By Jim Cook

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Chapter 3

Shortly after this there was a gentle knock at the door. Kyle jumped up and said, "let me get it.". As he dashed for the door. He opened the door and in stepped what I can only describe as a blond Adonis. He was about 5'11'', broad shoulders, narrow waist and a basket that look like he had stuffed a grapefruit down his pants. Wearing 501 jeans, and a T-shirt, that clung in all the right places, he looked like a wet dream to anyone, be it male or female.

I noticed my sister really perk up when she looked up at him. Now Kyle was very good looking, but; this guy was gorgeous. Kyle made introductions all away around which seem to help put the new kid at ease.

David, as he was introduced to us, reached into his pocket and pulled out a little baggie containing some green leafy material and what were obviously a few rolled joints. Have a go, he asked? Again, I deferred to my sister and glancing at her for approval or disapproval, she piped up and said great. I love pot. It makes me really horny. Now, I know my sister had smoked pot before because on more than one occasion we had shared a joint or two. Kyle fixed David a drink, which he uses 7-Up instead of Coke. David lit up a joint and began passing it around as he sipped his drink.

Kyle went over and opened the two windows in the room, allowing air to flow more freely. Now all this time we three were naked, only David was still dressed. I was in a hurry to see what he would look like without his clothes on but a little hesitant to be the first to ask for him to remove his clothing. Luckily, my sister was far ahead of me. She chimed up and said, okay were all naked here. How about you David?

He got a big cheesy grin and began removing his T-shirt. Then his shoes and socks, before unbuttoning his jeans. If I didn't know better I would say he was putting on a show for her because he did it very slowly, button by button. When all the buttons were opened, his jeans popped open. They were tight, all that you could really see was a curly blonde Bush sitting atop what looked to be a very broad cock. His cock was down his left leg and look to be a really good size and quite hefty in girth.

I looked over and noticed that even Kyle was watching David very intently it looked like he was actually licking his lips. By his actions, I could tell the David enjoyed being the center of attention. He slipped his jeans just far enough down his thighs, that he could pull his cock free. David's cock was different than most guys cocks, it hung out away from his body and down, a bit like that elephants trunk would. It had a square head. There was at least three or so inches across and maybe an inch and a half or 2 inches thick. I had only seen one other cock like this before and that was a guy in my high school gym class. His cock was almost the same as David's, a square cut head on it not unlike an elephant's trunk. His cock grew to over 12 inches when hard, I know, played with it. I was hoping David's cock would come into the same ballpark.

I'm sure this is the first time she had seen a cock shaped this way. Like I say, I had only seen one before. Most guys cocks just hang down over a pair of balls. Even if they were big cocks, they still didn't hang out from the body like an elephant's trunk. David's balls were also big, twice the size of mine or Kyles. I was hoping this would indicate that he could pump out a huge amount of cum.

As he stood there in front of us, his cock began to plump. Needless to say, so did mine. As I glanced over to Kyle, his cock was already standing straight up. By this time David was naked, sitting on the bed between Kyle and my sister and I was over in the chair by the nightstand.

We were on our third joint and another round of drinks, when David's cock began to grow. As it went from arcing down to standing straight out, my sister, reached over and grabbed hold. Sliding her hand up and down his magnificent cock which I guess to be well over 11 inches, all she could say was wow. With her hand on his cock, he reached over and began to slide his finger up and down her slit.

There was still cum on the lips of her pussy. He worked his finger up and down, stopping occasionally to slide it inside. He had big hands and big fingers. One of his fingers was equal to almost 2 of mine pressed together. He scooted a bit closer, as he began to slide his finger in deeper with every push. Oh yes, she moaned as she pulled her legs up to her chest.

From my chair, I had a perfect view of his finger fucking her while his thumb rubbed her clit. He began pumping his finger in faster and faster, deeper and deeper, causing her to moan louder and louder. By this time, Kyle had come over and stretched out on the bed with his cock at her mouth. Her eyes were closed but she could feel Kyle rubbing the head of his cock on her slightly parted lips.

His free flowing pre-cum had coated her lips and was running down the side of her face. Oh yeah, suck me he growled. Nodding her head, she opened her mouth and began to slurp the pre-cum from the head of his cock.

