I was on my way over to one of my rental houses to collect some overdue rent from one of my renters. Lynn was a 32 year old single mother of a 14 year old daughter, Tanya. She worked a couple of jobs to try and make ends meet, but was not doing a very good job of it, because her rent was almost a month late again. I originally felt sorry for Lynn and her daughter, but she always had some excuse as to why her rent was late. I was tired of her excuses and armed with an eviction notice. It was either pay or get out. I should have called first, but whenever I did, Lynn had a convenient way of not being there.

As I approached her house, I was glad to see her car out front. At least, she was home, I hoped. I walked up to the front door, which was open, and knocked on the screen door. The stereo CD player was on and playing some loud rock music. They probably didn't hear my knock, so I knocked again louder. Still no response.

"Maybe they weren't home after all," I thought. "Either that or they snuck out or simply aren't answering the door."

"Hello, anybody here," I yelled through the screen door while knocking again.

Were they ignoring me or simply hiding from me to avoid paying the rent? I was determined not to let Lynn of the hook that easily. I tried the handle on the screen door and it opened.

"Hello, any one home," I yelled once again as I entered the house. I walked into the family room where the stereo was playing. No wonder they couldn't hear me. I moved into the kitchen yelling again.

"Hey, anybody here!" I was almost screaming now. Still no answer.

Maybe something had happened to them. This wasn't the worst neighborhood in town, but then it wasn't the best either. Besides there were all kind of kooks out there ready to do God knows what to a young mother and her daughter.

For that reason, I decided to check out the upstairs bedrooms. I went up the stairs and turned to the right. The door was opened to the first room. It was obviously Tanya's. Clothes were strewn everywhere, posters of rock bands on the wall, bed unmade, but no persons. I checked the bathroom across from Tanya's room and still no one. I retraced my steps and went past the stairs toward the other bedroom. The door was partially closed. I went to the door and listened. There was the sound of a fan running and strange muffled human sounds.

Thinking something was wrong, I pushed the door opened. I wasn't totally prepared for what I saw. There lying completely naked on the bed with her legs spread wide was Tanya. Her wrists were tied off to the headboard with silk scarves. Lying between Tanya's legs with her face buried in Tanya's pussy, was her mother Lynn. Lynn was eagerly licking her pussy, while Tanya was writhing and moaning on the bed, eyes closed, and twisting her wrists at her bondage.

"What the hell?" I stammered.

Tanya's eyes flew open and she screamed. "Mom!"

Lynn immediately sat up, her mouth still glistening with Tanya's juices.

"What the hell are you doing here, you fuckin' pervert," Lynn yelled covering herself with a sheet and rushing toward the door. Tanya obviously couldn't cover herself, but she twisted away from me, ruining my view.

"Get the hell out of here, you bastard," Lynn shrieked pushing the door shut. "What do you want?" Lynn asked from the other side of the now shut door.

"I've come for the rent," I yelled back. "You either need to pay it or get out."

"Just a minute," Lynn replied.

I heard some rustling around inside the bedroom and in a minute Lynn emerged from the bedroom in a floral bathrobe.

"You've got some explaining to do mister. What the hell were you doing roaming around in our house? I've got half a mind to call the cops, you sick bastard," Lynn said, looking at me with fire in her eyes and her arms folded across her chest. Her hair was still messed up and sweat was glistening around her forehead and temples.

"I came to collect the rent," I replied. I went on to explain how I had knocked and got no answer, had come into the house yelling and moving from room to room, until I had accidently found them.

"I don't care. You still had no right to barge in on us," she said still incensed. "I should call the cops and have you arrested for peeping."

"Go right ahead. I'm sure they'll be interested when I tell them what I saw," I said, calling her bluff. "I think incest is illegal in this state."

"Okay, so I won't call the cops, but I want you to get the hell out of here, now," she said glaring at me.

"I will just as soon as you give me the rent."

"I still don't have it. I had some other expenses come up that I had to take care of. I'll have it next week for sure," she replied. "I just need a little more time."

"I've given you all sorts of time. It's been almost a month. You give me no choice then. Here," I said as I handed her an eviction notice.

"What the fuck is this?" she asked looking over the paper.

"It's an eviction notice. You've got three days to either pay me the rent due plus late fees and utilities or move out. I don't like to do this, but you've left me no choice," I said staring at her.

