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Saturday Morning




Monday through Friday we're an ordinary white-bread family, Mom-Dad-two kids, straight-laced rule-followers who do exactly as society expects. Weekends, not so much. We tend to stay at home, in the nude, enjoying each other as we please. Starting Saturday morning, all sexual rules fall by the wayside, and we fulfill our deepest perverse desires. All four of us. Together.


I really don't remember how it started, but it's incredible enough that I never want it to end.


As usual, this Saturday morning I was awakened by a delicate tongue sliding across my scrotum and penis, before a small mouth latched on and started sucking, that talented tongue swirling around the glans. "Good morning, sweetie," I said to my daughter Kate, as I lowered the sheet to reveal her brunette bob. "You like that Daddy dick?"


She nodded, then lifted off long enough to say, "Danny told me to drain your balls so you can spend a solid hour pounding his ass today."


I stoked her head. "I can't guarantee that, but I'll try," I chuckled. "And what will you be doing in the meantime, babydoll?"


Her grin was wicked. "I'm going to be licking his cum out of Mom's pussy until she comes, and then we're going to 69 until we both do—lots!"


Saturday was Gay Day, though Danny did have the honor of dog-fucking his mother until he drained his balls into her, so he'd last longer when we switched. I suppose Darla could've blown him, but he shoots a big load, and she's not fond of the taste of cum like Kate is. I glanced over at her. Our shaggy-haired 15-year-old was grinding his cock into his mother from behind, pushing her face-first into the bed like a cheap whore. Tomorrow, on Straight Day, he'd make love to her and send her over the moon; today he was using her for a cum-dump.


Lest you think we're depraved parents for forcing our children into such lurid behavior, you should know that this was Kate and Danny's idea. I'm pretty sure it started when Kate climbed into bed with her brother, which I expect happened a lot earlier that they'd admitted—maybe years earlier. When they'd approached us about joining them in incest a while back, we hadn't said no. We'd been raised in freewheeling families ourselves, so we took to it like ducks to water. If that puts us hell-bound, so be it. We all love each other, which is more than a lot of couples and even families can say. Sure, it gets pretty wild around here sometimes, but that only makes it better!


There's something to be said about loving and trusting someone so much that you can break loose with your wildest, dirtiest sexual fantasies without worrying about endangering yourself or having to face other people's judgment. Not that we go that far—so far. Even with Gay Day, our fantasies are pretty vanilla—well, strawberry, maybe—and most are no longer fantasy, but reality.


Gay Day was originally my idea, but now the kids love it even more than I do. We'd started from the beginning without any hang-ups—I'd fucked Danny's hot little ass that first night, when none of us got any sleep—but it was more fun to separate it out on its own special day. Everyone enjoyed it, and we'd come to adore our incest soirees.


All we had to do was keep it to the weekends. The wife and I were afraid if we didn't, we'd fuck the kids every night and the family structure would devolve into chaos. We weren't even supposed to talk about sex during the week.


Of course, we both broke the rules sometimes. I know Darla occasionally disappeared into the laundry room with Danny, and I'd had my own share of indiscretions. The previous week, on Tuesday, Katey and I had met in the backyard past midnight, and I'd bent her over the picnic table before pounding her pussy the way she likes best. This past Thursday, my son had bent me over the same picnic table and taken my anal virginity, filling my ass to overflowing with his cum. I was surprised at how good it felt, though he had to bring me off with his mouth. Turns out I'm not one of those guys who orgasms from getting his ass fucked.


Danny is.


The thought of fucking my son's tight asshole again, causing his dick to erupt all over me, made me groan and spew my first load of cum into my daughter's mouth, just where she wanted it. She moaned as she gulped and slurped it down, and I knew she had the fingers of the hand not cradling my cock buried in her sweet little pussy, which I would have all to myself tomorrow for as long as I could handle it.


After she pulled off and smacked her lips, Katey told me, "Do you think you can last for an hour fucking me tomorrow?"


I grinned and replied, "Do you think you can handle being on your hands and knees for a whole hour?"


"Fuck yeah!" She went down on my drooping rod again, because that was also her job today: to get it back to full mast for her brother. I leaned back, smiling, and listened to my wife moan and hiss as she came for about the third time, followed by Danny grunting a load deep into her slit. I wasn't sure if it was his first or second. Being a young teen, he had lots of stamina and often started thrusting again before his brief refractory period was even over. His cock was big enough and firm enough for that to work.


