Not Quite Incest
by DerekGuy

This story series includes depictions of heterosexual sex and homosexual sex including mostly underage participants. If that’s not your thing or if it is illegal for you to read this story, then stop. This story is completely made up and does not depict anything true. It is simply fiction.
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Not Quite Incest
Charles Stanhope had always enjoyed women. He pursued them early in life, and thanks to good looks, charm, and being fabulously wealthy, he usually succeeded. Thanks to a wandering eye and constant libido, he never succeeded with one for very long. He married young and divorced young. Married again, divorced again. As he got older, the women he married didn’t. It was his fourth wife who got pregnant and gave him his first child, a son named Logan. Charles was 37 at the time. She was 20. Four years later, his fifth wife delivered his second son, Avery. That marriage actually lasted for almost a decade - the longest yet.

But now Charles was on wife number seven. Wife six was a forgettable quickie that was just as quickly annulled. Having long ago mastered the prenuptial agreement, the divorces had been remarkably easy on him. Charles had gained partial custody of both of his sons, usually seeing them at his big house in southern California at the same time during school vacations. His seventh wife, Amanda - or Mandi as everyone called her - wasn’t interested in being anyone’s mom. At the time of their wedding last spring, Charles was 54 and Mandi was 21. As winter break approached, Logan and Avery were scheduled for ten days with their father and step-mother.

Mandi wasn’t in it for the money. Not exactly. She had a thing for older men and had been dating guys much too older for since she was practically a pre-teen. It was probably some daddy complex, but she didn’t care for the psychology behind it. Blonde and beautiful, she came from a middle class family that was flabbergasted when their daughter dropped out of college in her junior year last to travel to Europe with a middle-aged millionaire she had met at a charity exhibition. Charles was a donor. Mandi worked as an eye-candy greeter.

With few clear skills or interests, Mandi knew marrying well would enable her to do whatever she wanted - especially nothing. Some called it lazy. She called it smart. She was living in a beautiful mansion with any amenities she wanted. Her husband would probably pass away while she was in her forties, giving her a long time to enjoy herself. Until then, all she had to do was fuck and suck her husband when he was in town between long business trips, not get caught cheating on him, and be nice to his two sons, both of whom were old enough to take care of themselves.

The winter break plans changed the morning Logan and Avery each flew in. A big business deal in Texas had gone sour and Charles had to race over there to save it himself. It meant missing Christmas, New Year’s, and the entire week with his sons. The boys saw their dad for about three minutes before a limo whisked him to the airport they had just come from. They were faced with ten days, including Christmas, with a 21-year-old step mom they barely knew.

Sad to be away from home on Christmas, Mandi decided to make the most of it. She couldn’t entertain the boys herself, but she could call in reinforcements. A couple phone calls and a credit card number later, Mandi’s brother Bryce and sister Madison were on tomorrow’s flight to spend the week at the Southern California mansion.

Logan and Avery unpacked their bags in their rooms. Each room was huge and filled with every luxury their father could find. Their rooms back home were monk’s cells in comparison. They connected via a bathroom, which was the best feature. Late at night the boys could freely move between their rooms without their father complaining that they were making too much noise, or the servants acting all high and mighty. The boys found their rooms cold, but the company of their half-brother made up for it.

Logan lived in Maryland with his mom, her new husband, and their three kids - his half-siblings - who Logan couldn’t stand, the spoiled, little shits. Avery lived in Portland with just his mother and her bitterness. So times with their dad were more times to see each other - the only family member they actually appreciated and liked.

Having turned 17 a couple months ago, Logan was enjoying his junior year of high school. He was driving - a beautiful car his dad gave him - and dating. He had lost his virginity at the beginning of sophomore year and had devoted much of his time to that new pursuit. Logan had let his hair grow out to shoulder length - his dad would make him cut it when he got back for sure, but it was worth it to get a reaction from him - and had begun to work out every day to try and get “a six pack.” He was a very good-looking kid and was beginning to come into his own. He was quiet, but firm - skills he had inherited from his mother and father respectively.

Avery was 13. Although a little small for his age, he was beautiful. His mother had been a model and Avery combined her graceful, soft features with his father’s charismatic face and sensuous blue eyes. Avery was always nervous visiting his dad. Actually downright terrified. He had lived with him for the first eight years of his life and only remembered his parents yelling at each other and his dad telling him he needed to do better. So he tried to be as quiet and unnoticed as possible.

The impending arrival of Bryce and Madison was met with mixed emotions by the boys. While sad not to be with their dad on Christmas, they were unsure how to relate to Mandi and would have preferred it to just be the two of them for the week.

 “How are we related to them?” Avery asked.

“I guess they are our step-uncle and aunt,” Logan determined. They had met Mandi’s siblings this April at a belated wedding reception gathering to get both sides of the family to know each other since the March wedding was a spur-of-the-moment elopement in the Caribbean. With so many people there, they had only spoken with them briefly. Logan had thought the Bryce, who was 19 now, was a typical good-looking, athletic jackass - always demanding what he wanted and getting it. Madison was 14 then and had just started to hit puberty. “No breasts,” Logan had pointed out to Avery.

