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Gym was done, and honestly, I didn't know what to feel about it. It seemed like I wasn't as into it as I thought I'd be.

"Hey, Bacchanalia, did I do the right thing there?" I thought, as I made my way to art class.

"You brought me glory, but I would have acted differently, BOY." If a disembodied voice could elicit a full body shrug, it felt like this would be appropriate. "You're the vessel of a GOD, you don't need to change anyone, but you need not reward someone for acting dishonorably." I guess I did kind of reward Mike, I hoped that letting releasing him from the fear of being ostracized would bring him around, but I suppose only time would tell. "BOY, what is this art on the walls, it looks so life-like."

"That's a photograph, like an instant recreation of an image, painting without the time." We made it to the art wing of the school. Photos were first, projects that rotated out yearly when students submitted their semester-end projects. Most were just landscapes, some were portraits.

"BOY, in my time artists dedicated their lives to honor me and gain my blessing. Sculpture, paintings, carvings; through my influence artists thrived." He seemed nostalgic, like he missed having works created in his honor.

"Would you like something made in your honor again? You said you influenced them, I'm your vessel, work through me." It seemed pretty fair, I knew I was getting more out of this whole vessel-deal than Bacchanalia was. I didn't really know the rules of how it worked but there had to be someone else he could use as a vessel if he really wanted to. If that meant he guided my hand until I painted him that's fine, besides I could really use the A in art class.

We were painting a still life for our first work, it was supposed to be practice while we developed some semblance of skill to present an entirely different work to our teacher, Mr. Fabian, at the end of the semester. Whatever, it was just practice, and Bacchanalia seemed to appreciate the effort on my part. It felt like he was directing my hands, mixing the acrylics and strokes with ease, as though I was little more than an extension of the brush. The time flew, like I was entranced, I didn't even realize that the end of the day was nearing until the girl next to me broke me from the flow.

"Woah, that's amazing, you did that all today? That takes some serious skill Ryan." It was Abby, our resident goth child. I blinked, it felt like I wasn't watching what I had created. It was an image of Bacchanalia himself, lounging in the throne that I had seen during my last "visit." He was surrounded with treasure, gold and paintings ordaining the walls around him, a cavernous expanse crowned with a series of detailed stained-glass windows portraying people in various states of undress. I hoped that they were small enough that I wouldn't have to wipe anyone's minds. His body was immaculate, the detail of each muscle, of the angles and proportions of his limbs was spectacular, his expression elicited one of sorrow, of shame, it was perplexing for a body such as this surrounded by such splendor to be emoting as such. Wait, what was I thinking?

It felt like Abby was getting closer to me, pressing into my side as she gave the painting a thorough looking over. I could feel the warmth of her body next to me, her arm touched mine and I could feel goosebumps along her arm. Her breathing seemed to grow quicker and more shallow the longer she gazed at the work. I shook my head again as Mr. Fabian came over.

"My word, this is spectacular. If I hadn't handed you the canvas, I wouldn't believe you accomplished this in one day, lad." His eyes were following each stroke, as though he was recreating how my body had made it. I could tell when he was focusing on the Bacchanalia's face, as his own contorted as if it was trying to recreate the expression. "To think you had this in you all along. May I hold on to this, Ryan?" I mean, don't get me wrong, it was good, but it wasn't that good.

"BOY, my visage holds weight and sway, allow the artist this courtesy." That was fairly direct for a change.

"Yeah, of course Mr. Fabian, it's all yours."

"Thank you, Lad, you've restored my faith in this class a bit, I figured you had all moved on to only being able to create art with digital cameras now." He was smirking and let out a chuckle, it was different than his normally stoic demeanor. We all knew Mr. Fabian was once the curator of an art gallery in the UK, and that he had even created and referenced his own works at points. No one quite knew what it was that brought him here, but he always took his classes extremely seriously, though he inevitably lowered his expectations each year. Abby was still there, rolling a pair of long black fingerless gloves up her arms until they nearly hit her elbows. It was part of her style, I guess. She must have caught me watching her, as she came over as I was grabbing my backpack.

"Ryan, that was really amazing. I love painting, can you show me how you made some of those brush strokes almost weave in on themselves? And the color mixing was amazing, like you had total control over the depths and hue." She was bubbly, it was weird, like completely different from the appearance she gave off with her torn black jeans, spiked leather belt and tight, dark t-shirt of some band that I had never heard of. It was only now that we were close that I had even noticed that she had 5 piercings in each ear.

