Note: This story is complete fiction, any similarities to real people or events is entirely coincidental. This story contains sexual encounters between family members, adult-youth situations, and youth-youth situations. Those offended by incest, multiple partners or same sex encounters should not proceed. Seriously, don't do anything like this ever.

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I couldn't tell if everyone was just mildly embarrassed or still out of breath based on the red blush that shone on their faces. The two siblings from next door had worked their way into our bath tub. Sunny's toned, muscular frame squatted over her younger, smaller brother as he laid his back into the cold porcelain finish. Her thighs were tense, her revealing just a hint of strain as she lowered her groin over the center of Simon's small chest.

"I can't believe I'm doing this." Her hand over her eyes, trying to hide her shame, if we couldn't see it we wouldn't know it was there, right? I would have thought she'd be passed this, we had, after all, just made our way upstairs to joined bathroom shared by my sister and I, after the four of us shared in an incestuous foursome that left my balls so empty that I was worried they would collapse in on themselves like a dying star. The ache from them was so much that even the sight of Sunny trying to carefully make her way up the stairs, cupping her sex to keep the excessive amount of divinely boy-cum from spilling over the couch and floor didn't even cause a stir in me, though hearing her make small "eeking" sounds every time some of me dripped out of her along the way was adorable. Sam stepped in the tub to join them, her legs astride Simon's head, he was looking straight up into my younger sister's beautiful cunt, her puffy vulva parting slightly after her recent fucking. Sam seemed completely unabashed, she reached out and rubbed Sunny's back with one hand, bringing her face closer to the older girls.

"Don't worry, this is so hot, it's going to be amazing." She said, reassuring the high schooler. Sunny's face peeked out from her hands, her face seemed to melt while staring into Sam's eyes. She leaned in for a kiss, not more than a peck on the younger girl's lips, as the first dollop of my cum fell from her folds onto her younger brother.

"What's the view like down there, Simon?" I asked coyly.

"I'm not even sure what to watch." He replied, eyes darting between his older sisters well fucked, leaking pussy and the small bright pink snatch directly above him. Sam got down on her knees, still astride the boy's head, her pussy now just inches from the boy's face. She giggled, knowing what she was going to do.

"You should probably close your eyes," she said, releasing a stream of pale piss over the 14-year-old boy's face. His mouth opened in surprise before quickly closing. Sunny was spooning what remained of my cum out of her cunt, dropping it on Simon as she went as Sam absentmindedly dragged her finger through the growing puddle. Sam's stream was weakening, when she leaned back in and kissed Sunny again, deeper this time, but still nothing like earlier. "Don't you want to help wash him off?" Sam asked, after parting, her piss stopping.

"P-please Sun," Simon had opened his eyes, spitting out what remained of my sister's pee from his mouth. "Please do it." His hand rubbed his sister's calves, releasing them after a forceful stream sprayed out of Sunny's urethra. "It's so warm," he started rubbing his chest, where her urine streaked across him, mixing with my cum, like he was rubbing suntan lotion onto himself. I helped Sam out of the tub as Simon groaned under his sister's stream.

"We should do that some time." Sam whispered into my ear, as we stared at the siblings in our tub. Sunny had apparently gotten over her embarrassment, leaning down and kissing Simon from her crouched position as she finished, cupping his cheek in the palm of her thin hand.

"Thanks, sis." Simon said, as if a reply from the kiss. "I think I really need a shower now though." There was a chorus of "yeah" from the rest of us. We went to collect and sort the pile of clothes from downstairs after making sure Simon was dry enough to move.

"So, who is this of?" Sunny asked, after seeing Simon pick up the painting.

"It looks so familiar, like I've seen him before." Added Sam, tilting her head curiously. Her eyes were dilating as she stared at it, I looked over to Sunny and confirmed the same thing.

"It's Bacchanalia," said Simon, proudly, "he's a god. He gave me courage to do this kind of stuff and it feels great whenever I ask him for help during stuff like this." He thumbed the picture, it seemed like the faint golden glow that encompassed the painting was stronger as he said this. The girls were transfixed for a few more moments.

We parted, the siblings each collecting their clothes as Simon and Sunny retreated next door to bathe in the comfort of their own home. I let Sam have the shower first so I could try and clean up the drying cum drips and fluid splotches that littered the stairs and living room couch. It struck me that I could probably join her if I liked, but the ache from my balls seemed to drain any hope of an erection from my very soul, and I resigned myself to janitorial duty until it was my turn to wash the remains of our exciting afternoon from me.

