Tabi's Tale (Part 14)

Tabi's Tale
(A “Cum Diaries” Story)

The "Cum Diaries" are occasional fictionalized accounts of stories told to me by my readers, in this case of my short story His Mate's Mom”. That began an ongoing conversation with TF in California about her experiences.

(Part 14)

A Very Close Buddy

Tabi took a deep breath as she pulled into her garage, her nipples stiff against the silky material of her blouse. A film of cum and pussy juices seeped from her cunt, through her skirt and coated the driver's seat. She grabbed the package of videos and toys, taking them to her room before checking on the kids.

Since it was almost bedtime on a weekday, Amy was already in bed listening to music. Tabi ducked into her room and gave her a tender kiss before wishing her goodnight. Then she walked across the hall to Alex's room.

He looked up and smiled broadly as she stepped into the room and softly closed the door behind her. He didn't bother to hide his rock hard cock in his right hand or the porn he was watching on his tablet. Tabi grinned at him, shrugged her blouse off her shoulders and stepped out of her skirt. Her tits swayed with each step as she approached the bed.

I'm glad you waited up for me,” she cooed, leaning over to take her son's dick in her hand before wrapping her lips around the head, “and I have something special just for you.”

She climbed up on the bed between his legs, pushing his thighs up so she could get to his cock and balls with her tongue. Alex shivered and groaned lowly, the first droplets of precum seeping from the head of his four inch dick.

No yet, sweetie, you can't cum yet,” she gasped and climbed up next to him, hugging him tightly to her aching tits, “there's something I want you to do first and then you can cum in me anywhere you want.”

Tabi pushed his head down between her legs, spreading her thighs wide so her pussy lips gaped open. Remnants of Bradley's cum coated her pussy and, when she pushed, even more seeped out in large gobs.

Lick me, sweetie, lick my pussy...and my ass...lick your Mommy...clean!”

Upon arriving home from work the next day, she bumped into Alex as he was coming out of the bathroom.

Come with me,” she murmured, taking his hand and leading him into her bedroom and closing the door behind them. “Would you like to watch me shower without sneaking in?”

Alex grinned at his mother and nodded his head enthusiastically. Tabi smiled back and slowly unbutton her blouse, letting it fall to the floor immediately followed by her bra, skirt and panties. Alex's eyes were glued on his mother's naked body.

Take off all your clothes except your underwear,” she instructed him, “and stand here near the bathroom door. That's where I want you to be whenever you watch me shower and you are welcome to watch me anytime I shower.”

Alex stripped down to his shorts and stood near the door, giving him an unobstructed view of the shower stall. Tabi could see the way his four inch cock was already stiffly pointing out from the front of his underwear.

You can pull down your shorts and play with yourself, I like seeing you do that,” Tabi added as she waited for the water to get warm, “oh and one more thing, when Ethan comes over on Friday, he is welcome to stand there with you in his underwear and play with himself too.”

With that, Tabi stepped into the water and gave her son a show of soaping up her tits and pussy and finished with an orgasm using the pulsing water from the hand held shower head on her clit.

Alex stood there wide eyed when she mentioned his best friend's name. By the time she was done, he had already cum once in his hand and was getting hard again.

Tabi dried off then came over to him, gently fondling his hardening cock as her son fingered her still damp pussy. She dropped to one knee, pulled him close for a passionate kiss then bent forward to take his dick into her mouth. His next orgasm shot into the back of her throat almost immediately.

Do you really mean it...about Ethan watching, I mean?” Alex asked her after she swallowed his jism and wiped a few droplets from her lips with the back of her hand.

Yes, I most certainly do because I really like it a lot when you watch, but you mustn't say a word to him until I know for sure he will never tell anybody. Just bring him in here and both of you strip down to your underwear and play with yourself while you watch me. Better yet, play with each other. Can you do that?”

Sure,” her son grinned happily, “and I'm positive he'll do it...he thinks you are so hot.”

Tabi just smiled back at him then shooed him away to get cleaned up before going to her dresser and sorting through her options. She chose the skimpiest thong she owned, one that was little more than a string around her waist and another that went down between her legs, not even as wide as the runway thatch of pubic hair right above where the thong disappeared into the folds of her pussy. She wasn't completely naked yet as she promised her daughter but certainly as close to the line as she could possibly get.

Amy looked surprised for a moment when Tabi walked into the kitchen but didn't say a word. She excused herself after dinner and went to her room while Tabi and Alex watched some TV. Tabi kept fondling her son's cock through his briefs, stopping whenever she thought she heard her daughter coming or the first hints of precum seeped through the fabric. She edged him for a good hour before he couldn't take any more and shot his cum into his briefs.

Go take a shower and I'll come to your room in a little while,” she murmured into his ear as she licked a few strings of his jism from her fingers.