I think my wife enjoyed being treated like a dirty cumslut as much as she loved him making slow, sweet love to her. As long as she got his cock, she was happy, however it was delivered.


It wasn't long before my cock was back to full size, which was good, because Danny was waiting impatiently for a taste of dick. When he thought I was ready enough, he grabbed his sister and wrestled her over to the other size of the bed, with her giggling and gasping a couple of times, probably because he'd slipped one or two of those big fingers into her puss. But that was his mother's for the day. Soon he'd taken her place between my legs and was sucking my cock hard, in both senses.


"You lubed up?" I asked him.


He looked up and me and smiled, sleep-eyed. "No, today I want it a little rougher, Dad. Could you rim me a little first?"


"Sure." That always loosened him up, but it didn't ease the way like lube did. He situated his ass over my face in the 69 position, and I raised up so I could tongue his asshole. He was clean—we're always careful about that—and it opened right up for me. He moaned deeply as I probed his anus, ignoring his bobbing cock as it started to rise, while he nursed on mine. Only a few moments later and he'd reversed positions, poising himself over me on his knees with one hand holding my cock straight up, ready to ride.


I watched with eager eyes as my teenage son lowered himself onto my cock. We both moaned with pleasure as my glans pushed past his sphincter, stretching the rubbery muscle nicely, and I narrowed my eyes as he kept pushing downward. This wasn't a quick-and-easy, ram-it-home entry; his ass was slick, but not that slick. He winced a little, so I knew it must be stinging some, and every once in a while he pulled up a little before pushing back down, that snug hole swallowing my rod inch by slow inch. As always, it felt like I was a knife sheathed in the tightest scabbard possible, except even tighter than normal due to the lack of lubrication, massaging my cock so completely that every little nerve ending was engaged and pulsing its joy out to the rest of my body.


The boy didn't seem to have any problems impaling himself, despite the occasional wince; he liked going "ruff" sometimes, and if I hadn't already known it, it would have been obvious from the look of total ecstatic concentration on his face, and the way his eyelids were fluttering as his eyes tried to roll back into his head. Plus, there was the fact that his cock was like steel now, pointed straight at the ceiling at a 45-degree angle. He definitely wasn't hurting. If he hadn't already dumped his cum into his mother, I'd have had a faceful by now.


Finally, he was crouching on my lap, my cock completely buried in his tight ass. He sat there for a long moment, smiling at me and catching his breath, while his talented rectal muscles milked my cock in ways that made me squirm. We hadn't tried it yet, but I'd always figured that given time, he might be able to make me come that way.


Then we got busy. I placed my hands above his hipbones, and he pushed up a little from his crouch, his breath becoming unsteady as he felt my length move in him. I loved the tingle that little movement launched through me. His fingers found his sensitive nipples and began rubbing; by the time he was ready to come, he'd be pinching and pulling at them constantly to help push himself over the edge.


Then it came: the once-weekly kick-start when he dropped back down and I bucked my ass upward while pulling down on his hips, both of us with insistent force, and the sensation exploded into a steady semi-peak that had us constantly moving, half-consciously, half automatically, and the sounds of flesh slapping together mingled with our groans to echo through the room. We were a lot louder than the ladies next to us, as usual.


I realized vaguely that if Katey hadn't already drained my balls, I might have come already. I'd lasted barely a minute the first time I penetrated my boy—so had he—and the sensation hadn't lessened any in the years since. I know I'm biased, but my son is damned fine-looking. He's more cute than handsome, with mid-length fine brown hair perfect for running your hands through, a heart-shaped boyish face, big brown eyes, and long, girlish lashes. While he's well into puberty, he doesn't shave much yet, and his pubes are limited to a well-trimmed patch above the base of his cock. I keep the rest of his equipment slick as a baby's bottom with depilatory cream, which makes him look younger than he is. I'd take the tuft above his cock, too, if he didn't have to shower with the other guys after team practice. The lack of pubic hair also makes his cock look bigger than it is, and it's already substantial.


His body's a work of art, that of a young Adonis, sculpted and muscular due to all the weight training and running he does for football practice. It makes him awesome to look at, fun to handle, and an excellent fuck whether he's giving or receiving.


He loves both. I once asked him if he thought he'd be gay or straight, and he thought about it and said, "Bi. I love fucking, and I love getting fucked." Meanwhile, I know his sister prefers getting fucked. She enjoys the lez play with her mother, but she loves having a dick in her pussy. We hadn't tried her in the backdoor yet, since why bother when there's a pussy to fuck, but I suspect she'd love that just as much. It's the physical intimacy as much as the penetration that does it for her.


