Tabi's Tale (Part 18)

Tabi's Tale
(A “Cum Diaries” Story)

"Cum Diaries" are occasional fictionalized accounts of stories told to me by my readers, in this case of my short story His Mate's Mom”. That began an ongoing conversation with TF in California about her experiences.

(Part 18)

Amy Gets Closer

Tabi just smiled as the wave of giggles and chatter washed over her when Amy and her three friends climbed in the car. The noise level only diminished slightly until she dropped off the last girl and headed home with her daughter. As soon as the door closed behind them, Tabi stripped off her clothes and headed to the kitchen for a drink while Amy walked back toward her room.

I'm going out for some more sun,” Tabi called after her daughter then walked out on the patio.

Alex was laying on a lounger on his back slowly stroking his very hard cock. Tabi's pussy twitched watching him as she walked up behind him. When her shadow crossed his face he looked up at her with a wide grin.

Hi, Mom,” he said slowly continuing to shamelessly stroke his dick.

Having fun?” Tabi grinned, standing over him so that he was looking straight up between her legs at her ragged pussy lips.

Well, I started thinking about last night...and then my dick got hard...and it feels so good...I couldn't help it,” he groaned, a droplet of precum oozing from the tip of his cock.

That's OK, no need to explain,” Tabi murmured and squatted down next to him, “I told you it was alright to jerk off and it's a perfectly normal thing to do. I don't mind at all, in fact I like watching you play with yourself, but you might make your sister uncomfortable if she sees you.”

Oh, Mom...I'm too...too,” he exclaimed, his thighs beginning to tremble as his hand moved even faster.

Don't stop, baby, but let me help,” Tabi cooed and put her hand on his throbbing dick.

After only a few strokes, Alex groaned loudly and shot four strings of cum, the first of which hit Tabi's left nipple. The next two went varying distances up his belly with the last dribbling over her fingers. Tabi rubbed his warm jism into his belly and chest before scooping off the drop on her tit with a fingertip and sticking it in her mouth.

Now roll over and I'll put lotion on your back,” she said softly and barely begun when Amy walked out of the house and joined them.

While she watched her daughter get settled, Tabi lathered up her front and legs, making a show of covering her tits, pinching her nipples and running a finger through her slit. Then she kept touching her pussy while watching her daughter put lotion on herself.

After a half hour or so, Tabi need to turn over and suggested both kids do the same. Amy flipped on her stomach so Tabi could put the lotion on her daughter's back, The first thing Tabi did was loosen the knot tying the top of Amy's bikini and covered her back with lotion, slowly working her way down until cupping her daughter's firm ass cheeks.

Amy moaned lowly and squirmed a little as Tabi pushed the bottoms of the bikini as much into her ass crack as possible. Then she worked her way up one of her daughter's legs until her hand was just short of touching Amy's pussy.

This time she didn't wait, pushing her daughter's thighs apart until Amy's pussy slit obviously gaped open even through the fabric of her bottoms. Tabi dragged the back of her fingers through that crevice, feeling he warmth radiating from her daughter's cunt before moving down and coating the other leg.

As her hand approached the top of the other thigh, Tabi could see her daughter looking intently toward Alex. Her son was laying on the other lounger, rubbing the suntan lotion all over his cock and balls, stroking his now hard again dick and making no attempt to conceal what he was doing.

Tabi's fingers again brushed against her daughter's pussy. When Amy wiggled a little but didn't pull away, her eyes still locked on her brother's cock, Tabi let her fingers linger, pressing ever so gently against the warm mound.

She was incredibly aroused but didn't want to push the issue. She lay back down and asked Alex to spread some lotion on her back and legs. She rested her head on her hands, looking toward her daughter the entire time.

Amy smiled back at her but kept watching Alex as he very deliberately massaged the lotion into Tabi's ass cheeks and rubbed his hands over her pussy. Tabi groaned lowly, wondering if Amy could see the way Alex split her pussy lips with a fingertip and gently strummed her clit a couple of times before moving on to her legs.

By the time he lay back down, his dick was rock hard laying across his stomach. If her daughter was not laying right there, Tabi would have eagerly climbed on top of him and rode him until he filled her with his sticky cum.

Tabi was about to roll over again when her daughter did first...and not bothering to put her top back on. Her small conical tits with hard tan nipples jiggled a little as she moved then pancaked down on her chest when she settled on her back. Tabi smiled wanly at her, not wanting to make a big deal out of Amy's first move at being nude.

Put some of that lotion on yourself,” Tabi murmured after a moment, “you really don't want your titties to get burned.”

Amy smiled back, covered her tits with some lotion and lay there for another twenty minutes or so then got up and walked back into the house carrying her bikini top in one hand. Just as soon as Amy entered the house, Tabi heard Alex grunt and turned her head in time to see him cum all over his belly again.

After dinner, Tabi showered and got herself a glass of wine before gently knocking on her daughter's door, stopping in the doorway for a moment when she saw Amy was laying on her bed topless, wearing just a pair of lacy panties..

