Tabi's Tale (Part 1)

Tabi's Tale
(A “Cum Diaries” Story)

The "Cum Diaries" are occasional fictionalized accounts of stories told to me by my readers, in this case of my short story “His Mate's Mom”. That began an ongoing conversation with TF in California about her experiences.

(Part 1)


She skipped into the house, letting the screen door slam behind her before heading down the hall to her bedroom.

Hi, Daddy,” she shouted back over her shoulder before entering her room, “I'm home.”

Hey, kitten,” she heard him respond, “bring me a beer, please, after you get out of your school clothes.”

She threw her book bag into a corner near the dresser and quickly stripped off her shirt and skirt and plain white cotton panties, holding them up for a closer look. The edges of the panties were a little frayed and the gusset stained with use. Holding them to her nose, she inhaled the familiar musky aroma of her crotch with just a hint of her pee. She would have to talk to her mother about getting some new ones, maybe pink or blue with frilly edges like Ginny almost always wore.

Gathering the soiled clothing into her arms, she first went to the laundry off the kitchen and dumped everything in a hamper before walking to the refrigerator. When she opened that door, she just stood there a moment, letting the chilled air flow across her her bare chest and legs, sending a shiver through her smooth, hairless groin. Even for late spring, the day was very warm and they didn't have air conditioning in the house.

Bottle or can?” she called out to her father in the other room, “and I'm going to have a soda.”

A bottle, please,” he answered, “and only one soda, you know what your mother thinks about them.”

She stood there a moment longer before grabbing a bottle of beer and can of soda, cracking both with a magnetized opener clinging to the front of the refrigerator door then walked into the adjoining family room.

Her father sat on the edge of the couch, leaning forward as he rolled another joint. A half empty baggie of loose marijuana, some rolling papers and a half dozen already completed blunts were scattered across the coffee table.

She handed him the beer, leaning in to give him a light kiss, the scraggly hair of his beard scratching her cheek, before flopping down on the couch beside him. Even with the ceiling fan on high, the room was warm. Her father's shoulder length hair matted against his cheeks and neck while a sheen of sweat covered his bare arms and chest and legs.

How was school today?” he asked taking a sip of the beer before turning back to rolling joints.

Oh OK, I guess,” she sighed, savoring a small drink of the soda, “I'm just glad it's Friday and the summer break starts soon. Fifth grade is boring.”

Yeah, I can remember exactly how you feel,” he father grinned, sealing the half empty baggie of loose weed and putting the finished joints, save one, into another.

Where's Mom today and when's she coming home?” she asked as her father took the first deep drag on the joint.

St. tonight, I think,” he answered after expelling a cloud of smoke, “said she would be back tomorrow afternoon for a four or five days straight.”

They chatted about inconsequential things for a few more minutes before he stood and stretched. His flaccid uncut cock swayed freely between his legs but she didn't pay it any attention at all. The were all always naked around the house, so seeing her father's dick within arms length was no big deal.

Could you get me another beer, kitten?” he asked as he walked over to the cabinet holding the television and began rummaging around in the back of the VHS collection.

She smiled to herself as she retrieved the fresh bottle of beer and put it down on the coffee table. Whenever her mother was out of town for a few days due to her flight attendant schedule, her father would watch his “special” movies, ones he didn't want her to see.

She flopped back down on the couch and leaned back with her legs splayed open. Her father gave only the briefest glance at the way the smooth edges of the gash between her legs gaped open just slightly.

Why don't you go do your homework,” he murmured, taking another drag as he sat back down, the purplish head of his cock barely peeking out of the foreskin, and fiddled with the TV remote.

You know Mrs. Stanton never gives us homework on a Friday,” she responded gleefully, “and besides I want to watch the movie too.”

You know your mother would not like it,” her father said, taking another drag and turning to look at her as she settled back into the couch.

Well, I won't tell her if you don't,” she said with an impish grin, “and I haven't yet.”

Her father just shook his head, took another puff and started the video with the remote. Truth be told, she thought some of her animated movies were a lot more interesting to watch. This one, like most of the others he liked, was just a bunch of naked people thrashing around together and moaning a lot.

She glanced over to her father. He was holding his now rigid cock in his hand, slowly stroking up and down. On the screen, one naked woman lay on her back rubbing the hairy bush between her legs. She touched her own bare crotch in the same place as the woman, feeling the slightest hint of a warm tingle.

Next to her, her father moaned again as a muscular guy with a long thick dick came on the screen and rammed his cock into the woman. Her father's hand started to move up and down faster, having completely forgotten she was sitting less than a foot away from him.

