Tabi's Tale (Part 1)

Tabi's Tale
(A “Cum Diaries” Story)

"Cum Diaries" are occasional fictionalized accounts of stories told to me by my readers, in this case of my short story His Mate's Mom”. That began an ongoing conversation with TF in California about her experiences.

(Part 15)

A Final Line

Tabi stood gazing at the two twelve year old boys after she closed and locked her bedroom door behind her. The boys looked back at her expectantly, not knowing what she wanted them to do next.

Take off your underwear and stand next to the bed,” she finally said softly, pulling off the t-shirt and the damp filmy panties she was wearing.

She cupped both her tits in her hands, pinching her erect nipples as she stepped up next to them and sat down on the bed. Both their dicks were rock hard, pointing straight out at her. She extended her hands, taking a four inch cock in each and drawing them closer to her.

You know what I want you to do now” she asked huskily, feeling their cocks pulsing against here palms.

The boys looked at her questioningly, not sure how to answer. Tabi bent forward and kissed the tip of her son's cock and then that of Ethan's.

Anything...anything you want to do with my body...touch me...anywhere you want and anyway you want...kiss me all over...suck on my tits...lick my pussy...and most of all before we are done tonight...fuck me...cum in my pussy...both of you.”

Tabi flopped back on the bed with her legs spread open, pulling the boys up with her. Ever so tentatively, Ethan reach up and lightly pinched one of her nipples. Tabi wrapped her hand around his ass and pulled him closer until his face pressed against her tit. He grinned and started to suck on her stiff nipple.

Why don't you show your buddy how I like my pussy licked,” Tabi said to her son softly.

Ethan looked up in surprise from her tit as Alex smiled broadly and dove down between his mother's thighs. Tabi moaned lowly and put her hand on her son's head as his tongue lashed her throbbing slit. did...that...before?” Ethan stammered. “You never told me.”

I couldn't,” Alex answered, looking up with his mother's pussy juices glistening on his cheeks and lips, “I didn't want to get in trouble or my Mom either and I didn't want to stop, so I couldn't tell you.”

Just like you can never, ever tell anyone either,” Tabi gasped, the familiar tingle of a growing orgasm pulsating through her thighs. “Now get down there and let my good pussy licking son show you how to get me you can fuck me.”

Ethan scrambled down between her legs as Alex moved off to the side, slipping two fingers into his mother's pussy and pointing out her throbbing clit.

Right there, lick that hard nub with the tip of you tongue,” he instructed his friend while slowly pumping his fingers in and out of Tabi's dripping cunt.

Oh yeah...there...right there...oh god...yes...that's it...don't stop...suck it...suck my clit and...then...then fuck me,” Tabi groaned and thrashed her hips against Ethan's face as she came right to the brink of an orgasm. “Now...fuck me...put your me...cum in my!”

The young boy was so incredibly excited. Tabi could see the first droplets of precum seeping from the tip of his cock as he climbed up on her. Without hesitating even a second, he rammed his dick into her pussy, pumping in and out of her as fast as he could go.

Tabi grabbed his ass cheeks, holding him inside her as her own climax grew. He didn't last very long in his enthusiasm but that didn't matter to her any more than his cock was only four inches long. The very idea of what she was doing, fucking her son's twelve year old best friend, while her son looked on no less, was more than enough stimulation.

As her own orgasm peaked, Tabi clamped her knees around Ethan's waist and held him inside her until she felt his cock go limp. She couldn't really feel his cum shoot into her but could feel it drizzling out of her pussy and down to her asshole.

Alex climbed up between her legs and began fucking her as soon as Ethan moved out of the way. Tabi gestured for Ethan to come closer, taking his deflated dick into her mouth as her son pumped his cum into her cunt.

Just as with Alex, she loved the way Ethan's soft cock tasted after cumming in her pussy and the way he hardened as she swirled her tongue around the head and up and down his small shaft. After Alex shot his cum into her pussy, Tabi pulled him to her and took turns sucking both boys until they were hard again.

Now it's my turn,” she cooed as the next droplets of precum oozed from both of their cocks. “I want you both to fuck me again, but first I want to watch you suck each other.”

The boys looked at each other, not sure how to respond to her request. Then Alex smiled and sprawled out on the bed with his head next to Ethan's cock, taking the hard dick into his mouth. Ethan looked at Tabi and then Alex before bending forward and wrapping his lips around Alex's dick. Tabi fingered both of their assholes without penetrating them until both boys were near cumming again.

Don't cum in each others mouths this time,” Tabi instructed them, “I want your cocks filling my pussy again.”

After they both shot another load of their jism into her pussy, the cuddled together on the bed on either side of her, idly fondling her tits while she stroked their smooth asses, until they all dozed off.

Tabi awoke with a start in the darkened room in the middle of the night. Ethan was gently sucking her tit with his hard dick pressing against her thigh. Tabi rolled to him and leaned over to kiss the young boy on the lips, her tongue splitting them open before she licked her way down his body and took his throbbing cock into her mouth. In the dark, she couldn't really see his face but she knew the way he frantically thrashed about that he was about to cum. When he did, she swallowed every drop before crawling back up and giving him another kiss.

