Note: This story is complete fiction, any similarities to real people or events is entirely coincidental. This story contains sexual encounters between family members, adult-youth situations, and youth-youth situations. Those offended by incest, multiple partners or same sex encounters should not proceed. Seriously, don't do anything like this ever.

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It's early. Too early to be up. It felt like I just went to sleep, so why am I even up? Also, it's cold, why is it so cold? I pulled my hand to my face, trying to wipe the sleep from my eyes. Wait, that sound, I know that sound, the gentle slapping, a muffled squeal. Where was my blanket? I knew I pulled it over myself last night. For that matter where were my pants? I put on sweat pants before I went to bed, after coming back in from that fun little adventure with Natalie and her dad yesterday. I remember I had been so tired that I fell asleep before 8pm, and that mom, dad and Sam were all fooling around together last night. I opened my eyes, adjusting to the dark, the clock next to me was the first thing I saw. 4:45 am, alright, I thought it would be earlier. I looked down, definitely no pants, and I was erect, that wasn't anything new though. Looking to my side was the source of the sound. Dad was fucking mom from behind, she was on her knees next to my bed, her hand muffling her sounds as he pumped away.

"Uhh, good morning Ryan." He said, without breaking his pace.

"It's not even 5, couldn't you two wait?" I said groggily, still half asleep. "What are you doing here?" honestly compared to the shit I've gotten people to do recently, this felt fairly benign.

"NO, I NEED IT." Mom said hungrily, after removing her hand from her mouth. "Only you can come in me and I need it." I really should sort out whatever I broke in her. Mom groaned as Dad pounded harder, like he was trying to prove something. "Don't stop, please don't stop." Mom said to him as she looked back.

"Can't hun, gunna cum." He said, clearly trying to hold back his orgasm. He wasn't wrong, I saw dad pull out and shoot a string of cum on mom's back. She made a disappointing mewing sound.

"Baby please, I need you to cum in me, it's the perfect time so please, I need it." She begged, crawling up on the bed. I was already hard, I assume they were playing with me while I slept. Mom threw her leg over my waist and straddle me. "It's alright, right baby? You'll fuck mommy?" she leaned down and started kissing my neck as her hands roamed up my shirt. "Mommy needs your cum." That woke me up pretty fast. Dad was kneeling next to the bed, watching his wife feel up their son, rubbing her sloppy cunt against my oversized dick, and squeezing his now flaccid member.

"Yeah mom, you know I will." She looked up at me with a huge smile as she positioned my tip at her entrance and sank down, eliciting a deep sigh from her.

"Yes baby, that's it. You didn't cum in me yesterday, and it's almost that time of the month, I need all your cum if I'm going to have my baby's baby." She was glowing, her insides felt so warm "mmm, my baby's dick is so good." It almost felt as though she was taking a dig at dad, but whatever, they clearly had fun last night, and this morning, so who am I to judge. Mom's tits were bouncing with her, I reached up to cup them, tweaking one nipple than the other, I couldn't wait until these were filled with milk again. I bucked up into her as she sank down on me, meeting her with my thrust. "That's it, yes Ryan, fuck me. You like mommy's titties, don't you?"

"Fuck yeah mom, your tits are great." I was moving faster under her now. "Let me get on top, let me really cum in in you." We flipped in an instant. Dad helped slide a pillow under mom's lower back, giving me a good angle to really get deep in her.

"That's it Ryan, fuck her good." He said as he moved behind us. I felt dad fondling my small balls as I plowed his wife, my mother right in front of him. Mom was grunting every time I bottomed out in her. Her poor pussy taking everything I could dish out at her.

"God. Yes. Fuck me Ryan. Cum in me. Give me mommy all your cum." She was cumming, I could feel it around my dick, I was used to the feeling now but it still felt great. Her warm fluids and her muscles expanding and contracting around me, her tits jiggling under me as I pumped in. She pulled me down and held my head to her nipple as she came, I sucked a nipple into my mouth and bit lightly on it. I could hear the fapping sound of dad masturbating to me fucking mom as he kept fondling my scrotum. Trying to imagine what the scene looked like sent me over the edge. My legs splayed wide as I made a final pump, leaving the head of my cock right against the entrance to mom's womb as I unleashed my hours of built up cum. "Yes! That's it baby! I feel it!" She kissed the top of my head while running her fingers through my hair as my semen pumped into her. Dad was holding my balls, I'm sure he could feel them pumping my seed into her. He groaned and shot another load onto my bed. I looked over at the clock, almost 6. That was a decent time to get up, I suppose.

"That was a great way to wake up." I said to them, as I rolled out mom.

"Just the best." Said Dad. "We made a great family hun." He leaned over and kissed mom next to me, briefly rubbing his soft dick along my arm. "Time to get ready for work though."

"I just need a few minutes, gotta let him soak in." She said, eyes closed and still breathing heavy. Her hips were still up in the air, she wasn't kidding about wanting to have my child.

"Best parents ever." I said as I got up and started gathering what I was planning on wearing for the day.

I saw Natalie in the halls early in the day. She looked so happy, like she had a big goofy smile painted on her face once she saw me.

"Look yesterday," she was taller than me, so she had to look down a little to meet my eyes, "was amazing. You were amazing, I never imagined I'd get to try anything like that. To feel so safe and loved doing it. Thank you." She hugged me, people were staring, it was basically the opposite of what was expected from her. It seemed like I had really opened her up.

"I had a load of fun too. We should try some more stuff if you're up to it." I said, trying to pry her off me.

"Yeah, absolutely, anything. You taught me something, that I can't just be the best at math and be happy. I was supposed to be the one teaching you, idiot." She punched my shoulder. That was more like her.

"Well I'll let you know when I come up with something." She was smiling as she made her way to class, like she wasn't carrying a huge weight of stress. I'd like to think I made her life better, and all I needed to do was get her dad to fuck her.

Another couple of periods passed before I found out that Geigerson was back in today. I went out of my way to try and bump into her, to feel out if anything needed to be smoothed over. Never had I seen such a combination of confusion, fear, and anger melding together on a single person's face than when Geigerson caught sight of me.

"What do you want?" she was on guard. She was looking around, searching her surroundings for something, anything.

"Are we good?" I asked, hoping I thought going into a lot of detail would cause a problem.