She lost all interest in the movie. She thought the woman on the screen might be getting hurt the way she was screaming and thrashing around. Her father, on the other hand, was moaning in pleasure.

She licked her lips knowing what was coming next...what she really wanted to stay and see. She absentmindedly brushed a thumb over one of her still flat, light tan nipples.

Her father's eyes were half closed, his hand practically a blur moving up and down on his engorged purplish cock. With a final loud groan, his thighs quivered and she caught herself holding her breath in anticipation.

Spurt after spurt after spurt of sticky white cream spit from the slit in the head of his throbbing dick until the last few droplets just dribbled down across his fingers....

Twenty Eight Years Later

Tabi stood carefully apprising her body in the full length mirror, turning first one way and then the other to get a good look at her ass and the back of her thighs. She didn't think she looked too bad for thirty eight, not that there was anyone to notice at the moment.

Like every other woman in the country, she just knew she needed to shed a few pounds. It just didn't seem worth the effort to just look at herself in the mirror. Her one hundred and forty six pound body was still curvy and soft in all the right places. At 5'6” she stood taller than both her son and daughter, although she was under no illusion that was going to last much longer, at least for the boy.

She cupped her hands under each of her “C” cup tits that were still mostly winning their relentless battle with gravity and thumbed the quarter sized brown areola until her eraser like nipples stiffened. A mild pleasurable tingle jolted her neatly trimmed pussy. She liked keeping her cunt hair closely cropped and shaved to just a finger width patch leading to her pussy slit.

BOB, her battery operated boyfriend, didn't care one way or the other but she still remained hopeful she could find a real, maybe much younger, playmate who didn't like getting hair caught in his teeth. For a brief moment, she thought about climbing back on the bed and letting BOB do its magic for a second time that morning.

Her reverie was shattered when Amy, her thirteen year old daughter, called out a greeting from the kitchen followed almost immediately by Alex, her twelve year old son. They were home from Saturday morning soccer and baseball practice, so she needed to get them some lunch.

She slipped BOB back into the night stand drawer next to her bed and threw a fluffy robe over her shoulders, tying the sash securely as she padded barefoot down the hall. She was half way to the kitchen before she realized she neglected to put on a bra or panties under the robe.

For a moment, she thought about going back to her room for some panties at least. On second thought, she grinned devilish to herself and continued on, giving both her growing kids hugs that firmly pressed her soft bare tits against their bodies.

They chatted about their practices as Tabi prepared lunch. For the hundredth or more time, she marveled at how grown up they were becoming, her nipples stiffening against the soft fabric of the robe.

Amy was just under five feet tall now, her mid back length glossy brown hair most often tied in a pony tail. She had a slim body with a less than filled out ass and still developing “A” cup tits that undoubtedly would end up as full as Tabi's.

Alex was lanky and taller than his older sister, at the awkward stage where his voice was just changing as he developed into a teen. There was just the hint of hair above his upper lip and Tabi assumed there was an equally wispy thatch of hair beginning to grow between his legs. Just thinking about seeing her son's nearly naked crotch made her pussy clench.

It was really only recently that she began thinking of them in a sexual way. The more she did, the more she lusted for both her son and daughter. She knew it was wrong, but she simply couldn't help herself or the way her nipples stiffened and her pussy tingled being close to them.

During the five tumultuous years of her marriage, both before and after the kids were born, she and her former husband not only had a very active and varied sex life, they shared a number of, women and couples. Both of them were bisexual with no practical limits on their hedonism.

Even after the divorce, and while the kids were still very young, Tabi continued to enjoy old and new friends, fully taking advantage of her unicorn status as a single bisexual woman eager to play with all.

Over time, those encounters became less frequent, the increasing obligations of raising two kids alone and a full time job leaving her with little time and less energy. BOB became her full time lover, always available when needed and never making any unwanted demands on her.

Then, one day about a year and a half before, her daughter announced she needed a training bra, awakening in Tabi some urges she had almost totally forgotten. She was probably more excited than Amy when they went shopping for that first intimate undergarment.

Seeing her daughter's nipples barely protruding out from her chest reminded Tabi that the not quite twelve year old little girl was changing to a sexual creature and she remembered herself at that age....

.Tabi's first noticed her own breasts began to blossom when she was around eleven, itching a little as the skin on her chest stretched. While she didn't wear clothes around her house, the requirements of school and the need to keep up with her equally developing classmates had Tabi demanding a training bra from her mother.

Even before her budding nipples could fill the padded cups of the training bra, she experienced her first period. A little hair began to sprout on her smooth mons, just like her mother. With those steps into womanhood, something else changed as well, all for the better.

