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David stared at his stepdaughter's obviously aroused body and wondered what Katie meant. If he went too far he might blow the whole thing. If he waited too long Katie might cool down and start to regret what had just happened. Taking a moderate course of action he moved over to lie on the other side of Becky and took Katie's hand in his.

"What should we teach her first?" he asked nervously.

"Why don't we take this off first?" Katie said dreamily tugging at Becky's robe.

Becky sat up long enough to shrug off her robe and lay back, her firm breasts aching to be touched. David waited for Katie to make a move. Both their hands rested on Becky's tummy.

"Your whole body can learn to give you pleasure darling,' Katie cooed as her fingertips began to roam over Becky's trembling stomach. "Your skin is so sensitive to the right touch."

David allowed his fingertips to copy Katie's. Becky's hips were slowly grinding. Their fingers trailed up and down her body moving further from the centre -- upwards towards her breasts and downwards towards her sparse little thatch of light brown pubic hair.

"She's so beautiful Kate -- so much like you."

I hope she feels what I feel Katie thought to herself. She was acting without thinking -- just feeling. The beautiful body before her was almost an exact replica of hers at the same age. The body she learned to love and gain enormous pleasure from for all of her teen years was lying in front of her ready to be pleasured. She watched Becky's every reaction to her caresses with total fascination. Her own body throbbed with need yet again.

Becky's breathing was becoming labored. Little sighs escaped her rosebud lips. She spread her legs. David mimicked Katie's caress of Becky's left breast by cupping the right. As his palm grazed her nipple she gasped. Twin bolts of pleasure travelled from her nipples to her crotch. Her left hand moved between Katie's thighs and her fingers slid between her slippery lips. Katie reacted by bending one knee so that she was open to her daughter's caress. At the same time Becky's other hand grasped David's cock. He gritted his teeth to stave off an untimely orgasm.

"Oh mommy, that feels so good. I love you and David so much. Please show me more."

David watched, fascinated as Katie's hand slowly worked its way down Becky's now shaking body. She was now covered in goose bumps and whimpering softly. Katie's fingers trailed down the top of one thigh and up the inside. As her caress grew closer to her groin Becky spread her legs even wider draping them across the thigh of Katie and David's inner leg. Katie looked at David and encouraged him to copy her with her eyes.

"Does that feel nice baby?"

"Oh yes mommy -- please..." Becky's sentence faltered as another sigh escaped her lips.

"This is your pussy, darling." Katie whispered as her fingertips slowly traced a path along Becky's outer lips. "It can give you so much pleasure..."

David's fingers joined Katie's as they explored Becky moist vulva.

"These are your lips."

David and Katie each pulled gently on Becky's outer lips causing her to moan loudly.

"I'm, going to put my finger in your vagina -- is that OK?"

Becky nodded her head vigorously and lifted her hips by way of response.

"My, you are very wet, darling. That's good. It's important that you get very wet when you're aroused like this. It makes it nicer when you are touched and when a man slides his big hard cock up inside you."

Becky stroked David's cock in response and he had to grip her hand to stop her from bringing him off there and then. He bent to suck on her nipple whilst carefully watching his wife's next move. Becky moaned again.

"Well I see you don't have a hymen darling. That's good -- it means you don't have to break it the first time you have sex with a man. Do you know how it got broken?"

"I remember falling off the pedals on my bike and bleeding a little last year," Becky lied, remembering how she had thrust one of her mother's vibrators into herself about two years ago.

"I'm putting another finger in now darling -- how does that feel?"

Katie, who touching adored women's bodies and giving them pleasure was becoming increasingly aroused and moved her hips to guide Becky's idly exploring fingers to her clit. Becky smiled to herself and continued to tease her mother by brushing the throbbing bud occasionally, keeping her at fever pitch so that she wouldn't change her mind. Her mother's fingers stretching her vagina felt wonderful and she wished she would thrust anther two fingers into her.

Becky had desired her mother ever since she reached puberty - spying on her naked, taking her worn panties to bed and using her vibrator whenever she could. She could not remember not being in awe of her mother's beauty but it was only since her own body started to give her pleasure that she truly appreciated her incredible sensuality. Night after night she had caressed herself to orgasm after orgasm with her mother's beautiful face in her mind and the smell of her arousal in her nostrils.

Now she had her right where she had wanted her for years. The wonderful David was a bonus. At first she had been jealous of him and the incredibly active sex life he shared with her mother. But he was so good to them and made her mother so happy that she grew to love him too. Then Becky had realized that David could be her way of taking her relationship with her mother to a new level. She felt a little guilty of using him this way but she knew he would be happier than ever if her plan worked out.

As for her little brother -- she knew he was at least bisexual -- probably leaning towards gay. He was also in total awe of David and hopelessly in love with him. She loved Sean dearly and hoped that, by changing the relationship between all four of them, she could make them all happy.

"Now I'm going to touch your clitty darling. I think you'll like this." Katie's breathing was quite ragged now as her arousal took over her senses. She drew her fingers, now slick with Becky's prolific juices from her vagina and slid then up over Becky's clitoris.