Mandi had a charity function to attend that night and so the boys spent the evening playing video games on the gigantic television in the den and catching up. Logan regaled his brother with more stories of his sexual adventures, most somewhat embellished. Avery talked about the girls at school he was hot for.

At 12:10 pm the next afternoon, a taxi pulled up to the mansion. Logan and Avery were watching from the window on the second floor. First Bryce stepped out of the car. He was tan, with a sleeveless t-shirt, baggy shorts, sneakers, and talking on his cell phone.

“He’s a good looking guy. No surprise given Mandi,” Avery reflected.

“I bet he’s a real dick,” Logan responded, jealous of the well-defined muscles on Bryce’s arms and his perfect tan.

When Madison stepped out, both boys let out an involuntary gasp. In eight months since they first met her, she had grown up in every way. A deep tan reflected her highlighted blondish hair. She was wearing a tight spaghetti-sting t-shirt that accentuated her growing bosom. The boys would later learn that she never wore a bra.

“Wow. If she wasn’t related to us, I’d definitely be into her,” acknowledged Logan.

Avery smiled. “Absolutely.” The 13-year-old had begun to masturbate regularly and Madison might join his fantasy rotation.

It really wasn’t a shock that Madison was beautiful and alluring, or that Bryce was handsome and sensual given their sister. All of Charles’ wives had been gorgeous. But Mandi left them all in the dust. She had already appeared in several swimsuit-modeling shoots, including one photo in Sports Illustrated, and her modeling career would have gone somewhere if Charles hadn’t insisted she stop. Every guy she passed stared openly at her - beautiful blond hair, bright blue eyes, ample breasts, tight ass, and an atmosphere of sex that she brought to every word and action.

Since the first time he met Mandi this past February at a ski vacation with his dad, Logan had been infatuated by her. Over the past ten months, he had guiltily pictured her as he masturbated. When he fucked a girlfriend, her image seemed to always still fill his mind. This past summer, he had been unable to look away. Staring at her lying by the pool or as she played tennis, following her around like a foolish puppy. He tried desperately to see her naked, without success. He knew it was terrible to do all these things. If his dad ever paid enough attention to him to know what he was doing, he’d be in for a world of hurt. But he couldn’t help it. He wanted her so badly.

That first day for the fivesome was awkward. Mandi hadn’t seen her brother and sister in a while, so they wanted to catch up. The boys easily found things to do themselves and make themselves scarce. The weather was especially warm for December, so they took advantage of it outside in the sun.

Mandi shared her boredom with her brother and sister, as well as the luxuries she was now able to enjoy. Madison inquired for more info on Logan when Mandi gave them a warning. “Don’t fuck this up for me Madison! Or you either Bryce! I like Charles and I want to make this work. But if either of you screw with his sons, he’ll go crazy. He ignores them, but they are the most important people in the world to him. Don’t fuck with them. And especially don’t fuck them!”

By the next day, the awkwardness hadn’t completely evaporated, although they had all played Cranium together the night before to much laughter. Logan was amazed that Mandi wasn’t dumb. Not book smart, but she knew life and had some wit behind her. It made him respect her more, but he wasn’t sure if it diminished his masturbatory fantasies. At least he got through a whole evening talking to her without sounding like a retard.

Logan was so focused on Mandi that he didn’t notice Bryce or Madison’s gazes. Both found the teenager sexy and desirable. Madison knew she better strike soon or her flaming brother would find a way to do so first. Avery was totally turned on by Madison. Her nipples firmly visible through her t-shirt had him totally hard and forced him to refuse to participate in any part of the game that required standing in fear that everyone would notice.

The next day, Mandi was tired and had no real interest in doing much of anything. It was 78 degrees, an incredible December day, and she wanted to lay out. Bryce and Madison headed off to Disneyland, which Logan and Avery had no interest in going to yet again. They played tennis and threw a football around.

By the afternoon, Bryce and Madison were exploring California Adventure, and Avery went off for a long bike ride with the only other kid he knew his age in the area. Logan was screwing around on the computer and declined to join anyone. Actually, he was downloading massive amounts of porn using the super high-speed internet connection and awesome computer system his dad had bought for Logan’s bedroom. Mandi went to hang by the pool. The house staff had the day off except for one maid who hid in her room watching soap operas and a couple gardeners who were at the other end of the property.

It was after coming across a series of photos online of a woman lying naked by a pool that Logan suddenly had the urge to look out the window. He stared down at the sight of his step-mom, only four years his senior, lying on her stomach, her bikini top undone for a better tan line.

“If she would roll over, I’d see her breasts. Oh yeah.” Logan had seen a bunch of girls’ breasts this year and many, many more online. None of them would compare to Mandi’s. If only she would roll over. Then suddenly she did. She flipped onto her back revealing an exquisite pair of perfectly round globes, tanned evenly with the rest, and totally real. (His dad had proudly shared that fact with both his sons when telling them about their new step-mom).

Lying on her back, Mandi’s head lifted. He couldn’t see through her sunglasses, but it appeared she was looking directly at Logan through the window.

