Note: This story is complete fiction, any similarities to real people or events is entirely coincidental. This story contains sexual encounters between family members, adult-youth situations, and youth-youth situations. Those offended by incest, multiple partners or same sex encounters should not proceed. Seriously, don't do anything like this ever.

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I woke up before my alarm went off the next morning, still naked from last night's activities. It was a more restful sleep than I've had lately, no visits to Bacchanalia's white room. I could hear mom getting ready for work, hair drier, bathroom vent running, TV playing just loud enough to hear. I gazed into Sam's room on my way to the bathroom, looks like she didn't even make it under the covers last night. Her mostly flat naked butt was pointed toward the door, her little clamshell of a pussy just barely peeking out from between her legs. This was clearly a mistake on my part—I was hard again—it's too early for this. I justified to myself by thinking "mom's still in the bathroom, plus Sam needs to wake up soon anyway." Seemed like a good enough excuse at the time.

I creeped my way into her bedroom, I didn't think I needed to close the door anymore since we had all been involved in just as compromising situations already. Sam was laying on her side, arms curled up and hugged to her naked chest, hair pooled in a mess of bed head under her. I could see her chest moving with each breath, I could see where her breasts would one day sprout, it was difficult to even picture her with them. I leaned down, bringing my face below her hips, and gently spread her ass with one hand. She stirred briefly but didn't seem to wake up. I parted my lips and leaned in between her cheeks, sticking my tongue out, then gently running the tip from the bottom of her pussy to her asshole. I recoiled immediately, I do not even wish to recount the taste running through me. I decided not to do that again until after she had taken a shower.

"No no no no no." Mom said in barely more than a whisper from the door, "You two aren't going to be late again." Mom's hair was dried but she was still in her red bathrobe. "Just come here." She said as she walked toward her bed room. Welp, at least I didn't wake up Sam. When I reached my parent's room mom was leaning over the front of her vanity, putting on some kind of makeup—I didn't really know what went into that other than the obvious ones like lipstick or eye shadow—her face was in front of the mirror, but she had hiked up the back of her robe and I was greeted to the site of my mom's ass and pussy immediately. "I've gotta be in early, can you handle yourself?" She asked, briefly looking back at me and wiggling her hips before returning her attention to whatever she was applying to her face.

"You're the best Mom ever." I said flatly, just staring at her jiggling ass. I walked up and ran the head of my cock along her slit, she wasn't nearly as our previous times, slick but not gushing. She spread her legs a bit wider lowering her hips in the process. I placed a hand on her hip and penetrated slowly, she was warm as ever on the inside. I noticed she had moved the applicator away from her face when I started.

"Only until I'm done here, if you don't finish you'll just have to wait until later." I started pulling my length out as she refocused on what she was doing. My hips were still moving slowly, pushing in gently, still bottomed out in her and it felt like I was just brushing up against her womb. I could feel her walls getting wetter as I went, like she was subconsciously encouraging me to pick up speed. "Almost done." She said. I wasn't close, but I needed to hurry up. I closed my eyes and pictured my mother pregnant again, pregnant with my child. I needed to keep cumming in her. When my eyes opened I could see she was watching me in the mirror in front of her, watching each movement of my soft body as I had my way with her. I couldn't tell if she was actually blushing or if it was just the makeup she had put on. I was pretty sure she was done, and just letting me enjoy myself at this point, who knew how long that would last.

"Sorry, mom, just a sec and I'll cum." My eyes flashed deep red in the mirror as cum started painting my mom's innards. "Oh fuck mom I'm cumming." It was strange, I didn't have the build up and the passion that I normally did, it felt so mechanical—also did I just mind control myself? Mom had a hand in her robe, kneading her breasts and pinching her nipple.

"That's it, give it to me baby," her pussy clenched around me "give me your boy cum." She shuddered a bit, but nothing like the earth-shattering orgasms we shared before. I guess it wasn't really that bad for a quickie. Mom let out a sigh, "Alright, get your butt in the shower, Sam will be up soon." She said as she walked to the separate bathroom attached to their bedroom, like it was the most normal thing in the world.

On the walk to school I noticed Simon had texted me a few times, it sounds like he was looking to have some fun with his sister again but she wanted me to be there. I guess I had to make it up to him. I texted him a quick apology and promised to make it up to him. I wasn't really paying attention to what was around me when I was brought back to reality by a familiar voice.

"Ryan, my boy! Good morning!" It was Mr. Fabian, I had already made it to the school parking lot without noticing. Maybe I should ignore my phone a bit more. "I'd like to return that painting of yours, it's been a great inspiration, but I think I've got what I need from it."

