Tabi's Tale (Part 13)

Tabi's TalePart 13)

Tabi's Tale
(A “Cum Diaries” Story)

"Cum Diaries" are occasional fictionalized accounts of stories told to me by my readers, in this case of my short story His Mate's Mom”. That began an ongoing conversation with TF in California about her experiences.

(Part 13)

The Day After

Are you OK, honey?” Tabi cooed into her son's ear, her hand gently fondling his ass while he cuddled against her idly caressing her left nipple.

Yeah, Mom, that was great,” he responded looking up at her. “Did you like it?”

Oh yes, honey, more than I could ever tell you,” she grinned leaning forward to kiss his forehead as her hand tightened on his ass cheek, “and we can do it again any time you want.”

Alex squirmed around to face her, at first resting his hand on her stomach then slowly sliding it down between her legs. He grinned impishly when she moaned softly and spread her thighs wide. Some of his cum still seeped out of her throbbing pussy.

I'm ready again now, Mom,” he exclaimed, getting on his knees between her thighs, rubbing his hard four inch dick across her sticky mound.

Then do it, baby,” Tabi moaned, splitting the folds of her cunt open for her son with two fingers, “fuck me...fuck your Mommy again...fuck me...fuck me!”

Alex slid all the way inside her, pumping his mother's cunt as hard and fast as he could. He lasted a bit longer than the first time he fucked her a little while before. When his body began to tremble, Tabi clamped her pussy tightly around his little cock, reveling in the feel of his hard dick rubbing against the walls of her pussy channel.

When he started to grunt his cum into her, Tabi pulled him to her, feeling the familiar tingle of her own orgasm growing. The first splash of his jism against her cervix was enough to light the fuse for another massive explosive climax with her son's cock buried inside her.

After dinner, they watched the bisex video again. This time, Tabi pointed out some of the more improbable acts and positions while telling him about the things she liked and wanted to do sometime. His cock was rock hard almost from the start and Tabi stroked him tenderly, edging him but never bringing him close to an orgasm, until the video neared the end. His jism shot almost to his chin when she finally let him cum.

You want to do stuff like that with me?” Alex asked her cuddled in under her arm as they watched the final scenes of the video.

Yes, baby...all of it.”

Does that mean,” he said questioningly after a moment's hesitation, “that you want....”

Yes, baby, it does,” Tabi said softly, pulling him to her until his face was buried between her tits and her hand cupped his ass cheek, “it means I want Ethan to do all that with the both of us. But you can't tell him anything until I figure out how we can do it and he promises to never tell anyone.”

Alex looked up and smiled at Tabi after she said that. She kept kissing and fondling him until he scooted around and she wrapped her hand around his little cock again, jerking him off until his cum shot on to her tits. When he was done, he slipped down between her legs, licking and sucking her clit while sliding two fingers in and out of her sticky pussy until Tabi tensed and climaxed on her son's hand and face.

After that, they sat naked together on the couch just talking. Alex told her about he and Ethan watched Ethan's mom take a shower twice in the last few weeks. When she asked, he told her he didn't think that Ethan's mom knew they were spying on her.

He also told her that when he spends the night with Ethan, they sleep in his bed and fool around with each other most of the time. Tabi assured him that was not a problem at all if that's what he wanted to do. He went on to say they both wished some of their other friends would seem interested but they were afraid of saying anything to anyone and being laughed at.

By that time, they were both pretty much worn out. Tabi took his hand and lead him to her bedroom, her pussy aching as she held him close. She slipped down his body and when his dick got rock hard again, she crawled up on him. She reached back and positioned his cock right at her dripping hole then lowered herself down to gently ride him while he fondled her tits and she tenderly rubbed her clit.

Her orgasm was the second most satisfying of the day and she drifted off to sleep with his hand between her legs and his cock and balls in hers.

She awoke in the dark, startled at first before she remembered it was her son cuddling next to her in her bed. She sighed contentedly and hugged him close, her hands gently running down the smooth skin of his chest until her fingers found his half hard dick.

Alex moaned lowly but didn't awaken as his four inch cock hardened slightly in her fingers. Tabi felt her pussy twitch, knowing that if she kept touching him that way, he would shoot his cum into her hand, probably without even waking up. Her nipples stiffened against her son's back and she started stroking him a little harder. She felt his legs trembled and he groaned again as his jism coated her fingers.

