Shower Time for Dad

By Fantasy Fiction

"Who's ready for a shower" John asked, looking at his sexy wife Susan.

"We are Daddy!" his two children cried out before their Mother could answer.

"Hey kids, you know I was talking to your Mother!" he laughed at them.

"Daddy, you never let us take a shower with you! It's not fair!" exclaimed 11 year old Pamie."

"Yeah Dad, it's not fair at all. We need showers too!" 12 year old Timmy chimed in.

"You heard them" Susan laughed "you can't argue with that logic!"

"Ok, Ok, Let's go." John said, giving his wife a look that said "There goes our fun."

Timmy and Pamie hurried down the hall to their parent's bedroom. The luxury bathroom had a huge glass enclosed shower stall that looked like it could easily hold ten people.

Twelve year old Timmy started undressing first, he was a blonde haired blue eyed boy with a swimmer's body. When he pulled his shorts down John couldn't help but notice the few hairs above his 4 inch cock and the contrast of his white little boy butt against his tanned legs and torso. His balls had already begun to drop and John told himself he would need to have "the talk" with Timmy soon.

Eleven year old Pamie was undressing as her father eyed her brother. Pamie, like her brother had blonde hair, but hers hung just below her shoulders and had a slight natural curl to it. Unlike her brother, she had piercing green eyes.

John turned from his son and watched Pamie undress, his breath caught in his throat when she pulled her top off and he saw the most beautiful budding breasts in front of him. They were alabaster white with long dark nipples, he was amazed a young girl could have such big nipples. Her panties came down next and he couldn't help but stare at her creamy white ass, when she turned he was confronted with her hairless smooth pussy lips which pouted at him.

The two kids got in the shower and waited as John undressed, his cock started to feel heavy, and he was glad he didn't pop a boner!

"Kids, I'll be right in, I have to pee first." he called out to them.

"Oh Daddy!" Pamie giggled "Just pee in here, there's a drain, I do it all the time!"

John thought "What the hell, why not?" and got in the shower with his two giggling children.

"Go ahead and pee Daddy." they said as they got on either side of him "But we get to watch!" they both said.

John felt a little self conscious about pissing in front of them, but when he closed his eyes the flow slowly started.

He suddenly felt a small hand on his cock and open his eyes, he looked down to see his twelve year old son holding his pissing cock. As he watched his son holding his cock, Pamie moved in front of them, the piss spray hitting her little tit buds.

"Spray me Timmy!" she told her brother "Spray Daddy's piss all over me!"

Timmy did as his little sister asked, he aimed his father's pissing cock at her face, tits and hairless little pussy till she was drenched from head to toe.

John watched as piss covered his little eleven year old daughter, he couldn't stop if he wanted to, and he did not want to! He wanted to keep pissing on her but the flow went to a dribble and stopped.

John sighed and closed his eyes with a piss shudder. "Wow!" he thought to himself "That was amazing, Pamie actually like me pissing on her!" as he was thinking about what just happened he felt a warm sensation on his cock and looked down, Timmy had half of his pissy cock in his mouth, one hand wrapped around the base and the other holding his balls!

"Timmy!" John said "You shouldn't be doing that to Daddy, we could get in a lot of trouble!"

"Timmy loves piss Daddy!" Pamie told him "He licks my pissy little pussy all the time, and he even does stuff with his friends from school!"

Timmy started moving his hot little mouth faster on his father's cock, John couldn't stop from getting a erection as his son sucked more of his cock into his mouth and played with his balls. "He's a natural born cocksucker!" John thought to himself.

Pamie moved behind her father and pushed his legs apart and mashed her face against his butt, seeking out her father's asshole with her little tongue. His eleven year old daughter found her target and stuck her tongue as far up his asshole as she could. Pamie started thrusting her little tongue in and out of her father's asshole while her older brother took their father's cock deep into his throat.

"Oh My God! Oh! Oh!" their father cried out "That feels so fucking good, don't stop, Pamie, tongue fuck my ass! Timmy, suck my cock! Oh fuck! You're going to make me cum!


John shuddered, his knees went weak and he moved to sit on the shower bench. John watched as Pamie moved in front of her brother and tilted her face up and opened her tiny mouth, Timmy looked into his sister's eyes as he opened his mouth and their father's cum dripped down. Pamie took all the jizz in her mouth then she and her brother shared a deep kiss, their tongues working their father's jizz into each other's mouth's.

"I have to pee now Timmy!" Pamie said to her brother with a grin on her cute little face.

Timmy smiled and lay down on the shower floor. John couldn't help but notice his twelve year old son had an erection, it angled straight up his belly and looked to be about five inches long. "What a beautiful cock!" thought John "I'm glad we had him cut, just look at that fat cock-head and those smooth balls!"

