Tabi's Tale (Part 19)

Tabi's Tale
(A “Cum Diaries” Story)

"Cum Diaries" are occasional fictionalized accounts of stories told to me by my readers, in this case of my short story His Mate's Mom”. That began an ongoing conversation with TF in California about her experiences.

(Part 19)

An Interesting Proposition

Tabi was a little surprised the next day when she came home from work to find Alex playing a video game in the family room completely naked.

You”re looking good, sweetie, but I didn't expect to find you nude when I got home,” she whispered in his ear and gently fondled his limp cock, “but I like it, a lot.”

You said we were going to all do it soon and since you and me already started, I figured it was OK to just continue,” he responded, turning to her and rubbing his hand up the inside of her thigh until his fingertip brushed over the thin fabric of her panties.

That touch sent a chill through her body with a few droplets of her juices seeping into the gusset of her panties. She tightened her grip on her son's dick and kissed him on the lips before standing up.

In that case, I better go change into...nothing at all,” she laughed and headed toward he room. “By the way, where's your sister?”

Her room, I guess, I haven't seen her since we got home,” Alex answered, turning back to his game.

Just as she was about to knock on Amy's door, Tabi heard a low moan and the distinct buzzing of the new vibrator, Bunny. Her own pussy twitched realizing her daughter was in the midst of an orgasm just a few feet away on the other side of that door. It took every bit of Tabi's will power to continue down the hall and not burst in to watch, or even help, her daughter cum with the toy.

Instead, she went to her own room and stripped off her work clothes, hanging up the skirt and throwing the blouse and underwear into a hamper. Her panties were sticky from Alex's touch and listening to Amy. When she drew them to her nose and took a deep satisfying whiff, the scent of her sex, with just a hint of her piss, was intoxicating.

"Ah, Mom, here is Bunny back,” Tabi heard her daughter say as she was splashing water on her face.

She looked up to see Amy standing in the doorway of the bathroom holding the toy in one hand. She was topless and wore only a pair of lacy pink panties that clearly displayed her developing mound.

Thanks for letting me use it and I cleaned it up good,” Amy continued.

How are the burns?” Tabi asked, approaching her daughter and looking at her tits carefully.

Much better, thanks, even down there,” Amy answered and pulled the edges of her panties to the side, giving Tabi a clear view of her daughter's mound and slit.

That's good and did you like Bunny?”

Oh is really something,” her daughter cooed with her eyes glazing over slightly.

And the second time?” Tabi giggled as she put the toy away in her nightstand.

You're right about that too,” Amy responded and smiled broadly, “and even better the third.”

Tabi turned and embraced her daughter warmly, enjoying the feel of the girl's firm tits pressing into her body.

Let's go get some dinner,” she finally said, putting her arm around Amy's shoulder and heading out of the bedroom. “Do you want to put anything else on?”

Naw, I'm fine,” Amy answered and walked topless into the kitchen with her mother.

Alex stared unabashedly at Amy's bare tits and seemed about to say something when he saw his mother shake her head. Instead he sat quietly at the table eating dinner, glancing back and forth at his topless mother and sister.

He seemed to be more comfortable being naked around his sister, especially since she had not said anything to him about it. That night after dinner, the three of them sat watching TV for a while. Amy seemed to pay much closer attention to her brother's dick and it finally dawned on Tabi it was probably the first real cock she had ever seen in person.

Amy locked her eyes on him as he fiddled with himself, not jerking off, just touching himself a lot. Tabi didn't say anything to him, curious herself how her daughter would react. Finally, when Amy excused herself and headed back to her room, Tabi turned to Alex with a big grin.

I want to thank you,” she said softly, leaning over to kiss him tenderly on the lips and fondling his soft dick, “for not saying anything when your sister came out topless. She was pretty nervous and that was a big step for her.”

It's nothing, I saw her tits on the patio,” he answered with an impish grin while reaching to tweak one of Tabi's nipples, “besides yours are much bigger and better.”

Well, thanks anyway and that's very sweet. Did you notice the way she was watching you touch yourself?”

Yeah, I was wondering if I should stop but it feels good even when I'm not jerking it off. Should I stop when she's around?”

On the contrary, I want you to touch yourself more and more, even openly make yourself hard,” Tabi smiled at him and tugged on his balls. “In fact, it won't bother me at all if you jerk off right here on the couch.” mean that?” her son asked with a perplexed look on his face.

Of course I mean it. I like seeing you touch yourself,” Tabi answered and thumbed the head of his hardening cock, “and I also meant it about that being a natural, normal thing to do. So, it's fine to do it where any one of us can see. I'll be touching myself, and you, more too and you're welcome to touch me anytime and anywhere you want.”

Alex sat silently pondering what his mother said for a moment, his cock growing ever harder in her hand. Tabi didn't say anything either, just kept slowly stroking him.

