The Seducer

Friday October 14, 1977

Eighteen year old Enoch Burke stepped from the shower and toweled off his muscular six foot six inch body before strolling down the hall to his room with the damp towel wrapped around his waist, his massive uncircumcised cock swaying back and forth beneath the wet fabric like a thick five inch long sausage suspended from his groin. Closing and locking the door behind him he was about to drop the towel when he noticed the waif like figure of his twelve year old sister Stacy, kneeling backward in an old easy chair and gazing out his bedroom window.

Walking up behind his tiny sister Enoch placed his large hands on her tiny hips and leaning downward rested his square chin atop her head, “Hey kiddo, why are you up so early? And what's so fascinating outside my bedroom window there?”

I like the way the sun looks coming through the trees,” Stacy said in a soft voice, “I can't see it from my room.”

Enoch was about to turn away with a kind word to please leave so he could dress when Stacy suddenly thrust her hips backward and pressed her tiny rump into his crotch. The movement was so sudden and deliberate and Enoch so startled that he simply stood and stared down at his hands that still rested on her slender waist. It was then he noticed that beneath the short filmy nightgown his kid sister wore no underwear, her smooth rounded ass and hairless cleft of her newly formed womanhood were completely exposed to him.

Without speaking Stacy pushed her hips backward again grinding her ass into the lump of her big brother's soft cock beneath the damp towel around his waist. She'd seen glimpses of him naked over the years and knew that he was impressively endowed, or as her friends vulgarly put it, “hung like a horse” but this was the first time she'd actually felt the the thickness and length of his size and a thrill of excitement ran through her entire young body.

Enoch's mind was racing, it was obvious that Stacy was doing this intentionally and that it was sexual in nature but at twelve did she really grasp the seriousness of her actions? In spite of himself his body reacted, his cock stirring, swelling and lengthening as his sister continued to push her naked ass against him. His fingers reflexively tightened on her waist and he felt his hips jerk forward causing the towel to drop away and his stiffening cock to rise up and slap against the silken warmth of Stacy's ass before skidding downward where it lodged between them in the virginal cleft of her hairless pussy.

A tiny sound something between a moan and a gasp escaped Stacy's lips as she felt the hot stiffness of her big brother's cock suddenly pressing against her flesh.

'What the hell is happening here?' Wondered Enoch, was he seriously considering committing incest with his kid sister? Not only incest but he was sure he'd be taking her virginity in the process, something he'd been taught was the right of a husband something sacred, certainly something that shouldn't be stolen by a horny oversexed older brother! Then another voice spoke up, “She did come looking for you.”

As if on cue Stacy whispered, “Do it Enoch!”

Again Enoch's fingers tightened on his sister's impossibly slender waist and his eyes were drawn to the intoxicating sight of his monstrous cock, thick and encircled with veins the slick dark maroon colored head peeping from the cowl of foreskin, oozing clear, thick drops of precum as it throbbed poised at the entrance of his kid sister's virgin vagina. It would be so easy to do it and how would it feel to enter that virginal tight, hotness? To be the first to punch through her hymen membrane? To always and forever be his sister's first? Another thought occurred to him, his sister would be taking his virginity as well, though he was a handsome all-star jock on the basketball and track teams he was attracted to guys and he'd hid the fact by dating only girls he knew had high impeachable moral standards.

Stacy was panting with anticipation and growing impatient and pushed herself back against her older brother's huge erection, forcing the tip of his swollen cockhead inside the tight confines of her vaginal opening. With a tiny moan she began to gyrate he hips moving his large flared glans around inside herself and causing her to become wet with her own lubricating fluids.

Seeing and feeling his sister's carnal need Enoch gave in to the same electric lust sparked by the elicit sexual taboo of incest and gripping her bony hips in his large hands he thrust his hips forward and plunged his stiff cock deeper inside his sister's pussy forcing her tiny vulva and vaginal cavity wider until the blunt head of his cock rammed into the tough elastic wall of her hymen.

Letting out a small cry of pain Stacy sucked in her breath and stiffened her resolve, “Do it Enoch, fuck me!”

I don't want to hurt you sis,” Enoch grunted behind her.

I don't care, I want you to fuck me!” Stacy almost snarled.

Biting his lower lip in concentration Enoch obeyed and thrust his hips forward with such brutal force his cock punched through his sister's hymeneal wall and plunged nearly half of his nine inch cock inside her in one vicious thrust.

Stacy let out a painful cry into the brocaded pillow she clutched to her face as pain tore through her and her brother's massive cock finally broke through...she was no longer a virgin, she had given herself to her own brother.

Animal instinct took over and Enoch thrust again driving the rest of his cock into his sister's slender body until his heavy balls smacked into the back of her smooth, slender thighs, then without giving her a chance to recover or adjust he withdrew and slammed back in again. Setting up a brutal tempo of withdrawing and thrusting that caused their flesh to slap together in loud smacking sounds that filled the room Enoch began to fuck his sister like a wild man.

Underneath her brother's cruel battering thrusts Stacy moaned in pleasure biting her lips and tossing her head back and forth on the cushion of the chair, she'd never known such incredible ecstasy, pain mixed with pleasure that nearly drove her insane.

With his hips rocketing back and forth Enoch watched with fevered eyes as the eight inch girth of his nine inch cock pistoned in and out of the upturned mound of his sister's tiny overstuffed and stretched pussy as it swallowed his cock again and again as he brutally fucked away her virginity.

Both siblings were sheathed in sweat and panting both uttering moans and other guttural sounds as their animal pairing went on and on until finally they both reached a peak at the same moment, she shrieking her orgasmic joy into the pillow while Enoch grunted like a bull bent over his sister's back as he buried his cock to the balls inside her and emptied them of their semen.

Both siblings were so caught up in the moment that neither saw the third pair of eyes watching every moment from the shadows of the crack in the closet door. A third younger sibling, the baby of the family, eight year old Sam Burke was also enamored of his older brother and often stole into his big brother's room to spy on him after he came out of the shower, to watch him as he stroked his huge cock in what Sam knew was something the older boys called “jerking off.” He loved watching Enoch's muscled body as he stroked his thick, veined and meaty shaft until that thick white goo called “jizz” spurted out, sometimes Enoch squirted it so hard it splattered onto the wall over his bed and a lot of times Enoch opened his mouth and caught his own jizz on his tongue. Sam longed to do this himself, taste his big brother's jizz, lick that long, thick, fat cock that throbbed between Enoch's legs and make the jizz come out to make Enoch feel good. Now here that bitch Stacy was she'd ruined everything and he hated her for it!

Sam watched with bitter envy as Enoch slowly withdrew his throbbing stiff cock from Stacy, it was wet and glistening from both of their fluids, swaying between his legs like an engorged serpent drooling a thick strand of jizz from the bloated, purple head that trailed back to Stacy's gaping and oozing vagina. Sam vowed he would find a way to make his sister pay for this devious betrayal!