As he did so, she walked down the hall and peeked into her daughter's room. Amy's back was to her as she entered and when she turned around, Tabi's breath caught in her throat. Her daughter was wearing only a pair of pink panties and her light tan nipples were erect on her puffy conical tits.

Well, you look great,” Tabi murmured approaching her daughter. “What possessed you to go topless now?”

I wanted to try it...try walking around like here where no one can see,” she muttered, a blush growing on her face and neck.

That's a pretty good idea,” Tabi responded, forcing herself not to reach out and touch her daughter's bare breast, “and it feels really good doesn't it...not wearing a bra.” does,” Amy admitted looking up at her mother.

Hopefully soon you will feel comfortable enough to go anywhere you want in the house,” Tabi continued, “but I almost forgot, I came in here to give you this.”

Tabi extended her hand with the vibrator in it, grinning as she saw her daughter's eyes light up. After a moment, Amy took it from her and grinned happily. Tabi pulled her close for a hug, her pussy twitching when she felt Amy's stiff nipples press into her belly.

Have fun,” she said softly to her daughter, turned and stepped out of the room, closing the door behind her. She waited for just a moment before taking a few steps across the hall and into her son's bedroom. She thought she could hear the faint buzz of the vibrator while she sucked her son and fingered his tight asshole until he exploded again into her mouth.

When she arrived home from work on Friday, she poured herself a glass of wine and then went about getting the other boys playing a video game to head on home. In her wildest dreams, she often imagined all of them naked, stroking their little hard cocks, taking turns filling her mouth and pussy with their watery cum. In reality she knew that could never happen without getting into very serious trouble. It would just have to remain one of her main masturbation fantasies.

She called for the pizzas without even bothering to check with the kids, remembering the topping from the previous time. The teenage delivery guy seemed noticeably disappointed when she paid him still wearing her work clothes.

After eating, Amy retreated to her room. Tabi sat with the boys for a couple of minutes before getting up and hugging them both.

Remember what I told you,” she whispered in her son's ear before loudly announcing she was going to take a shower and instructed them to set up the mattresses and sleeping bags.

She went to her room and took BOB out of the nightstand drawer and then walked down the hall to Amy's room. After knocking softly, she walked in to see her daughter laying on her bed topless doing something on her phone.

I probably won't be needing this tonight,” Tabi smiled and handed the toy to her daughter, “so I figured you might want to enjoy yourself...and Amy...the second, and even the third, time is almost always better and more intense than the first.”

Amy grinned back at her mother, her tiny nipples visibly stiffening as she took the toy in her hand. Tabi bent forward to give her daughter a soft kiss before turning to go back to her own room.

So far everything's going according to plan,” she thought to herself as she quickly stripped off her clothes and turned on the shower, “that ought to keep her busy for the rest of the evening and now it's up to Alex to bring Ethan in here.”

As she stepped into the shower, she glanced over to see the boys peeking around the bedroom door. She visibly tweaked one of her tits before ducking her head under the water.

For the next ten minutes or so she put on a show for the boys, soaping up and fondling her own nipples, rubbing her pussy with her fingers and then using the pulsing hand held shower head to give herself a hard, fast orgasm, moaning loudly as she climaxed.

At first, the boys stayed back near the closed bedroom door. Ever so slowly, Alex kept urging Ethan to follow him and get closer until they were standing right outside the bathroom door where Tabi wanted them.

Both wore only their white briefs and Tabi could see their rigid dicks pressing out against the material even before Alex pulled his down around his knees. Ethan soon followed with both boys fondling their own dicks for a few minutes. Tabi kept watching them, waiting for Alex to reach over and take hold of Ethan's cock. When he did, Ethan grasped Alex's cock and they started jerking each other off.

That was the moment Tabi was waiting for. She burst out of the shower to stand in front of them naked with water dripping off her body.

What are you boys doing?” she asked sternly as they looked up at her in shock. “Maybe I should call your mother, Ethan, and tell her what you are doing right now.”

Ethan looked terrified, his body trembling as his face flushed a bright red.' no...not my...mother,” he stammered, trying hard not to look at the naked Tabi.

Tabi grabbed a towel and dried her hair, letting them both keep looking at her bare tits and pussy. Their cocks that deflated quickly when she first jumped out of the shower pretty quickly began to stiffen again.

Go sit on the bed while I dry off,” she said wanting to give them a couple of minutes to think about what she might say and keep getting a good look at her naked body.

A few minutes later, she walked toward where they sat on the bed, their whispered conversation instantly ceasing as she approached. She was still naked and made no move to cover herself.

I'll tell you both a little secret,” she began, “but first you have to promise me that you will never tell anyone about this...ever. If you do, I'll have to tell your mother, Ethan, what I saw you doing with Alex's dick in your hand.”