What if Amy sees you touch me or me touch you?” he finally asked looking at her intently.

Then she sees,” Tabi said flatly. “If she walked out here right now I would keep touching you like I am right now and tell her it's just fine for the same reason I think it's fine you and I and she all feels really good.”

Yeah it does...feel good,” he moaned and slumped back on the couch, his legs beginning to tremble, “oh, Mommy....don't...don't'!”

With that, Alex shot four stings of creamy cum on to his belly and Tabi's hand. She kept stroking him until his little dick deflated between her fingers. As she lifted her hand to her mouth to lick her son's jism from her fingers, Alex smiled and took it in his and pulled it to his own mouth. His tongue lashed out and scooped up his own cum, savoring the taste in his mouth for a moment before swallowing it down.

Tabi leaned forward and kissed him passionately, feeling his tongue lash against hers as two of his fingers split her dripping pussy lips and slid inside her. Tabi pulled him closer and started to cum on her son's fingers, thrashing against his hand until the quick, hard orgasm faded away.

And before you even ask, yes even that,” Tabi cooed into his ear as the after glow of her orgasm receded, “I'm fine with your sister seeing you finger me and make me cum like that or seeing me jerk you off.”

Alex nuzzled against her right tit, his fingertip still resting between her sticky pussy lips. When his breathing became more regular, he looked up with a perplexed look on his face.

Can I ask you something else, Mom?” he finally asked, pulling away far enough to look directly at her.

Sure, honey, you can ask me or tell me anything you want and I will answer you as best I can.”

Well, the other night when Ethan was here, I noticed you really liked seeing me and him touch each other and do other things with each other,” he started to say seriously.

Hell yes I did,” Tabi exclaimed quickly, “that's one of the hottest things I ever saw and I was so turned on watching you both.”

I told you the first time I saw you do something with Ethan I was a little jealous. The other night though I wasn't jealous at all. I liked it, I liked it a lot watching you touch him and suck him and even when he put his dick inside you and his cum leaked out.”

That's good to hear because I like playing with Ethan too and I hope we can do it again real soon,” Tabi answered smiling at him.

We both liked doing it too but there's something else,” Alex continued so softly that Tabi leaned in a little closer to hear him clearly. “I know you do the same things with Bradley and I...I want see you suck Bradley and see Bradley stick his cock inside you.”

Tabi was totally stunned by his statement, not immediately even believing she heard her son correctly. Her mind went blank not knowing right away how to even respond to his request.

I...I don't...know say,” she stuttered looking at her son with her mouth agape. “Bradley doesn't know anything about what we do together and he can never, ever know, so there's no way you could go there and watch.”

You don't have to always go to his place, he could come here,” he responded almost immediately and Tabi realized her son had been thinking about this for a while.

But couldn' you did with Ethan!” Tabi stammered, still shocked by the mere suggestion.

Sure I could,” he responded more confidently, “I could hide in the closet or watch from the backyard like we do with Amy.”

I just don't know,” Tabi muttered looking at him intently, 'it would be very risky and we would get into a lot of trouble if we got caught.”

Amy doesn't know me and you watch her play with herself,” he went on intently, “and I would be really quiet so Bradley would never even know I was there, only you would.”

OK, I'll think about it, but it seems like a very risky idea to me,” Tabi finally replied before leaning over and kissing him tenderly again, “now go take a shower and get ready for bed, you have school tomorrow.”

Tabi didn't think she could let such a thing happen, but didn't want to shoot him down completely. She thought for a moment how crazy it was sitting nude on her couch with her naked twelve year old son having a conversation about him watching her have sex with her part time fuck buddy...and she was actually considering it.

She stopped in her daughter's room on the way to her own. Amy was still topless laying on the bed and, as she approached, Tabi could see a small wet stain in the lacy pink panties. Clearly Amy fingered herself to an orgasm after leaving the family room. Tabi's pussy tingled thinking her daughter was getting herself off at the same time her son fingered her to an orgasm, probably thinking about her brother's cock.

How are you feeling?” Tabi asked softly as she sat down other edge of the bed, even more convinced Amy had recently cum now that she was closer. “That wasn't so bad being topless with Alex and me was it?” wasn't like I thought it would be,” Amy looked up and smiled wanly at her.

That's the first time you saw a boy's cock up close, isn't it?” Tabi continued, gently rubbing her daughter's leg. “I don't mean what you've seen watching porn, I mean a real, live dick right next to you.”

Amy blushed and nodded her head slowly

So, what do you think?” Tabi asked with a devilish grin, moving her hand from Amy's knee to her lower thigh.

Think...about what?” Amy asked, clearly confused with the question.

About your brother's cock...what do you think now that you had a good look?” Tabi grinned, gently massaging Amy's thigh with one hand and brushing her thumb across her own stiff nipple with the other.

