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David Wilson sat on the deserted beach for hours with his head in his hands and contemplated his situation. Despite the overwhelmingly erotic experiences he had had with his wife and stepchildren over the past 24 hours, he was worried. He had crossed a line which most people would find outrageous. He loved Katie and the kids dearly and he couldn't bear the thought of losing them.

On the one hand he knew now that Becky had set up the whole encounter -- with Sean's help. There was certainly no hint of them being exploited by him -- they knew what they wanted. Becky was very intelligent and was able to read people so keenly that it frightened him. On the other hand he had just participated in wild sex with his wife and her two teenagers -- he wasn't sure what trouble he could be in for having sex with a girl 17 and a boy nearly 16. The very thought and the cool wind made him shudder.

He knew he had to face Katie sooner or later and wandered back slowly to his car. They had always been able to sort things out. When aroused -- especially after a few drinks, Katie was capable of almost anything in pursuit of sexual gratification - and he loved her for it -- but how would she feel in the cold light of day?

When he entered the house he could hear Katie in the en-suite shower. There was no sign of the kids. Katie called him in to the bathroom as she finished her shower. As she stepped out of the cubicle and began to dry herself, he couldn't help but admire the sight of her curvy, glistening body despite the situation. Then he saw that she had been crying -- his heart sank. He hated to see her sad.

"Oh Dave -- what have I done?" Katie sighed as she pulled on her robe.

"You didn't ..."

"I did Dave. I had sex with my children. It wasn't you, it was me. You just did as I told you. I can't seem to control myself when I get like that." Katie was babbling and crying.

"No Darling it's not your fault..."

"What's not her fault?" Becky stood in the doorway a worried look on her face.

"Your mum ... is worried ..."

"Becky, I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have done ..." Katie sobbed.

"Mum -- stop it." Becky interrupted. "You didn't do anything wrong it was all me. What's so bad anyway -- didn't you enjoy this morning?"

"Oh Becky it was lovely but it was wrong..."

"Bullshit! How could something so beautiful be wrong?" Becky had a determined look on her face and her eyes glistened with tears.

"Mum, I'm going to tell you something you might not like but I have to tell you so you stop blaming yourself.

I set you and Dave up. I have wanted to make love with you ever since I grew boobs. I have spied on you in the shower and making love to David. I take your panties to bed and hold them to my face when I play with myself. I imagine that it is you who is touching me when I climax. I am in love with you. I don't just mean I love you like a daughter but I desire you with all my heart...and I have wanted Dave ever since the first time I watched him fucking you. It's as though I want to share the feeling with you. I arranged everything -- I have watched you making love to Dave many times. I know you lose control when you are that horny -- especially after your first cum. I took advantage of you."

Dave and Katie stood open--mouthed as their daughter opened up her heart to them.

"I'm just like you, mum, a very highly sexed woman -- and bisexual. Only I want my mother more than anything I can say..."

Becky's voice lost confidence and trailed off as the tears began to flow down her cheeks.

"And just to complicate things, Sean is in love with you Dave. He worships the ground you walk on and talks about you constantly. You too mum - he also wants his mother." She sobbed.

"So mum, you have two bisexual children who are both in love with their parents and even if we never got to touch you again we are glad that this morning happened. We will cherish it forever. Now I know you will hate me and I don't blame you -- but I'm sorry that's how it is..."

"Oh baby..." Katie opened her arms to her daughter who rushed to embrace her.

"I don't hate you Beck -- I love you with all my heart. This morning was beautiful but we can't make love like that -- it''s...Dave?"

"Er..." Dave stammered, "it's socially acceptable" Dave searched for an answer which would not seem harsh.

"What would society know -- why would they have to know?" protested Becky. "I'm not going to tell anyone and I'm sure Sean won't, will you Sean?"

They all turned to stare at Sean standing in the doorway his head bowed sadly. Katie and Becky, tears in their eyes held their arms out to him and then to David. He joined the three of them and they all hugged.

"If it makes you feel better mum, we will try to be good but please remember, we want to make love to you both so badly it will be hard."

"Thank you baby," Katie sighed, "I think it's best that way."

Even as he stood there thinking it was all over and he was safe, David felt a hand gently caress his cock through his slacks.




Everything seemed back to normal for the next few days but subtle changes began to emerge. David locked himself in the bedroom when Katie worked night shift and when she got home (carefully locking the door behind her) they made love with even more passion than they had before. Katie's teasingly tentative flirting with Vicki was driving her wild with lust and, although they never mentioned it, the memory of that morning of lust with the kids was always stirring their libidos.

Over the next few weeks, Becky began to flaunt herself shamelessly around the house. David and Katie tried to ignore her but such was her flowering beauty they couldn't help but stare sometimes. As they all sat and watched TV one night, she openly caressed herself under her skirt during an erotic scene in a movie.

"Could I talk to you for a moment darling" Katie asked David as she watched him staring at Becky's exhibition.

Although he had enjoyed Becky's show immensely, David was worried about Katie's reaction. Would she chastise him when she got him alone? He needn't have worried. As soon as the door was closed and locked behind them Katie tore at his clothes.