"Oh, my God. No, this can't be happening," she said looking up at me with tears welling up in her eyes. "I've got no money and now place to go. I know I'll have the money next week for sure. I get my paycheck and my sister is supposed to pay me back money she owes me." She started sobbing in earnest now.

"That's not good enough. Every time I come here for rent, you've always got some excuse," I replied.

"Please Mr. Stevens, there's got to be a way we can work this out, buy me some time," she pleaded. "I know I'll have it next week."

"That's what you said last week and the week before that. I'm sorry, I have no other choice." I turned and started to walk away.

"Wait, maybe we can work something out," she said walking after me. "I have about $200.00 that I can give you today. Let me go and get it. Wait here." Then she was off down the stairs, her silk robe flowing open as she went.

She was back in a minute and handed me a wad of crumpled twenty dollar bills.

"This will have to get me by until next week," she said.

"What about the rest?" I asked.

"I have an idea that might be kind of a good faith offering for you to let me stay here until I get the money next week," she said.

"Go ahead, I'm listening."

"Wait here, just a minute. I'll be right back," she replied and turned and went into her bedroom.

I could hear Lynn and Tanya talking. Voices raised at times and a soft murmur at other times. After about five minutes, the door opened and Lynn returned still wrapped in her robe.

"Okay, here's the deal. Tanya and I talked it over and we'll let you come in my bedroom and watch us get it on together, just like we were when you interrupted us. No touching, unless we say so. In exchange, you take the two hundred dollars I just gave you and wait until next week for the balance. Plus, we get to stay in the house until then and you tear up the eviction notice. Deal?" Lynn asked, looking up at me with pleading eyes.

"What makes you think I'd be interested in watching you and your daughter get it on?" I asked.

"Nothing, except you're a guy and guys like to watch women get it on together. I saw the way you were looking at us before. The way I see it you really are getting a pretty good deal here. You just got two hundred dollars, you're going to get to see some hot, kinky lesbian sex, and you'll get your money next week. That's the deal, take it or leave it," she replied.

"Okay, it's a deal," I said as I extended my hand. "Shake"

"Shake." She took my hand and shook it. "Wait here. Come in when I call you."

She disappeared into the bedroom and left the door open about a foot. I waited outside wondering if this was just a ploy to get something on me to tell to the police. I had visions of spending some time in a seedy jail cell with a bunch of weirdoes. But at least I had a trump card. If she turned me in, I could tell about her incestuous activity with her daughter.

"Okay, come in," I heard Lynn call from the bedroom.

Slowly, I pushed open the door and was greeted by both mother and daughter nude on the bed. Tanya had been released from the cuffs and was lying flat on her back, while Lynn was facing me sideways leaning up on one elbow. Lynn was about 5'6, brown hair with blond highlights, brown eyes, dark complexion, and a slightly plump, but not fat body. She had medium sized tits about 36B's with dark areolas, large erect nipples, and her bush was completely shaved. Tanya was a smaller image of her mother, actually looking more like a sister than daughter. She was a couple of inches shorter at 5'2, slightly darker hair, also brown eyes, and a slim, adolescent body. Her boobs were small mounds of about 32B with small dime sized dark areolas and small nubs for nipples. Unlike her mother, she had a full dark brown bush, which was trimmed around the edges. I could feel my cock twitching at the sight of these two beauties.

"There's a chair over by the window. You can pull it over by the bed to watch. Feel free to do whatever you want to yourself," Lynn said.

I got the chair and moved it by the bed.

"Comfy? Mind if we get started?" Lynn asked with an evil grin.

Lynn leaned forward and gave Tanya a kiss, small lip-smackin, nibble types at first. Then they moved into deeper, longer French kisses with lots of tongue action. Their bodies were crushed together with Lynn's larger breasts smashed down on top of Tanya's smaller ones. Lynn leaned back from Tanya for a moment and brought a hand up to her left tit. She squeezed the tiny mound and then lightly pinched the small nipple, which brought a small moan from Tanya. Tanya responded by cupping and squeezing her mother's right boob with her left hand.

I was now rock hard and my cock was straining in my tight jeans. I needed some room, so I unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans. There, that felt much better as my cock strained against my briefs.