"O-Oh! Thanks! You only had it for two days though, I don't really need it if you—" he cut me off.
"No, no, lad, that's yours to do with it what you will. I can only gleam so much from a painting. I was hoping that I could convince you of something though..." I didn't really like how he was clearly trying to lead me into something, but I didn't want to be rude and just tell him to spill it.

"Of what?" I wondered out loud.

"Well it'd be acting as a reference model again, but in my studio, rather than class. I can see something in you, lad. Something that I just must create—if you have time this weekend, that is." Oh, more of that. Well maybe I could get something out of it this time, like more pictures of Bacchanalia to spread around.

"Yeah, absolutely. I'm free Saturday if that works?"

"Great, lad, I'll give you the address Friday. Don't want you losing it and letting my home slip out." He said with a great big smile and patted me on the shoulder. We made our way into the school with plenty of time. Geigerson caught me once I had parted with Mr. Fabian, were people stalking me now?

"Ryan, stop by my office during lunch. It's about that little deal." She said sternly then walked away before I could respond. I'm not sure I'd even have a response to that, it sounded like I had no choice...

The rest of the morning was boring as usual. Natalie was making little glances at me during math, but we didn't mention yesterday or Thursday's plans at all. I think she was trying to make sure I was paying attention—I wasn't.

By the time lunch rolled around I was pretty excited to see what Geigerson had in store just to have a break from the monotony of the day so far. There was a class going on in the gym, when I made my way to the office. The door was locked, and small window built into the door had a curtain draped over it, but it seemed like the light was on in the office.

"Hey Geigerson, you in there?" I called out as I knocked on the door. I wasn't too worried about people hearing me over the sound of the gym class going on. The door cracked open—but it wasn't Geigerson—a girl barely taller than me with curly red hair and really pale eyes was looking at me.

"Ryan, right?" she asked. The skin around her mouth was glistening a little.
"Yeaaaah." I said slowly trying to figure out what I was getting into.

"Get in here you little shit." Well that was Geigerson alright. The girl opened the door, I had seen her before, she was in my grade too, but I didn't have any classes with her, I wasn't even sure of her name. She was wearing a generic girl's lacrosse shirt and the same green shorts all the team members had to wear. My eyes wandered over her body as I stepped in, the girl's skin was pale, like about as pale as me, her arms and legs were meaty, not fat, but not rail think or super toned like Simon and Sunny. Her hips were wide, and her thighs filled the legs of the shorts without leaving any extra room—my mind was immediately filled thoughts of her wrapping those thighs around my head, at least until I looked at her chest. She was huge, it was hard to make out the definition through the loose t-shirt she was wearing, but I could tell they had to be at least the size of a pair of melons. Crossing into the room I was hit by smell I had come to recognize—I turned and saw Coach Geigerson sitting in a chair, hidden by the door. Naked from the waist down and leaning back into her chair. She had more pubes than anyone except dad, fully bush covering her pubis, and barely trimmed. "Shut the door and get back over here." Geigerson said to the girl. She followed obediently, closing and re-locking the office door, then taking a place between Geigerson's legs, I only saw her head dip down and licking sounds begin.

"You want me to come back in a bit?" I asked, even though I was pretty sure I already knew the answer.

"This is part of our deal, remember? I help you, you help me. Megan here is trying to make the lacrosse team. You're here to help break her in, now, dog, raise your ass." Geigerson started groping her own small tit through her shirt as Megan raised her hips, presenting me with her shorts-clad ass. The move caused the seam of her shorts to give her a wedgie, exposing her pale, curvy orbs of ass flesh and revealing the grey bikini underpants beneath. "Touch her." Geigerson moved a hand down to the top of Megan's head, fingers running through her curly hair, holding Megan's skull in place as she licked Coach's pussy. I reached out, palming one cheek, spreading my fingers out and squeezing into her flesh with each fingertip.

*YELP* Megan's back arched at my touch after letting out an adorable yelp. Geigerson kept her hand firm on the girl's head, keeping her in place.

"Don't stop, cunt. Suck more." Geigerson said coldly. "Keep going Ryan, touch the slut." I kneaded her fleshy booty, raised her rump just to drop it and watch it bounce. I leaned in and sank my teeth into her bun, not hard, just enough to feel it give way. Megan squeaked, her mouth muffled by Geigerson's cunt again. Geigerson started leaning forward in her chair, watching intently as I brought a hand to cup her girlhood through her clothes.
"Hmmmm?" It was like a question without words, even with her head held in place Megan tried to turn her head, I could see her eyes moving to the side, trying to get a look at what I was doing to her. I drew my middle finger along the length of her groin, starting where I thought her clit would be and dragging my nail fairly gently over her shorts and panties. "AHHHHH" her head snapped up, Geigerson looked surprised at the girl's strength as her whole body spasmed at my touch. SLAP.

