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Shower Time For Dad

Part Two

"Grandpa Comes For A Visit"

Susan placed the video camera on the dresser, John saw that it was pointed at their bed and was still turned on, filming everything. Susan had gone into the shower with them to rinse off and they all smelled like strawberry shower gel.

Susan took charge of what was going to happen, she had a confidence about her that John loved. Susan was a thirty four year old take charge woman with sandy blonde hair, 34C breasts with long dark nipples, a smooth pussy from years of hair removal, long tan legs that went all the way up to her perfect ass! She worked hard to keep her body in shape after having two kids and it showed.

"Timmy, sit on the pillows at the head of the bed so we can show Daddy what we like to do." She told her twelve year old son. He quickly moved where she pointed and spread his legs, exposing his hairless balls and five inch hard boy cock to everyone.

John watched as Susan lay down on her stomach and moved between Timmy's legs. She started by licking her little boy's balls, running her tongue over each one then gently sucking each one into her warm mouth. Timmy squirmed and pulled his legs up, exposing his little pink asshole. Susan dipped her head lower and ran her tongue across his pucker, causing Timmy to moan out loud. His Mother stiffened her tongue and John could see it enter Timmy's asshole.

"Susan" John cried out "You look so beautiful with you tongue in Timmy's ass! Suck it, honey, lick and suck Timmy's little asshole!"

"Looks good? Well, it tastes even better than it looks, I could suck our son's asshole all day and never get tired of it!" His hot wife whispered between licks.

"Daddy, what about me!" he heard Pamie call out, his little eleven year old daughter was bent over on her elbows with her cute little ass up in the air "Do me Daddy, lick my hole like Mommy's doing to Timmy!" she begged.

John's heart skipped a beat when he saw his little girl with her ass in the air, she was begging him to lick her twitching asshole. "Oh yes Pamie, Daddy would love to lick and suck your asshole!" he cried out and moved behind her. John swiped his tongue from her bald pussy to her asshole, she moaned and shuddered from the pleasure he gave her with that first lick.

"Oh Daddy, that feels so good! I love having my asshole licked, do it some more!" John lapped his daughter's asshole for a good five minutes, he looked over at his wife and saw she had moved up and was sucking their sons cock as only a loving Mother could.

John stopped licking long enough to get a bottle of astro-glide gel form the nightstand drawer. He squirted a glob on his finger and touched it to his daughter's little asshole. Pamie jumped a little "I'm sorry honey, did I hurt you?" he asked.

"No Daddy, it's just a little cold. Mommy always warms it up first for us!" she said.

John started to process what Pamie said, but dismissed it, not wanting to take away from the moment they were having.

John started rubbing the gel around his daughter's asshole, she moaned and said "Stick it in Daddy, stick your finger in my ass!" John slid his finger in up to his first knuckle, not wanting to hurt his little girl "Daddy!" she said "Stick it all the way in!" John did as she asked, he could feel he asshole milking his finger!

"That's the way Daddy, slide it in and out!" John again did as she requested "Another one Daddy, put another one in my ass!" John squirted another glob of gel on his fingers, rubbing them together to get it warm, he heard his son cry out and looked over.



John stared at his wife and son, he had been so occupied he missed out on seeing them fucking, he started to think back to his childhood with his Mother.

"Daddy!" Pamie called out, snapping him out of his trance. The gel was warm and he slid one, then two finger's in Pamie's asshole, she pushed back, gobbling both fingers deep in her little hole. John was amazed little Pamie could take two of his thick fingers in her ass without any pain.


"Honey, as much as I would love to fuck your sweet little ass I don't think you could take my cock in there, it's too big and would hurt you."

"I can take it Daddy, Timmy and I have been using butt plugs for the past month, watch this!"

John watched as Pamie reached back and pulled her ass cheeks apart, her asshole opened wide and he knew it would easily take his cock with no pain. He squirted gel on his hard cock, got behind his eleven year old daughter and put the tip against her asshole.

"Do it John, fuck our little girls asshole with you hard cock, she loves it when I fuck her ass with a strap-on, and so does Timmy!" his wife whispered to him.

John had a mental image of his wife fucking his son and daughter with a strap-on and pushed his cock in his daughter's ass all the way to his balls! All the air left Pamie's lungs in one long moan.

