no regrets pt2

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After recovering from waking up to my first ever blow job and unloading a nice amount into my older sister’s throat, I crawled out of bed and without thought, I headed to the hall bathroom naked.

‘Conner!” my mom shouted out.

I stopped to look at her, looking at me. “What?” Waiting on her to pull her eyes up to mine, I reached down and scratched my balls. My dick was still a little chubby and I actually grabbed it and gave it a tug.

“Uh...why are you naked?”

“Sorry mom, I guess I wasn’t thinking…” I tugged on my now hardening dick and as it lengthened some, I watched her gaze, now locked onto me. Her breathing was harder and her chest seemed to be expanding and I realized that since my mom never dates, it has probably been a while since she has had a hard dick around her. I let myself get fully hard before taking my hand off of it to let her get a good look.

Fuck, I think, Trey will be here before long and if I don’t get in the bathroom soon, I may have my mom impaled when he shows up. She looks so hot right now, she is horny and I can see her wanting it. Would she let me fuck her? I mean, I can’t blame her for wanting sex… I want it and she hasn’t had any in a long time, but would she let her son have a go at her? Maybe if I give her some time, she will think about it and get even hornier. I will make sure that Trey and I keep her in the mood and see how things go.

I broke her gaze and slowly walked towards the bathroom door. I didn’t have time to get off, I jumped into the shower and before I finished, Trey opened the door to let me know he was here. I toweled off and headed to my room, the towel wrapped around my thin waist.

I walked in and saw Trey sitting on my bed waiting for me. He was wearing some gray basketball shorts but not the long ones and a blue muscle shirt. He looked good like always. Even though neither of us are jocks, we are both athletic and have the bodies to match it.

I dropped my towel to the floor in front of him and as I went to my dresser, it dawned on me that it was the first time in years that I have been naked in front of my best friend. We have known each other since we were babies and have a close twin brother type of relationship.

Fuck, why am I showing off my body to Trey and why am I getting some wood doing it? Damn, I bet it has to do with losing my virginity, kind of like the grin I have on. It must be making me more aggressively horny. Hmm, maybe that is why I was so hot for mom? Shit, that did it, boing… full staff.

I stayed facing my dresser as I put on my underwear, giving Trey a great view of my ass. I turned towards him and saw his eyes were following it. Then they turned to look at the extended front of my underwear. He looked up at me and I gave him a shrug, like who knows… it happens. Then I grabbed some shorts and a Tee and we were heading towards the front door. I saw my mom out of the corner of my eye so I stopped Trey to say hi to her. I know he has the hots for her, hell, all of my friends do but as far as I know, I am the only one that has shown her his dick.

We went out to play a little basketball and again, I don’t know what happened to me but my hands were on Trey’s ass a lot as I guarded him. As he backed into me I was pushing my still hard on into him as I tried to continue the contact. When the game ended, I noticed that Trey was chubbed up a bit and all of the sexy thoughts flooded my mind. I patted his ass as I told him good game but my hand lingered some, gripping his cheek.

We went back inside and I made a point of seeing my mom so she could get a nice look of two sweaty, excited teens. I reached down and gently caressed Trey’s ass in front of my mom and watched her chest heave up with excitement. I knew she saw his hard on and when I touched him and decided that I would push the line to get her ramped up with hormones.

We went to my room to play video games and as Trey was about to turn to sit down, I accidentally ran into his ass again, my hands grabbing his waist and pulling him tighter against my dick before letting go.

Trey fell to the floor landing on his ass and some of his back. “Ouch!” he gasped out, “fuck, that hurt. What is up with you today anyways? You’re acting like you got laid or something but I know you stayed home last night.”

“Sorry man, I don’t know what is up with me… just super horny, I guess.”

We both got comfy and the games began.

We played to lunch time and as we entered the kitchen where my mom was making something to eat, I reached out and rubbed Trey’s ass, asking him how he felt. My mom watched as I rubbed him, the entire time he was telling me it was sore and her tits heaved up with excitement.

We grabbed our sandwiches and sat in the chairs facing my mom who was still cooking. She looked over at us and I saw her eyes get big for a moment before she jerked her eyes away. I glanced at Trey and saw, not only was he half hard but that it was hanging out of his boxers and the leg of his shorts was showing it to us.

I watched mom keep staring at it and then staring at me watching her. Her breathing was labored, her chest was swollen and I swear I could smell her excitement.

I was horny as fuck and knew I needed to get off. I suggested to Trey that he take a bath and soak his injury some and that I would massage him to help afterwards since it was basically my fault he fell.

As he got up and headed to the door, I walked behind my mom and grasping her by the waist, I pulled her against me. My dick wedged in her ass crack and I leaned forward to kiss her neck. “Don’t worry mom, you can’t help that you need it,” as I grinded into her some. “He will be in the tub for a while and we have plenty of time… let me help you out.”

“Conner… son… we… we can’t. This is sooo... wrong...”

Yet I felt her push back into me. My hands moved to her front and as they closed around her tits, she moaned out a “Please….” I reached up and pushed the straps of her dress off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. My hands went to push down her panties and found them to be dripping wet.

I grabbed her hand and pulled it back to feel my hard dick, whispering into her ear that the only way I could give her the fucking she needed was if she pulled it out.

There was no hesitation as she scrambled for the tops of my shorts and tugged them down freeing me. I pushed her against the counter, then pushed her back down some bending her at the waist. I grabbed my dick and rubbed it across the back of her pussy before sliding it in in one long push,

“YESSS!!!” She moaned out as I grabbed her by the waist again and started to drive her into the side of the counter top. She pushed back as I pushed in and it was a frenzy of emotions coupled with lust as we fucked.

“Take it mom! Take my hard dick… feel it breeding you… before I’m done I’m going to make you scream before I give you my seed… Damn… your as hot as Jenny” I said as I continued pounding into her. “Did you like looking at Trey’s dick? You know he wants you, almost as much as I do...”

Mom started moaning and thrashing as her orgasm ripped through her body causing her to sag against the countertop. I continued to fuck her until I released my cum into her hot pussy. I wonder if she is on birth control I thought? I decided I didn’t care and slowly pulled out of her. I bent over some and pushed my face into her backside. My tongue lapped out into her swollen pussy and licked up some of my cream. Not too bad… I quickly got into eating her out and sucking up my seed and before I knew what was happening, she came again, this time all over my face. I pulled away and raised my shorts. Then grabbing her panties and dress, I righted her as best I could and she slowly limped towards her room. What a day!