no regrets pt5

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Trey and I left school and headed straight to my house. As we walked into my room, I reached out and grabbed Trey by the arm to stop him. I stepped up to his back wrapping my arms around his chest and ground my hard on into his ass. My fingers started pulling his tee up and over his head, then my hands slid up his chest and I started rubbing his nipples and pinching them. While working his left tit, my right hand dropped to his shorts and I quickly unbuttoned them and pulled them down. Then I rubbed across his hard dick and grabbed his boxers pulling them down also, freeing his dick which jerked up. Then as I switched to work his other tit, my hand grabbed his balls and squeezed them a bit. He moaned out as I grabbed his dick and jerked it twice. Then I removed both hands from his front and put them on his back pushing him against my bed where he fell forward onto it.

He rolled over onto his back and pulled his legs up towards his chest so he could remove his shoes and pull his shorts and boxers the rest of the way off. I stared at his ass now pulled up, his hole winking at me. He dropped his feet back to the floor and I started stripping off my clothes. I went to my dresser and grabbed my bottle of massage oil and threw it onto the bed next to him.

I walked back to stand in front of Trey who was laying back completely and admired his hot body. I reached down grasping him by the back of the knees and raised them back up, towards his chest. He reached up and grabbed them, holding them to free up my hands. I really wanted to go down and eat his ass but wasn’t sure if he would want to be that intament. I quickly grabbed the oil and poured some into my hand. I watched his face as I slid one and then two fingers into his hole, pushing them in and out. As he closed his eyes and relaxed more, I slid a third finger into him and spread them apart some to stretch him.

After about a minute, I pulled my fingers free and rubbed my leaking dick with the rest of the oil in my hand. I leaned in and placed the head at his opening, noticing that it was still open some from my fingers working it. I leaned further down and slowly slid into him, stopping when my pubic hair touched his balls. His dick was leaking all over his stomach and as I started to pump him slowly I saw it spurting pre cum out making an even bigger mess.

He was sooo tight and felt so good that I laid down on his chest trapping his pulsing dick between us as I began a nice slow pace. My head leaned towards his face and I saw him jerk his face away from me.

“Dude! What the fuck do you think you are doing? I’m not gay and I’m not kissing you.” he said in a rush.

“Trey, I wasn’t going to kiss you, I was going to nibble on your neck… I read somewhere that it makes it more intense,” I told him while thinking that I was going to kiss him before he stopped me. Guess it was a good thing I didn’t go down on his ass.

“I don’t want to be nibbled on, that’s too gay. I want it like the other day, hard and fast. I want to cum like I did then… it was so intense I almost passed out.”

I nodded to him and slid out of his ass, admiring the way it stayed open, wanting to be filled. I twisted his legs so his body rolled over and then climbed up onto the bed straddling his thighs. I spread his sexy cheeks apart and my dick found the opening and slid into him. I pulled back out and reached over him to grab my pillow, I grabbed his hips, pulling them up some and slid the pillow under him. Then I pushed him back down and slid back in.

I started fucking him hard and fast, his moans encouraging me to go harder and faster. In the moment, I asked him “How’s that?”

Trying to catch enough air to respond, he moaned out “Yes… fuck me… ohh Goddd…”

Every time I pushed into him, he lost a breath of air and his words were chopped up and it excited me enough that I came deep inside his ass. When I stopped cumming, I started back up fucking him hard and fast. Now that I had cum, I had more control and I reached up and grabbed his shoulders so I could pound him better.

He started moaning louder and his ass was trying to fuck back onto my dick as I pulled out before pushing back in. He screamed out into my sheets as he came. I wanted it to be even more intense than previously so I kept fucking him as he came. Then when I thought he might be finished unloading his balls, I started punching into his ass. My cum was making him really slippery and I pulled all the way out before punching back in all the way. I repeated this over and over when all of a sudden Trey started to scream out that he was cumming again.

The excitement of making him cum a second time took me over the edge and I unloaded a second load into his glorious ass. The entire time I was cumming, Trey was making a strange noise and he didn’t stop making it till I stopped moving into him. I laid on his back till my dick started to shrink and slip out of the warm home it had found. I rolled off of him and got off the bed to go to the bathroom. Walking into the hallway naked, I saw my sister getting home.

“Well Conner, I broke up with that prude. I need a boyfriend with a working dick.” she said as she stared at me being naked and sweaty.

“That’s great Sis, you need someone like Trey.”

“Trey? Why Trey?” she asked.

“You know he has always worshiped the ground you walk on and has been crushing on you for years. The first thing he always asks me when he sees me is how you are doing and if you were still dating that loser.”

“Really? Do you think he would come over and fuck me so I can see if I want to date him?” she asked me.

“I guarantee you he would want to fuck you, but you will have to wait a bit...I don’t know if he can even get it up at the moment, even for you.” Then seeing the look on her face, I decided I should explain some. “I just fucked at least two loads out of him and he is passed out on my bed.”

Her eyebrows went up, “That is hot!” Then she walked by me towards my doorway and looked in. “He has a great ass! Maybe I will just go clean him up some..”

She walked towards my bed stripping off her clothes till she was bare naked and placing her knees on the bed she leaned over his ass and shoved her face in his crack licking up all my cum that was leaking from his hole.

“Dude are you gay?” Trey asked loudly, turning his head to look back, “I mean that feels great but I am not into guys, I… Jenny? What… what are you doing? I mean, you’re making me hard doing that.”

Jenny pulled her face from his ass, cum covering the front of it, “Get hard bitch, I need to be fucked and knowing you take it up the ass has me about to cum. I broke up with that loser and need a man I can use for my pleasure… Do you suck dick too?” Then seeing his eyes get large with a shocked look on his face she responded, “Don’t worry, I will teach you how. The thought of watching you suck a dick before taking it up the ass has me sooo horny, I’m gonna fuck you till you can’t get it up and then you will eat your cum from my pussy. Now get up and get into my room, your training is about to start.”

Trey almost flew from the room, he didn’t even pick up his clothes. Jenny followed behind him, her fingers stuck into her pussy.

Poor Trey, she might fuck him to death if she doesn’t break him first.