With her brother, it's all about the penetration. "I love your cock, Dadddyyyy!" he whined for me now, knowing I loved hearing him admit it as we both worked to piledrive him onto my tool. "Harder! Harder!" We both sped up then, causing the bed to shake and jump like it was in an earthquake. Thank goodness I'd reinforced the frame, a precaution I'd taken after our first night with all four of us romping in the marital bed. Today, we kept up the pounding for more than 15 minutes as his face turned brighter and brighter red, and his body dredged up another load from deep inside him. Eventually his prostate, which I could feel rubbing along the top of my cock, gave up under the steady onslaught; he screamed and came all over my stomach and chest, sending some of his sperm as high as my face. I licked it off my chin—it was bittersweet—but left the rest for him. He has this bizarre idea that if he laps it up, it helps him regain his sexual power, and maybe he's right.


I eased up on the pounding as he stopped, still thrusting slowly to maintain my erection, and eventually he pulled himself up off my dick. "Feeeells soooo goooood," he slurred, as his sister yipped and yelped beside us. She was getting her nut, too. He lay face-down on my stomach and started licking me clean of his impressive load, slowly and lasciviously, ending up by sucking on my dick for a good five minutes though it didn't need it. "Back aboard," I ordered, knocking on his head.


"Okay!" he said brightly, bouncing back up; he was always a little out of it after he had a big come, but it took very little to get him back to being just as energetic as when we'd started. He'd need it. I figured I probably would be able to fuck him for an hour, since I hadn't come yet. The tingling in my balls had started before he came, but had subsided now.


True, I'd probably be coming in a few minutes. But the boy got me so fired up that I was pretty sure I'd be back in him a few minutes after that, especially if I spent some times licking and loving on his tortured asshole, which I knew would be redder and more tender than normal, since this was a "ruff" session. And if I couldn't get it up again to finish the hour, I had those fast-acting little blue pills in the nightstand. Gulp one of those down, and bam! No waiting. I'm in pretty good health, so I'd only had to use one once. That was with my wife after a long day of screwing the kids, because she was feeling great and ready for more.


I was right. We'd barely gotten back into our pounding routine when I felt my next orgasm rip through my body and into him, filling his bunghole with a load that appeared as a bright white ring around the base of my cock as I fucked it into him. This time it was me who ceased first, and him who eased his way to a stop. "Damn, I felt that one splash into my guts," he said with a grin as he stretched out beside me.


I leaned turned over and kissed him, and we made out for a moment. Then I instructed him gruffly, "Go down on my dick and get me ready while I suck your ass."


"There's gonna be more?" he asked with a delighted grin.


"You want to be pounded for an hour, you get an hour."


"Awright! I'll definitely pay you back later!" He was supposed to pump my ass again this evening, officially for the first time... if we had the energy.


"How come you like getting fucked in the ass so much?" asked Katey, who was apparently taking a break from licking her mother's pussy. The two women lay side-by-side, fingers entwined, breathing hard. The way the sweat sheened her body, matting her hair and accenting her erect nipples, made me feel a flare of lust for my daughter. Down, boy, I told my cock. She's all yours tomorrow.


"It feels really fucking good," he brother told her enthusiastically. "Makes my whole body feel alive, inside and out. You should try it!"


"Maybe I will," Kaye said, looking at me with sleepy eyes and a slight smile.


"Mine!" Danny said, grabbing my cock with both hands. He went down on me, taking me entire length into his throat greedily to prove he was serious. Meanwhile, I gave his balls a long lick, making him shudder, then proceeded up to his asshole. It was oozing my cum, but I didn't bother to wipe it away; I just massaged t into his rectum as he hummed on my dick, slowly bringing it back to erection. I then tongued his tight little anus, which was a little puffy but otherwise still perfect, savoring our mixed juices. Was afraid I might have wrecked his ass with my pounding, but my son's asshole was made of sterner stuff than that. After all the punishment I'd given it at his bidding the last couple years, it had better be! I felt his rectum twitch and clench with each lick; he loved having his asshole played with, whether by finger, tongue, cock, or toy, and he made his pleasure known as he hummed on my dick.


As soon as I was hard enough, just a few minutes later, he pulled back and looked over his shoulder. "Let's go again, Dad!"


I said, "All right, then. Hands and knees, slut."


Grinning, Danny got back on his hands and knees as I extricated myself from beneath him. Once I was poised behind him, his head down on the sheets, he said in a husky voice, "Give it to me, old man! Pound my ass hard!"


