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"Put on the necklace. We need to find the girl." His voice was lower now, Bacchanalia's, the god who Ryan brought into my life. I did, who was I to argue with him. I felt different somehow, like when you eat too much and your stomach feels full beyond capacity, but in my head it made me want to vomit. Looking back on Ryan, laying there in that hospital bed made me feel selfish, at least I wasn't locked there. "You should rest, BOY. You'll need it."

I made my way home, two buses and a few blocks walk later and I was at my house. My head was pounding, sweat was pouring from my head, like I had an incredible fever. My bed beckoned to my, I ignored Sunny's cheerful greeting and just made my way to my room, collapsing on my mattress.

`You okay there?" Sunny asked softly from the door, I just groaned and shut my eyes. I could feel her approach the bed and put her hand to my forehead, as if she had a sixth sense, a motherly understanding that something was wrong. "You're burning up! Just rest, I'll get you something for your fever." I had passed out before she came back.

My eyes opened to a white room, I couldn't see any defined walls or ceiling, but it felt cramped, stuffy. Bacchanalia was there, standing with his back to me. He turned when he noticed my presence. Something was shining in his hands, it looked like a stack of gold coins that he was running his hand over, like he was counting them by touch.

"BOY, we're looking for someone. I need you to hold it together until then." There was something.

"Who are we looking for? You said it was a girl?" I asked, talking hurt, moving hurt, breathing here hurt.

"The girl who did that to the BOY, we need to find her. The art girl." He paused and brought a hand to his temples "You mortals are all so similar. Abby? I think that's what the BOY called her."

Huh, Abby, I didn't know her, I think there was an Abby at school, and the "art girl." Was she in art class with Ryan? That would explain why there were at Mr. Fabian's house. Summer vacation was over in a couple of days, I should be able to find her there.

"School starts again in a couple of days, if she's still there we can probably find her." I suggested.

"She'll be there. Succubi are territorial. That skank won't give up her territory. MY territory." He was angry, I could see the look on his face, like he was about to reach out with his long, muscled arms and tear me in half. "Go, BOY, don't strain yourself here."

I was in bed, the clock said it was 8 am. I got home in the late afternoon last night, it wasn't even dark at that point. How could I sleep so long and still feel so tired? Ugh, maybe I picked something up at the hospital, being around all those sick people. What was around my neck? Looking down, I could see a necklace, that necklace. No. No no no no no. It can't. Ió

"Calm down BOY." Oh fuck, that's real. This whole thing isó"Yes boy, and we have work to do. You mentioned that my temple won't reconvene for a few days? We have until then to prepare you."

Are you reading my mind? What temple? Prepare? Did he mean school? Right school restarted then, and we had to find Abby. But how could I "prepare," did he mean plan?

"Yes, and I know what I said, BOY. You have until your school begins to get used to this ability. I choose not to act in your world." Did Ryan have to do this? "He did. You have less time. Find someone and I will guide you, you'll need to prepare quickly." This mind reading business was odd. Mom and Dad would be at work right now, so the closet person was probably Sunny, she didn't go out much once her pregnant belly started to show. I peeked in her room, she was still in bed, she'd been there longer and longer after she figured out she was pregnant. It didn't start that way. She was excited and overjoyed when she found out. She confided in AJ and I and was generally giddy and bubbly. The first time the three of us were together with mom and dad out of the house we celebrated by me fucking her, while AJ watch, followed by AJ having his way with me. It was fantastic, she and I cuddled up together for hours as she whispered that she wasn't sure if the baby was mine or Ryan's. I was happy either way. It was the last time I remember feeling Bacchanalia's warmth flow through me. Since then though it was all downhill. It only took a few weeks for mom and dad to catch on. I think it was the vomiting in the toilet for hours that tipped them off. There was a shitstorm of epic proportions, AJ was banned from the house. There were hours and hours of conversations of them trying to convince Sunny to get an abortion, that she was throwing her life away. Each time just ended in tears, they tried to make sure I wasn't around, but it would have been naÔve to think I didn't hear these conversations. Since then Sunny went out less and less. Her once toned limbs and belly seemed to soften in the past few months, and her loving personality towards me transitioned into a more motherly one growing as her belly did. "Now BOY, memorize this feeling."

