no regrets pt6

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After peeing, I stuck my head into my sister’s room and saw her laying on her bed, on her back, legs pulled up over Trey’s shoulders and Trey was driving into her pussy as fast as he could. Jenny was talking dirty to him telling him how she needed a good hard fucking and that he needed to pick up his pace if he wanted to date her. His ass cheeks were taunt and I started getting hard again.

I left her room and picking up my phone I dialed Patrick to see if he was busy or not and if he wanted to stay the night. I figured Trey would be indisposed of for a while and it would give me and Patrick some quality time where we weren’t rushed and could be free to do new things.

Patrick told me he had been out running and he could come by as soon as he showered. The thought of him all sweaty and smelling made my dick twitch so I told him to skip the shower and to get here as soon as he could.

He arrived after about ten minutes, dressed in running shorts that accented his glorious ass and a muscle t-shirt that showed off his chest and arms. Did I mention he was still sweaty? I pulled him in the house and practically dragged him into my room, where I shut the door, spun him around facing me and pulled him in for a very heated kiss. Our mouths opened quickly and we both started exploring each other’s mouths with our tongues. I had locked one hand onto the back of his head keeping us locked together at the mouth while my second hand started pulling down his shorts.

As soon as I had them pushed towards his knees, my hand slid up his body grabbing a hold of his tee and started pulling it off of him. We broke our kiss as his shirt traveled over his head and I leaned in to lick and suck on his nipple. His sweat smelled like sexy boy and I found myself lost in it’s aroma.

Patrick had sensed my infatuation with his odor and decided that maybe he could use it to his benefit. He grabbed my hair, locking his hand in it and pulled me off his chest. My eyes were foggy and as I looked up at him, he said “I have plenty of sweat on my balls… drop to your knees bitch and get to sucking.”

I immediately dropped and grasped his erect dick, again admiring the size of it before lifting it up so I could get to his sweaty balls. I was in heaven and was trying to get every bit of sweat from his crotch that I could get. His hand was still locked into my hair and forcefully moved my mouth to what ever area he wanted worked on, all while telling me what a good boy I was and how good I was making him feel.

After what only felt like seconds but was probably ten minutes, he pulled my head from his taint where he had guided me to lick him and said “Now it’s time to see if you have a gag reflex, cause I plan on throat fucking you.”

I found his big dick pushing past my lips and across my tongue heading for my throat. I started to gag some but Patrick just told me to get over it cause it was going in. His hands were forcing my head deeper and deeper onto his dick, my throat was being spread open and the entire time I was gagging and thrashing about, his strong hands were keeping me on it.

As I had a really big gagging cough where I thought I was going to puke, I realized my nose was in his bush and his scent had me glass eyed again. “Yes… that’s it cocksucker, you got it all now… now it’s time to break you in.”

As soon as he had said that, he was plunging in and out of my throat. Feeling my throat expand and contract over and over as he went in and out, had my head swimming. He was forceful, controlling and manly, treating me as a play thing. I had never been harder or more excited in my life. He kept calling me names, like bitch, slut, cock sucker, and boy. My throat became sore and I reveled in the pain, knowing he wasn’t going to stop till he came.

His thrusts became harder and faster and just before cumming, he pulled out of my mouth and blew his load all over my face and hair. I got his cum in my eyes, up my nose, everywhere except where I wanted it, my mouth. “Yea, that looks good on you Boy, I’ll enjoy looking at that while I fuck you.” Then I found him pulling me up by the armpits and twisting me around where he pushed me onto my bed.

He climbed onto the bed with me, grabbed me behind my knees and pulled my legs up and towards my chest, causing my ass to pull up and to open wide for him. He licked a little of his cum off my face and then spit it on my hole. He reached over and grabbed a pair of underwear, pushed it into my open mouth and then plunged his monster dick into my no longer virgin ass.

I screamed like a bitch and started crying while Patrick just laughed and said “God, you are making me so fucking hot…” He then started deep dicking me, plunging in and almost out of my stretched open hole. On about the fourth plunge, my super hard dick shot out a large load onto my stomach, some of it hitting me on my face.

He continued fucking me, my dick continued to stay hard and I started to moan and whimper. My head was spinning, my mind was in a fog, pleasure and pain both were setting my body on fire and he continued telling me how tight my ass was and how loose it would be when he left the next day. The more he talked dirty to me the hotter I got till I found myself cumming again.

