll repay the favour as soon as I get the chance."

"Well, why don't you come over tomorrow evening. Bring Jason, and he can try on some of Melanie's dresses. She'll love to dress him up as a girl."

"He'll want to try on her knickers, too."

"Perfect," I say. "Fucking perfect!"


It's lunch time in the office. I'm standing by the floor-to-ceiling window looking out and I hear John lock the door. He stands behind me, puts his arms round me and gropes my cock. "People in the building opposite can see," I say.

"Do you care?" he says, sliding my zipper down.

"Not really. In fact, I rather hope some horny pervert is having a nice wank over us." His hand goes inside my pants, and grips my rock hard cock. I can feel his erection pressing against my bum. I give it a wiggle, then unfasten the top of my pants, so they fall down, and unbutton my shirt. He strokes my cock, slowly and my hand reaches behind me to grope him. He turns me sideways and kneels in front of me. If anyone is looking, they have a perfect view. "Suck my dick, slave," I command him.

"Yes, Master," he says and takes it in his mouth. There's something very erotic about being sucked off by your boss. Try it sometime. I put my hands on my hips and thrust them forward as he eagerly works on my dick. It doesn't take long and soon I'm shooting my load in his mouth, my hand holding his head. He milks me dry then licks his lips. "Fuckin' perfect, Tony. Next time you can fuck me up the ass."

"Here, in the window?"

"Shit, why not? I like to show off."

"You're just like my daughter, you fucking slut."

"Now, THAT'S a compliment."


This evening, when John and Jason arrive, I've left the front door open so they can just walk right in. I'm sitting on the couch with Melanie face down across my thighs. My hand is caressing her bum and her dress has ridden up. John calls "Hello" as they come into the room and Melanie rolls on to her back, legs wide apart as usual. Of course, this is all deliberate, part of her tease routine. Jason stares at her exposed knickers, his eyes bulging. Perhaps he's not quite so gay after all. He's dressed in a pair of nylon shorts, much bigger and baggier than I like, but looking closely, I can see through them to the white briefs he's wearing. He's pretty fucking cute, with his pageboy haircut, big blue eyes and girly face. At first glance, you wouldn't know whether he's a girl or a boy. Either suits me fine.

We sit and chat about nothing important for a while, as I try to look up the leg of Jason's shorts, but they're too long. then Melanie says, "Jason, you wanna come in my room and try on some dresses?" His face lights up.

"Cool!" he says, jumping to his feet reaching for her hand and pulling her to her feet. They walk into her room and close the door.

"I can't wait to see what he looks like," says John.

"Me, neither. Melanie's gonna like this too. She's never been alone in her room with a boy before, especially a boy who's gonna take his clothes off."

"You O.K. with that?"

"She knows when to say `no'." Secretly, I'm hoping something naughty goes on in there because I know she'll tell me about it later. My cock is hard.

"Can we peep through the keyhole?" he asks.

"I've tried that, but the angle's all wrong."

"You should set up a spy cam."

"I don't really need to. She shows me everything anyway. She even likes me to watch while she takes a pee." I can see how excited he's getting as he pictures her sitting on the toilet, knickers round her ankles. "Let me show you some of the photos I've taken of her." We go into my den and I fire up the computer. We scroll through dozens of provocative pictures of Melanie showing off her underwear, then more of her naked exposing her pussy to the camera, while my hand is gripping John's rigid cock through his pants. He's breathing hard. Then we hear Melanie's door open and we go back into the living room.

"Holy shit!" I gasp when I see Jason. He's wearing the dress that Melanie had on earlier, with white ankle socks. I can see a pair of knickers underneath through the semi-transparent cotton. Then I look at Melanie, and she's naked, except for Jason's white brief underpants. She looks so hot in them, and I switch my gaze from one to the other, unable to decide which of them is sexier. Then Jason takes the prize by lifting up the front of the dress to show us the white knickers and cotton cami. I can see his hard little cock pushing against the knickers. I sit down, and say to him, "Come here, you gorgeous little girl." He steps up to me and I put my arms round his thighs and pull him against me, my face pressed against his tummy. My hands slide up his thighs, fondle his bum and then I caress his stiff little cock. John looks on, unperturbed, then he glances over to Melanie.

"You look just like a little boy," he says to her. "Come and sit on my lap." She obliges, putting her arm round his neck and watches me as I lift Jason's dress over his head, then pull his cock out of the leg of his knickers. It's a respectable five inches and hard as iron. I take hold of it and start to wank him off.

"Have you ever been wanked before?" I ask him.