Ethan nodded eagerly, readily agreeing to whatever she wanted, apparently surprised she wasn't angry with him for spying on her in the shower.

I'm not mad at you for spying on me or even playing with each other. Actually, I kind of like it. So as long as you both keep your mouths shut, you can do it again whenever you want when you are here. Now go get the movie ready and I'll be out in a few minutes.”

They jumped off the bed and rushed out of the room. Tabi smiled to herself as she put on a pair of sheer lacy panties and clingy t-shirt before following them to the family room.

Tabi poured herself some wine while the boys settled in to watch another movie, again choosing one with plenty of nudity. She sat on the couch with her thighs spread wide, not disguising the wetness staining her sheer panties.

Both boys kept looking back and forth from the TV screen to her crotch and nipples pushing out hard against the fabric of her t-shirt. The more they squirmed to hide and accommodate their growing hard ons, the more aroused Tabi became.

Without even thinking, her hand fell between her legs, feeling the growing dampness of her increasing arousal. She started slowly rubbing her throbbing clit through the fabric with one hand and pinching a stiff nipple with the other.

First Ethan, then her son, started unabashedly staring at her as she touched herself. She smiled back without stopping. They both turned completely toward her and she could see their four inch cocks pushing against their shorts.

Come up here, boys, and sit next to me,” she cooed, patting the sofa seat on either side of her before returning her hands to her pussy and tit.

Alex and Ethan looked at each other in surprise before clamoring up next to her, their hips pressing against hers. She put her arms around both of their shoulders, pulling them close enough that the sides of their heads pressed against her tits.

Are you boys enjoying the show so far? I think it gets a lot better in a few minutes,” she murmured, placing one hand back on her panties and the other on her son's thigh just where the material of his underwear ended.

Both of their dicks stood straight up in their briefs. Alex nuzzled against his mother's breast, grinning and placing his own hand on the inside of her thigh. Ethan looked on wide eyed, clearly confused but even more excited by what he was seeing.

Tabi looked directly at her son's best friend and smiled devilishly. Ever so slowly she moved her right hand from Alex's thigh until she cupped his rigid dick through his underwear. Then she took her other hand and slid it under the waistband of her panties, splitting the folds of her throbbing pussy. Ethan's eyes locked on the knuckle that started pumping slowly up and down inside her panties.

Do you like the show so far, Ethan?” she cooed, continuing to move her finger up and down in her pussy and twirling the tip of her son's cock between her thumb and index finger.

Yeah...oh...yeah...a lot,” the twelve year old boy gasped, the stain of precum seeping through the front of his shorts.

Well, there's a lot more to the show, but you need to do something for me first,” Tabi murmured, thrusting her finger as deep as she could into her pussy before starting to rub her clit again.

Sure...anything...anything you....want,” Ethan moaned, his thighs beginning to quiver.

You must promise me, Ethan...promise will never, ever tell anyone about what we are doing...not now...not ever. If you ever do, we will all get in trouble and your mother and father will find out you were jerking off Alex.”

I...I promise...I'll never tell anyone...ever,” he responded immediately, his conviction loud and clear.

I believe you, Ethan, and I want to reward you for being so good,” Tabi grinned.

She took her hand out from her panties and pulled Ethan closer to her, taking one of his hands in hers and placing it on her stiff nipple. Then she slipped the hand down and cupped his hard cock.

Ethan groaned loudly as she touched him and he fondled her tit for the first time. Tabi glanced over to see Alex grinning broadly so she shifted her hips slightly until her son's hand rested right on her pussy.

Realizing both boys were very close to cumming, she slipped a hand into both of their shorts, wrapping her fingers around their throbbing cocks. After but a few short strokes, both boys tensed and shot their cum all over her fingers.

She kept fondling their dicks as they thrashed about until both finally deflated and they flopped back on the couch breathing heavily. Then she removed her cum covered fingers from their shorts and slowly licked all her fingers clean as the boys looked on.

Just as she finished, she heard Amy's door open as her daughter went to the bathroom. Tabi and the boys separated themselves on the couch, waiting for a couple of minutes until after they heard the toilet flush before moving.

Tabi took a deep breath and put her arms around the boys' shoulders. She already was way past any line of propriety yet her pulsing pussy was demanding she go far further.

They cuddled up to her as she kissed the top of both of their heads, her son tentatively touching her tit. When she didn't object, Ethan did the same on the other side. Tabi moaned lowly, her cunt throbbing and her tits aching with their touches, basically making up her mind for her.

Get up boys and come with me,” she said huskily, taking each of their hands in hers and leading them down the hall to her bedroom,

As they passed Amy's room, Tab could see there was no light coming under the door, meaning her daughter was probably already asleep. She smiled to herself know now the only thing she needed to worry about was not making enough noise to awaken her.


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