"The horny little bitch is driving me crazy" she said as she mounted him, still partially clothed. She was already wet and highly aroused. She rode him to three powerful orgasms whilst he hung plunged upwards into her.

Becky and Sean stood with their ears close to the door smiling at one another.

"They can't last much longer,' Becky giggled. "I think it's time for phase two."

Over the next few days, both of them continued to do everything they could to arouse their parents. Sean talked to Dave about his progress with Julie, describing their petting in explicit detail and often when David was in the shower -- his cock erect and aching. All this made David and Katie's sex life even more active and they began reliving their encounter with the kids as they fucked wildly in their locked room.

Phase two started when Katie had to go to visit her sick mother one weekend. She wished him luck as she left on Friday evening and they both knew what she meant. He was careful to stay out of harm's way the first night even managing to escape from the bathroom after Becky had asked him to help her when she got shampoo in her eyes in the bath. As he rinsed her hair and face for her, she sensuously fondled her breasts making her nipples stand out provocatively. He went to bed horny but safe and fell into a deep sleep dreaming about sucking on those strawberry colored nipples.

The next morning was Saturday and Sean had to go to band practice. He was late getting up so David, his robe firmly tied, went to rouse him. As he passed Becky's room he could hear her talking. At first he thought she had company but then he heard her breathless words.

"Oh yes Dave, fuck me. Oh that feels so good."

He couldn't help himself. The door was slightly ajar and he peeked in. Becky's bed was side on to the door and she knelt naked on top of her sheets leaning back slightly against her headboard. Her knees were apart and she was slowly fucking herself with one of Katie's larger dildos. As she reached to rub her clitoris with the other hand she spoke again.

`Oh mommy, that's right -- lick my clitty -- oh that feels so good. You're gonna make me cum."

With a supreme effort, David tore himself away from the beautiful sight. His cock was already at half mast as he tucked it away inside his robe. He wandered in a half daze towards Sean's room trying to erase the image of his gorgeous stepdaughter fucking herself from his mind.

Sean seemed to be just waking and David stood beside his bed trying to make small talk, discussing how long it would take to drive him to practice. Sean looked beautiful with his long blonde hair framing his face and the top half of his naked body exposed above the sheet. Without thinking, David was admiring Sean's upper torso as they spoke when he noticed Sean's hand moving slowly up and down beneath the sheet. He stood watching as if in a trance.

"This moisturizer was the best idea you ever gave me Dave -- feels so good."

As Sean spoke, the sheet slowly moved down his body and his rampant cock, glistening with the fragrant lubricant came into view. Dave didn't even feel his own cock rising.

"You have taught me so much Dave -- I don't know how to thank you..." Sean moaned as he continued to stroke his erection.

David might have escaped had he come to his senses in time but as if in a dream he began to feel the most wonderful sensation coming from his balls. By the time he realized that Sean's other hand had crept up under his robe it was too late. Sean's fingers fondled his balls then moved up to gently tickle his cock. Somehow his robe fell open and he stood beside the bed, his cock begging for more. Sean swung his legs around and continued to stroke himself as he took David in his mouth. The pleasure was so intense that David felt himself losing all control. When Becky appeared beside him stark naked it just added to his helplessness.

"My, my - what do we have here? The boys are playing without little Becky." Becky cooed as she pulled off David's robe and ground her pussy mound against his thigh.

"We love you Dave," she continued, "but we want mum to join us too -- that way you don't have to lie to her do you?"

As his orgasm approached, it all made sense to David. If Katie joined them he would have to deceive her. He would help the kids seduce her. The image of their last encounter flooded his brain and Sean's tongue swirled around the head of his cock.

"Yes...I'll help...we'll all be together...ohhhh..." David's orgasm was long and intense. He sank to his knees and Sean followed, sucking and swallowing all of his cum.

When he recovered sufficiently to open his eyes he saw Becky kneeling at Sean's feet as he sat on the bed stroking him slowly.

"Come and help me make my little brother feel good Dave -- it's his turn."

Dave knelt beside Becky and, for the first time in his 28 years he stroked another man's cock. He and Becky, their hands coated in moisturizer, teased Sean for as long as they could. David was fascinated by the feel and texture of his stepson's cock and the way he reacted to different caresses. They tickled his balls and then, at his request, his asshole. Becky inserted a finger and began to fuck him slowly as David stroked his cock. They brought him to the edge several times.

"You're gonna have to learn to last longer than you did last time if you're going to fuck your mother young feller," teased David.

Finally, after much pleading, they let him cum. A great geyser of semen landed on Sean's chest as he cried out in ecstasy. Becky immediately jumped on the bed her legs spread wide.

"I see you're hard again Dave -- time to fuck."

And fuck her he did. David plunged his now rampant cock into Becky's dripping wet pussy and fucked her hard. She loved it, urging him to fuck her harder. Once, twice she came crying out obscenities just like her mother. Dave felt he could last quite a while as he had already cum once but a delicious sensation took him over the edge. Sean had moved behind him and, spreading his cheeks wide, thrust his tongue into David's asshole. He came like a tornado.

As they all lay exhausted on Sean's bed they plotted phase three -- the seduction of Katie -- together.

This is the end of Part four. I hoped you liked it. Part Five is under construction.