“Shit!” Logan muttered and jumped back. Had she seen him? What should he do? He slipped out of his room and went into Avery’s. Peeking through the blinds, he saw that Mandi had pulled up the back of the lounge chair, giving him full-on view of her body. It was almost as if she was posing for him, knowing he was spying on her. That was crazy. He started to rub himself. His dick was pressing painfully against his tight shorts. He had to get a better look at this.

Moving downstairs quietly, he headed for the covered pool deck with the hot tub, glass shower, and windows looking directly out on the pool. From here, he could peek out through a window and she’d never see him. There she was. A body to die for. Why the hell was she with his father?, Logan wondered. Money has its privileges he knew. He opened the button fly on his jeans shorts and let his aching dick loose. He was proud of his cock, but it was killing him at the moment and needed to be free. A bit more than 7” of pink flesh were quickly stroked with tension and fervor as he stared at Mandi’s perfect body glistening in the sun.


“Shit!” Logan dropped down as Mandi reached over to grab the cordless phone she had left several feet away. Logan recognized the danger. If Mandi caught him and told his dad, who knew what he’d do? He remembered that when he was a kid, the pool boy had been caught watching Avery’s mom through a window. The pool boy was probably about 17 then and he was immediately fired. His father had boasted to the then 8-year-old Logan who was visiting that he had “destroyed that punk and destroyed any future he might have.” Was it better or worse that I’m his son?

It was completely silent. Mandi must have stopped talking on the phone so Logan peered up through the window. The deck chair was empty. Where was she? Still holding his hard cock in his hand, he turned to sneak back upstairs. But it was too late.

“Logan, you’re going to take a swim naked?” Mandi was standing in the doorway leading to the hot tub. She was holding a freshly made appletini in her hand, her drink of choice. Her swimsuit top was still off and her breasts were perfectly in place, the nipples pointing at him as if to accuse. Logan still had his dick in his hand with his shorts and underwear around his ankles. Mandi was staring directly at Logan’s hard cock. She must have seen him spying on her and now she was enjoying catching him.

“’s so hot and I...” he was a terrible liar. Mandi walked towards the paralyzed 17-year-old.

“You know,” she began, “some people wouldn’t be so happy to learn that you were standing with your shorts down watching me out on the patio. Some people wouldn’t like that at all.”

Logan’s breathing got heavier and he began to sweat. His dad would cut him off or destroy him as he did to Avery’s mom when she contested the divorce.

Mandi moved closer as she formulated a plan. The phone call had been from Charles. He was staying an extra few days in Texas before heading to Mexico for almost a week to solidify the deal. From there, he had to go to the Bahamas for a meeting. She offered to meet him there, but he told her it wasn’t a good idea. It would be all meetings. Mandi knew that meant Charles was going off to fuck someone else. Their January ski vacation in Switzerland would have to be postponed for a while. But a special Christmas present from Cartier should arrive in a couple days.

Mandi was livid. Bad enough Charles left her at Christmas and with his kids. Bad enough he practically announced he was going off to some mistress. Bad enough he was postponing a vacation she had been very excited for. But to think some diamond earrings or pearl necklace would make up for it, was an insult to her intelligence and her integrity. He couldn’t just buy her off. The bastard.

She put her drink on a side table to free up her hands, “I just got off the phone with your father. I wonder what he’d say about me finding you holding your erection as you stared at me.”

She was tired of staying faithful. Other than a quickie with an ex-boyfriend on a trip home, she had been a model wife. She hadn’t done anything with anyone. Inevitably, the lover would talk or boast. If she was going to fuck – and she was so horny all the time – she’d need to find someone who had as much reason to stay quiet as she did. Someone that her husband would never suspect. She needed to punish Charles in multiple ways so he’d appreciate her more.

“I bet he wouldn’t be pleased, Logan,” she was enjoying torturing him too much. “Yes, some people wouldn’t like that you have been staring at me ever since you met me. You didn’t think I’d notice? I’m an expert of boys and men following me around, looking at me with lust and desire and hunger. I’ve watched you stare. I’ve watched you cross you legs or cover your grown. I’ve seen how your eyes are always on my breasts.” She adjusted her perky breasts for emphasis.

“Some people wouldn’t like that.” Mandi offered a smile. “But I’m not one of those people.”

Logan was stunned. He had just got from sexual excitement to complete terror to...confusion.

Mandi was only a foot or so from him. “In just the months I’ve known you, you’ve really developed into a handsome, sexy young man. It’s just us in the house, Logan,” Mandi stated the obvious. “Why don’t we take that swim together?” Without waiting for her statement to fully sink in, she grabbed the boy by the hand and walked him out to the pool. She pulled off his shirt as she admired his naked form. He was so different than the men she mostly fucked. Hair in only the right places. Smooth, tender skin. Together they descended the steps into the shallow end, the very warm pool water feeling exhilarating on Logan’s naked body.

When they had reached chest high in the water, Mandi pulled Logan towards her and began to kiss him. She grabbed his head from behind, forcing him in tightly. He didn’t respond at first, but her probing tongue broke through his paralysis and he began to react. Pleased, Mandi used her other hand to reach down and started stroking Logan’s still erect member.

Logan jumped back as her hand grabbed his cock. “Uh...we shouldn’t probably...I mean you’re my...”

