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Katie Wilson didn't stand a chance. With both of her children and her husband plotting to take advantage of her strong libido and love of adventurous sex, it was only a matter of time before she broke.

It all started on a morning after she had worked night shift with the sensuous Vicki. Their late night sexual banter and occasional physical contacts were becoming increasingly arousing for both. When Katie arrived home she was ready to tell her husband all about it and fuck him senseless. During a fleeting passionate embrace in the cleaner's closet, she had slipped her hand down Vicki's panties to find her slick with love juice. Vicki's response was openly wanton and she had spread her legs and thrust her hips forward with total abandon. With two fingers buried in Vicki's vagina and the heel of her hand rubbing her clitoris, Katie had begun to hump Vicki's thigh seeking her own release. The only thing which prevented them from cumming together was an emergency with one of the patients. As they rushed to the ward, Katie could feel her swollen, wet lips rubbing against her soaked panties. Matron seemed perplexed by what seemed to be the strong aroma of aroused woman but said nothing. There was no opportunity for further sexual adventures that night and Katie found herself having to stay late at the hospital due to the non-appearance of a day shift nurse.

By the time she got home it was after ten and she rushed into the house looking for David and his ever ready and available cock. He was not in the bedroom but there was a note on the bed saying he had had to rush to the office as it had been burgled. He would be back around midday. Katie resigned herself to self-pleasuring. Perhaps a quick orgasm and a nap would tide her over until he got home to find her asleep in bed but ready for some tender loving. She would love recounting her encounter with Vicki to David and watching him becoming aroused at the mental picture she would paint. She had just removed her dress as she imagined his cock growing when she was startled by Becky's voice.

"Mom, could you please put some of this on my back -- I'm going to sunbathe before the sun gets too hot. Are you OK -- you look flushed or something".

Katie spun around to see her beautiful daughter walking across the room towards her. She was wearing only a tiny g-string and her firm breasts swayed and jiggled with every movement. Her nipples were visibly erect. Katie managed to tear her eyes away from the exotic sight but could not help but sigh as an acute twinge passed through her pussy.

"'m fine...just a hard night -- that's all" she stammered.

Becky handed her the tube of lotion and turned her back. Dreamily, Katie applied it to the areas Becky could not reach. Gradually she realized she was taking the opportunity to take in the sensuous beauty of her daughter's breasts. Her skin was so soft and smooth -- despite herself she imagined her hands roaming over those luscious young orbs. Again a voice from the door startled her and she looked up guiltily.

"Me too mom," said Sean as he strolled in wearing his skimpy swimming trunks. "I am going for a swim first though -- why don't you come in too mom?"

"What a great idea!" Katie thought to herself as she applied the lotion to her son's back, trying not to look at the half erection that showed plainly through the thin material of his swimmers. "A good swim will cool me down and I can save my first orgasm for David."

"OK kids -- you go on and I'll be out in a jiffy."

It all seemed innocent enough. The kids ran out to the pool and Katie removed the rest of her clothes. Her panties were so wet she had to dry herself with a tissue -- the very act and the delicious sensations it produced tempting her to bring herself off quickly -- just to take the edge off. But the kids were yelling for her to come out and she didn't want them to see her naked so she slipped on her most modest bikini and went outside.

As Katie stepped outside she took a sharp breath. Becky was standing by the pool dripping wet -- her skin glistened in the morning sun and her breasts stood out proudly as she squeezed the water from her hair. Her firm buttocks quivered as she moved. She was stunning. She glanced down to see Sean standing in water up to his mid thighs staring at his sister -- the head of his erect cock peeking above the top of his togs. Another strong pussy twinge almost sent her back inside. The water -- the cool water would help her cool her lust. She strode purposefully toward the pool. Her large, full breasts swayed with every step. She felt their eyes on her. To her shame it aroused her to know they were admiring her body. She plunged into the water welcoming the soothing coolness, hoping to quell her mounting arousal -- temporarily at least.