"Yeah, that'd be great. We could probably show each other somethings." I said, trying to sound smooth but realized how fucked I'd be if Bacchanalia just decided that he didn't feel like entertaining my `foolish mortal desires' for the day. Well, I'd cross that bridge when I got to it.

By the time I got walked in the door, Sam was already home with mom. I heard from mom that she hadn't been feeling well and left early, I assume that was the nice way of saying that I popped her cherry and blasted loads of cum in her little womb this morning with mom's help. Sam had been in bed since she was picked up. I felt bad, she was great, and I loved her, I know mom did too but she couldn't have had the same connection I did after this morning, even if she could emphasize from experience. I made my way up to her bedroom, and walked in without even knocking.

"Hey cutie~" I said in the most annoying way possible.

"Get ouuuuut." She groaned. My heart sank, and I ignored her clearly bullshit request and hopped on her bed, spooning up behind her. She shivered when I put my arm over her, pulling her into an embrace "Whyyyy?" she whined, it felt like she had a wall around her soul, that warmth from before was blocked and cold. I hugged her tighter.

"I wanted to do this earlier." I said softly, into her ear, then nuzzled my face into her hair and neck. She pushed back, melting into my embrace and grabbed my hand, bringing it over her chest and letting out a soft sigh. We laid there, just enjoying the closeness that we had been denied earlier. My little sister felt so small and fragile as I held her. I opened my palm and felt her heart beat, studying the rhythm, I could feel her growing warmer against me, like that imaginary wall was falling apart. I moved my legs forward, tangling hers in mine until we were an incoherent interlocked mess. Her hands were gripping my arm as she rolled her head to the side and nuzzled me back.

"You're dumb for leaving." I could feel her heart beat slow down through my palm "You jerk." She smiled through at least half her mouth, the side I could see.

"BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOYYYYYY" Bacchanalia's roar was so loud I could feel it ripple through me. That warmth, the same feeling that I had when I was with mom, the courage that I had when I told Simon about Bacchanalia coursed through me, stronger than before. I felt like I could punch through a building, like nothing could hurt me, like I was floating, glowing. It was amazing.

"Sammy," I used her pet name, the one I so rarely used, "god, I love you." She purred as her body shook, her fingers released her grasp and I moved my hand lower, along her body, tracing my way over her tummy and into the waist of her pants. "You are amazing, I should have stayed." My blood was pumping, she was vibrating, pulsing, my hand reached into her pants, cupping her mound. I could feel her heat, her wetness coating my hand immediately. She brought her hand up to my face, cupping my chin.

"You were my first," she paused, "my prince charming." She gasped when I ran a finger along the length of her slit. She slid back into me, rubbing her butt against my hardness through our pants. It was strange, I was turned on but I didn't want to fuck her, it wasn't even like mom where I wanted to love her, I just wanted her to feel complete, to feel safe, and secure. I ran my finger along her slit again, the cupped her labia, pushing in with some pressure. Sam's hips responded, pressing further against my palm.

"It was my honor." I kissed the junction of her face and her neck and pulled her body into mine. Rubbing her groin, our tangle of legs trapping her as her moan escaped. She brought her hand to my side, digging her fingers into my hip. I could tell when I was touching her just right by the grip and her soft sights. A finger entered her, it was like I was liquifying in her.

"Ryan," she gasped. The growl that followed was primal. "I want to fuck you again but it hurts..." she trailed off. I propped myself up and brought my lips to hers.

"Don't worry," I kissed her again "When you're ready." I grinded my clothed dick against her small ass. "Until then..." I dragged my finger against the wall of her pussy, then started finger fucking her. In and out, grinding the heel of my palm against her immature clit.

"More, please, more, right there, my pussy, rub my pussy." Her thighs were making it difficult to move. "ohhhhh." She groaned in a low voice, as her hips spasmed. A small hand met mine, and pulled me out of her, but kept me cupped there against her pubis. Sam fell asleep against me. Holding me. My Sammy. I joined her in her slumber, not even waking up for dinner.