I wanted to tell you how proud I was of you out there, taking off your top in front of your brother like you did,” she said softly sitting down on the edge of the bed.

Actually, it felt pretty good,” Amy responded shyly, “except....”

Except what?” Tabi asked, concerned her daughter was not going to continue.

I...I think I got a little...burned,” Amy answered meekly.

Tabi leaned forward to get a better look at her daughter's tits. Sure enough, they were beginning to obviously redden.

Get up and take off your panties,” she commanded as Tabi put down her glass of wine, “and stand here where I can get a good look at you.”

Amy climbed off the bed and pulled the panties down over her thighs and let them fall around her ankles. Tabi sharply inhaled a breath, seeing her daughter standing completely naked again. The hairs above her pussy had thickened noticeably since the last time saw her like that before going to New York. It seemed like her hips and tits had filled out a little more as well.

Besides the obvious burns on the top of Amy's tits, her ass and thighs were a bright red, with a clear red line that marked where her bikini bottom ended from around her daughter's protruding mound back and across her ass cheeks. Amy pulled back when Tabi tentatively touched the top of one breast next to a nipple.

Does that hurt?”

A little.”

You just stay right here for a minute, I've got just the thing to make you feel better,” Tabi exclaimed, rising to leave the room.

She rummaged around in the vanity in her bathroom until she found what she wanted. As she walked back toward her daughter's room, she smiled devilishly, stopped at the nightstand and picked up the new rabbit vibrator. She carried it and the bottle of aloe lotion into her daughter's room, firmly closing the door behind her.

Amy looked on in surprise when Tabi threw the rabbit on the bed and squeezed a generous amount of the lotion into her hands.

Turn around,” she told her daughter and started rubbing the aloe into her skin at the neck and worked her way slowly down Amy's back. “This stuff will take the sting out of the burn and soften your skin.”

Tabi's pussy twitched as she ran her hands over Amy's firm ass, rubbing the lotion into the crack before continuing down her legs. Amy moaned lowly at the touch, spreading her legs to give her mother easier access to her inner thighs.

Mmm, that does feel good,” she murmured as Tabi's fingers brushed lightly against her pussy lips before continuing down to her ankles. “What's that on the bed?”

It's a new toy I other day,” Tabi responded working her way back up toward Amy's crotch on the other leg, “it's called a rabbit. Now turn around and let me do your front.”

Tabi stood back just taking in the sight of her daughter's small, firm tits and triangle of dark hair just above her tight slit. She squeezed more lotion on to her hands and again, starting at Amy's neck, spreading the soothing cream over her daughter's front side. Amy shivered slightly when Tabi's hands cupped her right tit, slowly rubbing in the lotion and feeling her daughter's nipple stiffen as much as her own. She moved to the left tit and fondled it in the same way as Amy moaned lowly again.

Why's it called a rabbit?” Amy asked huskily as Tabi's hands moved further down her belly toward her thighs.

I have no idea,” Tabi laughed, moving down the front of her daughter's right leg, “maybe because it makes you cum fast, but I guess we can call it anything we want.”

Amy seemed to think about that a moment as Tabi moved her hands up the other leg until the top of her fingers again brushed against her daughter's pussy lips, Amy moaned lowly and steadied herself with one hand on the bed as she looked at her mother with a wry smile.

Tabi removed her hands long enough to squirt some more lotion on her fingers then very deliberately rubbed the cream into the bright burn lines so near her daughter's pussy. Amy shuddered again without saying a word and Tabi realized her daughter was quickly become aroused.

For a split second, Tabi considered moving her fingers just the very little way to the side and split Amy's tight pussy slit, to feel her growing wetness and caress the developing nub of her give her daughter a memorable orgasm. Then she removed her hand and picked up the toy.

What do you think we should call it since we already have one BOB?” Tabi muttered, sitting down on the bed.

How about 'Bunny' since you said it was a rabbit,” Amy said eyeing the toy in Tabi's hand carefully.''

OK, that's fine with me and you and I can keep them straight that way,” Tabi responded with a giggle before taking a moment to just look at her daughter longingly. “Want to see how it works, it's a little different than BOB?”

Amy's eyes widened and Tabi thought she saw her daughter's nipples stiffen a little more as she looked back and forth from her mother's face to the toy before slowly nodding her head. She felt a drop of her own juices seeping down to her asshole as she began to speak.

Unlike BOB, Bunny is designed to be both inside you and on your clit at the same time, that's why it has the big and little ends,” Tabi began twirling the toy in her hand while keeping her eyes on her daughter. “Do you usually use BOB on the outside or put it inside you?”

As she spoke, Tabi dragged the tip of the toy up between the folds of her pussy lips and twirling it around her dripping hole. Her pussy clenched in anticipation of her daughter's answer even though she already knew Amy enthusiastically fucked herself with the vibrator. Amy blushed and diverted her eyes, apparently uncomfortable to admit what she did when masturbating to her mother.