"Oohhh Daddy! That's so good!" she said "Your cock feels so fucking good! I feel so full! Your cock feels so much better than a strap-on!"

Pamie's words enflamed his lust and he moved his cock in and out of his daughter's tight clasping asshole. He had never felt anything so warm and tight on his cock and he knew he wouldn't last long before her painted her bowels with his hot cum!

Susan and Timmy moved on either side of them, watching John's hard cock sliding in and out of Pamie's hot asshole.



The nasty talk from his wife and son combined with the moans and groans from his little girl was too much for him "I'M CUMMING! I'M CUMMING IN MY LITTLE GIRLS ASSHOLE! OH FUCK! TAKE IT PAMIE, TAKE DADDY'S HOT JIZZ UP YOUR ASS!" John felt as if he pumped a gallon of jizz in his daughter's ass and he slowly pulled out and fell backwards.

Pamie jumped up from the bed and ran to the bathroom, one hand holding her ass. John, Susan and Timmy heard his cum hitting the water in the toilet. Pamie wiped the remaining cum from her ass and walked back in the room.

"Wow Daddy, you really filled me up! I can't wait till we do it again!" she told him.

"Pamie, next time you should offer your cum filled asshole to me! Mommy would love to suck some hot cum from your asshole!" Susan told her daughter.

It was late, they were all fucked out and fell asleep in the big comfortable bed. The kids were the first to get up the next morning, more interested in morning kid shows on TV than sex. John and Susan stayed in bed talking about last night. Susan told John how she caught the kids fooling around naked with each other and decided they were old enough to learn about sex from an adult instead of each other. She taught them about every kind of sex she could think of, she bought different size butt plugs for each of them so they could adjust to the sizes and would be able to enjoy anal sex without the pain. The next thing she did was buy a strap-on and fuck their assholes so they would know if they liked it or not. Both of them liked getting their assholes fucked, she figured they inherited that from her, she loved anal!

"Susan, what would you say if we invited my Dad to join us and the kids? You know he's been so lonely since Mom passed away." John asked.

"I think that's a wonderful idea! The kids love their Grandpa Joe and I think he could use some love, these past few years have been pretty rough on him. Are you sure you would want to watch you Dad fucking me? Would it make you jealous?" she asked.

"Honey, there's something about my childhood I never told you and it`s about time I did." John told her he was having sex with his parent's when he was much younger than their kids, nothing was taboo in the family. He told her about the first time he fucked his mother, the first time he fucked his father's asshole and his father fucked him. His Dad loved sucking his little boy cock and was the first to taste his jizz. He told her about the secret family incest camp they went to every year that was hidden away in the foothills of Georgia where families from all over the world could fuck like minded families without being judged.

"Everything stopped when I met you, it was love at first sight and my parent's respected that I only wanted to be with you, my soul mate, the woman I will love for the rest of my life!"

Susan started to softly cry, the love for her husband was stronger than ever as he poured his heart out to her. "I love you so much John, let's talk to the kids and if they are willing we should call your Dad this morning."

John and Susan talked to Timmy and Pamie, explaining that if Grandpa Joe came over he would be invited to join in everything they did. The kids were excited, they loved their Grandpa and said they would love to have sex with him.

"Dad, it's Susan and John, we both want to talk to you so you're on speaker phone." John told his father "Were following our family tradition."

"What tradition is that, John?" Joe guardedly asked his son "Sunday dinner at six? Yearly fishing trips?"

"No Dad, what we did as only a loving family could do with each other." John said.

"Not sure where your going with this? Did you say Susan was on the phone with us? He asked.

"Yes Joe!" Susan answered, I'm on the phone, what John is referring to is sex with our kids!" she bluntly told him so there was no mistake about what they were talking about. There was that take charge attitude John loved about her.

"John and I are having sex with Timmy and Pamie!" she continued "And we want you to join us Joe, the kids want you to join us, they want to have sex with their Grandpa! What do you say? Are you up for a visit with your favorite Grandkids?"

"There' my only Grandkids!" Joe laughed "Of course their my favorite's! Are you sure you really want an old man joining you?" he asked.

"Dad, you just turned 52, you are not an old man! The way you work out, you're in better shape than most guys half your age! Face it Dad, you are one hot stud!" John told him.

"Are you interested? How soon can you get here?" John asked.

