Sammy and The Bently's

by Jon Hold

Copyright 2015 by the Author

Written expressly for HandJobs' BiSexual IV.

Sammy was only ten when his parents divorced and his mother married George the same day the divorce was final. Sammy loved his Dad and didn't understand why he wasn't allowed to see him ever again. George sort of tried to be nice, but he and Sammy's Mom had tried to get Sammy to say some awful things about his Daddy, and Sammy was convinced that the whole problem was caused by George.

The move from the city to the country surprised Sammy. One day they got in George's car and the next thing Sammy knew, he was living in the country. His mother packed his stuff for moving, breaking some important stuff and just throwing about half his valued possessions away. His mother just told him not to be silly. Feeling crushed by the whole world, Sammy felt doubly saved when the Bently's came visiting to welcome their new neighbors. That was when Sammy first met Kevin. Even though he was two years older, Kevin immediately befriended Sammy and said that they were going to be best friends. And that was the beginning of a life-long friendship.

The Bently's house was across the county road and about a quarter mile North. They were the nearest neighbors by five miles. Kevin walked down to Sammy's new house the first day of school and helped Sammy with the school bus and the new school and friends. Sammy's admiration for Kevin knew no bounds. Athletic and popular with everyone at school, students and teachers alike, Kevin made a point of including Sammy into everything he did. They became inseparable. Sammy became a stranger in his own house and became accepted as one of the family by the Bently's. Sammy was just more comfortable in their home. Sammy's mom tried to keep him home more, but Sammy would just silently mope around the house until she'd break down and tell him to do whatever he wanted. George really didn't care what the boy did, as long as he wasn't underfoot.

One day just before he turned thirteen, Kevin grabbed Sammy's hand when the school bus let them off in front of Kevin's house and ran with him out to the barn. Once there they climbed up into the loft to their secret hiding place. Kevin pulled his pants down.

"Look at that!" he said, holding his shirt up and pointing.

Now, Sammy had seen Kevin naked all the time practically since they met. Swimming in the pond. Bathing together. Running naked in the woods playing wild Indians. Being naked together was just about as natural as having clothes on, so Sammy didn't see what was was so special and just shrugged his shoulders. "So?"

"Ahhhhhh!..." Kevin said disgustedly. "Look closer you hairless dweeb!"

So Sammy shrugged his shoulders and bent down to look closer, and there it was. Right at the end of Kevin's finger. A single, lonely, curly, quarter-inch long hair growing out of the smooth skin above Kevin's pecker. Sammy reached up and pulled on it to see if it was real.

"Hey!" Kevin yelled, grabbing Sammy's hand to protect his very first pubic hair. Both boys had seen Mr. Bently naked and knew what pubic hair was all about. Mr. Bently had pubic hair from his chin to his toes.

Sammy smiled, "I wasn't going to pull it out. I just wanted to see if you really had a hair or if you were just funnin'. That's really neat Kevin. Your dick and balls are getting bigger too."

"That ain't nothin'! said an almost swaggering Kevin, "Watch this!"

Kevin pulled on his foreskin until a four-inch boner was jutting up out of his loins. Spreading his feet so his best friend could see better, the proud boy started jerking his foreskin back and forth over the head of his highly sensitive pricklette. Eyes wide, Sammy watched as Kevin played with his dick. "Play with my balls, Sammy!" the older boy demanded. Happily, Sammy reached between his best friends legs and played with his balls the same way he liked to play with his own. It had been a while since Sammy had handled Kevin's balls and Sammy noticed the difference right away. Instead of a tight little scrotum holding two sensitive little peanuts, Sammy found his hand full of much larger eggs in a skin sack that swung freely between his buddy's legs. Kevin immediately went up on his toes and hollered, "Squeeze 'em!" Startled, Sammy complied. His grip caused Kevin to moan and almost immediately the flushed, quivering boy started squirting clear fluid all over his hand and Sammy's arm. Sammy let go of the balls and pulled back just in time to receive a squirt right in the face.

"Wow!" Wiping his face, Sammy stared wide-eyed at his friend. Eyes closed. Panting for breath. Sweaty and shaky, Kevin was leaning against the wall like needed all the support he could get. "You pee'd all over me!" Sammy complained.

Grinning, eyes smiling, Kevin licked his hand. "That ain't pee, man. I just came."

"I thought cum was white." Sammy said, looking at the barely cloudy fluid on his arm.

