Sissy’s Games

Chapter 2: Two Loves Have I

Bobby would ask if I could allow him to come back to stay over the very next weekend. Of course, I couldn’t refuse. I knew I should have. Sissy and Paula were bound to start to wonder what was going on. But if they were suspicious, they didn’t show it, and they didn’t seem to mind that Bobby was coming back. In fact, Paula was pleased that Bobby liked me.

She sure didn’t seem the least bit concerned during the week. We continued to meet after school, going to my room, where we instantly wound up in my bed making mad passionate love. I have to admit though I sometimes imagined she was Bobby and I was making love to her hot brother.

Sissy was not as active, often just watching me make love to her best friend, and her lover. She seemed to be becoming more jealous, or maybe she was feeling a little guilty that she was including her brother in the sex games.

Both would have felt more at ease with me if they had any idea what was going on with Bobby. We spent much of the weekend together, going to baseball practice, swimming laps, and hanging out at the mall. Bobby was definitely infatuated that I let him spend the day hanging out with me and my friends several years his elder. The other guys assumed I was doing it to score points with his sister (who looked older).

When Friday night came, Bobby and I had gone to bed early. The girls had gone out that night, so no one was surprised that we had retreated to my room to watch TV, then turn in. Bobby and I had stripped down to our briefs, then started playing with each other. Bobby was not surprised when I showed him how to play “69". I let him decide how much he could handle. He started by tasting just the head, then decided it didn’t taste that bad. He slowly moved further, taking in a few inches, enough that he could bob up and down on it. He wasn’t sure about taking my load, so he would stop when I got close. After backing off awhile, he would start over. I would pause long enough to give him suggestions on how to take in more, or how to avoid using his teeth.

As he got better at it, I would feed him more, pushing the shaft further. Finally, Bobby was taking in all seven inches. He had my pubes tickling his nose. By this time, I had not only caused him to dry cum twice, but had greased and worked two of my fingers up his back entrance, and was working his prostate pretty good. His hole was still tight, but was feeling relaxed.

Bobby didn’t know it, but he was in for two surprises that night. The first came when I felt my load building while my dick was pushing past his tongue into his throat. He had learned to breathe through his nose, so he was now able to take the head into the throat, but to his surprise the head began to expand and pulse. As it did, I shot my first spurt down his throat. The second spurt blasted as I pulled back. The sperm shot across his tongue. He swallowed instantly to keep from gagging on it. Then the shaft once again pushed back into the throat. Before Bobby could protest, he had swallowed most of the load.

He was still tasting his first cum load when I finished and pulled out. More stunned than angry, Bobby looked up at me confused and surprised. I explained I had shot off before I could back off this time. After swallowing again, he slowly smiled agreeing he didn’t think he could swallow all of it, but was not upset. It hadn’t tasted all that bad. I hugged him for doing a great job, and we relaxed holding each other in a close embrace.

The second surprise came when I pulled my fingers out of his hole. Bobby looked a little disappointed. There was an empty feeling back there. He had also enjoyed the funny feelings shooting through his entire body when I touched that spot inside his butt. Without complaining, he rolled over on his stomach and opened his buns hoping I would stick my fingers back in there. My dick was still hard. As I massaged his buns and his hole, I greased up my dick. Rolling into position, I straddled his body and quickly guided the head of my dick against his unsuspecting little hole. When he felt me pressing tightly against it, he looked back nervously, and flinched. I told him to relax and push back. I explained it would hurt at first, but would feel a lot better when I hit that funny place inside his butt.

On my first effort, I got the head inside him. He grunted in pain, so I stopped and waited until he could relax again. Then I slid in a little at a time. I did not rush although I sure wanted too. When I finally had it all the way in, I rested by laying on top of him until the pain was gone. After moving it around inside him, I slowly began to pump him with short easy strokes, pulling out further as he began to moan in pleasure. Bobby was eventually able to push back as I pulled back almost all the way out, and then plunge back in. His cherry was gone, and Bobby was getting to like the feeling that he was providing me with the same good feeling he was getting when I stroked his prostate. The two of us soon had our own rhythm going. It ended way to soon. My second load may have took a little longer, but you couldn’t prove it by me. It came way to soon.