Everything felt weird. Like something was tingling in the center of my brain, I blinked, the world got red, real red. Like I was looking through a piece of red cellophane. Moving was impossible, at least moving my body was, I could feel something that was reaching out, like I had another limb, but even that was encumbered, like I was moving through a goopy pool, jello-like. I could feel this phantom limb moving towards Sunny, it was exhausting, but once I was near her it felt like something else entirely. I was assaulted with sounds and images and feelings, like her entire life was entering me at once, like I was submerged in her very being as if a mac truck of Sunny smashed me into a brick wall at full force at 80 mph. Suddenly I was back to my body and everything looked normal

"What the fuck was that." I said out loud, my body aching and my head pounding like a jack hammer had been taking to my skull and eyes.

"Try again, remember the feeling, don't mess it up, focus everything, put it in a form you can comprehend."

Ugh, I didn't want to, that was so painful, even just imagining it filled my body with dread. But I had to, for Ryan, he deserved the effort. I felt remembered that feeling, the throbbing in my head, the feel of my limbs, of that phantom limb, I tried it all at once. It felt like I was straining everything. I reached Sunny again, and it was like that truck of EVERYTHING was hitting me again. No, I could focus like this, you'd have to be insane to take this all in and know what you were doing. Fuck that, I pictured a youtube video with a loading bar, but that wasn't enough, different layers, let the everything sort itself, just direct it. It was like I was using a video editor, 3 lines, all running, I could picture that invisible limb scrolling through, one line at a time, one for memories, one for thoughts, one for feelings. That was better, I had to focus on it, to keep it in order, order was important. Every time I lost focus of it was like being punched in the face, better than being hit by a truck but it still wasn't fun.

Skipping around, I jumped around Sunny's life, seeing events from her perspective. There was something off about parts, looking at them they had this golden glow for it, and they seemed to be her memories of the times that we played around with Ryan, it synced up with her thoughts and feelings too. Seemed one of the areas was a memory of short list of what absolutely turned Sunny on, including Ryan, me, and finally young boys and girls. Well then, that was something to keep in mind.

"Find what you want to change, BOY. Think about how it should have looked, how she should have thought and felt. Sculpt it like a vase." Bacchanalia's direction seemed simple enough but really that was a lot of work! How would everything connect with what she had thought or seen before? What if I missed something important? Was Ryan doing this? He could never even stick to a plan overwatch, was he just pretending to be an idiot this whole time?

"Aiming" for the one of the golden spots, just to see if I could, ended up with a feeling of being punched in the gut and slapped across the face at the same time. Not trying those spots again, I guess they were off limits.

I found a spot I wanted to change. The first time Sunny told Mom and Dad that she was pregnant. That's what I needed to change. Focusing on that "feelings" bar first I saw that she was extremely excited until their reaction crushed her, so I guess I had to change that memory first? I switch back up that other bar, picturing our parents reacting positively, of encouraging her, of still worrying about her future but reading Sunny's feelings to that point and matching her, offering to help her. I switched back to that "feeling" bar and noticed that just making the change to the memory seemed to change how she felt about it. She was still nervous, so I figured I would try and perk her up a bit. To feel an overwhelming love for our parents for supporting her. I had to remember to make them remember and feel the same thing, who knows what would happen if they each started thinking something else happened at the same time. I "let go" for lack of a better way to describe it, like relaxing a muscle after lifting something heavy, relief washed over me as I could no longer feel that extra limb-thing, and the world no longer looked red. But holy crap was I tired. I could barely move anything. It was a struggle to make it back to my bed and I quickly fell back asleep.

"Heeeeeeeey." Sunny said to me softly, gently shaking me from my sleep.

"ugghhh" was all I could muster.

"You feeling any better, Simon?" willing my eyes opened I could see her looking down on me with a warm smile. It looked more genuine than she had in months.

"What time is iiiit?" I groaned out, trying to wipe sleep from my eyes.

"Lunch time!" She exclaimed "It's already 12, c'mon come eat something!" she pulled the covers off me and tickled my sides a bit.

"OK-ok-ok-ok I'm up, I'm up!" her eyes were big and bright, she leaned down and gave me a big kiss on the lips, not one like a normal brother and sister. Not even one like we had shared for months. I ran my hand along her back and could feel her heart racing, reverberating through her body. SHE WAS BACK!