Sam and I slept together that night, not as an excuse to fool around more, but rather as a warm, comforting experience. She felt so soft, taking shallow breaths while wrapped in my arms as I spooned her. I woke up with the feeling of utter contentment flowing through me, I wish I could pass the same feeling onto her, pouring these feelings of warmth and serenity through her, like it was a high to be shared.

The day was boring, prosaic, even. My balls finally ceased aching by lunch, just in time to see Mike being an ass to a pair of younger kids in the cafeteria. Ugh. Just another mess to clean up. I still had to meet Natalie later, but was feeling some reservations about it. I kind of just wanted to go home and have sex with Sam again. Geigerson just avoided me the whole day, I guess she was still a bit pissed about yesterday, that made sense I suppose. I didn't really want to smooth things over with her yet though, better let her marinate in that for a bit.

Natalie looked like she was day dreaming when I walked into Mrs. Inserra's class, absentmindedly staring out a window instead of her usual scanning of her notes from the previous day.

"Hey Natalie," I said as I passed by her, causing her to jump a bit in her seat—she must have really been out of it. I quickly reached out through that jello-feeling to try and picture what she was day dreaming of. I'd like to think I went in without any expectations, but even if I had some predetermined idea of what she was dreaming of it certainly wouldn't have been the room full of dicks that her mind greeted me with. Her mind was picturing every guy in class nude from the waist down, each stroking their dicks, some hard, some pulling on rope, but everyone, no fewer than 15 guys all standing around jacking off in front of her in a semi-circle surrounding the front of her body. Scanning for myself she seemed to assume I'd have a normal sized dick, much bigger than I was prior to Bacchanalia's intervention, but boy would she be in for a surprise. I tried to manipulate the mental image, and found it was a lot like imaging a joystick to move around and rotate the view. I could see her now, sitting back on top of a regular desk like the one she was sitting at in the real world, completely naked, her body on display for us. Her hair was back behind her falling flat, outside of her normal messy bun. Her skin was pale, and had just the hint of a pinkish hue to it, you could almost see her veins through parts of her. The mind-her had small tits, perky though, as though the swell of her flesh had only recently started, her nipples were wide and pale, spreading out over most of the fatty tissue of her chest. She had a tiny bit of a belly, just enough to cause a slight roll, not as soft as Megan, but nowhere close to Sunny's hard abs. She had the flats of her feet up on the desk, like they were funneling the fantasy-boys eyes through her creamy thighs and to the junction of her legs-WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT? She had hairless lips, her pussy seemed to spread itself, begging to be fucked but on top, were you'd expect a clit she had an erect dick, about 5 inches or so long and uncircumcised. There's no way that was there in real life right? She had to just be imagining having her own dick. I snapped back to the real world, trying to process the self-imagined dick girl version of the math nerd in front of me.

"We still on for later?" I asked, trying not to imagine an erection straining against her black leggings. There's no way there was a dick there right? No, it couldn't be, there's no way to hide it in those leggings. I mean, it would be amazing if there was, clearly I didn't have any qualms against it, it was more about the complete wonder of it.

"Yes absolutely!" It was uncharacteristically excited of her, I guess she was really winding herself up. I was instantly more excited for later. If she was imagining this during math, I could only picture the fun that we could have. Putting all the effort I could muster into staying focused during class was a different experience for me, though it wasn't on paying attention to what Ms. Inserra was teaching but rather how to keep poking and prodding Natalie's thoughts, keeping her on edge and unable to focus on anything but her own fantasies playing out in her head. A constant stream of cocks, driving her deeper and deeper down a rabbit hole in her own psyche. She was squirming constantly during class, her breaths shallow and rapid, I was pretty impressed with her ability to just sit there and grit through it.

Gym came and went without anything happening, I still hadn't seen Geigerson. I wonder if she took the day off or something, she didn't seem like the person to just avoid a confrontation. Art class quickly pulled my mind away from it. The class itself was normal, I was still the "model," only a day left of that before I'd have to do some actual work. Mr. Fabian was paying more and more attention to what Abby was doing. By the end of the class I had to see what it was. Mr. Fabian was still talking to her when I walked over towards the end of class.

"Ah Ryan!" Fabian said, enthusiastically "I was just asking Abby if she wanted to join us on Saturday. You really must see what she's been working on." She seemed to blush, like she was being put on the spot.

"Oh?" I swung around the back of the canvas, a deep confusion was washing over me when I saw what she made. "This is—" I paused, "This is incredible." It was the pose I had been making, but she didn't draw me, this was Bacchanalia. His body, his face, everything that I had seen each time I'd entered the white room. But I hadn't done anything to her, nothing like with Simon, how could she possibly?