It began innocently enough. As she surfaced, Sean splashed her playfully and she splashed back. Becky dived in and took her legs out from under her. She came up for air and "ducked" her daughter pushing her head under the water and laughing. It was just like when they were little - innocent, playful frolicking in the water. Then there was some play wrestling. Sean grabbed her from behind and threw her sideways. She tried to ignore his hard cock pressing into her bottom. Then all three of them were wrestling, their slick skin slipping against one another. She felt Becky's erect nipples slide across her back and shut her eyes as if it would help her ignore the sensation. She did the same when someone's arm slid across her own aching nipples causing them to respond alarmingly despite the fabric of her bikini.

Then suddenly, as if to prove that their actions were entirely innocent, the kids were out of the pool and drying themselves. Katie mentally chastised herself for feeling disappointed. Sean had managed to force his still hard cock into his togs whilst Becky laid her towel on the soft grass ready to lie on. Katie slowly emerged from the water. Once again she felt their eyes on her. Although she had chosen the bikini which covered the most skin, she had forgotten that it clung to her and became almost transparent when wet. She casually pulled the crotch away from her swollen lips but she could not disguise her turgid nipples. Again she chastised herself for enjoying their stares and was relieved when they lay face down on their towels. They had laid out a towel for her between them.

"More lotion please mom."

"Yeah -- me too please."

She hesitated but decided it was safe enough just to apply some tanning lotion to their backs. What could go wrong -- besides it was after 11 am -- David would only be another hour or so. She sat cross legged between them and picked up the bottle of lotion. As she poured a puddle on each of their backs she noticed that Sean had wriggled out of his togs. They had always sunbathed naked in the back yard so she wasn't too alarmed -- and at least Becky had kept her g-string on. As soon as she began to smooth the lotion on their smooth skin she began to have doubts as to how wise this action was. It wasn't them -- it was her. She found the contact with their soft, smooth skin very sensuous -- almost arousing. Still -- they were lying on their tummies so surely she was OK.

She started at their necks -- Sean on her left -- and smoothed the lotion across their shoulders. She marveled as to how different they were. Sean's shoulders were becoming quite muscular under David's training whilst Becky's were soft and round. She continued downwards enjoying the differing textures of their skin and the subtle movement of muscles under their skin. She had intended to stop at the top of their buttocks -- where they could reach themselves -- but their gentle protests encouraged her to continue. Surely this was innocent enough. She was just making sure they didn't get sunburned. The combination of a sleepless night and several hours of acute arousal seemed to lull Katie into a trance-like state. As her hands roamed over their buttocks her arousal increased -- almost without her noticing. She marveled at Sean's small but hard buns and at Becky's sensuous curves. Both bottoms were moving very slightly adding to her arousal. Becky sighed contentedly -- or was it in arousal? Her fingers traced their way along the crease of each ass causing both her kids to sigh. She watched her hands as if they weren't her own as they roamed over each of her children's bottoms. Then she shifted so she could reach their lower legs. She smoothed more lotion up and down. As her fingers moved up the inside of Becky's thigh she couldn't help but notice that she had parted them. Her arousal was increasing as she watched her children's buttocks moving almost imperceptively now -- as if they were rubbing themselves on their towels. Although she had been careful not to go too high on their inner thighs, her left hand accidently came into contact with Sean's scrotum while she was mesmerized by the way Becky's g-string had disappeared into her pussy lips.

Sean's loud moan jolted her from her reverie.

"Oh -- I'm sorry honey -- it was an" she stammered.

"That's OK mom," Sean said cheerfully. "It's your turn now anyway -- on your tummy!"

" might just go in..."

"Aw come on mom -- what's wrong? You always want a tan in summer." Becky said innocently.

Katie was flustered. On the one hand, she didn't want the kids to think there was anything inappropriate about her thoughts -- rushing inside now would just prove to them that she was aroused -- or had something to hide. On the other hand she didn't know how she would react if they started touching her skin -- she didn't want to encourage another episode like the one several weeks ago (the memory caused a sudden twinge in her pussy). She decided to act as if nothing was wrong -- tough it out -- besides David must be due home soon.

