Note: This story is complete fiction, any similarities to real people or events is entirely coincidental. This story contains sexual encounters between family members, adult-youth situations, and youth-youth situations. Those offended by incest, multiple partners or same sex encounters should not proceed.

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Walking into my house was strange, it was like everything around me was blurry. The past few hours had clearly drained me, every part of me was sore, groaning with exhaustion. My head, my limbs, my chest, even my dick wanted nothing to do with any kind of physical contact for the first time in what seemed like forever. It was weird, like I was thinking like my old self for a minute. Facing some kind of internal moral dilemma, I had just fucked my friend's sister, and had a threesome with him, and then watched him suck her boyfriend. This was kind of weird, why was I messing with people close to me? Why couldn't I stop? Would I even want to stop? I hit my bed without even realizing I had reached my room. Sleep came quick.

I was back in the white room, Bacchanalia's white room, the room inside my head. It was different again. The throne from last time was still there, Bacchanalia sitting on it, a great smiling from ear to ear, he was tapping his foot quickly on the ground. Around him sat a pile of gold, a rather large pile, you would need at least 5 full-sized pick-up trucks to fit it all. Among the loot was more than the doubloons of before, large candelabras, plates, mirrors littered the piles as well. The floor was no long a white expanse, beneath him, and reaching out and around for several meters in each direction was an ornate looking rug-crimson and gold, crude depictions of people fighting, fucking, bowing littered its surface. The throne was raised now, as though it sat on a step that somehow jutted out from the previously smooth floor.

"BOY!" The deity exclaimed as he rose from the throne. I don't know how he moved so fast, but he was immediately in front of me, embracing me, his warmth filling me. My reservations seemed to evaporate, replaced with a feeling of completeness, like when a parent says they're proud of you. "YOU'VE DONE WELL." His voice was booming. "In less than two days you have granted me another follower, an individual willing to embrace my grace and glory." He must have meant Simon, he was mouthing his name earlier, a prayer, the worship Bacchanalia craved. "But I sense something in you, some reservation." His eyes studied me, like he was looking through my soul. "You have doubts of your purpose? Of my gift?". I wasn't sure how to respond, everything Bacchanalia had told me thus far boiled down to go with your gut, so I did, and spilled forth my worry.

"Am I..." I paused, trying to stele myself "Am I making them do things they don't want to?" A lump had formed in my throat, like I was about to cry.

"BOY..." he was still booming, but it was softer somehow. "You worry about them?" I nodded. "You are granting them pleasure they would have only dreamed of. My grace shall make them complete." He paused for a moment. "Your friend, the boy, Simon. He was frightened. Scared of what he was doing. His prayer reached me, and he was consoled. He is stronger than he was before. Prouder. Confident. It will serve him well." I was confused, how did he know about Simon. "You forget, BOY, I am no mere mortal. I am not limited by your mortal's concepts of time. I will grant you an answer this one time, BOY, as a reward for what you have accomplished. But I demand your faith in my ways moving forward." He reached out and touched my forehead. I could feel my eyes rolling back to my skull, and images flashing before me. Of a man, of Simon, older, in his 20's, alone and hunched over a computer, the soul drained from his face. Then older still, his 30's, his 40's. Alone, still, his face always etched with a stiff frown. "He was going to be alone, never feeling true joy in his life. A bleak meaningless existence. This is what his fate was bound to before today." The image flashed, he was old, ancient, hooked up to some kind of breathing machine, alone and looking out a window, his face grim. Was I seeing what really would have happened? How could I know that Bacchanalia was not somehow tricking me? I guess it's that faith nonsense. "This, BOY, is a glimpse at his new FATE thanks to you and my GLORY." The image snapped back, he was young again, 20's he was beaming, his arm around a girl, glowing. His 30's, him with the girl again, this time with children around them, all smiling, of him tossing one up. Another flash, he was older, still hooked up to the machine from before, but surrounded by people, like the children from before had grown. His face wasn't solemn, wasn't lonely, it was the face of someone who lived, who loved. A complete man. Satisfied with his existence. Leaving on his own terms. I wept. If this was true, who knew, but I had no reason to doubt the deity in my head so far. Tears were streaming down my face.

"I-I'm so sorry," my voice was cracking, "m-my doubts, I-"

"BOY, you've done well. Continue, spread my word, spread my glory, all of my children will be taken care of." I was filled again with warmth, with love. He embraced me as I wept.