Becky's orgasm hit her immediately. It was so powerful she cried out as if she had been stabbed. She clutched Katie's wrist with both hands and ground her cunt wildly against her fingers. Alarmed at first, Katie quickly realized that her daughter had the same capacity for sexual pleasure that she had and concentrated on prolonging and intensifying Becky's orgasm.

At last, as the spasms subsided, Becky reached for her mother, pulled her to her and kissed her deeply. Katie collapsed on top of her and let the wave of passion engulf them. Becky threw her legs around Katie's waist and lifted her pubic mound to rub against her mother's. She sucked on her mother's tongue avidly.

"Mom -- I need more..."

Katie understood. Besides that she was anxious to achieve another orgasm herself. This was as aroused as she had ever felt. She mashed her pubic mound against Becky's as they began to grind away.

Becky broke from another long deep kiss.

"Pussy aching - need something inside me..."

Once again, Katie understood her daughter's need. David, who had been contemplating jerking off at the amazing sight before him, was glad he hadn't when Katie grasped his wrists and pulled him to kneel between Becky's legs.

"Be gentle with my baby," Katie sighed with tears in her eyes, "I want you to be her first David."

Becky bent her knees and feigned nervousness as David lowered himself towards her. He wasn't sure how long he could last in her tight little cunt but he was going to do his best. He looked down to see Katie's fingers parting her daughters lips and felt her grip his cock as she guided him into her. He poised with the head of his cock just inside her lips. She lifted her hips impatiently and he slowly but forcefully entered her. Becky's vagina closed around him like a warm, wet glove.

Becky had intended to feign initial pain but his cock felt so good she forgot everything but her need to be fucked. His thick cock settled inside her and then began a series of short thrusts. David's skill as a lover was well developed and he knew how to stroke so that his pubic bone rubbed against her clit.

There was just one part of Becky's plan left to be implemented and she hadn't forgotten her dear little brother. Katie had knelt beside them with her back to the bedroom door looking at them with lust and adoration. Becky reached between her spread thighs and thrust three fingers up into her gaping cunt. Katy gasped and then sighed deeply as the heel of Becky's palm began to grind against her clit and her fingers fucked her deeply.

"Oh yes -- fuck me David." Becky moaned. It was Sean's queue.

Katie was climbing towards another orgasm and both Becky and David had shifted to a slow grind in order to stave off their own orgasms when Sean made his presence known. He sat, stark naked next to his mother, his rampant cock sticking straight out in front of him.

"Wow mom -- what's David doing to Beck?"

His timing was perfect. Becky's hand had her mother on the brink of orgasm. She was too far gone to protest.

"David's ummm...ohhh" she gasped.

Sean took a breast in two hands and suckled on his mother's nipple.

"Mom, you look incredible. You are the sexiest woman alive."

He walked around the other side of the bed and knelt next to the slowly grinding David and Becky.

"Wow -- don't they look hot!"

Sean caressed David's buttocks as they rose and fell. Becky caressed his erection and balls lovingly. Katie watched through glazed eyes as Becky held her on the brink. She had long known that her son's sexuality was quite ambiguous. She had found magazines with straight, lesbian and gay themes. She had secretly watched him jerk off in the shower on a few occasions and smiled to herself as she remembered his bisexual father. Now she watched as Sean caressed both her husband and her daughter. His fingers ran between them, fondling David's balls, grasping his cock each time it withdrew from his sister's slippery opening and caressing her lips and clit. Both moaned in approval.

In a dream like state now, Katie motioned Sean to come to her. He stood up on the bed and walked to her side. His cock waved in front of her face. It seemed only natural to her to fondle his tight balls and lick the head of his cock. It jerked. She engulfed it with her mouth and began to suck. He fell to his knees, the pleasure overwhelming him. She followed him and continued to suck. Becky's fingers followed her and intensified up their work on her clit. Her orgasm beckoned. Her son gasped. She felt him jerk and tasted his warm, salty semen as he erupted inside her mouth. She squeezed and milked his cock and suck until he gently pushed her away. As her orgasm gripped her, she heard Becky scream.

"Oh fuck. Oh fuck, I'm cumming..."

Through a haze of intense pleasure, Katie saw Becky threshing around under David's thrusts. Her own orgasm seemed to go on and on.

David was desperate to cum now. He had delayed his climax for so long he was having trouble getting over the edge. As Becky's spasms subsided, he withdrew from her and knelt up intending to jerk off. The he felt an exquisite sensation as Sean's mouth engulfed him. The build up had been long. The orgasm was intense.

The last thing Katie saw as she lapsed into an exhausted sleep was her son gulping down her husband's huge load of semen.

When David awoke an hour later, Katie was in a deep sleep. The kids were nowhere to be seen. He needed to be alone to think. He crept out of the house and drove to the beach. He loved his wife and his step children and he was worried that what had just happened would change things forever.

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