"Who said you could stop?" Geigerson spat at Megan after slapping her face. "Fuck her Ryan."

"I'm a virgin!" Megan's words shot out, her face like a deer in the headlights.

"And? I know what sluts like you want. You love this. Think really hard for a second." Geigerson said with the same confidence that a math teacher would say "2+2=4." It struck me that I hadn't really done much to cause this—would this be happening anyway? It felt like I was a sex toy being used by Geigerson to play with this fiery red head. I paused my movements, waiting for Megan's response.
"I-I..." she paused, it was only seconds, but the tension made it feel like hours, my dick was screaming to my brain to just fuck her. "I love this. I fucking love this." Her voice was low, like she didn't want to admit it. I pulled my pants down and ripped off my shirt in a flash, my dick was a solid 7.5 inches of diamond-hard-meat.

"Well slut, your first time's going to be a ride." Geigerson was smiling, holding Megan's head up. I gripped the waist of her shorts and panties and pulled them down to her knees. The groin of her grey panties were soaked when they hit the floor, nearly black. Her pussy looked swollen and drooling with girl juice, she had thick inner lips, they looked almost like mom's, but they were such a bright pink, and seemed to funnel my sight to her hole. Geigerson followed up "I want to see your face when he takes you." I spread Megan's knees on the ground and pointed my tip at her hole, nestled between those dripping lips. She was giving off more heat that I could have imagined, like I stuck my dick in some food that just came out of a microwave. "Take a deep breath, bitch."

"AHHHHH" I had no idea how someone would hear Megan's yell when I penetrated her in one thrust. Tears formed in her eyes. Being in her was different, it's like her pussy went slack when I entered her—don't get me wrong, she was still tight, but it was like her walls just went limp, like they were ready to accept anything.

"You're a woman now." Geigerson's smirk was back, like she was getting drunk off the range of emotions running a train on Megan's face. I pulled out halfway before slamming in, watching her ass jiggle when I hit her cervix. Megan's legs were shaking, and looked like they would give out at any second.

"I was-I was saving myself fo-"

"Shut up you lying slut." Geigerson cut Megan off. "Smack her ass Ryan." Her face was incredibly serious as she shot daggers through me. I raised my hand and cracked her fleshy rump as strong as I could. Megan cried out again, I watched her ass cheek redden and ripple. "You were waiting for someone to take you. You dreamed of a prince charming, you just needed someone strong. Someone to tell you what to do." Another loud smack echoed in the small office when I slapped the other side of Megan's ass while pounding away. No need to keep her lopsided.

"Can I touch myself coach?" She asked, I guess her clit needed attention.
"No." Geigerson released Megan's head and stood up, then walked over to her desk. Megan's eyes were following Coach. What the fuck? How was I not the center of her attention right now? Geigerson was obviously some kind of monster. I looked down to where we were joined, my dick was coated in girl cum and a little blood from her cherry. Her asshole was winking at me, clenching every time I pushed in, barely gaping as I pulled out. "You're holding back. You can touch your self when you stop acting."

"But, I" Megan started. I brought my pointer finger to my mouth and slobbered on it. Megan groaned as I pumped into her. I traced my finger down her crack, lining it up with her puckering hole. "Wait, what?"
"Tell me what you want, what you're really feeling." Geigerson's voice was different, softer. She hopped up on to the desk behind her and grabbed a relatively small trophy with a circle bit on top that was sitting on the desk. She brought it down to her hairy cunt and rubbed it up and down her slit. I pushed my finger into Megan's ass as Geigerson pushed the trophy into her pussy,

"OH MY FUCKING GOD." Megan cried out. My dick needed more, I drove my dick into her with some kind of reckless abandon while hooking my finger in her ass and finger fucking it.

"SAY WHAT YOU WANT, SLUT. Spank her Ryan." Geigerson yelled at us while smashing her pussy with the trophy and frantically rubbing her clit. Megan's buttocks rippled when I spanked her again, her flesh now glowing a bright red.

"What I want?" I slammed into her so hard it hurt my dick, she groaned. "What I want?" Again, I plowed in, pressing my finger down in her ass while trying flex my dick upward on the way out. "I JUST WANT TO CUUUM" Megan cried out.