"I just don't want to change them. I think I ruined my mom." Saying it out loud was a release, like a weight had been lifted from me, like the doubt and sorrow that came with holding that worry inside were replaced by Bacchanalia's light.

"Then don't change them BOY, you don't need to change WHO they are. Open your eyes to who they are, of who they want." That's right, I could see what they wanted, I could see what everyone wanted. To make them willing to acknowledge what they would otherwise be too ashamed of. It wasn't all about me even if I could use it for release. "Learn BOY, some people need their desires... adjusted when they work in antithesis to others."

I awoke in my bed, my face still wet with tears. I no longer felt the exhaustion from before. How long had I been out? 6am, said the face of my phone. All night I suppose, time to get ready for school. It was different now, I rose from my bed with a purpose. I would deliver happiness to as many people as I could. I had started with my mother, with Simon and Sunny. Even AJ must have been a part of Bacchanalia's ambitions. But there were more, so many more. I had to spread his glory to them, me, as his vessel.

The morning was normal, for the most part. Dad went to work before I was even awake, mom was rushing Sam to get ready before her bus came. Mom and I were in the kitchen alone for but a minute, I was at the kitchen table, wasting time on my phone while waiting until I had to leave. She came up behind me, draped her arms over my shoulders and whispered into my ear:

"I'll give you a ride," there was lust in her voice like yesterday, "if you miss the bus."

"Mom, I really need to ask you something. You sai-" Sam was barreling down the stairs--
"Wait here, when Sam leave's baby." She brought a finger to my lips, and I took the hint as she left for the living room. "You have your lunch, hun?" She was talking to Sam, I could tell. "Have fun! Let me know what you want for dinner!" I walked out as soon as the door closed.

"Mom, I really need to ask you." I took a breath, time to find out if I fucked her up. "Mom, you said you thought about me, about us for years. Di-did you mean that?"

"Baby, I'm sorry. I just thought we-" she was looking down and her face was red, her arms were crossed like she was defending herself, shit, I was fucking this up. Wait, no I wasn't, this must be what Bacchanalia meant. I had to really hear them, to figure out what they wanted.

"No mom, I mean, everything is amazing, I'm just-I'm just" My words were jumbled in my head, "Am I making you do something you don't really want to?" I didn't think she would get what I really meant. I was pretty surprised when she responded.

"Oh, baby no, nothing like that." She was looking at me now, she seemed almost relieved. Her arms dropped as she strode towards me. "Ryan, don't you think you're pushing me, I've wanted something like this since I was your age. I just didn't think I could ever do it." She was cupping my cheek. My fear was evaporating, but I had to know more.

"Mom, wait, did you?" It was a question, but I trailed off towards the end. She picked up on it, she was still my mom after all.

"I guess I don't have to hide it." She sat on the couch, patting the seat next to her until I sat. "I'm mean we had sex, you're not going to judge me for wanting to play with my dad and brother." Oh god, she was like me. Err, rather I was like her. My face must have looked shocked.

"Mom I, I just" I hugged her, with tears in my eyes. "I thought I was weird, I thought it was just me. I didn't have anyone to talk to." She was stroking my back, pulling me into her, her motherly warmth cascading over me.

"I'm sorry Ryan, people wouldn't understand, I didn't know you needed it, I should have." I was hard, really hard. Not with lust like usual, with this same warmth, my desire was different. I didn't want to just fuck mom, I wanted to love her, I wanted to feel both of us give everything to one another. I wanted to cum in her, I wanted to have a child to show our love. I hoped she wanted the same. "It's what I wanted," she continued "I wanted my father and brother to love me. I tried, and they turned me away. I thought it was wrong, but we can be wrong together baby."

"Mom," I looked up and kissed her, my tongue pushed into her mouth, probed her as deep as it could reach, I could feel her purring with me. Her hands were roaming, one pulling up my shirt, the other gripping my ass. She pushed me back, down to the couch. Our lips parted as she took off my shirt.

"I'm not going to feel bad or ashamed any more baby, you shouldn't either." She was kissing my boyish chest, making her way down, lower, towards my waist. No. I couldn't waste my seed, she needed it, every load into her womb.

"Mom, wait please." She stopped and looked up at me with confusion. "I don't think I can hold it, please let me cum in you first." Her face lit up, like Sam and I when we opened our Christmas presents.