"HMMMM..." I heard Bacchanalia growl in my head.

"Really?! It's just, like, what I see every time I look at you." She turned redder once she said it. Mr. Fabian laughed at her embarrassment.

"The form is perfect; the shading is fantastic. Even the light source is consistent. You, young lady, are as fascinating as Ryan here." He said, with his hands on each of our shoulders. "Really you should join us. Everyone would enjoy your company." He was laying it on pretty thick, she seemed like she was melting on the spot though, so I assume she would end up coming. Looking around it seemed as though a number of other kids from the class were staring absentmindedly at her painting, I hoped they were really distracted by it and not listening to Mr. Fabian, he really didn't need one of them calling him out on inviting two students around without their parents. I probably should have put more thought into the whole "drawing a god that isn't there" bit, but I was pretty sure I was going to go corrupt this nerdy math girl, so the thought was quickly lost.

Natalie and I met in the hall and made our way to her house.

"Soooo my Dad's going to be home." She said, with a tinge of desperation in her voice. "So we'll probably have to stay downstairs." I'd be more surprised that she was being so open about it had I not peeked into her dick fantasy before that was intense, I hadn't poked her mind since math but I assume she was still wound tight from earlier.

"Hi Daddy!" She called as soon as we entered the door, their house looked very similar to mine, living room up front, kitchen that you could see right behind it. I caught sight of a family photo, looks like Natalie had a younger sister, she had to be younger than Sam, I was still looking the pictures over when his reply bellowed through the house.

"Hi Natty! How was school?" Came a booming man's voice from the kitchen area, deep and loud, like a he was secretly a horde of men squeezing out single impressive voice. He peeked his head out, "I forgot you were bringing a friend over." He sounded more serious. He walked out from the kitchen, he was a bear of a man, way over 6 feet tall, with a barrel of a chest and arms that looked like he could punch me through a wall. His physique put my dad to shame. He was pale, a lot like Natalie, and had short black hair on his head. The sharp features of his face didn't exactly match Natalie's softer, rounder form. "I thought you'd be taller." He said before he broke out into a great big smile and put his hand out for a shake.

"Daddy be nice." Natalie said as I took his hand. His fingers were frighteningly huge, his hand was at least two to three times larger than mine, and his grip was firm.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Ryan." It was weird, even knowing I could control his very thoughts, the sheer presence from him had me frightened.

"Lucas, Lucas Aksel. So, you're the boy my girl here has been talking about." His smile went serious before he turned to Natalie. "No closed doors." He released my hand and I must have looked dumbstruck. "Have fun kids!" he was back to his excited voice from when we first walked in. This was a scary man.

"So, what are you messing up on now?" Natalie asked as we sat on the light pink carpeted floor of her room. The world got that red-jello feel to it as I probed her thoughts, hoping to find and pull her day dreams of dicks front and center again. She seemed to have managed to bury them a bit in the last two periods, but it wasn't difficult to shuffle her priorities until she was thinking about cocks first and foremost. Her inner thoughts were confused to say the least of why she was suddenly thinking about guys jacking off for her again, about her having a dick and masturbating in front of them, with them. `I thought I took care of this after math...' she thought to herself—So that's why her thoughts weren't still there! Hah.

I dug a bit deeper into her memories and it struck me that I should probably be considering my actions a complete invasion of her privacy. Less than a week ago I would have been terrified if someone could do what I was doing to people, but now it felt as natural as breathing or farting, just something that I could and should do. Moral quandary aside, Natalie's memories revealed that she was a bit of a daddy's girl, scenes of her and Lucas played out before me, playing in a park, an early birthday, a big hug after she won in a math Olympiad, she seemed to place great value in these memories. Hiding below that, in a place tucked away, was something I knew I could use. I wasn't quite sure how this whole picturing people's thoughts and memories through my jello-bubble worked yet, it seemed like the things that people wanted to hide or were uncomfortable with were always harder to get to, like they were buried beneath layers of coverings that needed to be pulled and pried away before I could view them, let alone manipulate them in some way. This one was no different, but once I found it I could see why, under the layers of her happy memories with dad, she, and now I, knew that she wanted him to hold her, caress her, kiss her, and even deeper than those fleeting fantasies, penetrate her. It was like hitting a gold mine, I poked and prodded at that thought and the perverse thoughts around them, trying to give her thoughts of her father as much prominence as her earlier dick-filled day dream, and pulling it up right to the front of her consciousness. It's a good thing that there was some kind of time fucker-y that went on when I was digging around in people's heads, it felt like I was in Natalie for hours, feeling around in each and every part of what made her, her, but once I hopped out of that world that felt like jello it was as though no time had passed.