"Flip her over." Geigerson said curtly. She stopped pumping the trophy into her cunt and slid off the desk. I'm a guy, I have no idea how lady bits work, but she somehow kept the trophy in her pussy as she walked over, holding it only with the strength of her cunt. I was shocked, I couldn't take my eyes off her, just completely floored at the concept of it. Megan flipped herself over under me, kicking one leg out of her shorts and panties as the walls of her vag twisted around me. "Get on with it." Geigerson said as she slapped my ass and knelt next to Megan. With my hand no longer occupied with Megan's asshole, my hand dropped to her clit.

"Oh my god yes thank you!" Megan was squirming, her hips finally moving when my fingers strummed against her clit. Desperately gyrating beneath me, her legs were up in the air, funneling me into nethers. Geigerson helped pull up Megan's lacrosse shirt. FUCKING FINALLY! The promised land was before me, the shirt moved up in slow motion, first her belly, the innie belly button, the subtle curves inward and outward from her core. Megan's sports bra was coming up with the shirt, her under tit, the pull of her breasts as they were dragged up with the fabric, then big, pale nipples. Her tits were huge, just gigantic, her areola were the biggest I've seen so far and barely a different color than the pale flesh around it, only the tips of her nipples showed a deeper pink than the rest. My hand immediately reached up to dig into her tit. My hand cracked as Geigerson slapped my hand away.

"Her tits are mine, just hurry up and cum in her." Geigerson grabbed her by the nipple and pinched it, using it to pull the rest of Megan's tit up, stretching the flesh as Megan's back arched. SLAP it was against Megan's tit this time. She turned her head to Megan. "Look at him, that's not your prince charming, you lost your virginity to a little boy."

"I don't care—I don't care, his cock, this dick--Fuck me, Fuck me, use my cunt, stir me up Ryan, fucking use my cunt." It was like Megan was in a trance, I could feel her squeeze around me and my balls clenched up. My cum exploded in her cunt "Oh fuck, your cum you're cumming in me." Her back was arching "I can't I can't I'm not, there's no. Fuck." I was mesmerized by her tits jiggling, her bright red hair flowing all arounder her on the ground, the sight of Geigerson assaulting the girl's tits as she removed the trophy she had been holding with her cunt.

"Get out of the way." Geigerson shoved me and positioned the trophy at Megan's freshly fucked pussy. "You want your trophy? You earn it." She shoved it in in one motion. Geigerson leaned down and bit into Megan's other tit, the one she hadn't been abusing earlier. Megan squealed.

"Coach yes oh fuck my pussy, you're wrecking my pussy!" Her hips were bucking, moving the trophy in awkward angles the round tip had to be scraping against her all in and out. "My pussy, my pussy, oh god oh fuck, use my pussy please!"

"You don't tell me what to do bitch." Geigerson replied as she pulled the trophy half way out and leaning over. I could see her asshole between her hard, muscled ass cheeks. I tried reaching out back into myself like earlier with Mom, willing myself to regain my erection. There was something I had to do.

"Please, please coach, I need it, I need it bad." Megan's hips were trying to push down onto the trophy. Geigerson pinched and twisted the fat pale nipple beneath her.
"Just remember: You're." she pulled Megan's nipple. "My." Geigerson twist the trophy in Megan's cunt. "Bitc-" I dove my magically hard dick into Geigerson's ass hole from behind, lubed only by Megan's juices and the remnants of her cherry. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU-" I pushed her face down into Megan's pillowy tits, and forced the trophy back in in the process.

"Fuck fuck fuck fuck" Megan panted, "I'm cumming, fuck her Ryan, fuck her ass." I whipped my hand back and launched it forward, slapping Coach's ass as I bottomed out in her anus. Each pump accompanied by another smack, alternating against each side. There wasn't a ripple like Megan's ass, just like slapping a brick wall of muscle.

"OHHHHH" Geigerson pulled her head off Megan's tit and groaned. I could see her eyes rolling back into her skull as I brutally pounded our teacher's ass. I could feel her humping against me, I could hear a wet sound between us, then a flood, coach was squirting, squirting as I punished her ass.

"Tell me you love it. Tell me you love my big dick in your ass." I slapped her rump as I said it, pushing her face back into Megan's chest as she panted below our coach. I reached down and pulled Geigerson's braided hair, thrusting her neck back.

"Just shut up and fuck me you shit. You stupid little shit." Her tongue stuck out for a moment "Just fuck that big cock into me."

"But I'm just a little boy, remember? Not a prince charming." I was trying to tease her as my balls slapped against her taint with each lunge into her bowls.