Sunny made me lunch, it was just a salad and we split a sandwich, but everything about her seemed back to normal, well, the touchy feely normal that we established after Ryan helped us out. It was great seeing her this way. Towards the end of the afternoon she even shoed me away so she could exercise a bit. She hadn't done that since this whole thing blew up. I wanted to warn her not to push herself but being 14 I had no idea if that's what a preggers teenager should or shouldn't do.

Sitting at the desk in my room I grabbed a note book and started scribbling down notes of how I was going to change my parents, so that they would get over this whole pregnant teenage daughter thing too. I wish it were simple, just one line or just one quick way of saying "do this" or "do that" but there's no way that wouldn't cause problems, and what if the problems sprung up when I wasn't around to fix them? Nope, not taking chances. I wrote and wrote, ripping out pages that turned into complete horse shit and starting fresh over and over. It felt like hours had gone by, and looking at the clock they had. Dad would be home soon, I had the plan all set, all the ways I would change what he was feeling and how he remembered acting, I knew there were at least four big fights that needed to be changed, and I assume a few more that I'd need to scan through to make sure that I didn't miss. I had only changed a bit on Sunny so they would still happen, but I'd change what he was feeling behind it, change it from what I assumed was shame, anger and embarrassment, to worry or just a feeling of playing devil's advocate. I'd make him proud of her again like he was before, when she was just his little girl playing on the volleyball team.

"Doing this too often isn't going to make my brain explode or anything, will it? I feel exhausted already." I thought back to Bacchanalia.

"You mortals worry too much." The deity responded. Kinda felt like he was dodging the question though. I hoped my brain didn't explode.

I was on the stairs watching the front door as soon as I heard dad's car pull into the drive way. Before he even stepped foot inside I reached that invisible limb out to him through that thick, jello world. Ugh, just as difficult to move as before. I should get closer to people before doing this.

Remember, focus. I told myself as the limb "touched" him. No truck this time, no punch to the skull. I remembered the same feeling I had with Sunny and used that to sort through him, organize him. You'd be mad to try anything else, how would you sort out what you were doing? I found the same fight that I had changed in Sunny and matched it up, picturing how the scene should have played out in my head. It felt like I was a video editor, snipping, clipping and pasting together shots. Then moving to his other "bar" I tweaked his feelings, once, twice, three times, four. Scanning through his memories he and mom had definitely called out Sunny when I wasn't around, 9, no 10, no wonder she was so broken, it seemed like every week there were more and more. Thinking about it was disgusting. They were strict parents, definitely, but they were purposely and consistently making their daughter feel like shit. That had to change, that whole aspect of dad's (and I assumed mom's as well, since she was present for all of these) had to change. Now that I knew about it I couldn't let that fly. What would Ryan do? What would Bacchanalia do?

"ASKING ME FOR GUIDANCE?" His roar seemed to come from all around me, instead of just in my head. Maybe it was this weird jello-y feeling that caused it, whatever. I just nodded.

"Love fixes a lot of things, BOY, if you make people express their LOVE they will act differently in all aspects of life." I think I was about to get Dad laid. Wouldn't this be like rewarding him though? But I guess if he changed it would all work out. Looking the third bar, the thoughts one, I hadn't touched this on Sam, I didn't need too, but on him I went to town, looking for all the thoughts he had of me, of Sam, of himself. I pulled a feeling of deep lust, the same that I had when I was with Ryan, with Sunny, with Sam and sprinkled it through his interactions with us. Looked through him, searching for anything that seemed repressed, and whooo boy was there a lot, too many issues to work through, I found tiny things that were associated with any time that he was aroused, I emphasized ones involving Sunny and I, and shrunk his thoughts and feelings of worry that something would happen to him if acted on it, or thought about it. But left the part of him that was worried about talking about it with others. Didn't need our dad going around telling people he secretly or not so secretly wanted to fuck his kids.

It took a while, finding, tweaking, shrinking, enlarging, erasing, but I was fairly satisfied that I had changed him, changed his thoughts, changed his feelings, changed his memories. He was going to love Sunny, pregnant or not, he was going to show her support and love, and he was going to have sex with us. Or maybe I'd fucked him up and he'd have a mental episode. After seeing how he treated my sister I wasn't overly concerned about that, especially since I'd just spent what felt like hours focusing in on his despicable behavior towards her.