"Yo-you want to...?" her nipples were hard. I could see it through her shirt, she wanted it, I hadn't fucked her up, I freed her.

"I want you, I want dad and Sam too. We can be together." My precum was oozing, mom looked like she was panting. I pulled my own pants down exposing my dick. "Please mom, please let us make a baby, let me and Sam milk you. Let's get dad to love us." She was humping the couch subtly, I don't know if she even realized. "Mom, I need your pussy." She threw herself backwards and franticly removed her pants. I hadn't done anything, no red flashes, we were just being honest with each other. It was fantastic. Her groin was soaked, she was wearing grey cotton panties, the darkness was spreading all over her crotch. Her hips were wiggling as her bush squirmed into vie-wait, where was her bush? She was smooth now, lower and lower the waist band of her panties moved, like it was in slow motion, more and more pubis coming into view, then clit, slit, all hairless. So smooth, if not for her inner lips she'd look like a child, like what I imagined Sam would look like in a few years. That pussy, I needed it, I dove on her. "Mom, do you want this?"

"Yes baby, yes, fuck me, breed me. I want my son's baby like I wanted my dad's and my brothers." I slid into her, "Yessss."

"Mom your pussy, it looks amazing." I was humping away, I was already about to cum, I knew it didn't matter, I'd be hard again minutes later, I could feel it like a reservoir of lust. "I want to cum in you, do you want it? Do you want dad here too? I want him to fuck me while I breed you, I want to suck him and fuck him." Mom grabbed the back of my head, pulling me back into a kiss, I could feel her cumming on me like last night but different, not frantic, but deep and rolling. That set me off, I bottomed myself out in her, my head against her womb, pumping blast after blast of hot boy juice out of my balls. I could feel her legs locking me, her spare hand pulling my ass deeper into her as her vaginal muscles rippled along my length. It was a lot of cum, I stopped counting at 10 spurts. I started humping with my hips immediately, not letting either of us rest for a moment. If I thought I was softening, becoming oversensitive in my loins, I wasn't letting it slow my down. More, I needed more, I loved her, she loved me, she knew what I wanted and accepted it. I didn't need to control her, I just needed her to not worry about what everyone else thought. I had to breath and pulled our faces apart.

"Oh baby, fuck baby" her panting was in tune with her undulations under me. "Your dad will love it, we play like that." YES, FUCK YES, there's no way my old `order' would make her say that. There was a creak in the background, but I was too busy gripping mom's tits through her shirt to care. My pumping, no our pumping was precise, hitting the spots each other needed. There was only one thing left, I had to tell her about one last thing, about Bacchanalia.

"I'm cumming again baby, you're so good, I'm cumming on my son's dick again." She grabbed my hand and kissed it. I'd never felt love like this before, her hot, went center wrapped around me, this strange connection, like our souls were linked, embracing one another.

"Thank you, Bacchanalia," I whispered. I heard a gasp, like mom's but higher pitched, and definitely not from under me, what the fuck was that? I dragged my eyes away from my mother below me, to the door, where the creaking sound from earlier was. My sister, Sam, standing in the doorway, hand in her pants, nipples poking off her otherwise flat chest through a my little pony t-shirt, her face red, her back leaning against the door behind her, breath short and panting, other hand grasping desperately for something to grip that wasn't truly there. My hips stopped pumping, mom joined my gaze.

"SAM!" She cried, I don't think her brain fully comprehended what Sam had been doing.

"I just forgot my—Please don't stop," her hand froze in her pants, and her eyes were like a deer in a pair of headlights. "Can I just watch? Please?" Wait, I never used the red-eye thing on Sam at all, she was doing this on her own. I restarted my movements in mom, slowly, my eyes were darting between mom and Sam with each stroke.

"Mom," I said as I pulled out, "I think she's like us." It must have run in the family, we had all just been too afraid of saying or doing anything about it. My fears of being ostracized seemed so trivial now, so silly. I reached down and pulled mom's thin top up over her bra-less breasts, Sam's hand was moving again, she gasped when mom's nipples appeared.