Then she shook her son awake and escorted both boys back out to the mattresses on the floor in front of the TV, where they were supposed to be when her daughter got up in the morning. She kissed them both tenderly one more time.

Remember, not a word to anyone...ever...or we won't be able to do this again,” she murmured before standing to go back to her own room. want to do this...again?” Ethan asked, his excitement clear in his voice.

Yes, Ethan...and next time I want to watch you boys fuck each other too. Now go to sleep and remember...not a anyone...ever,” Tabi answered then turned and walked down the hall.

She could only hope the promise of future sex was enough for them not to reveal what they had done.

Fun In The Sun

By the time Tabi walked into the kitchen in the morning, Amy was watching TV and the boys were playing a video game. They didn't say anything or act in an unusual way, giving Tabi hope they would both keep quiet. After fixing them all some breakfast and drinking a couple of cups of coffee, she hurried through her weekly chores.

It was a warm sunny day and she had every intention of getting a start on a good with no lines anywhere for the first time in many years.

Despite living in a conventional suburban house, Tabi's backyard and patio were very private, protected from view by a six foot fence and extensions of the house itself that jutted out on each side, and fully bathed in sunlight from mid morning to late afternoon. If someone wanted to spy on her she supposed it could be done with considerable effort. In that case, they were welcome to look at her naked body all they wanted...she liked being watched.

After Ethan left for home, and Tabi copped one more feel of his little cock when she hugged him at the front door, she stripped down to panties to finish the laundry and other needed jobs around the house topless. Neither of her kids seemed to notice and she thoroughly enjoyed the comfort and freedom of being almost completely naked.

When she was done, she grabbed some suntan lotion, a bottle of water and two towels before heading outside. The sun felt great warming her bare tits and back. After spreading out the towels on a chaise lounger, she glanced back toward the house and saw Amy watching her from the patio door.

She smiled to herself and ever so slowly pulled her panties down to her ankles before stepping out of them. Her nipples were already erect as she sensually spread the lotion over her arms and up her legs, making a show of covering her pussy mound and then both of her tits. Her daughter was still watching as she lay down on the lounger and spread her thighs wide, feeling both the warm sunlight and Amy's eyes on her gaping pussy slit.

Can I talk to you for a minute, Mom?” Alex asked softly, startling Tabi from her daydream.

Looking up, she saw her son standing next to her wearing just his worn basketball shorts, his four inch cock apparently semi hard and pressing out against the front of the fabric. His eyes were locked on her bare pussy.

Sure, honey,” she answered with an impish grin, pushing herself up on one elbow with her tits flopping down to the side, “and I need to turn over anyway, so you can rub some lotion on my back...everywhere you can reach.”

Alex grinned back at her, the way his dick stiffening telling Tabi her son understood he had been given permission to touch her anyway he wanted. Her pussy clenched as she rolled to her stomach, spreading her legs wide and looking up at her son with one cheek resting on her hands.

Smart kid,” she thought to herself as he scooted closer to her and squirted some lotion on her back, “positioning his body so his sister can only see my shoulders and legs from the house.”

Tabi squirmed as her son squeezed some of the cool lotion on to her back, his hands quickly warming it as he rubbed it into her back, ever so slowly moving down toward her ass. Instinctively she spread her legs even more, giving her son both a good look at, and unobstructed access to, her gaping pussy.

So, honey, what is it you wanted to talk about?” she murmured huskily as her son began massaging the lotion down towards into her ass cheeks, “mmm, that feels really good.”

Well...uh...I wanted to tell you how much fun I...I mean we...both Ethan and me...had last night,” he stammered, his finger tips digging into her ass cheeks, “and we want to do it again...both of us...together.”

I'm glad because I had fun too,” she moaned as her son's hands split her ass cheeks, his thumb brushing lightly over her puckered asshole, “and I am so happy that Ethan did too.”

Tabi squirmed again feeling his hands just inches from her throbbing pussy. He stopped touching her before squirting more lotion on her legs and quickly spreading it around on her calves. Then he put both hands on her left thigh just above her knee and slowly rubbed the lotion into her skin as his hands advanced toward her pussy.

Did you like seeing Ethan touching me, licking my pussy and then fucking me?” she moaned as the first of his fingers lightly brushed over the edges of her pussy lips. “Oh yes, that feels so nice, don't stop now.”

But he did stop, at least long enough to splash more lotion on her right leg and then start working his hands back up towards her dripping cunt. Tabi glanced at him seeing both the impish grin on his face and the rigid dick tenting his shorts.

At first I was a little jealous when you sucked Ethan and then he stuck his cock inside you,” Alex answered and cupped her pussy with his hand, a finger seeking to split the folds of her wet pussy lips, “but when I saw how much you liked it, it was OK. I really liked it when you touched my asshole when I was sucking him and so did Ethan.”

Well, I really liked it too, seeing you suck each other and touching your assholes,” she groaned and shiver as two of his fingers slowly slipped into her pussy, “oh god, that feels so good, Alex, don't stop...don't stop fingering Mommy's cunt.”