The white room was different. Looking around it seemed to take on part of the form that was given life in my painting of Bacchanalia. Giant marble pillars rose out of the flat white ground, art that looked like stained glass adorned some kind of flat white barrier, a barrier that I would not even have been able to tell was there without them. The ground was littered with more gold coins and trinkets than before, piles accumulated between the pillars and in random spots along the floor. Lounging couches draped with fabrics and pillows had filled some of the empty space. Bacchanalia was distracted by his gold as usual, flipping a coin between his fingers, the large smile I'd come to know and a warm golden glow radiating off his form.

"You're doing well, BOY." I guess he wasn't as absorbed in his coin as I thought "Very well."

"I like what you've done to the place," I said, looking around "lookin' a bit fuller." He chuckled and faced me.

"Remember, BOY, this is what YOU'VE done." Ah, right, more glory more gold and all that.

"So, is everyone acting friendlier all of a sudden because of you?" I blurted out.

"That too is due to your actions. You actions bring my blessing, I'm sure you've felt it at certain times, I've been told it's a "full" and "safe" feeling." I nodded, I had felt that way a few times, usually after doing something I assumed he would approve of. "The more of my blessings that you receive the more the residual effects will leak out. Take my glorious splendor before you now, can you not feel it?" That golden glow around him seemed to push out and engulf me.

"Ah, I get it, you bless me and people start seeing me as you. That's kind of neat."

"It should help facilitate the spread of my grace. Now, boy, I believe you have work to do. I'm quite fond of this school of yours." He didn't scream "BOY" at me, that was strange, his face was softer too, like when my father spoke to me.

I woke up still wrapped around Sam and managed to detach myself without waking her. The morning was far less exciting than yesterday, but it was almost relieving that we could still be a normal family without jumping each other's bones at any second. Sam got her ride, and I walked myself to school like normal. It was almost like the past few days didn't really happen.

It didn't really last long, second period rolled around, home ec with Mrs. Greene—it was basically an excuse for arts and crafts that didn't have any merit. Coach Geigerson stuck her head in a few minutes after the bell and asked Mrs. Greene if she could borrow me for the period to help set something up in the gym. I guess it was for the best that Mrs. Greene clearly realized her career was pointless and generally didn't care about how weird it was that I was being requested.

"My office. Now." Geigerson said as soon as the door to Mrs. Greene's room was closed. The gym was in the center of the building, one of the rooms that connected the middle and high school halves of the school. It took less than 2 minutes to get there but the air was thick, heavy, and time felt like it stretched into hours along the way. I could feel Coach Geigerson staring through me, like she was about to eviscerate me on the spot. I found myself getting concerned even though I really shouldn't be, I mean, honestly what could she possibly do-She shoved me into her office as soon as we were in front of the door locking it behind her. "Alright you little shit, explain. What was that about, yesterday?" She towered over me by at two heads. I was trying to juggle what to say here, do I play dumb? Just mind wipe her? My mouth was open, like it was searching for words that just weren't there yet.

"I uhhh-" she pushed me back again, making my fall into a small set of drawers behind me, I ended up in a sitting position which made me feel even smaller compared to Coach.

"Don't play dumb. The locker room, there's no way Mike would do any of that with two little twerps like you and the Simon kid." She closed the gap between us and brought her sneakered foot up to my groin, pressing down into my cock and balls. "What do you have on him?" She ground her heel down. I was growing hard beneath her.

"He wanted to, we just-" She pressed the heel of her sneaker down harder into the base of my cock, I couldn't help but groan. I felt my hips pushing up, trying to grind my cock around the sole of her shoe through my pants.

"Cut the bullshit kid, I know what you are, what you're doing." Her eyes still looked pissed but half of her mouth seemed to turn to this almost frightening smirk. I was weighing the options of flashing her, should I just make her forget everything? Should I make her just my eyes and ears around the school? Sure, I could just bend her into doing anything but there was something about what she was doing, her imposing stature, the way she was crushing my dick, that was just driving me wild. I could feel that warmth that felt like Bacchanalia was encouraging me to let it continue. "You're a little slut boy." Her smirk became a toothy grin, her eyes looked like a starving animal. "And now you're going to help me." She leaned in and pushed the flat of her sneaker against the length of my dick, "And when you do, you'll get rewarded." There was a smell in the air, not just the sneakers and floor polish that the gym normally smelled like, no, I knew this smell, this was pussy.

