Tabi's Tale (Part 12)

Tabi's Tale

(A “Cum Diaries” Story)

"Cum Diaries" are occasional fictionalized accounts of stories told to me by my readers, in this case of my short story “His Mate's Mom”. That began an ongoing conversation with TF in California about her experiences.

(Part 12)

A Fateful Step

Tabi retreated to her room and threw herself on the bed. She was terribly conflicted and wasn't sure what her next step would be. On the one hand, she had started down a path she knew was wrong and could end terribly for her and her kids. On the other, the lust she awakened was consuming her.

She wanted to please him and have him enjoy anything and everything they could do with each other. Her pussy twitched imagining him fingering her, licking her pussy, shooting his cum all over her face and into her mouth...and yes...even fucking her. Before she even realized what happened, BOB was in her hand, vibrating on her clit at just the right spot and just the right speed that made her groan loudly.

Her orgasm built quickly, flooding out from her cunt down her legs and up her torso until it engulfed very cell in her body, She thrashed wildly against the vibrator, cumming even more intensely a second time before her first climax completely faded away.

She knew which path she wanted...she choose.

Tabi walked nervously down the darkened hall, stopping for a second when she saw from under the door that the light in Amy's room was still on. She kept going to the kitchen, quickly downed a half glass of wine and walked back. Seeing the light out under Amy's door, she took a deep breath and quietly pushed Alex's door open.

He was propped up against the headboard just the way she told him...naked with his already hard cock in his hand. Tabi closed the door behind her, stepped to the bed and let her robe slide from her shoulders to her feet. She was completely naked as well.

Wow, Mom you look awesome,” Alex gushed, a little too loudly for Tabi.

She leaned forward to press her fingers against his lips, her dangling tits brushing over his shoulder and arm. A tingle went straight to her pussy when her nipples contacted his skin. She climbed on to the bed next to him, feeling his lithe supple body pressing against hers.

Hush, sweetie, don't make so much noise,” Tabi whispered in his ear as she placed one hand on his mouth, the other on his dick and slowly started stroking him.

When his back began to arch, Tabi knew her son was very close to cumming. She slowed her hand before he began to shoot.

My tits, baby, cum all over my tits,” she gasped and lay back on the bed.

Alex got on his knees next to her, stroking himself furiously as she fingered her throbbing clit. After a brief moment, he tensed and shot five watery strings of cum onto her tits and belly. Tabi moaned and rubbed her son's cum all over her tits like it was some exotic body lotion.

Oh, honey, that feels so warm and good,” she grinned up at him as he looked on not quite sure what to do next. “Now let me show you how to make Mommy feel really good too.”

She took his hand in hers and spread her thighs wide, the already wet folds of her cunt gaping open. She thrust her hips up until his fingers split her puffy pussy lips, rubbing his fingers up and down in the moist gash before settling on her throbbing clit.

There, right there, honey...gently rub that hard little nub...oh yeah...just like that...oh yeah...don't stop, baby...don't stop...that feels're going to ...going to make...Mommy...cum...oh!”

The most intense orgasm she could recall in quite a long time exploded from her cunt as her son continued to finger her throbbing clit. By the time her climax finally faded away, his four inch cock was again hard and pointing right at her.

Tabi wrapped her fingers around it, slowly and sensuously stroking him until he again was ready to cum. This time, she directed his dick at her face, delighting in the warm wet explosion of his cum shooting on to her cheeks and lips, licking up what she could before it drizzled down over her chin.

She got up from the bed and leaned down to kiss her son, her tongue brushing over his lips for just a second. Then she explained how they must keep what they were doing a secret just between the two of them. As she walked back to her own room with her robe in one hand, she desperately hoped he listened.

Over the course of the next week or so, she came to him every night. By the third, he was waiting for her with his dick already hard in his hand without being told and Tabi walked in already naked. He would fondle and suck her tits and she showed him how to finger her slit and caress her clit. By the end of the first week, he was sliding a finger or two inside her while she jerked him off with one hand and frantically rubbed her clit to an orgasm with the other.

