Tabi's Tale (Part 11)

Tabi's Tale
(A “Cum Diaries” Story)

"Cum Diaries" are occasional fictionalized accounts of stories told to me by my readers, in this case of my short story His Mate's Mom”. That began an ongoing conversation with TF in California about her experiences.

(Part 11)

Another Night With the Boys

The remaining days of the week dragged on interminably until it was finally Friday.

When she got home, Tabi parked her car, removed her bra from underneath her blouse and stuffed it in her purse. She knew that five twelve year old boys were inside playing video games. Soon, it would only be her son and his friend. That thought made her pussy clench.

She slipped her hand under her skirt to feel her already moist panties, pressing the lacy material into her pulsing wet slit and finding the hard nub of her clit. She closed her eyes and gently rubbed herself through the fabric, imagining all five of those boys standing over her...naked...jerking off their little cocks...their cum squirting all over her face and tits and pussy.

Her sticky juices soaked her panties while she muffled her cry with the back of her other hand.

She walked into the kitchen and poured herself a glass of wine before going into the family room and greeting the boys. With two extra buttons undone on her blouse and no bra, her tits swayed invitingly just out of view as she leaned over to kiss her son hello.

OK, boys, time for you to finish up the game and get going home,” she announced before turning and heading to her own room.

She stripped off the blouse and skirt and was about to take off her moist panties as well when she changed her mind. She kept them on and pulled a tight v-neck tank top over her head. With a quick tweak of each nipple, she headed back to the family room.

Alex and Ethan continued the video game as she entered, the other boys already gone. Her pussy twitched again as she looked at them from behind, wanting to just scoop them both up in her arms and fondle their four inch cocks.

What do you guys want on the pizza tonight?” she asked instead, moving to the kitchen counter to get another glass of wine.

After they shouted out their orders without paying a lot of attention to her, she walked down the hall and asked Amy about her preference before she called for the delivery. When it arrived, she gave the delivery guy another good, and what was becoming a weekly, show. At the table, both boys gawked at her stiff nipples as they ate and she was sure their little dicks were stiff just out of her sight. As soon as she finished, Amy retreated to her room for the evening.

I'm going to go take a shower and get comfortable,” she told the boys as she cleaned off the table and finished the second glass of wine she had with the pizza. “When I'm done, we can watch a movie, so go ahead and pick out the one you want.”

With that she got up and walked toward her bedroom, stopping to strip off the tank top just as she entered the hall. She knew they could see her bare back and thought they also got a good look at the side of her right tit as well, hoping that was all the invitation they needed to sneak in and spy on her in the shower.

Tabi left the bedroom and bathroom doors open, removing the damp panties and tank top as she waited for the water to warm. As she was about to step into the shower, she saw the boys in the mirror peeking around the bedroom door.

She kept watching them as she stood under the water. They were more brazen than before, stepping past the foot of her bed as they watched her soap up her entire body and fondle her tits. Tabi made a point of giving them a good show for about fifteen minutes, finishing up by using the hand held shower head on her pussy and groaning loudly when she started to cum.

By the time she climaxed, both boys' shorts were down around their knees as they stroked their hard cocks. They took off as soon as she turned off the water. Tabi took her time drying herself and then putting on a fluffy robe with no panties or bra. Picking BOB from the drawer, Tabi stopped in Amy's room before returning to the family room and the two boys.

I'm going to watch a movie with Alex and Ethan and you are welcome to join us,” she said with an impish grin before tossing BOB on the bed at Amy's feet, “or you can stay in here yourself.”

At first, Amy looked up at her mother in surprise before breaking into a wide smile as she turned the toy over in her hand.

Oh, I think I saw the movie already so I guess I'll stay in here,” she murmured, squirming slightly as she unconsciously spread her thighs slightly.

Well, then take your time,” Tabi grinned back before closing the door behind her, “and have a lot of fun.”

Her clit throbbed and Tabi could feel a droplet of pussy juices trickling down the inside of her thigh as she slowly walked out to join the two twelve year old boys. She didn't think Amy would be intruding on them the rest of the evening.

The boys were discussing the movie choices when she entered and poured herself another glass of wine. She let them go once she realized they were down to two that were both pretty explicit which was just fine with her. She finished another glass waiting for the popcorn to finish then took a large bowl over to them.