"If you guys really want me, I can catch a flight Friday morning and be at your house in the afternoon." His Dad told him. The three continued to talk and worked out all the details. Summer vacation was starting soon for the kids and Joe volunteered to stay and watch them till school ended, he was quite wealthy and didn't have any obligations at home that would need his attention that a phone call couldn't handle. He hung up the phone, excited about what could happed over the next few months.

Friday afternoon Joe pulled up to his son's house in a luxury rental car. He walked up to the door and knocked, John opened the door, hugged him and called the kids. Pamie jumped up, wrapped her arms around his neck, his hand went to her butt so her could hold her close to him. Timmy ran over and wrapped his arms around his Grandpa's waist giving him a big squeeze. Joe ran his free hand through Timmy's hair "Hi kids, I sure have missed you both!"

Pamie was wearing a short skirt and Joe could feel her bare ass in his hand "No panties." he thought to himself. Pamie squirmed in his hand, opening her little legs till his middle finger was against her little pussy, she pushed herself down and Joe's finger slid all the way in. Susan walked up to him and gave him a kiss on the lips, welcoming him in their home. Joe answered all their questions and listened to them talk as if his finger was not buried up his Grand-daughter's tight kiddie cunt. Pamie rocked up and down on his thick finger as any kid would do that was excited to see their Grandpa.

"Alright kids, give your Grandpa a break! Go out and bring his bags to the spare bedroom. Pamie, get down, I'm sure your you're getting heavy in Grandpa's arm!" Susan told the kids.

Pamie lifted herself off her Grandpa's finger and slid to the ground, running after Timmy to help with the luggage. John and Susan turned around to escort him to the guest bedroom, John couldn't help but notice his father raise his finger to his mouth and suck on it. He immediately figured what happened "I'll bet Pamie wasn't wearing any panties! Dad must have been fingering her hot little cunt the whole time we were talking!" he thought to himself.

The guest bedroom was very large, had a king size bed and it's own bathroom with a large glass enclosed shower, about half the size as the Master bathroom shower. "I hope you'll be comfortable in here Dad" John said "I know it's not what you're accustomed to."

"This is great John, you've done really well for yourself, you can give me a tour of the house later." Joe was a self made millionaire, making most of his money in real estate and stocks, he had a knack for picking property, updating the interior, the exterior and flipping it for a healthy profit which he invested in tech stocks that went through the roof. As wealthy as he was he stayed grounded and humble, knowing a lot of his good fortune was due to timing and luck and he never ever judged a person by how much money they had. Most of those rich bastards were just shallow people, more interested in money than the important things in life. His wife died in a plane crash five years ago and he missed her every day, she was the most important thing in his life and he would gladly give up his millions to have her back by his side.

The kids came in the room lugging two large suitcases, they were giggling as if they had just been sharing some big secret. John knew what the secret was, Pamie must have told her brother Grandpa Joe had his finger up her kiddie cunt!

"Dad, you must be tired from the flight, why don't you take a nap and I'll call you before dinner's ready and give you the grand tour." John said, "Hope steaks on the grill are still your favorite!"

"Sounds great John" he said "Now that you mention it, I am a little tired and could use a nap, we'll talk more later, I have a surprise to share with all of you." Everyone was curious what the surprise was, there were no wrapped present's that they could see and they didn't press him for an answer.

Joe napped just long enough to take the edge off. John showed him around the house and secluded backyard with a pool and outdoor patio area with the grill which he fired up. The backyard was enclosed by a wooden fence, not just for security but the house was surrounded by a heavy forest and they didn't want any unwanted animals in the backyard. The family ate dinner outside on the patio, it was beautiful and peaceful that evening. The kids cleaned up the dishes and sat at the table when they were done.

"So Dad, what's this surprise you mentioned, we're all in suspense!" John said.

"Do you remember the camp we used to go to with your Mom ever summer? Asked Joe

"Of course! How could I ever forget that place, Camp Wan-Ta-Fuk!" John laughed at the name.

"Well, I called them after we talked and made reservations for the five of us, that is if you all want to go? They still had us on file so we won't have to go through the vetting process, we are welcome members." He told his son.

"What's Camp Wan-Ta-Fuk Daddy?" Pamie and Timmy asked at the same time, "Is it an Indian camp?"