"I really don't think I need help with anything, unless you have some Ritalin or something I suppose." Hoping that my face didn't betray that I knew exactly what she was thinking about right now, I continued "I really just wanted an excuse to hang out with you, we seem a lot alike, ya know?" I reached out and saw the whites of her eyes turn that deep, dark red that I enjoyed so much as I continued "You should be honest with me about everything, I'm not going to judge you." That was a lie of course, there's no way my inner monologue would stop judging people for a second, but I was trying to avoid having to tell her to just strip and fuck me directly. I wasn't sure if it was just Bacchanalia rubbing off on me, but directly telling people to do things just didn't seem like much fun after the initial rush of it. Trapping people into thinking that they had come up with these desires on their own, even if it was based off some manipulated or false thought or memory was far more satisfying.

"Don't get full of yourself, BOY, don't start thinking you can fully comprehend the workings of a god." I wasn't sure I'd ever get used to having someone constantly listening to me. I guess that was how other people would feel if they knew about what I was capable of doing to them.

"Don't be an idiot, you never pay attention, you never do any work, how can you possibly be on top of everything? I just went easy on you in the library, you couldn't possibly pull that off again." Her eyes were super focused, like a cat about to tear apart a mouse or small bird. Hah! She just wanted to lose again, I kissed her last time but now we were alone in her room and she was just a stressed-out girl-shaped mess of hormones that was stuck in a loop of her own fantasies, just looking for an excuse to pop. We'd have to work on that whole needing an excuse to ask for what she really wanted to, though.

"Then let's go again. Give me a few that are as hard as anything you've done, doesn't matter how obscure the rule that I need to use. When I win, I get to ask for something again." There was no way I could lose, it'd be pretty fun to watch her slowly accept that.

"What if I win?" I prodded the day dream of her father groping her, and another of her masturbating in front of our class room again.

"You get the same, you can get me to do anything, admit I cheated to win before, actually focus on class, constantly go around stroking your ego by telling people you're the best and brightest—whatever." A new thought fluttered through her, jumping in front of the ones I had just been prodding. One of me sitting on her floor, leaning against her bed and masturbating in front of her while being sodomized by a hairbrush handle. That was different, thinking about the situation, it was kind of like what happens to me when I'm watching porn, focusing in on what's going on screen then getting distracted by something else and changing my thoughts to something else in front of me and focusing on that instead.

Natalie was explaining something to me about the questions she had cooked up. Some kind of rule that I had to follow. I'm not going to lie, I was totally checked out and barely paying attention to what she was saying. It seemed like she had already expected us to play this little game again, she had a bunch of questions all made up already, and just needed a few minutes to make some tweaks. I jumped into and out of the jello-world as she made her changes, trying to alter the intensity of her thoughts, poking and prodding the ones I thought would get her the most turned on, watching as they mutated into completely new ones as I did. Eventually she started picturing her father in the room with us, molesting me while she masturbated in front of us.

When I started her little quiz she exuded confidence that I was going to fuck up completely. By the time I was about to finish her last question she was in awe. I learned nothing math-related but probing her mind, deciphering how to follow the thoughts and pathways that connected them to find where she hid the answers in the deep recesses of her head was fantastic practice.

"Wait are you really just that good at this? How often do you practice? This is like, years beyond what Ms. Inserra is showing, no one in our grade should know how to do this." She was in awe as she looked over all the work that I had lifted straight from her head. The whole jello-world thing had become almost second nature at this point, I could tell what she was thinking without putting much effort in at all. "Holy shit, he beat me, he actually beat me. Oh my god." Was running through her head. She sounded so excited about it.

"So about that prize." I tried giving her the most serious look I could. But really I was having so much fun that I'm sure it looked like I was wearing a huge shit eating grin. "What would you want?"

"What no, that's not how this works, you don't get to put this off on me—" her eyes were glowing red, slowly turning into that deep dark red like she was trying to fight off my order for her to be honest with me earlier, or maybe she was just confused as to what she really wanted, I didn't really want to know the truth on that one. "I would have you masturbate for me." At that I leaned in and kissed her, she seemed surprised before melting into it like she had at the library days early, before leaning back against the frame of her bed and starting to undo the fly of my pants, trying to remake her thought of me jacking off for her from earlier.