"Naw! That comes later, when my balls are making more sperm. But I can get a girl pregnant now."

"Wow!" Sammy repeated, sniffing Kevin's stuff on his arm.

"Go ahead and lick it, Sammy. It tastes great!"

Sammy looked at Kevin like he thought he was nuts. Kevin just smiled and licked some more of his jizz off his hand, letting Sammy see the stuff stretched out between his hand and tongue. Shrugging, Sammy went ahead and licked some of Kevin's stuff off his arm.

"Tastes good, huh."

"Yeah. It does." Sammy said, licking the rest off his arm and then using his finger to collect what had hit his face and transfer it to his tongue.

"Next time I'll squirt it right into your mouth so you can taste it while it's still hot."

"Thanks, Kevin!"

Less than a half-hour later Kevin proved true to his word, getting his whole load inside of Sammy's mouth. Both boys made sure that Sammy didn't miss a drop. Before dinner the boys discovered that it was easier and safer if Kevin just put his pecker in Sammy's mouth right from the beginning. Kevin got his first fuck in his best friends mouth and Sammy discovered what was to become his lifelong favorite thing, taking cum from his buddy. The boys went to bed early and Sammy sucked Kevin to orgasm five more times that night and once more while waiting for the school bus. Two days later, while playing around the big iron bathtub in the upstairs bathroom, Kevin and Sammy discovered the joy of having Sammy take Kevin's sperm up his ass. After that, the boys were after each other day and night. Sammy was always trying to get Kevin's dick in his mouth, especially after Kevin started shooting masses of clotted white cum, and Kevin did everything he could to get his dick up Sammy's ass. Mostly it just boiled down to who asked first.


By the time Sam was fourteen he was shooting white cum also. He'd fucked Kevin and Kevin had sucked him. Mostly though, Sammy came when Kevin was fucking his throat or ass with what was by then over eight inches of fat meat. Both boys preferred it that way. Even so, Sammy could fuck Kevin any time he wanted, and sometimes Kevin just liked to suck Sam off or do 69 with him. Sammy liked the blow jobs and, even better, knew how hot giving one made Kevin and how hard his ass was going to get pounded just as soon as Kevin drained his balls. Just thinking about it made Sammy's asshole twitch.

The funny thing was though that Sammy had a bad case of the hots for Missy, Kevin's sister. At fifteen, she was between the two boys in age and was, according to Sammy, a 'Stone-cold Fox!'. If Kevin's butthole felt itchy, he knew that talking about Missy was all it would take to have Sammy scratching his itch for him in the very best way. The boy had it bad, and Kevin was too good a friend to laugh at him. Tease him, yes! But never laugh at him.

Mr. and Mrs. Bently were invited to take a Caribbean cruise with Mrs. Bently's brother and his wife. It was decided that since it was summertime with no school that the three teenagers could be by themselves. Kevin drove back from the airport with his almost-brand-new drivers license. The three had dinner at a drive-in and then went straight home so that Kevin didn't have to drive in the dark.

Sam figured that there was going to be a week of wild sex once the Senior Bently's were gone, but Kevin only fucked him once after they'd gone to bed and then fell soundly asleep until the next morning. Sam was getting pretty edgy as the day went on. Kevin kept having different excuses to not have sex with Sam and Sam couldn't figure out what was going on. He just knew that he didn't like it very damn much.

To make things even worse Sam couldn't even confront Kevin about it because, for the first time since forever, Missy decided to hang out with them and wouldn't let them spend any time alone together. She even came swimming with them, stripping down naked just as fast as Kevin did and then both of them teased Sam until the totally mortified and blushing boy stripped down and revealed his leaking hard-on.

"That's cute!" said Missy, kissing Sam on the tip of his nose before jumping back into the pond.

The next hour was misery for Sam as Kevin and Missy played around in the water as Sam just stood in the coldest part of the pond trying to get his boner to go away. Both his friends seemed oblivious to Sam's misery which just made Sam all the more miserable. The rest of the afternoon wasn't any better.

After dinner, Sam went straight upstairs to bed. He could hear Kevin and his sister downstairs, laughing and playing around as they watched some stupid program on the television. Really down, Sam fell asleep thinking about his real Dad and how lonely he must be.

