Tabi's Tale (Part 16)

Tabi's Tale
(A “Cum Diaries” Story)

"Cum Diaries" are occasional fictionalized accounts of stories told to me by my readers, in this case of my short story His Mate's Mom”. That began an ongoing conversation with TF in California about her experiences.

(Part 16)

More Than Tanning

Tabi had barely started sipping her first cup of coffee the next morning when Alex came sauntering into the kitchen. She grinned at him broadly, put down the mug and extended her arms to give him a hug.

You're looking really good this morning,” she whispered in his ear and fondled his dangling cock and balls before stepping back a little.

You are too, Mom,” he responded with a wide smile, cautiously tweaking one of her already stiff nipples, causing Tabi's pussy to twitch, “I think I like this being naked all the time.”

For a moment, her hand tightened on his dick and she felt it begin to swell. She even considered dropping to her knees and taking her son's cock into her mouth but stopped when she caught Amy entering from the hallway in the corner of her eye.

Amy just glanced at the two of them before going to the refrigerator and pouring herself a glass of juice. She walked away and sat at the table, trying to not obviously stare at Alex's swaying dick as he slowly and deliberately walked into the other room. Tabi hid a giggle by turning and starting some breakfast, surprised and intrigued that her son so obviously flaunted himself.

It was almost noon when Tabi headed back out to the patio and lathered the front of her legs and tits and face with plenty of suntan lotion. When Alex joined her about a half hour later, she watched as he rubbed the lotion on as much of himself as he could, including smiling impishly at her as he covered his balls and cock. He was half hard by the time he finished.

Tabi rolled over and, without even asking, Alex started rubbing the lotion on her back, down over her ass and up the inside of her thighs. He made no effort to conceal the fact he was rubbing his hands over his mother's gaping pussy as she moaned softly and ground her cunt into the lounge chair. She was on the verge of telling her son to finger her pussy when they both heard the patio door slide open.

Amy came out carrying a towel and wearing a cute bikini she had from the previous year. Her little tits barely pushed out the fabric of the top but the bottom clung tightly to her developing hips, a snug fit that emphasized the way her ass was beginning to fill out.

Is it OK if I join you?” she asked, standing in front of Tabi.

Of course, honey, make yourself comfortable and put on lots of lotion,” Tabi answered, eagerly looking at the way the bottom of the suit pulled up into her ass crack and pussy slit.

Alex lay down on his back, his almost rigid dick flopped across his belly as he watched his sister cover herself with lotion before laying down on her back and closing her eyes against the glare of the sun, the mound of her pussy prominently standing out in the small bikini bottom. Tabi shook her head when she thought her son was about to say something and they all lay in silence for the next half hour or so.

I think you both need to turn over before you get burned on the one side,” Tabi said when she felt the need to turn herself. “I'll put some lotion on your back, Amy, while you go get us some cold drinks, Alex.”

As Alex got up and walked back into the house, Amy rolled over on her stomach. Tabi squirted some lotion on her daughter's back and rubbed it in, stopping to untie the bikini top and let the strings fall to the side.

You don't want a tan line back here do you?” Tabi cooed as she rubbed the lotion into her daughter's back before reaching around to both sides of Amy's body, momentarily running her fingertips over the sides of Amy's small tits. Then she moved on to Amy's legs, starting at the ankle on one and massaging in the lotion until the sides of her fingers brushed against the fabric covering her daughters pussy.

At that first touch, Amy moaned lowly and spread her legs even more. Tabi bit her lip and moved to the other leg, again feeling the heat radiating from Amy's pussy when her fingers lightly touched the crotch of her bikini. She moved her hands to both ass cheeks, pushing the bikini bottom together towards her daughter's ass crack and deeply massaged in even more lotion.

Alex returned with the cold drinks, standing directly in front of his sister, his semi hard dick less than twelve inches from her face. Amy looked at him curiously as she took the drink from his hand, rising up enough on her elbows that Tabi got a quick glimpse of her light tan nipples.

After he lay back down, Tabi rubbed lotion all over Alex's back and legs, making sure to fondle his balls as he squirmed to get comfortable laying on his growing hard on. Then she made quite the point of very sensually rubbing the lotion all over her own tits and the inside of her legs. She was already aroused from touching her daughter and without even thinking about it, rubbed the lotion across her own pussy and slipped a finger between the folds of her pussy.

