Tabi's Tale (Part 17)

Tabi's Tale
(A “Cum Diaries” Story)

"Cum Diaries" are occasional fictionalized accounts of stories told to me by my readers, in this case of my short story His Mate's Mom”. That began an ongoing conversation with TF in California about her experiences.

(Part 17)

Both Boys

Tabi felt her pussy clench again when she heard the last boy's mother honk her horn, signaling she was at last alone with her son and his best friend. She didn't need to pick up Amy until sometime after noon the next day, giving her around twenty hours with the boys...and she intended to use every minute of it to the utmost.

The other four boys all left with raging hard ons and enough mental masturbation material to jerk off for weeks. When she finished tanning, she stood and “accidentally” let her flimsy top fall to the ground as the boys looked on through the patio door. She donned her robe, tying it loosely at her waist before bending to pick up the top and go into the house, with every twelve year old eye locked on her dangling tits.

One by one, the other boys left when one of their parents arrived to pick them up. Tabi stood in the kitchen drinking a glass of wine, watching them go, wishing she could see a lot more of their little hard dicks than the tips pressing out from their pants. Her pussy clenched again picturing each of them jerking off, shooting their cum on to their hands and bellies thinking about her.

As the last boy left, she turned to Alex and Ethan, licking her lips as she dropped the robe around her ankles. She fumbled with the bikini bottom ties for a moment before turning to them with a wicked grin.

I seem to be having some trouble with these knots,” she cooed, walking around the kitchen counter while cupping her tits and pinching both of her stiff nipples. “I bet both of you could untie them in a second...if you were naked.”

The boys glanced at each other then back at her with devilish grins on their faces. They immediately tore off their clothing and walked over with their four inch cocks standing straight out from their bodies. It took but one tug from each of them for the ties to loosen and the bikini bottoms to fall to the floor after momentarily sticking in between her moist pussy lips.

We're going to have so much fun,” she murmured, pulling both boys to her, their faces crushing her tits as they both fondled her dripping pussy, “and do anything we want to do with each other...anything and everything we can think about.”

Both boys looked up at her wide eyed with huge smiles on their faces. Tabi bent forward and kissed them both, deeply, passionately, ramming her tongue into each of their mouths before standing again and leading them out on to the patio.

She sat them down on the chaise lounger with their hips pressed together and put a towel down on the ground before kneeling in front of them. She took each of their throbbing dicks in her hands and slowly stroked them while thumbing the pulsing heads.

Did you cum yet today, Ethan,” she asked with a a gleam in her eye before swirling her tongue around the head of his dick.

Ethan nodded yes even as his body began to tremble. Tabi pulled back from him and licked her son's cock head, wanting them both to hold off cumming for a few minutes.

How did you do that, Ethan? Did you jerk off in your bed this morning?”

He nodded again, beginning to squirm as his orgasm built.

Oh I like that, Ethan, I want to watch you jerk off,” she continued before taking her son's cock all the way in her mouth for a few seconds, “I want to see you cum all over my face and tits and pussy but right now I want to feel you shoot into my mouth and taste your cum on my tongue just like Alex did last night.”

Tabi started sucking them in turn faster and harder. Ethan groaned and shot his cum into her mouth first. Tabi kept sucking him once he started until his dick was completely deflated. Then she did the same for her son as Ethan looked on. When they were both done, she rose and wiped a few wayward droplets of their jism from her lips with the back of her hand.

Now it's my turn,” she said softly, “let me lay down and, Ethan, you lick my pussy while Alex sucks my tits.”

The boys enthusiastically rearranged themselves to please her, with Ethan crawling up between her legs while Alex knelt next to her and took a nipple into his mouth. It didn't take long for the first orgasm to build in Tabi's cunt.

Your fingers, Ethan, put three...of your fingers in my pussy and suck my clit,” she groaned, reaching down to feel her son's cock hardening again.

Ethan eagerly slid his fingers into her, vigorously pumping them in and out as he sucked her clit. Tabi moaned lowly as she started to cum, coating the twelve year old boy's face with her pussy juices, She was just about to tell him to put his cock inside her when she heard the neighbors talking in the back yard next door.

She hushed the boys and lead them back inside, bent over the end of the couch and had each of them fuck and fill her pussy from behind. She could feel their cum oozing down the inside of her thighs while she made them some dinner. Just being naked around the two of them thrilled her more than she ever imagined possible.

After dinner, she lead them into her bedroom and put the beginning of the bisexual video on hold after laying the two vibrators, the strap-on and a large bottle of lube out on the nightstand. The boys looked back and forth from the TV screen to the array of toys, waiting for what she wanted them to do next.