"Are you serious?" She looked pissed. "My dad is right there. That's not funny." That's not really the response I thought I'd get.

"What if he joined us?" I pushed and prodded those thoughts of hers again, trying to drive her mad with lust at this point, but I'm pretty sure it was amping me up too. As though I was daring myself to break her father and drag him into some bizarre situation with his daughter. I wanted to—no, needed to, if for no reason than just to prove I could. Plus she would love it, she was a weird one. I stood up, then dropped my pants in front of her, my huge flaccid dick swinging a few feet away from her.

"OH MY GOD WHAT?" Natalie yelled out, I can't say that I blamed her.

"What's wrong?" Lucas yelled out, before seeing what was going on. I pulled my shirt off so I was naked in front of them "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?" He yelled as he approached, the look in his eye said `I'm going to kill you.' I thought back to my sanctimonious train of thought from earlier, about making people want to do something rather than tell them to do something. That thought was much easier to swallow when a huge man didn't look like he was about to murder you. The world went red as I could feel that color coming over my own eyes.

"Calm down, take your clothes off too, Natalie wants to see." He stopped in his tracks and started stripping, In the moment I wasn't sure if there was right way to do this. "It's normal, ya know? You always want to help her learn whatever she wants, besides, you love showing off your body too." I honestly had no idea if that last one was true, but whatever, if he didn't kill me with his bare hands it'd be fine. His shirt came first, followed by his pants. Holy shit his dick was huge, like, bigger than mine, thicker around and uncut.

"Is this really happening?" Natalie asked, "I'm not going crazy here, right?" she was looking back and forth between us.

"It's real, want to join us too?" Lucas just kind of stood there looking awkward for a brief minute.
"This is what you wanted, right Natty?" He asked.

"You've wanted to see your daughter naked too, for the past few years now." I said flatly to Lucas before Natalie could respond. His dick twitched when her hands reached for the bottom of her sweat shirt, pulling slowly and tentatively pulling it up and over her. The mental image she had of herself was spot on, a tight little belly that wasn't super toned, two smallish breasts with wide, pale nipples that looked like they had a lot more growing to do, all on a super pale frame that almost made her look like porcelain. Lucas' eyes rolled over her hungrily.

"You did, daddy?" Natalie asked, with her eyes wide, Lucas just nodded. She smiled and started pulling down the leggings she was wearing. She had a great ass, it was pert and just seeing her cheeks jiggle as she squirmed out of the leggings was enough to get my blood pumping. Her pussy had a sparse little bush, it wasn't thick, and looked soft and downy right above her peach-like cleft. I could see her inner folds sticking out from her puffy outer lips.

"You should tell us what you want, anything really." I said, Lucas nodded in agreement.

"What I want?" We both looked at her expectantly her eyes were red for a second, I guess she was about to chicken out had I not pushed her a bit. "Dad can you jack Ryan off?" She was talking with more confidence now, adding details of what she wanted to see, trying to paint the picture from her dirty thoughts from earlier.

"Absolutely honey," His smile from before was back to normal as he made his way to her small bed.

Lucas sat against the headboard of the bed, back bracing against it, his legs splayed, drawing attention to his full, meaty cock topped with a tuft of trimmed curly hair that seemed to run up his chest. I joined him on the bed and sat in his lap, leaning back against his warm chest, it felt like I was collapsing into him, I could feel one of his large hands sliding up, under my arm and gently but firmly holding my chest, pulling me into his embrace.

"Your body is amazing." his voice was low, sultry, right against my ear. I could feel the warmth of his breath against my lobe with each syllable he uttered. His spare hand gently and softly gliding down the length of my side, fingers brushing softly over my ribs while he held me firm against his chest. I could feel his hardness beneath my, my small hairless sack was resting on his dick, it was warm and my own dick was hardening in response. Lucas' hand traced down the outside of my thigh, I spread my leg in response, his hand worked its way back up the inside of my thigh now, pausing just inches from my junk. I could feel the back of his large fingers brushing against my scrotum. Natalie was looking on, her nipples completely erect and her hand in quick circles over her clit. Her face was completely red as she watched her father's large hand finally take hold of my oversized cock.

"Ahhhhh" I let out a sigh as he gripped the base of my dick and rolled my head back against his shoulder while he stroked me slowly and firmly. "Natalie, is this what you wanted?" I turned my head to Lucas; his eyes were locked on my dick as he stroked it. "Kiss me." The world briefly flashed red and Lucas leaned in, his eyes meeting mine before they closed as our lips met. I pushed my tongue to his mouth and he accepted; I pulled my head back a bit to make sure Natalie could see our tongues dueling. Her hand was moving in overdrive on her own snatch as she joined us un the foot of the bed, inching closer to us as her dad masturbated me. I broke our kiss and watched the girl.