The world was a better place when Sam started waking up. It was warm and totally comfortable in Kevin's old bed with the homemade quilt pulled up over them, Kevin wrapped around his back to keep him warm just like he was wrapped around Kevin's back keeping him warm. Even in his muzzy state, there was something odd about that. Feeling the morning hornies coming on the more he woke up, Sam slid his hand up Kevin's ribcage so he could tweak his buddy's tit. Kevin would get all horny before he even woke up if Sam could just twiddle his nipples a little while Kevin slept. It was like there was a nerve that ran straight from Kevin's nipples to his dick.

'What the HELL?' Sam was suddenly wide awake. Something was seriously wrong. Instead of the hard, well-muscled pec that should be under his hand, his hand was full of soft, mushy flesh that had a nipple at least six times too big. What had happened to Kevin? Driven by his all-knowing lizard-brain, Sam's fourteen year old dick sprang instantly to full alert. And that was wrong too! Instead of Kevin's smooth, hard-fleshed mounds of boy-butt, Sam's dick was poking into full, soft mounds that somehow made his dick even stiffer and more sensitive. Sam's hand dropped down Kevin's side, and instead of Kevin's lean, narrow waist, his hand banged off of a large smooth, softly padded curve that just shouldn't be there. Gobs of pre-cum gouted out of Sam's pulsing prick as his eyes flew open. CRAP! Kevin had short brown hair, NOT long blonde hair!

Missy rolled over inside the curve of Sam's arms. Sam was so cute! Especially this early in the morning with his hair all mussed and his cheeks all rosy. She pushed her full, but still growing, titties into the shocked boy's chest and rubbed her pixie nose against his more Roman organ. "Hi, Sam. Kevin said you had the hots for me. Bad.

Missy's rolling had put Sam's erection right in the middle of the small patch of ultra-soft curls that surmounted her feminine "V". Sam responded in the only way a sex-deprived totally horny teen-ager could. He moaned and shot his wad all over Missy's belly.

Missy was trying to stifle her giggles, Sammy's face was burning with embarrassment and Kevin was yawning, straining his hard young body and even harder morning erection against Sammy's back. Kevin and Missy's upper legs fought for position over Sammy's leg. Kevin working his cock into position and jabbing at Sammy's tight hole. Missy was moving around with purpose, trying to aline Sammy's still stiff stabber with her itchy well.

It all happened at once. Kevin breached Sammy's pre-cum beslobbered butthole causing Sammy to lurch forward just as Missy got herself into a good position. The big cockhead caught in Sammy's fuck chute right behind the entrance to his male paradise drove Sammy's fevered erection right through Missy's hymen. Missy cried out in pain, wrapping her arms and legs around both her ravisher and her brother. Her heels hooked her brothers ass causing him to lurch forward, driving his big boner completely up inside his best buddy. His best buddy lurched forward in response to having his asshole split open, driving the split nose of his blood-soaked battering ram against his dream-girl's cervix. His dream girl had her first true climax. She spasmed, slamming her muff into Jimmy's stuff so hard his balls jumped. She released an egg that floated down to meet the copious infusion of virile sperm being blasted directly into her womb.

When it was Kevin's turn to fuck his sister she was already pregnant with Sammy's baby. Kevin and Missy had always gotten along well and taken care of each other. Kevin was very protective of his sister. The first true love of his life was Sammy. He loved having sex with Sammy and they cared deeply for each other. When his cock sunk deeply into his sisters wet heat a whole new world opened up for the young man. It was so wonderful being inside his sister. Sammy was there, beside them, urging them on and helping with gentle caresses, passionate kisses, and the heat of his trembling body. Kevin put a couple of fingers inside Sammy and started finger-fucking him exactly the same way he was fucking his sister. Boy and girl were both submissive to the older boy. Giving the powerful male anything he desired. Sammy buried his face between the hard, muscular mounds of Kevin's flexing ass. Kevin reacted wildly, fucking his sister into a massive orgasm while trying to mash Sammy's face with his butt cheeks.

The three youthful bodies lay, stuck together by love and sweat. Sammy and Missy, with Kevin in the middle, a pattern they were to repeat for many years.

Four months later Sammy and Missy were married. If the bride's wedding gown fit a bit snugly, nothing was said. The members of a farming community were well aware that what takes a cow or a countess nine months, can be easily accomplished by a newlywed in six. Missy's parents put the young couple in the guest house, as their home. The pretense of Kevin's room was maintained in the big house, but Kevin's parents never expected to find him there.

Love finds many faces. One of them might be yours...