"Just-just-fuck yes you're a boy, a cute little boy, now just fuck me." I did. It only took a few more strokes before I was unloading three more blasts of cum, this time into my gym teacher's ass. The bell was ringing. I got myself up and dressed, then got Megan's number and helped her get cleaned up. We left Geigerson lying on the floor, pants less, cum leaking from her ass and a girl-cum-coated trophy laying next to her. I made sure to open the blind on the door window before we pulled the door closed behind us. Bacchanalia was roaring with laughter in my head.

I must have smelled like sweat and cum all throughout math. I got a strange look from Mrs. Inserra while she was walking around, and Natalie just seemed to glance over me more than usual. The world went red for a moment as I tried to reach into what my classmate was thinking.

"Stop being distracted. Focus on this. You can think about him later." Well at least it wasn't the smell.

Geigerson wasn't around for gym class today, something about a personal emergency. Heh, I guess she could call it that. I used our substitute as an excuse to just take a shower in the locker room. It felt pretty great to just wash off all the sweat and fluids from me, I made sure my dick was squeaky clean after being in Geigerson's ass, coated in drying pussy juice I could stomach for a while, but butt stuff I definitely wanted to clean up. Before I knew it the bell was ringing, time for art I suppose.

Being in the center of the class as a reference model was easier now, I just got myself lost in thought about what had happened so far today, day dreaming about Megan's tits, mostly. I really wish I had been able to play around with them more. Mr. Fabian was walking around, I noticed he was spending a lot of time around Abby's easel, pointing to what ever she was doing and even guiding her hand for a few strokes. By the time people were wrapping up it felt like only 5 minutes had passed.

"So how am I coming out?" I asked Abby as she was packing her stuff up.

"Looking pretty great, here take a look." She was beaming and seemed proud of how it was turning out. I looked over the painting, the figure had the same pose as me but that seemed to be the end of the similarities. The figure looked like a large, muscular man instead, the face was mostly a blank slate so far but everything else about it seemed so familiar. I could hear Abby inhale next to me. "You-you smell pretty great you know." Her face went flush. "Sorry sorry, don't mind meeeee~" She finished her packing and scurried off.

"I guess she meant the soap?" I thought to myself, feeling my face blush too, it was cute. I made my way over to Mr. Fabian, who was watching everyone leave, and barking to students to put their supplies back properly.

"Nice work today, lad. I still have your painting here, are you taking it today?" He asked me, with a warm smile on his face.

"Yeah, can I ask you about Saturday? Is it going to be the same as this, paints and poses I mean?" I was ready to flash the world red in a moment's notice if I thought he wasn't being honest.

"Mostly, yes, my wife is more of a photographer than a painter, she mentioned some interest as well if you're up for it." He said as he pulled my painting from under the desk. "But don't worry too much about it, lad, no need to be nervous.

"Yeah, thanks, see you tomorrow!" I took the painting and headed home, it was awkward walking back with the canvas. I texted Simon along the way, hoping that he'd be free this afternoon. His reply came so fast I didn't even lock my screen.

"Sure, Sunny's going to be around too." It read.

"How about my place? Both of you can come, I've got a surprise for ya." I hope I wasn't building up his expectations too much, the surprise was just going to be my painting of Bacchanalia. I was regretting that I wasn't clear almost immediately. As I walked in my door, it struck me that I had no idea what Simon did after class. We were in the same school and lived next door to one another, but I always seemed to beat him home, even today when I spent some extra time talking to Mr. Fabian, I still managed to beat him—I wonder what he did with that time.

I took a moment to admire my work as I propped it up against the back of the couch. There was something alluring about the image. I mean, sure, it was a depiction of a literal lust god, but more than that it seemed like the painting was almost faintly glowing not dissimilar to Bacchanalia himself or that blessing thing that he had described. It was as though parts of the background were subtly moving, the paint flowing and animating the picture. I shook my head, but when my eyes refocused it was just a normal painting. Probably better to not think about that too much.

Sam popped through the door a few minutes later, chatting happily about her day. Her long pants and generic patterned shirt made her look like a completely normal girl, if I didn't know better, I'd never have thought she was a brother and daddy fucking freak.

"Hey so Simon and Sunny are coming over in a bit, just a heads up that it might get a little noisy." I tried to slide it in there nonchalantly, but I was brimming with excitement, like a kettle about to boil over. Despite dropping three loads in different people already, there was something about the closeness that I felt with Simon and the way that I had turned Sunny that had me ready to just rip off my clothes already.