Letting go I felt the world return to normal, it was odd, no time had passed while I was "in" there, even if it felt like hours. Dad took his first step through the door, and Sunny called out with a happy greeting. Dad was never a boisterous one, usually calm and serious.

"SUNNNYYYYY" he exclaimed excitedly. I felt light headed once I had snapped back, but his reaction to her would have given me vertigo even if I wasn't. I had never heard him like this. He gave her a big hug, then rubbed her belly bump a bit. "And how's my grandkid doing in there?" he said with a smile as he leaned down and rubbed his head over Sunny's stomach. She just giggled, and pulled her t-shirt up over her growing tummy, resting just under her bra and let him rub her skin directly. I could see dad take a deep breath, like he was inhaling her scent and give her bump a kiss.

Sunny made her way into the living room, turning on the TV and settling in to get comfy for a bit. I joined her before dad noticed and gave a slightly less enthusiastic greeting, though still far more animated than I had ever received. I cuddled up next to my sister, she threw her arm around me, pulling me closer. She had left her shirt up, and I was able to absentmindedly draw on her belly with my finger. Planting soft kisses along her side. Sunny was making soft mewing sounds, and rand her fingers through my hair, tickling my scalp a bit. I could see her nipples hardening through her shirt, and the sight of my big sister was turning me on a bit too. At one point she started rubbing my groin through my pants with her foot, the pressuring was nice even if the pants were constricting.

"Daddy will see..." she said lowly, when I brought a hand up to her breast.

"Let him," I drew a circle around her nipple through her clothes "it's been so long, and he want it too." She twitched a bit before letting out a little gasp. She raised her hands over her head and let me pull up her shirt and the sports bra she was wearing. I hadn't seen her tits since she started showing. They looked so full, like they were a pair of water balloons about to pop, especially compared to her pre-pregnancy. The veins running through were more prominent, and her nipples looked larger and darker. They were hard though, and I tweaked and flicked them while still planting kisses along her side and belly. Dad came into the room, I'm not sure when, and just watched us silently. "She's beautiful, isn't she?" I asked him once I noticed.

"She is." I could see him gulp, "Stunning, gorgeous." He licked his lips. Reaching up I gently squeezed her breast and sunny let out a moan. Dad moved closer. "Can I?" he brought a hand to her other breast, "May I?" he asked, looking into his teenage daughter's eyes.

"Please, daddy." She said, as his hand made contact with her supple tit. Her back arched, and I ran my hand down, over her belly, to the band of her yoga pants. I slipped just my fingertips under the waist, running them around her, she was squirming. I moved lower, her pubes were longer than last time, then finally her sex, that pussy, leaking already. I ran my finger along her length before putting a little pressure on her clit. Fuck I missed this. Her fingers were in my hair, grabbing it when dad leaned down and kissed her, his hand gently kneading her full breast. "Mmmm" was all I could hear as she melted into dad's kiss. Pulling her leggings down was easy, she seemed to be completely engrossed in the feeling of her dad and brother loving her. This was all so easy, why couldn't they just do this on their own earlier? Everyone was happier right now, and no one had to make anyone else feel like a mistake or a worthless person. Sunny raised her hips, I assume to help me with those yoga pants of hers. Her pussy looked like it was pulsing, begging for something to fill it, her hole was contracting and expanding as I spread her lips, as I kissed her thighs. Sunny reached out and fumbled with dad's belt with one hand. He broke their kiss and assisted her.

"Oh Sunny, my little girl. So grown up..." he said as he dropped his trousers. She reached out as I diddled her twat, reaching for the his boxers, as she pulled them down for him, I looked up from what I was doing, watching for dad's dick to spring into view, I expected something big, like Ryan's full and manly and then when Sunny pulled his boxers down just enough...

"OH!" She exclaimed her entire face was painted with surprise, my jaw dropped in shock. Dad's, dad's dick was... really no bigger than mine was a few months ago, and I had already gained like half an inch since then. He had a tuft of curly black hair around the base, and his balls were... not very intimidating. Sunny giggled a little and dad's face turned red. He reached down for the waist of his boxers.