“Logan,” Mandi was used to boys been inarticulate in her presence. She had reveled in it during high school. “Just think of me as a girl you’ve brought home. I know you’ve brought home other girls. I know you’ve enjoyed yourself with them. Well, enjoy yourself with me.”

“But dad would...”

“Charles is thousands of miles from here. He does what he does on his trips. I do what I want. It’s not like he’s been faithful to any of his wives. You don’t want to think of him right now. Think of me.”

“You’re my stepmom.” He stated conclusively.

“Am I? How many stepmoms have you had? How many of them are you still in touch with? I am less than four years older than you. In most ways, you and I have far more in common than Charles and I do. Right now, we have something in common. Let’s enjoy ourselves.”

Months of pent up sexual fantasy spilled out and Logan embraced Mandi. They kissed and groped in the pool. She stroked his dick as he sucked and rubbed her breasts. Trying to imagine he was with one of his high school girlfriends, he was sensual and caring, but took charge. It helped not to think of who he was with, but to simply go for it with confidence. Mandi thrilled to the soft, smooth flesh of the boy, and his fumbling eagerness. Young boys were too much trouble usually. But Logan had a charm to him. And he had a big, hard dick. And he was Charles’ son with as much to lose as did if they were caught. But most importantly, he was here right now.

“Fuck me,” she whispered in his ear as she blew and nibbled on it. That’s an offer no heterosexual male could refuse and they moved to the hot tub and Mandi tossed off her bikini bottoms. Logan had loved fucking in the hot water the one chance he had last Christmas with one of the maid’s daughters.

Their lovemaking was surprisingly slow given the 17-year-old’s passion. The fucking was deep and sensuous. Mandi, a master at the fake orgasm to make older, powerful men feel like kings, never needed to resort to that skill. Logan was a naturally accomplished lover and helped her find sexual fulfillment that Charles had rarely done. When Logan finally came, the release was so overwhelming he thought he’d pass out. Uncharacteristically, he shouted his pleasure, sharing his rapture with the seemingly empty house.

They held each other in their arms with his penis still inside her until the heat got too much for them. Moving to the two-person all-glass shower, they cooled off under the water and then enjoyed a second, quicker fuck. He entered her from behind, having never had the chance to try doggie-style before. Mandi appreciated a lover who could fuck twice in a row and without help from any pills either. Logan was certain this moment was going to be the greatest sexual experience of his entire life. He was ready to keep it going, when they heard movement. Quickly, they put on their clothes as they recognized the voices of Avery and Bryce talking in the hallway.

“Thank you,” Mandi whispered to Logan as they went to see the others.

Logan felt “You’re welcome” was quite insufficient. But before he could speak, Avery had seen him and wanted to share some adventure that had happened on his bike ride.

Madison was peeved. It was so hot for December. Disneyland had been a dud. Bryce had been acting like an asshole. And she was bored. When Mandi had invited them to the mansion for a week, she thought it’d be all parties and restaurants and boys. She was ready to be Paris Hilton. But Mandi had become domesticated in her married life. The one bright spot seemed to be Logan. He was tall, good-looking, and the son of a rich man. That he was her sister’s step-son seemed ridiculous and irrelevant.

Madison was prepared to seduce the teenager. She had gotten good at that this fall. As her breasts developed later than most and she became more and more attractive, she discovered what her sister had experienced since she was 11. A hot girl can have just about anything or anyone she wanted. She was ready for some vacation fun, but other than Logan and little Avery, the boy count out at the mansion was sparse. Mandi had promised Madison a party this weekend and floor seats at a Clippers game as well as great Christmas presents, but it was only Tuesday.

When Madison and Bryce returned from Disneyland, he went off to piss, while she went looking for her sister to complain. It was Logan’s orgasmic shout that caught her attention. Peering through the slightly open door, she watched her sister and Logan concluded their first coitus.

“That bitch!” It wasn’t enough that she was married to a multi-millionaire, but now she had to fuck the only available boy in the house. Her sister had taken the major entertainment she had planned on for the week. Damn her! Madison stormed off to her room and sulked until dinner never seeing Mandi and Logan move to the shower for their second fuck.

As they ate together, the five of them, Madison could barely look at Mandi or Logan. Since her brother was continuing to be an ass, she ended up chatting with Avery. He spent the entire conversation staring directly at her chest and her erect nipples. The weather had cooled quickly and she was very visible under her shirt.

“He’s cute,” Madison acknowledged as she watched the 13-year-old from behind as he went into the kitchen. An idea out of necessity quickly formed.

That night, Mandi had to work on some charity project. Charles expected her to demonstrate a level of civic compassion befitting their circumstances and reputation. Logan, still blissful, but very confused, went to his room and realized he hadn’t called his girlfriend all day. Bryce wanted to watch a figure skating competition. When Avery asked if anyone wanted to play cards, Madison, shockingly, said yes.

Over some gin rummy and then backgammon, neither of which Madison was any good at, she began to hit on the boy. At first, he didn’t catch on. He had never really been hit on before and didn’t recognize it. But, after a few too may times that their hands “accidentally” touched, he began to get it.