John explained to them and his wife that Camp Wan-Ta-Fuk was started in the late 1800's by a millionaire family and passed down from generation to generation. It was over a thousand acres of beautiful forest land in the foothills of Georgia and they invited friends who shared the same family love style as they did. Membership was by invitation only by an existing member and the background check was tougher than for a scientist working on a secret government project! Over the years, people came from all over the world to enjoy sexual relationships with other like minded families. There were no restrictions against age, race or religion and there were only a few rules you had to follow. One rule was: This was a nudist sex camp, shoes were allowed and females could wear a thong or panties if it was their time of the month, but most women timed their vacation so that was not a problem. Another rule was: You could have sex with anyone, any age as long as they consented; children under the age of eight had to have their parents permission to have sex with an adult, sex with another child was fine as long as both children consented.

"So, since Timmy and I are older than eight we could fuck any grown-up we wanted to?" Pamie bluntly asked.

"That's right honey, as long as they want to have sex with you too! Anyone you want to, doesn't matter if they are ninety years old, and believe me, there will be lot's of seniors that would love to have sex with you and Timmy, old people love to fuck just as much as young people, they just need a little more rest in between!" John laughed.

"Why don't you all talk it over and let me know in the morning, if you say "no" I'll cancel the reservation" Joe said to them.

They looked at him and said in unison "We want to go, we want to go!"

The sun had gone down while they talked and Susan said "Kids, why don't you go take a shower with Grandpa Joe, you should spend the night with him so you get to know each other better, it's been awhile since you've seen each other."

"Thanks Susan, that's a great idea." he told his daughter-in-law "I'd love to spend some time with the kids tonight!"

Joe and his Grandchildren just finished stripping when Susan walked in the bathroom holding the video camera "Joe, do you mind if I record you and the kids?" she asked.

"Fine with me, wish we had those small units years ago, I had to set a bulky video recorder on a tripod to film John with his Mother and me, we made lots of VHS tapes in our day!"

Susan aimed the video camera at the glass wall of the shower and said "Don't forget to move it to the bedroom when you guys are done, just leave it on record, put it on the dresser facing the bed." She pretty much ordered him.

Pamie, Timmy and Joe got under the shower spray, getting themselves wet. Pamie watched as her Grandpa's cock started to rise up, she looked at Timmy and he already had a full 5" hard-on pointed at the ceiling. Pamie poured a handful of shower gel into her small hand and started lathering her Grandpa`s chest, Timmy did the same. Their four small hands felt wonderful on Joe! As if they had planned it, Pamie and Timmy lowered their hands. Timmy started soaping Joe's cock and balls while Pamie slid her little fingers in his ass crack, then across his sensitive asshole, finally sliding a little finger up his ass. Timmy watched as Grandpa's dick grew in his hand to 8" of throbbing cock meat, he worked one hand up and down Grandpa's cock while his other rubbed his balls.

"You two sure know how to make an old man feel good!" He told the kids "But it's time for me to wash you." He sat down on the shower bench "Timmy, you're first, it looks like you're about to burst!" Timmy moved if front of his Grandpa and Joe filled his hands with gel. He slowly washed Timmy's chest and back, then moved his hands lower. He had one hand between Timmy's ass cheeks and the other wrapped around the young boy's hard cock, stroking it with his lathered fingers. Joe took the shower sprayer and rinsed Timmy's cock of all the soap then lowered his mouth to his 5" little boy cock. Timmy's cock slid in his hot mouth and it reminded Joe of when he used to suck John's cock for him. Joe rubbed Timmy's little asshole and was a little surprised how quickly it opened to his thick finger.

Little Pamie urged her Grandpa "Suck his cock Grandpa! Fuck his ass, Timmy loves getting fucked in the ass Grandpa, make him cum in your mouth! His cum is so sweet you'll want to swallow all of it!"

As he suspected, Timmy was about ready to burst, after a couple of minutes sucking his sweet cock, fingering his asshole and listening to his Sister's nasty talk, Timmy unloaded several bursts of boy juice into his Grandpa's mouth. Pamie was right, Timmy's hot cum was sweet, and he swallowed it all down his throat.