"Oh yeah. Lots of times. Guys at school always want me to wank their dicks and sometimes they return the favour." As I'm stroking his dick, I look over to where John has his hand down the front of Melanie's underpants. Just the idea of another guy feeling up my daughter makes my heart race. I hope he has a finger inside her. Jason is beginning to breathe heavily, so I lower my head and take his dick in my mouth.

"Oooh, Daddy's sucking his dick!" says Melanie. "I bet Jason likes that."

"He does," says John. "He sure likes it when I suck it." I come up for air, because I don't want Jason to cum just yet. I want to find out if he is gay enough to want to suck mine.

"I like it when John sucks me, too," I say to Melanie. "Cocksucking is a lot of fun." Her eyes go big. She knows I'm bi, but I've never told her any specifics before.

"Doesn't it taste nasty?" she asks,

"No, not a bit. You should try it sometime." John looks like he's in heaven, one hand busy between her legs, the other brushing her nipples. Then I have an idea.

"John, how would you like to take Melanie home for the night? Jason can sleep here. In the morning, I can run him home and pick her up." His eyes light up. I know he wants to do naughty and highly illegal stuff to my daughter, and when he tells me about it, I'm gonna cream my jeans.

"You trust me?" he asks.

"You know when to say `no', don't you, sweetheart?"

"I might not say `no', Daddy," she says, grinning.

"I trust you, John," I say. "After all, you're trusting me with your son. Melanie, put a dress on and take some spare knickers with you."


It's the following morning, a Saturday, and I'm on the way to John's house. The previous evening, once Jason and I were alone, he'd dressed in a little training bra, white nylon knickers and a pair of white thigh high stocking, parading around and showing off his little girly body to me. He seemed to love being looked at, just as Melanie does. I sucked his cock again and then let him undress me. He couldn't get enough of my dick, stroking and sucking it until I came on his face. Then he wanked himself off in front of the mirror.

We slept curled up together and in the morning, when I felt his little cock, it was nice and hard and I sucked him until he came in my mouth. It was delicious. I dressed him in one of Melanie's cami tops, white knickers and a little sun dress, and put the white ankle socks on his feet.

Now, sitting in the car as we arrive at John's, I want to kiss him and feel him all over, but he gets out of the car and runs in through his front door. Following him, I see Melanie in the living room, dressed in just her white knickers. "How did it go?" I ask her. She gives me a big smile.

"We had a wonderful time. Uncle John`s in his room, go ask him." I can't wait to hear what happened and step quickly into his room. He's standing in front of a mirror, dressed only in his white briefs. I stand behind him, put my arms round him and feel his bulge. I'm dying to hear what happened

"Your daughter is amazing, Tony," he said. "I licked her pussy. She loved it, kept asking me for more, and I'm pretty sure I made her cum."

"Well done," I said. "I'm proud of you."

"And she loves my dick. She couldn't get enough of it. As soon as I'd finished eating her out, she took hold of it, then kissed and licked it, and finally took it in her mouth. I tried to pull out before I came but she wouldn't let me, so she got a mouthful."

"Did she swallow it?"

"Every drop." My cock is about to explode, thinking about this, imagining my little girl with a mouthful of another guy's cum. "Your girl's a great cocksucker. She learned from you, no doubt."

"Actually, no. You're her first. I guess she's a natural. So you didn't actually fuck her?"

"I didn't want to push my luck." I'm almost disappointed to hear this.

"I think it's time she lost her virginity," I say.

"You or me?" he asks.

"Her choice. Let's go talk to her."

Back in the living room, Jason and Melanie are sitting on the couch. He has one arm round her and one hand between her legs. She's has her hand up his dress, feeling his cock. They're kissing. John and I look at each other. Jason is the obvious candidate. Perhaps he's not so gay after all.

For the next hour, we watch as my daughter and John's son are all over each other. He lets her undress him and he pulls her knickers down. She sucks his cock and he licks her pussy. Finally, he lies on his back on the floor and she sits on his little cock and John and I are down on our hands and knees, closely watching it slide into her. We can tell they're both in ecstasy, and we're unbelievably turned on ourselves. Jason finally cums inside her and I'm over the fucking moon. My little girl has finally been fucked and I got to watch, and I have to confess, I came in my pants.


I'm in the car with Melanie, driving home. She looks at me, her eyes sparking. "I love sex, Daddy. I'm gonna have sex every chance I get."

"How about when we get home?" I ask, not too seriously.

"Oooh, yes! Your dick's bigger than Jason's. Do you think it will go in?"

"We'll have to try, darling." The thought of fucking my own daughter is exciting, though not as arousing as the thought of someone else doing it to her. I put my hand on her thigh and slide it up, finding only naked flesh.

"No knickers, Daddy."

The End

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