By Jim Cook

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This goes back to about 1962 (long before Aids and the like). I was 16, and my sister was 14 &1/2. My mother was always great with us kids. We lived in Los Angeles, well a suburb called Palos Verdes. She thought it would be great if I took my sister up to San Francisco, so she made reservations for us to stay at the famous St. Francis. She thought we could have a great three day holiday and see the sights of San Francisco.

My sister and I flew from Los Angeles to San Francisco on TWA, and had a great lunch on board the flight. Back in those days you were served a meal on almost any flight you went on. We checked into the St. Francis about three in the afternoon. We decided to do a little sightseeing on foot. Of course you had to ride the cable car, which we did.

When we got back from our sightseeing tour, and having grabbed a quick bite to eat. We went back up to our room. I jumped in and took a shower to rinse off all the sweat from our little sightseeing adventure.

Now by the age of 16. I already had a nice 8 3/4” inch cock and a nice blondish Bush. Now my sister, although only 14 & 1/2 was really developed for her age, and I mean really developed. She was already 5'8", had a great set of knockers the size of large grapefruits and look to be at least 19 or 20 years old. Don't ask me why, maybe that's just because of her Italian heritage, her dad was Italian. We had the same mother but different fathers.

We a grown-up and together for some of the years. She did spend a few years with her real father up in Northern California. When he kidnapped her from our mother, and mother had to go to court to get her back.

In our house, we had three bathrooms, so we never had the opportunity to see each other naked. So now being here in the hotel in one room with one bathroom, we had to dress in front of each other to some degree.

When I got out of the shower, I came into the room with just a towel wrapped around me. I noticed her looking at my cock or the outline of it through the towel. I looked down to see what she was looking at and noticed that it was a little bit hard, poking the towel out just a little bit. Realizing she was looking at my cock or the outline of it anyway, made me get harder yet. As my cock started to stand out, my towel fell away,

there I stood towel around my feet with a good 8 1/2 inch hard on.

As she saw my my cock throb, she darted into the bathroom and quickly closed the door. I picked up my towel and wrapped it around me and sat on the bed to watch television. I got caught up watching the local news and did not hear the bathroom door open.

As she entered the room. I could see she too was wrapped only in a towel from her tit's to just below her pussy. I guess one of the best ways to describe her would be to say. She looked a lot like Sophia Loren, long flowing black hair and a curvaceous body.

She walked around the room gathering what she planned to put on. Her suitcase was on the bed and as she bent over with her back to me to retrieve something from it. The towel being as short as it was gave me a perfect view of her hairy pussy as she bent over, causing my cock Throb, and my towel to tent. She remained leaning over her suitcase fiddling around for a long while, ever so slightly wiggling her butt around.

Suddenly her towel fell off and onto her open suitcase. She made a feeble attempt to grab it, but then left it lay. She slowly turned around to face me with a sheepish grin. She had a really hairy dark bush around her pussy. She stood there letting me drink her in. Her big tit's and her slim waist looked really hot. My cock throbbed, and she looked straight at it.

Now you have to remember that when we were young, I had never seen her naked nor she me. The closest we ever came to seeing each other naked was around the swimming pool her in her bikini and me in my Speed O. Other than that we had never seen what the other had.

As she stood there in front of me, I raised my hips up a little and yet my towel fall away. My cock stood straight up and bobbed a little. She couldn't take her eyes off my cock. Nor could I take my eyes off her pussy. We just sort of stayed staring at each other for what seemed like minutes.

She moved a little closer and stood right in front of me. I pulled my eyes away from her pussy and looked up into her face. She had a hunger in their eyes that I recognized as the same hunger I had in mine.

I slowly reached my hand up and began to lightly play with the hair around her pussy. Slowly I took my finger and began to ease it up and down her slit. I heard her moan a little as she opened her legs further, allowing my finger entry. I slowly began to slip my finger inside noticing how wet and and slick it felt.

As my finger began to slip up into her, she squatted a little trying to get my finger in deeper and deeper. I was so busy looking at her pussy, and busy with my fingers, that I didn't notice her reach down and grab my cock, gently at first she just touched and stroked it.

As she hunkered down more on my finger, she grabbed my cock harder and tighter stroking it up and down. I was so hot and horny, I almost came right then. She began to pant a little as she tried to ride my finger. I pushed harder and stronger up into her tight pussy.

With her other hand she grabbed my hand, forcing my finger deeper into her. Holding my hand as hard as she could, she began to gyrate her pussy around my hand. Her moaning began to equal my own and she continued stroking my cock. She began to shake a little bit and vibrate around in my hand, I had a feeling she was getting ready to cum.

I was so hot and bothered and ready to cum myself, that I stood a little and pushed her back onto the bed. Laying on her back, she spread her legs wide open, her actions begging me to fuck her.