I looked back to the scene on the bed. Lynn had now left Tanya's boob and was slowly working her way down across Tanya's flat tanned stomach. She got to Tanya's thick dark pubic hair and lightly pulled on a few strands with her teeth. Tanya arched her back upward in response and thrust her crotch forward.

Lynn moved her mouth down and took a long slow lick the length of Tanya's slit. The second lick of Tanya's pussy, she started at her asshole and took a slow deliberate lick the entire length of her crack only this time she paused and pushed her tongue deep into Tanya's hole and wiggled it.

"Oh, momma that feels so good," Tanya moaned. "I just love it when you lick my pussy. Please don't stop."

As I watched Lynn's ministrations on her daughters sopping wet pussy, I realized that my rock hard cock was in desperate need of some stroking. I pulled off my jeans and underpants and slowly started stroking my pre cum oozing cock.

Lynn had now moved her mouth up to the top of Tanya's pussy and was furiously tonguing Tanya's clit. Tanya grabbed the hair on her mother's head and started bucking her hips up into Lynn's mouth. Lynn moved a finger down and slowly started finger fucking Tanya's hole while she continued to suck her clit.

"Yes, momma that's the spot. Oh yes, right there. Suck my clit, momma. Make me cum." Tanya screamed. "I'm almost there."

Tanya's breathing was now coming in gasps and her head was thrashing back and forth on the pillow. Her body was completely covered in a thin sheen of sweat.

"Yes, momma. That's it. Don't stop!" Tanya screamed arching her back and thrusting her pussy up into Lynn's face. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, momma. I'm cumming!"

Tanya was wildly bucking her hips and fucking her mom's face with furious thrusts. Her entire body convulsed and turned a bright pink. Lynn was licking and sucking her clit while fingering her hole. Lynn's face was coated with Tanya's juices and some of it was running down the sides of Lynn's face and dripping onto Tanya's thighs and the bed sheets below.

The scene was too much for me. With a couple of quick, rapid strokes my turgid cock started spurting cum all over my belly. The squirts of thick white cum continued pulsing out of my still hard dick as I watched Tanya slowly come down from her orgasm. Finally, she dropped her butt back down on the bed and even though her breathing was still rapid and erratic, she went limp and released her mother's head.

"How was that baby girl?" Lynn asked looking up at her exhausted daughter.

"That was wonderful, momma. You always know just where to touch me to make me feel good. I just love it when you make me cum," Tanya replied. "Now it's my turn to do you."

Tanya grabbed her mother and pulled her up on top of her. She started kissing her and licking her own juices off her mother's lips and chin. Then she slid down on the bed and started nuzzling on Lynn's neck. Next she made a trail of small licks and kisses down across Lynn's shoulder to her left tit. This drew an audible moan from Lynn.

Next, Tanya laid her tongue flat on the side of her mother's breast and slowly started licking circles all the way around the boob. She continued towards the peak of Lynn's breast with sloppy wet licks until she reached the nipple. Then she made one last deliberate lick of the nipple and then engulfed it into her moist mouth and started sucking it .

"Ohhh, baby," Lynn cooed, "You know what momma likes. That feels sooooo good."

As Tanya's mouth continued her ministrations on her mother's nipple, Tanya's left hand found its way down to her mother's sopping wet pussy. Lynn spread her legs to accommodate Tanya's hand. From where I was sitting, I could see the juice from Lynn's pussy actually running out of her pussy and running down to her asshole. Tanya ran her finger the length of Lynn's crack and flicked her clit when she reached the top.

"Yes, that's it baby. Flick my clit. Make momma feel good, baby," Lynn hissed.

Tanya now started to slowly start kissing and licking her way down Lynn's belly. She paused at her navel and stuck her tongue into it. Then she continued her journey downward, until she had her mouth just above Lynn's crack. She was turned sideways and her ass was sticking up in the air pointing directly at me. I got a great view her asshole and still wet pussy.

I had just finished cleaning the cum off my belly. Even though I had just had an orgasm, I was starting to get hard again. The erotic sight of this mother daughter team was just too much for me.

Tanya took a long lick the length of Lynn's slit and Lynn moaned her approval.

"Oh baby, you know how to make momma hot. Lick my cunt, suck my slit," Lynn groaned.

With that encouragement, Tanya took another slow long lick of her mother's pussy. She paused at her pussy hole and stuck her tongue deep inside and wiggled it around the vaginal entrance. Then she slowly licked her way up the sopping wet crack to Lynn's clit. She took it into her mouth and started sucking it like a small lollipop.