"How could we be good? How did you even do that to me? You made me..." she paused, I wasn't sure if she was parsing through these feelings for the first time or just searching for a way to phrase that I fucked her in the ass and she loved it. "You made me want things. It was like I wasn't me, like I was a passenger in my own body."

"But you did like it."

"Yeah, but, I, UGH" she turned so she wasn't facing me, like she didn't want to admit it "Yeah, but that's not it. It was that I wasn't in control, that you made me, that's what I." She seemed conflicted, like she was fighting with her own psyche.

"I can make it easier. Whatever you're thinking I can make it easier for you." She looked at me like she was about to cry. Reaching out to her, I saw the dark red color wash over her eyes "Come to Ms. Inserra's math class during 7th period."

"What are you aiming for, BOY?" Bacchanalia's question reverberated in my head. `Joke's on you, lust god, I'm just making it up as I go.' I thought as I made my way to class.

A wiser person than I would have spend the remainder of my periods working out some kind of framework on the orders I'd need to give or come up with some way that everyone would simultaneously want to take part in what I had planned. But that would take far more effort than I was willing to put in when I could just wing it. I grabbed Natalie before class started, she still had that goofy smile on her face.

"You up for something this period? Ms. Inserra's just going to review stuff today." I tried selling it, "If you trust me, I mean." I prodded that fantasy of hers, of all the boys in class masturbating to her.

"Wait, do you mean—" Reaching out to the jello-world I flooded her thoughts with her thoughts of the class.

"Just sit towards the back today, I promise you'll love it." I gave her a kiss on the cheek and she turned beet red. I had to cut her off and get to Ms. Inserra before the everyone else got there, I reached out to her and her eyes turned that deep dark red shade as I told her

"Let me make an announcement to the class; teach all the girls except Natalie like normal, ignore everything that seems strange to you until the end of the period."

"Sure, Ryan." She said flatly before turning to the board to write the opening practice problem. Once the class was full it was time to see if I could really do this. The world went red, I guess it was working so far.

"Ladies, ignore anything that goes on in the back of the room today, and don't mention anything out of the ordinary to anyone." I motioned to the door, signaling Natalie to come in the room. I hope my command was just vague enough for it to work as a catch all on everyone. Still seeing the world through this red-coating, I continued, "Guys, you're not going to remember anything that goes on with Natalie today. Now go stand around the back table and strip. Don't worry about what anyone else thinks of you for today, and every time you cum say the phrase `praise Bacchanalia'." Natalie's face went pale, she realized what the set up was. She made her way to the back of the room and sat on the long desk along the back wall, the one with just enough space for the guys to circle around her. Without giving her an order or a suggestion, she moved in a practiced motion, like she had pictured and planned for this for months. I'm sure the constant reminding her by prodding the thoughts with such intensity and frequency for the past two days must have had some impact on how prepared she was for this. I walked next to her as she raised her legs to the desk, "Don't worry, no one will judge you for it." Before planting a kiss on her forehead. The colors returned to the world as the guys took off their clothes in front of her, forming up around her like a wall of flesh. One by one their bodies presenting themselves to the young math nerd. Natalie giggled and squirmed a few times, as she realized how wrong her mental picture was of what a bunch of regular people looked like nude compared to her idyllic fantasy. "They'll need something to jack off to if you want to see it." I whispered to her, without issuing any command at all she reached for today's grey sweatshirt, this one branded with some college which I'm pretty sure she'd never been to. She was pulling it up, over her belly and head when Geigerson entered the room. As ordered none of the ladies up front seemed to notice or care of her unexpected intrusion as she made her way to the back. Arms crossed and looking stern she stood a few feet out side the circle of naked boys and stared. The expression pasted across her face was forced, like she was trying to appear angry, disgusted even, I didn't need to read her mind to know she was full of shit but I did anyway. Her mind was a hurricane of thoughts—jumping back and forth between the look of the boys in front of her, of the now topless Natalie in front of her, of memories of girls eating her out in her office, of me slamming her asshole. I couldn't keep up, they were constantly in flux for the most easily accessed thought in her head. The ease of access made it so I didn't even have to dig deeper; I knew what she wanted from earlier, she wanted me to make her want something, to make her want something beyond what she was thinking about, what she already wanted. That was it, that's what I needed, none of this spending time worrying about what I was going to do, I just needed that moment, that brief glimmer of knowing that THIS was it, everything came together in that moment.

I didn't have to issue a command to the guys in class to start groping their own boy meat as Natalie finished pulling off her sweat shirt. She raised her hips from the long table and slowly teased the waist of today's leggings and he panties down at the same time, I don't know if it was a prior command or just her own drive that made her do it, but her hard nipples gave a hint. She was loving it, I didn't have to read her mind either to see that. The boys all around her, their dicks growing harder, some circumcised, some not, some big, some child-like, some hairless, some with a full bush, between the 14 or so guys around her she was bound to find at least one that she was into. I couldn't hold it against her, sure she was seeing more than I had even after a week of being able to control people, but I knew that I could if I really wanted to. I could do this and so much more, I could bend the world to my whims, I could warp this very town, country, planet into what ever I wanted as long as I was careful enough. That seemed like so much work though, this was easy, everyone involved wanted this. Natalie dreamed of it, now she was living it, all these guys wanted something—the ones that wanted to check out a girl got Natalie, the ones that wanted to check out a guy got everyone else, I suppose if there were asexuals around this would be pretty rude, but what were the odds of that? Fuck if I knew, I didn't care.

"You all want to see me, right?" Natalie asked as I walked up to Geigerson, as Ms. Inserra started her review in the front of the class, and not a girl so much as flinched at the gasps that came out of some of the guys as Natalie's pussy came into view, her pink lips, dripping with grool. Geigerson's stoic judgment broke into a look of confusion as Natalie continued: "Touch yourselves for me, show me you want me." Most boys started pumping their dicks furiously as she kicked the clothes off her foot, spreading her wet lips to them.

"You love this." I told Geigerson, the world that lovely shade of red that I enjoyed like no other. "You wish you were Natalie right now." I put my arm around her hips, causing the coach to lose balance a bit as she leaned into me, her legs shaking enough that I noticed it through her jogging pants. A mumble escaped her lips. "What was that?" I asked, looking into her red-tinted face, assuming it was caused by the order I issued rather than a blush somehow overcoming her tan face.

