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Sexing With Cousins


When I was twelve and a half I started to produce semen. One Saturday, my Dad and I went to visit his brother and my cousins. My cousin Randy and I were the same age. Randy and I, made the opportunity to sneak off outdoors and suck each other. We had been having oral sex with each other for two years.

That day, I was more interested in his little sister, but I knew I had to play with Randy and get him off before he would leave me alone to play with his younger sister Beth. Beth was eight at the time. Randy knew that Beth and I were also having oral sex with each other.

When Randy and I went back into the house after sucking each other off, we found that our dads had left to go somewhere. Randy had another younger sister besides Beth, as well as a younger brother.

We all sat in their living room and watched cartoons. After a couple minutes I asked where Beth was. Beth's older sister told me that she was down stairs sewing. Needless to say, I was done watching cartoons.

I told the other kids, "I'm going to go see what she's making." The other kids didn't care, they were interested in watching cartoons. Besides, they all knew I had a crush on young Beth and that we shared oral sex with each other.

In deed, I went down stairs to find Beth sewing. I walked up behind her and looked over her shoulder taking in her scent as she worked the old foot-powered sewing machine. I asked her what she was making and we talked a short while. She said she was expecting me and that's why she had come down stairs, so that I would find her alone.

Her bed room was only ten feet away and we were quickly on her bed together, rubbing and feeling each other. I pulled her shorts off over her hips along with her panties. I told her to take her top off. She did as I told her.

Now my little girl cousin was laying totally naked once again before of me. Beth and I had started messing around at the same time I started sucking with her older brother. Beth had long curly brown her and brown eyes. She was still a little pudgy but was growing up. I rubbed my hands all over her young, smooth naked body. As I continued to rub her smooth body, I leaned forward and kissed her on the lips. I had heard about French kissing but had never tried it. The only people I had ever kissed on the lips were my mom and dad. I only kissed my brothers, aunts, uncles and grandparents on the cheek.

When I kissed Beth again, I pushed my tongue past her lips and into her mouth. She must have known about French kissing too, because she reciprocated right away.

As we explored each other's tongues and mouths, I got a boner. I began to rub my finger along her little pussy slit. I didn't know what I was doing, it just seemed to be the thing to do. Her little pussy started to get slick. I wiggled my way down the bed so that I could lick her hairless, eight year old pussy. As I licked her little pussy, she bucked into my face and pulled my licking, sucking mouth into her tighter.

I was as hard as a new cum squirting boy could be! I wanted to stick my hard dick in her so bad,

but I knew I couldn't. I wasn't smart enough to know that I could have because she hadn't began to menstruate yet because she was so young. What I did know, was that I was making sperms and that was what made girls pregnant.

Her pussy was slick and I could smell it. I got off of the bed and took my clothes off, then got back into the bed with her. I worked my way down to where I was knelling if front of her and spread legs apart. I took hold of my steel hard, boy-boner and started to rub it up and down her wet, hairless slit. Oh... it felt so great! After about a minute of playing, I shot my boy juice all over her crack.

She reached over to the night stand, got a Kleenex and wiped up my semen from her pussy. We French kissed some more then got dressed and went upstairs and watched TV with her brothers and sister.


Another most memorable time I had with Beth. I don't remember the first part of our play that day, just the end of it. I was fourteen, which made her about ten. Again, we were in the basement of her home. I remember, I was standing on a chair with my pants and underwear down to my ankles. Beth was able to stand and suck my hard, young dick without bending over. She was a very good cock sucker!

I was near to shot my boy-load for her to enjoy, when Randy walked half way down the steps. He couldn't see us. "Steve." he called out. "Your dad said he's ready to go."

I called back to Randy, "Tell him I'm coming!" If Dad only knew how I was going to cum.

I knew time was short and I wanted to cum so bad. I told Beth to keep sucking me. I started to hump my five inch boy-cock in and out of her sucking mouth. Within less then a minute, I was blowing my fresh, teen-boy sperm down my young cousin's throat. I pulled her head against my pubic bone as tight as I could with her lips nestled into my brown pubic bush. With the head of my five inch dick jammed to the back of her throat, I emptied my young nuts. She didn't try to pull away. As I ejaculated, I heard the sounds of her gulping as she swallowed my sperms.

When my orgasm was over I pulled my clothes back up. I jumped down off of the chair then I bent over and kissed her on the lips and told her, "Thank You!" Then I hurried back upstairs to meet my dad in the process of walking to the door to leave.


Beth and I shared oral sex and heavy petting many times whenever we got the chance up until I was seventeen and she was thirteen. I guess the last time I had sex with Beth, would be my last best memory with her.


We were all at a family gathering at my Grandma's house. We were celebrating our last get together just before my uncles family was to move several states away.

I wanted to have sex with my cousins one more time before they moved. I may never get another chance.