Tabi lay back and gently rubbed her cum coated fingers over her erect nipples. Part of her felt guilty for breaking the ultimate taboo of having sex with her son, a twelve year old boy no less. The other part was ecstatic and excited to do so much more. She fell back asleep knowing she couldn't pull back now.

In the early morning light, Tabi blinked awake feeling the slightest tug on her right nipple. Her son was sucking on her tit. She smiled down at him and wrapped her arm around his shoulder, then took his hand and put it down between her legs. Alex strummed her clit, bringing her close to another climax before she rolled him on his back and straddled his hips.

She started cumming almost as soon as his little dick plunged into her, thrashing up and down even as his cum filled her again. She finally flopped down on top of him when his deflated dick slipped out of her on a rivulet of his own cum and his mother's pussy juices.

They spent the rest of the day lounging around the house completely naked. Tabi kept trying to draw her son out. He didn't say much but did make it clear he liked what they were doing and wanted more. He never seemed to tire and Tabi was thrilled to find that, after he would cum in her pussy, his dick tasted so awesome and would quickly harden again in her mouth or hand.

Alex had just cum in her mouth again and they were sharing that jism in a passionate kiss when they heard Amy call out that she was home. He leaped up from his mother's bed with a look of horror on his face.

It's alright, honey, just your sister coming home,” she said soothingly hugging him close, “ and now would be a great time to get naked with me.”

No...I...I...can't...I'm....embarrassed...for her,” he stammered and blushed.

That's alright, honey, no need to rush but why don't you put on just those white briefs and no shirt when you come out. Now wait here a moment while I go talk to her and you can get to your room without being seen.”

Tabi kissed him again briefly and looked for her robe. She stopped and grinned impishly and instead reached in a drawer and pulled out a thong that, when she stepped into it, barely covered her cunt hair with the remainder of the thin fabric instantly disappearing between the folds of her pussy lips and ass cheeks. She glanced at her son for another second, smiled and headed down the hall to greet her daughter.

Amy was drinking a soda at the kitchen counter when Tabi walked in. Tabi gave her a hug and poured herself a class of wine before asking about Amy's trip. Her daughter didn't say anything about her being topless, just raised a questioning eyebrow as they chatted.

A few minutes later, Alex came in and got himself something to drink. Tabi smiled to herself seeing the outline of his four inch cock in his tight white briefs before he walked away, knowing full well her daughter saw the same bulge. Amy seemed a little surprised but didn't say anything to him and Tabi figured that probably made her son feel a little better.

So...did he do it?” Amy finally asked,

Do what?” Tabi responded, momentarily panicking that her daughter knew what she had had sex with her son.

Get naked with you, of course,” Amy answered, “since you are both wearing a lot less today.”

Yes, as a matter of fact, he got naked. We both were since shortly after you left yesterday until you got home,” Tabi said calmly, relieved with the direction of the conversation, “and it was very nice and comfortable too.” why did he get dressed?” Amy finally asked after a few moments of silence between them.

Actually, I wanted him to stay nude,” Tabi replied idly brushing the back of her fingertips across one of her soft nipples. “but he said he was embarrassed to be naked around you if you were dressed.”

Then why are you wearing panties, you're not embarrassed to be naked?” Amy continued, clearly uncomfortable but not sure what to say next.

I told you I would do this in steps and this is the next step. From now on I will be topless when we're here alone. You and your brother are free to wear as little or as much as you want but sometime soon I will go completely nude all the time.”

After another few moments of silence, Amy got up and went to her room while Tabi started dinner. When Alex came in for another cold drink, Tabi hugged him close from behind, crushing her bare tits into his back and rubbing his stiffening dick from the outside of his briefs.

I love you so much and your hard little cock,” she whispered in his ear while keeping one eye on the hall in case Amy should come out, “I am so wet and horny and can't wait to play with you again later tonight, for you to fuck me and cum in me again.”

She felt him tense and tremble before she felt the warm stain of his jism seep through the fabric of his underwear. Tabi smiled and thrust her hand under the waistband, squeezing his hard dick and scooping up the remaining cum coating the inside of his shorts. As she pulled her hand back out, Alex took it in his and brought her sticky fingers to his own mouth, sucking each finger in until all of his sticky jism was gone.

Oh god, I am going to fuck you so hard,” she groaned, feeling her pussy twitch, her nipples so stiff they ached. “Now you better go change those shorts while I finish dinner.”