In addition, the occasional tickling she felt between her legs while growing up became a throbbing itch she could only lessen, but never completely remove, by rubbing the hard little nub that topped the gash running down between her legs. So every night as she lay in bed, and often after school, she rubbed that special spot, her entire body quivering, the pleasure flooding through every cell, until she cried out in delight.

After that, she had a renewed interest in her father's “special” movies and especially the way he stroked himself and spurted some white cream while he watched with her by his side. The first time she fingered herself to an orgasm next to him, he didn't even notice. The next, her groans were even louder than the video.

He glanced over just as her twelve year old body tensed, smiled and shot his load of creamy jism on to his belly. She slumped back on the sofa, her sticky fingers still splitting the tight folds of her pussy and grinned at him.

I won't tell Mommy if you don't....”

.Tabi left her son and daughter squabbling goodnaturedly over their lunch and returned to her bedroom. The thought that her daughter was playing with her young pussy drove Tabi crazy...crazy with lust.

Her pussy was on fire as she dropped her robe and pulled BOB from the drawer, her fingers trembling and heart racing as she found the switch, turned the toy on and pressed it firmly against her pounding clit. As the growing pleasure flooded from her cunt, down her legs and through the rest of her body, Tabi caught a hint of movement through her half closed eyes.

She squinted toward the bedroom door she inadvertently left open in her haste, just missing being able to tell which one of her kids had seen her. It really didn't matter. That one or, even better, both might watch and hear her masturbate and cum just intensified and multiplied the effects of her orgasms.

A Change Of Mind

Over the ensuing weeks, Tabi found herself constantly thinking about...fantasizing about actually...being watched by one of her kids while she masturbated. She suspected they too were masturbating regularly. After all, at their age, she not only watched her father jerk off, but fingered herself to orgasms as he did so next to him and masturbated herself to sleep practically every night.

While she grew up in a nudist household, she stopped the practice after going off to college. After that, her parents respected her wishes and wore enough to cover themselves whenever she returned to their home with her ex husband and, even to that day, the children.

Except for that one time while Amy was getting fitted for her training bra, Tabi had not seen either of her kids naked since the last time she bathed them when they were much younger. She resolved that was one thing she could change, at least on her part.

The real question was how to do it and get the kids to buy in on the idea. Just suddenly coming out of her room nude was definitely not going to be the way to go. The kids would just be embarrassed and put off.

She decided on a more gradual approach. They were generally pretty casual about dressing when home alone in any case. Neither she or her daughter usually wore a bra at home and yoga pants for them and loose basketball shorts on Alex were pretty common. She decided to test those waters without making a big deal out of it.

Tabi stood next to her bed looking down on her options, her nipples stiffening in anticipation of what she was about to do. The crotch of the lacy panties she had been wearing all day was already damp and slightly drawn up into her pussy slit. She was down to two options for the top she was going to wear without a bra: a v-neck t-shirt that barely reached to the top of her pussy or a loose fitting tank top that fell to the middle of her thighs and practically invited her tits to fall out the sides.

Se picked the v-neck, smoothed it over the front of her stomach, tweaked each of her nipples and walked out to the kitchen.

Amy sat with her legs dangling over the arm of a recliner doing something on her tablet. She raised a questioning eyebrow when she saw the way Tabi was dressed before going back to doing whatever she was doing. Alex was engrossed in a video game and didn't look up at all.

Tabi smiled wanly at her daughter as she passed and bent forward to hug her son. As Alex raised his head, he couldn't help but look directly down the front of his mother's shirt and see her round soft tits swaying freely.,” he sputtered as she kissed him on he cheek, trying to look up at her and back down her shirt at the same time.

Go wash your hands, dinner will be ready shortly,” Tabi murmured, waiting to straighten up until she was sure her son got another clear look at her tits.

Even without his squirming, Tabi could just make out the small bulge in his basketball shorts before he hurriedly turned and walked out of the room. When they were both out of the room, she gingerly touched the gusset of her panties, not believing how moist the fabric had become.

Throughout dinner and for the rest of the evening, Tabi went out of her way to give both her son and daughter clear views of her erect nipples pressing against the shirt and the damp stain where the fabric of her panties pulled up into her pussy. While her daughter mostly just looked perplexed, her son did all he could to look while not appearing to do so.

Not a bad start,” Tabi thought to herself laying on her bed, idly fingering her still wet pussy hair, “what I wouldn't give to see his little dick when he gets hard like that but I definitely have to talk to Amy before long.”

Before the warm familiar tingle could spread from her pussy, she reached into the drawer next to the bed to grab BOB and slid it as deep as she could into her dripping cunt. With two fingers, she furiously strummed her sensitive clit, turning her head to bury her face in the pillow to muffle the shriek when she started to cum.


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