Not quite satisfied with her sucking only the head of his cock, he began to slowly rock his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. When she had about half of Kyles cock, she reached up and began to fondle his balls, as she pulled his cock deeper into her mouth.

David liked what he saw, oh yeah Kyle, fuck her mouth. After watching Kyles cock slide in and out of her mouth, David leaned over and began to tickle her clit with his tongue. As his finger continued to Fuck her, his tongue danced over her clit, eliciting moans from her.

She began to haunch her hips up to meet his lips, silently begging him to suck her harder. I could hold off no longer, and kneeling at the foot of the bed began to slip David's cock head into my mouth. With an “oh yeah, yeah”, he placed his big paw on the back of my head, pushing my mouth further down his shaft.

I backed off his cock head and began slurping at the pre-cum dribbling from his piss slit. His slit was over an inch long, and I could pull the sides open to where it looked like I could stick my thumb in it. I continued to milk and squeeze his cock, allowing his pre-cum to ooze out.

By now his cock was more than three quarters hard, and guessing I would say least 11 inches. Slurping on his big cock, was making my ass twitch. I really love big cocks, and big balls filled with cum. I was wondering just how much cum his big balls could produce.

Down on the floor kneeling in front of his cock, I couldn't see what was going on up on the bed. By the sounds I heard, Kyle was enjoying the blow job he was receiving from my sister. And by the moans coming from my sister, I could tell she loved both the cock in her mouth, and the tonguing her pussy was receiving.. “Oh yeah, Kyle ram that cock in her mouth, while I shove my cock in this sweet pussy”.

With that pronouncement David hopped up on the bed, pulling his cock from my mouth with a loud pop. I crawled up to the foot of the bed, where I could see my sister's pussy twitching, waiting for a cock. My face was only about a foot away, allowing me a perfect view of David slipping that huge cock head into her. David grabbed her legs and pushed them back to where her knees were beside her head. Raising her gaping pussy to a level I could actually see down into her hole. Holding her legs, one in each hand, he asked me to guide his cock to her waiting snatch.

Scooting up a little bit. I grabbed his cock and began to slide the head up and down her slit lubing it with her free flowing juices, and his cascading pre-cum bubbling from his cock head. He began to make quick jabs trying to sink his cock in her hole. “Line it up quick”, he almost shouted. As I held his cock in place. He began sinking it between her red pussy lips. Thank God, he knew to go slowly. I'm sure because of his oversized cock, he knew he had to give a pussy a chance to stretch. Just as the huge head disappeared between the folds of her pussy lips, my sister began to moan even louder.

I sat mesmerized watching this huge cock sink into the depths of her twitching pussy. “Isn't that a tight pussy?”, Kyle asked David? “Oh yeah, really tight, and you know I really love a tight hole”.

At about halfway in, David seemed to stop, almost like he had reached the end. Oh shit I thought, she's a big girl. Surely her pussy can take more of his cock than that. He pulled his cock, about half way out, and then slowly began to push back in. On this trust his cock sunk about another inch and a half deeper than before. David slowly withdrawing and reinserting his massive cock for a good three or 4 min. His cock kept Sinking deeper and deeper.

During this penetration of her, she just groaned, moaned and gurgled around Kyles cock buried in her mouth. There was still about 3 inches or so that remained to be buried in her pussy. “Okay baby hold on here we go”, David said to her as he thrust the last few inches into her. “Oh God, oh God”, she hollered, as his balls came to rest snugly against the lips of her pussy. It almost looked like David was trying to shove his balls in there too.

Although I expected her to be able to handle more of his cock, than she had on the first part of the penetration. I didn't think she could handle all of what had to be over 11 inches hard. When I saw David's cock almost hard, it was a good 10 inches or more. And now as hard and rigid as it was, it had to be at least 11 or even maybe 12 inches of fat cock buried in her pussy.

I stood up so I could see all the action on the bed, as she gobbled up Kyles cock almost to the balls. Kyle had his hand on the back of her head, as he slowly slipped his cock in and out of her mouth. The look on Kyles face was one of pure ecstasy. The look on David's face was one of unadulterated lust.