She gasped lowly, feeling her clit throb against her finger, the growing familiar tingle radiating into her thighs. She closed her eyes and swirled her fingertip around her clit, moaning softly and clamping her thighs together when the short, hard orgasm flooded through her body.

Amy apparently hadn't noticed as she was looking the other way. Alex, on the other hand, was looking right at her and grinning broadly. She smiled weakly and announced they had enough for one day.

While Amy headed for her shower, Tabi grabbed Alex's hand and practically dragged him into her bedroom, closing and locking the door. She pushed him down on the bed and climbed on top of him, holding his erect cock upright long enough to slide down over him.

She rode him like a crazy woman, clamping her pussy around his cock, sucking him off with her cunt. She continued thrashing on top of him until his deflated cock slipped out of her but she wasn't yet done. She clamored up on his face, frantically rubbing her clit as Alex licked every bit of his own cum from her pussy while she climaxed twice, adding her own juices to the gooey mixture oozing out of her.

That night, Tabi again gave her daughter the vibrator and went to the backyard to watch Amy masturbate with it, fingering herself to another orgasm as she watched her climax. This time she could see Amy was plunging the toy in and out of her pussy, since earlier Tabi made a point of discretely moving any pillows that might obstruct her view out of the way.

Something Different

The following week they all fell into a fairly regular routine. Alex started striping off his clothes as soon as he got home. Amy apparently wasn't really interested in seeing him nude while alone so mostly stayed in her room. Tabi got naked when she got home, made them dinner and sometimes watched TV with them before bed. Twice, Tabi gave her daughter the vibrator then fingered herself to an orgasm in the back yard watching Amy masturbating with the toy.

After dinner that Friday, Tabi was cleaning up while sipping a glass of wine when Amy approached her, looking a bit sheepish.

Uh...Mom...,” she began quietly, not looking directly at Tabi, “could ...uh...would you mind...if...if I...use the...vibrator...again?”

Tabi looked up at her daughter in surprise. While Amy used the toy on her young pussy regularly, Tabi had always offered it to her. This was the first time Amy explicitly asked her mother to borrow the vibrator, which, to Tabi, meant she must be especially horny right then. The very thought caused Tabi's nipples to stiffen and her pussy twitch.

"Sure, honey," Tabi answered, giving her daughter a tight hug and tender kiss on her forehead, "like I told you before, you are welcome to use it anytime you want. Want me to get it for you?"

"No, Mom, that's OK, I know where it is," Amy answered a broad smile spreading across her face as she turned to go back to Tabi's bedroom.

"Oh and Amy, remember what I told you about the second and third times," Tabi grinned, absentmindedly brushing a finger over one of her stiff nipples, "and I won't need it tonight myself, so you just keep it and see how you like it when you wake up."

"Thanks, Mom, I do...uh...remember that," Amy grinned happily before hurrying back toward the bedrooms.

"What's that all about?" Alex asked from behind her, startling Tabi with the unexpected question.

Alex sipped a soda standing naked next to his mother with his limp cock dangling between his legs. Tabi looked at him a moment before a devilish grin covered her face, She reached down and fondled his cock and balls and pulled his free hand up between her legs.

"Want to see something really hot?" she cooed in his ear as his dick started to grow in her hand, "but only if you promise never to say a word about what I'm going to show you...not to anyone...ever."

Sure, Mom, you know I don't tell anyone anything,” Alex responded, splitting the folds of her cunt lips with the tip of his finger.

Tabi groaned as his fingertip entered her to about his first knuckle. She looked around hastily making sure Amy had already gone to her room.

We have to wait about another ten minutes, “ she groaned and dropped to her knees to take her son's now rigid cock into her mouth, “no point in wasting them.”

Now try not to make a sound,” Tabi whispered to her son as she silently slid open the patio door.

She took his hand and lead him around the side of the house until they were standing outside Amy's window. Even with just the one light on the nightstand, they had a perfect view of Amy laying on her bed, her knees pulled up and her thighs spread wide, furiously pumping the vibrator in and out of her tight pussy.

What is...?” Alex started to ask before his mother hushed him.

Shh, just be quiet and watch,” Tabi hissed into his ear as she stepped behind him and reached around to take his rock hard cock into her hand.