"Help how?" I tried to not sound eager, I don't think it worked. It was a dumb question anyway, thinking about it.

"You're going to keep doing what you're doing. You find people, you fuck them. Just tell me before you do. I'll even help you find people." Her hips wiggled a bit at that, I didn't even have to flash her to figure out what she was thinking about. "Deal?" She pulled her foot back from my groin, I missed the pressure immediately, there was no missing my erection straining against my jeans.

"I don't kn-" SLAP Geigerson slapped me across the face.

"You're going to do it. You know why?" I shook my head. "Because you want to fuck me, and it's your only chance." She grabbed my dick, hard. I was surprised I could even feel her grip that strongly through my pants. I came right there, in my pants. I could only hope that my boxers would absorb enough of it that I wouldn't have a huge wet spot over my crotch. My hips were bucking, and I knew she would be able to feel the pulsing of my boy cum pumping through my shaft, even through the layers of clothes. "Pathetic." I had only pumped out two spurts before she released me, but I knew I still—

"OWWWW" I yelped, loudly, my voice sounded so high it could probably have shattered nearby glass. Her hand had moved so fast, I barely could process that she had released my dick before her fist came down hard and fast, smashing into my small balls. My orgasm was cut short, and immediately replaced by wave after wave of pain coursing through my body. I curled up in on myself, weeping slightly.

"Who told you to cum, slut? Now clean yourself up and get to class. See me before class tomorrow." She sounded so cold, so removed, I don't know how she managed to stay that way but her face and the scent leaking out of her jogging shorts betrayed her emotions.

"S-sorry," I said between sobs, "I just need a minute." She unlocked the door and walked out, closing it behind her, leaving me to gather myself. Ow. My balls. Bacchanalia was laughing loudly in the recesses of my head—or where ever he existed.

I was nursing my groin for the next few periods, I couldn't focus on much of anything with the waves of pain radiating from my lower half. By lunch I was finally able to walk without wincing, it was a welcome relief. Mike was in the cafeteria, it looked like he was tormenting a pair of 6th graders with the help of his friends. I guess he really hadn't changed. Before the end of the period one ended up with a face full of gross-cafeteria mashed potatoes while the other had their tray dumped in their bag. What a dick.

It was strange that I was looking forward to math today, Natalie reminded me that I was supposed to meet her in the library after school to "catch me up," but I assumed that just meant I was now her pet project, that might be neat for a while. The class it self was as boring as usual, I just distracted myself from the partial derivative nonsense by absentmindedly probing what random people in the class were thinking. "I don't get it." "Look at Ms Inserra's tits I just want to-" "Ugh I just want to go home." "pew pew pew I wish I was I a video game." It was a neat way to spend time even if half of it was completely asinine.

During gym it felt like Geigerson was watching me like a hawk. That hunger from earlier today was gone, and she was back to just being a coach that was driving us all to "be more active, don't just waste away on a computer." Eh, whatever. If shit got weird tomorrow, I could just sort it out then. Maybe I could use it as away to skip this class more often.

"Ah, time for art, BOY." He remembered, "lets see what my visage has brought."

"What? What's that mean?" I asked the disembodied voice.

"Your teacher was smitten with me yesterday, my grace flows in a myriad of ways, BOY." He sounded pleased with himself, like he was in on a joke that I just didn't understand. Mr. Fabian approached me before the class had started.

"Ah Ryan, I wanted to thank you again for letting me keep that painting of yours yesterday, it's been very... motivating. I'd like to move the class on to something else, something a little more in depth. You clearly understand the human form—would you consider being a reference model for the rest of the class?" He asked, without even pausing for a breath.

"Huh? What do I have to do?" My mind was racing, thinking about how nude models posed, surely he couldn't mean-

"Just sit here, perfectly still, try to emote something and we'll see what the rest of the class comes up with." He smiled at me expectantly.

"I don't have to be naked or anything, right?" It sounded dumb, but I figured I should just get it out there. Mr. Fabian broke out into a laugh.