The scene before me had me so horny, I just stood there jacking my cock and watching the sex scene unfold before me. After what seemed like a long time for me, but; was probably only a minute or so. David began to withdraw, and slowly reinsert his massive organ. From where I was standing. I could look over and see her pussy lips stretched tight around David's big cock. After David had worked his cock slowly in and out of her, he began to pick up speed and force. I guess between the pre-cum David was depositing in her pussy and her own pussy juices. White foam began appearing around his cock as he withdrew. “Oh yes fuck me, fuck me”, she groaned after pulling Kyle's cock from her mouth. After hearing that David began pile driving his cock into the depths of her pussy. David was using such force that the bed was rocking and banging the wall.

Kyle had slipped his cock back into her mouth and was fucking her face as she groaned. It as though David, like me, enjoyed the fuck not just cumming. And apparently so did Kyle, because after more than 40 min. no one had cum, except of course my sister, who it seemed had nothing but one long orgasm. She was twitching and flopping so hard, that it was difficult for David to hold her legs down on her tits while he rammed his meat home.

The foam and froth was running down her crack and onto the bed. The slapping squishing sounds from their coupling filled the room. The smell of sex and sweat, had me ready to cum, I leaned over Kyles head and offered him my cock, I was totally unsure of what his reaction would be. However; I needn't have worried as he opened his mouth and let me sink my cock clear down into his throat. As my balls came to rest tightly against his lips, I knew this was not the first cock he had sucked. Looking over and seeing my cock buried in Kyles mouth, David gave me a smile and a wink.

Now at least I had something other than my hand for my cock. I moved my cock slowly and deliberately, in and out of Kyles mouth, not wanting to pop just yet, even though Kyle kept swallowing around my cock every time I sunk it into his throat. Oh yeah, this guy knows how to milk a cock with his throat muscles. As I started to really fuck Kyles mouth, David rammed his cock in hard, and said, “Doesn't she want a cock in her ass, too?” to no one in particular. “You want dick in your ass, while my cock fills your pussy?”, he asked her. While gently rotating his hips around sloshing his cock in the depths of her pussy. “Yes, yes, I do want to try that as I have never had a cock in my ass, or anything else for that matter”.

On hearing this David reached down and grabbing her by the shoulders rolled over onto his back, bringing her with him. Now, sitting atop David, my sister began to ride his cock, bouncing up and down hard and high. Even as high as she bounced up, his cock was still too big to come more than three quarters of the way out.

She began, gyrating her hips all over David's froth covered pubic hair. Deciding this felt pretty good David reached up and began to twist her nipples. The harder he twisted, the more she gyrated and moaned.

Kyle, missing his cock buried in her mouth, pulled my dick out and stood up on the bed over David's head, tapping his cock on her lips, She opened her mouth, allowing him to reenter. Kyle slipped his cock in and out of my sisters mouth, while David reached up and began to fondle his balls. “Oh yeah this bitch in heat”, Kyle grunted.

Now normally I wouldn't like nor accept anyone calling my sister a bitch, but in this context hearing it only turned me on more.

My cock having left the warmth of Kyles throat, needed to find a new home. Now my having had sex with a lot of guys, I was no stranger to rimming an ass. And as hot and horny as I was, as we all were, I pushed my sister down onto David's chest and began to probe her little rosebud with my tongue.

With the first touch of my tongue on her asshole, my sister flinched and moaned, “Yes, yes, lick my ass, suck my hole”. Poor Kyle was having trouble keeping his cock in her mouth as she wanted to moan and shake her head from side to side.

Finally, after I had probe her hole with my tongue, as deep as I could go. I slathered a large amount of spit on her little rosebud and began to insert my index finger slowly. I think because of all of the action her pussy was getting her ass hole was already very relaxed and willing to accept whatever was offered.

She pushed back on my finger as she rode to and fro on David's cock. I became more assertive and fucked her with my finger. She started bucking up and down, back and forth as I slammed my finger up her chute

I like it. yes I like it”, She kept repeating as she gyrated on my finger and David's cock. Since she seemed to be having a good time with my finger up her, I pulled out and inserted two fingers. Her ass hole seem to be opening and closing like a hungry mouth. After having given her time to adjust, I inserted a third finger. It seemed as though with every finger I added to her hole she became wilder.

