This story is fiction, and depicts sex between underage men and women. If this offends you, stop reading and go somewhere else.

Skye entered his 8th grade year horny as hell. He had sprouted about 3 inches over the summer, finally vaulting him into the taller part of his class. This also led to Skye's body developing - the increase in hight made him thin, with a even a hint of a six pack that he examined every day in a mirror.

Skye spent a lot of the time in the mirror - playing with his dark red Justing-Bieber style hair, examining his growing arm and abs muscles, running his fingers up and down his totally smotth skin. And most of all, beating on his boycock

Skye awoke that day like any other, walking sleepily into the shower, letting the hot water rinse off of him for as long as he could. When he heard his parents banging on the door, he sleepily turned it off, dryed off and walked into his room. He dropped his towel, and saw his mirror in the corner.

I don't have time today, Skye thought, looking at the clock. Ten minutes.

He saw his reflection in the mirror and his cock started to grow.

Damnit. He thought. He looked again. He could see the light hitting is somewhat tan skin (Skye was proud he didn't have albino skin like other red heads). He was hooked.

Skye went over to lock his door, and walked infront of the mirror.n His hands went to his tiny nipples, gently pulling them. His cock responded rapidly. He looked at the clock again

Damn, I'm running out of time, Skye thought. His hands quickly went to his growing cock and started tugging hard. He spit in his hand and starting jerking his cock as fast as he could.

Skye loved jerking off. He did it 5 times a day on days he had off. He had long arms and large hands, like many teenagers, and while Skye hated how he thought it made him look like a monkey, it really made him able to jack off in many different ways, all of which Skye exploited.

As he was pounding his boycock, looking in the mirror, a thought flashed into Skye's mind for the first time: am I gay?

I always jerk off in the mirror, he thought. Looking at a guys body. Does that make me gay?

The thought scared him.

No, he thought, I just have a hot body. But maybe if I think of other bodies, his mind started.

His mind instantly went to one of his best friends, Christian. Christian was smaller than Skye, but in even better shape. He was the perfect shaggy blond hair, blue eyed boy, and his skin was incredibly tan. Skye's mind began to linger to those days in gym, where Christian would be stripping, revealing a tan, lithe body . .

Skye's cock was throbbing. Skye began to beat it even harder. His effort, combined with steam from the ajoinding shower, made him start to sweat. The more he thought about Christian, and his young tan body, the more Skye's cock throbbed.

It's not gay, Skye thought, as he leaned over to his desk, to log onto his facebook and pull of pictures of Christian. He started going through photos, his hand slicking up and down his rock-hard cock. He let out an involuntary grunt. He found a picture of Christian and himself shirtless together and went for broke, He steaded himself on his desk with one hand, tightened his grip on his throbbing cock and went even fast, squeezing every top he got near his bright purple head. He felt his calf muscles tense, his toes curls, and prepped for his biggest cum ever . . . as he didn't hear his sister walk in from the shower

Paige shared a jack-and jill shower with Skye, where she had been getting ready for school when their mom asked her to go hurry Skye up. She walked in blindy to see her kid brother jacking off furiously.

"Skye!" She shouted out of instinct.

Skye whirled around, loosing his footing a little. He fell leaning on his desk, his hands grabbing it to support him, leaving him fully exposed.

Paige wanted to say something, but she couldn't help but stare. She didn't realize how perfect his skin was, how his lean muscles were developing . . . . but most of all, she stared at Skye's large throbbing erection.

Skye had no point of reference, but his 7 inch cock was not only large for his age, but it's thickness and length looked huge on his lean frame. It stuck straight out, like a rod of iron covered in flesh, almost visually bouncing with excitement.

Paige couldn't help but stare. It looked bigger than her boyfriends, so thick, strong looking . . . she let out a sigh.

What the fuck? Skye thought. He wanted to die when Paige walked in . . . but she was still there staring . . at him. Did she think he was . . . . hot? Completely unconsciously, Skye grabbed his cock , tugging on it a little.

"Oh, Skye . . " Paige gasped. She knew she had to see it.

Skye immediately realized what he was doing, dropping his hands to his side and slumping against the desk, his cock still jutting out. He was staring so intently at the ground . . . that he didn't see Paige walk up to him.

He saw a hand reach out and grab a his cock. With one hand she firmly held the base, and her other traced up and down the erection. She felt the impossibly smooth skin, traced the outline of the large purple crown, and followed the veins up and down the cock. She looked up at Skye, his eyes closed in ecstasy, barely biting his big, red lips. She smiled and decided to take Skye for a ride. Using some of the liking pre-cum as lube, she grabbed his cock firmly in her right hand and began to jerk it up and down, just like her last boyfriend taught her.

Skye letout what sounded like a gasp and moan at the same time, and his body shuddered. He couldn't bring himself to look up and look at Paige face to face.

Paige's stare was downward too, fixed directly and Skye's throbbing cock.

Skye sharply breathed in as his sister grabbed his twitching boy-meat. He was on pins and needles, arching up and his toes as his sister started stroking his erect cock. He couldn't even breath as the thoughts raced through his head

It feels so good! This is so wrong, this is awful . . . Shit that's good!