"Yeah, that's it baby. Suck momma's clit. Make your momma cum," Lynn pleaded.

Lynn reached out to Tanya and grabbed her right thigh and pulled. Tanya got the hint and almost by instinct moved her body around so she was straddling her mother's head. She then spread her legs out and dropped her pussy down to Lynn's eager mouth. They both started licking and sucking each other's pussies in a classic 69 position.

This was all too much for me. I grabbed my now fully erect cock and started stroking it again. I could feel the sensations building in the inner depths of my crotch and belly. Although I didn't think it was possible to cum again so soon, I knew I was well on my way to another orgasm.

Tanya and Lynn were now slurping and moaning in earnest now. Both were humping each other's faces like there was no tomorrow. I had a clear view of Tanya licking Lynn's pussy and I noticed that she now had two fingers stuck up her mother's hole as she continued to suck on her clit. Suddenly, Lynn took her left leg and pushed it down on the bed, flipping the two of them over so Lynn was now on top. Lynn lifted her head from between Tanya's legs and looked over to me now rapidly stroking my cock.

"Get your ass over here, Stan, and fuck my cunt. I've got to have that cock in me, now!" Lynn almost screamed at me.

I didn't need any more encouragement. I got up from the chair, stepped out of my pants and ran over to the bed. I got on my knees and came over to Lynn, ready to fuck her dog style. Tanya moved her fingers out of Lynn's pussy just long enough for me to slide my rock hard cock in. It was the wettest pussy I had ever fucked and my cock slipped in easily. I rammed it all the way to the hilt and Lynn gasped. I started a slow in and out stroking of my cock in Lynn's pussy, while Tanya continued to suck her mom's clit from below. I started to increase the tempo of my strokes. I knew I was going to cum soon.

The three of us were a tangled mess of moans and groans, slippery, slurping, sweating bodies. I was about ready to shoot my load. I was pumping Lynn's hole fast and furious now. I looked down and noticed Tanya was having a hard time keeping her mouth on her mother's clit.

Suddenly, Tanya jerked her mouth off Lynn's clit and screamed. "Oh God, momma. I'm cummmmmmming again. Oh, yesssssssssss. Oh yesssssssssssss!" Tanya screamed as she bucked her hips into Lynn's mouth and arched her back.

That set Lynn off, because the next thing I could feel was Lynn's pussy walls start contracting around my cock and she started screaming, "Oh yeah, fuck me. Ram that big fat cock into me. Make me cum. I'm cumming. Don't stop. It feels soooooooooooooo good. Yesssssssssssssssss."

Her contractions sent me over the edge and I started cumming as well. "Oh yeah. I'm cumming to. Oh, God this is so fucking awesome," I shouted.

I looked down and saw that my cum was leaking out the sides of Lynn's cunt. Tanya put her mouth back on her mother's hole and started licking around catching the drops of my thick, white jizz. I pumped a few more strokes and then pulled out entirely. Then, Tanya stuck her tongue up Lynn's hole and started slurping out the mixture of her mother's and my cum. Lynn continued to lap the juices off her daughter's pussy.

After a couple more minutes of cunt lapping, Lynn turned around and moved over to me. She started licking all the remaining juices off my cock. Soon Tanya crawled over and decided to help her. As they licked the cum mixture off my cock, they couldn't resist tongue tag with one another, which eventually led to several intimate French kisses with each other.

They finally broke their kiss and Lynn looked up at me with a shit eating grin on her face. "So is it okay if our rent is late now, Stan."

"If I get this kind of treatment, your rent can be late every month," I replied and finally rolled off the bed to find my clothes.

As I got dressed, Lynn and Tanya continued to kiss and cuddle on the bed in their post orgasmic afterglows. They really looked beautiful together. I finished dressing and headed for the door.

I grabbed the eviction notice off the floor and ripped it up. "I don't think you'll need this. You two take care. Maybe I'll try and cum again next month," I said as I opened the door to leave.

"Maybe we can arrange that," Lynn replied. "There are all sorts of combinations we haven't tried yet. Think about that one for awhile."

I left and shut the door behind me. I pinched myself as I started down the stairs just to make sure it hadn't been a dream. I was already looking forward to next month's rent.