Patrick never slowed down his fucking pace or softened his thrusts, he continued on like a machine. I lost tract of the time and reality as I swam in the ecstasy of his dominating sexual power. I came again and again and again. My dick and balls started hurting as they tried to cum but lacked any substance. My mouth was making sounds I had never heard of before and yet Patrick continued his pace.

At some point Patrick slapped my face hard. My eyes focused on him as the pain cut through my euphoria. I realized he was no longer fucking me, just staring at me. When he saw he had my attention, he told me “Pay attention Conner, I’m getting close and will be breeding you soon. I need you focused on me. You are about to become my cum dump and you need to show gratitude at what I am about to give you.”

Then he started back up, at an even quicker pace. His eyes never left mine, boring into my soul, filling me with his essence, his dominance. Then he slammed into my upturned ass and unloaded what felt like a gallon of cum. His eyes had rolled into the back of his head and I basked in the knowledge that I was giving him pleasure.

As his dick softened to it’s normal large size, I felt it slip from my ass leaving it feeling empty and drafty. He pulled my knees down and rolled us over to our sides facing each other. I glanced at my alarm clock and saw that Patrick had been in my room for almost three hours.

Thanks Connie, I really needed that. Give me a few minutes of rest and we can start our second round.” Then he gave me a soft gentle kiss on the lips and closed his eyes. I laid there staring at his face trying to figure out what had happened to me. Before he had showed up, I was an up and coming stud, fucking everyone around me. Now, I feel like I have woken from a dream and now have direction in my life. My ass hurts, my balls hurt from being emptied too many times and I can feel his cum leaking out of my still open hole and as I stare at his face, all I can think of is when will he be rested enough to fill me, to make me whole again? To give me the love I so desperately need, the love that he can give me, the love that he has felt towards me for so long?

He opened his eyes and smiled at me. My heart melted and we kissed before he rolled me over on my stomach and climbed between my cheeks, spreading them apart so he could watch as his massive dick stretched my hole open and disappear deep inside of me. He fucked me almost non stop all night long. We occasionally stopped to talk and I found out that he watched a lot of porn, mostly about dominance which is why he was so passive when I fucked him and so dominant when he fucked me. He said he didn’t regret giving himself to me because he knew I needed to experience it and it gave him his opportunity to later take control. By the time he left the next day, we were boyfriends. When we went back to school holding hands walking through the corridors, people stared and talked about us behind our backs and whenever someone was brave enough to ask me what the fuck happened, I simply told them that I was the luckiest guy on earth to have found someone who could completely take care of all my needs and could make me feel so needed and sexy and loved.

My sex life changed after that, I still fucked my Mom almost daily, but usually it was when Patrick was with me, him doing me and me doing her. I didn’t have to wait too long before I found out Mom was not on the pill. Her belly started expanding and somehow the sex got more intense. Fucking her while I felt up her now bigger tits and belly really excited me. She would give me a son that year, then two seperate daughters before finally having a set of twin boys before she became too old to have more. Patrick and I loved them like they were ours but never divulged that they were in fact mine.

Trey, after being fully trained by my sister ended up marrying her. Watching him go through everything she had him do amazed me that he survived and stayed with her. After their first night together, she lived up to her word by having him learn to suck cock. She worked him on it till he could deep throat Patrick and then decided he needed to be gang banged monthly. The first time it happened, she showed up at the house with an entire baseball team from the Junior High School. Trey sucked every dick and took them all up his ass at least twice before it was over. Jenny fucked him so much afterwards he complained to me that his dick was raw and asked for my help getting her to let it heal. Quite a few guys from the team ended up being regulars to his gang bangs and as they grew, so did their dicks. It was an exciting thing to see.

I was not left out of extra curriculum sex. Patrick and I used Mr. Jones office often and when he informed us that he thought it was super hot that I was being fucked like a bitch by a much younger and smaller boy, Patrick asked him to join us. He was the first to double penetrate my ass with Patrick but he was not the only one. Patrick often had younger boys over to fuck me and he liked watching their asses pound me as fast and hard as they could. On occasion he would have one of my friends over and invite them to use my ass, then while they were in the moment, Patrick would breed their virgin asses with his monster dick.

Over the years, I have been fucked by quite a few cocks but the only one that has ever made me lose control and cum repeatedly was and is the monster cock of my younger God, my master, my lover, my eventual husband and soulmate, Patrick.