This movie will be our inspiration tonight,” she murmured climbing on to the bed with the boys and leaning forward to kiss the tip of both of their rigid cocks. While it is running you can touch me or yourselves or each other in anyway you want. When I pause it, we will do whatever it is they are doing on the screen with each other until I start it up again. You both agree?”

Sure, Mom, anything you say,” her son readily consented, having already watched the video with her, thus knowing what was to come.

Me too,” Ethan eagerly agreed, his four inch cock already rock hard.

Tabi leaned over and kissed each of them deeply, lashing her tongue against theirs in their mouths. She leaned back as they both fondled her tits and turned the video on with the remote.

In the opening scene, two guys lay next to each other on a bed kissing passionately, their tongues furiously slashing together while they groped each others cocks. Tabi let the video play for ten or fifteen seconds before stopping it.

Do that,” she instructed, grinning happily, “kiss each other like that.”

The boys looked at her in surprise. While they jerked and sucked each other off before, it never occurred to them to kiss. Alex shrugged his shoulders and pulled Ethan to him, their tongues meeting before their lips.

Tabi moaned lowly and softly fingered her clit for a minute or so before turning the video back on. The boys broke of the kiss and grinned at her, obviously aroused by what they had just done.

She let the video play for a few more minutes until one of the guys straddled the others face and they began sucking each other. She stopped it again and just smiled at the boys.

Alex sprawled out on the bed and Ethan climbed on top. Tabi fingered herself even harder for another couple of minutes watching them suck each other. When it seemed like her son was about to cum, she turned the movie back on.

Not yet, boys,” she cooed, “you'll cum plenty of times yet tonight but not just yet.”

She let the video run for a couple of more minutes as the guys assumed different positions sucking each other. Next to her, Alex and Ethan fondled each others cocks as they watched, a droplet of precum glistening on the tip of both of their dicks.

On the screen, a woman burst into the bedroom, admonishing the guys about what they were doing. Then instead of leaving she climbed on the bed, told them to carry on and began playing with her pussy through her panties while she watched them. Slowly she stripped off her clothes and joined the guys. When she started to lick one of the guy's cock along with the other, Tabi paused the video again.

Ethan, you lay down while Alex and I lick you like that,” she instructed.

Ethan quickly got on his back. Tabi and her son licked his cock from his balls to the head and back again several times, their own tongues rubbing together as much as they covered Ethan's dick. Unlike the video, Ethan started to cum after less than a minute, shooting his watery jism into both of their mouths and over both of their faces. She kissed Alex passionately until all the jism in their mouths dissolved. Then she pulled back and restarted the video.

The actors changed positions a few more times until the one who was sucked by the man and woman got on his hands and knees. The other guy climbed up behind him and slowly plunged his hard cock into the first guy's ass. Tabi stopped the video again and looked at Ethan with a wicked grin.

OK, Ethan, on your hands and knees with your ass in the air,” she commanded, “you get ass fucked first since you just had an orgasm,”

Will...will it...hurt?” Ethan asked with a quavering voice as Tabi coated his asshole with lube and stretched him with a finger slipped into him up to her first knuckle.

No, honey, maybe a little at first, but it will feel really good when Alex cums in you,” she answered before turning and lubing up her son's throbbing cock.

Alex looked at her with a wolfish grin then positioned his cock head against his best friend's anus. The first push went almost nowhere, the head of Alex's dick barely breaching Ethan's asshole. He took a deep breath and pushed again. This time his entire cock disappeared inside Ethan.

Tabi leaned back on her heels right next to them, furiously rubbing her clit. Watching the two boys fuck each other was the thing she most wanted to see that evening. Her orgasm began on her fingers even before her son tensed and grunted his cum into his best friends bowels for the very first time.

Ethan howled as Alex pumped him harder and harder, keeping going long after he finished shooting his jism in Ethan's ass. When his dick finally fully deflated and he slipped out of Ethan, both boys collapsed in a heap breathing raggedly. Tabi leaned over and kissed them both tenderly.

That was just awesome,” she cooed, pulling them both to her, “let's take a break and get something cold to drink.”

By the time she finished a beer, both boys were grinning at her, their cocks again rock hard. Alex came up to her and brushed his hand up between her legs and over her pussy. As she hugged him close, Ethan came up behind her and cupped her tits in both hands.

Tabi trembled with the touches and moaned lowly when her son slid two fingers into her dripping pussy. She suddenly needed them both inside her and she wasn't about to wait to go back to the bedroom.