Both looked up with wide eyes when they saw the way the robe hung half open clearly exposing her pussy. Her bare tits almost flopped out when she bent forward to hand Alex the bowl. Tabi just grinned and retreated to the kitchen to retrieve her wine and her own bowl of popcorn before flopping down on the couch.

When she sat down, the robe opened up even more and Tabi made no effort to cover herself. The boys lay on their stomachs in front of her, squirming around watching the tits and ass on the TV screen and furtively glancing back at her tits and pussy.

She finished the glass of wine and let her head loll back, closing her eyes while letting her knees fall open wide as she slid down to lay on her back on the couch. For a minute or two, the only sounds came from the TV.

I think she passed out,” Tabi heard Ethan whisper to her son.

Mom...Mom...are you awake, Mom?” Alex asked, getting up to stand next to her and gently shaking her arm, “yeah, I thinks she's out.”

Let's have some fun,” Ethan said gleefully.

Through her squinting eyes, Tabi could see him pull off his shorts with his four inch cock stood straight out from his body. Then he stepped over to her son and pulled his shorts down as well. Tabi felt her pussy clenching seeing both of their hard little dicks.

Ethan turned back to Tabi, carefully loosening the belt holding the robe somewhat closed and pushed it off to the sides, fully exposing her tits and pussy. He became bolder, fondling her tits and rolling her nipples in his fingers, making them even harder than they already were.

Dude, your Mom has great tits,” he gasped, stepping closer to the couch to rub the tip of his cock against Tabi's stiff left nipple, “you should rub your cock on her tit too.”

At first, Alex resisted even though his cock was rock hard in his hand. Then, he approached his mother's side and brushed his dick over her erect nipple. Ethan reached down between Tabi's legs and cupped her mound in his hand before dragging a finger through her wet slit.

Tabi pussy ached with his touch, her juices freely seeping down over her asshole. She groaned lowly and shifted toward Ethan, starting to sit herself back upright but never opening her eyes. The boys instantly jumped back down on the floor, just staring at her.

When she didn't move again after a few moments, Ethan sat next to her on one side with Alex on the other. Ethan took her hand in his and put it on his hard throbbing cock, signaling to Alex to do the same. Tabi's pussy clenched as she ever so gently tightened her grip on both of the boys' dicks.

Oh dude, your Mom's hand feels so good, just like she's jerking me off,” Ethan moaned as he started to drag Tabi's hand up and down on his rigid dick, “you should do what I'm doing.”

Alex started moving his mother's hand up and down on his own cock, groaning lowly as it grew even more. Through her squinting eyes, Tabi could see the first droplet of her son's precum dribble from his cock before she felt him tense and shoot his load of cum all over her hand and his own leg,

When he saw Alex cum, Ethan moaned as well and shot his own load on to her hand. When both were done they wiped their hands clean with the robe.

Her own pussy was throbbing but the boys were not done. They pushed her back down on her back with Alex simply doing whatever his best friend told him to do. Ethan leaned forward and took one of her stiff nipples into his mouth, causing Tabi to stir and moan lowly. He stopped again for a second but when Tabi apparently didn't awaken he started sucking her again.

Here, why don't you try this,” Ethan said after a couple of moments, giving Alex a chance to suck his mother's nipple.

While Alex took Tabi's tit in his mouth, Tabi moaned and slightly turned her head toward Ethan. He grinned evilly and brushed the head of his throbbing cock back and forth across her lips.

That was almost too much for Tabi. She parted her lips just enough to wrap her lips around the tip of the twelve year old boy's dick. Ethan pushed forward slightly until his dick was at least half way into her mouth, then ever so slowly rocked his hips back and forth fucking her mouth.

Tabi sucked him in a little more, running her tongue over the tip of his dick as he started to thrust in and out of her mouth even faster. With the first taste of his precum, Tabi opened her eyes and looked directly at him, making eye contact.

By then he was too close to cumming to care, shooting his watery jism into Tabi's mouth. She swallowed all of it and closed her eyes again as Ethan pulled his dick out of her mouth.

Wow, I think she woke up for a minute then passed out again,” Ethan gasped as Alex looked up at him with his mother's nipple still in his mouth. “You're still hard, you should stick your dick in her pussy.”