"Sorry, I-"

"No daddy, no." she said, fighting with him to keep his boxers down, "I was just surprised. But I love it." She leaned in and kissed his tip. He seemed to ease up a bit, and let her pull his boxers off completely, I started wiggling my way out of mine as I went back to playing with my sisters cunt, occasionally bringing my fingers to my mouth to taste her. "It looks like a little boy's," she said, holding the base with just her pointer finger and thumb, then leaned in and gave it a quick suck. "I love boy cock." She said before putting it back in. I could see her tongue pop out of her mouth a bit near the base of his dick, each time it came out of hiding it was on a different part of his dick. Dad had his hands on Sunny's head, rubbing it in different spots, petting her gently as she fellated his small dick. "Daddy, do you want to?" she asked, looking up at him before running a hand down to her groin. I pulled my fingers away and moved back, I could tell where this was going and gave them a bit of space. He just nodded as Sunny rotated around and scooted forward, presenting her pussy to her father as she slumped in the couch. He rubbed his cock along her slit before pushing forward, still in his work shirt. Sunny through her arms around his neck when he bottomed out. "You're in me, daddy." She said to him, while looking deeply in his eyes. I started masturbating slowly to the scene playing out before me.

"Oh baby," dad groaned, "you're going to be a great mom." He said before leaning down and kissing his daughter deeply. He rubbed her belly with one hand as he fucked her, picking up speed as their tongues dueled. It looked gentle and sweet, though I guess it had to be since dad would have popped out fairly easily. I could see bubbles of a thick liquid sprouting from Sunny's nipples it was small, and faint, but definitely thereóI didn't know women lactated that early. Sunny started roller her hips as her breathing sped up. The old her would be working her abs in every which way to get more speed by now, but she was a bit encumbered now.

"That's it Daddy, yeah, yeah. Fuck." She gasped "Oh! Daddy yes." She was panting. "Fuck me, please fuck me with that little cock. Ugh, I love it. Cum in me," she was bucking on the couch and dad bottomed out as his butt clenched, I could tell he was cumming, he let out a bit of a grunt "Yes! Yes! Feed your grandkid your cum!" Sunny cried. I came to that in my hand, it was pretty weird.

We had plenty of time to sit around and giggle about the afternoon, Sunny and I made fun of dad for keeping his shirt on, then dad and I made fun of Sunny for begging for a fetus to get coated in cum. It was a good afternoon overall, and I never felt closer to my father. Mom would be home soon, but and I would need to sort her out too. I'm pretty sure Dad and Sunny had sex again while I was in the shower, I hoped I hadn't created monsters.

I could barely move. Everything about my body ached, even more so after the shower. It was as thought my brain was screaming to every cell in my body to just stop moving, rest, let it be. Mom had to be sorted out too, ugh, I wish I had planned this better, made it so I didn't have to do everyone at once. This was too much.

"It's like a muscle for most people, BOY. You've got to practice with it, build it." Bacchanalia said to me as I laid in my bed, desperately trying to stay awake until mom came home. It should be soon, then I could rest.

"YOU'RE PROUD OF WHAT?" I woke up on top of my bed, hearing yelling from downstairs. Shit. I fell asleep. I tried to run down the stairs but I could barely move, I was worried I was about to fall down the stairs. As soon as I saw where everyone was I reached for that feeling in my head, the extra limb thing. Shit, mom wasn't even as close as dad was when he came home. Every inch forward felt like I was walking a mile. Dad and Sunny had confused looks on their faces so I couldn't have been very late to whatever the argument was about. I reached into Mom and tried my best to focus like I had with dad. It was more difficult now, I wish I knew why. Was it because that's just who she was? Because she was already riled up? Was it just strain on myself from earlier? No, don't think about that, it'll just make everything more difficult I thought to myself. Finding what I need to change was easier this time, the memories at least, they were like dad's, I just thought about where those were. I tried to recreate the memories exactly as I had with dad. I think I got them all, it was kind of hard to tell with all those little quips she had made toward Sunny. I looked through her feelings, trying to see if I had to sort those out too. They weren't filled with shame and anger like dad's, but jealousy, jealousy that Sunny was pregnant and she wasn't, jealousy that she thought Sunny was more attractive than her (which wasn't wrong), jealousy that Sunny could come off as a happy, bubbly person even knowing that she was not in for an easy life moving forward. I don't get girls, women, whatever. Scrubbing that took about as long as dad's did. I couldn't bring myself to change her desires like I did with dad. Not now, at least, it was more and more difficult to focus, I could feel myself slipping, each time like another punch to the face. I had to let go. The room seemed to break out with laughter "Just kidding, who wouldn't be excited for you!" Mom said, while rubbing Sunny's shoulders. I stopped paying attention after that and just dragged myself back up to bed. This was exhausting.