Her legs hanging off the foot of the bed, gave me a perfect view of her open pink pussy. I stood up my mouth watering and grabbed hold of my cock shaking it in her direction. She spread her legs wider and pulled her legs up to her chest. I could see her hole and dark pink clit.

The lips of her pussy seemed to spasm. I grabbed hold of her ankles and spread her legs out in a V, my hard cock pointing the way. I just walked up and put my cock head at the lips of her pussy.

I began to slowly pump the head of my cock between her pussy lips. As she felt my cock meet her pussy, she arched her hips up to meet my cock trying to make her pussy swallow my cock. I just started poking the head in and out about an inch or so. I was so hot I was afraid I would come right then, without even being all the way inside her.

Her cry, Oh God, put it in me, brought me out of my daze. With that cry of lust, I lunged forward burying my cock in her hot tight pussy. As I steered my cock into her, I hit a barrier which then gave way. She was a virgin. She made a little yelp, but that was all.

She ground her pussy up to my to meet my cock. She now had just shy of nine inches of nice cock in her pussy, and I could tell she wanted to be fucked. I began to slowly withdraw my cock, until only the head of my cock was at her pussy lips. She began to squirm and moan a little, as if missing my cock. I again fell on her with all my weight, ramming my cock deep as I could. She began yelling, oh God fuck me... oh God fuck me, Fuck me.

I began to slam into her as hard and fast and deep as I could. She reached back and grabbed my ass, pulling me into her on every down stroke. Yes, yes, yes, oh God I love your cock. About this time my cum was boiling in my balls and needed a way out. I picked up my fucking speed, ramming her as hard as I could. She began to toss her head from side to side gurgling words, I couldn't understand.

Then I felt her pussy grab my dick hard. The walls of her pussy began to milk my cock as she went into throes of orgasm. The stimulation of her pussy, grabbing my cock sent me over the edge. I started to inject my seed into her pussy, as deep as I could. She was thrashing about on the bed so hard, it was hard for me to stay buried in her pussy.

Her pussy continued to milk my cock, draining every ounce of cum from my balls. I laid there, sweating and panting as my balls continued to pump cum into her. Even after I had finished cumming in her, she continued to twitch under me, her pussy still continued to squeeze my cock. She must have laid there twitching with my cock buried in there for 5 minutes or more, I was too exhausted to pull out.

After she stopped twitching and her pussy stopped grabbing my cock, I slowly pulled out and rolled onto my side. I looked down at my cock, it was still partially hard. I could see a few very light streaks of blood on my cock.

I looked over at her as she lay with her eyes closed. Her hand was down feeling her pussy, soothingly revolving around her pussy lips. I propped myself up so that I could look at her pussy, it was wet and frothy. Now, I had never eaten or licked a pussy before, of course I had heard of doing it. Leaning over, I use my fingers and open her pussy lips. I got down close and took a smell of the white froth. I smelled nothing except a little bit of sweat, even a little smell of cum.

I slowly stuck my tongue out and licked it lightly. It tasted a little like cock, a little like cum and something else I was not familiar with, but didn't taste bad at all. I had sucked many a cock before and eaten a lot of cum. The more I lapped at her pussy, the better it tasted.

I became almost like a man possessed. I spread her legs as wide as I could and buried my mouth in that delicious pussy. By this time my sucking on her pussy had aroused her feelings again and she began to moan and hold my head tightly to her pussy. Her moaning and gyrating hips soon had my cock hard again. I needed to fuck again.

Her gyrating motions and moaning told me she was ready to be fucked once more. This time however; I held my cock and slowly teased her with just the head. Her whining and bucking of her hips, told me the only thing to calm her was a hard cock.

Slowly I pushed into her, her hands grabbed my ass and pulled me as deep as she could into her. I grabbed her and rolled over onto my back, pulling her with me. Now on top, She began to pound her pussy on my cock. She was bouncing high and hard, moaning and groaning as she grabbed the hair on my chest, tugging on it. The pain of the hair pulling, was offset by her wild gyrating fuck.

Her eyes were closed her mouth hung open as she moaned and groaned while riding my cock. She was banging my cock so hard, my pelvic bone was becoming sore. All of a sudden she stopped bouncing and began to slide up and down, backwards and forwards while moaning. I felt her pussy muscles contracting on my cock again, and new she was coming again.

She collapsed down on my chest panting. While her pussy muscles continued to spasm, I rolled her over onto her back and began to pile drive into her. Her pussy was still quivering as I emptied my load into her. Oh yes, cum in my pussy. Oh, I love your dick, I need more cum, please cum in me some more.

This squishing sounds of her hot pussy, kept my cock hard. I began to slowly rotate my hips, twisting my dick in her tight pussy. But try as I would, I couldn't come again. I needed to rest.