"Huh? Sunny's coming over? She hasn't been here in forever!" Sam said as she pulled a text book out of her bag. She was right, I couldn't remember the last time Sam and Sunny were in the same room together, it had to be years. Hell, before this week I had only seen her in person when I went next door to hang out with Simon. The world went red and jello-y as I probed into her, wanting to understand what was going through her mind. "Wait they're both coming over? Are they like our family? Is that's what's going on? I have homework, I hope it's not too distracting. Can I watch?" She had a lot of questions I suppose, but she didn't feel particularly "excited." The ringing sound from the doorbell broke me out of the jello-world. I had only opened the door a crack before it swung open, and I was nearly tackled full force by the older Korean girl who lived next door.

"There you arrrrrre~" She exclaimed while crushing me with her embrace. "I missed you!" It had only been a couple days, I might need to fix this.

"Hey Ryan!" called Simon as he closed the door behind them. Sam's face was completely shocked, watching Sunny pick me up easily while keeping the hug going. "Yeah, it's been like this since yesterday." It took Sunny a moment before she realized Sam was sitting on the couch, Sam just waved.
"Hey girl! I haven't seen you in forever! Look how big you are!" Sunny put me down and let me breathe. I jumped back into the jello-world when I could, and reached back out to Sam. Her thoughts were completely different now, she was picturing me fucking Sunny—I tried to "poke" that one like I had with Natalie the other day. Sunny went over Sam and started making little small talk, I had no idea how girls could somehow talk about literally anything. Sunny meanwhile was trying to undress Sam with her eyes, I guess I really had made her a complete pedo.

"Simon, I have something for you." I pulled him over to the painting of Bacchanalia, "so what do you think?" His eyes looked super focused, like he was entranced by it, eyes tracing every stroke.

"Is-is this who I think it is?" I nodded, Simon picked up the painting, "praise be Bacchanalia." He mouthed. "Ryan, it's amazing." I blinked, there was something going on with Simon, like he had the glow-y golden thing encompassing him and the painting. "I-let me thank you." He put the painting down gently, then turned to face my groin. YES. Thanks, Bacchanalia!

"Simon you really don't have to." He unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down, along with my boxers.
"Don't have to what?" Asked Sunny, as she and Sam looked over to us. Simon was already holding my dick, dragging my tip over his lips. "Oh, yeah he does. You two should come over here so we can see, right Sam?"

"YES!" Sam exclaimed and threw her hands up in the air. I guess she was getting more into it. Simon and I moved in front of the girls, he knelt back down he made a happy mewing noise when his lips surrounded my helmet, and his tongue began dancing around the crown of my dick. I ran my hands through my best friend's hair, it was so soft, I was drawing small circles on his scalp as he started bobbing, taking more of my shaft with each movement. I could see Sunny leaning in and whispering something into Sam's ear as she draped her arm around the smaller girl.

"Fuck you're a good cock sucker." I said affectionately to Simon, I cupped his face while he slurped and bobbed, bringing his hand up to grope my small, hairless sack. I could feel one of his fingers running along the length of my taint, causing me to buck forward and hit the back of his throat. "S-sorry man." A deep sigh came from the couch. Sunny had a hand down the front of her shorts, while the other was roaming beneath Sam's shirt. Sam was focused like a laser beam on my big dick, a hand slowly rubbing up and down the crotch of her pants. I took my shirt off and reached down to pull up Simons, breaking the hold on my dick as I pulled it over his head, exposing his think flat torso and my soft boy-ish chest. "You want to join us, ladies?" I asked as I stepped out of my pants and Simon returned to his eager cock sucking, now running a pair of fingers along the base of my cock, just past where his lips could reach.

"Can't we just enjoy for a bit?" Sunny asked, even as she was pulling her pants and thong down. God I missed her legs and pussy, the muscles of her thighs, her toned calves, fuck even her pussy. I noticed she had a little stubble around her pubes, I guess she hadn't shaved since our last time. Sunny's shirt was next, her ripped abs coming into view, then her perfect tits. Her nipples looked hard enough to cut through glass as she swirled a finger around her clit.

"You mean you don't want to fuck my baby sister?" I said, knowing full well what her answer was. Sam looked over at the older girl, her face was different.

"Really? You want me, Sunny?" Sam started pulling up her shirt, Simon and Sunny's eyes were devouring her as it raised over her belly, then up to her flat chest. Her tan yellow training bra popping into view. Was wondering why she bothered with it, myself.