"Oh, heavens no, this is a school, I'm not going to jail. Just sit there, you'll be fine." He patted me on the shoulder reassuringly. The thought of sitting there naked stayed in my head though. That would be kind of neat, I'm sure everyone else would freak out about it if they had to do it. Plus, what did I have to be ashamed of? I had an amazing god-imbued dick to show off, eh someday, I suppose. Mr. Fabian directed me to a stool type thing at the center of the room and positioned me for a bit, making sure I'd be able to stay still for most of the period without cramping up or anything. I would have thought that being the center of attention would have been incredibly awkward, but really nothing much happened at all. Mr. Fabian was walking around the room, critiquing and suggesting this to the class as he went. He seemed pretty into Abby's rendition of me, even though there's no way that anyone had more than a bunch of circles and curves at this point. Honestly it got incredibly boring after the first 30 mins, and the last 5 just stretched on for what felt like forever. Abby came over when the class was packing up.

"So how did you luck out and get to be both an artist and a model." She punched me in the arm slightly. Her pale, bubbly face was just a bit flushed.

"Eh, it just kind of happened, I guess. Who knew I'd be so good at doing nothing?" We chatted about basically nothing, she was super into different art techniques and was excitedly telling me the difference between her favorite artists—I tried to just keep up with what she was saying while not being super obvious about trying to stare down her tank top. She was pretty busty, but I think I kept my shit together for the most part until I realized I was already late too meet up with Natalie. She was in the library, waiting. Natalie was maybe an inch or two taller than me. She had a pair of purple framed glasses that were just a little too thick, and straight black hair that she seemed to keep in a messy-bun-thing—I wasn't quite sure how girls did that. She was always wearing a baggy sweatshirt, so I could never really see what she looked like under the hood—but her legs looked great in anything, sure she had nothing on Sunny, but for a 14-year-old it was nothing to be ashamed of.

"You're late, the whole point of this is so you don't waste my time." Natalie dug into me as soon I got over to the library table. I was shocked that I could understand what she was teaching me for the most part. At some point when she was going on about how to fully expand the equation, I got bored and the world went red—it seemed like part of me was just so bored by what was going on it took control to get me to seek out something more exciting. I found myself reaching into Natalie, hearing what she was thinking. Most of it was about how to explain what she was doing in the simplest terms possible, but behind that I could hear her thinking about various board games that she apparently liked paying, past that I found a tiny little part of her thinking "at least he's a cute idiot." Well that was a good sign, I tried following that "direction" if you could call it that, hoping to get a better idea of what she was thinking. Buried deep down, in somewhere that was so far away from her current thoughts that I'm not sure it would ever come out on its own was just a twinge, a brief fleeting thought, of me leaning over and kissing her. I wondered if I could-"Are you even listening, dumbass?"

"Of course! I totally got it!" I didn't. A chorus of "shhh's" blasted around us. In a little more than a whisper, I said to her "I'll prove it, how about we make a game out of it?" Natalie's eyebrows arched like she was surprised that I was even responding, let alone offering a challenge.
"A game? Like what?" it sounded like I had piqued her interest.

"More of a bet really. You ask me 5 questions about what you just showed me. I get them all right I get a prize. I get any of them wrong I'll try and get moved into Mr. Sampson's pre calc class instead." I really hoped she didn't call me out on that, I knew I could do it, but she had no way of knowing how convincing I could be.
"What kind of prize are we talking about?" Score! She didn't call my bluff right away.

"I get to pick afterwards, nothing really dumb. You can even veto it." The world went red again as I tried to read her. Holy shit her mind went places fast, she had some thoughts of cheating on our homework, of getting the answers for a test, but even more of us kissing, one even of us laying naked together on the library desk, riding me—I liked her.

"Deal. I'll make up the questions, you have until then to really learn this." She got to work immediately, spewing out at least one question with barely any thought at all. Some might say I should have reviewed everything we went over in the past 40 minutes with reckless abandon. Those people clearly have forgotten that I can read the test-maker's mind. I sat there, staring her straight in the face. Every so often pushing and prodding the more intimate thoughts of us fooling around, little flashes of red every few seconds. Her face was bright red by the time she was done, and squirming in the seat across from me. "Alright shithead, come on this side so I can see what you fuck up on." She got aggressive pretty quickly, maybe I was playing with fire here. I looked down at the first one question and the world went red, reaching out into Natalie made it too simple. It took more effort to actually write out the answer than it did to find it in her brain. The second one was next, easy still, this one took less time than the first. I decided that I needed a little reward of my own, and asked her:

"So if I get these all right, how into me would you be?" I remained focused on writing down the answer to the third question even as she punched me in the rib

"Don't be a perv." Fourth question was next, I really should just do this on the test that matter... for the teachers that might know the answers, that is. Last question, she hadn't said anything so far but I knew they were all right. I purposely hesitated a bit, reading the thought that flashed through her mind—"Yes, got him!" time to prove her wrong, I started writing down the answer, stopping just before completing it. I paused for dramatic effect before scribbling down the last of it and sliding the paper over.