"Oh -- OK then," she said as flippantly as she could, "I could use some work on my tan".

With that she lay on her tummy -- glad - she had left her bikini on - and tried to relax. Becky and Sean grinned at one another. Becky stepped out of her g-string and knelt beside her mother. Sean knelt on the other side, his rampant erection standing out proudly. They looked down at the sensuous curves between them and poured a generous amount of lotion on their mother's back.

David, who had quietly entered the house, watched from the kitchen window -- and waited for the right moment.

As four hands roamed lovingly over her shoulders and back, Katie did relax. She was tired and the gentle caresses lulled her into a semi-sleep. In her aroused state, her mind drifted to matters sexual. Vicki's fervent response to her fingers, the intense feeling as she humped Vicki's thigh, the anticipation of watching David's reaction when she told him what had happened in minute detail. Then her mind drifted to the memory which, to her shame, was the most arousing. The memory which she could not seem to keep out of her head every time she approached orgasm -- the memory of her daughter's fingers on her clit, the taste of her daughter's pussy, the sight of Sean sucking David's cock -- the whole scene. Half asleep and forgetting where she was, Katie moaned and pushed her mound into the towel-covered grass seeking to ease the ache in her pussy.

In this state of increasing arousal Katie was only vaguely aware that the hands and fingers causing the sweet sensations flowing through her body were wandering lower. Becky undid her bikini top without her even noticing. Their hands roamed lower, down to the top of her bikini bottom. They looked at one another without speaking and decided to skip her bottom for the moment and move to her legs. They stroked her calves in unison -- gently but firmly -- then moved slowly upward. With their hands gently kneading her thighs the half asleep Katie moaned and parted them unconsciously. Their fingers reached her bikini and slipped underneath. They were surprised when there was no resistance as their fingers neared her groin -- just a moan. Katie was in another place -- her mind wandering from one sexual encounter to another -- but always coming back to the sweet sights and sounds of her children cumming.

Sean was the first to make the bold move of letting his fingertips roam down the crack of Katie's ass and then touch the lips of her pussy on his side -- a sort of casual brush. Encouraged by her lack of protest, Becky let her fingers pull Katie's lips to one side causing her hood to move over her clit. To her delight, Katie moaned and raised her hips slightly off the towel. Katie, thinking it was part of her dream, relished the sensations coming from her pussy. Sean slid a finger into her vagina. She moaned and raised her hips as if welcoming the cock of a lover. Becky took her clit between her thumb and forefinger and rolled it around in her now copious juices. Sean slid two more fingers in and started a slow fucking motion. Katie's pussy opened up and flowed -- her lover's cock was deep inside her and somehow he was massaging her clit wonderfully at the same time. She felt her orgasm building rapidly. With her elbows on the towel she rose to her knees to allow her lover's cock to go deeper. She was so close.

"Well -- what is going on here?"

It was David's voice. It wasn't angry -- just curious. She opened her eyes to see him through a haze, kneeling before her, fully dressed. How could he be there when he was fucking her from behind? As her orgasm continued to build, her mind cleared. The kids had been applying lotion to her...oh must be them...but it was too late. She needed to cum now. She looked at David with unseeing eyes as the wonderful sensations began to peak. She felt a powerful orgasm grip her as Sean thrust four fingers in and out of her spasming cunt and Becky strummed her clit.

" God!!!" Katie's whole body convulsed as several hours of extreme arousal broke into a giant climax.

They had her. If this time was like almost every other, Katie's arousal would only be greater after her first orgasm. David moved to her as she sat up, the kids' fingers still hovering around her twitching pussy.

"David...I'm sorry...I don't know how..."

He covered her mouth with his and kissed her deeply.

"It's OK darling -- I understand -- they are so sexy."

