no regrets pt3

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I walked slowly back to my room, yelling at Trey that I would be playing games till he got out of the tub. I sat on the floor next to my bed and picked up the game controller. Why the fuck am I so excited and why am I so aggressive? I mean, I just fucked mom and I am still horny. I showed off to Trey, my best friend and was groping his ass. Now thinking of him in the shower, water running over his tight ass...fuck what is wrong with me?

In the bathroom, Trey is trying to sort out what he just saw. I can’t believe I just saw Conner fucking his mom! I had turned back to ask him a question and he was behind her, his hands on her waist, talking into her ear. I stopped and watched as his hands moved over her body and he freed her tits. God they looked good, his hands massaging them, like what he is about to do to me… I mean, her body was so hot… I was hard instantly as he ground into her ass, his hands covering her body as he took control… Then she pulled his dick out, it was big and hard and I watched as he pushed it deep into her… I wonder what it feels like… feeling it slide deep into you, stretching you out, filling you before he starts fucking you… wait! I mean, what it feels like to go deep into her, filling her up… his hands holding your waist as he uses you… fuck! I have to stop this shit. I’m not gay, so why do I keep thinking of Conner? Maybe because he had his strong hands on my ass all day, making it feel good, making me horny. Wait, did he say something about Jenny? His sister? I wonder if that is why he has been so hormonal? Maybe he fucked her too? I wonder what that was like, I mean I would kill to fuck her… she is so smart and beautiful and sexy… I bet seeing him slide his hard dick into her would have been hotter than watching him fuck his mom…. His dick sliding in and out, his hands tight on my waist… Fuck! Get this shit out of my head!

Trey walks into my room, a towel wrapped around his waist, he looked good, as always. I got up and went to my dresser to get the massage oil mom bought me when I pulled a leg muscle. “Get on the bed and I will use the oil that I used on my hurt leg. It should make it feel better.”

“Will it get on the bed? Should I put something under me?” Trey asked.

“Just use the towel, I mean you can’t wear it if I use the oil.”

I watched Trey unwrap the towel and spread it across the bed. His ass was small and tight and it didn’t help my horniness. He bent to lay down and I could see his balls hanging between his legs, I couldn’t see his dick. I know that when we were much younger, his dick was really small so maybe it stayed that way. I looked at his backside and decided he was hot, as always. I would need to be careful not to get too horny.

I got on the bed next to him and started pouring the oil onto his back. “Fuck,” I said as some got on my shorts, “ I need to take off my shorts, I already got some oil on them. That Okay?”

“What ever dude.” Damn, my dick which had finally gone down is starting to get hard again… the thought of his naked body on me… his hands on me… feeling him touch me like he did his mom…

I moaned as he started rubbing the oil into my back, it felt so damn good. His hands felt even better than I thought they would and as my body relaxed under their massage I realized I could feel his dick on my side. It felt...wet.

God it feels so sexy to be massaging his naked body… hehe my dick is leaking on his side… hearing him moan is even hotter than hearing mom and Jenny moaning… I hit a knot in his back and started working it. “I can go deeper, but it always hurts at first...” I said.

“Yes… deeper” Trey moaned out.

I shifted onto the bed, straddling his legs and ass and started working the knot out. Trey kept moaning and my dick was leaking into his ass, rubbing up and down the crack as I worked his back.

OMG I can feel his dick rubbing up and down my ass… it feels slippery. I wonder if he is going to slide it into me like he did with his mom… filling me… making me moan out like she did….

I notice Trey’s ass twitching and almost humping back into my dick, so I reach for the bottle and pour more onto his lower back and across his ass cheeks, making sure I put plenty in his crevice. I worked lower and lower till I was kneading his ass cheeks, the moans were louder and I decided, no regrets. I spread his cheeks working my two thumbs lower down them till they reached the bottom and then started moving them up and down his crack. As I rubbed over his tight boy hole, he moaned loudly and wriggled his ass. I decided to work that area, pushing as much oil as I could towards his hole. As I got to it, I gently pushed as I went across it. Fuck, he looks like he wants it… he is moaning like a whore…

No regrets “I can go deeper.” I said as my thumb pushed slightly into his hole. “but like I said, it will hurt some at the beginning.”

Deeper…. Fuck yes, deeper… please… deeper,” Trey moaned out as his head tried to recoil from what he was saying. Did I just beg him to go deeper into my ass? God it feels so good and I want it so bad… I hope he treats me like his mom…

I shifted my body some and with his cheeks still spread apart, my dick aimed for his hole. As it touched it, I pushed slowly, deeper into the tight hole. I felt my pubes hit his ass and I paused. Fuck this is tight! It is even better than mom or sis! And then I started to pull out some and push back in. Trey started moaning louder and I wondered if mom could hear him? I hope so.

I grabbed him tightly by the waist and started fucking his glorious ass slowly, picking up speed until I was slamming into him forcefully. I reached up and grabbed him by the shoulders to keep him from moving too much up the bed. I started sweating as I fucked him hard and fast.

As I felt my balls slapping into his ass, I knew I was close. I started pummeling him harder, in a desperate attempt to breed him, make him mine. I stayed deep in him as I unloaded load after load of my boy cream deep inside him. His moan of “yesss” kept me hard and as I laid against his back, I started a slow easy fuck rythem. Feeling his body respond under me as I slowly fucked him was thrilling me. “Yes, you needed that didn’t you?” I whispered into his ear.

“Yesss” he moaned back, “so deep… so full… sooo goood...”

I fucked him slow and easy until tingles from my toes reached my balls and I unloaded a much smaller load, with an intensity I had never felt before, then I passed out, still inside Trey.

I heard a noise and opened my eyes to an empty room. Trey was gone, his towel still laid next to me and looking at it, I noticed it was covered in cum. I turned over and sleep retook me.