Pamie straddled her brother's thighs and squatted over him as their father watched. "Here it comes Timmy!" she squealed and started to pee. John watched as his little girl pissed on her brother's hard cock and hairless balls, then she moved up, pissing on his chest and finally his face. The twelve year old boy opened his mouth to catch his little sister's pee, when his mouth was full he squirted it back at her hairless little cunt.

When Pamie was finished pissing on her brother John watched as she moved backward, held Timmy's hard cock up and lowered her hairless kiddie cunt down on it.

"Damn, her little cunt must be slick inside with girl juice!" he thought "She took it all in one plunge!"

John watched as his little eleven year old daughter rose and fell on her brother's cock, he could see her hairless pussy lips stretched around his cock every time she bent forward, he couldn't help but notice her little pink asshole as it winked at him.

Timmy didn't last long and unloaded his boy cum in Pamie's kiddie cunt after a few minutes. Timmy lay on the shower floor panting as his sister raised herself off his boy cock.

Pamie walked to where her father sat and stood in front of him, John opened his legs so she could get closer. Pamie wrapped her little arms around his neck and moved her lips to his, pushing her little tongue in his mouth. John opened his mouth to his little girls invading tongue, running it inside along her teeth and her warm soft young lips.

John could taste his own piss as he and his daughter tongue fucked, the piss taste was different, not bad, just different. Pamie finally pulled her mouth from his and with a pleading look in her eyes pushed his head down to her tit buds. "Oh my God, they are so beautiful!" he said to himself and lowered his mouth, covering her whole tit in his hot mouth. He lapped her little tit and sucked on her long hard nipple, still amazed that such a young girl could have such big nipples, he moved his mouth to her other tit and did the same thing. John could taste his own piss on her budding tits and licked it off.

"Get on the floor Daddy." Pamie ordered him, her father did as she commanded. John was eye level with his eleven year old daughter's hairless little puffy pussy lips "Eat me Daddy, lick my kiddie cunt!" she ordered.

John was filled with lust and pulled her little ass closer so he could get at her hairless treasure. He licked those puffy hairless cunt lips and stuck his tongue between them, searching for her cunt hole. "YES DADDY, YES! LICK ME DADDY, EAT MY FUCKING CUNT!" the little girl cried out.

John was so consumed with lust he didn't care that his son had just fucked her and shot his boy cum in the little pussy he was eating. When the first wad of Timmy's jizz hit his tongue he went into overdrive and sucked harder, wanting to get every drop of boy juice from her cunt.

Pamie looked at her brother, her eyes were half closed with lust "HE'S EATING YOUR CUM, TIMMY! DADDY'S SUCKING YOUR JIZZ FROM MY PUSSY AND EATING IT!" she cried out as she had a little girl orgasm.

Pamie slumped down in her father's arms and he lowered her to the shower floor, her eyes were closed and she panted, trying to catch her breath.

"Wow Dad, that was awesome! Pamie really likes to have her pussy licked and it looks like you're an expert!"

John lust had completely taken over him as he looked in his son's eyes and motioned him over. Timmy knew what his Dad wanted, what his Dad needed! He moved between his father's legs and offered him his boy cock, John did not hesitate and filled his mouth with his son's hard cock. He could taste his daughter's pussy juice and her little girl piss on Timmy's cock and it only made him suck harder.

"SUCK ME DAD! SUCK MY COCK!" Timmy cried out as his father sucked the twelve year old cock, John took his mouth off his son's cock and started licking his hairless balls "OH YEAH! SUCK MY BALLS DAD! SUCK MY FUCKING BALLS!"

John was inflamed by the nasty way his son was talking and took his cock back into his mouth, he had both hands on his son's ass and fucked his mouth by pulling Timmy's cute ass against his face. When John moved a finger to his son's asshole, Timmy pushed back, trying to get his father's finger up his asshole. John pushed hard and his finger went all the way up his son's ass. That was all it took, Timmy started to empty his young balls of their boy jizz into his father's hot mouth.

John swallowed all the jizz his son could give him and wishing there was more when he heard a soft clapping from outside the shower. His wife Susan was there, completely naked with a video camera in her hand.

John's first reaction was "Oh shit! I'm going to jail!" but then thought, wait Susan's naked and she's filming us.

"Calm down John, everything's ok. Great job kids" she said to Pamie and Timmy "This is better than we could have hoped for! I wasn't sure what your dad would do with you two."

Susan explained that she and the kids have been having sex for the past two weeks and it was their idea to bring their Dad in on the fun. The kids were the ones that came up with idea of taking a shower with their dad, they weren't sure what would happen but wanted their Mother ready to film it.

"OK everyone, time for a real shower! Scrub yourselves down and dry off! Then it's time for bed."

"Ahhh Mom, do we have to, it's too early to go to bed!" they complained.

"I didn't say go to sleep kids, I said go to bed. You're going to our bed tonight, your Dad and I aren't done with you two yet!" their horny Mother told them.

The End?

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