"AHHHHHH~!" she cried desperately as her hands dug into my back, "Sammy, don't hide, it's okay. It's more than okay, come here baby." I leaned down and took one of mom's rubbery nipples in my mouth, my tongue roaming over her areola before sucking in. My other hand moved to grab her pillow-y flesh. Sam's movements towards us were slow and awkward, she extracted her hand which was shining with her juices. I didn't want to frighten her, to push her further than she'd like, but I wasn't going to throw away this opportunity. I had to see how far I could take this without controlling my little sister. I released mom's nipple and followed Sam with my eyes. Everything was red for a second, I reached out and tried to feel what she was thinking. It was like I could hear her voice, like a soft version of Bacchanalia, her thoughts were fast and jumbled, like she couldn't focus on a complete sentence within her own head.

"O-oh god, I can't believe—they're doing—fuck that's hot—I want to too—can I? —god we're family isn't this—what will daddy—my friends would—" There was only one complete thought in the mess of words "I want join them."

"Sammy, just let us know what you want," I said softly, "when you're ready. It's all okay." I released the red and was overcome with that same warm feeling from earlier, it was a little different again, fuller. I couldn't really describe it, the closest would be like that feeling of being pleasantly stuffed after eating a thanksgiving meal but stopping before you were uncomfortable. "Mom, maybe this would be easier in your bed?" It was an honest question, if this went as far as I thought it would I didn't want my little sister to just remember the carpet floor. I reached down and rubbed her clit once as I pulled out.

"You're right," she said, springing up at the waist and untangling herself from me. My semen was leaking out of her cunt, some dribbled down to the couch. My dick was coated in our slime. "c'mon, Sammy, you can come too." Sam smiled, it was almost innocent, her face was flush, and her long brown hair was a bit disheveled. Mom discarded her shirt as we all made our way to the bedroom. "You can do whatever makes you comfortable baby." Mom said to Sam, in her warm motherly tone, while cupping her face with one hand. Sam's eyes seemed conflicted as to whether to look back in mom's eyes or just keep staring at her breasts. I was on the bed first, slowly stroking my dick when mom joined me, pushing me towards the center. We leaned in simultaneously for a kiss, it was like we were starting to know what each other needed. Sam joined us on the bed behind me, she was shimmying out of her jeans that seemed painted to her small hips.

"Mmmmm," mom was purring into our kiss, something was different than before, we were putting on a show now. Her nipples looked almost painfully erect, I saw her eyes open and staring behind me, I broke off the kiss to see what she was looking at. Sam was pulling off her my little pony shirt, leaving her with only these cute purple stripped panties on. Her chest was barely more than some a pair of puffy nipples, but I still wanted to just rub, kiss, fondle and lick them until she squealed. "Fuck me again baby," mom said, purring with each word, her eyes-only leaving Sam's young body when she joined us on the bed and started rubbing her mound over her little girl panties. I got up between her legs, running my head up and down mom's slit a few times before re-connecting with her hot, wet core.

"God mom, you're wetter than before." It was impressive really, she could have soaked through a towel earlier, but this was like a faucet was on. "I love your pussy." I said as I bottomed out in her and ground my hips against her clit.

"Yes baby, fuck me. Fuck me for your sister." She her hips were moving like one of those paint can shaker's already, her tits jiggling every time we slapped together. "Yes yes yes, fuck me baby. Your dick's so good." There was a second wet sound, this one coming from Sam, those cute panties were halfway down here thighs, a finger sloshing in and out of her pussy. She was hairless, like mom was now, but her pussy was different. Just two big puffy outer lips, if her finger hadn't split her I wouldn't have been able to see the pink of her pussy at all. "Your pussy looks so good baby." Mom said from under me, her head joining mine in watching my 11-year-old sister frig her own cunt to the sight of her mother and brother fucking.

"Sam you look so hot." I pounded mom hard. I knew I was balls deep in my mother, but more and more thoughts of fucking my little sister were flooding into my head. Of running my hands over her boyish chest, of grabbing her tiny round butt, of how tight her pussy must feel. I wanted her, I wanted to take my sister's cherry and I wanted mom to help. I wanted it now, I could have it now too—but no, no it wasn't all about me she had done everything on her own so far, I just helped her not be afraid. She'd let me know when she was ready. Mom's hand reached over to her daughter, running a hand down the side of her ribs, to her hips. Sam scooted closer to us, much closer, her little hips were bumping into mom's splayed legs as she finger-fucked herself to our actions. Mom reached out, taking Sam's unoccupied hand and bringing it to her jiggling breast.

"I know what I wanted when I was your age baby." She groaned when I bottomed out in her again. "I wanted my daddy and my brother." Her legs locked behind me like before as her hips went into overdrive, bucking up recklessly. "I wanted my mother." She was cumming on me again, I wasn't ready yet, I wanted to hold out in case a miracle happened. I tried to focus myself, to keep my balls from exploding as my littles sister groped our mother as she came.