At the beginning of the second week, while he fingered her with one hand and jerked off kneeling beside her with the other, Tabi reached between his legs and cupped his balls, pulling his cock even closer to her face.

As he tensed, she lifted her head and took the tip of his dick into her mouth. Almost immediately he started to cum, unconsciously thrusting his hips forward, pushing his dick all the way into his mother's mouth while shooting his cum down her throat.

Tabi swallowed down every drop and fingered herself to another orgasm before pulling him down for a deep kiss. By then, Alex learned to ram his tongue into her mouth when he kissed her and didn't hesitate to share his cum with her.

The more she did with him, the more she wanted. After dinner one night when she was wearing an especially sheer pair of panties and flimsy t-shirt, she noticed he kept looking at her tits and pussy and reaching for his crotch. She grinned at him and told her to come to his room with her.

She closed and locked her bedroom door and turned to him with a wicked grin.

Get undressed and take your cock in your hand,” she instructed him, pulling off her shirt and panties as he looked on, “now come here and stand between my legs.”

She lay back on the bed with her thighs spread wide and her legs dangling over the edge of the bed. Then she reached in the nightstand drawer and picked up BOB.

Now I want you to watch what I am doing and jerk off on my pussy,” she groaned, turning the toy on low and rubbing the tip up and down in her slit and across her clit.

Before her orgasm could fully build, she slid the toy into her pussy and slowly at first began fucking herself with it as her son looked on. Alex's eyes grew wide when he realized what she was doing and he began stroking himself harder and faster.

Her orgasm exploded from her cunt just as his cum shot from his dick on to her fingers and toy and her gaping slit. She continued to writhe even as his dick deflated.

Did you like that, sweetie?” she gasped when she regained control of her breathing. “Do you like seeing me do that?”

Alex just nodded his head.

Well I like watching you too and I will still come in your room before you go to sleep tonight,” she continued, pulling BOB out of her pussy and tossing it off to the side, “and when you cum later it will be in my mouth again.”

He grinned at her and put his clothes back on even as she continued to lay on the bed naked with her legs spread wide. She thought about masturbating again but decided she could wait until after her son shot his cum into her mouth a little later.

A few days later she agreed to meet Bradley for a suck and fuck session at his apartment after work. As was her wont, she started sucking him off right at the door before they went to his bed and he spent however long it took for her to cum twice on his face. By then he was hard again and happily acceded to her request to fuck her in the ass next. They took some time to drink a little wine and recover before she sucked him hard one more time and he shot a creamy load of jism into her pussy while she shrieked yet another orgasm.

After a few hours, she headed home to find both kids still awake in their rooms, Amy listening to music while she texted and Alex playing a video game. She gave Amy a quick kiss good night and went to Alex's room.

Put down the game and come with me,” she instructed him, leading him to her room and again closing and locking the door. “Now get undressed and climb on the bed.”

As he took off his clothes, Tabi ripped off her own and was laying on the bed by the time her son crawled up next to her. She gave him a deep passionate kiss that he eagerly returned, having become quite good at it in her mind.

She pushed him on his back and started to suck his cock, squeezing his balls gently, while taking all of his dick into her mouth. Alex began to thrash as his orgasm built but Tabi had something else in mind.

Tabi crawled back up next to him, kissed him again and tenderly pushed his head down until he was between her legs.

Lick me...lick my pussy...let me feel your tongue in my cunt,” she moaned, pulling his head into her crotch.

Alex didn't hesitate. He buried his face in his mother's dripping cunt, happily licking his tongue up and down between her puffy pussy lips and finally sucking her clit into his mouth.

She thrashed her hips against his face and pulled and pinched her stiff nipples. While Alex was doing a pretty good job at eating her out, it turned her on even more knowing he was licking up Bradley's spent cum along with her juices. She screamed an orgasm into her pillow as she flooded her son's face with the gooey mixture.