Oh it...please...fuck me!” Tabi thought, squirming her hips a little as her pussy twitched. can' that,” Alex responded getting to his feet, his four inch cock standing straight out.

Well you need to cum again like me, so at least put your cock into her mouth,” Ethan then suggested, “It feels really, really good.” it, Alex...feed Mommy your cum...oh god...yes!” Tabi thought as her pussy throbbed, barely able to keep her eyes shut or her hands from reaching out and grabbing both boys' cocks.

I can'''s not...right...she's my Mom,” Alex murmured, clearly conflicted with his words belied by the hard throbbing cock in his hand.

Despite Alex's reluctance, Ethan was not ready to stop, wanting apparently to take full advantage of the naked, passed out Tabi. He slipped his hands down between Tabi's legs, fumbling around to split the folds of her pussy lips.

Tabi moaned again and spread her thighs enough Ethan could begin fingering the entry hole to her cunt. She squinted up to see her son standing above her, watching his friend finger her and stroking his own rigid cock.

Ethan clearly didn't know what he was doing, his entire education about the female body apparently coming from the porn he watched. At that moment, that didn't matter in the least to Tabi. Her pussy was ready to explode and she began thrashing back against the twelve year old boy's hand.

Damn dude, she likes it,” Ethan muttered jubilantly and began ramming his fingers in and out of her faster and faster.

Oh, Bobby...Bobby...don't stop, Bobby...don't stop...more, Bobby...more,” Tabi moaned her ex husband's name as she thrashed against Ethan's hand, a massive orgasm flooding through her body.

Next to her, Alex was frantically stroking his cock, his watery cum shooting out to coat his mother's tits. Tabi reached up and rubbed her son's warm sticky jism over her tits even as Ethan pulled his fingers out of her pussy.

Oh Bobby...Bobby,” she groaned again, never opening her eyes more than enough to squint to see her son jerking off.

She must have been dreaming and thought that was your Dad,” Ethan giggled to Alex as he pulled his pajama bottoms back on.

The two of them climbed into the sleeping bags. Tabi was so relaxed she fell asleep right there on the couch. When she woke up a couple of hours later, the boys were both asleep and she was naked with dried cum coating her tits and belly. She turned off the lights and TV before softly padding down the hall to her room.

BOB sat upright where Amy left it earlier. Tabi laid down on the bed, reliving the encounter with her son and his friend...and used BOB to have another satisfying orgasm before going back to sleep.

More Than Talk With Alex

The faint sounds of the boys playing a video game woke Tabi the next morning. Her pussy as a little sore from the rough way Ethan fingered her but she didn't mind at all. It was a good hurt, worth every moment. She put on a tank top and shorts before walking to the kitchen, wondering as she did how they would interact with her after the night before.

Amy was on her phone while eating a bowl of cereal, stopping just long enough to acknowledge her mother with a wan smile and absentminded nod. Tabi made herself some coffee before making the boys pancakes. The kept staring at her swaying tits while they ate but neither said a word about the previous evening.

After breakfast she started the laundry and when she began assigning some chores, Ethan decided he needed to get home. Tabi gave him a warm hug before he left, pressing her tits against his face and putting her hand on his ass to pull him close enough she could feel his boner against her leg.

When she was done with her chores, Amy announced she was going to the mall with her friends. That didn't bother Tabi at all since she wanted a chance to talk with Alex without being disturbed. Tabi did raise a skeptical eyebrow when Amy came out of her room wearing a flimsy cut off t-shirt with no bra and a pair of yoga pants so tight Tabi was pretty sure she could see the threads of her daughter's cunt hair pushing out against the fabric right above the clearly outlined mound and pussy slit. She decided not to make a fuss, slightly aroused seeing her daughter dressed so slutty.

Tabi went back to her room, stripped of the clothes she was wearing and took the robe she wore the night before from a hook on the bathroom door. There were still some of her son's and his buddy's crusted cum stains on the robe, the reason she didn't put it in the laundry with the other dirty clothes. She still had a couple of flaky spots of her son's dried jism on her tits and belly as well. She went to his room wearing nothing but the robe loosely tied at her waist.

Have a minute?” she asked, sticking her head in the door after remembering to knock.