Huffing and puffing I rolled off her, and onto my side. I looked over at her, she lay there, sweating and moaning. All of the hair around her pussy was covered in white froth. I knew all of that couldn't be just my cum, she must have been flowing her own cum as well. I couldn't resist slipping my hand between her hot pussy lips, and fingering the twitching walls of her pussy.

At my touch she spread her legs wider, granting me full access. Although too tired to fuck, I was still more than ready to suck on that beautiful cunt. My cock felt smooth and silky covered in our cum. This time around I'd already grown to love the taste of her pussy juice with my cum mixed in.

No, no stop, she moaned. I'm too sensitive, she said, pushing my head away. I set up and kept looking at her soaking wet pussy. My face was wet with our juices. I could still taste her as I licked my lips.

Oh, I never knew how good fucking could feel. I've wanted your dick in me ever since I first saw you changing into your bathing suit. Although your dick was soft, it made my pussy twitch. I've wanted you for so long brother.

I know you like sucking dick too, because I saw you and Terrell sucking each other off out by the pool when you thought I wasn't home yet. I slammed the door and I yelled 'I’m home. Well, I actually had already been home and watch you sucking each other. I didn't want you to know I had seen you, so I went out and came in again.

That told me you liked sexing it up, and that's the time I decided I would find a way for you to fuck me. Poor mom, if he only knew her trip up here gave me the perfect opportunity to fuck you.

I hope you're not sorry brother, as she grinned. Sorry, no although you're the first girl I've fucked, I've always wanted to fuck a tight pussy. I just like sex, Cock, pussy, any and all of it. I'm sure I was born with a hard on.

I think we both need a shower. If our shower wasn't so small I would say we should take one together, so you can go first sis. This time when she went into shower, she left the door open. I love the feeling of our come on my cock and balls. I just kept slowly slathering it around.

This time when she came out of the bathroom, she had no towel. Your turn brother, She smiled. I was so tired, it was hard for me to move. I dragged my ass to the bathroom.

After a long, long, hot shower, I came back into the room to find my sister sound sleep on the bed. Feeling the way I was, I decided a nap was in order. I laid down on the bed and went straight to sleep.

I awoke to the sound of her moving about the room, getting dressed. When she saw I was awake, she asked, shouldn't we go get some dinner? Well, I was feeling kind of hungry after expending all of that energy, so I agreed we needed to get something to eat.

Then I had a brilliant thought, "let's just get room service." I suggested. She stopped getting dressed, and smiled saying great idea. Over next to the phone was a room service menu. I handed it to her and said, go for it. After deciding what we wanted. I called room service.

The voice on the other end said it would be about 30 min. Hummm... We have time for a quick fuck if you want, I said. The good thing about youth, you can recharge your fuck batteries quickly. Grinning She nodded her head quickly up and down.

In one smooth motion, I slip all the covers off the bed and with a slight bow, I pointed to the bed. She quickly flopped down onto the bed, spread her legs and began fingering her pussy.

In a flash, I dove between her legs and began to lick and suck. As my tongue began to enter her pussy. She grabbed my head and held meet tight, gyrating her hips. Needless to say, my cock was rock hard.

Her freshly showered pussy, tasted good, but not as good as when it was freshly fucked. Are you sure you never sucked and licked pussy before brother? You do it so well. No never, I said. You are my first but not my last. As I continued licking and sucking, her juices began to flow and flow. Now, the taste was more to my liking.

I'm not sure how long it had been, but I guess it must have been around 30 min. because the next thing we heard was a knock at the door. I jumped off of the bed, and looked for something to put on. There was nothing handy, as everything was still in the suitcase or in the bathroom.

I grabbed a towel off the chair and wrapped it around my waist. Because I still had a hard on, my dick Poked the front of the Towel out. I went and opened the door only a crack, thinking I would bring the service cart in. But; instead there was a cart outside with a young good looking bellhop standing there. So I was forced to open the door to allow the cart to enter.

Before I could tell the bellhop, I would take it from there. He entered behind the cart. Needless to say, because I had tossed all of the bedding onto the floor. My sister lay there stark naked with a glistening wet pussy spread before his eyes. On pure reflex he reached down and massaged his cock. Looking at me he saw my cock hid out under the towel, and smiled.

I get off in 10 minutes, can I come back up,” he asked? I looked him over from head to foot and noticed a good sized cock down his left leg, making my mouth water. I looked over to my sister on the bed, who had her hands covering her pussy now and wiggled my eyebrows up and down silently asking if it was okay?

He looked from me to her and back to me, I guess asking for permission. I nodded towards her, letting him know it was up to her. As he turned to look at her, she removed her hands from her pussy and spread her legs wide. We could both see the wetness glistening on her pussy lips.

I guess that's a yes, I said to him, as he nodded and hurried out the door, forgetting his tip. I chuckled, I guess he's going to take it out in trade, I said to her, moving the cart over to the table. It was a small table with two chairs. Let's eat, I think we will need our strength.