"This is too fucking hot." She said, longingly "I wish that was me."

"Come closer, touch yourselves for me." Natalie said to the group in front of her. Some were bold, putting themselves just inches from her soft skin, some were clearly still nervous, holding back and forming a second row of horny boy cock. One of the boldest, a boy named Sean was barely taller than me--his dick was small, smaller than Simons, hairless too, it looked so cute that I wanted to suck it just to see his reaction when he came—was the closest, Natalie reached out with a hand and fondled his immature sack as he jacked his dick, barely larger than a finger, looking into her eyes as she started rubbing her slit. Others took notice, growing bolder, some speaking now, egging her on to continue, to touch them instead. "He's first," she said sternly, "his cock is cuter than yours." She said, directing it at Derek, who had been known as kind of a jerk.

"You can join her, you know." I said, releasing the red hue from my eyes "You can do whatever you want with them." I shimmied my own cock out of my pants with one hand, while I cupped the coach's groin with another. "Your students, all naked, you just have to ask them for it." A boy came on Natalie's leg, Tom, a black boy, his cock not the longest or thickest, pretty normally sized compared to the guys around him, shot a few thick streams along the outside of her thigh, opposite of where she was stroking Mark. His groan, when he erupted, was cute, soft even. The tip of his dick, lighter than the darkness of his shaft spread it around a bit, but he didn't go soft, he just kept masturbating for her as she watched him, eyes darting between his cock and his head.

"Thanks!" She said excitedly. What the fuck kind of response was that to some guy coming on you? It seemed to set of a cascade, Mark was next, Derek after, more and more, young soft looking boys, ill defined, all blasted their boy jizz across her body, as she masturbated in front of them. By the 5th she started cumming, Nat's breath was shallow, her hips started bucking. "More! More! Please cum on me more!" She cried out, releasing Mark's dick and rubbing the boy seed over as much of her body as she could.

"Praise Bacchanalia" was said like a chorus, one after another, some together, harmonizing.
"Your cum! Give me your cum!" Natalie was focusing entirely on her clit with one hand as she rubbed the cream into her with the other, before bringing a drop of someone's to her mouth. It looked like she was eating a creamy chocolate, her face just melted at the tasted. Given my experience I had no idea how, I assumed it was as salty as normal. Geigerson was panting at this point, she was stronger than I thought, I figured she would break by now.

"Do it, ask them, beg them to fuck you." I said to her, just softly enough for the nearest person not to hear. Natalie's orgasm was fading as the last boy shot a weak dribble of cum along the length of her arm. She laid back against the desk, knees still propped up, leaving her pussy on display for her classmates. I looked at the clock above the door, about half the class had passed. "You're running out of time." Her eyes went that deep dark red as I reached out directly to her. "Tell the ones who you want to fuck that you want them, beg them to use your slutty body." Geiger son walked into the center of the group, pushing through the rows of naked boys. She stood in the center of the semicircle, right in front of Natalie.

"Please Natalie," she looked down at the spent girl "that was so hot, please," I could see her gulp as she pushed her jogging pants down, showing her dark black boy short underpants with red seams to all of us before pushing those down as well "Please fuck me, fuck me with your fingers." She looked back over her shoulders as Natalie started looking over the teacher in front of her, it clearly took a moment for the request to sink in.

"I-I" Natalie seemed unsure, before looking at me, it felt like my cock was pulsing at this whole thing, "No. I'm sorry. I can't I'm just not-" she stammered through nervously "I'm just not into girls." Geigerson looked dejected. Her hand was cupping her older pussy, it seemed like she was unaware that the rest of us were still staring at her tight ass. A hand gripped Geigerson's shoulder and shoved her out of the way.

"I've got a dick right here if" he said to Natalie, stroking his dick again and pushing it towards her


Natalie's hand moved like lightning, slapping the tan boy across the face.

"Get the fuck away from me." She said loudly. He listened, moving away and standing back in the corner.

"Can I taste you?" Geigerson's eyes were pleading "Just a taste." Natalie began closing her legs a bit as Geigerson leaned in closer. I had to sort this out.

"Geigerson, ask for some boy dick instead, you'll love it." I said to her, as the coach's eyes turned red. She leaned back up.

"I will love it." She nodded, like she was assuring herself and joined Natalie on the extended desk. She pointed to Mark, the short boy from earlier, "You want to fuck me?" she asked, bluntly. He just stood there nodding as his cock, barely larger than an adult finger instantly re-hardened. Her pussy was on display, mimicking Natalie, her legs spread, her lips more distended and noticeably less wet than the younger girl next to her. We could see the outline of her hips as her muscles drew lines down her pelvis, directing everyone's towards her fuzzy groin, the curly black hair that made up her pubes basically pointing the young boy to her slit. Mark trembled a bit as he approached "Please, I need it, I really need your cock." Reaching out and grasping his thin shaft, she ran the head of the boys dick up and down her slit, he gasped and spasmed a bit as she did. I thought he was going to cum on the spot but he managed to hold it together.

"Can I put it in, coach?" he asked, tentatively. His voice cracked a bit as he said it. She smiled a broken smile, and moved her hips enough to envelope his dick, stealing the boys virginity as he stood there surrounded by his class mates. "HOLY SHIT!" He called out, watching his groin disappear into her depths. His face was like a kid opening their presents on Christmas, the muscles of Geigerson's legs rippled a bit as she sat prone on the desk.

"Start moving. Work that dick in me." It was the same voice she used when telling us to work harder during gym, that we were slacking off. "C'mon, get at it." He started pumping his hips, he started slow, that wasn't good enough for her. "Put some effort into it, c'mon, give me that dick!" She was getting louder each time she barked at him, he tried running his hands up her body and under the H.S. Athletics branded t-shirt that she was still wearing, but she grabbed his hands and brought them to her hips instead. I guess she wasn't ready for that. "Just my pussy, just fuck your coaches' slutty pussy." Her hips were working now and the boy couldn't last, his back arched inward as he bottomed out and pumped his second load of cum this period, this time into his coach.

"Praise Bacchanalia." We heard softly from the boy's lips.

"Cum." I said flatly to Geigerson, her eyes flashing red again.