When she finally stopped thrashing, he looked up at her with a wide grin, cum and pussy juices covering his lips and cheeks and chin. She pulled him back up to her, cleaning off his face with her tongue before licking her way down his body and sucking him off until his jism filled her mouth.

She checked to make sure the hall was clear before sending him off to his room. She checked in with her daughter, giving her another nice kiss and went back to sleep in her own bed, more satisfied than she had been in a very long time.

Still, as she drifted off to sleep she realized she wanted...she really needed...more...a lot more.

A couple of weeks later, Amy announced she was invited to a slumber party the following Saturday. Tabi couldn't approve her request fast enough, knowing this was the chance she was waiting for...the chance to be home alone with her son for an entire night.

The day arrived and it turned out to be far more than Tabi could have possibly hoped for. Her friend's parents were taking their daughter and three of her friends to open up a mountain cabin for the coming summer season. They were picking Amy up early on Saturday morning and would not be back until late the following afternoon.

To meet the other parents on the front porch, Tabi wore a modest hoodie and baggie shorts. She was the only one that knew there was nothing underneath and even those items were to be discarded as soon as she shut the door behind her. She waved good bye from the front door and turned back into the house as soon as the van pulled from the curb, ripping off her clothes and marching directly to the family room.

You better be naked by the time I get in there, Alex,” she called out happily, her tits already aching in anticipation.

Alex stood between the family room and kitchen, smiling broadly with his hard four inch dick in one hand. Tabi spread her arms wide and her son nestled in against her, his face buried between her tits, his small hands fondling her ass cheeks. She hugged him tightly, feeling his already hard dick pressing against her leg. She had every intention of feeling it in a lot more ways and places over the coming hours.

We are going to have so much fun together,” she cooed, dragging her hands down the soft skin of his back to cup his ass cheeks. “There's all sorts of things I want to show you how I can make you feel good and for you to make me feel good too.”

Anything you want, Mommy,” he said softly looking up at her from between her tits, “I'll do anything you want and you can do anything you want to me too.”

Tabi's pussy throbbed with his words. She put her hands under his arms and lifted him up to sit on the kitchen counter, spreading his legs and pushing him backward on to his elbows. She kissed him passionately, flicking her tongue against his in her son's mouth as he responded by returning the kiss eagerly as his cock hardened even more.

After a few moments, Tabi bent forward and cupped his balls in her hand while she wrapped her lips around the tip of his cock. She looked up, keeping her eyes locked on his as she slowly pumped her mouth up and down on his rigid four inch dick. Alex groaned and thrust his hips against her face as his orgasm built.

Tabi kept sucking her son's cock as he thrashed about. She didn't stop when the first droplets or his precum coated her tongue or even when he groaned loudly and shot several strong spurts of his jism against the back of his throat.

She swallowed every drop and kept his dick in her mouth until he completely deflated. He sat there panting heavily as Tabi stood and wiped a few droplets of his cum from her lips with the back of her hand.

Yummy, I love the taste of your cum,” she murmured and kissed him again, “but how about some breakfast now.?”

Throughout the meal and after as they cleaned up, she kept touching him all over his body and constantly told him how special he was and how much she loved him and wanted to please him. Alex responded in kind, tentatively at first and then more boldly, touching his mother's tits and ass and, the couple of times when she took his hand and directed him, her pussy. They both stayed naked as Tabi went about the usual Saturday morning chores, stopping to kiss and caress Alex every time she passed by.

I have an idea,” she murmured softly coming up behind him to kiss his neck and reach around his body to fondle his cock. “Why don't we take a bath together, just like we used to do when you were a little boy?”

OK,” he responded, twisting his body around so he could touch her nipple while she leaned forward and kissed him deeply again, his cock hardening in her hand as she did so.

Now stand up and let me soap you all over,” Tabi told him after they had been in the warm water a few minutes, touching and groping each other the entire time.

Alex stood and Tabi lathered him up, saving his cock and balls and ass to the last. By the time she gently took his cock in her hand, he was rock hard and trembling in anticipation of another orgasm.