Ah...I'm not you said...I never saw one before...for real...but it seems to me...well..he's kind of...well...not very...big,” Amy stammered.

Tabi just laughed uproariously for a couple minutes before regaining enough composure to answer her daughter. Amy just looked at her in surprise at that reaction.

You have that kind of right,” Tabi said wiping a tear from her eye after laughing so hard, “that's because he's only twelve years old and he was not aroused.”


You know how good it feels when you touch yourself there,” Tabi continued, reaching over to lightly touch her daughter's pussy through the lacy pink panties, “well boys make themselves feel good too but differently. Their soft cocks get hard when they rub them and shoot out creamy semen when they cum.”

I know that, Mom!” Amy exclaimed a bit indignantly.

I'm sure he masturbates a lot, just like you and I both do,” Tabi continued with a giggle, “and I told him I don't mind at all, any more than I mind if you do, so don't be surprised if you see him playing with himself sometimes.”

Amy nodded again and Tabi leaned over to give her a tender kiss, stopping herself from sliding a hand down under the waist band of Amy's panties and fingering her daughter's tight slit.

Now go brush your teeth and get to bed, you do have school tomorrow,” Tabi said and climbed off the bed, extending her hand to help Amy up.

As she opened the bedroom door and stepped into the hall, she heard the bed squeak across the hall. She turned and raised a finger to her lips to signal Amy to be silent. Then she slowly and quietly pushed open Alex's bedroom door.

Alex lay on the bed with his eyes closed, furiously stroking his hard cock. Tabi put an arm around Amy's shoulders and took a couple of more steps into the room, far enough to give them both an unobstructed view.

Amy stood with her eyes bulging out of her head and her mouth wide open watching her brother jerk off. After a few moments, he let out a loud grunt and his cum sprayed all over his chest and belly. He kept stroking himself a few more times before his body relaxed and he opened his eyes to see his mother and sister standing there watching him. He just smiled at them and let his deflating cock fall on to his belly.

Wow, that was very nice,” Tabi said to him, walking over to the side of the bed, “and must have felt really good.”

Yeah, it really did,” he answered and continued smiling at her, his eyes darting back and forth from Tabi to his sister.

You better clean up and get to sleep,” Tabi murmured as she leaned forward to give him a kiss glancing back to see Amy just staring at them both before whispering in his ear, “I'll be back in a few minutes.”

Then she stood up, turned Amy around and lead her back out into the hall. Tabi leaned over and kissed her daughter on the forehead, smiling at the surprised and confused look on Amy's face.

I told you there was nothing out of the ordinary. What your brother was doing is perfectly normal and natural, nothing to be ashamed of or need to hide. Now go brush your teeth and get to sleep.”

Tabi's pussy was on fire as she watched her daughter go into the bathroom. She went to her own room hardly able to restrain herself from fucking herself with BOB right then. She heard the toilet flush then waited a couple more minutes before going out to the hall and silently creeping to her son's room. She slipped inside and closed the door, turning to see Alex grinning at her, his cock again half hard in his hand.

That was perfect,” she gasped crawling up between his legs and licking the sticky head of his cock, “it couldn't have been better if we planned it that way.”

Alex grabbed her hair and pulled her face down on his dick, moaning lowly as it grew in her mouth. Tabi swallowed him all the way to his balls and swirled a fingertip around his tight asshole.

Have you decided yet?” he gasped thrusting his dick deeper into his mother's mouth.

Decided what?” she stopped sucking him long enough to ask before starting to lick his balls.

About letting me watch you and Bradley,” he moaned with his entire body quivering, “I really...really want to...see his your...mouth...and ...pussy!”

With that he shot another load of his cum into Tabi's mouth. Almost as soon as he was done, he changed places with her and buried her face in her dripping pussy.

I'm still thinking about it,” she managed to gasp before covering her face with his pillow and coated her son's face with her pussy juices when she climaxed explosively.

The next morning, she could barely concentrate at work. Her son's request was all she could think about, that and standing in his room watching him jerk off and cum with Amy at her side. At mid morning, she took a break and went to the restroom and used her fingers to give herself a quick hard orgasm, hoping that would help relieve her tension.

It didn't help.

By the time she returned to her desk, she was trying to think of ways that she could do what her son wanted without creating additional problems. Ever so slowly, she developed a scenario that seemed plausible, provided Alex did everything he was told to the letter. She was starting to see that her son was potentially as perverse as she was so she was sure he would follow her instructions completely.

At lunch, she texted Bradley to see if he was free to come over on Thursday evening about the time the kids normally went to bed.

He answered almost as soon as she finished the message, saying he would be there and asking if there was anything he could bring.

Your balls filled with two days worth of cum!” she responded before going back to the restroom.


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