I stood next to Natalie as we watched two more boys take their turns with our teacher. None lasted long, but each time I told her to cum as they fucked her with their immature dicks, their smaller bodies dwarfed by her tall slender frame. None seemed to know what to do with their hands, they were all awkward, just bracing against the desk below them, pumping wildly, her windbreaker was a bit disheveled but otherwise still in place. There were beads of sweat dripping from Geigerson's brow as she panted after each new dick penetrated her. I leaned down and whispered to Natalie,

"You're so hot, covered in cum like that." I was really hard, my dick was bumping into her leg. "I want to lick that cum off you while I fuck you." I followed up, before running my tongue along her ear lobe, her back arched, pushing her developing chest out as my hands roamed over her body, rolling her nipple with my thumb before giving her belly a playful squeeze and cupping her mound. She was still soaked.

"Fuck me." She said huskily "Let them watch." I kissed her deep and pushed my tongue into her mouth as soon as she said it. She was unsure of what to do with hers as I explored every bit of her mouth, rotating her slightly so I could climb on the table, leaving us perpendicular to our coach next to us as she worked her train of boy dick. Natalie grabbed my dick and brought me to her entrance, I took the hint and pushed my hips forward, spreading her lips and spearing her with my big dick. She gasped as I penetrated her, and some of the guys were distracted from watching the coach and now had their eyes locked on us, stroking their soft, spent cocks at the sight.

"Mmmm, you're taking, ah, all my cummm" She said, as I started licking her body, anywhere I could see the drying streaks of her trophies from just minutes ago. Their flavors merged, some were utterly repulsive, some not so much. A small orgasm rolled through her as her fingers gripped my ass, pulling me deeper into her young pussy. At some point her head rolled back, watching the line of boys continue to fuck our coach. Geigerson had gotten more vocal about how she wanted them to move and had her his really working now. I ceased telling her to cum after each fuck a few guys ago, and there were only two left.

"Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me." Geigerson started crying like a mantra as a geeky looking guy with thin glasses took his place for what must have been sloppy 14ths. Sliding a long but thin dick into her cum-coated tunnel. "Aim up, hit the top. Right there, drag your dick there." She was panting now.

"Cum." I ordered her, and her eyes went red. I must have been too distracted by Natalie's quivering pussy around my own cock, as quickly looking down on her revealed that she had been given the command too. I could feel that tight girl-cunt squeeze me, grip me like a vice, like it was trying to devour the length of my shaft. The girlish squeals were great, I loved the sound. I glanced over at the clock and saw there were less than 10 minutes left. Fuck I wanted to last longer, to keep going, I let loose from everything I had been holding back and just started slamming Natalie's cunt. Her eyes rolled back and her words started slurring.
"AHHH FUUUCK YEESSSH. FFUUUUUUCK MEEEEE." Her words dragged out as I pounded her with my oversized dick. Derek came up to Coach, apparently about to take his turn.

"No. You don't need him." I said, it wasn't an order, just more of a reassurance. Geigerson smiled at me and brought her foot up to the boys naked chest, softly pushing him back, and dragging out a frustrated groan.

"You don't get to fuck me." She said smugly, turning and watching Natalie and I finish up. "You like cum, right little girl?"

"YES. YES. I LOVE CUM." Natalie cried.

"Do you want more? I've got everyone's cum right here." Geigerson said, while spreading her pussy lips. I could see all the thick white fluid dripping out already, and spreading her lips just seemed like she turned a faucet on low.


"But it's from my pussy, you sure?" Geigerson had that animal like look in her eye from when we were in her office with Megan. This wasn't from my order. This was the normal her.

"I-ugh" she grunted as I hit her cervix with my cock head "I'll take it-aahhh" again, bottoming out "from your pussy!" Geigerson's eyes lit up as she straddled Natalie's head and took off the girl's glasses, looking down and aiming herself over the girls mouth before squatting her pussy down. I could see the dribble of cum start before Geigerson's pussy lips made contact with Natalie's face. Geigerson breathed in sharply once the girl made contact with her pussy. Geigerson looked at me, pounding the other end of the math nerd under us, and smiled.

"Thank you." She said, the look of enjoyment on her face was the most genuine look she had given all period. She reached out and grabbed the back of my head with one hand, pulling me towards her face before closing her eyes, tilting her head and kissing me. I came in Natalie. Geigerson was grinding her hips against the girls face, until she shuddered. Not a violent shudder like when I told her to cum, but a low roll that seemed to flow over her entire body, punctuated by slight hip spasms.

We finished our little classroom adventure with enough time for me to order everyone to get dressed. Geigerson walked Natalie down to the locker room so the two could try and shower the smell of sex and cum off them without dealing with a crowded hallway of kids noticing. As they left, I wondered if Geigerson realized I had only told the boys not remember what they did with Natalie.

I skipped gym, and just took a breather in the breather in the library for that period, I figured Geigerson would cover for me after what had happened. I was back up to 100% by the time art rolled around. Taking my spot in the center of the class to model like usual, I couldn't help but notice that everyone seemed more focused on what they were doing today. Even the students that normally just fooled around, or tried to mess with one another's paints or canvas' were laser focused. I spend the time undressing Abby with my eyes. Her nipples were perpetually hard today, standing out proud on her big tits and just barely hidden by what I assumed was an extra thin bra and her flimsy black tank top. I just wanted to suck on and play with them. At some point I dragged my mind away from her fun-nubs and noticed that she was just gazing straight through me, like she could see me for what I really was. It was weird, also was there something different about her hair? It looked like it was paler? Or maybe I was just misremembering, who knows.

Mr. Fabian seemed more distracted than normal, paying the other students far more attention than he usually did, and they each seemed to be driven. At the end of class curiosity go the better of me and I had to take a peek at what the other people were doing. To my surprise they all seemed to have changed their pictures, and all of them seemed to be just vaguely my form from different angles, but all looking more and more like Bacchanalia—like it was spreading, almost like a disease or a virus. No one seemed to notice they were doing it or could even name what it was they were drawing aside from "you." To everyone their drawing looked unique, different from one another in some way—I couldn't really see much of a difference.

"Well then Lad and Lass, here's the address for tomorrow, I can't tell you how excited my wife and I are to see you." Mr. Fabian said to us with a big smile across his face. Abby seemed to inhale deeply, she looked at me like a fat man stares at a steak which seemed a bit weird, before saying.