"Your wish is my command," I said, and rammed my cock into him in one long stroke. He yelled and pushed back at me, the momentary pain soon forgotten as we established a mutual rhythm that had him lowing like a cow in heat as, once again, the sounds of flesh slapping into flesh filled the room. I was aware that the women had stopped to watch us—they did that sometimes—but I didn't give a damn. I was enjoying the heavenly tightness of the boy's ass. Truth be told, it was tighter than his sister's pussy, as was to be expected; but her hips were a lot less boney and more fun to grab onto that his, plus she had the front-end equipment he lacked. I always went my deepest when I could grab a perky tit in one hand, a fleshy hip in the other, and really lean in.


She loved getting pounded too. Lucky me!


The thought helped stiffen my resolve—or at least my cock—but it didn't need much help, as I was already ramming away into her brother's luscious rectum. It took me in and wanted to keep me, so reluctant as I pulled out that I could see his anal ring stretching every time I retreated. At the moment I was a long way from coming, but I could feel the tingly sensations gathering behind my balls, and knew I could summon up my orgasm with enough speed and force whenever he was ready. The bed was soon in earthquake territory again as we jammed our bodies into each other, his grunts of pleasure rising in tone and gradually lengthening into low growls that punctuated each of my thrusts, a peculiarity of my son's I'd never experienced with any other lover. He spoke only once: a demand to "Fuck. Me. Harder!" that put me into gear and on my way toward orgasm.


It didn't take long to climb that slippery slope once I was pistoning my cock into that tight hole at 90 miles an hour, and it was the hardest thing in the world to cling there at the peak without sliding over, but I managed it—until he howled and shot one long, solid streak of watery cum onto the sheets beneath him in a continuous jet that lasted a full three seconds. When he clenched his boy cunny tight, I lost control and fell off the orgasm cliff. I growled myself as I came, still thrusting, my offering so thick and copious it squirted out around the edges of my cock. There: we'd achieved the lover's holy grail, a semi-simultaneous orgasm, and that ought to hold him for a week.


Of course, I was hoping for more later—specifically his cock in my ass—but for now we were exhausted. He fell off my cock, and then crawled up and snuggled next to me. The girls were already wrapped in each other's arms, dozing. We fell asleep, and work up in the early afternoon, hungry for something besides sex.


Danny was walking with just a little extra care, I noticed, as I followed him into the restaurant half an hour later. "Still sore?" I asked him in a low voice.


"Oh, a little bit," he said. "Nothing to get in the way of later festivities." He winked.


"Good," I said, grinning as we were shown to our booth. I could tell he was enjoying the sight of his mother and sister in their light sundresses, which showed off their long, tanned limbs and didn't hide a single curve of their figures. He had a nice bulge going in his jeans as we sat down, us boys on one side and the girls on the other. "Tsk," I said to him. "Can't even wait until tomorrow, huh? This is my day!"


"Never hurts to look," he said sheepishly. "And it's the best view in town."


"You got that right," I said, as my hand found his bulge under the table and rubbed. The tablecloth was long enough that no one could see what was going on.


My son leaned toward me. "Feels good."


"Think so?"


"I dare you," he breathed.


"Better not."


He leaned closer. "I double-dog dare you."


Well, no red-blooded American male can turn down a double-dog dare. I reached for his zipper tab, but just then our waitress came to take our drink orders. If she noticed anything, she didn't show it. When she'd stepped away, I pulled down the tab veeerrry sslllooooowlllly, so the sound of the zipper teeth disengaging wouldn't give me away. The boy was going commando, possibly because his ass was so sore, and his cock basically jumped out of its confinement into my hand.


"Now take a good look at the view," I murmured to him as I started to rub gently. He smiled lazily and stared at the lovely chests of his mother and sister, both of whom had elected to go braless. Their nipples were plainly outlined against their dresses, though they were not clearly visible, as the girls had chosen to wear dark colors. They didn't want to advertise their charms to everyone. We both watched as they thrust their chests forward, smiling naughtily; soon their nipples had filled out and become hard enough to cut glass. They already knew what I was doing.


Danny was primed, so it didn't take him long to let loose as I fisted his cock. He soon jerked and knocked a knee on the bottom of the table as he decorated that surface with his jizz, and caught the overflow in one hand. He discreetly lowered his head and slurped up the overflow, then wiped his hand clean on his napkin. And just in time; here came the waitress with our drinks, ready to take our dinner orders.