Finally after banging her hard with three fingers, I felt she was ready for a cock. Pulling my fingers free I crawled over and offered my cock to David's lips, wondering if he too sucked cock? You never know until you try. His eyes were closed and he was licking his lips, enjoying the fucking his cock was receiving. As my cock reached his lips a big glob of pre-cum dripped onto his tongue, as he continued licking his lips.

Feeling and tasting the pre-cum. He opened his eyes, smiled and opened his mouth, allowing my Dick to enter. Question answered, all us guys here suck cock too. “Get it wet David, get it really wet so I can shove it up her ass”. At the angle I was I couldn't sink my cock into David's throat, so I don't know if he could deep throat cock or not.

As I started to pull my cock from his mouth. He tilted his head and left a big glob of spit on the head of my cock. Scooting back down, I lined up my cock with its intended target. Before I shoved my cock into her, I had to just watch for a second as she rode that big monster of David's. It was so hot watching that big cock in her tight pussy.

Using my hand, I pushed her down tightly onto David's chest as I began to insert the head of my cock into her. A little in, a little back out, and a little more in and a little back out. Keeping this up, I slowly inserted my whole 8 1/2 inches into her tight chute.

When I bottomed out I just held still, to let her adjust to it. As my cock had entered her ass, she held very still. I figured between having a monster cock in her pussy, and my 8 1/2 inches in her ass, she needed a little time to adjust.

Because she was leaning down on David's chest. It forced Kyle to squat down to be able to feed her his cock. Kyle was squatting right over David's mouth, his balls dangling on his lips. Kyle began to drag his balls across David's lips. David's mouth opened and he began to lick the balls hanging before him.

Kyle reached up and gently but firmly pulled my sisters head down towards his cock. She licked her lips and opening her mouth began to gently suck on the head of Kyles cock.

It seemed longer, but I'm sure it was only a short time, before she started to slowly rock backwards and forwards on David's cock. As she rocked forward and back. She began to slowly fuck my cock with her ass. As she became more comfortable with my cock in her, she began to get more wild with her movements. Within no more than 5 min. or so she was shoving back on my cock as hard as she could. Pulling Kyles cock once again from her mouth, she bade me to fuck her ass hard. Calling me by name, she asked that I would fuck her as hard as I could while she rode David's cock. Getting up on my knees for better leverage, I began to pound her shit chute as hard as I could.

You like my cock in your ass, and you like that big cock in your pussy, don't you?” I grunted. David told me to hold on, as he was going to start lifting her up and down on his cock.

It was only then, when his cock started to move in her, that I could feel it. All this time I thought it was just the walls of her ass I felt, but; it was his cock. That big beautiful horse dick that I felt rubbing on my own cock. The sensations of his cock, and my cock buried in her as was becoming too much for me. “I yelled. I got to cum, I got to cum”. “Yes, let's all cum together”, Kyle said and began to really fuck her mouth, while David grunted a yes too. My sister, although she had been cumming and cumming, grunted in the affirmative too.

David was the first to moan, as he worked his cock up into her pussy. That told us he was unloading his balls up deep inside her tight pussy. Kyle, knowing that David's cum was being deposited up in her pussy, grabbed her head and pulled it down on his cock.

Burying it in her throat he held it there, as he began to release his fluids into her mouth. That was all it took for me, as I grabbed her hips tightly and banged for all I was worth before depositing my baby batter in her ass.

Even though us guys had come within seconds of each other, and were still enjoying the glow of our climax. It was nothing compared to what followed. Suddenly my sister seemed to go into convulsions bouncing about on our cocks, while Kyle still held his cock down her throat. “Her throat is milking my cock”, Kyle groaned. “Her ass is milking my cock too”, I added. “Oh oh..oh you guys, her pussy muscles are about to squeeze and rip my cock off”, David groaned.

Her orgasms seemed to go on and on until finally, her body seemed to go limp. Kyle helped to gently ease her down onto David's body. Although lying atop David's body, her ass muscles were still milking my cock. I'm sure David's cock was still being massaged by her pussy muscles.

Her head lying on its side by David's nipple. Her mouth partly open as she panted for air, I could see what appeared to be cum on her lips. I looked up at Kyle's cock and could still see cum slowly losing from his piss slit. I motioned for Kyle to lean forward closer to my mouth so I could suck the remaining cum from his cock.