Timmy sat down on the shower floor, he glowed from the intense feeling from the blowjob. Pamie had already rinsed the soap from her small smooth body and took her place in front of Grandpa Joe. He looked at his Grand-daughter's little tit buds and big nipples, he lowered his head and moved his mouth from one to the other, sucking each tit bud into his mouth and flicking his tongue back and forth across each hard nipple. While he sucked he moved his hands down till one was cupping her little butt and the other was rubbing her little kiddie cunt. Pamie groaned loudly when Grandpa slid a thick finger up her ass and tight little cunt at the same time. She slumped down, only being held up by his two big fingers! The little girl wrapped her arms around his neck to keep from falling down and when he was sure she had a good grip he moved his fingers faster in her cunt and asshole. Joe felt her kiddie cunt and asshole squeeze his fingers and knew she was having a good cum. The three of them rested a few minutes to catch their breath, got out of the shower and dried off.

Joe remember to grab the camera and place it on the dresser, aimed at the bed. Since he didn't cum in the shower, Joe's 8" cock was as hard as a rock as the three of them got on the bed.

Pamie was the first to talk "We want to make you feel good now Grandpa! Come on Timmy, lets show him what we can do with his big cock!" his nasty mouthed Granddaughter said as she got between his legs and started to lick his balls with her little girl tongue. Timmy saw his target, Grandpa's thick 8" cock and he took half of it in his mouth, he could see Pamie with a mouthful of balls below him, the two kids looked into each others lust filled eyes and they moaned and groaned to each other.

Pamie pushed Joe's ass up from the bed, Timmy had to pull back a little so he wouldn't choke and watched as his Sister started to lick their Grandpa's asshole. Eleven year old Pamie was a natural born ass licker, she knew exactly what to do without being instructed. She ran her little tongue across his asshole and wiggled it till it slid up his ass. "Damn! My little Granddaughter sure does enjoy sucking ass! What a fucking hot little tongue on her!" he thought to himself "And little Timmy is sucking my cock as good as his father did when he was twelve!" Joe remember John was only eight years old the first time he sucked his fat cock, John struggled to fit it in his mouth, but he was eager for his Daddy's jizz.

"OH FUCK!" he shouted out loud, partly for the benefit of the camera that was recording them ""YOU TWO SEX CRAZED KIDS AGE GOING TO MAKE ME CUM! FUCK, I'M GOING TO SHOOT MY HOT JIZZ!"

Pamie pulled her tongue from his asshole and shoved two of her fingers in "DO IT GRANDPA! SHOOT YOUR SPUNK! FILL TIMMY'S MOUTH WITH HOT GRANDPA SLIME!" The little girls nasty talk was all it took to make him shoot his cock slime in Timmy's hungry mouth.

Timmy didn't swallow, instead he moved up to his Grandpa's mouth and kissed him, they both opened their mouths and swapped his cum, Pamie moved her face between theirs so she could get her share of her Grandpa's cock juice.

After they rested and caught their breath, Joe got up and turned off the camera and told them "Kids, I'm wiped out, let's brush our teeth and hit the hay, you don't want to wake up with stale cum breath do you?" The kids told him it wouldn't be the first time but went and brushed anyway. When they returned, they all piled in the big soft bed with Joe in between them. The sheets were cool, their young bodies were soft and warm, and Joe fell right to sleep, the kids not long after him.

Joe woke from the morning sun coming through a space in the curtains, the kids were gone and the smell of coffee and bacon filled the air. He gathered his thoughts "Ok, I'm at John's house with Susan and the kids, this wasn't a dream after all!" He got up, took a quick shower and shaved. He liked to feel fresh in the morning, and hated the scruffy feel of a overnight beard, it was just to itchy for him. He dressed in shorts, a casual shirt and sandals.

"Good Morning Everyone!" he said. They were all in the kitchen, preparing breakfast.

"Morning Dad!" Susan said to him "First time she ever called me Dad." he thought to himself "I could get used to it, wish we had a sister for John when he was growing up, Paula and I wanted another child, but it never happened."

It was Saturday morning and they didn't have to be anywhere, they ate a wonderful breakfast and Grandpa Joe told them the plans for their visit to Camp Wan-Ta-Fuk.

"We'll be staying in one of their luxury cabins, four bedrooms, four bathrooms, fully stocked kitchen, the works! Nothing is too good for my family!" he told them. It was unusual for him to splurge like this, he was normally an "average Joe" who didn't lavish in luxury. "I want this to be one vacation none of us will ever forget." he explained.