"Yeah, me too, I'm really looking forward to it." There was a weird look in her eyes that made me stop paying attention to the nipples that were still poking their way through her top.

"Right. I'll be there!" The way I saw it, Bacchanalia was really into the art that we had seen a few days ago, and since he was popping up on everyone's paintings I kind of figured he was into it. Better to let this play out that piss off the deity in my head.

"Thank you, BOY. I do look forward to this." He said with a chuckle, his deep voice reverberating in my skull.

I laid back on my parent's bed that evening, propping my back against the headboard, after we had finished cleaning up dinner, like usual dad wasn't home yet. Stroking my long dick to the scene before me: Mom and Sam were in front of me, in a passionate tangle of limbs as they sloppily made out. Mom's full figure cradling Sam's small frame, my younger sister pawing at our mother's large breasts, tweaking and pulling her nipples on the fatty orbs, an antithesis to her flat chest. The sighs and moans were beautiful as they went at each other. Mom running her fingers through Sam's hair with one hand, while rubbing her daughter's slit with the other, parting her hairless lips so I could see her bright pink innards. I could see mom's juices coating her upper thighs, a spasm rushing through her body as Sam broke from the kiss to work her way down our mother's neck, while grinding her thigh into our mom's pussy. Then, a tit in her mouth, the suction on the nub evident by the caving of Sam's cheeks, mom pulled Sam's head closer, as if trying to fit more tit into her mouth, or at least more of her wide areola. Mom gasped when Sam reached down to spread her pussy like she had done to her just moments ago. Sam stared straight at me, tit still in her mouth, when she did so-like she was daring me to dive in. Who was I to turn down my little sis's invitation. I don't think mom could feel the shift on the bed as I lined the swollen head of my cock with her hole, her eyes were shut tightly and she was groaning under my sister's assault. That changed quickly when I rolled my hips forward, her neck snapped towards me, and she ran a hand along my arm.

"FUCK me baby, ohhhh ffuuuuuck." She groaned out at us.

"Yeah Ryan, fuck mommy." Sam sad, egging me on as she switched to mom's other tit. She had moved her hand down to her own cunt and started masturbating wildly as I fucked our mother. Mom was on her side, I pried up one leg and threw it over my shoulder, using it as leverage to drive deeper into her.

"FUCK ME RYAN, FUCK ME BABY, FUCK ME" the slapping of my balls against her thigh and taint was loud enough to echo through the hall. Having her hips split, diving into the junction of her legs as I held them apart vertically was so different. Sam raised her leg next to us, letting me watch her frig her own soft pussy as she nipped at our mother's tits. Mom pulled Sam into a kiss as she started cumming around my cock. Her pussy milking me, the walls of her cunt gripping then releasing as I ground my way in and out. I started cumming in her, letting loose more cum than I thought that I still had left in me, washing over her womb as my body twitched before letting her leg down. I collapsed on her as Sam masturbated next to us desperately.

"Cum for us Sammy" I told her, seeing that knowing flash in her eyes. She did. It was beautiful. I loved seeing my little sister's face contort as she climaxed, her body shaking and spasming. I rolled over, sandwiching the girl between me and mom as we cradled one another with our bodies, basking in the love and warmth that seemed to pour out of each of us until one by one we fell asleep in each other's embrace. Dad came home at some point, I don't remember hearing him come in or strip off, but I woke up with his morning wood sandwiched between my thighs, precum dripping from his tip and dribbling across my smooth, small ball sack. I gave his cock a few squeezes with my soft legs before drifting back to sleep. It was a wonderful feeling, a secure, inviting, accepting feeling, and all thanks to Bacchanalia's gifts.

I woke up in the white room, at least I thought it was the white room. The space appeared completely different. That vast expanse of what was almost completely hidden, the room that Bacchanalia seemed to make for himself had expanded significantly, with pools and tables, and benches sprouting up, all ornate with gold and various decorations. The "sky" for lack of a better word now had a large sun-like orb exuding the same warmth and golden hue that Bacchanalia seemed to release into me. I could see him standing there, admiring what looked like a fountain dispensing a stream of his golden coins from a wall. He pulled a coin from the stream before facing me.

"Are you impressed by your work, BOY?" his voice thundered, with that same dramatic flair of extending his arms around him. "We are growing!" he said excitedly. "With each prayer, with each act in my name my coffers grow, and with them—" the large glowing man held the coin up in front of me, before closing his hand around it and seemingly crushing it, causing an audible pop. "so does my splendor." Something was glowing on the ground behind him, in the shape of a circle just barely larger than the size of a human. From it a figure seemed to sprout from it, a translucent, glowing form made of the same light from the orb that was hanging above us. It started to take a human shape as it grew from the ground, a womanly figure, with full curves and an adult's height—definitely taller than me. The form seemed to solidify, losing the transparent sparkling glow as the color of flesh appeared. She was gorgeous, her dark black hair framed her deeply tanned skin, the light turned into a set of loose-fitting clothes, a tube top that barely covered her breasts and a pair of pants with wide flowing sides that tightened up at her ankles. She reminded me of Jasmine from Aladdin. The god reached down before me during this, pulling another golden coin from the floor and crushing it, before turning to face his creation.

"I'm not sure you're prepared for this, BOY." He said as a much larger oval formed in a similar fashion. I should probably take his word for it.

"Hey just one thing!" I called out, louder than I meant to, I mean he was only a few feet away, he turned his head back "Are you cool with the art thing?"

"Oh yes, BOY, that was a fantastic idea." He said with a big smile showing off his disturbingly white teeth. The glow from him had turned roughly into the shape of a donkey. Yeah, I wasn't quite ready for this yet. I turned my back to them before finding myself stirring in my parents bed again.

Saturday morning felt so normal compared to the insanity of the last week, mom made breakfast before heading out to work for some over time thing she was working on, Dad was up and back at the hospital early, Sam bounced around the house for a bit before heading over to her friends house for whatever they would get up to. I took my time getting ready before hopping on my bike and making my way over to Mr. Fabian's house.

