Tabi's Tale (Part 2)

Tabi's Tale
(A “Cum Diaries” Story)

The "Cum Diaries" are occasional fictionalized accounts of stories told to me by my readers, in this case of my short story His Mate's Mom”. That began an ongoing conversation with TF in California about her experiences.

(Part 2)

The Expanding Experiment

Over the next few days, Tabi tried different shirts and panties and shorts. Some were more revealing than others and twice a bare tit popped out unexpectedly.

Amy took it all in with a look combining disapproval with curiosity but didn't say a word. Alex tried his best to not stare but Tabi caught him looking her way often and squirming in his seat at the sight of her hard nipples or soft swaying tits.

On the next Saturday morning, the situation took a dramatic turn, at least for Tabi. She was getting ready to do the laundry while the kids were out. While she made every effort to have each of them stack their dirty clothes at the laundry door on Saturday mornings, inevitably some was left behind. Then there was the bedding which Tabi would strip off and leave clean replacements on each of their beds for them to make.

She finished a second cup of coffee after the kids left, went back to her own room, brought BOB from his drawer and leisurely rubbed her clit and thrust the plastic dick in and out of her cunt until the second massive orgasm of the morning flooded through her entire body. As the last remnants of that climax faded, she lay breathing heavily, basking in the quivering after glow.

Since she was already naked and the kids were not due back for a few hours, she decided to do the chores in the nude. She was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable, and frankly normal, she felt being naked again, just as she had grown up.

The kids had gotten pretty good about bringing out their dirty laundry, but there were always the sheets and a few stray items here and there. Tabi went first to Amy's room, checking for forgotten panties or socks under the bed before stripping it.

When she picked up a pair near the nightstand, she idly brought her daughter's panties to her nose, the strength of the aroma of her thirteen year old's pussy surprising and arousing her. A quick check of the sheets revealed the faint tell tale stain of the juices that seeped from her daughter's pussy when she masturbated.

Tabi had done the same and more by Amy's age but these discoveries meant she really needed to talk to Amy and soon. The very thought that her daughter was fingering her young pussy to orgasms regularly caused another, stronger twitch in Tabi's cunt.

If she was playing with her own pussy, maybe Amy was playing with others too. That very thought drove Tabi crazy with lust. Amy was certainly old and developed enough, in fact a lot older than Tabi when she had her first real experience....

.Ginny lived across the street and was sixteen the year Tabi got her first period at eleven and a half. In the three years since her family moved in, Ginny would stay with Tabi whenever Tabi's parents went out for an evening.

While Ginny's family were not nudist, it didn't seem to bother them that Tabi's were. Ginny herself reveled in being able to take off her clothes when she stayed with Tabi, would often come over early to see Tabi's parents naked before they left and never put her own clothes back on until Tabi's father and mother were in the house and stripping themselves.

Tabi knew Ginny liked seeing her father's cock dangling between his legs and she also noticed her father always took a moment to look over Ginny's tall, lanky frame, small droopy tits with dark penny sized nipples and thick bush of hair between her legs.

Want to see something secret?” Tabi mysteriously asked Ginny one evening while they sat sipping sodas on the family room couch.

What kind of secret?” Ginny responded, scratching a mosquito bite between her small tits.

My Dad's secret movies,” Tabi beamed, “sex movies!”

Sex movies? How do you know he has sex movies?”

I watch them with him sometimes, that's how,” Tami retorted with a big grin.

What? You what?” Ginny looked at her in disbelief. “I don't believe you.”

Here, I'll show you,” Tabi said defiantly and walked over to the TV cabinet and pulled a couple of VHS tapes out, the covers showing completely naked women showing their crotches or sucking a cock.

Ginny held one of the tapes in her hand, looking back and forth in disbelief from it to the grinning Tabi. A smile grew on her face and Tabi was pretty sure Ginny's nipples stiffened a little bit too.

Can we watch one?” Ginny gasped breathlessly.