"I'm ready for my prize." I said, with the biggest shit-eating grin I could muster. Natalie's eyes were roaming the paper, looking for any excuse to say one was wrong. She sighed a bit, seemingly in resignation.

"Alright, fine. You win. What do you want?" I didn't say anything, I just leaned in, striking the pose that we were in in her imagination a little earlier. I was millimeters away, head cocked, both our eyes closed.
"YOU TWO, OUT WITH THAT. THIS IS A LIBRARY." Came the roar, cutting through the silence. Shit, cockblocked by a librarian. We both turned beet red and hurried out.

"Ugh, I can't believe I just. We just. Ugh." She seemed flustered.

"Hey, thanks you really did help. Sorry I got us kicked out." I said as we walked down the hall. I tried to reach out to her shoulder, but she spun away.

"Thursday." I let out a sound of confusion. "Thursday," she repeated. "I want to make sure it wasn't a fluke. So, Thursday, we're going to make sure your not cheater and a dumbass. Come to my house after class."

"Sure." Was all that I could respond with before she hurried down the hall. Did I just get asked on a date?

It was Tuesday night, probably the only night dad would be around this week, Tuesdays were his day off. It was the one night a week we normally saw him after he picked up Sam. Dad was an ER nurse, he always seemed to get stuck with the worst schedule and we barely saw him, when we did, he was usually dead tired. It also meant that Mom wouldn't rush home to make sure Sam and I didn't kill ourselves or burn the house down.

"Alright!" Dad exclaimed happily as we finished up dinner "I cooked you clean!" He stuck his tongue out at us and tussled my hair as he walked into the living room. Dad was a tall man, easily over 6 feet and built like a tree, thick and strong. He didn't seem fat or anything, just like someone you wouldn't really want to get in a fight with. Sam and I were chatting as we gathered up the used plates and utensils, I was elbow deep in soap suds when I just flat out asked her.

"Hey, want to see if we can fuck Dad?" I didn't flash her, or prod her into getting into a horny frenzy like me, just a normal question.

"Abso-fucking-lutely," she said, "I've wanted to fuck again since yesterday morning." Her face was bright and she had a huge smile painted between her bubbly cheeks. I was kind of surprised at how similar Sam and I were, but, eh, siblings, I guess.

Sam and I took a spot on either side of dad, Sam curled up and squirmed draped herself with dad's arm, nuzzling into the side of his chest. I laid down, using his leg as a pillow. I couldn't wait any more, I was going nuts. Between Geigerson ruining my orgasm earlier, and nearly working myself into a frenzy by fucking with Natalie's thoughts earlier, I thought I was going to explode. I stuck a hand down my pajama pants and started gently rolling my balls, giving my dick a few soft, tentative squeezes as I nuzzled dad's thigh, slow and softly working my head closer towards his groin, searching for his cock. I heard a sigh from Sam.

"Daddy." It was a low needful growl, she was guiding his hand with her own, slowly rubbing from her belly to her waste and back again as her head pressed into his chest. I found his dick growing hard down the leg of his flannel pants and rubbed my cheek along its length through the soft fabric.

"Guys, what are you?" Sam turned her head up towards him and kissed him deeply. The world went red around me as I suggested that he just go with what was happening. I was openly masturbating now, fishing my cock out through the fly of my pj's while Sam brought dad's hand under the waist band of her leggings, down to her cunny. I could feel him thinking "We shouldn't be doing this, fuck I'm going to jail."

"Dad, don't over think it, just take off your pants and trust me." I could feel that warmth from Bacchanalia flowing out of me, I imagined it like that glow-y feeling in the white room earlier. Dad obliged and removed himself from Sam's leggings, raising his hips and knocking my head off him as he pulled down the soft pants he was wearing. His dick was hairy around the base, and smaller than mine, maybe about 6 inches and just slightly less thick. His balls were huge though and looked like a pair of eggs straining against the crinkly skin of his scrotum. I dove down and placed a big wet kiss at the base of his shaft, his hairs tickled my face. More wet kisses, working my way along his length, wrapping my tongue around it as I went.