Tabi raised her hips enough to put her own hand down between her legs and began fingering her pounding clit. She could feel her son's finger rubbing the inside of her pussy channel and against her own fingers as she furiously rubbing herself, turning to bury her face in the towel she was laying on when her orgasm flooded through her body.

After her heart stopped racing and her breathing returned to normal, Tabi rolled on her side and propped herself up on one elbow looking at her son. He was grinning back at her while rubbing his hand over the hard dick tenting his shorts.

If you take off your shorts, I'll rub the suntan lotion all over you...everywhere,” she said with a wicked grin.

I...I don't know...what if someone sees?” Alex responded looking around the back yard.

No one can see you here but me,” she answered, placing her hand on his before cupping his balls through his shorts, “except maybe Amy and then she would have to come outside and a lot closer to really see anything.”

What...what if...she does...and says...something?” he continued uncomfortably.

What if she does? She's already seen you walking around in your tight briefs with your cock half hard. Besides, she knows I want you both to go naked around the house with me and this would be a good start,” Tabi countered, gently squeezing the head of his cock as a droplet of precum seeped through the fabric. “If you get naked with me now, I'll jerk you off before we go back inside.”

Alex looked down at her for a moment, clearly conflicted then stood and dropped his shorts around his ankles. Tabi glanced up at the house to see Amy peeking around the drapes in a window watching them.

Lay down where I was and I'll use my body to block even Amy from seeing you,” she said quietly.

With Alex on his back, Tabi spread the lotion all over his legs and arms and torso. By the time she touched his rigid dick, Alex was ready to explode. She gently squeezed the base of his cock to slow his building orgasm.

Did you and Ethan ever try playing with each others asses?” she asked, fondling his balls and pushing the tip of her finger against his anus.

We tried a couple of times,” he moaned, his body tensing as his orgasm built, “but we were both just too tight and couldn't get our dicks in each other.”

You didn't use any lube, did you?” didn't know about that.”

Well, let me tell you a secret about ass fucking. You need lots of lube...plenty of patience...and lots more lube,” Tabi grinned as her son's back arched and he shot four strings of watery cum on to her hand and his own belly, “and I'll tell you another secret too. I really like being fucked in the ass and if you stay naked with me the rest of the day, you can fuck me in my ass later tonight.”

Alex looked up at his mother and grinned broadly. Tabi licked his spent cum from her fingers and lay back down on the lounger.

OK,” he finally said softly, “I'll stay naked with you the rest of the day unless Amy makes some nasty comments.”

Don't worry about your sister, I'll talk to her and make sure she stays quiet but I can't keep her from looking if she wants.”

Alex just smiled and they continued talking for a while longer until both felt they should get out of the sun and go back into the house.

Are you sure Ethan will keep quiet?” she asked him as she gathered up the towels.

For sure,” Alex answered immediately, “we talked about it before he left and he promised never to tell anyone...ever. Neither of us wants to get you or us in any trouble and besides this is the best thing that ever happened to us and we don't want to ruin a good thing.”

That's good enough for me,” Tabi answered and pulled him close for a hug and kiss on his forehead, “and you can tell Ethan we can and will do it again very soon.”

They walked into the house together naked, right past the wide eyed Amy. Tabi smiled to herself as she started to make dinner, sure she saw her son's cock stiffen noticeably when his sister stared at him.

Later that night, Tabi again offered Amy the vibrator, with the proviso she wanted it back before Amy went to sleep. She noticed something while sunbathing and she wanted to be sure her daughter would use the toy almost immediately.

When she was sunbathing, she saw Amy occasionally looking out of her bedroom window, through an opening in the drapes. Tabi was pretty sure her daughter didn't bother to close that fact she was counting on it.

With Alex already in his room, Tabi crept out to the dark patio and close to the window to her daughter's room. Amy lay on her bed, not facing toward the window watching some lesbian porn on her tablet. She was completely naked.

Tabi could see her arm moving a little, although her view was obstructed by a pillow next to her daughter. After a couple of minutes, it became very obvious Amy had the vibrator pressed firmly against her clit, if not buried deep inside her pussy.

Her legs began to shake and her arm moved faster even as the tablet slipped from her leg and fell to her side on the bed. Tabi realized her daughter was very close to cumming as she thrashed about even more and her back arched.

Tabi looked on in fascination, not even realizing she slipped her hand down between her legs and was furiously rubbing her own clit. Amy's entire body tensed, her legs clamped together and even outside, Tabi heard a low moan as her daughter's orgasm wracked her thirteen year old body.

Oh my god, I just watched my daughter masturbate herself to a climax,” Tabi thought to herself just before her legs buckled and her entire body quivered with her own orgasm.

She waited a couple of minutes to both recover her own breathing and to give her daughter a chance to enjoy the after glow of her orgasm before softly knocking on Amy's door. When she walked into Amy's room, her daughter just smiled, thanked her and handed her the toy.

Tabi took the vibrator back to her own room, threw herself down on her bed and inhaled the scent of her daughter's sex till clinging to the toy while she masturbated herself to yet another orgasm with her fingers.


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