Sissy’s Games - Chapter 3 

Who Loves Who?

Sissy was at her best when she knew she was in charge. That left me feeling a little uneasy because I knew she was a little jealous of me and Paula. Both were now on their puberty changes, so they were aware that they could not continue taking chances. We would have to be more careful. Pregnancy was now an issue. They could continue playing girl games, but Paula didn’t want to stop playing with me. She just wanted to start taking the pill. I wasn’t sure the pill was that safe. What if she chose not to take the pill? A young teen doesn’t know all that much about pregnancy. But they sure know they’re horny. I was still young enough that I got a hard on just thinking about sex. Paula was now experienced enough that she loved what my dick did to her.

Sissy and I talked about our feelings. She had discovered she was in love with Paula. She was confused about her feelings, but knew Paula didn’t feel the same way. She sort of understood how I felt about Bobby. We both knew our feelings toward our own sex was considered gay, and would get us in trouble with our families and our friends. Nevertheless, we decided to talk things over with Paula and Bobby.

Bobby did not call me for several days. Sissy had told Paula what she had seen. Paula had decided to confront her brother. She was angry that he had caused problems in our sex games, but she was also confused that he liked having sex with me.

Both Sissy and I were worried that Paula and Bobby would be scared off. What if they decided to stop seeing both of us? What if Paula threatened to tell everybody about me and her brother? There was nothing we could do but wait to see what would happen.

It seemed like forever, but the answer for me came on Friday morning. Sissy took the call, but admitted she had talked things over with Paula a couple times at school. Paula had agreed she wanted to keep seeing us. She was getting used to the idea that I liked her brother, and that he wanted to keep seeing me, but we were going to stop the private meetings. Bobby was still curious about seeing a guy screw a girl. He had never seen that. He had agreed never to tell what we were doing. And she would keep his secret too. We would meet on Friday night to talk things over.

Paula was pretty relaxed when she arrived although all of us felt a little tense not knowing how we would feel toward each other. Sissy and Paula had decided they wanted to continue playing their girl games. Paula and Bobby talked about how much they knew about each other. Bobby had seen Paula topless before at home, but couldn’t remember ever seeing her nude. Paula had seen Bobby nude when he was younger. Bobby had not been that shy at home until the parents thought he should wear clothes when others were around. Neither had considered each other sexually although they were curious about sex. Bobby had unknowingly shown Paula what a penis was, but it was so tiny it didn’t explain much. She knew there was more to it than having a tiny shaft shoved up her vagina. Her time with me had been a completely new revelation. She now understood that sex was really fun. Her favorite game. She loved me for that. She didn’t understand how I could prefer her brother, or how he could love being screwed. He was a boy. Boys do the screwing. In girls. But then, she liked fooling around with Sissy. Something didn’t make sense.

All of us agreed we would fool around with each other in my room, then Sissy and Paula would go to their room for the night. None of us had any problems getting undressed in front of each other. Bobby and Paula weren’t the least bit shy. Neither was Sissy and me.

Once we were nude, the girls let Bobby see and feel them since he was not that used to seeing the girls naked. Bobby was not all that anxious to have sex with Sissy or Paula. He liked having them play with his three inch bald dick and balls. He loved having them lick and suck on it, but knew he could not shoot yet, and maybe felt too young for them.

 Finally, after every one felt pretty relaxed just seeing each other, Bobby watched wide-eyed as I went to bed with his sister and positioned myself over her after some foreplay. He and Sissy watched quietly as I slid my dick into her and slowly began working it inside her. My slow rhythm soon became faster and deeper as I felt the load building. Surprising to me, I was dreaming of Bobby as I pumped a load deep inside her. We rested a few minutes, then Paula sat up and traded places with Bobby.

Paula had not seen a boy make love to a boy. She was anxious to see me make love to her little brother. Bobby knew this was coming. He had already decided to put on a good show for her. He knew he had nothing to fear. After all, Paula was having sex. His parents would be crushed to know both of them were having that kind of fun.

All three of them simply watched as I greased up and slowly slid into Bobby’s hole making sure they could see my shaft slowly disappear inside him. Bobby did his bit by squirming and pushing his cute buns up at the monster impaling him. Once I was in, he flattened out on his stomach with his legs open wide. It didn’t take long to start pulling all the way back, then plunge vigorously back inside him. I took my time. When I thought Paula had seen enough to know Bobby loved what I was doing to him, I finished off, rapidly working him over until I was blowing another load. Bobby was moaning maybe a little louder than usual. He wanted his sister to see that he liked my dick as much as she did. She smiled at both of us. We were exhausted when I fell hot and sweaty on top of him. As we parted, Bobby and I gave each other a kiss and a long hug.