"Hey there Lad," he called from the door. "Move your bike to the side behind the gate, I'll meet you at a side door there." I entered a studio, and he showed me around the large room, canvas' and paint supplies lined the walls. There were stand alone lights with diffusers strewed about, and a place toward the center of a room that had a backdrop propped up and a slightly raised floor. A woman walked into the room, she was wearing a floral print blouse and slacks, she looked Indian or Pakistani, I could quite tell. Her figure was spectacular, she seemed almost perfectly in proportion, hips about as wide as her slim shoulders, her cleavage granting a glimpse of her large, full breasts. She looked like she had been dipped in chocolate, with her dark eyes, surrounded by a smoky looking makeup drawing attention them.

"You must be Ryan! Kamal has told me so much about you!" she walked over briskly and leaned in to give me a peck on each cheek. "It's so nice to meet someone who inspired my husband with such intensity!" she was holding my right hand between both of hers and staring deeply, like she was dressing me down with her gaze. "He's been working non-stop since he saw that picture of yours." She said as her smile grew, "and oh boy was that subject a looker." She finished with a wink.
"HAH, now don't go embarrassing the boy just yet dear! Ryan meet my wife, Ratna." Mr. Fabian said boisterously "Would you something to drink in the mean time? I haven't heard from Abby so I'm not sure when she's aiming on getting here."

They showed me around their house, there were paintings and photos everywhere, they made sure to point out the paintings that Mr. Fabian had been making all looked vaguely like Bacchanalia but were all missing something. Abby showed up not much later, and the four of us made our way back to the studio towards the back of the house after Ratna gave us each a cup of tea.

"So, what are we in for?" Abby asked, I assumed she was nervous about whatever was coming. She was looking around the room like she was studying the layout for a way of escaping. Her hair looked different again, even more pale than yesterday, I knew I wasn't imagining it now, it had to be real, but why—

"We were hoping you two would indulge both of us, you know Kamal's more of a painter, but my love will always be my camera. I was hoping I could photograph you while he sketched out what he planned on painting." Ratna's diatribe seemed practiced, she was waiting for the moment to spring that on us. I really didn't mind either way, I guess being on display for the past week in front of all my classmates probably eased my nerves a bit.
"Well lad and lass, you think you're alright with that?" Mr. Fabian chimed in, his grin was warm and inviting.

"YES ABSOLUTELY!" Abby's enthusiasm took me back a bit, and her eyes lit up. She brought her hands over her chest like she was begging to continue. The Fabian's set up all of their equipment, Ratna setting up the lamps and diffusers, Kamal setting up a large canvas, easel, and set of charcoals. "I'm pretty excited for this, especially with you." She said softly then licked her lips, her nipples were hardening again, I could see them pointing out through her ribbed tank top and the black bra underneath. Huh, didn't really expect someone to come onto me without fucking with their head a bit—weird. Ratna turned on some music and snapped me out of my own thoughts.

"Alright, so photos are a bit different from just staying still for a painting." Ratna moved between Abby and I, positioning our bodies and angles just the way she wanted. "There's more of a flow to it, I'll move you some way, you move other ways, give me something that feels natural." She stepped back and snapped a picture, moving around to a different angle she snapped another. "Move a little closer." She called out to us—Abby and I tried to keep the same pose she set us up in, "No, no, no, no, that's too stiff, loosen up a bit." She said to us as she moved around, snapping photos. We got closer, looking into each other for a few shots, then away. Ratna kept moving around, coming over and repositioning us, we moved closer and closer. Through the entire thing Mr. Fabian just watched, hand on his chin, like he was waiting for the perfect moment. Eventually we were within arm's length of each other, the Mrs. Fabian seemed to encourage each time we made contact, after a few more snaps we were doing it on our own, at one-point Abby grabbed me by the collar and pulled me down for a shot, another few of my hands running up her arms. Some shots with one of us kneeling in front of the other, some not, pose after pose before Ratna tried to push things forward a bit. We were getting into it, so much so that even I was surprised when Ratna added in: "Now Ryan, take off your shirt." Kamal leaned forward a bit, and I pulled my shirt up and tossed it to the side "That was. Okay!" Ratna followed up with, surprise in her voice. I reached out through that red jello-y feeling to find that she thought it would take more coaxing to get either of us to take off anything. Oh dear, was she in for a surprise. I poked around in her head, looking for what she imagined the culmination of the day was going to be and-OH. YES. Thank you, Ratna! Jumping back to the real world I steeled myself for the coming ride, it was like knowing the spoiler to a story, but I sure as fuck was excited for the ride to get there.

"Sorry! I got so into it you could have kind of told me anything, there." I said, trying to play into that image of how she thought today should have progressed. She smiled as the flashes continued. She moved Abby's hand for her at some points, but eventually she was moving and posing against me on her own. I tried to get into it a bit, reaching my hand up under her tank top, feeling her soft belly, she had more too her than anyone I had been with before, not fat but meaty, I could hear her let out a little gasp as I ran my hand around, pulling the hem of her tank top up. The it seemed like Ratna was snapping pictures as fast as her finger could click the button as Abby looked back at me and helped me pull the top up over her head. I looked into her eyes, it was strange, like there was fire in them dancing in her iris', it was distracting and intoxicating, had Ratna not come over and moved us a bit I felt like I could have just stood there for hours like I was watching a movie.

"Just want to make sure you two are alright with this." Kamal chirped. I had almost forgotten our art teacher was there. I could see the charcoal in his hand and the darkness of it coating his fingers, so I guess he was working on his canvas. "Anything we could do to make you more comfortable?" he asked softly. Knowing how Ratna wanted this to go, I played my part, trying to push it along and hoping Abby would go along.

"Well," I took an exaggerated breath to make it seem like I was more uncomfortable than I actually was, "I mean, if you matched what we were wearing? Maybe it'd be less... I don't, no don't mind me!" I tried looking away like I was embarrassed at what I had just said. Ratna let out a little giggle and started unbuttoning her blouse.