Avery invited Madison to his room to show her...oh, it didn’t matter, she wasn’t actually listening, just leading. She closed and locked the door behind them as they went in and they began kissing. Avery pushed the bathroom door that also led to his brother’s room closed and fumbled with the lock as she continued to offer her tongue and they found their way to his bed. Avery had never done anything more than kiss a girl. So this alone was exciting. Madison realized this boy, unlike nearly all the other guys she had been with, would need to be led every step of the way. And she was prepared to do that.

Over the next half-hour, Avery learned about open-mouthed kissing, kissing on other parts of the face and neck, rubbing a girls’ breasts, kissing a girl’s breasts, and dry humping. Madison wanted more, but wondered how fast to push the boy, Should she fuck him? Should she be his first? He wasn’t going to resist. She was in charge.

Madison opened Avery’s shorts and worked them off his legs. His cock was poking against his white briefs. Pre-cum had already formed across the front. He wouldn’t take very long, she knew. She gently rubbed his dick under the fabric, but Avery grabbed her hand.

“Are you sure this is okay?” Avery asked.

“Why wouldn’t it be? Everyone is busy with other stuff. What’s a little fun just for the evening?” Madison didn’t need him thinking they were now dating.

“But isn’t this incest?” Avery asked.

“I don’t think so,” Madison had no idea.

“Isn’t it wrong for two people who are related to each other to...fool around?”

“I don’t know. But we’re not really related. Last year we didn’t even know each other. Last year my sister and your dad didn’t know each other.” Madison had no idea what she was saying, but wanted to move things along.

Not really looking to resist too much, Avery nodded in acceptance. Madison returned to his briefs and now worked them off as well. Avery had a 3” dick that was thicker than expected, but still “small and cute” in Madison’s eyes. For the last six months, she had been with older high school athletes with their toned bodies and large cocks. Avery’s soft, muscle-less form was very different.

“Are we going to...?” Avery asked in both anticipation and terror. He had never imagined he’d have sex anytime in the near future. This came out of nowhere.

“Not tonight. Not yet. Maybe not ever. Let’s just enjoy this moment for what it is.” Madison began to stroke Avery’s dick. He had learned to love masturbation, but having a girl do it for you, he now learned, was awesome. She had a strong grip and quick rhythm. He couldn’t hold it in long, but wanted to make this last and last.

“Wait,” Avery wisely said after a couple minutes. They took a momentary breather. Quite unexpectedly, fueled by his libido, Avery summoned all his courage. “I want to you suck it.”

Madison smiled. The boy was developing his confidence quickly. She said nothing, returned to stroking him, but then, without warning, engulfed his entire dick with her mouth. All the other cocks she had sucked in the past six months or so had been much bigger, so Avery’s dick didn’t present a challenge, but an easy offering.

A slow, never before heard moan began to escape Avery’s lips. The sensations as Madison wrapped her lips and tongue around his dick were so powerful, he almost thought about making her stop. The waves of pleasure that passed through him literally made him shudder. His orgasm came without him expecting it or controlling it.

Madison had guys shoot off without warning into her mouth before, and anticipated it here. She swallowed his young boy spunk easily and released his now soft member. He collapsed backwards onto the bed feeling drained and satisfied in a way nothing else had ever done for him. He looked up at the beautiful teenage girl with some of his cum on her lips. Those were real girl breasts right in front of him. He had just gotten to...third base, he thought. No one will believe him. And she was his aunt...sort of. That kind it made more exciting as long as he didn’t think of his real aunts.

Madison looked at this cute little boy. She had just taken some of his innocence. He had eyes that drew you in and a beautiful, untainted face that made you feel dirty for having violated his seeming purity. This would probably have some bad consequences, she knew. She didn’t expect them so soon.

The slow clap is a staple of the teen movie and cinema villains. It immediately reveals Standing in the bathroom doorway was Bryce with a half-smile and offering the rhythmic applause. Avery grabbed his pillow to put in front of his groin, while Madison stood up, still shirtless, to confront her brother.

They argued about who had the right to be there and what was going on in short hand that befits siblings. Bryce revealed he had gone looking for Logan or Avery because he couldn’t figure out the remotes for the satellite. Avery’s door was locked and Logan wasn’t in his room. But Bryce had to take a piss, so he went into the shared bathroom of the brothers via Logan’s room. He had heard noises from Avery’s room. He had assumed the boy was masturbating and thought that’d be a very nice sight to witness. Avery hadn’t quite clicked the lock on the door earlier, so Bryce was able to crack it open and to his great surprise found his sister blowing the young teen.

Bryce had decided he could use this situation to his own advantage. Bryce was also bored at the house and for similar reasons as Madison. Bryce thought they’d be parties and boys all week and he could enjoy banging some rich kid ass. While he officially called himself bisexual, everyone recognized Bryce as a gay guy who occasionally still fucked girls. He had settled on making Logan his conquest for the week. The 17-year-old had a great butt and Bryce thought he’d be a fabulous bottom. He just had to get there before Madison did.

Bryce had tried tonight to get some alone with Logan, but that hadn’t succeeded. So he had settled into an evening of figure skating and watching Logo, when he couldn’t get the satellite receiver to work. His trip upstairs to the brothers’ rooms was simply for some technological help and without malicious intent. Now, he quickly readjusted his plans.