"God baby girl, I could just eat you up." Sunny leaned over and licked Sam's side, from her ribs to her armpit, while plunging two fingers into her cunt. Sam shook on the couch and let out a moan as her hips buck briefly. "Too cute. Can I see you?" Simon had stopped sucking me, I think we were both distracted by what was going on at the couch. I sat down next to him as he shimmied out of his pants, leaving them in the piles of clothes that was growing on the floor. I reached over and started stroking his small, boy-sized dick while he tried to wrap his hand around mine—he couldn't wrap around it entirely. Sam nodded and started pushing down the waist of her pants, Sunny stopped masturbating and ran her hands up Sam's legs, then helped her pull her pants down. Her panties were pink boy shorts, her crotch was damp. Sunny looked hungry, I could see the muscles of her thighs squeezing together as she bit her lower lip, fingers trembling slightly as she pulled down my 11-year-old sister's underwear. Inch by inch, until her hairless, perfect pussy started coming into view. Sam reached back to take off her training bra, revealing her tiny nipples and just the hint of growing fat beneath them. I don't think Sunny even noticed, as she was looking into Sam's kitty like it was the only thing in the world. Simon squeezed my dick.

"Please," I began, "just a little more, please suck me just a little more." Basically begging my best friend to finish me. He leaned down and took me back in his mouth while I continued to jack him off, watching the two girls just feet away.

"You're beautiful, Sam." Sunny's voice was dry, she was dragging her finger nails up Sam's thighs, then up her ribs. "Can I taste you?" Sam splayed her legs, bringing one up on the couch, presenting her most intimate spot to the older girl, then reached for the back of Sunny's head, running her fingers through her short hair before pulling the teenager's face to her puffy pussy. "Yessss" was the last thing I heard before I saw Sunny's tongue reach out and lick my sister's swollen labia. It was different than with Megan and Geigerson, with them I couldn't see anything through Megan's curly red hair. This time though, we were in the perfect spot. I saw Sunny kiss Sam, trace her fingers over Sam's folds, spread her lips and tease the girl, then finally she licked the length of the bald pussy in front of her with the flat of her tongue.

"Ahhhhhh my pussy." Sam squirmed and ground her groin against the older girl's face. Her little nipples standing pert and her breath grew shallow. I started cumming in Simon's mouth, I held him there shooting spurt after spurt into him. My cum pooled in his mouth, I sat there panting as he got up and walked to the couch, leaned down and kissed Sam deeply, he made a show of pushing my cum into my sister's mouth as she started bucking her hips wildly against Sunny.

"That's it, cum baby girl, cum for me." She gripped Sam's flat ass and dived back into her cunt, focusing on the girl's clit as Sam rode the waves of her orgasm, all while moaning into Simon's mouth. She broke the kiss and panted.
"Stop, please, it's too much, I need a minute." Sunny looked up and smiled, I could see her hips were undulating as she sat on her knees, leaning over the little girl. "You two are like us right?" she asked, looking between Simon and Sunny, "you two have sex too?"

"Yeah we do," Sunny said proudly while her eyes took in her brother and my sister, naked save for socks, right next to each other. "I love his little dick." Simon was blushing as he fondled his junk.

"Will you fuck for us?" Sam asked earnestly. I was gripping my dick, teasing myself to hardness again. "I want to see it too." Sunny looked at her brother and wiggled her ass in the air behind her, then nodded her head backward. Simon took the hint.
"Thanks sis!" He hopped behind her and rubbed his thin dick between her folds, he gasped as he entered her, I sat their remembering what her pussy felt like wrapped around my own cock.

"Fuck me little bro, fuck me." She reached down and started rubbing her clit as he thrust into her. "Aghhh, Sam, you wanted to see? To watch us?" it was difficult to hear her through her purring. There's no way Simon's small dick could be hitting all the spots she craved, it had to come from the taboo situation. "Get under us, put your head down her." She pointed beneath her, where she and Simon were joined. Sam still looked confused, I made my way over to the group.

"Here, she means like this." I helped her into a 69 position with Sunny, sliding her back along the couch until she was inches away from the sibling's genitals. Sunny's arms were straining, I could see the veins pushing through the muscles of her arms. Sam spread her legs, and planted her feet flat on the couch, knees up towards the ceiling. I could see Sunny staring down at her little pussy, bringing a finger to rub Sam's immature slit.

"OHHHH FUCK," Sunny cried, her body shaking. I must have shot a confused look "She's licking my clit. Her tongue is—FUUUUCK"

"Sam's on me too, I can feel it when I pull out, oh shit I'm cumming I'm cumming." Simon pulled out and sprayed three liquidy streams of boy cum on his sister's ass before flopping backwards to the arm of the couch. I could hear Sam licking away at Sunny's kitty as Sunny continued rocking, her hips fucking an imaginary dick. I moved behind Sunny, leaning over, and licking up Simon's spunk. God it was so much better than Mike's.
"Sunny, can I?" I asked, poking her pussy with my big dick.