Alex turned and grinned up at her, dragging a hand up between her legs and across the thin wet strap of the thong splitting her pussy lips, causing her to thighs to quiver.

Your mouth,” he gasped before walking back to his room, “I want to cum in your mouth first tonight.”

That night, the three of them sat together on the couch watching TV. Amy sat on one side of Tabi wearing yoga pants and a t-shirt without a bra, although with her tiny tits it was hard to really tell. Alex sat on the other, his half hard dick clearly outlined in his white briefs.

There was no doubt in Tabi's mind that Amy could see her brother's dick pressing out against the tight white briefs. When Amy got up for a bathroom break, Tabi put her hand directly on top of her son's cock and squeezed gently. She could feel him harden as she leaned over and whispered in his ear.

My mouth and my pussy,” she murmured and quickly removed her hand as Amy returned, knowing full well there was no way her daughter would miss the way Alex's dick pushed straight up against his shorts.

That night, she went to his room, climbed in his bed and sucked him until he filled her mouth with his watery cum, then kept sucking him until he hardened again. She climbed on him, clamping her cunt around his four inch dick and riding him until he again exploded inside her.

When she rolled on her back, Alex clamored down between her thighs, eagerly licking his own cum from his mother's pussy, occasionally looking up with a grin, his jism dripping from his chin. Tabi buried her face in a pillow to muffle her cries as she climaxed on her son's face twice.

Thereafter, Tabi only wore a pair of panties around the house after work. Alex seemed to relax a bit, seemingly comfortable in only his white briefs. Amy didn't say anything to either of them about their dress although Tabi thought she caught her daughter trying not to obviously stare at the outline of her son's half hard cock more than a few times.

Another Night With Bradley

In the middle of the week, she got a text from Bradley wondering if she wanted to get together that Friday night. She suggested they meet a a bar not far from her office right after work, not telling him she had something more in mind than just fucking each other silly, although that was still a very big part of the plan. To follow through on her idea, she also felt she needed a few drinks first.

They were finishing their third round when Bradley leaned over and whispered in her ear.

Let's go to my place and fuck,” he murmured, “I'll even do your ass first before you suck me if you want.”

Mmm, such a lovely, gentlemanly offer,” Tabi smiled back at him, leaning closer to feel his stiffening dick under the table, “but there's something else I want to do first. After that you can fuck me anyway you want for as long as you can.”

Well, with an offer like that, how could I possibly refuse?” Bradley asked, standing and extending a hand to her.

Don't you want to know what it is?” Tabi asked, a bit surprised by his easy agreement.

You can tell me in the car while giving me a blow job as I drive,” he responded as they walked out of the bar with their arms around each other.

Deal,” she grinned up at him.

When she climbed into the car, she reached over and unzipped his jeans after he got behind the wheel, his stiff dick popping up into her hand.

You know the adult store over by the airport?” she cooed, licking the tip of his dick.

Yes...but seriously....”

Yeah, drive over there,” she murmured, twirling the head of his dick in her fingers, “I want to pick up a few things...and, Bradley, drive slow...I want us to both really enjoy this blow job.”

Tabi's lips wrapped around the head of his rigid cock as he pulled out of the parking lot and she kept him on edge until the car came to a stop at the adult store. When they walked into the store, a few droplets of his cum still glistened on her chin.

The inside of the store was a lot bigger than it looked from the parking lot. The droopy eyed young man no more than twenty seated behind a counter at the door looked them over indifferently as they walked in and then went back to the porn he was watching on a wall mounted TV.

On one side of the store, there were several rows of display racks filled with porn videos grouped by subject bangs...cum shots...and so on. The other side had at least as many display cases with more, and a greater variety of, toys than Tabi knew existed, ranging from simple dildos to elaborate BDSM gear.

They wandered through the toy section first, stopping to examine a few more closely and giggling together at some that seemed outrageous. Then Tabi spotted a vibrator she had been looking at online, a so called rabbit, and scooped it up. Bradley just grinned his approval.

On the next aisle, Tabi stopped up short as soon as she saw a variety of strap-ons, a wicked grin growing on her face as she turned to Bradley.

Now this looks like a lot of fun,” she cooed, picking up a package that held three different sized fake cocks that fit into the leather belt.

Bradley raised a questioning eyebrow and looked on in surprise before breaking into a big smile and lightly running his hand over her ass.