"You're slow at this, BOY." Bacchanalia said flatly. "How long do we have left?" It had been a few days since I visited Ryan in the hospital. School started Monday, and it was already Friday.

"Three days," I groaned to him. Each day I tried to practice, if not on my family then on passers by on the street, and once at a mallóthat was a mistake. No matter what it was still exhausting, I could barely move after each person, regardless of how close I was to them or how much or how little I had changed. But even still I felt accomplished, special even. I was doing this to people, they were changing because of me. How long had Ryan had the power to do this? It must have been years for him to not just fall asleep everywhere. What made it even worse was that I could hear Sunny and Dad fucking like rabbits now every night. Sunny tried to entice me too, but I was so exhausted I couldn't even keep an erection for more than a few minutes at a time. It was very frustrating and I was pretty pent up.

My parents had offered me up to another Asian family from the neighborhood to help get their twins ready to go back to school, I was supposed to tutor them in math so they didn't look foolish. The two were about to enter middle school, how were they going to look foolish? Plus the parents had never met me, and they were just sending their kids over to our house, their priorities seemed a bit messed up.

Our doorbell rang our 1pm, right on time. Sunny had gone out today, I was glad that she was up and active again, even if it meant seeing less of her around. She was infinitely happier after I "fixed" herómy parents too, I wish I was stronger, strong enough to "fix" everyone. I opened the door to see a pair of kids in front of me. One boy, one girl. They looked almost identical even if they had to be fraternal, some kind of mix of Japanese and Korean.

"Hi!" I said excitedly and invited them inside, trying to make the whole situation less weird than it needed to be by killing them with excitement. The girl smiled, the boy looked at me with a flat face that just screamed `I'd rather be doing anything but this.' I couldn't really blame him. I brought them to the round kitchen table while I introduced myself and pointed out the bathroom before offering them some juice or soda. The boy's name was Nick and the girl's Kelly, their skin was pale and clean of blemishes, their eyes a dark brown and their lips a pale pinkish. Their forms were nearly identical, had Kelly not been wearing a skirt it would be difficult to tell the two apart, though the girl's hair was a bit longer. Both had straight black hair that just seemed to mop over their heads.

"Just water please." Their response came in unison, like a pair of creepy movie twins. We got to work, reviewing super basic algebra. They weren't even in middle school for another few days so most of this was common sense to me at this point. It would have taken their parents no time at all to go over this if they really wanted to. The twins seemed to take everything in stride, Nick was still super bored, and made it known every so often, Kelly didn't seem to care, or at least didn't show it. An hour in and I wasn't sure how much more they had left to brush up on. I knew I was supposed to keep them here for a few more hours until their parents would be home, but I figured maybe we could just switch to playing a game or something instead. That was until Kelly changed how she was sitting, brining her feet up to the chair, and sitting cross legged gave me an eye-full of panties with little hearts on them, sitting snuggly up against her groin, they looked so tight I thought I could make out the crease of her pussy through her camel toe, sandwiched right between the smoothest, creamiest looking thighs I had seen in quite some time. Nick tried to hide that he was peeking at his sister's panties too, but he wasn't good at it. Something about the sight of it made me flash back to the sounds I had been hearing over the past few nights, of dad and Sunny, the sounds of them fucking, loving, everything.