He stared at his sisters hand as it pumped up and down his cock. Her small petite hand was now wrapped around his cock, slowly moving up and downing, moving a tiny bit of skin with it as Skye approached a full erection again. He had few pubes, so he had a unobstructed veiw of her handiwork, as she would pull all the way up to his pulsating purple head, rub it wither her thumb, and then slide her hand back down his boyhood. His objections slowly faded away - he felt manly, watching his sister's feminine hand jerking his cock.

Do I have a big cock?He thought, allowing himself to ease up, sliding down off his toes, and letting out a breath. It looks so big next to her hand. Yeah, I have a big cock. Fuck yeah

"Fuck" Skye let out accidentaly.

"Skye!" Paige said in shock.

Skye blushed and almost turned away again until he felt his sister put her free hand on his balls.

Paige loved how soft Skye's cock was - it felt like velvet stretched over a hot metal pole. She slowly rubbed his balls in her hand - he either hand no pubes on his balls, or shaved them - and she loved them. Smooth, tight to his body, but large - she lovingly rolled them as she stroked his cock. She allowed herself to look up at Skye right as he looked down at her, and the locked eyes, brother and sisters, as she pumped on his rigid cock

"Yeah?" Paige asked

"Yeah" Skye said, finally managing a grin.

God Paige loved that grin. Without thinking Paige leaned forward and starting licking his balls

"Fuuuuuuck" Skye let out as he leaned back, and shuddered ever so slightly.

When Paige saw the reaction she cooed in delight, and had an idea. She stopped tongueing his balls to get his attention.

"Skye" she said sweetly, wait for his gaze to drop down to hers. Once she had it, she stuck out her tongue and lick slowly up his entire shaft.

"Aaaaaaahhhhh" was all Skye could manage, shuddering. He kept his gaze on his sister this time, fascinated by watching her addimitely pretty face licking up and down his penis like a cat. His dick, which he beat off so many time, in secret, was now his sister's plaything. He watched her lick his purple head, teasing the crown, and then kiss her way down his shaft, only to start back up it. She did everything except put the whole thing in her mouth.

"Paige . . please" he said, needing release

Paige knew she only had a few minutes left before they absolutely had to leave for school. I'm not wasting this on a blow job, she thought. She rose up to a look of shock from her brother

O Shit, Skye thought, I shouldnt have said anything, I scared her away . . until she push him back onto the desk, his long smooth legs hanging off the front

"Skye" she said huskily, climbing on the desk and kneeling over him "I need this". And with that, she lowered her wet pussy on to Skye's throbbing, engorged boyhood.

Before Skye even had time to process what was happenning. he felt something very warm and very tight grabbing his cock. He realized slowly what was happening. I'm having sex! I'm fucking a girl. I'm fucking my sister. I'm fucking Paige. He looked up to see her eyes closed. He tenatively reached up her shirt and grabbed her breasts - Paige never wore bras

"Yes!" Paige moaned, eyes still clothed.

As Skye slowly fondled his sister's breast, something awoke inside him. This is awesome, he thought. Tits are awesome, pussy is awesome, and it's all mine. He looked back at his sister. Fuck yeah she likes it, he thought. He bit his lip as he started to thrust upward to meet Paige, bouncing her violently off his cock. Fuck yes, he thought. I'm fucking her hard! She likes it!

It would have been quite a scene to walk in on that bedroom - the perfect Paige, nipples erect, bouncing up and down moaning, on top of her lithe teenage brother, his fat cock appearing and disappearing beneath her thrusts.

Skye felt the warmth and tight of his sister's pussy grip his cock, and tried to match her movements with his own. Skye felt like they had been fucking for a week - unfortunately for Skye, it was far more like 4 minutes. But that's all the teenagers could stand. As Paige felt her pussy began so spasm, so slammed down on Skye's cock one last time, then reached out and grabbed his beautiful, soft hair , pulling him a little to her as she started to spasm.

The shock sent Skye over the edge. Paige pulled him up to her breasts, but Skye's cock was shooting so hard all he could do was hold onto his sisters, her breasts against his face, as he emptied shot after shot of his cum into her snatch.

He had never cum like this before - it felt like he was hooting fire, and it would never end. Eventually, they both sighed and leaned back, making eye contact. Skye knew it would be awkward soon. But right now, he felt awesome. He fucked his sister, hard.

Paige felt the same way. She really wanted to pull of Skye and clean his cock off with her tongue, but right then they both heard a startling knock at the door.

"Skye! Get moving this instant. We need to leave right now!"

Shocked and startled, the siblings flew apart. Paige ran into her room to get dressed, slipping on a skirt and t-shirt. Skye awkwardly fumbled with his cloths, but he cock was still semi erect, and very sensitive. He pulled on his jeans (tight in the fashion), forgetting his boxer briefs, slipped on his ankle socks and converse, and his white american eagle t-shirt. To his dismay, his cock seemed to have no intention of going down - he awkwardly folded his hands over his cock in the car, refusing to look up to see his mom or his sister. He felt like his face was beet red.

God, how was he going to get through the day?