"I want-"She paused "I want that too." Sam's voice was getting softer, like she was saying something shameful.
"What do you want Sammy? You can tell us." I said, smiling, I already knew what it was—I could feel it, I assumed this was like a sex-driven-spider-sense.

"I want to have sex with you too." She said, more certainty in her voice than we had heard since this morning.

"Yesssssss." Mom screamed under me, one hand pushed me out and the other darted to her clit. "Stop fucking me, save yourself for her." Mom's orgasm had stopped but her hand was desperately rubbing her clit. "Take those panties off, baby, and lay back. Your brother's really good." Sam did, her immature cunt was glistening with her wetness, it was dripping down her thigh and pooling under her butt. I moved over, until I was on top of her, leaned down and kissed her like a lover.

"I've wanted this for a while." I said, running my hands over her puffy nipple, "to show you I love you." She let out a gasp when I ran my finger over the nub of her nipple. She stopped fingering her cunt and let her hands fall to the sides. Sam looked scared. "Don't worry, mom and I will make this amazing for you." Mom took Sam's hand in her own, and just looked at her proudly, with that warm smile again. It looked like Sam's fear evaporated, I ran a finger over her belly, down to her thighs before moving back up and cupping her mound. I leaned down and kissed the crook of her neck, bringing my head lower with each kiss until I enveloped a nipple. Sam's back arched beneath me, and a kitten like purr came from her throat. Mom was still rubbing her own clit with one hand, while the other was drawing little lines up and down Sam's arm with a finger.

"Can I-Can I touch it?" She asked, but her hand was already there, I moved her fingers to my shaft and wrapped them around it rather than answering. She took the hint and squeezed. "I thought it'd be scarier. But it's so soft and warm." She smiled, then closed her eyes with a squint and a gasp when my finger ran over the top of her cleft. She pulled on it, gently, almost too gently.

"You don't need to be too gentle, I know you can hit pretty hard." I said, jokingly. Sam stuck her tongue out at me and picked up the pace of jacking me off. Mom leaned in and kissed her cheek, running a finger over Sam's other nipple.

"My cute baby," mom's voice was husky, I assume she meant Sam with that comment. "Are you ready?" She reached for Sam's hand on my dick and touched my head to her little pussy. My head abandoned Sam's chest as I looked down at her. Sam nodded. "Don't worry, let me help you both." Mom stopped the assault on her own clit. She used one hand to split Sam's lips, and the other to rub my cock up and down the wet slit, positioning my head at her opening. "Go slowly Ryan." I nudged my hips forward, and my over-sized boy-dick into her little cunt. Holy shit, if Sunny was tight Sam was like a vice. I quickly found some resistance, it must be her cherry.
"Wait a sec," Sam was panting, "let me just get used to this." Her eyes were looking at where we were joined. "I feel full already, you're really in me." Mom's hand was still holding my dick, guiding me into her daughter's little pussy. Sam shuddered, it felt like a little orgasm but just from my tip being inside of her. "Mommy, will it hurt?" She asked, sounding more like a little girl again.

"Only for a minute, like a pinch, but then you'll feel amazing." Her face was glowing with excitement, like she was trying to channel her own feelings into Sam. "Your big brother is fantastic, he'll take care of you or I'll ground him." Sam giggled.

"I'm ready," her hands gripped my shoulders, they were shaking a little. "Ryan, can you kiss me when you make me a woman?" I didn't respond, I leaned in and met her lips as I pushed my hips forward, our mom controlling the speed that I entered Sam, she slowed me down a bit—I assume she knew best though. "MMMFFFFF" Sam squealed between our locked lips.

"Give her another second Ryan," mom said next to us, her hand releasing my dick and taking Sam's fingers in her hand again. "You did it baby, you're a woman now." I could feel the tension releasing from Sam as we kissed, my dick inside her. She was the one to break off the kiss.

"You can move now please." I did, pulling out slowly before feeding her pussy as much dick as could fit. I couldn't get all the way in, but it was fucking amazing, like her tunnel was molding itself around my shaft. Mom leaned over and took over my job of kissing Sam as I picked up the pace. Sam's purrs and moans were increasing in frequency and intensity as I moved in her. It was so hot, watching her and mom make out. Mom had resumed rubbing her own clit, and Sam started moving her hips to meet my thrusts.