My hardon struck fast and hard, and I immediately had visions of the depravity that I wanted, no needed, to take place. My days long blue balls, my horny sister, after months and months of holding off she finally wanted more, and was getting more, but I couldn't get off. But now, right here in front of me were two siblings, maybe they'd turn out like us, maybe they wouldn't but I had this power now and I should fucking enjoy it while I could, while I didn't need to wait for Ryan to all but give me permission. Fuck I needed to get off. My dick was throbbing, I was imagining pussy and ass wrapped around my shaft, of pumping into some hole, I didn't even know which. I realized I hadn't said anything, that I had actually closed my eyes for who knows how long, only to open them and realize the world was red. I was in that jello feeling world without realizing it. That I was broadcasting thoughts, wants, needs to these siblings, that the phantom limb that I used to picture interacting with people was branching, splitting into both siblings, that I was telling them to imagine us all fucking. They were 6th graders, did they even know what that was yet? Shit, I couldn't ruin someone like that. I focused on Nick first, picturing just one of the phantom limbs and focusing on it, I focused like I did on Sunny, on dad and momóbut it was so easy this time, there was so much less there. The memories were short, a benefit, I suppose of not having many, the thoughts were simple too, thinking of a game, thinking of a toy, and more recently, including but not exclusive to this afternoon, thinking of girls, of boys, of their most private parts, of embarrassment in not knowing what to do, of eagerness, of need to try something, anything. I found that bar that showed his thoughts, his most recent ones were the pictures that were flowing through my head moments ago, I had "broadcasted" to him, but it was so easy that time. I switched over to Kelly, her recent thoughts were the same, the pictures and thoughts I shared, of all of us together, I focused a bit, changing hers up a little, adding details of me and her brother and her all in there instead of just non-descript bodies, holes and dicks. Jumping through her memories was a bit different. She was curious but there was something else, she realized a year or two ago that she could get attention, that she loved attention, that a cute little movement, a quick flash of a thigh, or tight clothes could get all the eyes in a room on her. She was less curious of the feelings or sights of other people than Nick was, but I think that was because she knew she could experience them if she wanted to.

It looks like she had already, in fact, not long ago either, it was towards the end of her memory-line, of her in a park, finding a couple who were jogging, of her approaching them and asking something innocent, of her joining them to their car, of getting in the back, of being touched, of touching the woman, of getting nervous as the man started touching her too, and then finally breaking everything off when he wanted her to touch him. I looked to her feelings line, I thought hard about desire, of lust and stretched that feeling as wide as I could, wanting her to go crazy. Wishing it was always this easy I let go, like before, snapping back to reality. I could feel a slight strain on my body, not like the other days, more like I had just jogged a mile.

Bacchanalia chuckled in my head. "Maybe there is hope for you, BOY." I could feel that warm glow that I felt with Ryan, it filled me up and the strain was gone, completely gone. I felt like a million bucks, and my dick was screaming in my pants, like it had a mind of its own, begging for release. Kelly's face changed, and Nick was more alert and attentive than before, there was a tension in the air. Kelly spread her legs wide, she was doing it on purpose now. I wanted to rip those panties off.

"You two seem fine on math." I stood up, and reached for the fly of my pants, "How about sex ed?" It sounded way cooler in my head as I pushed down my pants and underwear, exposing my cock to the two kids in front of me. They looked stunned.

"Uhhh, Simon?" Nick started, he didn't finish his question before I took off my shirt. I walked over to Kelly and took her hand in mine, bringing it to my cock and jacking it slowly, inches away from her face. "Get over here Nick, she has another hand." I said, pointing to Kelly's other side. "Have you done this before, Kelly?" I asked.

"N-not exactly, Ió" she glanced to her side, seeing her twin brother dropping his clothes too. "not this far." She finished. Nick's dick was adorable. Perfectly smooth, maybe a finger long, and just barely wider at what I assumed was its max length. it was pale, like the rest of him, he was uncut, and but already unsheathed. His crown was pale and pinkish like his lips. Kelly's eyes were darting back and forth between our cocks, left to right and back again, she was experimenting with grip and speed. "They're so weird. Dicks are so weird." She whispered.

"We're going upstairs, bring your clothes Nick." I said, while pushing the naked boy and the clothed girl towards the stairs. His butt was flat and cute, I could see his asshole, it looked small and tight. I wanted to rim him as he walked up but I settled for patting his butt instead. When we were in my room Nick and I turned to Kelly. "You have too many clothes." I had no idea girls could get undress as fast as this girl did, but in a flash she was naked, and on my bed, rubbing her cunny. Her chest was completely flat, not even a hint of tit-flesh had started to bud. That pussy, oh man, it was like a smaller version of Sam's from next door, her pale outer lips completely hid her pink center, you couldn't even see the split until she ran her finger through it. "Do you touch yourself, Nick?" The boy nodded, staring intensely at his twin sister, "have you ever seen a pussy before?" he shook his head.