"Don't worry about it Ryan! A lot of my models feel more comfortable when they're not alone." Score. Looking over at Abby I could see her breathing more deeply, her big, creamy breasts heaving in her lacy black bra. Mr. Fabian removed his shirt, like a sign of solidarity. Ratna's blouse came off, she had a tan bra beneath it, pushing her tits together. The fronts were sheer, with little flowery designs on it, I could see her dark chocolate colored nipples hardening beneath the fabric. I needed to see them closer, my dick was hard as diamonds even through my jeans. The photos and new poses came fast and furious, Abby and my hands all over one another as Ratna ran around trying to get every angle she could imagine. At some point Ratna came over and put Abby on her knees in front of me, had her lean in until her face was inches from the crotch of my pants. I could feel my dick twitching as she leaned in, and I looked into her eyes again, she smirked, like a cat that corned a mouse. Leaning forward she took the top of my fly between her teeth, teasing and tempting me. Her legs were spread, and she was pushing her thick but out, I could see it behind her as she arched her back making it seem even more prominent. The clicks from Ratna's camera were so fast it sounded like a single long click at this point. We repositioned again, our roles reversed. Abby leaned back toward the backdrop, propped up on her elbows and looking down as I made a show of climbing up between her legs, my head near the groin of her black jeans. I tried to bring it a step forward like earlier.

"Can I?" I asked, hands on the button of her jeans, she nodded as I undid them and started pulling the waist down. She raised her hips to help me as a matching pair of lacy panties came into view, then thighs, as creamy as her breasts, finally her feet. There was a clatter off to the side as Ratna kicked her shoes off and shimmied out of her dress pants, Kamal was next, furiously digging into his easel. I could see his cock straining against his tight underpants. Suddenly I was the most dressed person in the room, which felt a bit different. Quickly, I joined them, my cock straining against my boxers, it didn't take many more different poses for my head to pop out of them. I reset myself while making a bigger show of it than necessary. At one point the Fabian's had us standing again, me behind Abby, our hands moving along each other's sides at different points. At one point Abby's ass was pressed up against my hardness, and Kamal looked up.

"WAIT. STOP. Just like that, stay like that for a few moments!" his hand was flying against the canvas, his hardon bulging in his underwear. Ratna took a few steps back, behind him. I hadn't really noticed that she had silky looking panties with a floral print on, her thighs look smooth, not toned, not flabby, her limbs were all thinner than Abby's. Like yin and yang, vanilla and chocolate ladies nearly nude in the same room. My dick twitched its way into the crack of Abby's ass. She made a gasp and shook. "HOLD IT PLEASE!" Mr. Fabian called out. I could feel her breath increasing, mine sure was after a few minutes we were grinding our hips together, trying to keep the front of our pose static for Kamal.

"Do you want this too?" I whispered to Abby.

"Oh, FUCK yes." She replied immediate and ground her ass into me. "They can watch if they want."

"Mr. Fabian, we need a break." Time to go blunt, see and see if Ratna would try and play things out like she wanted. "If Abby and I don't have sex we might pop."

"WOAH, WOAH, WOAH, let's pump the breaks a bit!" Ratna interjected. Perfect, that's the opening she was waiting for. "Let's grab some water, maybe cool off for a bit." She said, tossing us each a robe and throwing one on herself. Mr. Fabian was finishing up something on his canvas as the rest of us sat on two couches next to a side table. "That got a bit intense over there, sorry." Ratna continued. Abby appeared flusher than I, for some reason her hair looked paler still, but her face was flush.

"Yeah I'll say! I was melting there!" Abby said cheerfully, stretching a bit and pushing her tits forward through her bra and robe. Mr. Fabian came over to join us, sitting next to Abby, while I was next to his wife.

"So, how'd you like to see how what our other models did?" Kamal asked as he pulled out a pair of photo albums from under the coffee table. We leaned over as the Fabian's took turns flipping the pages, recounting each event like a fairy tale. Pages and pages of different people being photographed, some older than us, some the same age, some clearly younger. The pages weren't set up as a shoot by shoot, but more of a progression, following roughly the same path that we had so far, fully clothed, increasingly comfortable looking models. Then missing a piece of clothing, when we got towards the back of the album most of the subjects were in their underwear or their swim wear, some were obviously aroused, it was easy to tell on the older boys, but some of the younger ones were pitching tents too, the girls were more difficult, some we could see their nipples poking through, some we could see slightly darker spots on the crotch of their bottoms. By the time we got to the last page my dick had worked its way through my fly and robe, standing out proudly I didn't bother to readjust. I could see Abby and Ratna stealing glances. "This book is our special one," Mr. Fabian said, moving the first album to the side before centering the other between us. "If you're not comfortable with these just let us know, it's fine if you're not, really." He said warmly, then paused before opening the book. Those same models, now in more provocative positions, slowly disrobing further. It seemed like the younger models, their small flat bodies were the first to appear fully nude. I wanted to just openly masturbate as Kamal and Ratna flipped the pages slowly, showing more and more. There were flat chests and tits, cocks and cockletts, mature pussies and immature little clamshells. I couldn't help it, I gripped my dick and stroked slowly, uncaring that the three people around me were watching. I could feel Ratna's hand on my thigh now, just like she imagined earlier. The pages continued, after the subjects were nude they kept going, someone joined them, their faces always obscured, just out of frame, but they were clearly Mr. and Mrs. Fabian, never both of them in a shot, but you could tell it was their bodies. The images became pornographic, them touching and groping their subjects, their subjects touching and groping them, it continued to progress. I reached for Ratna's hand and brought it to my cock, then started masturbating with her hand. She took the hint and started on her own. I could see Mr. Fabian touching Abby more openly now too, she had begun grabbing his groin as he kneaded her big tit with his spare hand, the one not turning the page. The details of their stories became more intense.

"Remember how soft she felt?" Ratna would ask her husband.
"Oh yeah, she was completely hairless, totally soft." Kamal would reply, as they reminisced over a picture of a girl far younger than us, with Kamal's cock near her lips, licking his helmet like a lollipop.

"Mmm and this one." Ratna continued, pointing to the picture of a boy maybe a few years older than me, "He knew how to fuck." The picture showed what was clearly Ratna's cocoa colored ass in the frame, thought the model's cock was in focus, I wished I was there. She squeezed my dick. I reached over and pulled her robe down her shoulders.

"Please, really, I need to get off, can we fuck?" I asked. Abby moaned from the other side.

"Yeah please, I need something in me." She whined, looking back at Mr. Fabian. Ratna turned a page, it was a collage, pictures of subjects that looked just around our age—maybe a year or two younger—of them fucking and being fucked by the Fabians. Ratna pulled me into her and rolled back, pulling me with her. Our tongues danced, I groped her tits as she reached back to unclasp that sheer bra. They were fantastic, I took a rubbery nipple in my mouth, flicking my tongue over a nub then switching to the other. Her hands running over my back, pushing the waistband of my boxers down before digging her fingers into my small ass.