Grandma lived in a big, three story house with lots of places for kids to hide. I knew Randy wanted to play. So after the adults settled down and started talking, we walked out the door to go outside and play. If only the adults knew how we boys played with each other. We walked around the house and came back into the house through another door and quietly walked up the old squeaky wooden steps and went upstairs.

As I recall, while everyone else was partying down stairs, Randy and I sucked each other off in the bathroom on the second floor. By this time we were both seventeen and were about as mature as we were going to get. Randy was a blond. He and I were about the same size as far as boners go. His cock was thicker than mine but he was physically bigger than I was.

I knelt to the floor in the bathroom and he unbuckled his belt and pulled his zipper down, then pushed his jeans and underwear down to his knees. He had his own scent that I'll never forget. His blond pubic hair was short and course. He was not very hairy and only had a dusting of short pubic hair on his balls. He was circumcised like I was and the head of his cock was bigger than mine.

I licked up his shaft and tongued his frenulum, then slipped my lips around the crown of his teen-meat. As I bobbed my sucking mouth up and down his cock, I squeezed and rubbed his balls. He lightly toyed his fingers through my short, brown hair as I pleasured him. He made little humps into my mouth. As how we were both only about five and a half inches hard, I could easily take his whole boner into my mouth and not gag. My mouth was watering and I got his cock and balls all sloppy with my saliva.

I liked the sensation of letting his dick come completely out of my tight lips and then slowly push my lips back over the crown of his ridged gland. My tightened lips would close smaller as the head of his cock passed my lips and then the thickness of his shaft would stretch my clenched lips open farther as I sucked the rest of his meat into my mouth down to the base of his thick dick, giving him as much pleasure as possible.

It only took about three minutes and he said, "Oh yeah, you suck good. I'm almost there." A few more pumps with my sucking mouth while swirling my tongue around the head of his cock, he started to feed me his seed. He gently held my head and made quick, short thrusts into my mouth, shooting blast after blast of his hot teen-cum into my mouth. I let it gather as he moved his squirting meat over my tongue, through his wad of cum.

Once he had emptied the load from his balls, he pulled his cock from my mouth. I watched as his wet, slimy boner twitched and bobbed up and down with post-orgasmic convulsions. I focused on the mouth-full of boy-cum in my mouth. I swirled my tongue all around inside my mouth to get the entire surface coated with his sperm then swallowed several times to clear my mouth.

Without a word, he pulled his underwear and jeans back up and fastened them. "Your turn." he said.

I stood up and unbuckled my jeans, unsnapped the button and pushed my jeans down past my knees, I wasn't wearing underwear. My hard cock sprung out to met him as he knelt to the floor. He grabbed my teen-boner and jack me a little, feeling the heat and hardness of my shaft as he rolled my balls around in my near hairless scrotum. He leaned forward and started licking me. He liked to lick me everywhere he could and I liked it when he licked my balls and suck each nut into his mouth and used his tongue to move them around. He licked up the underside of my shaft and then back down to lick the hollow of my groin, making me all wet down there with his warm saliva.

After he had me totally slobbered up, he took the head of my cock into his mouth and started blowing me. We had done this so many times, he knew exactly how to get me off fast. I was so boned up I knew it wouldn't take much of his experienced mouth to make me cum.

He worked his magic mouth and tongue all over my scalding, hot prick, while gently squeezing my balls. I tried to hold off my oncoming orgasm as long as I could, but it was a useless effort. I grabbed handfuls of his curly, blond hair and started to thrust my cock in and out of his sucking mouth. I whispered, "Oh fuck Randy... I'm going to blow!" He kept sucking me as my testicles pulled up tight and I felt them pump as my semen blasted through my urethra into his waiting mouth.

I shot five or six strong ejaculations into the back of his throat. My body shook in ecstasy as I enjoyed my overwhelming orgasm. He sucked me dry and my cock-head became so sensitive I had to withdraw my hard dick from his sucking mouth, making a popping sound when it left his tight lips. Randy swallowed my seed as always.

After Randy and I had finished sucking each other off, we quietly crept back down the squeaky steps and back out the door. We walked back around the house and walked back in the door the adults had seen us leave through. No one was the wiser that Randy and I had been upstairs in the bathroom blowing each other.

We walked back to our group of family. I walked to where Beth was standing and leaned against the wall. In time, I whispered under my breath to her that I wanted to go upstairs with her.

She shook her head, no. She didn't like the idea. She knew we would be missed. I was crushed!

I quickly devised a plan to get Beth away from the adults that wouldn`t cause suspicion. I eased my way back over to Randy. As the adults talked and with the TV sounding loud, I told him, I wanted to have sex with his sister again upstairs. I quietly told him, "Lets all go in the back-room and play Pong."

He was quick to reply. He announced to the other kids, "Let's go play Pong in the back room!" Randy motioned for us kids to go to the other end of the house. What a Buddy ; - )

As us kids followed him, he stopped to tell his mom, "We're going to go play pong on the TV in the back room." It was excepted and we all walked past the adults and headed to the other end of the house.