Fuck me from behind...both of you,” she gasped bending over the kitchen table and spreading her thighs wide.

Alex rammed his cock into his mother's pussy hard, going as deep as he could with a single stroke. Tabi fingered herself to an orgasm as she felt her son's jism oozing down her legs and then his best friend plunged his cock into her already cum filled cunt.

When Ethan finished cumming in her, Tabi turned and boosted herself up onto the table with her legs spread wide.

Lick me...lick all the cum out of my pussy,” she groaned, continuing to furiously rub her clit.

Her son dove right in, burying his face in her dripping cunt, licking the gooey mixture of his own and Ethan's cum and his mother's pussy juices. She shuddered and climaxed again on his face before he stepped back and let Ethan have a chance to lick her too. She clamped her thighs around the twelve year old boy's head when she again started to cum, holding him there until her climax faded away.

By the time her heartbeat and breathing returned to normal, the two boys stood grinning at her, their four inch cocks already stiffening again. She took their hands and lead them back to the bedroom, turning the video back on as they climbed on the bed.

They watched a few minutes until one guy lay on his back while the other sucked him and the woman straddled his face. Tabi paused the video and smiled at the boys.

Alex, you lay down while Ethan sucks you and you lick my pussy...and Ethan, finger his asshole while you suck him,” she commanded as she climbed over her son's face.

Tabi pinched her nipples hard as she settle down over her son's face and watched his dick disappear into Ethan's mouth. Alex wasted no time licking the remnants of cum and pussy juices seeping from her and finding her throbbing clit with his tongue.

As he started thrashing against Ethan's face, Tabi ground her pussy into her son's face, feeling the tingle of yet another orgasm building between her legs. She started to cum when Ethan gagged on Alex's cum flooding into his mouth, although her son's friend continued sucking until Alex stopped writhing.

She turned the video back on, knowing full well the next scene was one she most wanted to see and imitate. Sure enough, after another thirty seconds or so she paused it again and grinned devilishly at the boys.

OK, Alex, your turn...on your hands and knees.”

Her son looked at the image frozen on the TV screen then back at her, a huge smile on his face. Tabi smiled back and grabbed the bottle of lube, first generously coating Ethan's cock then squirting some directly into Alex's asshole. She slipped a finger into his anus, swirled it around as he groaned loudly then slid in a second, stretching him enough that Ethan's cock would easily fit in.

Now Ethan, I want you to fuck Alex in the ass while I watch,” she murmured huskily, “and I'm going to watch while my boy licks my pussy.”

With that she scooted down in front of Alex, spreading her thighs then wiggling closer until his nose bumped against her wet slit. Alex looked up at her, licked his lips before smiling and burying his face in his mother's throbbing cunt.

Behind him, Ethan spread his best buddy's ass cheeks with his hands and pushed the head of his dick into Alex's asshole. Even with the stretching and lube, he was very tight. It took three or four thrusts but then his four inch dick penetrated Alex's asshole as deep as Ethan could go.

Alex grunted and pushed back, almost immediately setting up a rhythm with his friend. Tabi was beside herself watching her son get fucked for the very first time. Her orgasm began even before Ethan groaned loudly when his cum exploded into Alex. She clamped her thighs around her son's head and howled her climax, her pussy juices flooding his face.

They all lay in a heap breathing heavily for a few minutes.

Tabi could see that Alex's cock was half hard again. She smiled wanly, pushed him back on his knees and licked the remainder of Ethan's cum seeping from his anus. As she did so she reached under him and took his cock into her hand, stroking him and feeling his dick harden.

When he was completely hard again, she looked at Ethan, grinning evilly. He grinned back and without even being told got on his hands and knees. Tabi squirted some of the lube directly into his asshole and stretched him with her fingers as her son coated his own cock.

Alex began pumping Ethan hard and fast as soon as his dick was fully in his best friend's ass. Tabi could not believe how aroused she was, more turned on watching them than she could remember ever being before. She climaxed again as her son grunted his cum into Ethan and as son as Alex pulled his cock out of Ethan's ass eagerly licked him clean as well.

They took another short breather, chatting quietly while sipping a cold drink. By the time they finished, both boys were ready and eager to go again. Tabi was amazed at their stamina. She had Ethan fuck her from behind while she sucked her son and, before Alex could cum in her mouth, changed positions with Ethan. Then the boys took turns licking their own cum from her pussy while she sucked them yet hard again.

Finally, even the twelve year old boys ran out of steam and couldn't get hard again. Tabi was ready for a break as well, her pussy and ass puffy and sore from the repeated fucking. She took them into her shower and they all washed each other off tenderly.