Paula and Sissy had seen enough. They were willing to let things continue as they were, but I somehow had the feeling that Paula knew our friendship had changed. We didn’t feel the same about each other. But then, I had been sharing her with my sister from the start. I guess I just didn’t feel that this had been an innocent affair between the two of us. Paula probably realized she couldn’t keep Sissy and still claim I was the one at fault. If anything, she might have felt angry that I had brought out the gay sex her brother was growing to love. He was definitely liking sex with me a lot more than sex with girls. Bobby had made it clear he wanted to sleep with me even if he had to share me with her. That would prove to be a minor problem between them.

Bobby was unable to stop having sex that night. I know I must have screwed him several times after the girls had left. And after each time, Bobby would clean my shaft like he didn’t want to let it end. He wore me out, but I wasn’t going to let him know I was too tired to continue. On the other hand, like any teen, it was a night I would not forget. After all, I was the object of desire. How many times do you find a lover who can’t love you enough?

Although I saw Paula a few more times after that, it just wasn’t the same. We still had sex, but she also let me know she was seeing other guys. Things between her and Sissy weren’t going that well either. Neither of the girls were seeing me that much any more. Looking back, I have to wonder if it was because of Bobby, or maybe because they just felt uncomfortable knowing I was really crazy about him. They were still friendly, but became friends rather than lovers. Whether Paula was seeing other boys sexually or not, I wasn’t really sure. I saw her with other boys, but mostly socially - not all that close.

For weeks, Bobby and I met as often as possible. He definitely loved to meet secretly for sex. We spent many nights in my room with me showing and demonstrating the different positions for him to take me in. Bobby shot off for the first time with my shaft plowing his hole vigorously. We celebrated the first pubes as he declared he was getting hair down there. It wasn’t long before his three inches became four inches.

Then the day came when Bobby asked if a new friend could visit. We had been making out for months. I didn’t see it coming, but then I was also still too young to realize we were both still changing. Bobby much more so than me. Sure, I had grown a little thicker, but Bobby had started shooting off a watery, but bigger load, and had a bigger appetite for sex. He loved sucking on my dick, and he loved having it up his butt. He explained that his new friend shared his love for sex. He just knew I was going to like him. I was not happy that Bobby had told him about our games.

Bobby’s new friend was about three months younger than he was. His name was Jeremy. And Jeremy was a doll. Even more petit than Bobby, he had blond hair and the bluest eyes I had ever seen. His smile lit up every thing. He walked so that you followed his every move. He talked in a high pitched voice that made you stop to listen. He was far from being athletic or macho. Jeremy was too beautiful to be a boy. My fears disappeared.

When we first met, I was captivated by Jeremy. Bobby picked up on that quickly. He caught me watching a little too closely as Jeremy showed how friendly and polite he could be. At first, there was the warning smile or the jab in the ribs to let me know I was staring or touching too much. Jeremy was confident in his ability to make friends and to find boys like me and Bobby that liked him a lot.

Yes. I was way too fast to say yes when Bobby asked if Jeremy could hang with us. I was also way too fast to say yes when Bobby wanted to invite Jeremy to stay overnight.

 No. I didn’t see what was coming. And no, I couldn’t see me with any other boy than Bobby. Until now, I had no reason to think I was into boys. I couldn’t explain Bobby. I didn’t want to. I can’t really explain that. I just knew I had Bobby. That was all I wanted to know.

My school friends had accepted Bobby because I was seeing his sister, but when Bobby brought Jeremy along there were objections. I was told they were not in our clique. They weren’t even in high school yet. They now questioned my interest in younger boys.

Then, there was the problem of Bobby’s jealousy. Jeremy usually came on a little too friendly and I didn’t see this as a problem. It didn’t bother me that Jeremy liked to toss his arm over my shoulder when he sat next to me. Or that he would lean on me when we were watching TV. Or that he was even more friendly when Bobby was not there. These were minor things I didn’t see or object to because I liked him for that. Maybe I didn’t see anything wrong with it because I didn’t want to.

 I honestly didn’t realize Jeremy had climbed onto my lap, and was leaning against my shoulder when Bobby had left us alone. Not until Bobby came back. He froze in the doorway , and looked really hurt. Jeremy quickly moved, claiming he just wanted to see if Bobby would get jealous. He laughed it off. And I insisted nothing had happened. I reminded Bobby that Jeremy was his friend, and that he had brought Jeremy into the picture.