Sure, give me a minute,” Tabi answered, taking the tape from Ginny's hand and setting up the player.

When it was ready, Tabi motioned for Ginny to sit on the couch next to her and started the tape with the remote.

Oh my god!” Ginny almost immediately cried out as the opening scene unfolded with a woman sucking one man's cock while another had his head buried between her legs. ”I've...I've never”

It gets a lot better,” Tabi confided, leaning back and casually dragging a finger through her tight almost hairless pussy, “my Dad doesn't even get hard and start stoking himself for a while yet in this one.”

He does what?” Ginny exclaimed, taking her eyes off the TV screen to look directly at Tabi.

Just like the guy on the screen now, he takes his cock in his hand and it gets really big and then he shoots white stuff out on his belly and hand.”

Ginny looked back at the TV just as the guy getting sucked pulled his dick out of the woman's mouth, stroking himself furiously. Spurt after creamy spurt shot on to the woman's face and tits.

And he lets you watch that?” Ginny groaned, cupping both of her tits in her hands and pinching the dark hard nipples as she looked back to Tabi.

At first, he made me leave the room but then he let me stay so he could watch me too sometimes.”

Watch you...too?”

He said it was even better watching me touch myself, like this,” Tabi grinned, spreading her thighs so her pussy lips gaped open as she rubbed her little clit in a circular motion, “and it feels so good too.”

Oh god, you are so right there,” Ginny groaned, slumping back in the sofa and moving her right hand down between her legs.

As Tabi looked on smiling, Ginny's finger disappeared for a moment into the thick bush of hair between her legs. Then Tabi could see the knuckle moving up and down, faster and faster as Ginny's moans grew louder and louder, matching those of the woman on the TV now on her hands and knees while a guy pounded his cock in and out of her hard.

Yes...oh yes...god...yes..oh...oh....yes...just like me....oh god...yes.” Ginny groaned loudly looking at the TV and fingering her pussy frantically.

Her entire body tensed as she let out an unintelligible shriek before clamping her thighs around her hand. She stayed rigid for a moment, then collapsed back on the couch breathing heavily before looking over at Tabi.

Tabi played with her own clit the entire time, feeling the familiar tingle spread from between her legs, down her thighs and up through her body until her face flushed with a flood of pleasure. As her orgasm faded she looked up at a smiling Ginny who was watching her closely.

Does your father watch you do that?” Ginny gasped.


Does he...ever...touch you...there?” Ginny asked hesitantly.

No, just watches, sometimes before he shoots his cream and sometimes after.”

Well I liked watching you and I really liked the movie, never saw one like that before.”

After that, every time Ginny came over, they would dig out the “special” movies as soon as Tabi's parents were gone. They would sit next to each other and play with their own pussies, fingering themselves to as many orgasms as they each could manage before Tabi's folks returned.

A couple of months later, Tabi turned on the TV with the remote and Ginny gasped next to her. On that tape, two women were kissing and groping each others tits and pussies. Almost immediately, one of them kissed her way down the other woman's body and buried her face in that woman's hairy cunt.

Oh my god...that is!” Ginny moaned, fingering herself furiously before suddenly stopping and looking over at Tabi. “Have you ever touched another girl?”

Uh, no,” Tabi responded uncertainly, “other than you and my mother and a few of their friends, I've never even seen another woman naked.”

Ginny grinned devilishly and extend an arm for Tabi to come nearer, gently pulling Tabi to her and rubbing her hand down the little girl's back. One of Ginny's tits pressed against Tabi's cheek.

You can touch me, if you want,” Ginny whispered huskily, bending forward to tenderly kiss Tabi's forehead, “anywhere you want.”

Tentatively, Tabi extended her hand until she touched Ginny's already erect nipple. Ginny gasped lowly. Ginny reached over and ran her thumb over the tiny nipple budding on Tabi's chest. Tabi could feel the growing warmth between her legs.