Tabi's own pussy was on fire. She reached down with her free hand and rubbed herself hard while stroking her son's cock faster and faster. Inside, Amy's back arched and her entire body shook as an orgasm that went on for what seemed like several minutes flooded through her body.

When she finally relaxed, her legs splayed wide open, giving Tabi and Alex a completely unobstructed view of her puffy pussy lips and gaping moist pink slit. Alex moaned lowly right on the edge of an orgasm after watching his sister masturbate to a climax.

Tabi spun him around and again knelt in front of him, taking his cock into her mouth until he was right on the verge of shoot his cum down her throat. Instead, she pulled his dick from her mouth just as his cum exploded from the head of his dick, coating her cheeks and tits with her son's watery jism. Just as she was about to finger herself to an orgasm, Alex spoke up.

Mom...look!” he whispered urgently, staring back into his sister's room.

Tabi rose and looked in the window. Amy was running the vibrator up and down in her pussy slit, writhing about on the bed and pinching one of her stiff nipples. She was obviously building up to another orgasm, clearly having taken her mother's advice. Tabi watched in fascination as her daughter masturbated to yet another climax, even cumming along with her when her son fingered her clit and dripping pussy.

As soon as Amy collapsed back again, Tabi took Alex's hand and dragged him to her bedroom. She lubed up his ass and her own while sucking his throbbing dick. Slowly she slipped a finger into him, easily finding the hard nub of his developing prostate.

Oh...Mommy...what...oh that...feels...what...oh good...MOMMY!!” he shrieked as his cum filled her mouth and throat.

Tabi didn't stop sucking him. She knew he would quickly harden again and loved he feel of his soft dick growing in her mouth. When he was rigid again, she coated his dick with the lube and rolled to her hands and knees with her head down and her ass in the air.

My ass, baby, fuck my ass...fill me...fill me up with your, baby, now...fuck me in the ass!” she commanded, already vigorously fingering her throbbing clit.

Alex climbed up behind her, his four inch dick quickly slipping all the way inside her. He started pumping her hard and fast, groaning his own pleasure as her tight asshole sucked yet another few strings of his watery jism from his cock.

It was early morning when Tabi awoke and realized she had fallen asleep in her own bed with her son. Alex lay asleep on his back next to her, his hard morning woody rising and falling on his stomach with every breath.

Tabi stole out to the hallway to see if Amy was already up and about. As soon as she opened her own bedroom door, she heard the low buzz of the vibrator coming from her daughter's room.

She smiled to herself and went back to her bed, waking her son by climbing on top of him and sliding his dick into her pussy, holding his arms down as she rode him to yet another orgasm as his cum filled her cunt, knowing her daughter was also cumming on the toy just down the hall.

The Games Begin

Do you plan to stay naked when Alex's friends come over?” Amy asked somewhat smugly after finishing breakfast.

No, not at all,” Tabi laughed, sipping her coffee and really wishing she could be naked and more with all those twelve year old boys, “so what are your plans for today anyway?”

Sasha's mom is going to pick me up around noon and take us to the mall, then we'll go back to her house with the other girls for the night.”

Sounds good. If it makes you feel better, both Alex and I will get dressed before you leave. The boys' video Olympics or whatever they're calling it, starts around 1:00. Have Sasha's mother call me when you're ready to come home. I have to take Ethan home anyway, so I can pick you and the other girls up and drop them off tomorrow.”

Tabi hoped her excitement was not obvious to her daughter. Alex asked to have his friends come over for some sort of video game competition. She didn't care about that one way or another, but is was a perfect excuse for Amy to want to escape the house and make some arrangements to spend the night with a friend.

While she had every intention of teasing the other boys, once they were gone, Tabi was going to have Alex and Ethan all to herself for the entire night and into the next morning. Her pussy twitched in anticipation of what she would do to and with the two twelve year old boys...and what they would be doing to and with her...over the next twenty or so hours.

She stopped long enough for a quick hard orgasm when she went to get dressed in shorts and a t-shirt before all the boys arrived.

Ethan was the last to arrive, coming in the house with his mother. Tabi gave him a warm hug, blocking the way he fondled her ass from his mother's view with her body. She talked briefly with Becky explaining she would bring than home sometime in early afternoon the next day when she went to pick up Amy and her friends.