"Fuck you're good little sis." I gasped. I loved it, the heat, the tightness, her wetness, it was fantastic. Her hands released my shoulders, one traveled along my back. Mom broke the kiss and started moving down Sam's neck.

"OHHHHH bro yesssssss. This feels great. Fuck me Ryan, fuck me." She was picking up speed below me, how could I deny her? I tried changing up my angles a bit, trying to hit different parts of her young pussy. Her puffy lips looked amazing, being split by my big dick.

"Look at my babies. You two are so beautiful." Said mom, before she came on her own. I wasn't going to last long either.

"Sam, you're going to make me cum." I really wanted her to finish first, but there was no way I could hold it. I thought, just a little tweak wouldn't hurt right? Everything went red for a second, "Cum with me Sam." I said to her. My balls clenched on the next pump and she clamped down on my like an animal trying to bite into a steak.

"OH MY GOD, YES!" Sam's eyes shot open and her hands gripped the bedspread beneath her, her thin legs were spasming outward as I painted my little sister's innards with my hot seed. "Oh fuck, this is amazing. Oh oh oh my god." Her orgasm rolled over her, each time I shot more into her she spasmed again, her incredibly tight pussy was gripping me with all her might. "Yes, yes Ryan!" she pulled me down and into a deep kiss as our orgasms faded. I lost my breath and had to break it off. I was laying on Sam, holding her, like we were trying to absorb one another. It felt like I could just stay there for hours.

"That was wonderful." Said mom as she tried extracted herself from the bed. "I know what you're feeling right now but you two need to get up, school starts in like 10 minutes, I'll drive you both." She pulled my drained body off my little sister. "You're going first, big boy, your sister will need a minute." My body willed itself to the bathroom. It felt like I was floating.
"Hey, Bacchanalia, how do I tell them about you? Any suggestions?" I thought as the water cascaded over my body.

"Get creative, BOY." That wasn't as helpful as I hoped, but whatever, I was walking on sunshine. Sam was walking a little funny, but we made it to school without any incident. We dropped her off first, and I got to give her a deep kiss when Mom walked her into the school to sign her in. By the time I got to school it was nearing the end of second period.

It was strange, walking through the hallway between periods. It seemed surreal, I used to be super concerned with what the people lining the walls were thinking. I was afraid that they were looking at me, judging me, that every snicker or giggle was because I had done something. But now there was something else, if I wanted to I could hear what they were saying, what they were thinking, I could hear anyone's wants, desires, goals. I could change them, but now, just knowing that I could, made me not want to. Just the thought of doing so without some purpose felt almost petty.

"What is this place, BOY?" I could hear Bacchanalia asking me. I thought back at him,

"It's a school, a place where people gather to learn."

"I see, this is excellent, a great place to expand my influence, a seat of power." Bacchanalia seemed to retreat back.

The day meandered on, if I hadn't had the most amazing morning in the history of mankind, I probably would have made note of more people to "introduce" to Bacchanalia's glory. But at the same time that felt beneath me, sure I could work one person at a time, but to bring Bacchanalia the reverence he deserved would take years, decades even. Surely there had to be a better, more efficient way. By lunch the haze of wonderful feelings that Sam left me with this morning was finally parting, giving way to the reality that no one knew how different I was, only Simon. Sure, it took 7 periods, but by the end of it I was feeling more like my normal self. Math rolled around, I wished I was better at it, that I could grasp it more easily, that I could memorize the most obscure rules more easily, that I could process ridiculous equations without trying. I started day dreaming of my dick enveloped in some hot puss. I wasn't even sure who I was thinking of, my brain was processing the fake feelings as a mishmash of the 4 pussies and one ass that I had experienced.

"Are you still with us Ryan?" I shook my head, "Want to come up to the board and show us how to expand the equation?" It felt like Mrs. Inserra, my math teacher, just knew when I wasn't paying attention. I found myself facing a dilemma, do I go up and make a fool of myself, act like a high and mighty smart ass, or just flash her?