After a few minutes, Ginny took Tabi's hand off her tit, kissed her again on the forehead and put Tabi's little hand down between her spread thighs. She wiggled her hips and Tabi's fingers split the warm, damp folds of Ginny's pussy beneath the thick thatch of cunt hair.

Tabi froze for a moment until she felt the hard nub of Ginny' clit. She started slowly strumming that bump the way she did her own as Ginny hugged her even tighter and began to moan lowly.

Oh yes...just like that...right there...oh yes...god that good...don't stop...oh god...more...harder....oh god...yes....more!” Ginny shrieked, her hips thrashing uncontrollably on Tabi's hand as her orgasm coursed through her body.

Tabi kept her hand planted on Ginny's pussy until the older girl stopped writhing and flopped back on the sofa. That was the most intense orgasm she had ever seen Ginny have and her own pussy was on fire.

When her breathing returned to normal, Ginny pulled Tabi close again, leaning down to kiss her directly on the lips, startling Tabi by ramming her tongue into Tabi's mouth. At the same time, she reached down between Tabi's legs and spread the folds of her taut pussy lips with a finger and circled the younger girl's clit with a fingertip.

Tabi returned the kiss, her tongue lashing Ginny's in her own mouth. Ginny pushed Tabi down on her back and slowly licked her way down to those budding nipples, stopping long enough to suck each into her mouth before continuing down Tabi's quivering body.

I've always wanted to do this!” Ginny gasped while looking back up over Tabi's stomach before burying her face in Tabi's pussy.

When Ginny's tongue flicked up through her pussy slit and began sucking on her clit, Tabi shrieked the most explosive orgasm of her life....

.Tabi pressed her daughter's soiled panties to her nose, inhaling deeply as she fingered her dripping pussy. Her orgasm was short and quick. Recovering her composure, she mopped up the pussy juice seeping down the inside of her thigh with her daughter's panties. For a moment, she had the devilish thought of folding them neatly and putting them back in her daughter's drawer without washing them. On second thought, she gathered up all the dirty items and hauled them to the laundry.

After another cup of coffee, Tabi went to her son's room to gather up the rest of his laundry. Alex's voice was changing and he recently had quite a growth spurt. She figured he probably had started jerking off too, but had yet to find any definitive evidence.

It made her pussy twitch just to think that he was.

He was considerably less diligent than his sister in gathering up his dirty clothing. Various items were scattered throughout the room. Tabi checked the bed sheets and the two pairs of briefs laying on the floor for tell tale signs of crusted cum without any luck. She was starting to think he had yet to start masturbating when she noticed a sock just under the bed by the nightstand.

As soon as she picked it up, she could feel the faint stickiness coating the sock and, bringing it to her nose, inhaled the pungent odor that was undeniably his cum. A sharp twinge jolted her pussy. She had looked in the wrong places but now that she knew for sure where to look.

Her tongue flicked out to taste the still slightly slimy coating as she pinched an aching nipple hard. She flopped down on her son's bed, spread her thighs and frantically rubbed the cum crusted sock through her pussy, trying to picture her son's sperm shooting out of his hard dick, gasping and crying out loudly as another orgasm flooded through her body. She hoped the scent of her sex soaked into her son's mattress.

That night, after the kids had gone off to bed, Tabi waited about ten minutes then silently crept down the hall to stand outside their rooms. There as nothing but silence coming from her daughter's room so she stepped across the hall and stood quietly listening at her son's door.

At first she heard nothing and thought he too was already asleep. Just as she was about to return to her own room, she heard a low moan and then a dull rhythmic thumping as the headboard of the bed struck the wall.

Her son was jerking off just a few feet away!

Tabi's hand fell between her legs, pressing the damp fabric of her panties into her pussy slit until she started to cum, muffling her cries with the back of her hand. When the noise from his room ended, she stole back to her own room and lay tossing and turning on the bed unable to sleep.

Finally, after perhaps another half hour, she went back down the hall and quietly pushed the door to her son's room open. Using the flashlight on her phone, she approached the bed and knelt to find the sock she was looking for laying right there.