He could capitalize on this situation, but there was no reason not to enjoy the show. So Bryce said nothing until after the blowjob was done.

“What do you think Mandi and Charles will say about this?” Bryce stared down his sister.

“You’re not going to tell...” Avery blurted as he quickly processed potential outcomes. Mandi had always been nice to him and non-threatening in a parental form. But what would she say about him being with her sister?

That was nothing. What concerned him more was his father. Charles was a strict disciplinarian. While financially generous with the boys and taking little day-to-day interest in their lives, he was a quickly boiling pot when presented with a problem of behavior or discipline by an employee, a servant, a wife, or a son. Charles had never talked with Avery about sex, but he had seen his father explode when he found Logan in bed with some girl this December. Avery was never sure what the actual rule violation was, but he remembered most of the argument was about the girl being the daughter of one of the housekeepers and something about “blackmail” and “extortion.” Did that apply here? Charles might stop paying for his private school or not take him and Logan on that safari in Africa next summer or cut him off completely.

His mother would be destroyed. The divorce from Charles had been ugly. Charles had used high-powered lawyers to leave her with practically nothing despite Charles’ serial philandering and her monogamy. She had been left a broken woman. But what most concerned him was his dad would not see him for a while and that meant he wouldn’t get to see Logan.

“I just might talk,” Bryce continued oblivious to boy’s thought process.

“Get out of here, asshole,” Madison threatened, her perky breasts still exposed to all the world.

Bryce didn’t want to play out the scene over an extended period. He was too horny for that and decided to just push forward prematurely. “I’ll leave and I’ll keep my mouth shut on one condition.”

“What’s that?” Avery was clueless to what was obviously coming. In fact, Avery was completely oblivious to the fact that Bryce was gay.

“If I get a little of what you just got, I’ll be satisfied to go my own way and forget all about it,” Bryce shamelessly stared into the eighth graders face as he spoke.

“You want your sister to...” Avery was new to any sexual manipulation.

Madison sighed. How could she have been with such a child? “No, Avery. He wants you to blow him. If you blow him, he’ll shut up.”

Avery was a neophyte when it came to sex interactions, but he wasn’t a total innocent or slow. He worked through the situation and everything fell into place. The only thing he wasn’t sure of was whether Madison and Bryce had worked together to enable this situation. But that made little difference now.

Like most boys, Avery had begun to have questions about his sexuality. He wondered what made someone gay. One of his mother’s good friends was gay and was always talking about how beautiful Avery was. So he had asked Logan on the phone a couple months earlier about it. At first, Logan was hesitant to say anything. But finally he stated matter-of-factly that it was normal for boys to sometimes want to experiment and touch other boys. It was a good learning experience. Some boys, Logan added, find they only like to be with other boys. Some find they don’t like it all and stick to only girls. And some find they don’t mind it at all, but they usually prefer girls. When Avery asked which kind of boy Logan was, his older brother changed the subject. Piecing together some other clues about his half-brother, Avery figured he was the third kind.

Having never been with a girl before, he hadn’t imagined what it would be like to be with a boy. One time while jerking off he had been thinking about this girl from his math class and the image suddenly changed into his friend Chase. That had freaked him out a little. But now, he was facing it in person. If he did it, he’d learn more about which kind of boy he was. He already knew he liked girls. Would he also like boys?

Once again, Avery’s confidence was surprising them. “Okay,” he said assertively, “Drop your pants.”

Bryce had been prepared to coerce the boy with arguments and threats. He hadn’t expected such easy compliance. “Have you ever done this before?”

“No. But it doesn’t seem that complicated. Can we do this before Logan gets back? We’re supposed to play some video games tonight.”

Madison was fascinated. She had never watched her brother having sex before and thought it would be cool. She had never actually seen two boys together in person. Seeing the boy she just blew for his first blowjob turn around and give his first blowjob 5 minutes later made her wet. She stood there topless and openly watched.

Bryce hadn’t been blown by someone as young as Avery since he was 14 himself. By 15, all his sexual experiences were with guys his own age or older. He vaguely recognized that this was probably illegal, but who was going talk? Anyway, a blowjob was a blowjob, as one of his friends always said. They weren’t fucking. He unzipped his shorts and pulled off his boxers.

Avery stared at the figure before him. Everything looked huge. Bryce, like both his sisters, was blessed with beauty. He had enhanced it by regularly working out for muscle definition. He was generally hairless except for his upper legs and pubes, which he trimmed. His cock was thin, long, and uncircumcised. Like both his siblings, he was tan all over without much of a tan line. Bryce was semi-hard just from looking at the angelic boy’s face. He needed to take charge - and to do this before Logan or Mandi came by.

“Take it in your mouth,” he ordered Avery gently. Avery reached his hand up and cautiously grabbed the dick before him. It simply looked gigantic. He had seen huge ones in porn movies, but had never seen one this big in person. Well, that’s not totally true. He did see his brother jacking off in the bathroom once last spring by peeking through the keyhole, but it was far away then.

Avery knew enough about blowjobs to know what to do. Having just had one helped with some of the missing details. He put his mouth into a big “O” and pressed his lips over the older teen’s cockhead. So far so good. He pushed in further, but it immediately caused him to cough and choke a little, so he pulled back to just a couple inches.