"Y-yes." Her glasses were slipping down her nose and her hips seemed to be humping against the bed.

"What do you like about it?" I knew it, but I wanted her dad to hear everything. He was watching her too now, his naked oldest daughter rubbing herself while he molested my young body. If it were possible her face just became redder, and she mumbled something. "What was that? C'mon tell us."

"I like your dicks." She said softly. I pushed the thoughts of her touching, sucking, and rubbing our cocks all over her. "I really like your dicks, this is so hot." She said louder. Lucas picked up speed as he masturbated me, I could feel his cock twitch under us. Natalie's face scrunched up and her eyes snapped shut as she came, grinding her pussy into the bed while her fingers frigged her clit. She seemed to come back around quickly and was back to watching us.

"I think your dad deserves some attention, don't you?" I asked her, while flashing the world red, "You want Nat to help you," I released the feeling before continuing, "right?" Natalie looked shocked, Lucas' hips gave away his answer, as he used the motion to rub his dick along my taint.

"I do, I really do." He replied. Natalie was looking at us dumbfounded. I flashed the world red again, her mind was screaming at her to do it, she just needed a bit of a push.

"Go for it, Natalie, do what you want." She lunged into us, between our legs. I watched her as she tentatively reached towards her father's huge dick, I could feel that Lucas was holding his breath behind me, eagerly awaiting whatever his little girl was about to do to him. His strokes along my dick had slowed to all but a stop. I could tell when Natalie made contact as his grip on my dick increased tenfold. There was a look of wonder in her eyes when her small thin fingers reached out for Lucas's shaft.

"Oh my god." She said with a low throaty groan as her fingers wrapped around his girth, another hand gently reaching for his fuzzy scrotum. "It's amazing."

"Harder Natty, squeeze a bit harder." I assume she did as Lucas let out a deep groan. Lucas' hand resumed masturbating me, now just inches away from his daughter's face. It was as though he was pointing my dick towards her. Natalie's eyes were darting between the two phallus' in front of her. Her hips were raised behind her, putting the orbs of her ass on display as she leaned in on her belly, getting even closer to us.

"Your balls are so much bigger than Ryan's." She cupped my small sack as she said it, I assume her other hand was fondling her father's as well. She got a little too close, and the next thing I knew the tip of my cock was on her forehead. She gasped and moved back a bit. It was adorable. The bun that her hair was in was coming undone and strands of her long black hair were starting to cascade down her face. Her hand was off me pretty quickly and Lucas groaned again.

"I'm going to cum on your daughter, Lucas." I said flatly, my hips were moving with his movements now.

"YES!" Natalie cried out, as she looked up, "Cum on me!" she didn't even have to move her head, she stared at her dad's hand, pumping away on my dick as the first spurt hit her in the cheek. She squeaked as the next one hit her nose and dripped to her upper lip. I only had one more spurt in me, this one shooting across her forehead. Lucas finally removed his large hand from my chest, and brought it to the back of Natalie's head. He was slowly milking my shaft as he brought her head closer, then used the tip of my dick to smear my cum on Natalie's face. "Dicks are amazing." She said as she started nuzzling my softening cock into her cheek.

"Mr. Aksel, you didn't finish." I could still feel his hard dick against my taint, I started grinding against him a bit, "do you have any lube?" I wanted his dick in me. I wanted to feel his big body over me, his skin slapping against mine. He told Natalie where to get it from, and she scuttled off naked to the bathroom.

"You don't have to do this, I'm not sure if we should." He said to me once she left.

"Everyone here wants this." The world was red. "You, me, Natalie, everyone in this house wants to do this." I leaned in and kissed him before finally climbing off of him. I was on my hands and knees, presenting my small flat ass to Lucas when Natalie came back in.

"This is it right?" she asked, holding up a small bottle. I liked the jiggle of her small breasts as she moved around. Lucas dropped a dollop of lube along my crack.

"Work that in for him, Natty." Small fingers were working along the crack of my boy-ish ass, before her fingertip started working around my asshole. I could feel another drop of lube before she started pushing in. "Go slowly." He directed. I couldn't see but I was hoping that he was lubing his fuck stick up as well, it was definitely going to be the biggest thing I've had in me. She was rotating her finger as she entered me. One finger, then two, I could feel her spreading my hole, her fingers still twisting in and out. "That's enough hun." I really hoped it was enough. "Relax, Ryan."