"Daddy, I don't forget about me." Sam pouted, as she pulled down her leggings and panties, exposing her immature cunt to Dad, and brought his hand back up to her junction. She leaned in to continue their kiss from before as dad's fingers started tracing over the slit between her puffy lips. I made my way to the top of Dad's dick and sucked his head in, slobbering it with my saliva and trying to curl my lips back. I made a popping sound when I released it from my mouth, before taking a few inches more. This was so much better than with Mike, I really wanted dad to feel good, to enjoy us. I stopped stroking myself to cup his balls as my head worked up and down his shaft. I could hear wet sounds from next to me along with soft gasps as dad had a finger working its way in and out of Sam's little pussy, like he was hooking her like a fish. The broke their kiss and she hugged him, I stopped sucking him to watch Sam rest her head on his shoulder as she rode out a little orgasm on his finger. "Da-daddy, please, please fuck me daddy."

"Do it, dad, she wants you inside her, fuck your little girl." I didn't flash the world red, just tried push him with words instead.

"I know you two haven't done this before. Are you sure?" his voice was stern, I'm shocked it could be at this point. Sam responded by pulling off her t-shirt and laying back against the arm of the couch, her legs akimbo and welcoming.

"Dad, you really have to trust me." This time I made his eyes flash red. Just to be sure he understood as I joined Sam in her nakedness, throwing my clothes into a pile on the floor. Dad seemed to take the hint and pulled his shirt over his head. His chest was wide, and he had a bit of a belly, nothing that really stood out but not the defined abs of Mike or even Sunny. His tuft of hair seemed to run in a line down to his crotch. He crawled his way over to Sam, hard dick and balls flopping downward, as he dragged his way up, his tip leaving a trail of precum along the inside of her soft leg. Sam reached out for his hardness and aimed it at her tight hole.

"Ready when you are daddy." She said, with an obviously fake `little girl' voice.

"Tell me again, baby, what do you want?" He asked, thick arms bracing himself on either side of her head.

"I want you to fuck me dad, fuck my little pus-ohhhhh" he plunged in as she said it, I wondered if my face looked like that the first time I entered her. He through his head back and let out what I could only think of as a roar as his dick split her little pussy. "Yessssss, you're in me daddy." He started moving his hips, looking down at Sam, like he was devouring her with his eyes. I just leaned back and slowly stroked myself, enjoying the perfect view of his balls slapping against the little girl's taint,

"You're tight sweet pea, so tight." He growled. Sam's hands were running down his sides, grabbing at his hips as his thrusts picked up speed.

"Yes daddy, yes daddy, fuck me harder, fuck my pussy." It was like she was chanting. I got up and walked in front of them, to see this coupling from the front. Dad had brought a hand over and was rolling Sam's nipple with his thumb. I started stroking in front of them, Dad's eyes went wide as he got his first good look at my oversized dick attached to my underdeveloped boy-body.

"Holy shit Ryan," he gasped as he said it, and bottomed out in Sam. She moaned beneath him as he continued, "how is that even-ugggh." He was clenching up.
"Daddy yes fuck me daddy, fuck the pussy that you made, please, please fuck my cunny." Sam's hips were bucking, trying desperately to feel more of her father inside herself as his strokes became shallower.

"Baby, baby I'm-" Dad pulled himself out. Blasting cum on Sam's belly.

"No! No daddy put it back in! I need it!" she cried out, bringing her hand to clit and rubbing frantically as he continued spraying about 4 shots of cum all the way up to her flat chest. "Daddy, you wasted it." She said, pouting.

"No, he didn't." I said, leaning in and licking the ropes off Sam's soft body, dipping my tongue into her little belly button to fish out the remainder. I was hard as a rock and needed to fuck her. I could hear dad panting behind me as I took his place between her legs, soft sighs of "oh shit" peppering his deep breaths. "You want more cock, Sammy?" I said, rubbing my tip along her slip.