I'm willing to try if you want,” he whispered into her ear as his hand brushed up the inside of her thigh and across her panties, his smile growing broader when he felt the damp fabric.

They moved over to the video section and picked out two movies, one a girl on girl and the other a gang bang video of a bunch young looking guys ravishing an older woman. After paying for the items, they walked back to the car.

I want to go back inside and check out the video arcade section,” Tabi blurted out as Bradley unlocked the car door.

He looked at her more in shock and confusion than anything. She put the videos and toys on the floor of the passenger side and closed the car door.

I told you I want to do things your wife would never do to or with you,” she cooed, leading him back into the store and toward the darkened hallway in the back, “and I'm pretty sure this counts.”

It took them a few moments for their eyes to adjust to the dim lighting in the hallway. Booths were crowded together on each side of the hall and at the end, it branched off to both sides with even more booths. Some of the doors were closed while others were open, both empty or a few occupied with guys watching porn and openly jerking off.

The presence of a woman quickly drew attention as five or six guys crowded around them, all but one with their cocks in their hands. Tabi and Bradley finally ducked into a booth together, even though a sign on the door said only one person allowed at a time.

Bradley fumbled around a moment and put some cash in the video machine. A menu of porn choices came up and, while they were deciding what to put on, Tabi noticed a small round hole at about waist height. Before she even recognize it as a glory hole, a thick cock popped through the hole. They looked at each other in surprise as if to say “now what?”.

Tabi felt her pussy clench as Bradley just smiled wanly and shrugged his shoulders. She grinned back at him and wrapped her fingers around the warm hard cock, slowly stroking it as she heard moans coming from the other side of the thin wall. Bradley stepped up behind her and unbuttoned her blouse and bra and began fondling her bare tits. Tabi could feel his hardening cock press against her ass.

She stroked the cock poking through the glory hole even faster, feeling the twitch that preceded an orgasm. Bradley ripped the zipper down on her skirt, letting it fall to the floor just before the first spurt of jism splashed against her leg.

As soon as the first guy finished cumming, he pulled back and a second cock appeared. Before Tabi reached for it, she turned and undid Bradley's jeans, pushing them down around his ankles and stroking his now rigid dick. She kissed him passionately for a moment then turned and bent forward, taking the new dick into her mouth.

Bradley ripped her panties down over her thighs and rammed his cock into her pussy. Tabi pushed her hips back and kept sucking the other cock. From that vantage point, she could see two other guys in the adjacent booth watching her suck and fuck while they jerked themselves off.

Her first orgasm exploded on Bradley's dick just before the second cock filled her mouth. After that, things got even crazier and something of a blur in Tabi's mind. She sucked two more cocks and when she stepped back to take a breather, Bradley took her place and sucked two himself. By then she was so turned on, she bent forward with her tits swaying for Bradley to fuck her in the ass while a number of guys crowded together to watch through the glory hole. Two more guys shot their loads of cum into her mouth before Bradley grunted his jism into her bowels.

When his cock finally deflated and slipped out of her ass, they both stood looking at each other in amazement. Gobs of sticky cum dripped from the corners of her mouth and down over her chin to her tits and belly. A sheen of jism coated Bradley's cheeks and beard as well.

That was fucking amazing,” she cooed in Bradley's ear before ramming her tongue into his mouth, “it drove me crazy watching those cocks in your mouth...we have to do more of that.”

As they started to get dressed, Tabi realized she didn't have anything to wipe off the cum covering their faces until she picked up her panties. She dabbed at Bradley's face, removing as much of the drying jism as she could before doing the same for herself. By the time she was done, the panties were soaked and sticky with the spent cum.

Here, take these,” she said to Bradley with an impish grin, stuffing the panties down the front of his trousers, “use them to jerk off with until the next time we get together. I expect to get them back really crusty and sticky.”

Tabi stuffed her bra in her purse and put on her blouse and skirt while Bradley finished dressing. When they opened the booth's door, six more guys of various ages were standing in the hall with their dicks in their hands. Tabi cheerfully brushed her fingertips over some of the cock heads as she passed by, exited the building and got in Bradley's car for the drive back to hers.

She gathered up the purchases before giving Bradley one final passionate kiss. When she gently fondled his cock through his pants, she realized he was done for the evening so she got in her own car and headed for her house.

There was one more thing she needed to do before sleeping.


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