"Can you and Susan take time off the week after next?" he asked, he didn't think to ask them before.

"Actually the timing is perfect Dad!" Susan said "The kids will be on summer vacation and we had already scheduled two weeks off the same dates as the reservation!" she told him.

"Then it's settled, Camp Wan-Ta-Fuk, here we come!" Timmy and Pamie cheered!

After the kitchen was cleaned up, Susan and John suggested they all head out to the pool, it was a beautiful day out and they shouldn't spend it inside.

"I'd like to make a suggestion" Joe said "Since were going to be nudist's while at the camp, why don't we start now. You have no neighbor's and the fence is so high no one could see in if they wanted to, not to mention we should all have a base tan so we don't burn while at the camp."

John and Susan agreed it was a good idea and said they should all strip down and head to the backyard, they each grabbed a big fluffy towel and went out.

Joe was stricken with Susan's body, for having two kids she looked amazing! Her breasts were firm and full topped with two long brown nipples. Susan's stomach was flat with slight abs and he could see she had a smooth pussy with tight puffy cunt lips like Pamie.

Susan saw him staring "Dad, I work out a few times a week and have my pubic hair removed, even around my asshole! She giggled.

"She keeps calling me Dad" Joe said to himself "I love it, I want her to think of me as her Daddy!"

John and the kids went in the warm pool while Susan and Joe lay back in chaise lounges. They talked while watching John and the kids, watching their cute little white butts break the water. Joe told her what beautiful kids she raised and how wonderful it was that she introduced them to sex rather than find out from someone who just wanted a fuck. He told her he and his wife always wanted a daughter but it just wasn't to be, and how lonely he had been these past few years since the plane crash.

"I retreated into myself to grieve, I'm so sorry I missed watching Timmy and Pamie growing up these past years." Joe choked up and Susan thought he might cry, but suddenly he cheered up and said "But I'm here now and I'll be around as much as you and John can stand me!"

Susan's heart melted, she felt an overwhelming love for her Step-Father. "Dad?" she asked, "Would you fuck me? I never had much of a relationship with my father and I would like to have one with you." she whispered "I know I'm not as cute as the kids and I'll understand if you would rather fuck them than me."

"Sorry Susan, I don't want to fuck you." he told her "What I want is to make love to you, to feel your warm body against mine, feel my cock slide in your pussy and make love to you till you have an orgasm on my cock, on my DADDY cock!" he told her.

Susan felt a tremor run through her body, she could see his 8" inch cock standing tall. She got up and straddled his groin, held the base of his cock and slid down till she felt his balls touching her ass. They both moaned loud enough for John and the kids to hear.

"Let's go watch Mommy fuck Grandpa!" Pamie said.

"Yeah, let's go watch them!" Timmy agreed.

"No kids, this is a very special moment for your Mom and Grandpa, we need to let them spend it together, alone." John told them "But that doesn't mean we can't have fun ourselves! Grab some towels and spread them on the grass." he said. Timmy ran to get the towels but Pamie ran in the house, she came back out with a tube of Astro-Glide Lube "In case we need it." she told them.

Pamie, like her Mother took charge. "Timmy, sit on the towel facing Daddy. Daddy, get on your elbows between Timmy's legs with your ass up in the air. Ok Daddy, start sucking Timmy's balls then move up to his cock, look how hard he is Daddy! It sure is dripping a lot too!" Pamie said.

John did as she said and started licking Timmy's balls, getting them wet with his warm spit. He moved his tongue up the twelve year olds 5" cock shaft to catch the dripping precum.

Pamie poured some lube in her small hand and slid a finger in her father's ass, there was no resistance to her invading finger so she slid another one in. John sighed, her fingers felt good in his ass. Timmy looked at her and she silently held up two fingers from her hand that was not busy, Timmy held up three fingers and watched as Pamie smiled, he knew she put in a third when his father moaned out loud. Pamie fucked three fingers in and out of her father's asshole and he pushed his ass back. Timmy raised four fingers, Pamie shook her head but Timmy just smiled and nodded. Pouring more lube on her fingers, the fourth finger went in John's asshole and he groaned out loud "Fuck that's good sweetheart! Oh, that feels so fucking good to Daddy!" he told her.