I wonder if she noticed the cum later, and what she thought of it.


We were all hyped now, but managed to keep our hands to ourselves and made it through dinner. But as soon as we were in the car, the girls in the back seat, Katey had her mother's skirt up and was licking her pussy, while up front, my boy was rubbing my crotch and feeling my cock grow. When we were still a mile or two from the house, he took it out and started jacking me. It was hella hard to pay attention to the road, because it had been a while since I'd come, so I was ready to. As soon as I pulled up in the driveway I put the car into gear, got out of my seatbelt, and scooted my ass closer to Danny. He got the message and went down on me, deep-throating my cock inch by inch, all the way to the base, before pulling off and bobbing up and down on the top half fast and furious. I put my hand on top of his head and bounced up and down on the seat, fucking his face a little, until I couldn't take it anymore and gifted him with a small, thick load, just about the time my wife squeaked and let out a long, low moan.


"Let's go inside," I said to my son. "I want you to fuck me like a man."


When the four of us got inside, the girls split off to go to Katey's room. I was sure Darla would spend a while savoring our daughter's tasty snatch before coming back to bed, so the boy and I had plenty of time to get serious. It didn't take us long to strip down, and I lay back with a couple of pillows under my ass and lifted my legs to my ears. "Fewer splinters this way," I joked, and we both laughed. That first ass fuck he'd given me last Thursday was worth the splinters I'd picked up from the picnic table.


"Plus, I can go deeper this way," he told me, "and we can make out while we fuck."


Without a word, I reached into the nightstand and pulled out the spray bottle of Gun Oil I usually used on him. It made my pucker flinch when he sprayed it on, but it left me slick as snot, and I listened with half a smile as he sprayed it on his tool. Damn, the boy was getting big; he was going to surpass my size if I wasn't careful. I wet my lips; and carefully, he lay down full-length upon his old man, a gentle teenager, more interested in my kiss now than my cock or the tiny hole he would somehow force that growing tool of his into. We made out slowly, kissing tenderly and entwining our tongues, making occasional forays to neck or earlobe but always coming back to hungry mouths that devoured each other. It seemed half a wonderful lifetime before I felt his young stiffness probe my pinkness, and with a long sigh, he pushed into me and filled me to the top. I felt the pleasant sensation of complete fullness; if nature didn't want men to have sex, then why did the rectum contain so many nerve endings, so much sensation that seemed to flow out to every erogenous zone when stimulated? Was it really necessary just to evacuate our bowels, or had we spent most of our history simply denying a gift: the fact that all people were compatible when it came to love, and that these orifices we not merely one-way?


Though I expected him to pound me, as I had abused his own ass earlier in the day, Danny did not; he did plunge deep into me, but we made love as only two men can, with me now experiencing, only for the second time, the joy of receiving. I understood now why some men prefer to be bottoms only. My son was like a force of nature, but not a violent hurricane as I'd been; more a slow flood, stealing in quietly, taking me over with the sensations he gathered in and poured into me. Even when he sped up, gasping with pleasure, he was still so much gentler than I had been to him, or so it seemed; and that almost made me weep. But it had been what he wanted, just as this, now, was what I wanted; and even when he redoubled his speed, the slick heat kept apace, and the sensation swelled inside me to bursting in a way I had never expected and had never experienced before; and man to man, we touched the divine, for the first time but not the last. When his breath caught as he choked out, "Daddy!" and made that ultimate thrust, I called his own name as he filled me up completely; and the cloud of sensation split and sent me to nirvana, flooding through every fraction of me until I could only yell out wordlessly and thrash and shiver for long moments. When I came back down to Earth, that exquisite moment was gone, and we were both crude flesh again; and he was lying atop me again, a heavy boy, our lips pressed together.


We made out for a long while, him still inside me as his cock shrank, until it slipped out and we both sighed. "That was... intense," he breathed, and I could only nod; I still couldn't speak. I had never felt that way with my wife, though I love her and love loving her; I do occasionally feel that way while exploring the tight tunnel of my daughter's immature pussy, but in time I came to realize I never feel as fine as when my son makes love to me. We still fuck, mostly, just for crude pleasure, but those rare times when the stars align and we make love are special. I blessed whatever chance or god had not only placed these people in my life, but had somehow gotten my children to look past the incest taboo, first with each other and then, without hesitation when they were ready, with their parents.


With a final kiss we rolled on our sides and held each other, strengthened and prepared for the very different magic that was Sunday morning.