I had also noticed that Bobby was more than a little friendly with Jeremy. They didn’t hesitate to tease and joke around with each other. I had no idea how far they had gone with each other. It seemed to me that Jeremy was as touchy with Bobby as he was with me. I had caught them staring at each other as if checking each other out more than once. I knew that Jeremy had already spent the night at Bobby’s house. And I was pretty sure that Bobby had spent the night at Jeremy’s house. If anybody should be jealous, it should have been me.

At first, Jeremy just visited at my house. He didn’t or couldn’t stay overnight. I tried to keep my distance knowing that Bobby was watching. There were times it didn’t work. The two of them would take me on in wrestling. Bobby wouldn’t let me play around with him or even show affection in front of Jeremy. I would forget or just come on to strong at times, and “accidentally” grope him. Bobby would pull free and laugh that I had grabbed his thingy. Both of them would laugh. I would instantly bone up, wanting desperately to drag both of them off to my room, and eat them. The frustration was driving me nuts.

The next day, I confronted Bobby, explaining that I knew Jeremy wanted to go further, and that the two of them were getting me hot, only to leave me unhappily jerking off while they went home to have sex. If he wanted Jeremy for himself, he needed to consider that I was happy just seeing him. Whether I could ever get back to that, I didn’t know. I did know that being teased was not my idea of fun, and that he deserved to be punished for bringing Jeremy into the picture.

Bobby thought it over for a few minutes. Then he admitted that he had introduced me to Jeremy knowing I would want him. He admitted that Jeremy and him were having sex, but he knew they both liked older guys, and they both liked being made love too. He liked Jeremy because they had a lot in common. They weren’t in love. They were friends. He would share Jeremy. Jeremy had no choice. Jeremy had made it clear he wanted to have a threesome.

The three of us agreed to meet the next Saturday. One of the best nights Bobby and I ever had was the Friday before. He wanted to do it because he knew it wouldn’t be the same after we had shared the bed with a third guy.

 He wasted no time working up to a hot passionate night of love. After getting naked, we slipped into my bed turning it into a teen night of sex. What’s that? A teen night of sex is one that don’t stop. We started in a 69 position, sucking each other off until there was nothing left to give. When that happens, my dick goes soft simply because my balls can’t keep up with the action. I came out ahead since my dick was long enough to slide into Bobby’s throat causing his throat muscles to work it over with the expertise he had learned so well until it swelled once again to explode, blowing another load into his stomach. Then he kept sucking until his smaller version shot it’s watery load that I loved to taste so well.

The two of us would make out and rest after that until our shafts once more recovered and swelled once again. Thats when I rolled him onto his back and raised his legs while I greased us up and stretched his hole so it would open and engulf my shaft. We had done it so often that Bobby could easily allow my shaft to slide in without having to adjust to it. His butt was well aware of the size and length. He would watch as I slid in, smiling and waiting for the pleasure as I found his prostate. Then the two of us would take our time and enjoy the fun. I’ll probably never know who liked it most, but I do know Bobby never hesitated taking me inside him. Once I was in, he and I would relax. We would hug and kiss as if what we were doing was just as natural as any two other lovers. I don’t think either of us thought it could be better. It just wasn’t possible. Only when I thought it was time to finish loving my lover did I begin plowing him. Of course, I would finish like any lover, pumping hard, fast, and slapping against his plump little buns loudly as I tried effortlessly to pump my whole body into that hole. Instead, I could feel my shaft enlarge as my load built to it’s fantastic climax. Then I would ram hard and hold him impaled as each shot filled his insides. I wouldn’t stop until I was too exhausted to keep going. Then I would collapse on him, kissing him and hugging him as I told him how much I loved what he did to me. He loved it too.

It was the same as if we had just discovered each other’s talent and love. And we couldn’t wait to rest and do it all over again.

The next night, we would do it all over again, but this time with an extra body in the bed. I won’t lie. I had waited to have sex with Jeremy for what had seemed way too long, but also with mixed feelings. I had agreed to share Bobby with him. I wasn’t sure that was wise. And I had never shared my own love with another guy. Was I only in love with Bobby? I had always thought so. I wasn’t sure I wanted to find out differently, and I seemed to know this night would change things for both me and Bobby. Of course I knew Bobby had already slept with Jeremy, but it had not seemed to change him. On the other hand, Jeremy was way different. I wanted him because he was so feminine. Instinct told me he was way more experienced than Bobby. Or me. He seemed to want both of us, but it wasn’t love. Maybe just for sex. Like the girls, Jeremy seemed to want to have fun. Something was missing.