Bryce began offering small suggestions. Avery complied and soon was doing a decent job. When the 19-year-old had a sudden intake of air - a distinct sound of pleasure - Avery realized that this was a very powerful position. He controlled the action of this boy 6 years older than himself. That was exciting. He had Bryce at his mercy.

The precum caught his attention, but Avery didn’t mind the taste so much. He had tried his own cum before anyway. Recognizing Bryce’s breathing as similar to his own when he jerked off, Avery tightened his lips and began to use his hands on the rest of the dick. If felt like he had been doing this for an hour, but it had only been a few minutes. The room was deadly silent. Madison was wet and so horny. She’d fuck anyone right now. She stuck her hand in her shorts and rubbed herself.

Bryce was in heaven. A rookie cocksucker with energy was a turn on and not his usual experience. He had expected this to feel a little like rape. But Avery had gotten into it immediately. As the pressure built up, he had placed his hands on Avery’s head to keep him focused and rhythmic. Now he pulled out of the boy’s mouth, grabbed his own cock, stroked with fury and released a creamy wave on the smooth cheeked teen.

Everything then happened at once. Bryce gave a small shout as he came. Avery was not prepared to have cum all over his face and it got into his mouth, nose, and his eye, where it stung. Madison had a mini-orgasm of touch and sight and squealed. And it was at that moment that Logan walked in.

Logan had spent the last couple hours on the phone with his girlfriend back home. He felt a little guilty for cheating on his girlfriend with Mandi. She had feared he’d fool around while off at his dad’s, and now he had. So he eased his conscience by calling her, telling her everything was fine, and spending the rest of the call listening to the dull recount of her week. But they had fought again at the end of the discussion and he was pissed off. Now he hoped for some massive video game killing playing against Avery, whom he generally could beat and whom he loved spending time with.

To say he was shocked by what he saw was an understatement. As he walked through the half-open bathroom door into Avery’s room, he first saw Madison, her perky tanned breast, erect nipples, and her hand down her shorts. Then he saw Bryce’s hard, naked butt by the bed and as Bryce shouted and stepped back, he saw Bryce’s hard dick with a strand of semen still dribbling out. And most surprisingly, he saw Avery, sweet innocent Avery, coughing and clenching his eyes covered in a white, creamy goop.

“What the fuck are you doing?” he shouted. Whatever pleasure had swept through Bryce and Madison dissipated as they saw learned had been discovered. Logan didn’t wait for an answer, but charged up to his naked, cum-soaked brother, grabbed his arm, and pulled him into the bathroom to wash his face.  Once the cum was out of his eye and mouth, Avery was unable to speak, so shamed in front of his brother.

Logan gave him a big hug and told him be shouldn’t be upset about anything. It was all okay.

“But I just did something so gay…” Avery mumbled as he felt strange hugging his brother while he was naked.

“So what. I’ve done it. A bunch of times. And at about your age too the first time. It doesn’t mean anything. It just is a way of people giving other people pleasure. Although it didn’t look so pleasurable for you,” Logan hugged him again and recognized Avery’s erect dick poking into his thigh.

Avery started to relax a little. “It was okay until the very end. I was surprised by it. It actually felt kind of powerful. But I liked it when Madison did it to me first more.”

Logan connected-the-dots. “And then Bryce discovered you and made you do it to him?”

Avery nodded. Bryce asked a couple more questions for clarity and then, a little angry, and honestly, a little turned on, walked back into Avery’s bedroom followed by his brother now wearing a bathrobe. Bryce and Madison were now clothed and seated on Avery’s bed talking in quiet whispers to each other. Before either could speak, Logan held up his hand.

“Save it. It isn’t important. You both took advantage of a thirteen-year-old. That’s just low. So, let’s make this simple. Now, we get to take advantage of you.”

The other three teens in the room opened their eyes wide. They hadn’t expected Logan to keep things going.

Logan stared at his stepmother’s siblings. “Bryce, you are going to suck me. Madison, you are going to take my brother’s cherry. Maybe we’ll swap after that. There’s no debate.”

Bryce and Madison each had a dozen things to say in protest. But neither could come up with an effective one. Bryce was regularly a top, but he knew how to suck. He was shocked Logan had a gay side – he hadn’t sensed it at all. Logan kept his male-to-male adventures to himself, and also enjoyed being a top. Madison had considered fucking Avery earlier in the evening. Now it was someone’s else’s decisions. Avery himself was recognizing that he was about to get laid, but he had to get something resolved.

“Logan, isn’t it incest to fuck someone in your family?”

Logan smiled at his brother’s sweet morality. “No, Avery. Incest is when you have sex with a blood relative. They are our step-family and only because of a piece of paper. If dad and Mandi get divorced, we aren’t related to them at all. It’s not incest.”

“Not quite incest,” Bryce added, accepting Logan’s loosely defined argument.