"Only online." I pushed him closer to the bed, to Kelly.
"Touch yourself for her, her pussy is perfect, you'll never see better." Kelly blushed as I said it, knowing it was a compliment. She watched her brother as he took quick strokes along his thin shaft. "Slower, you'll enjoy it more." I told him, she seemed to take the advice too. I reached down and touched her nipple, it was a hard little nub but barely different from mine, the girl sucked in her breath. My hand traveled down, over her ribs, her belly, right next to her finger as it slid up and down her slit. I parted her cunny with two fingers. I could feel her juices coating her lips. She started bucking her hips as I did, her first little orgasm of the day, I thought to myself. "Watch this," I said, looking at Nick as I took my place between Kelly's legs, aiming my dick at its target "I'm going to fuck your sister."

"Yeeesssssss." Kelly hissed as I rested my dick on her opening. "Hurry, please hurry."

"No, let your brother get a good look." Nick moved around, until he was inches away from us. "Now touch him, make him feel good while I pop your cherry." She pinched his little dick with two fingers, and just gripped it as I pushed forward, slowly. "hnnnnng." She squealed a bit and I stopped, letting her adjust.

"It's bigger than a finger." She said with a wince on her face. I took Nick's hand and brought it to just above her clit.

"Rub here, softly," I said as I directed his finger around "and don't touch it directly." I leaned forward and kissed the girl beneath me, the girl partially penetrated by my dick. I started pushing more once I felt her leaking along my shaft. She sucked her teeth as I pushed in her hymen. "It's going to sting." I said, breaking our kiss. I really didn't know, it's just something I heard online. Better to get her prepared though I suppose. I could feel her give way under me as she whimpered. Nick yelped when she pinched his dick too hard, I guess it was only fair. I pulled Nick's head towards me and kissed the boy, before pushing his head down to kiss his sister, we traded partners, kissing each other until Kelly's hips started moving. I took the hint and started fucking her gently. She was so tight, tighter than Sam, tighter than Sunny, about the same as Ryan's ass, but a totally different feel. I was going to cum soon, those days of blueballs were getting to me. I wanted to pump harder, but it was weird not having hips to grab onto for leverage. Her sides were flat, boy-like, but even Ryan had wider hips than her. "I'm cumming." I told the twins as I pumped in and out of Kelly, my sperm coating the walls of her little cunt. "Did you like it?" I asked the girl.

"YES! I loved it!" she was excited.

"But you were so quiet, boys like when you tell them what you want, what you like."

"I'm sorry! I'll try but I was just, Ió" she stammered and I chuckled.

"It was your first time, just remember that guys like a show, it keeps them looking at you. "She smiled and nodded. "Now, your turn." I said to Nick, pulling him between his sister "Use her hole." The boy poked and prodded her nethers with his dick, desperately trying to penetrate her. "Help him, boys like when you show them what you want."

"Okay!" she said excitedly, groping for his dick and lining him up with her cunt. I pushed his but forward, before moving up the bed, sitting next to Kelly's head.

"Boys also like when you suck it." I said, nudging my still hard dick into her cheek. Her pale lips parted and she took it in, I could feel myself poking the inside of her cheek and see it bulging out as her twin thrust into her like a jack rabbit. "Don't just leave it there, use your tongue, suck it a bit like a straw." She took the hint, I caught her teeth a few times but she picked up quickly. She couldn't really move in her position so I started gently fucking her face. I enjoyed seeing her cheek bulge out as her big brown eyes looked from her brother to me. I could see her cum again while her brother was having his turn. The girl's hands gripped the comforter and she made soft purring noises while she shook. It was adorable. Nick's orgasm was a dry one, but took a while for him to build up. I managed to cum again, this time pulling out and spraying Kelly's face with three ropes of jizz. "Nick, let's help Kelly clean up." I said, moving my head down to lick a string of cum from her face. My hands roamed her body as I did, Nick joined me.
"Oh yesss, mmmmm." Kelly called out. "Touch me when you lick meee~" my hand cupped her used cunt, while I rubbed my flaccid dick along the side of her leg, licking the remnants of my own cum from her face. I could see Nick's hands tracing designs over her chest and arms. She shook again, as her hips bucked twice. "I'm-I'm-UHHHH" Kelly had her big orgasm of the day. We basked for a few moments before realizing time was up. Their parents would be here any minute to pick them up. With my balls empty, I was no longer pissed at them for dumping their kids on me for no reason.