"No -- I didn't know -- it just happened...ohhh..." Katie's words trailed off as the stimulation of her pussy resumed.

"Oh David -- they are doing it again...can't stop..."

David jumped to his feet and ripped off his clothes as he watched Katie roll over onto her back and reach for her children. She cupped Sean's tight balls and slipped a finger into Becky's pussy. They were both shaved or waxed completely smooth.

"You two are so naughty. Look what you've made Mummy do..."

The kids, totally transfixed on what her hands were doing to them, stopped fondling her and sat back on their haunches. Becky cupped her own breasts and thrust her hips forward trying to increase the contact with her mother's exploring fingers.

"Oh Mummy -- that feels so good. I love you Mummy. Please...ohhh" Becky's voice trailed off into a series of moans and sighs.

Katie sat up and closed her mouth over a pink nipple. Then she turned and bent to take Sean's cock in her mouth and sucked. He bit his lip as he fought off his desire to explode in her mouth. Meanwhile David had moved between her legs. He wanted to keep her stimulated so that she wouldn't come down from her heightened state of arousal and start to have doubts. He dove down to suck her entire clit and lips into his mouth. She responded with a guttural groan and thrust her hips at him.

"You cock. I want your cock in me now!"

David sat up as Katie disengaged with the kids and leapt on him, impaling herself on his cock. David recognized this phase of her arousal -- she was in full flight now -- anything could happen.

"Oh yes -- fuck me. Come here you two."

Becky and Sean, who had been disappointed when she stopped touching them, stepped forward one on either side of them. Sitting on David with her legs wrapped around him Katie had his cock buried deep inside her. Their heads were level with their bellies. She pulled them closer. Sean's cock pointed straight at her chin.

Katie tried to maintain control of her sexual response as she squirmed on David's thick cock. She knew she would soon be at the point of no return when she had to cum. She took a long suck on Sean's cock then turned to lick Becky's pussy lips. Becky held on to David's shoulder for balance and raised one leg to give Katie better access. She was close to cumming herself.

"Where has all your hair gone?" Katie asked slightly breathless.

"We shaved one another last night." Replied Becky as she lewdly ran her fingers over her own pubis and into her pussy.

"What else did you do?"

"We sucked one another off as soon as we finished -- like we always do Mummy."

"You horny little devils. I suppose you want us to keep sucking you too...ohhhh" Katie was losing it as her second orgasm drew closer.

"Oh yes please Mummy -- I love the way you lick my pussy."

"Don't forget me."

"Of course not darling." Katie took Sean's cock in her hand and pointed it at David. "Won't you suck my baby's cock for him David?"

David stared at her and then at Sean's cock. A drop of precum had formed on the tip. He had never sucked a cock before.

"Come on you horny cunt. Suck my boy's cock -- he loves you so much."

David looked up at Sean's face. Sean looked down at him -- and yes the look was one of total adoration. He took a deep breath and closed his mouth over the slim cock. It wasn't so bad -- actually tasted of the chlorine in the pool. Sean groaned loudly. His hero -- the subject of most of his masturbation sessions was sucking his cock. He cupped David's face in his hands and gazed into his eyes. David looked back at him and winked -- as if to say "hey -- this is OK!"

David heard a loud moan and looked sideways to see two of Katie's fingers disappearing into Becky's pussy as she bent to lick her clit again. Her other hand was on Sean's bottom and she pushed his cheeks apart to tickle his asshole.

"Does my baby wanna cum?" Katie's voice was shaking looked into Becky's eyes.

"Oh yes please Mummy -- please make me cum."

"What about my big boy -- do you want to cum in David's mouth?"

David looked at her alarmed. It was one thing to suck a cock -- but swallowing his cum?

"It's Ok -- he doesn't have to -- but you better stop soon David -- I'm soo close."