"Don't be an idiot, just write this." The girl next to me, Natalie, whispered and passed me a small slip with the full binomial expansion on it. Eh, this seemed easier, I guess I'd just roll with it. If I made a fool of myself it didn't really matter now. The short, curvy teacher seemed impressed if not shocked that had gotten it right. I guess she didn't notice the little slip I kept looking at. "You're going to slow me down if you don't keep up." Said Natalie when I made it back to my seat. She adjusted her glasses and stared at me, like she was staring into my core. She looked pissed, it was creepy, honestly. "If you don't understand I'll show you sometime. Just don't be stupid about it and hold the whole class behind." Natalie was kind of a math whiz, she was the youngest member of the math Olympiad team in the school, had straight A's on every test, and seemed to take this and physics more seriously than anyone else. There was a rumor that she was offered to skip some classes, but her parents wouldn't let her. Maybe she thought I was some kind of pet project? "Afterschool tomorrow in the library. Don't make me waste my time." She said curtly. I just nodded in agreement. That was weird, no one would ever try and connect with me before. Come to think of it a few people had held doors for me and greeted me in the first part of the day. What was going on?

Gym was next, I always hated it. I wasn't tall, strong, or even particularly well-coordinated. Just getting changed in the locker room before hand had always been incredibly stressful, I tried to keep from overtly looking at the people changing around me and having to hide any "reactions" that may have sprung up because of the situation felt like I was just begging to have the other guys kick the crap out of me. I never knew how the other guys could just feel so comfortable and open in there, horsing around and goofing off. Then there were the guys who just tried to embarrass everyone else, taking their clothes and throwing them out of the locker room, running their pants under the sink, tossing their phones in the toilet. One guy, Mike, was pretty well known for being a dick. Sometimes he would even come up behind people, pants them, then put them in a headlock while cracking jokes about how they looked like a little kid. No one ever did anything to him, at 17 he was easily the tallest guy in the school, with arms bigger than my legs, and based off what I had seen in the locker room not an ounce of fat on him—just pure muscle. His parents had to be stuffing him full of steroids since he was a child, or he hit the genetic jackpot. Naturally this seemed to make him the most popular person due to the weird way school-social dynamics seemed to work. He was joking with a group of guys and I saw him pointing over toward Simon. The world went red and I flashed into his thoughts, I wanted to know what he was doing, I wasn't going to let him torment my friend.

I could see it play out in my head, or Mike's head, however this worked. He was going to walk up while Simon was getting changed, put him in a head lock, then a pair of other guys were going to throw his stuff into the shower. But there was something behind that thought, it was like he was trying to bury something else beneath that, I reached in to try and see it more clearly. He wanted to rub his body against Simon, to feel his dick grinding against the boy's ass, I could hear his thoughts "Shit they'll all think I'm a fag." OH! That's what was going on, alright, it was a dick move but at least I could understand what was going on now, and I could even fix it. The red hue over everything just evaporated as I let his thoughts go. Maybe we were actually pretty similar, I was scarred of what my urges were and clammed up, it looked like Mike was scarred of his urges and became a raging asshole—same base problem even if we went about it differently. Welp, time to get to work; first thing was first, I have to stop him first then just keep him here for a minute. I guess I'd be using all of the gifts Bacchanalia gave me so far on this one.

"Don't do it, just wait here until I get back." Mike's eyes flashed that familiar deep, dark red for a moment. Mike just sat down on the bench in front of his locker, I could over hear him brushing off the other guys around him as people started filtering into the gym itself. I was kind of making up this plan as I went along, but I figured I'd need some time and the easiest way to make sure we weren't missed was to make sure our gym teacher didn't think it was weird that we were gone.

Coach Geigerson was the newest addition to our gym staff, she was coach of the girl's field hockey and lacrosse teams. She looked like she was in her late 20's, still young enough to keep up with the girls and fit enough to push them all. Tall and thin, with wide hips and a small chest, she kept her dirty blonde hair in a long braid down her back. You could tell what time of year it was by how prominent her tan lines were, it was spring, and you could see the sharp contrast of her pale skin against the newly red sunburns, by late summer she would be super tan.

"Mike, Simon and I will be in the locker room all class, you don't have to send anyone to look for us." I said to her after grabbing her attention. Her eyes flashed read before she said it was fine and went back to wrangling the other kids into some semblance of order. I grabbed Simon on the way back to the locker room, telling him Bacchanalia needed his help with something—a huge smile exploded on his face. Mike was still waiting on the bench like I told him to.

"There's no need to be embarrassed." I said as I walked to his spot on the bench. The world went red as I pushed my gym shorts down and let my half hard dick enter the world. Mike's eyes were wide. "Just accept yourself, like me and Simon." Simon joined me, stripping naked in the locker room in front of our would be bully.