"Don't worry, not the first time." I said, trying to hide my nervousness. I could feel his tip, oh god it was big, so fucking thick. Millimeter by millimeter his entered me slowly. Natalie was constantly moving around, trying to take in the image of her big father fucking me from every angle imaginable.

"This is so hot, dad your dick looks incredible." She moved in front of me and sat at the foot of the bed again, leaning back this time. I could look her in the face as my ass was speared. Her small pointy tits were hard like diamonds, she started masturbating her clit again.

"Jesus your ass is tight." I could feel his big hands on my hips, I wasn't sure if he was using my small body to steady himself or to pull me onto his dick. I could feel his large body hunched over me, the warmth radiating off his body.

"Fuck me Lucas, just fuck me." I groaned once he started pulling his dick out.

"Yeah daddy, fuck him. His dick is bobbing under him, he looks so hard again." I was. I bit my lip as he re-entered, quicker this time, he was definitely using my hips to pull me back against him now. I was so full, it was incredible. Underneath this huge man, it seemed like he could break me if he wanted to, but it was so gentle. "How does my daddy feel? It looks so good." Natalie asked as she started fingering her cunt with one hand while rubbing her clit with the other. Her hips were really getting into it again. "My daddy's big dick is pounding you." He was by now, he grunted with each pump, I was trying my best to not tense up on him.

"It's great, your daddy is fucking me so good." I panted, it was hard to keep my breath, my legs were starting to wobble.

"Fuck, oh fuck I'm cumming." Lucas said in a deep growl as he bottomed out in me. I could feel his hot seed spurting into me I was staring at Natalie while he did, I was looking right into her cunt hole, my dick was screaming to fuck her. No, no, not that'd be too simple. Not for her, she's been so wound up, so much like me, this had to be special. Lucas pulled out of me, leaving me gaping and empty then leaned back to catch his breath. I could feel my asshole regaining its shape. "That was, something else. Is that what you wanted to learn, Natty?"

"Yeah, Nat, what else did you want to learn?" I asked, flashing the world red again, while still lying prone in front of her, trying to keep my ass from leaking her dad's cum on the bed.

"I want—Daddy, I want to know what Ryan felt." I liked this girl.

"Natty, I'm not a young man any more, I'm not sure if I-" Lucas started. I knew what I had to do here. The whole world went red again.

"C'mon Mr. Aksel, you can always get it up when your daughter asks you." In hindsight that could probably cause some issues down the line, but I didn't really care at this point. I could see his dick springing back to life before I could release the "red" from the world. I had to run to the restroom to take care of the cum that was dribbling from my ass, so I left them to prepare Natalie's asshole for the coming invasion. By the time I returned Lucas had a finger spearing his daughter's puckered hole and coating his dick with lube. Seeing her round ass was a really great sight, it was pale and red, with a couple of freckles speckled on her cheeks. Seeing her laying there, spread for her father was amazing. She was making soft mewling sounds as his finger worked its way in and out.

"Get on top Natty." Lucas laid back as he said it. "Just ease yourself down." I held Lucas' dick up as Natalie lined up her asshole. She was facing me, with her back to her father's body, her eyes rolled back as his dick pushed through her ring, her first dick, her dad's dick penetrating her hole. She gasped and paused, I was staring at her as her mouth gaped, bending her knees millimeter by millimeter, accepting his man meat into her bowls.

"Daddy-daddy you're in me." she shook, it looked like she was hyperventilating as she accepted him into her depths. "Oh daddy."

"Natty you're so tight, relax baby." He said, while he spread her ass, looking at the point in which he speared her with his cock. She trembled when her father's big dick bottomed out in her ass hole, letting out little sighs as she got used to the full feeling in her bowels. Lucas' hands started roaming over his little girl's body, his big fingers roaming over the flesh that he helped make. Natalie's back arched as under his touch

"Ohhh daddy~" she purred. "Just let me stay like this for a little while." It was like she was begging. I moved closer putting my hands on her shoulders and pushing her back slowly, until she was laying on her father's stomach. She let out a gasp as the movement caused his cock to move out of her slightly. His hands continued their exploring, rubbing her small tits and wide nipples, flicking each nub between his circling ministrations. Her tight skin rippled slightly wherever his fingers dragged, as she moved her hips slightly, slowly using her father's dick to fuck her tight ass.