David looked into his stepson's adoring eyes and winked at him. Then he sucked in earnest. Katie wet her finger and inserted just the tip into his ass. It was too much for Sean. He cried out a warning to David as the intensity of his orgasm surprised him. He felt the cum coursing through his cock and exploded. David put his arm around his bottom and held him upright as his legs nearly buckled. One, two, three big spurts of semen shot into the back of his throat. It didn't taste as bad as he had imagined -- kind of salty but OK. Remembering how he liked his own cock sucked he continued to apply very gentle sucking to Sean's cockhead as two more smaller spurts filled his mouth. He hadn't swallowed yet but he knew he would have to soon. Suddenly, Katie pulled his face towards her. Sean's cock plopped out of his mouth still oozing cum and he protested briefly. Katie kissed David deeply sharing her son's big load of semen and then, turning to suck him some more, milked the remaining cum into her mouth with her hand.

David swallowed what was left in his mouth -- again not so bad - as he felt Katie's vaginal muscles contracting around him - another orgasm rocking her body -- her cries muffled by her son's cock in her mouth. Then he realized that Becky, incredibly aroused by the sight of him sucking off her brother, was rubbing her pussy on his shoulder. He pulled her to him and snaked his tongue the length of her pussy. He felt Katie's fingers brush against his chin as she reinserted her fingers into Becky's vagina. Two -- then three fingers. It was a tight squeeze but Becky was so wet all three were soon pumping in and out of her. Sean -- now recovered from his own orgasm reached out to fondle Becky's nipples. The pussy juice ran down Katie's palm and on to her inner forearm. She licked it up greedily. " baby tastes so good. Do you like my fingers in your tight little cunt Becky? Do you want to cum baby?"

"Ohh yes please Mummy"

"Yes please what?" Katie goaded her -- wanting to hear obscenities from her daughter.

"Please Mummy, make me cum. Fuck my tight little cunt with your fingers. Make Sean pinch my tits. Make David lick my clit. Make me...make...ohh fuck...!!"

Becky's pussy spasmed around Katie's fingers and juice flowed down her arm. She would have collapsed but for the other three holding her up. Wave after wave of exquisite pleasure coursed through her young body.

As Becky's shaking and trembling slowly subsided they all looked at David aware that he alone had not yet cum. Katie extracted David's cock from her pussy leaving it standing out -- huge and hard, shining with her juices.

"Stand up darling -- we are going to share you."

David stood and the three of them knelt at his feet. They took it in turns to suck him each one bringing him right to the edge before handing over to the others. Finally, it was too much for him.


"Oh, my big man needs to cum. Ask Sean nicely, David -- ask him to suck you off."

"Please Sean...suck me...suck my cock.....please make me cum...swallow my cum...please."

Sean gladly took David's cock into his mouth and began to suck it lovingly. Becky bent to tickle his balls with her tongue. Katie moved behind him, parted his cheeks and thrust her tongue into his asshole. His orgasm approached quickly. He felt his balls tighten as he cried out. A massive first spurt of semen rocketed from his cock and Sean swallowed greedily. Another and another followed, the pleasure almost too intense to bear. As Sean sucked the last drops of cum from his shrinking cock, David sunk to his knees exhausted.

As he lay there recovering, David wondered what Katie's reaction would be now that she had cum twice. Would it be another marathon or would she begin to have regrets? A soft moan interrupted his musings. He turned to see Katie bent over Sean, licking and sucking her son's cock back to full hardness. However the moan had come from Katie. Becky was lying at right angles to her with her face buried in the crack of her ass. After licking her from anus to clit several times, she began to concentrate on her anus, trying to force her tongue into the tight opening.

"Ah thank heavens you're recovering," Katie teased him. "We need you big and hard to help me realize one of my fantasies."

"And what might that be my incredibly sexy wife?"

"You and Sean are going to help me have my first double penetration. I thought of it as I was sucking this lovely, slim cock -- it's just the right size for my asshole. Not like that big thick thing."

David looked down to see his cock already hardening.

"OK Beck -- get him nice and hard -- this is going to be fun!"

End of Part Five