Then they helped her change the bedding before snuggling together, falling asleep with her arms around their shoulders, with both boys nuzzling her tits with their faces and fondling her pussy with a hand.

Twice during the night, each of the boys woke up, sucked on her tits and fingered her pussy until she climaxed. She sucked Alex off and had Ethan jerk himself off, splattering his watery jism all over her tits.

When Tabi woke up in the morning, both boys lay next to her on their backs, their rigid morning hard ons seemingly floating up and down on their stomachs with each deep breath. Her pussy clenched, the first hints of her juices seeping on to her pussy lips.

Without disturbing them, she positioned herself, kneeling between and facing them. She reached out and took a stiff dick in each of her hands, thumbing the heads gently. Alex awoke first, grinning up at his mother as she fondled his throbbing dick.

Oh, Mommy, that feels good,” he moaned, extending a hand to swirl one of her erect nipples in his fingers.

Stand up,” she said to him after leaning forward and giving him a tongue lashing kiss, feeling his dick pulsing in her hand.

As Alex moved around, Ethan woke up, the momentary look of confusion on his face telling Tabi he took a second to remember where he was. She bent forward and kissed him just as passionately as her son, keeping her hand on his hard cock.

Stay right where you are,” she murmured to Ethan before straddling his waist, holding his dick upright and sliding her pussy down over him.

With her other hand, she pulled her son closer, taking his cock into her mouth while she began to slowly ride up and down on Ethan's dick. The young boy pushed his hips up, grinding against her clit each time his cock went as deep into her as he could go.

Tabi clamped her cunt around Ethan and rode him even faster. When she felt her son begin to tense, she took his dick out of her mouth and pinched the base hard to slow down his growing orgasm.

Not yet,” she cooed to Alex as Ethan began thrashing uncontrollably, “I want you to cum in my pussy as soon as Ethan is done.”

As soon as Ethan finished shooting his cum into her and his limp cock slipped out of her cunt, Tabi rolled on her back and dragged her son down on top of her.

Now, honey, fuck me...fuck Mommy...fill me now...NOW!”

Tabi's orgasm began almost as soon as she felt her son's cock breach the dripping hole leading into her cunt. She reached for Ethan and started sucking his limp dick. She loved the way both young boy's cocks tasted after they fucked her and the way they hardened quickly again in her mouth.

Alex tensed and groaned as he shot his cum into her pussy. As soon as he was done, he slid down her body and eagerly licked her puffy pussy lips and the gooey mixture of cum and cunt juice oozing out of her.

Ethan...fuck me...Ethan...fuck me again,” she screeched as her son's tongue brought her to the edge of another orgasm.

The boys changed places, with Ethan ramming his cock into her pussy and Alex fucking her face as hard as he could until they both began to cum in her, filling her mouth and already sticky pussy with even more jism. He then followed Alex's lead, sliding down between her legs, licking her to yet one more orgasm.

After making them breakfast, they watched the bisex video again, this time with the boys fucking each other in turn while Tabi fingered her own pussy. She was sucking Ethan hard again when the doorbell suddenly rang. The boys jumped up and ran back to Alex's room, while Tabi picked up the robe from where she dropped it the night before and went to answer.

Ethan's mother stood waiting as Tabi opened the door. something wrong?” Tabi asked anxiously while tightening the belt holding her robe closed.

Oh no, nothing to worry about. Scott's working and I need to go to my sister's place so I wouldn't be home when you're going to drop off Ethan. So I thought I'd pick him up early.”

The boys are back in Alex's room,” Tabi explained as they walked into the kitchen, “I'll tell them to pack up his things so you can get going.”

She called out to the boys then sat at the table having a coffee with Becky, secretly admiring the other woman's perfectly sculpted tits. She remembered her son telling her about watching Becky shower, shave her pussy smooth and then finger herself to an orgasm. Tabi's pussy twitched picturing what her son described, wishing she could see those plump tits and smooth pussy herself and imaging herself down between Becky's thighs, licking her to repeated orgasms.

The boys entering the room interrupted her daydream. She gave Ethan a warm hug and kissed him on the forehead, shivering when she felt his hand on her ass.

I hope he was no trouble,” Becky said as she turned for the door.

Not at all,” Tabi answered, her arms folded under her tits, ”no trouble at all. He's welcome to come here anytime.”

Ethan grinned at her and walked out the door behind his mother. Tabi watched them get in the car and pull away before turning to her son with a wicked grin.

You need to fuck me again...right now!”


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