"Fuck, Natty you feel so soft." He growled again as she removed more of his dick from her butt before bringing it back down again and refilling her hole. Natalie gripped her comforter when my hands joined her father's in tracing the contours of her body. Lucas reached down for her clit first, eliciting a big gasp from her. Looking down I could see her wetness dripping along her upper thighs. Her eyes snapped open when I spread her lips and inserted a finger. She looked down, watching her hips and legs work her body along her daddy's dick as I fingered her. Natalie's eyes were on my dick as I masturbated while fingering her juicy cunt.

"This pussy looks too good." I said as I brought my tip to her slit.

"Ohhhh" she moaned out as I pushed forward a bit, not too far, but enough for my head to pop into her tight tunnel as she fucked her father with her ass "Is it going in there, too?" she asked. That was a dumb question. "OH my goooood" she let out as more of my cock was fed into her snatch. No cherry, I wonder if she popped it on her own? Her pussy was convulsing around me, and I could feel Lucas' scrotum against my own when we were both fully inside her, he hadn't stopped drawing circles around her clit. "There's two..." she grabbed the sheets as I felt her pussy convulse and her hips buck violently "Two dicks..." she spasmed again. I leaned down and ran my tongue around her areola, before flicking the tip of her nipple with my tongue. "both inside..." she was gasping.

"You're taking them, Natty. I'm so proud of you." Lucas said, it was the same warm voice that I had heard in those memories that Natalie had earlier. A wave of warmth seemed to emanate from her depths as a slow ripple rolled through her body.

"Daddy's dick..." she bucked, "Ryan's dick...", another buck, "for me." She cried out after that one. I started moving my own hips, needing my own release, fucking her tight cunt. My balls slapping against her taint and her father's sack as I did. "I love it. This is amazing, fuck me! Please daddy, fuck me with Ryan, please!" I guess he was just waiting for permission, Lucas started moving under her, his finger's leaving his daughter's clit as he hugged her small body into him from below, it seemed like we were working together instantly, timing our thrusts to plunge into her tight depths simultaneously. "Oh fuck, oh fuck, yes, YES! MORE! PLEASE!" she begged as we kept it up, at some point I kissed my way up to her collar bone, leaving a trail of soft, wet kisses up to her jaw. "I'm cumming, I'M CUMMING!" Natalie cried out. "Daddy please cum in me!"

The grunt Lucas let out was animalistic, Natalie's innards clamped down on me like a vice, I assume her asshole was doing the same thing to Lucas' turgid man meat.

"Take it baby, take daddy's cum." He said it so softly, with that same prideful voice from earlier. I could feel his dick pulsing through her thin walls, it sent me over the edge as I made one last pump before pulling out and spraying her mostly flat body and Lucas' hands with rope after rope of divinely powered cum. His hand started roving over her again, rubbing my cum into her chest and stomach. I could see his cock deflating in her.

"No more daddy, it's too much." She said, bringing her hands to his to stop him from rubbing her tits.

"Of course, Natty." He said, before sitting up, bringing her much smaller body with him. His dick popped out of her ass. "You kids make sure to clean up." He said before collecting his clothes and making his way out of the room. Natalie just laid back on her bed, basking in the afterglow of what happened.

"So how was that for a first time?" I asked as I sat next to her, watching her chest rise and fall with her deep breaths.

"Oh my god." She panted, "You can beat my quizzes whenever if we can do something like this again."

"We can do much more than this." I said with a chuckle, before prodding her mind, bringing up that fantasy of her having a dick of her own again. I wondered if Bacchanalia could do that? I mean he was able to make mine grow. I half expected a response from him immediately and was a bit let down when it didn't come.

"I don't even want to move right now." She said softly, closing her eyes. She deserved some rest. I covered her with a blanket that was caked with the cum that leaked out of her ass and some of my stray streams before kissing her forehead and letting her drift off into a restful sleep. I showed myself out, after saying goodbye to Lucas. It was late. I made my way home hoping that no one would care that I had probably missed dinner.

Walking into the door made me aware that no one would pay my lateness any mind. The groans and creaks coming from upstairs made it clear that something was going on. Sneaking my way up the stairs, hoping that no one would notice my sounds I could see that the main action was coming from our parent's room, the door was wide open, and I could see dad's ass first, pumping away into mom from behind, as she ate Sam out. I could have sworn I saw Sam mouthing the words "Thank you, Bacchanalia." As her fingers twisted through mom's hair, holding her face against her cunt. As much as I wanted to join in, my body was willing me to bed, and my mind didn't put up much of a fight.