 After I blew my load, my overworked shaft began to go soft. I kissed Bobby on the back of the neck, and rolled him over to kiss his cheeks and his lips. He was a little confused at first. He was not used to being kissed, giving blow jobs, or being screwed. He had a lot to absorb. He knew this was gay stuff, but he was liking it. He didn’t say anything for a long time, then whispered: “I like it.”

We talked about my sex with his sister. He knew we were doing sex stuff. How could I be gay if I was doing his sister. I explained I wasn’t sure why I liked having sex with him - but I did. And I wanted to keep on seeing him, but would understand stand should he want to stop. He didn’t answer right away. Suddenly our friendship was complicated. He was exhausted and just wanted to sleep on it.

The two of us snuggled up side by side and fell asleep.

A few hours later I woke still snuggled together with him. Just the thought that he was still there got my shaft hard again. Wondering if his hole was still open, I held him to me and slid back inside. He was only half awake, but did not attempt to keep me out. Once again, I had him moaning as I worked him over. Rolling on top, I slowly enjoyed working his tight hole. I wanted to teach him how to take me in every position I could think of. I was claiming Bobby as mine. Even when I didn’t need to shoot my load, I needed to know Bobby liked having me as a part of him. This was a feeling I didn’t get from the girls. I knew it was gay. I didn’t care. I fell asleep once again, this time still inside Bobby. We slept side to side, my arms wrapped around his waist, clinging to him.

I don’t think I slept that long, but when I woke again, the light was just beginning to enter the window causing an eerie half-dark, half-light effect. I could make out Bobby’s angelic like face. His eyes were still closed and his breathing was still deep. I held him close, then once again started slowly sliding in and out, still on my side. Bobby quietly moaned, but made no effort to wake or to pull away. It was not until I rolled on top of him, and started humping him in ernest that he opened his eyes. He smiled. Then he looked up at the shaft sliding in and out of his butt. By this time, I was feeling another load coming on. I was rocking gently back and forth. His body rolled with the rhythm. Sometimes, I came all the way out. I would simply slide back in and continue plunging in to the hilt. Bobby started moaning as he felt the warmth and electrical impulses stirring his body. He was pushing back to keep me from coming out again. He was really loving the feelings that made us so close. The fact that I had him impaled no longer bothered him. When I reared up and slapped against his warm tender buns, he knew I was past backing off. In seconds, I slammed into him deeply, and held him in place as I shot my second load. After four shots, my hot sweaty body relaxed on top of him. We stayed still a few minutes as I kissed him on the back and neck telling him I loved what he did for me. After I rolled off, we still spent a long time kissing and holding each other close.

Finally, Bobby broke a long sloppy french kiss to whisper “I love what you do to me.”

That was all he said. That was all he needed to say. He had made up hs mind. He was all mine. Sex was the two of us making out. I rewarded him by sliding down to once again bring him to a fantastic climax. He had decided this was the best feelings he had ever felt. No one had ever made hin feel so wanted or so special.

 The same applied to me. There was no comparison. I had to have Bobby. He made me feel like no one else did. Gay or not, he was my lover. We both knew this had to be our secret. It was not something I could explain. Nor could he. We had crossed the line. It was gay. We were gay. But we were also agreed. We laid there holding on to each other, knowing we would be doing a lot more to each other.

I still made love to his sister the following day. Sure, I felt more than a little guilty, but she was just as anxious as Bobby was to spend time in my bed. And I loved being loved by the two of them. I wanted to tell Paula that Bobby was learning to make love to me. How do you do that? How do you tell the girl you are making out with that her brother also loves making out? And that you just screwed him all night? And he loved it?

Even as I thought about Bobby, I was laying in the same bed slowly sliding my seven inches in and out of Paula. Like Bobby, she was moving from side to side causing me to slow or pause my stroke. She had learned a lot since I took her cherry.

