On the Stairs



"You're looking up my skirt," she says.

"I know," I reply. My God, how can an eleven year old look so fucking sexy? She's sitting half way up the stairs, knees wide apart, her school uniform hiked up, revealing her white cotton panties.

"You're showing off your underwear," I say.

She grins. "I know."

"You like showing off your panties, don't you?"

"Yes, I do. And you like looking up my skirt, don't you?" Her knees go as wide as they can and she leans back on her elbows.

"Nothing better," I say. "I'm glad you always wear white, I like white undies." I'm naked, except for a towel round my waist, standing two steps below where she sits, and I was carrying a basket of clean laundry up the stairs until she barred my progress.

"I'd like to get some prettier ones, but Mom buys these for me. She says no one ever sees them, so why bother with colors?"

"I see them," I say.

"Frequently." She's still smiling.

"Every chance I get. I think I'm in love with your panties."

"You can kiss them if you like." I put the laundry basket down and select a pair of her panties from the top of the pile. I hold them up, showing off their shape, full cut, waist high, little schoolgirl white cotton panties, then put them to my lips and kiss them. She laughs.

"No, silly! Kiss the ones I've got on."

"What happens if your mom comes?"

"We'll hear the car coming." Thank God for a graveled driveway. As an alarm, it's better than a security camera. I drop to my knees, on to the step below the one she's sitting on, lean forward and kiss the crotch of her panties. "Not like that," she says. "A proper French kiss with tongue and stuff." I oblige, finding her slit through the cotton with my tongue, rubbing it up and down, paying special attention to the top where her little clit is beginning to develop. She gives out a little contented hum. My cock is rock hard. "That tickles," she says, "but I kinda like it." I come up for air. She looks at me, her big eyes bright, the huge smile still on her face. "Oooh, that was naughty!"

"Naughty, but was it nice?"

"Very nice. You like little girls, don't you?"

"Only the pretty ones, like you. And little boys, too."

"But you don't get to see little boys in their underwear."

"Actually, I do. Twice a week I teach a P.E. class and I get to watch them in the changing room. Some of them are cute but not as sexy as you." She grins.

"Would you kiss their underpants?"

"Oh, definitely, and I'd suck them off, too, given a chance."

"That's gross!" I'm inclined to disagree, but this isn't the time for an argument.

"You're a dirty old man."

"Come on, I'm not that old!"

"Oh, look! You've got a hard on." She's right. I stand up, my dick tenting the towel.

"Wanna see it?"

"Absolutely!" I drop the towel and stand with my hips thrust out towards her, my cock rigid at forty five degrees, moist at the end. "Smokin'!" she says. Fuckin' awesome!. It's so big!" I l ike it when she uses the `F' word. It means she's growing up. The tip of my dick is less than a foot from her face.

"You wanna touch it?" She reaches out and takes hold of my rigid member and a huge thrill runs through my whole body. God I love this girl! She strokes it gently and within seconds I feel like I'm going to cum. "Stop," I say, taking her hand away.

"How come it's so hard?"

"My dick is in love with your vagina. By the way, do you have a pet name for it?"

"My vagina? I used to call it my pee-pee, but that's a little girl name."

"Pee-pee? Mmm, I kinda like it. `Vagina" is too clinical. `Pee-pee is a sexy name, kinda naughty."

"O.K. `pee-pee' it is," she says.

"By the way, there's a rule."

"What rule?"

"If I show you mine, you have to show me yours. It's the law."

She laughs. "It's not the law."

"It is. It's in the constitution, something about equal rights, equality of the sexes and all that stuff."

"If you say so. Here you go." She hooks her fingers into the leg of her panties and pull the crotch aside, revealing her slit. I've seen it before, but sitting lewdly like this, it looks incredibly erotic. My dick is pulsing.

"Not like that," I say. "I took my towel off, so you have to take your panties off, all the way." She doesn't show any reluctance as she lifts her hips and slides her panties down. I take them from her and bury my face in them, inhaling deeply. "Aaah, you smell so good." I can hear her laugh. Dropping the panties, I look into her big blue eyes. "I think my dick wants to kiss your pee-pee."

"And my pee-pee wants to be kissed." Still on my knees, I take my dick in my hand and guide its tip until it touches her slit. I rub it up and down.

"That's just an ordinary kiss," I say. "How about a French kiss?"

"Oh, yes!"

"With some tongue?"

"Yeah, tongue." I push my dick into her, about an inch or so. She gasps.

"Does it hurt? We can stop if it hurts."

"No, no, it's O.K. Don't stop. More tongue, please." I push my dick about halfway in, three inches or so and look into her eyes. Her face is contorted, but I can tell she's liking it. I slowly thrust in and out and her eyes close and she lets her head fall back. "Yes, yes, yes," she's murmuring.

"I'm gonna cum, any second now," I say.

"I wanna see it," she says.

"I'll have to take it out," I say, and withdraw. She reaches down and grips my moist dick and immediately, I shoot about five big blobs of cum on her stomach and thighs.

"That was brilliant! Fuckin' amazing! Let's do it again."

"It'll have to be another time, sweetie. I'm all washed out." I take the panties she'd been wearing and wipe my cum off her belly and legs.

"I can't wait Next time, I want you to cum inside me." My head is swimming, but I manage to stand up and put my towel back on. Then we hear a car pull into the driveway.

"Your mom's coming," I say, and she grabs the panties, stands up, turns and starts to walk up the stairs.

"I love you," I call to her.

She turns and looks over her shoulder. "I love you too, Daddy."

The End

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