Does that feel good, sweetie,” she cooed, slowly stroking her slippery hand back and forth the length of his dick and stopping each time to twirl her fingers around the tip when she reached it.

Oh yes, Mommy, that feels real good,” he moaned as his thighs began to quiver.

Tabi thrust her tits forward and rubbed the tip of his cock over her erect nipples while her soap finger split his ass cheek and swirled around his tight anus. He groaned and ever so slightly pushed back against her finger. She pressed her finger tip against him a little harder and took his cock into her mouth. He started shooting his cum down her throat before she got more than the length of her fingernail buried in his ass.

After drying off when the bath water turned cold, Tabi went back to finishing her weekend chores with Alex helping out as he could. With her constant touching and encouragement, it wasn't long before the twelve year old boy's dick started to harden again.

Let's watch a movie,” she suggested, taking his hand and sitting down on the couch, “I've got a very special movie I wanted to watch with you.”

Tabi smiled to herself as she flipped on the remote to start the movie. Almost immediately, Alex sat straight up with his eyes riveted on the TV screen.

This was not the usual adventure or even R-rated movie. Rather it was hard core porn, more specifically, a MMF bi sex video with two young boys playing with an older woman and each other. Alex's four inch cock was almost instantly rock hard.

Do you like it?” Tabi asked her son after a few minutes, reaching over to hold his throbbing dick in her hand. “I think it is so hot...what they are doing with each other. Don't you?”

Alex tore his eyes away from the screen for just a few seconds to look at his mother, a big grin on his face. Tabi stroked him a little faster, her tits aching and her pussy twitching.

Oh yeah, Mom, that is really hot!” he exclaimed as the woman on the screen sucked one of the boys while he sucked the other. “I'd like to do all that.”

So would I, baby, so would I,” Tabi groaned and started fingering her pussy while stroking him even harder.

Alex's cum exploded on to his belly and across her hand as he groaned loudly. Tabi brought herself to a quick climax, more interested in her son's reaction than her own pleasure for the moment.

They sat quietly watching the boys take turns fucking the woman and each other until one of them shot his cum into her pussy. The other boy immediately dropped down between her thighs and licked the jism leaking from her as the other sucked him off.

Do you really like that too, Mom?” Alex asked sheepishly as the video ended.

Yes...a whole lot...and I want to do that...all of that...with you,” she gasped pulling him close for a passionate kiss.

He returned his mother's deep kiss eagerly, groping her tits and pussy as she again fondled his cock and balls. When she felt him starting to harden, she pushed him back, grinned and stood up, taking his hand in hers.

But first, before we can do everything we just watched, there is something else we need to do first...and we need to go do it right now.”

She lead him down the hall to her bedroom, climbing on the bed and spreading her legs as wide as she could with her knees pulled up. Alex looked at her with his cock again hard and throbbing.

First,” she cooed extending her hands to have him crawl up between her legs, “you need to fuck me...slide your hard cock into my pussy and full me up with your cum.”

Alex grinned down at her as he crawled up between her legs, not exactly sure what he was supposed to do next. Tabi drew him close then reached for his throbbing dick, rubbing it up and down in her dripping slit until finding the pulsing hole leading into her cunt.

She thrust her hips up slightly, enough that the tip of his dick slid into her. That was all the invitation her son needed. He rammed his hips forward, the entire length of his little cock plunging as deep as he could go into his mother's welcoming pussy.

Tabi gasped and dug her fingernails into his ass cheeks, pulling him into her and holding him there as he furiously began to hump her. His dick wasn't long or thick enough to truly stimulate her but that wasn't what excited her the most. The very idea her son was frantically fucking her sent her into an orgasmic frenzy.

After only a few thrusts, Alex's back arched and he grunted his cum into his mother's cunt for the very first time. As soon as he started to go limp, Tabi flipped him on his back and straddled his face.

Lick me,” she gasped hoarsely, “lick your cum from your Mommy's pussy!”

As Alex flicked his tongue through her pussy lips, Tabi's orgasm flooded his face with a gooey mixture of his own cum and her cunt cream.


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