The cum coated sock was still warm and damp, sticky with her son's jism.

She hurried back to her room, flopping down on the bed and started furiously rubbing the sock through her pussy, feeling some of the sticky semen coating the inside of the folds of her cunt as an even more intense orgasm flooded her body.

For the remainder of the next week she continued walking around the house after work in just panties and a tank top or tight t-shirt. She saw her daughter raise a questioning eyebrow a couple of times but Amy never said a word to her directly. Meanwhile, her son gawked at her, trying hard and unsuccessfully to hide the fact he was staring at his mother's tits and pussy.

Each night, she would stand outside their doors after they went to bed, desperately trying to hear if they masturbated, never being sure that she heard her daughter. At even the slightest hint that her son was jerking off, which he seemed to do every night, she fingered herself to an orgasm right there in the hall and often used BOB to cum again when she got back to her room.

On Friday when Tabi returned home from work, Alex and four of his friends were playing video games in the family room. This was a regular occurrence but Tabi realized it gave her a perfect opportunity to talk with Amy.

By mutual consent between the kids, they stayed out of each others way when one or the other had friends over. Tabi knocked softly on her daughter's door and stuck her head inside.

Have a minute?” she asked as Amy looked up from her phone.

Sure, Mom, what's up?”

Oh I just wanted to talk about a few things while we have the time and your brother is playing video games with his friends. Come with me while I change.”

Amy got off her bed and followed Tabi into the other bedroom. Even before the door closed, Tabi shrugged off her blouse and unclasped her bra, letting both fall to the floor.

Oh that's so much better,” she sighed,stretching her arms and turning to her surprised daughter. Mom...what is it you wanted you talk about?” Amy asked guardedly.

Tabi casually brushed her thumbs over her nipples then loosened here skirt until it too fell to the floor and she stood in front of her daughter in just a pair of lacy hiphugger panties.

You know I grew up in a house where we almost never wore clothes. In fact, Grandma and Grandpa still don't unless we come to visit. I kinda miss the freedom of being naked so I'm thinking I might start being a nudist again at home.”

So...that's why you've been walking around hardly dressed recently?” Amy inquired after a moment, “and you want us to get naked too, Alex and me?”

Well, I thought I might casual to see how you both reacted. I am not demanding that you do it either. It is up to you. Your father was uncomfortable with my parents being naked so they started wearing clothes when we visited. Then when you and Alex were born, we kept that up. Now that you are old enough to decide for yourself, I wanted to give you that choice.”

As she spoke, Tabi slipped her panties down over her hips and stepped out of them, giving Amy an unobstructed look at the dark strip of her trimmed pussy hair. She turned and bent over to take a tank top and cut off shorts out of a drawer in her dresser, her slightly gaping pussy slit and dangling lips clearly visible to her daughter.

What if I...we...say no?” Amy asked after a few seconds of thought.

Then I will respect your decision and I hope you will respect mine,” Tabi responded, “but I don't need an answer right now. We're visiting my old friend Sara in New York in a few weeks for spring break. Think about it and we can all decide after we get back.”

OK, that's fair,” Amy agreed, “but I don't think Alex would do it in any case.”

Leave that to me,” Tabi smiled, kissing her daughter on the forehead with her tits dangling right in front of Amy's face. “I want to talk to him privately in the next few days, so don't you say anything to him.”

Alright, I won't.”

As Amy rose to leave, Tabi gave her a tight hug, crushing her tits against her daughter's chest while brushing a hand over the thirteen year old's developing ass. After Amy was gone, Tabi slipped on the loose fitting tank top that barely kept her tits from flopping out the sides and pulled on tight gray shorts with no panties, hitching them up tightly so the fabric was drawn up between her pussy lips and clearly outlined her protruding mound.

She tweaked her nipples until they were stood out against her top, took a deep breath and walked out to see what the five twelve year old boys were doing.


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