Randy turned the TV and Pong game on. I walked up behind Beth and hugged her as she stood watching her brother play the game. I coaxed her, "Come on, lets go up stars." She was still hesitant.

As the other kids were interested in the game, I reached down and started to feel her pussy mound under her shorts. I rubbed her as we watched the other kids play the game. Soon she reached behind herself and started to feel my boner through my jeans. She turned and looked at me. I nodded towards upstairs and she nodded back. I patted her on the ass to send her upstairs.

I leaned forwards and whispered into Randy's ear, "Me and Beth are going upstairs." He just nodded his head and continued playing the game.


There really wasn't a good place to lay down and be comfortable. The whole second floor of Grandma's house was full of bullshit trash. Shit like old boxes of magazines, boxes of old paper work, old clothes, old pieces of broken furniture, etc, etc. I wanted her so bad, I would do anything.

I found a room that was the least cluttered and moved some boxes of bullshit paperwork and such. I found an old blanket to lay on the carpeted floor. I tried to coax her into the room from out in the hall. She was reluctant, she wasn't sure if this was such a good idea with the adults just downstairs. I coaxed her further and she finally succumbed to my wishes.

As I stood on the blanket, I reached my hand out to her. She walked to me and took my hand. I pulled her to me. We embraced and kissed.

She was wearing cut off jeans and a tube top. I started rubbing her smooth tummy where her top didn't cover. I pushed her top up to feel her young firm tits. I broke our kiss and lifted her top off of her the rest of the way and tossed it onto the floor. I began to lick her tender young nipples. They were small, hard and sticking out. I rubbed my hands all over her smooth, thirteen year old torso, feeling each of her ribs. I worked my way down and slipped my hand under the top of her shorts and panties to feel her soft pussy. It was all smooth except for a slight amount of brown fuzz on top of her pussy-mound. I slipped my finger into the folds of her slit. She was getting wet and slippery down there.

I took hold of her hips and pushed down. We both knelt to the floor. I put my hands on her shoulders and softly pushed her backwards onto the floor. Beth knew the routine.

After she had laid down, I unsnapped her shorts. She lifted her hips up off of the floor as I pulled her shorts off and over her tennis shoes. I looked at her laying there so vulnerable, then I took her shoes off too.

It was such a site. Here was my beautiful, totally naked, sexy, thirteen year old cousin laying on the floor for me!

I laid on my belly between her splayed legs and started to eat my little cousin's pussy. I licked and sucked her pussy lips and her hard little clit. I tongued at her hole. She held my head and pulled me in closer. She started fucking my face. Making quite grunting noises while bucking her hips off of the floor, grinding my face into her hot, wet sex.

After about three or four minutes of my eating her pussy, she arched her back, raising her ass off the floor and damn near suffocated me, as she pulled my face into her pussy as hard as she could. Her body shook and trembled, weak she fell back onto the floor. My face was covered with her girl-juice and my own saliva.

As I let her lay there to catch her breath, I stood up and took off all of my clothes. I had a boner from Hell! My cock wasn't a little boy dick anymore.

Even though I had just got off with Randy earlier, I was ready to cum again. I knelt down between Beth's legs. Her smooth wet pussy looked so hot! I dove right on top of her. I pulled her closer to me as I knelt. I took hold of my hard, throbbing, seventeen year old meat and started to rub the head up and down her wet, hot slit like I had done so many times before.

The heat of her body was so intense! It made my nuts want to explode. I repositioned myself, lifted her hips and laid back down on top of her. I ground my cock against her near hairless, wet pussy. I made long strokes rubbing my cock up through her crack and onto her smooth tummy, smearing her wetness, then back down her slit then back up. Back and forth I rode her, working into a frenzy of sexual passion, but I never went in her hole. I'll tell you, it didn't take long and I was ready to cum.

Just before I started to ejaculate I opened my eyes and looked down at Beth's face. Her eyes were tightly closed and her face distorted, biting her lower lip. She was pushing her pussy tighter against my rubbing cock.

Just as I was about to blow my young man-sperm, I pulled my young cousin's body farther below me, so as I would blow my load between our bellies and not on her pussy. I continued to hump my dick against her firm, slick tummy as I shot time and time again, coating our bellies with my fresh sperms until I was spent.

We were both breathing hard as I rested my body against my forearms and my knees, so I wouldn't have my weight against her. After we caught our breath, she told me, "I'll miss you!"

I told her, "I'll miss you too!" We rested awhile holding each other.


Randy walked up to the landing and called up to us, "You guys better get back down here. You've had long enough."

I kissed Beth on the lips and told her, "We better go, Big Brother is calling."

I took the corner of the blanket and wiped my cum from our bodies. We stood up and put our clothes back on. I picked up the blanket, bundled it up and took it to a another room and threw it on top of an old table. I put the boxes of things back where they had been.

We walked back down stairs and joined her siblings at the pong game.

That was the last time I would ever play sexy with Beth, but I would play with Randy one more time before their family moved away. But that's another story.