"You're a big one." Ratna said with a smile as she ran a finger along the underside of my dick to the crown of my head. I pushed a hand down her silky panties, I could smell her womanly scent, her crotch was so warm, and dripping by the time my fingers found her. I could hear gasps as we looked over, to the other side. Mr. Fabian already had his head buried in Abby's groin, the wet noises of him going down on her as I could see her pinching and pulling her nipples on her large breasts. "I bet you want to fuck me." Ratna said as she put a foot on my chest and slowly pushed me away, before bringing her hands to her underwear and pulling them down slowly. "Beg me for it. Tell me you want my pussy."

"Please." I said, almost frantic now. "Please let me fuck you, my cock hurts so much." She kicked the panties off her legs before bring her foot near my face. "I need it so bad, please." I whined, masturbating to her now nude body.

"Kiss my feet." She said as she brought a finger to her slit, running it along the length of it. I kissed the sole of her foot first, moving up, to her toes. My hands left my dick as I held her foot there, massaging it with my small fingers as I kissed each toe. When she spread her lips the circled her clit I sucked her big toe in my mouth, sucking it like I would a small cock, running my tongue around it. She brought the other up now and I repeated on her right foot. Her thighs spread for me "Now you can take me." I dove in. I had was about to pop. I could see Mr. Fabian feeding Abby's pussy his dick, it was smaller than mine even if his balls were bigger and hung lower. Abby's hair almost seemed like it had regained some color. Whatever, it wasn't important, I needed to plow this older woman's brown pussy. And so I did, I was savage, well as savage as someone who weighed less than the person they were fucking while having basically no muscle could be. I sank my dick into her folds "YOU'RE BIG" she gasped. She groaned and rolled her head back. I grabbed her hips and pumped recklessly, she wasn't tight, not like the others, but she was hot so warm and just felt different, like her pussy had a different shape inside. She pinched her nipples while looking down, watching where we were connected. "Fuck you look like a little kid, but that dick. That fucking dick." She spasmed and locked her legs around my waist "Give me your dick. Wreck my pussy!" I could hold it. I came. "No!" she cried out. "More I need more!" I could see Kamal was fucking Abby from behind now, such that they could watch us.

"Ride me." I said, she seemed shocked that I was still just as hard. I could feel Bacchanalia's glow coursing through my rod. I rolled off to the side and she positioned herself over me. Ratna was about to penetrate herself with my tool when we heard a gasp from the other pair.

"UHHHGAAAACK" came from Mr. Fabian. Abby's face just looked overjoyed. Mr. Fabian was seemed like he was having a heart attack but stayed bottomed out in her.

"Honey, are you alright?" Ratna asked, still holding his dick, and looking at her husband worryingly. He didn't respond, but something was happening, Abby's hair color had changed. It was vibrant now, Mr. Fabian's body started looking gaunt, like he had been starved, and he was getting thinner by the second. "AHHHHHH!" Ratna shrieked as we watched her husband shrivel into little more than a skeleton, Abby's eyes opened, that fire that I thought I saw before was taking up the entirety of her pupil's and iris', they were a bright orange, flowing like lava, she pounced off the couch, knocking Ratna aside.

"MMMM." Came from Abby as she licked my face and held me down with such strength, I didn't think was possible from a normal human, let along a girl her size. "I've wanted taste you for dayssss."

"HONEY, HONEEEYY KAMAAAAL." Ratna was crying, she ran over to the shriveled form of what was her husband.

"GET AWAY FROM HER BOY!" Bacchanalia screamed from within me, louder than I had ever heard him "SHE'S A SUCCUBUS!" I couldn't move though, she impaled herself on my dick. I struggled under her, I couldn't reach out, I couldn't feel that "red" feeling, I couldn't get to that jello world. Each second I was in her I felt weaker, the world got darker, the only light I could see was the lava lamp-esq glow from Abby's eyes.

"BOY!" Eventually everything went black.



I walked into the hospital, making my way to the long-term care unit. I should have come here sooner. I wished I had, my friend had been here for months, stuck in a bed, a coma if the rumors were true. But I couldn't, between the investigation, the whole scare of what was going on, my parents getting worried about him being my friend, and then when they realized that Sunny was pregnant, I was basically on lockdown for months. I made it to the room, the door was open. I took a deep breath and stepped into the room. He was there in the bed, hooked up to a bunch of tubes, one pumping air into him, an other couple attached to bags of liquid, my friend, my neighbor, Ryan.

"I'm so sorry." I said, softly as I approached him. He looked thin, thinner than before, and he was already on the smaller side before. "You did so much for me, and I couldn't see you, couldn't help you." I choked a bit and could feel tears welling in my eyes. "You're my friend and I didn't" I coughed, "I couldn't..." I reached out and took his hand.

"touch the necklace" a soft whisper worked its way into my ear, just barely louder than the beeps and whirring's of the medical devices around us.

"What?" I looked around for the source and released Ryan's hand. Looking back to him I touched him again "I wish I could help you."

"touch the necklace, Simon" that whisper again, I looked at Ryan's neck and saw something. I knew that design, I looked at it every night, I masturbated myself to the picture I had seen it on, it was on the painting Ryan gave to me, the image of Bacchanalia. "Yes, there. Take the necklace, Simon." The voice was louder, clearer now. I reached out, touching the pendant, a warmth flowed through me. I knew this warmth, I'd felt it before, I'd felt it with Ryan, I'd felt it with Sunny and AJ and Sam. I undid the clasp and took the necklace into my hands, looking down on it. Something felt different in the room, like the room was fuller. The sounds of the machines seemed to lower. The hairs on the back of my neck stood on end and I looked up, glancing around the room. Finally, I turned around and...
"I need your help, BOY."

"L-l-lord Bacchanalia!" I stammered, my eyes widened as I gazed upon him, he was huge, tremendous, his muscles and form were intense, a giant that seemed to take up the entire room.
"Stop, Simon. I don't have time for that. I need your assistance." His voice was booming, carrying like we were in an echo chamber.

"Y-yes! Anything! What is it? What do you want?" I was vomiting words, he looked annoyed.

"Want? WANT? I want my BOY back!" The deity before me roared, before radiating a warm golden glow that enveloped my very being.