The entire group shed their clothes wordlessly. Standing and facing each other, they admired the beauty and form of all four of them. Bryce, tall, tan, with strong leg muscles, and a decent set of abs, looked like a fashion model. Madison was a dream of innocence and sexuality combined. Her natural gifts combined with a tanning machine, hair highlights, and a navel ring could give a dead man wood. Avery was fully hard, 3” pointing out. He was so skinny and smooth, a face of innocence and perfection with big, beautiful eyes and a rosy tint on his cheeks.  Logan had begun working out this fall with greater focus. He hadn’t made much difference on his arm or leg muscle mass, but his abs and chest were well-defined and he had a tight, hard butt. There was a light dusting of brown hair on his legs, arms, and chest, and his own cock was quickly coming to life. His shoulder length hair defined his strong, handsome, but still boyish features.

“On your knees,” Logan ordered Bryce. While he had been sucked by about eight dozen girls, and four guys, it had been on a bed, couch, or once, in the back of a car. Logan always wanted to be blown while standing. He had always wanted to say that to someone. Bryce complied.

Madison grabbed Avery’s hand and led him to his double bed. As she favored older boys, she had taken the virginity of just one guy in her burgeoning sexuality And it was thoroughly forgettable. This would make, she quickly did the math, the ninth boy she fucked since she lost her own virginity to one of the camp counselors on her last day at summer camp this past summer. “You’ll be a CIT next year,” he had said, “so since this is the last day, it’s like you’re already staff.” It had been a crummy first fuck – or any fuck. But she fucked his best friend a few hours later and discovered that intercourse could be awesome when done right. That it could also hurt someone else only added to its attraction. She was a slut, but she loved it.

Bryce was reminded why he liked to be a top in all ways. While giving pleasure to others had its appeal, his dick was going untouched while Logan was getting off. Of course, Bryce had only been blown a couple minutes ago, but he was self-absorbed and therefore a selfish lover who liked to be the focus. However, there were perks. First, by doing this, he wouldn’t get in trouble for Avery’s blowjob. Second, it was clear Logan wasn’t a complete novice to boys as he assumed. If he did this right, maybe they’d be some continuation over the rest of the week.

His tongue began to swirl around the head of Logan’s cock causing the boy to moan and shudder. If he was going to suck him, Bryce figured, he might as well get the boy’s knees to buckle. And so he did. Putting his all into it, he got Logan to respond so powerfully that he almost fell over. But the 17-year-old was determined to be blown standing, and he achieved his result. Grabbing Bryce’s head with great force, he shoved his dick almost all the way in and shot off inside Bryce’s mouth. As the 19-year-old was overwhelmed by the dick and the flood of cum in his mouth, he desperately tried to swallow to keep from choking. It had been a while since he had swallowed somebody’s cum. It was never a preference. But spitting it out wasn’t a positive end to this blowjob.

Logan stopped grunting, released Bryce’s head, and pulled his softening dick out. Bryce was forced to let much of the cum dribble down the sides of his mouth. Reluctantly, he licked the younger teen’s cockhead to a shiny clean and tried to present the happy, appreciative look that he always desired from a sucker between his legs.

Avery’s cries caused both of the older boys to look over. There was the small frame of Avery, lying naked on his back, as the slightly larger teen girl rode him from on top. Avery knew this felt really good physically, but he wasn’t sure what to make of it otherwise. The one thing he was positive of was that Logan was, as always, taking good care of him. He knew Logan was 15 when he lost his virginity. Now Avery had his first blowjob and his first fuck on the same night at only 13. That was so awesome. And he also sucked a dick. That was…well, actually it was kind of good too in a certain way. And he liked how it looked watching Logan get sucked a few feet away from him. Logan looked so happy with a mouth around his dick.

No one back home was going to believe him. Not one person. He almost asked his naked half-brother to take a photo, but the physical waves of lust only enabled him to moan and groan as if he was in pain.

Fucking virgins was kind of fun, Madison thought. He skin was so soft and his body so small, it was like fucking a girl, she thought. Just one without breasts and a small cock instead of a pussy. She also felt appreciated. When she had some 18-year-old boy in her mouth or hand or vagina, she felt so alive – he needed her, the boy would say. But really, he didn’t. Once he blew his load, any sense of kindness or even gratitude disappeared and she was a used tissue to be tossed out until he got horny again. But she knew this would be different. She was positive that Avery’s first words when they were done were going to be “thank you.”

Bryce and Logan stared openly at their siblings. Neither had watched others have sex in person - or at least not this naked and this openly. Neither had really thought of their sibling in any sexual context. And neither had really been into younger sex partners. All that combined, they were each turned on and were both still naked.

Avery knew it was coming. When you masturbate three or six or even ten times a day, as he had taken to doing in the past few weeks, you know when the end is near. What you don’t know yet is how, or why, to slow it down. Panting like a small dog out of breath, he shot into Madison as she made some moaning noises that she thought he’d like. He wasn’t going to get her off, noting one of the main reasons to go for older boys.

Sweat dripping from his brow, Avery lay back in bliss, smiling placidly up at Madison. “Thank you,” he panted as she broke into a big grin.

“What’s next?” Bryce asked, ready to be taken care of and keep things going.

The two sets of siblings, almost all naked, smiled in anticipation. Then, for the third time that night, the bathroom door swung open.

“What the hell are you doing?” Staring at the four naked teenagers in front of her, Mandi didn’t looked pleased at all. Not one little bit.

To Be Continued?

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