"Wow you two really are fucking fags I- "Mike started. Ugh, well, I guess being direct is probably better with his asshole. I cut him off.

"Just shut up and suck our dicks." My eyes were rolling, and I was shaking my head in disbelief as Mike's eyes flashed deep red again. Fuck it. Maybe he didn't want to accept himself, but if that's the case I wasn't as worried as I was with mom.

"Are you sure about this?" Simon directed the question at me. I just walked forward and presented my cock to Mike. He reached out and brought his lips to my tip, running his tongue along the crease on the underside of my helmet.

"Just trust me. Give him a few minutes." I ran my hand through the older boy's hair as he slobbered my shaft with his tongue as Simon walked closer. Mike's other hand reached up for the boys small, soft cock. After a few strokes Mike released my dick and turned his head to engulf Simon. His head bobbed up and down Simon's boy-sized dick as he fondled my hairless balls. Simon's hardness grew quickly, I could see Mike's shorts begin to tent as well. The world went red again, "No lying. Is this what you want? Oh no need to shut up any more." Mike was bobbing faster on Simon's dick as he tried to wrap his fingers around the base of my shaft. After a moment he stopped, pulling his head back. His face was conflicted, like he was fighting with himself. Finally, he responded.

"Yes." He said softly.

"What was that?" I poked his face with my dick.

"YES alright? I wanted to suck dicks, I'm turned the fuck on, you know, I get it. I won't be an ass to you." He relented.

"You don't need to be ashamed, you know. I mean we're both here with you, and we're not ashamed." I leaned over and kissed Simon and was greeted with a moan. I made a show of shoving my tongue into his mouth for Mike's benefit. I think the idiot finally understood. "Take off your clothes." I didn't bother flashing his eyes. I knelt as Mike raised his hips and shucked out of his shorts, engulfing his dick as he did so. The first dick I swallowed belonged to a guy that I kind of hated. I took about half of his length into my mouth, he was bigger than Simon and AJ but not nearly my size. He had a small short tuft of hair around his base and some stubble on his sack. I sucked in gently as I snaked my tongue around his cock.

"Oh, fuck HOLY SHIT." Mike exclaimed. Simon was stroking himself, watching me go down on the larger more muscled boy. "Yeah that's it, suck my dick." My own dick was rock hard, scraping against the bench. He came fast, right down my throat, I had barely bobbed my head five times before he tensed up. His cum was salty and slimy, I spit it out immediately. "That was just amazing. I-I'm sorry. I-please, please let me get you off?" I sat back on the bench, spreading my legs, presenting my oversized dick. "Thank you, thank you Ryan." He dove in, he was prone on the bench, slurping my cock, "I'm so sorry, I really do love dick." He continued his assault, pulling and rolling my small balls in his hand, his back arched and his ass sticking up in the air.

"Fuck him, Simon." Mike sucked harder when I said it.

"Yeah, fuck him." Who the fuck was that? My head darted left and right, finally coming across the source. Coach Geigerson was leaning against a locker, a hand down her tracksuit pants, her mouth was open, almost panting. "Fuck him Simon."

"Mmmmm" came from Mike, as he tried to deepthroat my cock. Simon lined up behind Mike and pressed his small dick into the larger boy's ass raw, lubed only by the saliva left on his dick. I could feel the moan in his throat reverberate on my dick as Simon entered him, taking his ass' virginity. I didn't know where to look, my focus was jumping between our gym teacher masturbating, my best friend fucking, or the boy sucking my dick. I was overloaded and grabbed Mike's head, driving my dick as deep as I could into his throat. My cum blasted right down his throat, he wouldn't be able to spit it out like I did. Simon was picking up speed and pumping away. Geigerson must have left during my orgasm, as she wasn't there when I came down from my orgasmic bliss. Mike started coughing as I pulled my self out. His hips were moving back to meet Simon's motions. Eventually he found his voice. "Fuck, oh fuck, I love it, I really do love dick."

"I'm cumming, I'm cumming in you Mike." Panted Simon.

"Yessss, fuck yes, cum in me. I want to feel it." Mike through his head back when Simon bottomed out in him. We only had a few minutes left before class would be over, we got dressed and caught our breath. On my way out of the gym I noticed Geigerson's office door was closed and the blinds pulled over. I guess I knew where she went.