"Oh god yes fuck me, fuck me Ryan." I could feel Sam's tongue tickle the underside of my dick as I pushed in. "Yesss, your pussy is so beautiful Sam." Sunny parted the girls lips, showing her wet, bright pink center. It looked amazing. "Your brother fucked you, right baby?" She asked, picking up speed with her hips as they rocked back to meet my thrusts. I could see her bubble butt working with her hips, flexing with each movement. Sam's tongue retreated from us.

"My brother and," she squealed when Sunny ran a finger tip over her clit "our daddy." Sunny's back arched, her arms and legs were shaking.

"You want to fuck my brother too?" Sam bucked her hips up. "Come here Simon." Simon scrambled up, he had just been watching my ass since I started fucking his sister. He stood on the couch in front of his sister.

"Sorry I can't yet." Sunny reached out for his hairless balls, and brought them to her mouth, suckling on them gently, his soft dick was pressed up on her cheek, against her nose. "Really, I don't think I-" No, fuck that. We're not dealing with that right now. I flashed his eyes red.
"Just get hard man." I said, grunting somewhere in the middle of the sentence. His cock started hardening, growing along his sister's face, until it was about to poke her eye. Sunny lined him up with Sam's hole. Shit, I couldn't see. "you're going to fuck my sister now bro."

"Yes yess fuck her fuck that cute pussy, it's like you two match." I started feeling something on my balls every time I pushed in, it was wet, the sound was getting louder. Sunny's was spasming like she grabbed a live power line. "UGGH YESSSS FUCK." Sunny screamed. I had to see my sister getting fucked. I rolled Sunny onto her side, against the back of the couch and felt her pussy twist around me. Her warm wet tunnel was griping me, as she turned. I picked up one of her legs and threw it over my shoulder for leverage. We could barely hear Sam mewing like a kitten over Sunny's screams, but I couldn't miss her legs wrapping around Simon's back, locking him into her. "Oh fuck, oh fuck Ryan, my pussy, I can't anymore" I didn't know where to look, Simon was plowing Sam's little peach as hard as he could, her bigger outer lips just swallowing his dick whole, Sam's face was scrunched up, gasping between groans and moans cumming as she watched me fuck the older girl while covered with Sunny's ejaculate, or Sunny, spent and drunk on endorphins, her ab muscles rolling with each thrust, her firm tits jiggling when I bottomed out, the sweat forming on her giving her this glowing sheen. "Oh god, my cunt, you're fucking me numb, I can't, I can't." Sunny was completely incoherent, her eyes glazed over.

"Hey Bacchanalia," I thought, nearly screaming into my own head, "can you make me cum like a fucking race horse?" I was expecting a "BOOOOY" but I didn't hear anything, it felt like that same warm feeling was focused entirely on my balls. Simon pulled out again and came on Sam's belly, only two spurts.

"Holy crap." Sam said, as her limbs just gave out went limp next to Sunny and I.

"I'm going to cum Sunny." I grunted, hugging her leg to my body, knowing I'd be shooting in moments.

"Cum in me, fucking cum in me Ryan!" I guess she was back with us "oh god fill me up" I bottomed out, and felt the cum flowing through me, holy shit did Bacchanalia pull through, it was more like a stream that just a spurt. "OH SHIT, WHAT'S?" Another stream, my cum was overflowing, spilling out as I pulled back, I shoved forward and bottomed out against her womb, a final massive spurt. Sunny let out a sigh as I dropped her leg, just barely avoiding Sam's head, and collapsed on the pile of bodies. I could feel my cum leaking out around me "What the fuck was that? How did you even?" She placed a hand over her stomach, like she was feeling for something she ate. We all just lay there, trying to catch our breath. Sam was the first to move, she was about to fall off the couch when she made her way up.

"Guys that was," Sam paused, looked around her with utter confusion on her face "just wow."

"Yeah, I didn't think I could get hard again at all, let alone fuck you, Sam." Simon looked like he had fallen in love with my sister. That might not go so well. Sunny was stilly laying on her side, my body weight draped over her as my dick deflated, letting more of my disturbing amount of cum dribble from her spent pussy.

"I have to pee, or something, this feels so weird." Sunny said, I took the hint and got off her, I was about to apologize when she leaned over and pulled me into a deep kiss "I have never felt anything like that. You're incredible." She stared me in the eyes, her soft features were gorgeous, a complete contrast to how hard the rest of her body was. "Can someone remind me where the bathroom is?" An Idea struck me. We weren't done. I looked at everyone, hoping this would work, and focused on a single thought. Everyone's eyes flashed deep, dark red.

"Want to go pee on Simon?" I asked, with a huge smile on my face.