Whatever my fears, they were put aside when Jeremy put on his striptease act for me as we got ready for a night of fun. He was average size for thirteen. He was just thin and his waist was so small that it made his shoulders and hips look just like a girls. And when he dropped his briefs, he had no hair at all around his shaft. His arm pits and legs were also bare. He was bare all over. His nipples looked a little large and sensitive. His shaft was long and slender for his age, maybe about six inches. His balls had already started dropping and growing. It had already turned stiff when he started taking off his clothes. His face was beautiful, and was all smiles as he put on his show. This was not his first time. He had a turned up nose and gorgeous blue eyes that looked like he had used eye shadow. He had already watched me and Bobby get undressed, and deliberately had his eyes glued on my junk. Of course I felt flattered and my shaft showed it. It stood tall and ready.

Knowing he was the new kid in the room, Jeremy did a couple of turns for my benefit. And I didn’t miss the opportunity to take in every little curve - and he had lots of them. His buns couldn’t have been any more padded or round. I wanted to whistle, but I knew Bobby would be furious, so I just stared. My silence was probably just as much a give-away, but looking back, I think Bobby was already aware that Jeremy was every bit as cute as his sister. And she was hot. Yeah. Bobby knew what he was being compared to. What he didn’t know was that it was more than his body I loved. I loved everything about him. Young kids don’t know that beauty is deeper than the wrapping. Deeper even than a night in bed.

Still, when Jeremy came to the bed and sat down on the other side of me, I felt like a king. The two best looking boys I had ever met were sitting next to me.

Jeremy wasted no time easing one hand over until it was wrapped around my aching hard shaft. He made cooing sounds as he started slowly pumping the shaft. I knew I wasn’t going to last long. So did Jeremy. He pushed me gently back across the bed and eased himself in between my knees as he removed the hand and replaced it with a long hot tongue that knew just what to do. He had soon bobbed the shaft until he had it going in and out of his throat. No gagging. No problem. He didn’t need training. Someone had done that for me. Jeremy wrapped his arms around my waist and was bobbing up and down as Bobby and I watched in total fascination. Jeremy paused only once to smile at us; then he went back to work. He was loving what he was doing. And he was doing it well. I could feel his tongue doing it’s magic on my glans, and I knew this would not take long. It didn’t. My balls were boiling. I was heading towards a big orgasm. And soon. My hips took over my thinking. They were pushing upward trying to cram more dick down his throat which already was taking all I had. And my hands had grabbed his head, holding it in place as if he might change his mind about taking my load. Not a chance. His hands still held onto my waist tightly. He knew I was cumming even more than I did. As the cream splashed down the throat into his stomach, he held on. Even after I had finished, he held it in his mouth, tasting what was oozing out on his tongue. I had to push him back so I could ease the limp sensitive shaft out of his mouth.

“WOW!” Was all I could say as I came back to earth. I looked down at a smiling face very pleased with his talent, then blushed as I looked at Bobby, who had a knowing impish look on his face.

“You enjoyed that!”, Bobby sounded more accusing than surprised.

“He’s good.” I replied feeling guilty, but knowing that Bobby already knew that.

To make up for letting Jeremy blow me, I offered to return the favor not only for Jeremy,but for each of them. We wound up blowing each other, but Bobby and I knew only too well we had met the champ. Jeremy was so confident he didn’t need to ask. He knew he was good.

It goes without saying that the rest of the night was one continuous series of sex games. Jeremy got screwed twice. He was very good at it. He also teased Bobby that he loved big dicks up his butt. Bobby had already figured that out. The two of them competed for my affections which made me feel very special. My balls were aching long before the night was over. They were not able to recover before they were spewing again. By morning, we had decided to meet again. Bobby and I had agreed that Jeremy was now a part of our teen fun. We met again often.

The end came suddenly. And was hard for me to swallow. If you live in a military town, you probably understand. Paula and Bobby’s family received transfer orders to another base in another state. Although there were tears and promises to keep in touch, they wore off quickly. Soon, there was an empty feeling of being dumped. I kept on seeing Jeremy, but he was not mine. He was openly known as gay so I kept my distance. I was a jock, so I was expected to be macho. Jeremy was not hardly macho material, so he did not fit in my clique.

Sissy started dating. She still loved teasing and controlling boys. It was not unusual for her to bring boys home only to insist they had to prove themselves worthy of her. Her boyfriends often had to do strange sex acts to please her. She would eventually openly declare she was gay and marry a woman.

I got a sports scholarship and went off to college. I started dating also. Then got married. Still, I never had as much fun as those days when we played Sissy’s games.