"Yes please! I need more." She was gyrating her hips against me as she begged to be penetrated. "Please keep fucking me." I had to oblige, who could turn that down? I entered her and another moan escaped her lips. I could feel the walls of her cunt already spasming, dad must have gotten her close. I leaned down and kissed her, flexing that muscle at the base of my dick to make it jump inside her. She gasped. "Yesssss." Was all she said as I worked my way in and out, not bothering to be gentle at this point. I grabbed her hips as my balls slapped against her, not hitting nearly as far down as dad's did. I didn't notice dad had even moved from behind us until I saw him walking back from the bathroom, with some kind of tube in his hand. He was slathering something on his now re-hardening dick.

"Your pussy is so tight." I said before leaning down and sucking on Sam's neck.

"Ryan, your turn to trust me," said dad from behind me, "just relax." Dad was rubbing my ass cheeks as I fucked my little sister, it didn't take a genius or a mind reader to know what was coming. The fact that he was doing this on his own, without me flashing him excited me as much as the tight cunt I was plunging in and out of. I tried to pick up speed inside Sam, but dad's strong hands slowed me down as he spread me, exposing my puckered asshole to the world.

"Sam, dad's going to fuck me now too." Her snatch spasmed on around me, her breath was short, and her hands moved to my ass, inadvertently helping dad keep it open. I could feel his dick poking me as I let out a breath, trying not to move as the little, flat chested girl seized up beneath me. His head was first, duh, but actually feeling it, picturing what was going on behind me, was just completely enthralling. "Ugggh." Escaped me as I got used to feeling something invade me for the first time.

"Relax, just get used to it. This is what you're doing to Sam down there." He said in a calm voice. Sam giggled. I think she was enjoying the brief break from my pounding as my dick just stayed still inside her. My dick was screaming at me to keep fucking my little sister's molten wet pussy, my ass was screaming to hold on and don't move until it could process what was going on. Sam had the deciding factor and made the choice for me when she squeezed my dick with her cunt muscles.

"Shiiiit." Was all I could say as I resumed fucking her in earnest, each millimeter granting relief to my asshole, until I pulled out.

"Language." Said dad, as he pumped his hips forward when I was nearly out of her. It felt weird, different, not bad at all. In fact, I could probably get used to it. Dad and Sam let me control the pace, fucking into her and pushing Dad out, then accepting him back in when I pulled my hips back. Sam leaned her head up to kiss me, while she continued to hold my ass open for daddy.

"Fuck me more, cum in me with that big cock Ryan. I need it." I picked up my pace, making dad groan behind me. His hips started moving more to meet my reverse-thrusts "Cum in my, daddy didn't so you have to. I need cum big brother, I need it." Dad grabbed my hips, effectively taking control of my thrusts into Sam, like he was using me as a fuck toy—it was amazing. "Yes, yes!" Sam cried out, "I'm cumming again! Fuck me! FUCK ME." It was like dad was using me as a cock extension to fuck his own daughter. Pumping in and out faster and harder, his giant balls slapping against my small hairless sack.

"Yes, yes dad, fuck me." I said. I don't know what spot he hit, but when his dick touched something I went off "HOLY FUCK RIGHT THERE, FUCK ME THERE." I cried out and pumped into Sam as fast as I could "I'mCummingI'mCummingI'mCumming" was all I could say as I started pouring my jizz into Sam, Dad's cock hitting that perfect place again and again.

"Me too." It was a short grunt, and the only thing aside from gasps for air that we had heard from dad in what felt like hours but couldn't have been more than seconds. He bottomed out in me his hair rubbing against my ass, as I felt a warm thick fluid fill me—feeling someone cum inside you was way different than sucking them off, I felt more connected, like we were really one, like that warmth from Bacchanalia was flowing back and forth between us. I wonder if that's what Sam, Sunny, Simon and Mom had felt so far. I deflated and pulled out of Sam first, laying my head on her shoulder as she stroked my hair with such a cute smile on her face. Dad was softening but still inside me when we heard the door open.

"Oh! I guess they got to you too." Said mom as she stepped inside and couldn't help but laugh. "I'm not cleaning up that couch, Jack." Dad just sighed with relief and leaned back.

"Don't worry hun, I'll take care of it." He said as he sat there, basking in the afterglow of fucking both his kids.

"Every few hours you remind me why I like you, BOY." I heard Bacchanalia saying, but I really wasn't paying attention, I just wanted to sleep after taking dad's dick up my ass. Luckily dad was nice enough to carry me up to my room after wiping me up a bit. I wonder if this is what Sam felt like?