After a brief chat, Becky left and Tabi admired her firm ass as she walked back to her car. Then she put out some snacks for the boys and went to get into her bathing suit for more sunning.

While she couldn't get completely naked until all the other boys but Ethan left, she could do the next best thing. She took an older bikini that fit pretty snugly anyway and carefully cut out the inner linings of the top cups and the bottoms. As she stood twirling her body back an forth in front of the mirror, she grinned devilishly.

Her erect nipples pushed out unmistakably without even being touched and the growing dampness of her pussy was sucking the thin fabric into her slit. She threw a robe over her shoulders without tying it in the front and headed toward the patio.

Alex and Ethan were watching two other boys take their turn when she entered the family room and stopped between them. Alex looked up with an impish smile when Tabi put her hand on his head. The other boys looked her way, their mouths agape and eyes like saucers seeing the way her tits were bursting from her top and the bottoms of her bikini pulled up into her pussy slit.

I'm going to work on my tan,” she murmured softly, bending forward knowing the boys would all have a great look at her cleavage, “would you please come out in a few minutes to put some lotion on my back?”

OK, Mom, we're up next. I'll come out after we are done with our turn,” Alex answered grinning knowingly at her,

With that, she walked out to the patio, smiling to herself as she noted the obvious erections tenting three of the boys' shorts.

WOW, your Mom has great tits!” she heard one of the boys whisper to her son just before closing the patio door.

She made a show of stripping off her robe, stretching luxuriously, covering the chaise lounger with a towel then spreading the sun tan lotion all over her body. She took extra care around her tits, pushing the flimsy material aside until almost exposing both of her nipples. Then she worked her way up both legs, ever so slowly coating her inner thighs and even brushing a finger under the edges of the bottom that was barely covering her throbbing mound.

A quick glance toward the house confirmed that four of the boys were watching her intently through the glass of the patio door. She lay back on the lounger, pulling the top up until it was just covering her nipples and squirmed around a little before settling back with her legs spread wide, giving the boys an clear view of the tiny bottom drawing even deeper into her pussy slit.

As the sun beat down on her practically naked body, Tabi closed her eyes and daydreamed about the boys watching her. There was no doubt in her mind that each one of them was sporting a throbbing hard on. She fantasized about seeing them all naked and little did they know, she would have gladly fondled and sucked all of them if they just walked out to her.

Her pussy twitched and it was all she could do to keep herself from sliding her hand under the bikini bottom to finger her throbbing clit. She wondered if the boys could also see the stain of her juices growing in the fabric of the bottom.

Are you ready, Mom?”

Alex's question awakened her from her revelry. He stood next to her with the lotion in one hand, his own rigid dick tenting his shorts.

Oh god, yes...I'm so have no idea,” she moaned huskily, sitting up until the tip of her son's dick was mere inches from her face, a string of drool dripping from her chin.

For your back, I meant,” Alex giggled clearly noticing her arousal. “You do know, don't you, that every guy inside is watching you and has a huge boner?”

Oh, is that right?” she giggled innocently, rolling on her stomach and untying the top. “Well there's only one...make that two...boners that interest me...yours and Ethan's...and I intend to play with you both tonight until you can't any longer. Now put that lotion all over my back and make sure to take your time coating my ass cheeks.”

Alex took his time covering her with the lotion, pushing even more of the bikini bottom deeper into her ass crack before massaging the upper part of her inner thigh, his fingers brushing over her pussy and damp slit through the material. Tabi ground her pussy against the chair and moaned lowly, knowing full well all the other boys were watching and wanting very much at that moment for her son to finger her cunt and then cum inside her. Alex finished and stood up straight, a small wet spot from his precum on the front of his shorts.

Thank you,” she murmured as her son grinned down at her, “and would you ask Ethan to please bring me a cold beer.”

Her son's knowing smile broadened as he turned and walked back to the house. A couple of minutes later, Ethan approached with the cold beer. Tabi propped herself up on one elbow in such a way the other boys could not see her exposed nipple, but Ethan sure could.

Thank you, Ethan,” she cooed unabashedly staring at his hard cock pressing out from his shorts, “and I hope you understand that the sooner the games are done in there, the real fun will begin...starting with your lovely hard cock in my mouth or pussy or ass, whichever one you want first.”

I think...we will be done...very soon,” he gulped and started to turn back to the house.

Oh no, Ethan, we will just be getting started!”


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