Sure, Mom, what do you need?” he asked looking up from his tablet, his eyes widening when he saw the robe she was wearing.

Well...I'm not exactly sure how to say I guess just spitting it out is the best way to go,” Tabi stammered lowly, sitting down on the edge of the bed next to her son. “Last night...I had a little too much to drink...but...well...I remember it all...everything...everything you and Ethan did.”

Alex looked at her in shock, his mouth agape and his face flushing a bright red.

Oh Mom...I... we...I...,” he started to protest but Tabi placed a finger on his lips to silence him.

No, just listen to me for a minute,” she continued, rubbing her fingertips down his arm before firmly placing her hand on the middle of his thigh. “I'm not angry with you...not at fact...just the opposite...I...I loved it.”

He looked at his mother in utter disbelief.

You''re not...mad?” he gasped as Tabi gently kneaded the inside of his thigh only inches from his cock and balls.

Oh no, I'm not mad at all. I liked it...I liked it a lot,” Tabi murmured, leaning forward to kiss him on the forehead, “but there is one problem.”

As she did so, the robe flopped open far enough for her right tit to slip out from beneath the fabric. Tabi made no effort to cover herself, instead moving her hand up her son's thigh until she could feel the heat radiating from his crotch. She knew from the way he squirmed his cock was hardening in his shorts.

What's that?” Alex gasped with his eyes locked on her erect nipple.

I don't trust that Ethan will keep his mouth shut,” she explained, “I can't tell you how important it is that you never talk about what we did with anyone...ever. We would all get in so much trouble. I don't mind doing it fact I want to do it again...but you can't tell anyone under any circumstances.”

They sat in silence for a moment as Alex processed what his mother was telling him. She could feel his thigh quivering in her hand so she inched even closer to his cock.

There is something else while were talking about all this,” Tabi went on, “I know you and Ethan jerk off together and even play with each other. How long has that been going on and who started it?”

Alex lowered his eyes and blushed again not answering her at first.

It's OK, I don't mind, I'm just curious,” Tabi said softly.

We always been comparing each other since we were very little. Ethan first started it. In the last year or so, it felt so good when we...we...jerked off. Then one day he touched me and I touched him and...”

That's fine, sweetie, I don't have a problem with any of that,” Tabi cooed giving him another kiss, “Do you play with other boys too?”

Uh, no...but I've thought about it but none of the other guys seem interested,” he responded shyly, “besides I think I like girls more anyway.”

Tabi took a moment to just look at her son before taking a deep breath and shrugging off her robe. Her nipples were rock hard when she took Alex's hand in hers and placed it on her tit.

Alex looked at her in surprise then nervously closed his fingers over her nipple. Tabi groaned lowly and brushed her hand over his crotch, feeling his hard four inch dick through the fabric of his shorts. He gasped and she grinned at him.

Stand up next to the bed,” she instructed him as she wiggled around to sit on the edge with her legs spread wide. “Now stand right here in front of me.”

Alex moved closer between her thighs. Tabi reached over and tugged his shorts down until they fell around his ankles. His rock hard cock pointed right at her pussy. She put one of his hands back on her tit as she put his other hand on his dick.

I want you to jerk off for me,” she murmured, “and shoot your cum right her on my pussy.”

He hesitated for a moment as Tabi spread her pussy lips open with two fingers. She moved her hand on his up and down on his throbbing cock.

Do it. I want to see your cum shoot on to me and feel your cum on my pussy,” she moaned, her pussy aching.

Slowly at first, and then faster and faster, Alex stroked his cock. Tabi cupped his balls and pulled him even closer until the tip of his dick was practically pressing against her throbbing clit. He groaned and tensed, then shot five strings of watery cum on to her cunt hair, over her clit and down through her pussy slit.

Tabi scooped up some of his cum in her fingers and sucked it into her mouth, Then she spread the rest around her pussy as she frantically rubbed her clit until a quick hard orgasm wracked her body. When her quivering stopped, she pulled her son down on top of her and kissed him, her tongue tracing the outside of his lips.

They heard Amy call out as she returned home. Tabi put on the robe and leaned over to whisper in Alex's ear before she left his room.

Maybe later tonight I'll come in your room and we can do it again.”


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