Pamie was really getting into it now, she hadn't hurt her Daddy, in fact he loved what she was doing to him! She pulled all but her middle finger out of his ass, poured lot's more lube in her hand, folded her thumb in the palm of her hand and grinned at Timmy "Ready or not, here it comes!" she thought to herself as she slid her whole hand in her father's asshole.

"OH FUCK!" John cried out "OH FUCK! IT FEELS LIKE YOUR WHOLE HAND IS IN MY ASS PAMIE!" He wasn't complaining, he was pushing back against her.

"That's because it is Daddy!" his eleven year old daughter giggled. "I have my whole hand in your ass!" she told him.

"Yeah Daddy, Pamie's fucking your ass with her whole hand! Fuck his ass Pamie! Fuck Daddy's asshole with your hand!" Timmy cried out.

Pamie poured more lube against his asshole and her hand, another small push and she was past her wrist. She started fucking her hand in and out of her father's ass, she pulled out to her fingertips then thrust back in past her wrist.

John was so overwhelmed with the feelings going through him he stopped sucking his little boy's cock and cried out "FUCK ME PAMIE! FUCK DADDYS ASSHOLE! SHOVE YOU HAND UP MY ASS! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! MORE PAMIE, I WANT MORE!"

Pamie was caught up in her father's fuck lust, she poured lube all the way to her elbow and shoved her little arm in further. She looked and saw her father's ass had swallowed her twelve year old arm just below her elbow! "OMG DADDY! MY WHOLE ARM IS IN YOUR ASS! FUCK, I CAN'T BELIEVE MY ARM IS ALL THE WAY UP YOUR ASS!" she yelled at him.

John moved his mouth back over Timmy's 5" hard cock, he could swear it grew another inch in his mouth as he sucked his twelve year old son. Timmy held him by the head, fucking his mouth for all he was worth while Pamie reached between her father's legs and started jerking his rock hard cock, her little fingers were drenched with the precum that dripped from it. Timmy continued to brutally fuck his father's mouth while his little sister fisted their father's asshole and jerked him off."


His son's nasty fuck talk was all it took, John started shooting his spunk, Pamie kept jerking her father's 8" inch cock, coating it with his jizz and jerking him off till he begged her to stop.

John was wiped out from the fuck, he laid on his back and closed his eyes. He felt dizzy by the loss of blood from his head going to his cock. A shadow went over his closed eyes and he looked up into the tight hairless puffy pussy slit between his daughter's legs. He saw Timmy run over to Susan and Joe, they were now sitting at the patio table sipping cola after their Dad/Daughter bonding. He noticed the video camera was on the table and pointed in their direction, assuming he had been filmed with Pamie and Timmy.

"My turn Daddy, make me cum, please!" she said to him.

"Oh yes Pamie, Daddy wants to make you cum, Daddy will always help his little girl cum whenever she wants!" He lovingly told her.

Pamie lowered her hairless kiddie cunt to his face, he already had his tongue sticking straight out, wanting to get it in her little girl hole and taste the juices drip into his mouth. She dropped down, her knees on either side of his face with his tongue firmly planted in her little cunt hole. She was facing his feet and he could smell the chlorine from the pool on her asshole. John wiggled his tongue in and out of her kiddie cunt, lapping her puffy pussy lips and sucking down the juices flowing from her. He could have sucked her pussy for hours, but he knew his little girl need to cum badly. John continued licking, sucking, running his tongue from her asshole to her pussy, giving her every pleasure he could, but when he started rubbing her little clit with his finger it was all over for her! Pamie had a squirting orgasm! Not even his wife had ever squirted before, but here was his eleven year old daughter squirting cunt juice all over him. John gulped down as fast as he could not wanting to miss a drop and Pamie collapsed on him, her orgasm was so intense she passed out.

"Pamie, Pamie! Are you ok?" she heard her Mother ask as she came out of her fog.

"Wonderful Mom, Just Wonderful!" she sighed.

For the next weeks Joe helped out in every way he could, he took the kids to school, picked them up and cooked dinner for them every night. He enjoyed being part of the family and helping wherever he could. The five of them fucked every night, having orgies of every combination you can think of. While Joe fucked little Timmy's ass, his mind would go back to when he fucked John at the tender age of eight. Finally the morning arrived to head to the airport and catch their flight to Georgia, they were all excited about what would happen at Camp Wan-Ta-Fuk!

Stay tuned for the final part of the story!

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