Don't be embarrassed,” Tabi said softly, sliding the toy into her pussy about an inch, “I told you before that masturbation is just a natural part of growing up, everybody does it. And you know why?”

Amy shook her head, looking down as Tabi pushed the toy a little deeper into her cunt.

It feels really, really good, doesn't it?”

A wan smile crossed Amy's face and she nodded her head in agreement. Tabi pushed Bunny all the way into her pussy with the little arm pressing against the hood of her clit. She left it there a moment without turning it on then slowly pulled it out. Her pussy juices glistened all over the larger protrusion.

Tabi turned the vibrator on, running the very tip over her erect nipples, quivering as she did so and then reached over and did the same on Amy's tiny tan nipples. Amy looked up in surprise and then smiled before Tabi pulled the toy back and dragged it up through her pussy slit and lingered on her clit.

As Amy looked on intently, Tabi slowly plunged the toy into her cunt. Just as the little arm started to touch her pussy, she reached down and pulled the hood covering her clit up and away so the toy contacted that sensitive nub directly.

With a loud groan, Tabi flopped back on the bed with her thighs falling wide open. Rather than pump the toy in and out of herself, she held it firmly in her pussy and ground her hips around it. With every movement of her hips, the vibrating tip brushed across her g-spot while the smaller arm constantly rubbed against her clit.

Tabi used her free hand to pinch and pull a stiff nipple as the familiar tingle of her growing orgasm swiftly grew in her pussy, spreading to her legs and torso. Tabi wanted so very badly for her daughter to reach out and touch her tits. Then Tabi's entire body shuddered as she arched her back, seemingly wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure flooding through her body as her daughter looked on.

At last her breathing became so ragged she had to stop. She turned off the toy and pulled it from her pussy, letting it fall on the bed between her legs. Amy was looking at her with her eyes wide and her mouth agape.

Wow...just...WOW...,” Tabi gasped trying to catch her breath as an after shock caused her body to momentarily tremble, “I...sorry...I didn't get so...carried away like...that!”

Amy just stared at her, dumbfounded by her mother's explosive orgasm. Tabi finally sat up straight and picked up Bunny looking at it carefully before extending it toward her daughter.

Would you like to really is something if you hit just that right spot inside your pussy,” Tabi smiled, silently willing desperately for her daughter to take the toy and fuck herself with it right then and there.

I...I can't...not with...with you,” Amy stammered and blushed but still taking the toy from her mother's hand, “it's just...well...embarrassing to're right there...when...when it.”

Tabi smiled sympathetically and climbed off the bed. She bent forward and kissed her daughter tenderly on the forehead while casually brushing her thumb over Amy's stiff nipple. She looked around and picked up the bottle of aloe lotion and turned back to her daughter.

Do you need some more of this on your sunburn?” she asked solicitously, very much wanting to fondle her daughter's tits and pussy one more time before leaving the room.

No, thanks, but it already feels a lot better,” Amy responded picking up the toy and turning it in her hand.

OK, well maybe I better go see if your brother needs some of this spread around on his sunburn,” Tabi grinned and turned toward the door.

Yeah, I'm sure there's a few places he might need some help,” Amy giggled.

Have fun and you don't need to put that back until you get home from school tomorrow,” Tabi said as she opened the door and looked back at her daughter.

Amy grinned broadly back at her, acknowledging she was just given permission to use the toy the rest of the evening and again when she got home from school the next day.

And Amy, remember what I told you about the second time,” Tabi stated softly and closed the door behind her.

As soon as she left her daughter's room, Tabi went looking for her son and she had a really good idea where she would find him.

When Tabi put her arms around Alex's waist and took his hard dick in his hand, he jumped in surprise. She looked over his shoulder and together they watched Amy fucking herself with Bunny. Like Tabi herself had done, Amy held the toy inside her pussy with one hand, thrashing her hips back against it while pinching one then the other of her stiff little nipples.

I already jerked off once watching you, Mom,” Alex whispered in her ear, reaching back to finger her already sticky pussy, “that was just awesome watching you use that thing.”

Well keep watching your sister and get hard again...I have plans for your cock tonight,” she moaned into his ear and continued stroking him as he hardened in her hand.

Amy's back arched and she writhed around uncontrollably, her orgasm obviously consuming her entire body. Tabi stroked Alex harder even as he turned to face her and rammed three fingers into her cunt. He leaned forward and sucked her nipples, finding and massaging her swollen g-spot.

Tabi threw her head back as she felt another orgasm growing in her groin. She pushed Alex away from here and down on his back in the grass, climbing on top of him and reaching beneath her to position his now rigid cock a her pussy hole.

Fuck me...fuck me hard...cum in it do it now,” she groaned, leaning forward to hold his arms down with her hands as she thrashed about on his dick.

Oh yes, Mommy...anything you say...Mommy...anything you want, Mommy...anything at all,” her son groaned as his cum shot deep into her cunt.

As her own orgasm peaked, Tabi leaned forward and muffled her own cries by ramming her tongue into Alex's mouth.


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