Sissy had backed off a little. I’m sure she was feeling a little weird knowing that Paula was loving having sex with me. There was the chance she was losing Paula.

After I had shared another load of cum with her, Paula slid down to clean off the shaft she loved to play with. We rested and kissed after another playtime game. Once again, I managed to keep the secret that her brother was as good as she was at making me feel so good.

Paula and I made out several times during the week. Not that it was so much different than any other week. Well, maybe a little. This particular week I had fell in love with her little brother. I was going to have to make love a little more often. I had mixed feelings. I wasn’t worried that I could do it. I was worried that Bobby might say something, or that Paula might catch on to some little change. I was worried that the same curiosity that caused me and Paula to fool around might cause her to spot me and Bobby holding hands.

Some of you might remember an old hit song called “Two Loves Have I”. One of the lyrics of that song went “Two loves have I and they’re tearing me apart.” That’s how I felt. But it was worse for me. The song was regretting two lovers. Add to that two lovers one of whom is a girl while the other is a guy. Still not complicated enough? O K, add that the two lovers are brother and sister! Now you’re getting the point.

For weeks, I played the game, and ignored that it would eventually end. But what I didn’t know was that it would be my own Sissy tat would figure it out, and catch me.

School was out. It was warm enough that we were sleeping at night without covers. Both Paula and Bobby were coming on week nights as well as weekends. I’m pretty sure I was getting careless about sleeping with them in that I knew Paula wouldn’t sleep with me as long as Bobby was at my house. She also didn’t come to my room with Bobby there.

So one night, Bobby and I had been going at it hot and heavy. We were both really into each other that night. Almost all night. And come early morning, I wanted one more turn at him. I had flipped Bobby on his back and slid my shaft easily into a well worked hole. I was taking my time, but we were both working our way up to a dramatic climax. I had not locked the door, and didn’t hear Sissy open it. I was also too busy to see her slip into the room wearing only her panties. Bobby was pretty well covered by my body, so he saw only me smiling as I humped him.

Sissy had decided to pay us a surprise visit. She got her surprise all right. She watched from behind us as Bobby groaned and encouraged me to screw him good. I was doing my best. I was also grunting as I told him how much I loved his hole. It was not until I was unloading my man juice into him that I caught sight of a shadow coming toward the bed, and quickly realized Sissy had caught us.

It was a little too late to pretend we were doing anything but screwing. Sissy was smiling from ear to ear. This was not what she had in mind. It was much better. All I could do was roll off Bobby and ask what she was doing in my bedroom. That was pretty lame. Sissy had been to my bedroom many times unannounced. She just replied that the door was open. She had come by to play. She didn’t know I was into boys - especially Bobby.

Sissy was as interested in Bobby as he was in her. Bobby had been terrified when he saw her standing next to the bed. He didn’t say a word at first. He was a little afraid of Sissy who usually sided with Paula to tease and bully him when he got in their way. Sissy looked him over as I sat up to talk to her. He hardly noticed her nude breast. Her boobs had started to build and expand by now. And Bobby had not seen her in just her panties. This was the closest he had come to seeing a naked girl although Paula and Sissy had teased him about sex. He felt a little more at ease when Sissy reached out and felt his soft little dick and played with his ball sac. As she did this, I slid my thumbs into her panties and pulled them down so Bobby could see the slit she kept shaved. I took his hand and let him touch and probe her girl parts.

Although Sissy let Bobby fool around with her while she even licked his balls and his dick, she would not promise to keep quiet about our gay love affair. I reminded her that I knew she was having sex with Paula. She admitted to Bobby that she had a thing for his sister, so they would not tell anyone about us, but she thought Paula should know what her brother liked to do. She would handle it so that Paula would not be angry with us.

We had no choice but to go along with her. I knew Sissy well enough to know she would not want to destroy what she had going. She still thought of me and Paula as part of a game she had started. She wasn’t ready to give that up. And I was too much involved to get out of this one. Not that I wanted it to end. I did hate to try to explain my love for Bobby, but I knew this day was coming and it was me tat left the door open.